One observation here before I get to the main subject.

Nobody shared anything from Nicole’s pages.  Lisa posted a copy of the bogus, silly “cease-and-desist” nonsense that Nicole sent me a year or more ago.  She got it from me.

Nicole only saw it because she went looking for stuff.

So much for the whole I-get-notifications excuse Nicole uses. She hunts for shit. She loves it.

There you have at. We are welcome to share her posts. That’s why they are public.  So I am.

Nobody is stalking her.  Nobody gives a SHIT about her precious family, or her precious dog-butt-washing business.

Nicole, you fuck-wit, please list the lies.  List them.  I want a fucking list. Please show me where either I or Lisa have one time, ever, said a word that would “instigate aggression.”  Do it.  Just show me.

Going back to the top post of Nicole’s, this is the conversation that ensued, involving Nicole and leghumpers.

I want to call attention to one phrase.

. . . if you mean delete them from the human race well I can’t do that just yet.

. . .I can’t do that just yet.

. . .just yet.

Exactly who is instigating aggression, Nicole?  Who is trying to get people to hurt me or Lisa or both of us?  Who?

The other day, Joe threatened to kill me.

There is no other way to interpret “deadly force” except killing.

And now you’re saying that you can’t kill me. . . yet.

So when?  When are you gonna attempt to kill me, Nicole?



40 thoughts on “Deletion”

  1. I wish they would stop failing, because they bring their kids down with them every time. I think their new abode has a lot of improvements from the last few years, but they still have a lower standard of living than when they were renting real homes with plumbing.


  2. a lot of improvements

    A garden shed. Dragged into place by somebody else.

    That’s it. Nothing else. The “outdoor kitchen” is a fucking joke. The “rocket stove” is a disaster.

    There is water source. There is no electrical source with the exception of the two solar panels (suitable for short term camping) and a generator.

    That’s all. No garden that has ever been even slightly successful. We harvested more tomatoes this year than they did and we didn’t even plant them. They volunteered out of the compost bin. No successful animal-raising. Their “hens” are all roosters. Their chicks pretty much die. The goats are gone because they couldn’t contain them. The pig disappeared in a matter of days.

    Really. It’s a disaster.


  3. The current shed is better than the old shed. When that’s a comparatively big improvement, you know the expectations are skewed.


  4. “the more we succeed and do well” Please, Naugler adults, elaborate how you are so successful. A successful homestead does not haul in water in large quantities, use a generator every day (do I really need to mention the video gaming?), and fails at every single form of self sustainability. Successful assholes, yes but that is it. No one is jealous of you. Are you really that full of yourselves?
    “cleaner and safer than a lot of homes actually” HAHAHAHAHA stop it! Man alive, the bullshit that comes out of your mouth. I think you meant “cleaner and safer than a lot of garbage dumps, but only by a tiny bit”. Considering all the compost waste that ends up in a dump, they probably could grow an unintentional garden better than your garden.


  5. Sally, you forgot the horse and several dog incidents. They should rename the homestead to “The Place Animals Go To Die”.


  6. Disaster is a nice way of putting it Sally. I guess they have improved the awfulness a little because one of their kids received an actual birthday cake. And no NN you didn’t buy it because you were renovating the “outdoor kitchen”. You did it because you can’t bake in it.


  7. Their home is clean ? That’s actually laughable. That nasty bathtub they dug up from their property to use as a sink I wouldn’t use to bathe my animals let alone wash dishes (in murky non running water) I use to feed my children from. Their kids are not cared for they are simply kept alive (most of them anyway), big difference.


  8. Did you or the internet eat my new comment?

    I assume it’s up. I have to approve them all manually due to spam and the occasional love letter.


  9. JS, give it six months (one winter) and that new shed will also be junk.

    No insulation, no vapor barriers, no ventilation, and the must and sweat of 12 people? Yeah that isnt a mold factory in the making. Gag.


  10. I missed the bath tub caper, anyway regardless is had to be a mess, It was mentioned before, Imagine you got the brood together for a few hours a day, for a week in a cleanup, it might just be, well maybe. Oh fuck it. never happen


  11. I have been following this since the week the kids got taken and I didn’t realize that they have any successes . They succeed only in how spectacular each failure is and being able to believe the shit lies They tell everyone including themselves.

    As I have said repedeatly it would be my nightmare to have Nicole’s life so I’m not sure why the N’sand their humpers are constantly screaming that we are jealous.
    Sure we are desperately jealous of shitting in buckets. Having no running water or power , no money , trouble with the law , under CPS care , 13 people crammed into something the size of my bathroom


  12. A garden shed is NOT safer than many homes. A home that was built to a code with human habitation in mind is a home that has met higher standards than a garden shed. A shed is built to keep tools, trash cans and the like out of the weather.

    Now, if you’re talking about a home that has been abandoned and standing open to the elements for a decade or two then sure, your shed is better than that. Barely.

    I didn’t notice anyone “rejoicing” when William died. There was a lot of head shaking that you and Joe were so fucking stupid and stubborn about not seeing a physician for prenatal care despite your own statements that you had had miscarriages in the past, plus the fact that you are 40 and having had so many children already you were making bad decisions; that taking those risks was stupid and could kill one or both of you.

    You say it happened. Feel free to post the screen shots.

    Show your gratitude for the fact that state-licensed, board-certified physicians and nurses saved your hide, as well as all the ancillary personnel that you don’t realize are also trained professionals. Pay your bill. Don’t make the hospital write it off as a bad debt.


  13. It’s sad when people see a bigger shed as big improvements.

    If I were to move my family of 4 into that squalor and stopped educating them, my friends and family would move me into a psych ward. And my family back into a real home.


  14. Is abstinence-as-birth-control making them cranky? Whatever the cause, the more they use angry tone and stamp their feet the more we will laugh at them. They are such silly little people after all.


  15. She’s delusional and threatening. And here’s the thing she talks about people who know her. Well I knew her, through the internet at least. We talked nearly everyday but she still totally combative and that was well before the kids were taken. The home has been in steady decline. She says it’s clean, really? All the pictures she’s shown do not reflect cleanliness, take the bath tub in the photo. The photos that Wave 3 took didn’t convey a clean home environment. I’ve seen no evidence of cleanliness. No one is jealous of her, no one wants her way of life. And please nicole stop with the threats, it’s not wise especially when the state has you under their thumb.


  16. In Naugler speak, “success” is a family of ten living in a prefab garden shed without running water or indoor plumbing, and having to haul in water and gas for a generator.

    “Doing well” is ongoing legal issues in multiple jurisdictions, continued CPS oversight, teenage parenthood and protective orders, and a deceased child due to maternal refusal of prenatal care.

    I’ll leave “clean and safe home” alone, except to wonder about the cleanliness of the outdoor kitchen, and why there are no photos of the children’s beds or sleeping areas.


  17. The brand new shed they just moved into is cleanish for now. The old shed didn’t make it two years before needing total rehab. The property is worse than when they moved onto it, and no it’s not just old garbage coming out of the ground. Almost every photo she posts no matter how well cropped and planned shows new garbage just haphazardly laying about. The pond still looks like a cesspit.

    They don’t seem to be able to grow anything but weeds and the only thing breeding and increasing on the shedstead are white buckets and bins full of her “minimalism.”

    It still looks better than it did before the state was forced to step in to protect the children. I assume that as long as Joe and Nicole must remain under the watchful eye of child services and the supervision of family court that this will be the status quo. That is why the state has, does and will continue to intervene and protect the children, imho. Joe and Nicole chose to plead to dependency, and this is why the state can stay until the last child involved in the court case reaches maturity. I don’t foresee the case being closed any time sooner than that. As far as I am concerned it is my taxpayer dollars well spent over the next decade or so.


  18. The children are still under the watch of CPS, right? Are they waiting for something horrible to happen before they act again? That shed is a disaster waiting to happen, when the rains come it’s going to slide. Then what will the do? Try another GFM ? Something has to happen for the kids. I don’t give 2 fucks for the parents, but the kids shouldn’t be in the path of danger.


  19. No matter how much anyone despises Nicole and/or Joe, no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, rejoiced at William’s death. That is the craziest thing I’ve read off her fingers yet. I thought, when she was bragging about her pregnancy and delivery expertise, that she was tempting fate. “Pride goeth before the fall.” I had a horrible feeling that something was terribly wrong with her latest pregnancy with every video or selfie she’d post. I hated being proved right. I know I’m not the only one with those feelings. Knowing that, what she said just looked like a way to try and shift blame,attention grab, and not take any responsibility. For some reason, it REALLY pisses me off more than anything else.


  20. Why are they building another “summer kitchen”? What happened to the other one?
    And they are turning a USED bathtub into a sink? A dirty bathtub they found on their property. That is disgusting.


  21. “The more we succeed and do well”
    Still waiting on that. Looks like a steady downward spiral from here.


  22. “All their hens are roosters” that sentence is everything right there.

    I cant even act all righteous and indignant because it’s too fucken funny LOL


  23. Nicole must have really low standards and life expectations if she feels that they’re doing well.
    Doing well compared to what?
    Some third world nations have better living conditions than down on ‘the shed’…

    The one difference that really sets them apart is the fact that the parents of those children in underdeveloped countries WANT better things for their children and do all that is within their very limited power to try to make it happen the best way that they know how.

    The Nauglers just don’t give a flying fig and it’s just so sad for the children…


  24. That old filthy tub being used as a sink needs to be tested for lead. Old degraded and worn porcelain and glazes are known sources of lead, and when used as a sink the ingestion of lead is inevitable. CPS where are you!


  25. What the hell is with the “veiled” threats? Do they actually think that there will come a day when they’ll be able to kill someone because they got pissed off by an internet comment? My god, they’re more fucked up than I thought.


  26. Everyone should go read this thread:

    I know, I know. It’s a FJ thread. But I promise you won’t be disappointed. The name calling, the fuck-yous thrown about, the blatant hypocrisy – it’s ALLLLLL there. If you wanted to know why FJ is hated so much around here, go read…..

    Unbelievable. The way they treat THEIR OWN MEMBERS while sitting atop their moral horses is, like Al, says “funny shit”.

    Actually, it’s pretty disturbing how they totally freeze out 1 member who is just wanting to be heard. FJ is SICK.


  27. Think how much cleaner everything and everyone would be, how good the food would be if she just got off the internet.


  28. The fact that she would lie about people rejoicing in William’s death is utterly chilling to me. It is direct evidence that she is willing to use the death of her baby to further her bizarre agenda. I have a few very dear friends and family members who have lost infants. I couldn’t imagine any of them fabricating circumstances or in any way tarnishing the image of their children’s’ brief time on earth. When you have such a short time, it is normal to treat it with a sort of sanctity. To propagate narrative other than your child’s existence made the world a little sweeter is fucking pathological.


  29. Has she conditioned her children to blame the trolls, instead of holding Mom and Dad accountable for their own decisions?
    Her son does not understand that it is his own mother, who published their lives and documented their sensitive personal trauma online, in the first place – and who continues to do so, to the tune of however-many-thousand followers, despite the consequences!

    Jesus Christ, get off the internet if you don’t like reading the repercussions of your own actions. You cant have the good, without the bad, when it comes to the internet. And you cant change the past. You can only change your future – like with the decision to not publish anything online in the future. If you don’t like what people have to say about the content you posted, too bad – don’t post anything, or get the fuck off the internet.


  30. She will defend anything. Soon, it will be, “Sally and Lisa and her minions colluded to influence the weather and the harsh winter environment. Our children froze and the shed just couldnt hold up, through no fault of our own!”
    In fact, Nicole should just end every sentence with, “…through no fault of our own.”


  31. Catt I think just about everyone thought the same thing . I honestly had a gut feeling the last baby she had (the now 2 y/o) the next pregnancy after him would end badly. I think he too came pretty close to death. she denied him being oxygen deprived when everyone asked about why he was purple and white 20 minutes after birth then admits in a later blog post the cord was wrapped twice around his neck . He just overall did not look healthy compared to M at birth, I think he was about the last her uterus could really healthily handle and even that is a stretch. The kids look terrified in the pictures in his birth blog, I wonder if was breathing at all when he was born . That should have been her sign right there to stop while she was somewhat ahead, but no always has to have a baby attached to her nipple for 10-12 months and then they get handed off to the child laborers to watch and raise


  32. She doth protest too much.

    If you feel you have to announce publicly that your children are clean and fed and safe….chances are pretty good that they’re not.

    Hell, we know they’re not. How do we know? Nicole posts photos of babies with flies on food covered faces like it’s a third world fucking country, and she thinks it’s cute. She lets them play in mud contaminated with animal and human feces. Kids sitting in overflowing diapers, filthy clothes, kid sitting INSIDE THE WHEEL WELL of a jacked up vehicle….she provides a front row view of everything CPS needs to keep her case open until the last kid is 18.

    It’s true the new shed is somewhat less disgusting than previous versions. It’s equally true that it’s still a fire deathtrap, and that they’re likely to get sick as hell this winter when their lungs (irritated by the leaching insecticides and formaldehyde of the outdoor siding they used everywhere indoors) make them more susceptible to picking up the flu….which of course they won’t vaccinate for. Prediction: someone will be hospitalized with life-threatening pneumonia this year. Possibly, Toothless, herself.

    If the woman had one braincell, it would die of loneliness (as Joe’s did years ago). If she had two, she’d be twice as dangerous.


  33. That shed is a disaster waiting to happen, when the rains come it’s going to slide. Then what will the do?

    Nicole will find a way to blame it on the trolls, of course!! Life is easy when you have no empathy, shame or regard for the truth.


  34. Huh, so the “trolls” are, by implication, responsible for baby William’s death because they warned her to get medical care. She, being Nicole, had to ensure that she did exactly the opposite of the sound advice she received. Oppositional defiance, anyone?

    It’s not that she has had 14 pregnancies (that we know of), received no medical care (because she “knows her body”), looked anemic and sickly as hell throughout the pregnancy, mentioned several times in JUNE that the baby did not move as normal (but responded to the Profit’s voice/touch, as he is divine, Dontyaknow?) I would respond too, baby William, if only to get away from that filthy, oversized cretin. It’s also NOT that she appeared to have more abscesses (teeth) than a feral outdoor cat, seems to have parted with more teeth during the pregnancy, and went almost 42 weeks into the pg at age 41, got no NSTs (which would most probably have detected both the calcifying placenta, and the lack of amniotic fluid), and only sought care when SHE felt ill.

    Nope, it’s none of those. It’s those damned TROLLS.

    Most of us learn responsibility and cause/effect in our late teens or early twenties. Not so with our Nickers. I agree with those who believe that she is emotionally stunted as an early teenager. Worse yet is the fact that the 11 children she has birthed (did not use the word “raised”) seem to be traveling in her footsteps; after all, what else could they know? Respect for others? Nah. Responsibility? Nah. Boundaries? Surely you jest. Impulse control? I would guess that F would say “No” on that one as well. Skills to function in the world? (you know, that reading, writing, and rithhmetic stuff?). Based on what SHE has posted, I am going with “no”. How to act civilized in the world? Newsflash: Most people do not shit in a white bucket. Similarly, most 16 year olds do not argue with adults (outside of family) and brandish a lethal weapon to protect yourself from all those scary bears.

    So, Nickkers, I would have to say that you and your bloviating idiot of a husband are complete and utter failures at everything except conceiving more uncared for children. You excel at that.

    The idea that anyone would be “jealous” of you speaks only to the low bar that your humpers have set. The rest of us simply find you to be pathetic; what is worse yet is that you seem to pretend to revel in the misery of your life, and the misery you inflict upon your children.

    You suck at life, Nicole and Profit. That is all.


  35. NicNaug and Fat Turd can make those little threats all day long, but in order for Sally to be deleted from the human race, the Naugs would need to have enough money to gas their falling apart vehicle to make a round trip from their shitshead to Sally’s and we all know that any extra money goes for important things like Hardees burgers, weed, Hardees cokes, weed… well you know. Next, Fat Turd would have to make sure his side arm was loaded with real bullets and since bullets cost money, he might have to do without something necessary for his day-to-day existence and I doubt he still has the side arm because when the going gets tough, the pawn shops are the first place the Naugs probably go to get a little weed money. Finally, Fat Turd or NicNaug would most certainly need to get out of said van, walk up to Sally’s house and engage her, and we know how that would end…Fat turd would surely end up on the ground wobbling around like a weeble wobble and NicNaug would stand there screeching and holding her phone to record it all and reminding Sally that she has her phone on so everyone can see how Sally is a stalker then, of course, Sally’s husband would probably pull himself together after laughing so hard and he would probably have to help Fat Turd up and by then, neighbors will have gathered and probably cops too and NicNaug will screech she has proof that Sally pulled a gun on her and was stalking her and more laughter would be heard and they would rush off to Hardess and she would video herself sucking through a straw because everyone wants to see her ugly assed face.


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