“Read this,” she demands.

Well, no. I don’t think I will.

You know why I won’t?  Let me explain.

First, I don’t have time for bullshit. I’ve been vacuum-packing pork and lamb all day long and I am tired.

Second, this is bullshit.  You know how I know it’s bullshit?  There are two big clues.

First, the website name.  “”

“Choice” when it comes to vaccines is code for “we don’t wanna and ain’t gonna.” So this is an anti-vaxxer web site.  It’s the only sort of place Nicole goes for information on this subject.  It’s like Trumpers who get all their information straight from or infowars.

Second, the author is Suzanne Fucking Humphries.  That just made me laugh.

Suzanne Humphries is a former nephrologist (kidney doctor) who fell off a cliff, lost her mind and became a “homeopath.”

Do not get me started on homeopathy.

Suzanne Humphries is a quack.  She’s the Alex Jones of the anti-vax world.

So, no.  I ain’t gonna bother with the link.


But here’s the lovely, brilliant discussion on Nicole’s page about the idiotic article.

Somebody brings up autoimmune diseases and Nicole informs us that she thinks that vaccines cause them.  She has no basis for that idea. She just “suspects” it.

Remember celiac disease that I wrote about last night?  The one my mother has?  It’s genetic?

Vaccinations cause it, right?


Chemotherapy is dangerous. And only used when the benefits outweigh the risks.

This is the stupidest statement I believe I have ever read.  Exactly when would one undergo chemotherapy when the potential benefits did not outweigh the risks?  You know what the risks are from fucking cancer?

Death.  That’s the risk.

But then she compares that with vaccines, because she believes that vaccines are just as dangerous as chemotherapy.  She has no reason at all to believe this. It’s not true.  It’s not even sort of true.  It’s not partially true. It’s simply not true at all.

And she bounces from there to polio.

Polio was actually on the decline before the introduction of the vaccination. More on that later.

More later, she says. Always later. Who the hell cares?  Don’t bother, Nicole.

This claim, made about several of the diseases for which we have vaccines, is false to the core, but is used frequently by the anti-vax crowd. The idea is that vaccinations were never necessary at all.  Polio (and measles and whatever else you can imagine) were all “on the decline” before the vaccinations were discovered, and it’s just a conspiracy by Big Pharma to get you to pay money for the vaccines, or to get  your insurance company to pay money (stupid, dumb insurance companies), or to get the state to pay money (stupid, dumb statists).

Here’s the deal.  Polio is caused by a virus (you know, sort of like the flu).  Viral diseases have a tendency to wax and wane naturally. One year, the flu is really bad. The next, not so much.  One year, it’s really bad in south Florida.  The next, it pops up in terrible numbers in Boise. This is simply the way viral infections behave.

Polio remained more or less endemic for centuries. Look up that word. It means that it was there, hanging around, doing a bit of damage here and a bit of damage there, but not scaring young mothers out of their wits.

And then it sort of took off and became an epidemic (look that up to0).

The epidemic reached its zenith in the United States when I was a little girl.  I remember it well.  My mother was frightened. We weren’t allowed to go to the local swimming pool.  We pretty much had to stay close to home.

And that didn’t help, really, because the kid down the street, named Doug, caught it.

My mother’s best friend had a baby boy about the same age as my sister. My mother sat with her friend in the hospital as her friend’s little boy died.

So, was my mother reasonable to be frightened out of her wits?

You bet she was.

But what happened was that medical science began to learn how to treat polio before they learned how to prevent it.  Some brilliant person invented the iron lung and saved a bazillion lives by doing so.  Then somebody else invented the ventilator and bypassed the cumbersome iron lung and did a trach and put the patient on the ventilator, which worked much better.

The point is that the death rate did, in fact, start to fall.

They call this the mortality rate, how many people died from a particular disease.

Suzanne Fucking Humphries and her ilk love to deal with mortality rates. They carry on about them.

They ignore a different stat called the morbidity rate, which is how many cases there were, or how many people got sick. Doug didn’t die.  But he also didn’t walk again. There are plenty of people living right now today who have residual damage from a bout of polio, but they didn’t die like my mother’s friend’s little boy died.  Polio killed people, yes, but it also crippled people.

Here’s the morbidity rate for polio.


See the jagged line prior to the introduction of the vaccines?  See how it went up and down and up and down but always hung around?  See how, in 1955, when my mother was having a freaking shit-fit, when I was six years old and nobody could go swimming that summer, see how it started to climb again?  And then see how it dived down?

In 1961 the oral vaccine was introduced.  I remember that too.  I got my first sugar cube at a local elementary school on a Sunday afternoon.

Then it just all went away.  By the time I went into nursing school in 1966, it was pretty much gone, and everyone had had a sugar cube. In my entire nursing career, I never had a single active polio patient. I had recovered polio victims who were having procedures to try to fix their battered, shattered legs, but no active cases.

Anti-vaxxers use the phrase “vaccines didn’t save us.”

But they are wrong.  Vaccines did, in fact, save a lot of people from some really bad shit.

If you’d like to see more graphs like the one above, here’s the link.

The polio morbidity rate was not “on the decline” prior to the invention of the vaccine.

What is on the decline is Nicole’s ability to reason.  They call this “dementia.”




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  1. Medicine is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing the difference the iron lung a ventilation made on survival rates. But there is still no cure for most of what ails humanity, just prevention.
    I made a comment earlier about Catherine the Great getting herself and her son and heir inoculated against smallpox. At the time, bacteria hadn’t been discovered, no one understood viruses, and there was no hypodermic needle. It had been discovered that if one took a scab from a smallpox infected individual, cut a gash into a non infected individual and inserted that scab, the uninfected person would not get infected. Dicey as hell, for many reasons. But the Empress was a well educated woman who had seen the damage smallpox could cause, and decided that she would risk the procedure for herself and her son. In secret. In the middle of the night.

    Anti vaxxers are the result of a very successful vaccination campaign. They are a privileged generation who did not see the damage VPDs caused.

    Not a mistake I’ll ever make.


  2. I love how she refers to her ill-informed anti-vax opinions as ‘beliefs’ and ‘philosophies’. Like disagreeing with her idiocy means that people are stomping on her right to practise a religion or something. The smug privilege associated with declining life-saving vaccines is what galls me the most. It’s infuriating.

    Also it underscores the fact that these two ‘parents’ form their (in)actions based on two principles:

    1) Whatever takes the absolute least amount of effort is what they choose. In this case, getting vaccines would mean taking their kids to regular clinics so…nope.
    2) Any time they can use their kids as stage-props to support their complete lack of responsibility and dropped-out, lazy lifestyle they will.


  3. There are a fair number of papers that demonstrate that having been vaccinated, specifically for tetanus and DPT, significantly associated with a drastically *reduced* risk of multiple sclerosis, for example. Mechanism presently unknown, but anti-vaxxers can go piss up a rope.


    In other news I too have encountered Humphries and her buddy Sherri Tenpenny online. The stuff they type is simply unbelievable.


  4. There is so much wrong in nicole’s thread about vaccinations/chemo/etc., and I thank you Sally for writing this excellent info. I also went through the polio scare when I was young, my grandmother would not allow me to go anywhere but school. I had many issues as a young child, scarlet fever, pneumonia, what was called yellow jaundice at the time, rheumatic fever, so…I respect vaccinations ( I just got my first flu vac.a month ago.I know, hard to believe)
    My granddaughters are now teenagers and my daughter just took them for their second guardisil (sp?) shot, another new addition to the vaccine schedule, and we never thought not to do it.
    A vaccination against cancer would be the best thing in the world.
    Thank you again, Sally, for your terrific and true explanations here.


  5. She was asked what vaccines she approved of and never did answer. She mentioned mormons in the wal-mart parking lot buy never answered why she was kicked out of the Mormon church. Is there a way to get a hold of you Sally?


  6. ill-informed anti-vax opinions as ‘beliefs’ and ‘philosophies’.

    Anti-vaxxers aren’t expressing “beliefs” or “opinions.” They are expressing falsehoods. Period. There are no facts in their shit.


  7. Is there a way to get a hold of you Sally?

    Yes. Send me a message via the form to the right of your screen (on a computer – I think it’s probably at the bottom on a phone). Use a real email address or I won’t be able to respond to you. 🙂


  8. Not to worry! If you “eat well and take care of your body, you should be okay.” That’s it! I think she just gave everyone the cure for polio, pertussis and cancer in that one sentence! Phew, I’m so relieved. And here I was thinking she was a fucking, know-nothing blowhard that shoots her mouth off without any knowledge of what the fuck she’s talking about. Sweet Jesus, the stupid is long and hard in that woman.


  9. Someone PLEASE help me off the floor where I fell from laughing so hard!
    Dementia! The perfect explanation for a person who has lost her friggin mind yet again.
    Nicole find one person, just one, who remains anti vax after they had a child come down with one of the diseases that are prevented by vaccines.


  10. Nicole’s personal white bucket is overflowing, that’s how full of shit she is.

    Just after my hubby and I married, we rented a house from a nice older gentleman who walked with a brace and cane. He had been afflicted with polio as a child, and grew up prior to the vaccine. Fortunately he lived. And I remember well the sugar cubes that were introduced when I was a child. Am grateful modern medicine discovered how to prevent polio.

    As to chemotherapy: I know many people who had cancer, and while not all survived it, chemotherapy extended their lives. In many cases, chemo allowed them to conquer the cancer. My husband has a rare and fatal auto-immune disease, a type of vasculitis (look that up). The only life-saving treatment is oral steroids and oral chemotherapy. He has been on it for 4 1/2 years he would not have had, but for the chemo. He will be on it, one pill weekly, for the rest of his life. While there are side effects (some nausea, and potential long term damage to kidneys), the point is that WITHOUT the chemo, he would be dead.

    So Nicole can go BLANK herself with her cretinous remarks about vaccinations, chemo and most of her other nonsensical ideas about Western medicine.


  11. I know of a graveyard that was in use at about the time when the ancient knowledge of getting food from the wilderness had combined with Western agriculture, motorized shipping, and early-20th-century food preservation methods to produce what may have been an ideal diet. People were getting steadily taller, and you can see the blooming health in them in the old photos.

    The graveyard was exclusively for children. The oldest was about four, the youngest less than a month old. The cause of death was on every marker.

    Diptheria. Measles. Whooping cough. Flu. Pneumonia.

    Because although vaccines already existed for some of them, they couldn’t get any in my home town.

    So they sent the sick babies and little children across the water in an open skiff, and put them in isolation wards on another island, with nurses standing by and all the natural remedies you could imagine.

    And there they died.

    But, hey, they all had plenty of soap, hot water, fresh air, and all-natural food!


  12. Years ago, when I lived in a really rural area of Canada, my vet, who cared for my dogs was a polio survivor. He was an amazing vet and a fascinating individual. He had one arm that just hung limply from the shoulder. When he went through vet school, he had to do everything twice – not because he failed the first time, but because his professors and mentors believed he could never be a DVM. They put up as many obstacles as they could to try to have him fail. He not only proved them all wrong, but he specialized in sled dog science and large animals. He adapted and I adored him because he let me assist in various things and I learned so much. I am forever indebted to him. I just wanted to share that.
    The other point I want to make, is that I am a fully vaccinated individual. And I have a serious autoimmune disease that may eventually take my vision. But, you know what? Vaccines are not the reason I may lose my sight one day. The reason I have this disease is simply and completely because of genetics.
    I also have a pulmonary disease and a simple cold, or the flu, or whooping cough, would likely hospitalize me or kill me. I work for a school district that requires students to be vaccinated and I am grateful because I get to still work with children, which I love, and because some of our children are also immune compromised like myself and they aren’t exposed unnecessarily to anti-vaccine morons.
    Let’s call a spade a spade. Nicole and Joe really do not give a shit about their children beyond how it can benefit them. She has jumped on the anti-vaccine bandwagon because she thinks it sounds cool and because she and Joe are horribly, shitty parents. Period.


  13. My father and his siblings developed a Polio. They were poor and lived in bas conditions. My father was hospitalized the first five years of his life. He was left “crippled” but with leg braces and therapy he got better. His little brother was left in a wheel chair. His oldest brother was left crippled and with severely stunted growth. It was awful!


  14. Eat well? Anything that comes from Hardees?
    Take care of your body? Like taking care of your teeth?

    Well, alrighty, then.


  15. If you “eat well and take care of your body, you should be okay.”

    Well, let’s take a look at people who were well-fed and took care of themselves but who mostly died of communicable diseases anyway. Just for fun.

    Tokugawa Ietsugu (7) – Japanese – the 7th shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty – common cold – 1716
    Lungtok Gyatso (9) – – the ninth Dalai Lama – – 1815
    Heather O’Rourke (12) – American – child actress – bowel obstruction – 1988
    Peter II of Russia (14) – Russian – Tsar – smallpox – 1730
    Edward VI of England (15) – English – King of England – tuberculosis – 1553
    Lucille Ricksen (15) – American – actress – tuberculosis – 1925
    Francis II – French – king – ear infection – 1560 (16)
    Michael Cuccione – Canadian – actor – respiratory failure – 2001 (16)
    Lucretia Maria Davidson – American – poet – consumption – 1825 (16)
    Julie Vega – Filipino – child actress and singer – bronchopneumonia – 1985 (16)
    Krissy Taylor – American – model – heart failure due to a rare condition – 1995 (17)
    Henry Frederick – English – Prince of Wales – typhoid fever – 1612 (18)
    Mercedes of Orleans – Spanish – queen consort of Spain – tuberculosis – 1878 (18)
    Lucius Caesar – Roman – Grandson and heir to Augustus – unknown illness – AD 2 (19)
    Marcus Claudius Marcellus – Roman – heir to Augustus – illness – 23 BC (19)
    Ernst Mielck – Finnish – composer – tuberculosis – 1899 (21)
    Napoleon II – French – second Emperor of the French – tuberculosis – 1832
    Otto III – German – Holy Roman Emperor – malaria – 1002 (21)

    Well, you get the idea.

    Smallpox was the scourge of humanity for a very long time. Thanks to “ring containment” and aggressive vaccination programs that one is no longer with us.

    CDC (data is for the United States):
    Number of new tuberculosis cases: 9,582 (2013)
    Number of new salmonella cases: 50,634 (2013)
    Number of new Lyme disease cases: 36,307 (2013)
    Number of new meningococcal disease cases: 556 (2013)

    Physician office visits
    Number of visits to physician offices for infectious and parasitic diseases: 20.2 million

    Percent of children 6 months to 17 years who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 49.6%
    Percent of adults 18-49 years who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 31.7%
    Percent of adults 50-64 years who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 48.1%
    Percent of adults 65 years and over who received an influenza vaccination during the past 12 months: 69.1%

    Number of deaths: 4,605
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 1.4

    Reported number of new whooping cough cases: 28,639 (2013)
    Vaccination: Children
    Percent of children ages 19-35 months with 4 or more doses of DTP/DT/DTaP vaccination: 84.2% (2014)
    Vaccination: Adolescents
    Percent of adolescents 13-17 years of age with 1 dose or more of Tdap vaccination: 87.6% (2014)



    There were about 17,000 pertussis hospitalizations in children under 2 years of age during the 5-year period 1999-2003, compared with about 13,800 hospitalizations in 1994-98. The hospitalization rate increased by 23% from 1994-98 to 1999-2003.

    Figure 1. Pertussis Hospitalization Rate Among Children Under age 2 Years: United States, 1994-98 and 1999-2003

    Among all pertussis hospitalizations during 1994-2003 in children under age 2 years, 92% occurred in infants under 6 months of age. This suggests that children too young to receive immunization or to have developed adequate protection from immunization are most likely to be hospitalized for pertussis.

    Regional Differences

    Pertussis hospitalization rates also varied by geographic region. Rates were higher in the Northeast and the West compared with the other regions. Between 1994-98 and 1999-2003 rates increased nearly twofold in the West, and also increased in the South, but did not change significantly in the Midwest.

    Anyway – I don’t want any of her children to get ill but if any of them come down with whooping cough, it’s the fault of her and Joe. I would prefer that she and Joe endure whooping cough if it were to occur within her family at all. Boys – once you’re 18 you can go get yourselves vaccinated. You should do so. Mumps in adult men can be particularly painful (swollen testicles) and a slight risk of sterility. Why not prevent that?


  16. The stupid is strong in Nicole and her leg humpers. Sadly, no vaccine against that has yet been developed.


  17. I love how NN attributes auto immune disease to vaccinations. (her 2 cents). That irritates me because I have a type of Lupus that I am quite sure did not stem from a vaccination I received as a baby. Autoimmune diseases are many and poorly understood. My immune disease blossomed after thyroid cancer treatment. It was already there and quietly simmering for years. I do not regret the cancer treatment, I’m alive!!


  18. Polio Pioneer here. Back when I was in first grade, parents of all the kids in my public school’s first three grades were given the option of having the then-experimental Salk vaccine administered to their children, in a series of three shots given at two week intervals. There was also a control group of children who would be given placebo shots (the identities of who got which shot was kept secret from school staff, parents, and children), and the outcome would be documented and studied. It would be a year before parents were informed whether their children received the real thing or not.

    There had been a polio epidemic just a summer or two prior to the Polio Pioneer nationwide project, and not one single parent of my first-grade classmates objected – we all got stuck, three times apiece. And no one developed polio or any side effects other than sore arms and a slight under-the-weather sensation the following days.

    It turned out I got the placebos, so I had to repeat the series of three shots all over again, with my pediatrician. I was not happy, but was promised “a surprise” each time (small toys). Obviously, I had no voice in that decision at age six.

    But two summers later, while my family was visiting my grandmother who lived in a rather small isolated town, I developed what was very likely non-paralytic polio, with all the associated symptoms other than paralysis or muscle weakness. I was eight years old.

    The very experienced doctor, a colleague of my late physician grandfather, ran every test available, treated me with daily penicillin shots, visited twice a day, but could not come up with a positive diagnosis. There was no hospital available in the area, so I was kept in bed and my mother was my main caregiver, with the others in the family keeping their distance.

    I was sick (and bedfast) for about two weeks – ran fever of 105 for one whole week, day and night, fainted at one point, still remember the chills and fever and aches and weakness and sore throat and stomach upsets and loss of appetite and later distortion of my sense of taste.

    I lost considerable weight – but slowly recovered. I was moved to a more convenient downstairs bedroom and kept sitting up in bed for several days as I began to recuperate. Nothing tasted normal except for milk and French bread with butter. So that’s what they gave me, while encouraging me to try just a little of my usual diet. It was a great day and a great relief to my parents when fried chicken tasted “right” again.

    In due time, a year or so later, I was given the sugar cube Sabin vaccine, which was developed after it was found that the original Salk vaccine only protected against some forms of polio, not all forms. The Sabin vaccine was not only much more pleasant to receive, it was much more effective.

    When I was a young adult, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which is known to be triggered in vulnerable individuals by protracted high fever during childhood. I think that week of 105-degree temperature probably “reset” my immune system, so that now, while it still works to protect me against foreign invaders, it also attacks my own cells, mistaking them for the enemy. It is uncomfortable at times and complicates my life a fair amount, and I do have to take medicine to control the side effects. It’s currently treatable, but incurable, and it is progressive.

    Bad enough – and there is a connection, just not the one Nicole claims. The connection is to high fever during childhood, which I certainly experienced. during my bout with probable non-paralytic polio.

    But if I had not received the limited protection of the original Salk vaccine, what might have become of me? Would I even be here to tell the tale, if instead of non-paralytic polio, I’d caught the full-blown version?

    Nicole, please take my story and similar accounts to heart. Do what’s right, and protect your kids. There is no valid excuse for failing to do so.


  19. Danger! Danger! Nicole’s latest post made me roll my eyes. She’s begging for a place to rent because they are in danger from GASS …. oh and the neighbour. I hope no one is dumb enough to rent to them.


  20. “My husband has a rare and fatal auto-immune disease, a type of vasculitis (look that up). The only life-saving treatment is oral steroids and oral chemotherapy. He has been on it for 4 1/2 years he would not have had, but for the chemo. He will be on it, one pill weekly, for the rest of his life. While there are side effects (some nausea, and potential long term damage to kidneys), the point is that WITHOUT the chemo, he would be dead.”

    (cut and pasted from Old Kentucky Home)

    I too have a husband with vasculitis, Polyarteritis Nodosa. I fully understand what your hubby and you are dealing with. Thank God for methotrexate and prednisone. It’s been six years since he was dx and without these meds he would be gone.


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