Deleted Conversation

This is the conversation that took place on Nicole’s Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page last night. I cannot link to it because she deleted it.

That was unfortunate.  I thought it should be immortalized.





I went over to Mark Biggs’ FB page and saw nothing whatever that could be construed as “white supremacist,” but if Nicole’s supporters want to bring up that subject, I’ll be delighted to address it.


Note: This was the first mention I’d seen on any of Nicole’s pages of the upcoming court case about Shitgate.  Keep in mind as you read that her supporters do not know about this.









When she starts with this (2nd Amendment), it ceases to be funny.  If my neighbor said that to me, I would take it as a direct threat.


Where did you see a mention of money or payments?  You didn’t, because nobody mentioned it but Nicole.



Nobody put words in her mouth. She brought up non-payment.  Mark did not.


convo with chris

We’re glad you’re not worried, Nicole. We’re glad you’re laughing about going to court, yet again, while simultaneously threatening to shoot Mark Biggs.

I suspect you wouldn’t know a “fact” if it slapped you in the face with a big fine.

I also think you know how badly you came off in this exchange and so you deleted it all.


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  1. Free Jinger has maps (Pt. 9, page 5). Even topographical maps to show that shit does roll downhill. Too bad that neither Nicole nor Joe thought about that before directing the kids where to dump human waste.

    Gravity – it still works. Go figure.


  2. Of course no one could find where she said they put it on the ground. She deleted it. Unfortunately for her, the internet is forever. If I had a sock fb I’d be all over her page posting nothing but screen shots of her own words back at her. It’s probably good that I don’t.

    She deleted that conversation because he told everyone that they have a court date for the “non-issue”. She doesn’t want anyone to realize it is actually an issue. That would mess up the “I educated the authorities” narrative. The only thing Nicole has educated anyone on is what NOT to do. Of course, most of us already knew it, so…


  3. I am wondering if the passing of the owner of Kentucky land will affect how this plays out?

    Gordon Dee “Bucky” Board, 83, of Guston, KY, died Wednesday June 8, 2016 at Nortons Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville. His was born November 12, 1932 to the late Raymond and Allien K. Board. He was preceded in death his wife Bernett L. Board; a son Danny Gordon Board; a sister Viola Trent; a brother Charles “Buster” Board. He is survived by his daughter Malinda Board; 2 sisters Leona Reed, Dorothy Flory; 2 grandchildren Danny, & Derrick Board; 7 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Saturday June 11, 2016 at 11 AM EDT at Alexander Funeral Home in Irvington, KY. Burial will follow in Hill Grove Cemetery. Visitation will be Friday June 10, 2016 from 2 to 9 PM EDT and after 8 AM EDT on Saturday at the funeral home.


  4. @Doeheaven –

    He was on the board of a number of businesses and I bet they have a succession plan ready to go. In light of the fact that he had already made lots of money, I suspect the remaining shareholders will be less lenient with Joe and Nicole than he may have been.

    I’ve heard that he was a tough old bird, but there’s nothing like being younger and hungrier to make you not feel inclined to give anyone any slack whatsoever. Particularly rent-to-own tenants that may leave you holding a five pound sack overflowing with ten pounds of shit.


  5. Hats off to Mark for standing up to her.

    Notice how she claims they have local support! But it is never seen. The only one that was even semi local that supported them has been very quiet for a long time now. Wonder if bridges were burnt with Amanda M.

    Hey Nicole I guess you can say shit got real now. It will be the first time you have said anything that is remotely the truth.

    Moving? Evicted? Running? I bet we will see more on this.

    As for the second amendment that only gives you the right to bear arms. It does not give you the right to shoot some one. You have to be in immediate harm. Some one driving or walking by your property or on the neighbors property is not immediate harm. You had better read up on the castle laws for KY. Maybe your attorney can explain them to you, if he is still your attorney. Since you stiffed him betting that you will have to find a new one.

    Last of all mental health delusions will not get you off of murder or attempted murder. You will actually have to prove that the person you shot was putting you or your family in immediate harm. That proof must be as what a reasonable person would think immediate harm is and we know you and Jojo do not think like a reasonable person so good luck with that.


  6. Mark Biggs is a good cat. Hard worker and has a beautiful homestead. More and more of the community is starting to voice their disgust.

    And it will continue.


  7. In the recording of Jabba, er… I mean Joe, speaking to the poor lad at the EPA Joe screams that they are allowed to compost on the ground. It was stated by Nicole that they compost “on the ground” with a tarp cover.
    If that’s not dumping it on ground what is? How can her supporters be blind to what she said a week ago just because she changed her story?


  8. HMM,

    As far as I can tell, they think that as long as you call it “composting” it’s all good. Part of a pattern of thinking that calling something by a particular name magically makes it so.


  9. From a reader with the screen name of “Can’t Look Away”, used with permission

    Regarding Nicole’s “I will refer you to the second amendment” comment, it looks to me like she interpreted Mark’s question about packing to refer to various family members carrying guns around the Bogus Little Homestead to do the garden tours etc. It still is a very telling response that she would interpret the question that way.

    This is an excellent point and one I had not considered at all. Never entered my mind.


  10. I live “out in the country”. My nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile. The property I own was a commune in the 1960’s. It was a total of 150 acres, that at the time, a generous farmer let people live here, off the land, so to speak. The area I live in is still referred to as “the commune” area!

    Fast forward to 2012 when I first looked at this home that sits on 50 acres of that original 150. It was built in 1993. I was amazed at the water filtration system in the home that takes up what would be the equivalent of a large clothing closet. It gives a daily reading or at any time I need to be assured that the water is safe I can print out, send to my phone, or just read off the variables the filtration system monitors. The realtor had to disclose that the well/water source was contaminated from the dumping of human feces all the way back to the 1960’s. The realtor had all up-to-date info/citings from two independent agencies, plus the county agency, that showed as long as this water filtration system was maintained and water still tested every 6 months, occupants were safe to drink the water. There is a lot more to this filtration system, but I won’t go into all this.

    I test the water every 3 months just because it makes me feel better! But this shows that the disposal of human waste on land has repercussions that last for years and years. My neighbor, 1/2 mile down the road, also has a similar system. The N’s have no idea what they are contributing to! I feel sorry for their neighbors.

    And for those Nog supporters who say, “but animals poop on the ground”!……

    “An article published in Animal Frontiers magazine in April 2012 noted that too often illnesses triggered by food and water intake, especially in rural areas, are assumed to be caused by livestock manure contamination. But most of the time, MST analysis would reveal that the pathogen causing the illness is associated with human feces rather than animal waste. Source Molecular therefore recommends using more than one test and testing for two or more hosts (such as cattle and human) simultaneously in order to achieve greater sensitivity and reliability with the results, which would facilitate in crafting best management practices.”

    It would be wise for N and J to peruse this site. But then…they know everything already.


  11. No I do not think she referred to the second amendment in that way.

    Mark said packing out of the Blessed Little Cesspool. Unless again Nicole did not read what was posted like she does so many times.


  12. I miss all the good stuff… Damn work… Thanks for staying on top of everything… That was EPIC! I’m always surprised when she engages as long as she does, but I’m never surprised when she deletes it after.


  13. Declaring the “trolls” don’t have a clue what’s going on while dismissing the fact that they know even less because they are not locals. They take everything she says as the gospel truth even without proof.

    “I say it so therefore it IS.” NN

    Guess it depends on what the meaning of IS is.


  14. @ Old Time Farm Girl: l’m going with Nicole not reading carefully, only because otherwise her bringing up the second amendment is somewhat random and out of context; it would not just a threat but a major escalation on Nicole’s part, and her usual tactics are more of the deflect, deny, and distract variety, at least in her FB discussions.


  15. Mark’s confrontation was epic. It is apparent that the leg humpers have blinders superglued to their heads. Even with all the evidence , some of the still refuse to believe the truth.


  16. Law enforcement really needs to get in there and confiscate all of the firearms in the Blessed Little Sh*t Hole!

    That should have been a condition of them getting the kids back. Surrender of firearms and drug testing. Both adults are absolutely mentally unstable. There is NO reason for them to have mentioned the 2nd Amendment in that conversation. Unless it was their sneaky way to put across a threat. This is NOT the first time Joe has threatened neighbors with a gun.


  17. I hope N&J are reaching out to some of the most delusional leghumpers to see if they have an empty shed or two. It’s OK if there’s no plumbing. Let’s see how long those loons would put up with that.


  18. Nicole likes to claim that they’re independent, then gleefully declares that they qualify for welfare, and will stick the legal bills to the taxpayers. That sounds awfully dependent to me. I have no problem with people genuinely doing their best (and not pumping out kid after kid as if their contribution to society is human bodies) who need help, but have a problem with people declaring radical independence to the point of thinking they’re exempt from laws meant to protect other people from active threats who take such joy in how they can claim welfare and legal benefits. Of course paid for through the same taxes that Nicole says is theft. It’s only theft, I guess, when taxes are taken from her, but taxes are the bestest thingz EVAR when taken from other people to toss in her direction.

    And you know who else will pay? Other than the taxpayers? Her kids She and Joe can land in jail in the end of this, and those kids will be separated. So the taxpayers and the kids will pay. I’m a mom, and if the authorities wanted to take my kid, I don’t care that it wouldn’t be for cause, and I don’t care what they said to do, I’d do it because the one thing in this world I won’t risk if my child being removed from her home. Nicole and Joe don’t care that the ones who will pay are their kids. Like Lord Farquaad looking for a knight whose life may be lost to get Fiona, someone else’s life is a price he, and they, are willing to pay.


  19. If she applies for welfare they will make fat ass get a J-O-B.

    Unless she says they are separated. If she does that then they will go after Jojo for child support. If he does not pay it like he did not before then he will go to jail.

    Poor Jojo shit does not look good for him any which way.

    If Jojo were to go to jail I can see Nicole applying for welfare. IMO I think the only thing that holds her back from it now is that 400 pound dead weight she has around her neck = Jojo.

    Also if on welfare they would have to toe a line to a point or risk losing it.


  20. I said this, on the previous blog-post, before I read any of this new post,

    “The way she cries – nay, screams – victim, you would think she is a witch on trial in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts.”




  21. According to Nicole the family does qualify for welfare. So everything else she has been saying about her success has apparently been a lye. Personally, I have no problem with them getting on welfare at least part of the children’s needs would be met.

    However, I don’t see Joe & Nicole ever doing that for the simple fact that would open Joe up to drug testing and having to go fill out applications several times a week and going to interviews to find a job. With his criminal record, bad attitude, no prior work record or specialized skills he has a major problem getting in the door anywhere for employment.

    Besides all that, it looks like the man is allergic to work there is much proof of that at, “The Blessed Little Dingle Berry Homestead.”
    Joe has had over three years and over $45,000 dollars to hook up just ONE of the many water wells, and septic systems that are on the property. But he will not even man-up and at least do that for his own wife and children.
    Has he even started cutting logs for the larger cabin or even added on a room to the shed, cut firewood, put up fencing, broke ground for a large family garden or even picked up trash….O’Hell No…not that boy !!!
    And why should he when all Nicole ever does is make endless excuses for him instead of putting her foot down on his lazy butt.

    Welfare Line my ass…he could not even successfully accomplish that for his family !!!


  22. I didn’t realize My favorite Wiccan Amanda had not been commenting . I assumed she had booked me . AJP does have me blocked . Is AJP local ? I mean to they legitimently have any local support at all ? Even Amanda I thought lived and hour or 2 away. Locals please correct me if I am wrong but the Nauglers live in one county and her shop is in a different county like 40 miles away right ? The place the Naugs live in is small and rural right? What are the chances that people who use her to groom have not heard of the notorious Naugs??? We have seen quite a few locals come out against them but none stand up for them and that is very telling!!! Also someone on BLH suggested they come to SC. On behalf of our little state please God don’t send them here !!!


  23. I’m from Meade county which is in between the Naugs’ home and her work. We’ve heard of them. Radcliff is full of people with ties to Breckinridge and Meade Counties. I’d say it’s not locals from any surrounding counties giving her business, unless they’re as crazy as the Naugs.


  24. Never mind it was amDawn with her random capital letters that has me blocked not AJP. I have not seen AJ comment a lot as of late either and I don’t think Dawn knows the N’s IRL does she? I feel terrible for the locals especially the next door later!!! I can not imagine wth it is like to have the shit of your 11 neighbors flowing into your land !


  25. I just thought of something. My kids have never had to see my shit, carry my shit or dump my shit. Maybe there is an unschool lesson in the handling of your families excrement….i mean COME ON, she #unschool ‘s everything! The kids found a moth, someone Googled it and that’s good enough for her… #winning. You are really killin it as a mother NN.


  26. I hate to admit it, but your blog has become my late night reading. It’s like a real life horror story unfolding before my eyes on a daily basis. Not because of how Joe and Nicole choose to live but how their children are growing up without any choice in the matter.

    I shared the Naugler story with a couple of my childhood friends who grew up poor; dirt poor and ashamed if it.

    Mary grew up rough in a run down old farm house with almost a dozen brothers and sisters, using an outhouse, a well in the yard, and with no electricity. The following is one of her replies to me on the matter of the Nauglers.

    Even though Mary left home decades ago and made a really nice life for herself, I still feel sorry for what she endured the first 16 years of her life.

    You know how poor we was. I loved coming over to your house and spending the night. I didn’t have to fight off the other kids to eat a good meal, we got to watch a real TV, and taking a hot bath in that big old tub of yours was like swimming in a warm dream. Remember when your momma got us good for using the whole bottle of shampoo to make a bubble bath? Lord girl, you know we didn’t even have shampoo at my house. Dish soap! That’s what momma scrubbed our heads with. What a tangled mess that left us to brush out and dried stiff as straw. Sleeping in a clean warm bed at your house was the best. It took me years but I finally realized why your momma never let you stay the night at our place.

    I knew we was different. But I didn’t really realize how bad we had it until I left home and started living like ‘normal’ people. Running water, electricity in the house, a toilet that flushed, real soap that didn’t stink, and toilet paper! I think my butt was raw the first 16 years of my life from all that rough old newspaper that daddy piled in the outhouse.

    My lord, if there had been facebook back then, and momma and daddy would have been posting all about our substandard of living, I think I would have killed myself. Things was bad enough without thinking about momma and daddy showing our lives off to the world! I grew up wanting nothing more than to hide my life and leave home and bury my past.

    You know how we got teased growing up. You know how mean people was to us. When we was little we didn’t get regular bathes, our clothes were old, stained, and yes, sometimes still dirty when we put them on in the morning. You remember that time daddy put duct tape on Bo’s old jeans to shorten them up to fit Jess? How could they send us to school that way? People treated us awful but it wasn’t us kids fault. I love my momma and daddy, but we wasn’t just poor, we lived like heathens.

    I think that’s why them Naugler parents keep their kids from school, so they won’t know a bit better. So they won’t see how normal people live. So they won’t want and cry for the things they don’t have. Don’t they realize how hard it’s going to be for them kids to live down their raising once they get into the real world on their own?

    If I had stayed on the farm I might never had married and had my family. I don’t know any guy back home that would have wanted a thing to do with me because they knew how I’d grown up. I met Mark and he fell in love with me before he found out what I came from. There are still times I wonder if he would have give me the time of day if he had know first off. I shouldn’t wonder, I should know. He’d have turned tail and run off and I couldn’t blame him.

    I waited a year to ever let him meet momma and daddy and visit the farm with me. He knew Bo, but Bo never told him how we’d come up either. Bo is as embarrassed about it all as I am. You should have seen Mark’s face when he met daddy the first time or when he looked around the old farm where momma and daddy still live. Momma’s still pumping water from that old well and washing clothes in the yard and daddy’s newspapers still piled up in the outhouse. We stayed at the hotel when we was visiting. Mark almost threw up when he seen daddy’s spit cups laying all around the house. Spit cups and liquor bottles. Daddy’s collection momma still calls it. None of us know why she stays.

    The old place is literally falling down around them. Daddy drinks up his disability, and momma’s still going to the food stamp office to see that they eat. Last time I was there the kitchen ceiling was coming in and there was two old buckets to catch the water pouring out of it from the rain. We’ve all offered them both to come live with one of us kids but they say they are fine. I have nightmares about it but Mark’s right, they have never lived any other way and are resigned to stay with what they know. At least the house wasn’t full of chickens last time. There’s that.

    Mark told me on the way back home after meeting the folks the first time how sorry he was. I told him not to be sorry because it just made me appreciate my life now, more. Our kids have never been out to the old farm. I’ll never let them see it or smell it. My kids are spoiled. We got a nice house, Mark has a good job, there is food on the table always, the electric is always on, and they’ll never live without a toilet if I have a thing to do with it. They will never wipe their bottoms with the daily news!

    I got to tell you, I cried when I was reading all about that family. I didn’t see the stuff on facebook. I still don’t have facebook. But that blog! And you can google the Naugler name and there are pages and pages about them. Them kids can’t be happy living that way. They have to know that the way they live just isn’t right in this day and age. I am just heartbroken to see how they live. Do you think they would listen if I was to tell them how I feel about growing up like that? Do you think their momma would listen if she knew how hard it was to grow up living less than almost everyone else I ever knew?

    I promise try the facebook thing real soon so we can keep in touch better. I’m glad Bo gave me your email and I was able to catch up with you after all these years. I did look around on his facebook some while I was visiting. Bo said he’ll write you some later.

    Stop by and see momma next time you are home. I’m sure she’d love to do some swinging with you and serve you up some of her famous sweet tea you love so much. Just don’t go in the house.


  27. MyOhMy,

    Thank you for sharing this. I wish N and J would read and understand but I know they won’t.


  28. One of the folks on Freejinger just used an app to fix the latest photo Nicole posted of herself. With a tiny bit of makeup and a new hairstyle, she is stunning.
    I’m betting Joe would feel very threatened by those pictures and would probably say, over and over, how he likes the way she looks now.
    It does show where the kids all got their good looks from.
    Nicole’s looks are buried under her angry, worn out haggard facade.


  29. Mrs. Naugler, I know you read here. I don’t cuss often, so please pay close attention to what I am about to say to you.

    Own your shit.


  30. “With a tiny bit of makeup and a new hairstyle she is stunning”

    I’d venture to say that just a brush would do her wonders.


  31. @Bill
    I thought Mary made very good points and she’s lived in the shoes of the Naugler children. She likely recognizes much in their situation that many of us would not notice. I felt her email was well worth sharing. I hope Nicole might see it and realize just what kind of scars she may leave on her children if she and Joe continue to raise them in such a manner.


  32. Dear Myohmy, Tell your strong friend Mary to make sure that her children spend time together with her parents however/wherever she chooses to structure it. Grandparents (and other relatives) in a child’s life are awesome!


  33. Bill, I was just thinking the same thing. Is Mary ashamed of all her brothers and sisters who were brought up same way she was? Maybe it is time for Mary to get some professional help.


  34. Whoa whoa whoa, there is no natural need for grandparents–or other relatives for that matter. If they’re unsafe to be around because (for example) they think that kids running in and out of a room with a collapsing ceiling is hunky dory, then they’re unsafe to be around.


  35. Bill and Jenny and anyone else interested:
    I gathered that Mary is fairly close to all of her siblings, albeit they now all live some distance apart, except for Mary and Bo. Seems they all got out on their own as soon as they were able and moved away from the home place; Mary and her husband eventually took on the two youngest and finished their raising so it’s sure she’s quite close with them. Mary and her oldest brother, Bo, are as close as they always were growing up. Thick as thieves. She’s written about her mother and father visiting frequently at her home.

    Many pictures that Bo shares on FB show the whole family, parents included, at gatherings at one place or another, over the years, so it’s certain that the children have some sort of relationship with their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I just think Mary has kept her children from the old home place 1. so they wouldn’t question how she might have grown up, 2. so that they won’t think terribly of their grandparents, and 3. because, as Jenny mentioned, it is not a very safe or sanitary environment.

    I don’t know personally any of the folks that comment here. But I’d be willing to bet none of us grew up in anything like the poverty and squalor this family lived in; waking up to the cold wind and daylight coming in under the eves of our attic bedrooms, snow blown across our blankets on winter mornings, or chickens and pigeons roosting in the room next to us because daddy was too drunk or lazy, or both, to fix the hen house. If you drove by the place today, you wouldn’t believe anyone lived in it, so I can’t blame Mary one bit for shielding her children from knowing, for any reason.

    Snoop Dog, the whole point of sharing her email was to project what someone growing up like the Naugler children feel about their raising, later in their adult years. It was not meant to garner disdain for her having feelings that are understandable and quite justified, in my opinion. I did not ask her if she had ever gotten any professional help, nor do I think that she needs any. I am sure Mary harbors resentment for her upbringing and it’s probable that at least some of the Naugler children will feel the same in their adulthood. It’s left lasting scars on her and a shame I don’t think even the best psychiatrist could help her wipe away.


  36. Oh yes, and one last thing before I get my morning started- I just have to ask. Are you one of the Naugler’s Snoop Dog(s) or a Nog yourself?


  37. My oh my,
    Thank you for sharing Marys story. My husband is from a large family, he too had horrible living conditions. He actually called cps when he was in high school. He was told he shouldn’t lie. That being said, we only talk to two of the siblings. Most of them resent him,Malone with the other two. We have jobs and own homes. His parents are now divorced. His dad apologized for how they grew up. My husband stated it taught him how to persevere.


  38. @MyOhMy – You wrote – “I am sure Mary harbors resentment for her upbringing and it’s probable that at least some of the Naugler children will feel the same in their adulthood. It’s left lasting scars on her and a shame I don’t think even the best psychiatrist could help her wipe away.”

    Thank you for saying this. Far to often people mistakenly believe that a few sessions with a therapist will resolve all that ails you. That is far from the truth. Living with shame, it crushes you. You are always in conflict between “my parents did not know any better” and “how could they do that to us?” It can take years before you can even share with a therapist.

    I am so glad your friend Mary met Mark. Love can help you overcome almost anything. I am happy your friend is loved and can love in return.

    Thank you for sharing.


  39. Many people I know grew up in dire poverty in the coal mining towns of Appalachia. One man I knew (he passed), was ‘raised up’ with 13 kids in a two room shack. One room for the parents, and the main room for the kids and everything else. He was just the one who was able to talk about it, often with others sitting listening and nodding. The one story he most recounted publicly, when prodded, was waking in the winter to see snow glistening in the air inside the house, and snow rising up between the slats of the floor.
    It was the kids responsibility to keep the fire going all night.
    But all of these folks went to school as was mandated and as soon as possible many fled to where they could work, and never go down in the mines and face the horrors they experienced as kids. The major difference here is they went to school, (Mary too it appears) and their fathers worked as long as they could. Although not all finished high school, they all went to school and quickly got good jobs in factories. These stories are never recounted as ‘good times’ and often tears are shed.
    So despite the most extreme of impoverished conditions they were often able to overcome childhood poverty, BUT they were provided with a basic functional education WITH other kids. The oldest many times left first and led the way for family and friends to a better life. But the most obvious and glaring difference in then and now is the lack of a current basic education. Lacking fundamental skills will be the major obstacle out of poverty for all kids today in this current climate of “no-schooling” without any government standards set or regulation. Major laws which at one time prevented this neglect need revising nationwide to prevent this rising epidemic.
    The Nauglers have possibly accomplished one positive thing by ‘going viral’ and raising the awareness on the issue of educational neglect.


  40. Oh yes, and one last thing before I get my morning started- I just have to ask. Are you one of the Naugler’s Snoop Dog(s) or a Nog yourself?

    Admin answer: No. Remember, I know who is posting what for the most part. The answer to your question about “Snoop Dog” is no.


  41. The Nauglers have possibly accomplished one positive thing by ‘going viral’ and raising the awareness on the issue of educational neglect.



  42. For all of her talk of “un schooling”, all she is doing is what I did all the time for my boys. It’s called parenting! Catching bugs, playing in water, reading to them, & helping them learn how to be a responsible part of society!


  43. 3 boys mom, I also find it unbearably frustrating when they claim normal things are “unschooling”. I am so grateful for public school. I’m a single mom with no support for my kids’ dad. Public school introduces them to a huge survey of ideas, professions, and resources. My kids are in band (one plays the Bari sax which is an incredibly expensive instrument that he gets free access to), the school musical, art, improv, soccer, audio arts. They get to do mechanics, woodwork, cooking, seeing, biology, chemistry, physics, complex math etc etc. AND they also get to camp and swim in rivers, catch bugs, hike, help with chores etc. When they’re with me. I don’t understand why some people think it has to be Either/Or. It’s annoying.


  44. Myomy, Not that it makes any difference at all in the great scheme of things but while I would like the Nauglers to live by my set of rules, I think it is unlikely as I have made many suggestions over the past year. I ask myself why I continue to be immersed in this drama with no good answer. I have learned so much about the personalities of those involved in defending them or on the other side of the fence as I have followed this since the beginning. I wish your friend, Mary, well and hope she realizes there are thousands, maybe millions, of us who have walked in her shoes.


  45. IF there is a real humanure compost going on.. WHY are there no pictures? videos? vlogs? The problem with n and j are by their own making. IF she had not been so arrogant as to post her “composting toilet” we would never have asked where the poop went. We simply asked a question Nikki, which you refuse to answer. Because the answer would be proof your lying.

    Get over yourselfs idiots. the game is up.. the poo is out.. I really hope breck county court uses you to set an example.


  46. I was friends with a “Mary” growing up. My mother was raised in foster care & before that in horrible conditions. Let me say that my mom thought she was all that & made fun of my friends to me. She talked down to them & was really looking for morsels to gather & gossip about. I dis like that woman to this day. I can say that when I graduated College she glared at me the whole time while I beamed my smile. My dad? Oh he just said sorry, if he had thought I would graduate they would have helped me. Really?? I choose to not be close to them, they are not who I want to be so why should I force my child to endure their train wreck?


  47. Old blog post, I apologize. Did they end up getting a fine for the “humanure”?
    They were “packing up the shitstead”, so have they played the we’re moving because we’re in danger thing before?


  48. Did they end up getting a fine for the “humanure”?

    They got a Porta-potty. That amounts to a slightly greater than $100/month “fine.”

    They play the “we’re moving” thing every now and then. Right now they are not.


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