definition meme

Nicole thinks that if you take a woodsy picture and then add some made-up and borrowed definitions, what you say will be true. Add some silly hashtags and it’s even more true.

But words have meanings. That’s how we communicate. We agree what the meaning of a word is and then everyone knows what everyone else is talking about.

Obviously, some words have more than one meaning. For instance, a “school” (noun) is a building where children/people are taught stuff. But you can also “school” somebody (verb) in website design (synonym for “teach”). In addition, a whole bunch of fish constitute a “school” (another noun). However, no matter how hard you try, or how many memes you make, “school” does not mean “camel.”


The cute little guy is still a camel.

So keeping that in mind, let’s begin at the top.


According to Nicole, who as far as I can tell made up this definition, it’s “living without one or more public utilities.”  Only you have to do this in a “self-sufficient manner.”

Exactly what in the hell does that mean?

public utilities

So, according to Nicole, if you live without obtaining water, sewage disposal, electricity or gas from an “organization,”—any one of those—you are “off grid.”  Oh, yeah, but only if you are doing this in a “self-sufficient manner.”

Well, we live in the country. We get our water right out of the ground from our own well, that we own, using our own well pump. I would say that’s pretty damned “self-sufficient.” In fact, I would say that is way more “self-sufficient” than going around begging, stealing, and threatening the neighbors and finally just getting water from your business in town.

We have a septic tank, right on our property, which we own. I would say that our sewerage is “self-sufficient,” wouldn’t you?

We have a gas stove. We purchase our propane in tanks that we own. We haul them to our property ourselves. I’d say that’s pretty “self-sufficient,” unless Nicole is demanding that we put in a natural gas well in the back yard.

We do have electricity which we buy from the co-op.

But out of four public utilities, we are self-sufficient in three. So we are off-grid, according to Nicole.

I did not know this.

Neither did anyone else, because it’s bullshit.


You would think that somebody who carries on as much as Nicole does about school and how horrible it all is, and how superior it is just to do nothing at all, would know what plagiarism is.

She apparently does not.

unschooling Wikipedia
click image to link to Wikipedia, which is the source of this piece

plagiarism definition

Not only has she clearly plagiarized, but Wikipedia is a terrible source. It’s a great place to begin, but it’s not where you want to end up. The problem with it is that anyone can enter stuff there. You have no idea if the information is accurate or not.  And for some material, the articles just consist of opinions, sometimes at war with each other.


definition homestead

“Homestead” is the noun.

I know that in popular usage, the word has come to mean “living on a small hobby farm” or something similar, so let’s go to Nicole’s favorite source, Wikipedia, and see what they have to say.


Oopsy.  Oh dear.

Nicole plagiarized again. She just went to Wikipedia and copied the stuff in yellow.

She ignored all the stuff in pink, about how it’s “characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs. . .”

That’s because the Nauglers don’t do any of that. They do not do “subsistence agriculture.”  What is that, anyway? Let’s see what Wikipedia says.

subsistence ag

Now seriously, you guys, no matter how you spin it, this is not “subsistence agriculture.”  It’s not even “beginner subsistence agriculture.”

handful veg


For this one, Nicole appears to have made up her own definition. Maybe that explains why, when I punched it into Google, Google was just convinced that what I wanted was articles about “intuition.” Nothing about “faith.”

Here’s the dictionary definition of “faith.”

faith definition

What Nicole is doing here is trying to make herself look all “spiritual” so she can appeal to the religious readers, while simultaneously not setting herself up for criticism because she is, in fact, not religious at all. She and Joe use religion. They do not practice it.

Maybe they could adopt Twain’s wonderful definition. It’s one of my favorite quotes and so apropos here.

Mark Twain

The camel?

He’s still just a camel.




50 thoughts on “Definitions”

  1. Hold the phone. I have a well and a septic, but I also get propane delivered here by a private company into a tank I own… hmm

    But, I also have a co-op for electricity. I get dividend checks from them every year for my share. Since I own part of that, I guess this means by her definition I’m completely off grid…


  2. She frequently uses Christian keywords and phrases to attract a certain set of people who because of their views on being charitable are more likely to donate. Truth is, it looks ridiculous because she doesn’t walk the walk…she just talks the talk.

    You can see similar ramblings from Joe when he writes long, drawn-out posts and tries so very hard to sound like he is writing new scriptures for the Book of Mormon. Anyone familiar with that book will recognize the patterns he tries to follow. Now given he declared himself a prophet of some sort awhile back it is possible he may be delusional enough to believe his writings are inspired. Thankfully it didn’t fly with the churches leadership though so now he just sits at home and practices his own brand of religion. In an odd way I think he sincerely believes he is someone special but at the same time this actually makes him dangerous.

    In the end it’s all a show. It’s a means to get the hard earned money of people who really do try to be helpful. I ask that they look to teach people how to fish and not just continue to dump food in the fish bowl. That mistake creates Nauglers. They will keep looking for the handout rather than help themselves up.


  3. She and her immediate kin are not self-sufficiently off-grid. They need to haul water (previously stolen from neighbors), they have no rainwater collection system or a cistern, and they are illegally dumping their waste above ground and calling it “composting”.

    They are on municipal utilities at her shop, and do some laundry there as well as bathing. An off-grid lifestyle means having functional systems in place to replace all municipal utilities. Hauling water, cooking on an outdoor, potentially explosive rocket stove, pooping in a bucket and having children haul the smelly waste (or not, just dumping it in the woods) doesn’t cut it.

    This meme is not going to help them get on a reality TV show.


  4. but seriously, the amount of money you would save having plain ol electricity over that stupid generator would be amazing. i know i know you have standards, commitments, obligations to your followers.
    you may be 3 times off grid but your 2 times polluting the environment, air and noise.
    unskoolen stryks agen


  5. Good point, I like cheese and socks. Genuine homesteaders probably don’t want to leave Mother Earth and the environment worse off, because of it.

    The generator, how is that a off-the-grid self sufficiency, when buying gas from probably the wealthiest utility provider corporation per se, ever? It has to be more expensive running that generator, than a truly self sufficient energy source. And probably not as “clean” an energy source either, to the environment.

    And water. How is that off-the-grid when you get your water from someone that does pay for water from a public utility? Either from the shop, where one would assume the shop owner is paying the utility company for the water. Or from neighbors, who also pay a utility company for water. That is not self sufficient either.

    And then waste management. Paying a monthly rental for a port-a-potty set up and regular disposing, that’s not self-sufficient. Yeah, I suppose it’s off-the-grid in the aspect of not paying a public utility for sewage management.

    Self sufficient. Nope. Self Sustaining. Nope.

    Camel. No, not that either.


  6. yes but the generator is a necessary evil for homenauglerizing. The internet NEEDS them by god, and of course, begging, harassing, blogging, vlogging, whining, sniveling, but then have to build another page to keep the drama aliveing.


  7. nauglerizing, to naugler, to be nauglered: to attempt to baffle with BS, con, swindle, mislead or outright lie for financial gain. Also used to describe a completely delusional state of mind. See example (“woodsy picture”) above.


  8. That’s kind of a, um, pretty definition of homesteading. Homesteading, in the classic form, is making a farm, or other household enterprise that involves extracting renewable materials from your property, where there was no farm or what have you–maybe never before, maybe just in so long that nobody can remember when. The materials have to be renewable because the plan is to eat/burn/wear some, put some by, sell/trade the rest to get stuff you can’t make for yourself, then do it all again next year. The point of owning a homestead, in other words, is to make it pay.

    Now, a lot of Alaskan homesteaders only got as far as felling trees and putting up a cabin before they realized, “Man, this sucks as a lifestyle choice,” and sold out. However, that does count as making it pay. Other homesteaders paid a bit extra for cleared land, or developers took notice.

    Anyway, making your land pay doesn’t require you to produce your own food or energy. You could be running a wood lot. You might be doing shore-based commercial fishing. Or herding sheep. Anything that can generate an income, or be used in the local barter economy.


  9. Good post Sally. “A camel by any other name…”

    The water aspect is near the top of my list of things that nearly drive me batty about these people. I mean, for heaven’s sake they have been living there for years and they have been ‘planning’ some sort of legit water collection system this entire time. It is not rocket science. And it is NOT “off grid” to schlep gallons of water from your completely ‘on grid’ business.
    Such a sham.


  10. Kentucky Bred wrote, “Either from the shop, where one would assume the shop owner is paying the utility company for the water. Or from neighbors, who also pay a utility company for water. That is not self sufficient either.”

    I just want to be the tiniest bit picky about one thing (and I’m not saying you’re wrong – I’m being contrary this morning). If they obtain water from a well no one is paying a utility company for the water, but it’s very likely they are paying an electricity company for the power to pump it. Unless someone pumps it up by hand which is a great workout but hardly practical for such a large family.

    I like the camel. Can we keep him or her? What about a naming contest? Is the camel going to become the blog mascot?


  11. Another definition that Nicole has to be #unschooled on is HIPPA.

    She thinks that some person posting on FB that she is pregnant is breaking HIPPA laws.

    Every day people posting on FB that one could be pregnant that do not work for any medical provider of the person they posted about is not a violation of HIPPA. HIPPA only pertains to people that work for your medical providers. A posting online in regard to a pregnancy, illness or injury that has been told to them by some one else is nothing more than plain old gossip.

    Lesson plan for #unschooling today = HIPPA laws.


  12. It’s not off the grid or self sufficient to beg for money to pay the shop utilities which she turns around and hauls back to the ‘stead. Why do people keep saying how they envy her and plan to one day live like the N’s? It doesn’t take much preplanning or knowledge to just sell/trash all of your possessions and move to trashed out land. The queen B has already said they didn’t and still don’t know what they’re doing.


  13. Poor N thinks self-sufficient is begging for money and having people send her money so that she can spend that money on homesteading things like nights at hotels, technology devices for staying connected so she won’t be all alone, etc.

    Every time she posts any pictures at all of that land and their attempts to garden, I shake my head because the first thing that I would have done was cleared land and built up the soil for a vegetable garden; I would have had added a few fruit trees and maybe some grape vines; I certainly would have put in some strawberry beds. All that land and a stay at home dad and still no garden, no water source, no septic, no rain water storage system. Hell, I worked full-time, raised two children by myself, and I still managed to plant, grow, harvest, can or freeze, enough vegetables to get my children and me through the winter.

    Poor thing reads a little wikipedia and gets her little wires crossed. She takes claims and definitions out of context so that she can manipulate the meaning to fit what she is doing and to justify their homelessness. Living in filth is okay for her as long as she throws those trendy words around. Forcing her children to carry buckets of shit to dump all over the property is okay as long as she makes sure that we all think the child chose to do that and it ties into her idea of unschooling cause, donchaknow, a child, given the choice, would rather carry shit than learn about the solar system or the geological formations found on this planet, etc. She uses these terms willy-nilly to prove to anyone looking that she is not a negligent parent.
    I believe that N and J have spent so much time spinning their inadequecies as parents into good parenting, they are beginning to believe their own bullshit.
    Homesteading indeed!


  14. The Nauglers are no more homesteaders than I am. They may be even less so as I have a septic tank and they have, by any reasonable civilized standard, nothing more than a pile of feces and scattered doodoo all over the property. What the Nauglers are in form and practices are transient homeless squatters who pay a monthly fee to live on their cruddy land. Their transient-ness has been curtailed by Nicole’s business ventures and that they don’t have the money or means to pick up and move their entire brood elsewhere. I wonder if they fully appreciate the consequences of Joe’s religious inspiration to sire ever more children. Ten or more years ago they would have just abandoned the place when they had considerably fewer children. And back in those days they were much more anonymous.


  15. I don’t understand what Nicole is trying to say either. She says she gets their water from the shop. So the family is dependent on the city water utilities. Food comes from the store. Gas for the generator comes from the grid. They are completely dependent on the grid.

    They have a generator because it allows them to have electricity when they can afford it. There is no required monthly utility payment, no late fees, no having the power shut off because they didn’t pay, no penalty and reconnect fee, no snoopy utility people in the yard reading the meter.

    I don’t think the Nauglers have any interest in “Mother Earth” or “living off grid”. They have an interest in people NOT telling them what to do. They have an interest in not having people report their tall grass, trash in the yard, unsupervised muddy kids, lack of utilities, and smell of marijuana. They just have a large family with a single parent income and can’t afford utilities.


  16. Could the new page be more obvious? Just like the old pages of “truth” that soon dissolve into attacks. Poor impulse control and a need to control the narrative will forever be her undoing.

    She has to have had her NCN page suspended by Facebook. No other explanation needed.


  17. Just FYI, your site works in Chrome for me, but will not load in Firefox.

    I am now looking at it in Firefox. 🙂

    The site was down for the better part of a day. If you tried to load it during that period, you likely have the broken page cached.

    BTW, I went ahead and published this because a) there’s no reason not to, and b) fifty bazillion other people have informed me of similar things, only some of them say it doesn’t work in Chrome.

    It’s your cache.


  18. They are completely dependent on the grid.

    In contrast to that, if something dire happened, Dave and I could probably live right here, right now, for maybe a year before we went hungry or ran out of “supplies.” We would likely get very tired of the menu, and we would also probably have to improvise a little bit, and we’d most likely have to get very creative with barter to feed the cow, but I bet we could do it. I suspect all our neighbors would chip in with corn and stored grain to feed the cow if we shared the milk. I’d have to empty the freezers pretty rapidly, but I have enough canning jars and lids to can all the meat.

    In the same situation, the Nauglers would be starving in a matter of a few days.

    I get very tired of reading her leghumpers’ comments about how in an emergency, the Nauglers would know how to do everything and I would just die.

    Not so.


  19. The generator,, without it they have nothing,, to have power would requite the power company setting poles back to the garden shed, it would require a person who knows electricity to install a service and electrical panel,, expense the Nauglers will not do unless they beg for it, I cant imagine how hot that garden shed has to be


  20. I find it extremely funny that according to Nicoles favorite source Wikipedia a public utility uses existing infrastructure for distribution such as electric, water, sewer, natural gas, telephone and now the definition can include internet both landline and mobile.

    Remember this Nicole, while out and about in the wilderness in your Conestoga Vanagon , commenting on Facebook, stalking a “troll”, hauling water from the on grid shop, patronizing the local Hardees, Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, you are pinging off a cell tower (infrastructure), you will never be off the grid.


  21. Back in February 2009 this part of Kentucky got hit with a pretty bad ice storm that wiped out power (for a few days or weeks depending on where you lived). It also stopped water for many people, again depending on where you lived and whether the pumping station that served you had power or not. It was cold. Many people went to hotels that still had water (and used a lot of water). I had water, food and fuel storage and a bazillion books and blankets so I was okay. I also did not lose my water luckily. My power came on after only a couple of days and I turned into a hotel, laundry and bath facility for friends who had lost water resources. That did include friends with wells but no power to pump from the well.

    If this happened again Nicole could not get water from her business. The Naugler penchant for Bitcoin would not serve them well when cash is all you can use for gas and other commodities. There probably wouldn’t be many inexpensive commodities left anyway for them. Their alienation of most of their county and surrounding counties would not bode well for them. They would resort to helping themselves to other peoples’ wells or whatever water source. They may think that they would be laughing at civilized people scrambling through such an event but the Nauglers would be in worse shape than ever because the grid that they fall back on whenever they want it wouldn’t be there.


  22. I live with mild executive dysfunction. Roughly speaking, that’s when you can make all the plans you want, rev that engine all you like, but the frigging parking brake is stuck. The thing is, I know this. I know that I have to lower my expectations, constantly set myself up to succeed, and forgive myself when my brain screws me over yet again. And I have managed to homeschool three kids to the point of doing well on standardized tests, hold down a job (that I am about to go to), and keep a house livable.

    So when I look at her “definitions” that boil down to I DON’T GOTTA DO IT YOU CAN’T MAKE ME NUH UH, and her plans, plans, plans, plans, plans that dribble off into nothingness and weeds, I get mad. Either you two have perfectly workable brains and won’t use them, or at least one of you has a wetware problem and wants to sit there blaming the universe instead of fricking getting help. I know you two have Internet! I learned most of my self-care off friggin’ Tumblr. Get up get up get up!

    And on that note, I’m off to work.


  23. They are poor and there is nothing wrong with being poor. But instead of just admitting they are poor they create these fancy definitions and explanations for their lifestyle. Sadly the children suffer.

    It’s unfortunate that Joe won’t work and that Nicole makes excuses for his laziness. She also has a habit of tearing down men who do work and do support their families. She then claims those men and women that do support their families are sellouts and not truly self sufficient. Just one of the many reasons I cannot stand reading her tripe.

    Thanks for this blog, glad to have found a place exposing these grifters.


  24. It’s a page that went up and then came down within a couple of hours. It was called “Stop the Harassment” and almost certainly was Nicole.


  25. Has anyone ever wondered just exactly where they “get” their gas to run the generator from? Anyone remotely in the same area as them may want to keep a check on their vehicles gas gauge.


  26. Love the camel. In three years the only thing they have managed to produce is two more kids they cannot afford. If rumours are correct, a third child is on its’ way. They are like rabbits! But, getting knocked up takes zero planning, little energy and not much intelligence. I wish it did take these things to be able to bear a child because then they sure as hell would not have had 11 babies they neglect on every level. How can they think anyone could respect them for that?


  27. Sculder&Mully I’m from western KY and they got hit really hard with the ice in that storm. Not only did it take out all the public utilities, it also took out all the cell towers. My father is a volunteer firefighter and also works with the Red Cross, he said there was almost zero communication across the region for almost a week. It took almost 2 weeks for them to get even basic services up and running again, longer in the rural areas. This is where it’s important to have a safety net of not only knowledge/common sense, decent and safe living conditions, but also community support. Right now it seems the N’s have made enemies out of everyone in the immediate area. I’m sure the neighbors wouldn’t hesitate to help the children, but it’s questionable if the parents would swallow their pride enough to ask for help…or if the kids would feel safe seeking out themselves if necessary. Same for any sort of natural disaster, extreme heat/cold, flood, tornado. That “homestead” is not self sufficient in any way shape or form.


  28. So according to Nicole, you only have to live without one public utility. One. Wow. I had no idea my house, which does not have gas, makes us off-grid. Wow. I feel special now.

    Nicole knows SHIT about unschooling. I’ve said it before and will again. What she does is Sudbury, also known as Democratic schooling, also known as literally doing nothing at all. Unschooling takes the lead from what the kid is interested in, but there have to be goals. Unschooling isn’t letting kids run wild. Unschooling, when you really unschool, takes a lot of work.

    Camping in a garden shed ain’t homesteading, and sighing “Oh god” when the blessed fatass wants to boink again ain’t faith.


  29. Farm Girl, it’s HIPAA. HIPAA! HIPAA. That’s a pet peeve of mine I can never let go of. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    That’s all I’ve got to add to today’s #unschool lesson.

    Dinah, I think she tears down those men because she’s jealous. Men support their families, whether it’s working to pay the bills or being a house-dad who actually takes care of the kids, clean, do what needs to get done. She has a lump on a log who does so little that there’s no point mentioning him. Ever. He does so little he may as well not exist. He’s just a blob who takes up space and contributes nothing to the support of his family. To make herself feel better, I think she has to convince herself that Joe’s a real man, and that the men who support their households are the bad guys. Easier than admitting the truth at this point.


  30. Thanks to the Nauglers for today’s #vocabularylesson: “Composting” means dumping your shit on the ground. “Homesteading” means running out of options, buying a rent to own piece of land, failing to improve or even maintain said land, cramming thirteen people into a garden shed, failing to master rudimentary animal husbandry, failing to can/freeze and store produce from your garden (much less growing enough to feed your family), failing to have a water collection system, failing to have a waste management system (Humanure!), stealing water, etc. Being “Free” means failing to educate your children, subjecting your children to squalor, alienating your neighbors and community, engaging in behavior resulting in criminal charges and always taking a plea deal, refusing to accept any responsibility whatsoever for your actions, etc. “Self-sufficient” means years of soliciting donations via Paypal, GoFundMe, sharing of Amazon lists, and not so subtle hints, and refusing offers of help and advice from neighbors and the community. “#Unschooling” means . . . . no education, and making stuff up. “Parenting” means claiming continually that your children are being stalked/threatened/traumatized, and then turning around and pimping them out by sharing photos meant to keep those donations rolling in. “Faith” means calling people the “c” word, and attacking anyone who doesn’t adhere to the blessed little party line. “Off-Grid” means always, always, always being connected to the internet. “Donations” are what you give them, without any expression of gratitude on their part, while Pa sits on his rear and refuses to do any work of any kind, and Ma mocks people for being slaves of the system.


  31. @Kaylee, in the unschooling world what she does is call un-parenting. She is not representative of a true unschooler. Unschooling takes time and a heck of a lot of work. It’s about leading and directing, it’s about children finding their passions and their parents helping them to accomplish goals. A true unschooler doesn’t generally sit at home all day, they are out in the community. People like Nicole seem to think it means that they do nothing educational but that is a fallacy.

    As far as jealousy, yes I believe she is extremely jealous and bitter. She bashes anyone that has risen above poverty or even manages to maintain a home with minimal income. She is constantly attacking anyone who doesn’t do as she does, which is just further proof that she is not an unschooler. Unschoolers, accept that other’s paths are different and that there is no one path for anyone. She just drives me up a wall. She is all talk and all lies, she has crafted this illusion that she is some knowledgable homesteader, parent, and unschooler and she is none of those things. She is merely a grifter and her husband is a creepy, lazy slob.


  32. What an incredibly undeniably well-spoken comment, Lawyers, Guns and Money!

    mas·quer·ade a. A disguise or false outward show; a pretense. b. An involved scheme; a charade.



  33. They have to quickly be approaching the inevitable biological wall that will make pimping out babies for dinarions impossible.


  34. First off, I would really like the camel pic with the quote to print off because I’m heading back to University this fall at age 47, and I will need it to make me laugh! Please! Anyway, I’ve decided to get a degree at this age (and I have been to college, and am also a former hair stylist) because my son is 11 and I want him to understand that education and the learning experience are so valuable. That it is worth the effort and sacrifice required. I want to set an example for him that life requires duty and diligence to achieve any goal. I feel for these kids. I’m certain the middle and young ones would love to learn. Everyone enjoys learning something. I can’t understand for the life of me how these folks are so misguided.


  35. Based on her definition of unschooling, I’m curious as to what she thinks her kids are learning. How to live an unsanitary lifestyle because you’re forced to spread poop all over your land? How to raise a pet goat, only to be forced to kill, butcher and eat it? How to slave after your parents? How to cook on a primitive outside “stove”? How to grift?

    I don’t give a rat’s behind what anyone says, there’s no way in hell their daughter was left in good mental and spiritual health after having to watch her pet get butchered and then having to eat said pet.

    That said, I’m a homeschooler myself. I don’t want to ruffle any other homeschooler’s feather but we have an obligation. My husband and I are far from rich (and we have 4 kids) but we work so much to be able to provide our kids with music lessons, museum trips, co-ops, books and activities they enjoy so that they will become successful adults.

    Are there rules that say homeschool/unschool/no school kids need all those extra activities? No but their public school counterparts have access to those things. If you’ve reached a point where you can’t even provide decent art materials for your kid, maybe public school deserves a second thought.

    Finally, just when I thought I knew all there was to know about the N’s, I read that mother N makes her kids buy their own fast food meals when they work with her? Absolutely sickening! I really hope that the kids can overcome what has been done to them.


  36. And please excuse my numerous typos. I have a cracked screen as the result of one of my kids dropping my phone while playing Pokemon Go.


  37. Lawyers, Guns, and Money

    Next page them, “Sums’aBitches” put up…….
    I’m going to quote you….and gladly get the banded……..AGAIN. 🙂


  38. I thank your loving Gods every day I get to live in such a GREAT country. I work HARD every day to pay my way to live in a SAFE tiny spot on this tiny planet we call earth.
    I LOVE the fact I get clean drinking water and bath water every day just by turning the handle on my water fausset and THANK YOUR GODS I got a nice and comfy warm/cool spot to sit my ass on to take a SHIT then be DONE WITH IT in just one FLUSH.
    I HATE to pay my fair share of taxes too just like everybody else BUT I do because I LOVE to drive on paved roads. Unlike the old day oil soaked gravel roads to keep the dust down and the pot holes trashed a good car or truck fast. Take my gas tax PLEASE cause I Want nice roads.
    I LOVE the fact my father forced me to graduate high school unlike him who never made it past 6th grade. What the shame was the lack of stressing the fact of how IMPORTANT a good education was in today’s world. Nontheless I can’t spell my grammar SUCKS but he did teach me how to do LOTS of other things to get me buy in life. You know the ole saying jack of all trades master of none.
    I LOVE the fact I spent time in the army after high school. WOW did I learn a LOT.
    I am PROUD of the fact my brother and sister of this country are willing to DIE so I got my SAFE tiny spot I Call home with my family on this tiny planet we call Earth.
    I am PROUD of the fact my brother and sister of this country are willing to serve as Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and any other public service that help KEEP ME SAFE. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for your Service I am very PROUD of each and every one of yual. 🙂
    What I HATE THE MOST! Some KnowitAll DINGBAT with a LAZY TUB OF LARD talking smack about these Great People and this GREAT country. They scam their way through life and their shit clearly don’t stink cause they love to pile it up ALL OVER THE PLACE. Kind of like the way a dog would mark their spot.
    NICKY, JOE if you do NOT Like this country please MOVE. Move as FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN so we don’t have to hear any more of your BULLSHIT. You sound like a broken record. You sound like a spoiled BRAT that can’t get your way in life. Life means HARD WORK not HARD AT SCAMMING! Once again if you don’t like it here MOVE or SHUT UP.
    SALLY! I love the way you can prove how brain dead these two are. They can’t even write a blog without STEALING SHIT from other folks HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BRAVO!
    PS. Yes I can’t type a proper sentence ither 🙂 But I still live a nice life cause I know how to WORK HARD!


  39. Well said, Casey.

    I would add that there is nothing wrong with thoughtful, reasonable criticism – of anything, and that includes our country. We engage in that sort of back-and-forth almost constantly and it’s heightened during election season. That wrangling is what democracy is all about. However, Nicole and Joe refuse to participate and just criticize, making them not part of the solution at all.

    But yeah, your basic points are well taken and well said.


  40. Definitions:

    As a stay at home mother is a job, really it’s a calling, 24/7 and hard work.

    As a homeschooling parent it is work, far harder than sending the kids to school.

    As a homemaker, chief cook and bottle washer, the job is never done and never to my satisfaction.

    When asked if he had a job, Joe said “fuck no”.

    Says it all. So much for stay at home dad, homesteader, teacher of unschooling.


  41. Public schools started in my community yesterday, and I found myself thinking what life might be like for the Naugler children if they were enrolled in school and were blessed with more stable parents.

    The eldest son would be starting his senior year in high school. Given his interest in gardening, perhaps he’d be active in 4-H. He’d be making college plans, and talking with his school counselor about possiblities, pulling together his SAT test scores, adding up his extra-curriculars, and studying at least the second year of a foreign language, at least algebra II or perhaps plane and solid geometry, or maybe trigonometry if he’s good at math, certainly studying some kind of history, senior English, which is traditionally a survey of English literature. He might be involved in sports – football or soccer just now, with the basketball and baseball seasons still ahead. He might be in band or orchestra. He might be in the senior play, or taking drama as an elective.

    So many possibilities…

    His next younger brother would also be in high school, probably entering his sophomore year. He’d feel more at home by now, having completed his freshman year, so might be exploring the possibilities a bit more than last year and involving himself in more extracurricular activities. Maybe he’d be in Student Council. Maybe he’d sing in the chorus. Maybe he’d be in a service club to help others. Maybe he’d be discovering the ladies and going to dances.

    So many maybes…

    The next Naugler child is a young girl, who’d be entering her last year of middle school this year. She’d have overcome the difficulties of the grade-school/middle school transition, and would be very much at home in her school this year. She, like her older brothers, would have lots of friends and acquaintances her own age, and would enjoy hanging out with them. She’d be invited to as well as hosting slumber parties, movies, skating and biking, dances…and probably would be enjoying her first crush on a boy.

    She could focus on studying art as an elective, on having the school library as a resource for her voracious reading, and perhaps benefit by a language arts teacher as well as a school librarian who could guide her reading and encourage her to write short stories, poetry, or other forms of creative writing. She might even illustrate her stories…given her art skills.

    She might also enjoy home economics, especially sewing, given her background. Making herself cute new clothes would probably appeal to her a great deal.

    All the things she could do…

    As for the younger Nauglers, many of the little boys would be in elementary school, mostly in the primary grades. One of these little boys seems to have learning difficulties – these would be thoroughly checked out and his education would be modified to help him learn effectively and to interact with others in productive ways.

    The younger Naugler daughter would also be provided with stable adult guidance, and her adventurous spirit would be directed along constructive paths, to make the optimum use of her natural curiosity and spirit of exploration. She would greatly enjoy gym class, and might be involved in team sports, gymnastics, or other physical activity, given her abundant physical energy.

    One of the younger children would be just starting pre-K or nursery school. He’s a very bright, highly imaginative child, and these qualities would be nurtured and encouraged, while his socialization would be gently guided. He would be given lots of books, educational toys that do NOT involve screens, and encouraged in imaginative play with other children. A good teacher might even write down some of his narrated stories – he’s an extremely verbal and creative child who is also highly energetic – simple play-party traditional games would fascinate him and make good use of his gifts.

    So many ifs…

    With most of the older children in school, the younger children remaining at home would receive far more individual attention from their parents than they do at present(one hopes) and so would also make positive progress.

    If only, if only. Makes me want to swoop in and collect these children, clean ’em up and dress ’em up, and pop ’em into appropriate classrooms in good, well-equipped schools with the best teachers around. Talk about freedom – that would be the best gift of freedom these children could possibly have.

    It would give them the world.

    If only, if only…


  42. @Blue Kentucky Girl

    The Breck County School system is very good. It does require parental involvement and participation to take advantage of the myriad opportunities offered, however, they ARE there. Every single thing you mentioned is there.

    Like any other school district, it has its strengths and weaknesses. I found the teachers (by and large) to be very concerned and willing to work with their students. The principals, school, and district administration are very approachable, receptive, and professional. Truth is, we just got really lucky when we settled here. I saw my daughters compete academically against students from private schools across the state and they were on par or better. My oldest daughter was accepted into the Gatton Academy. Rated by Newsweek as the #1 High School in the United States. Not bad for a Breck County kid.

    Both of my daughters were on academic teams from grade school forward. Both went to the state governor’s cup multiple times. Both were accepted to the university of their choice. Both have their tuition taken care of. Scholarships and other programs abound and both (if they stick it out) will graduate with zero student loan debt.

    The Breckinridge County School system was instrumental in their opportunities. They’re good kids, but they wouldn’t have been able to do what they’re doing without the involvement and sincere interest of the Breck County Schools, the teachers, and the administration.

    Like any school district, Breckinridge contends with budget constraints, bad kids, teenage issues, and the daily grind of the system. That’s unavoidable. But they have far fewer issues than many. They truly care about serious students. The Breck County School District will always go above and beyond to provide every opportunity available.

    Opportunities that Joe and Nicole’s kids aren’t even given a chance to explore.

    I’m not sure how they can look those children in the eye and tell themselves that they are setting them up for realistic success. But, that’s their business. Later when those kids look back — ask “why?” — I wonder what they’ll tell them?


  43. While we do homeschool our children are heavily involved in the community. I live in a state that allows participation in public school activities by homeschool students. Many states now allow that. Also most homeschoolers I know are heavily involved in co-ops, volunteer activites, clubs, museum classes, etc. I know homeschoolers exist that shy away from involvement but they seem to not be the norm, at least in my community.

    Her kids used to be involved in activities. Heck they used to visit with other families but not anymore. It’s just been a downhill slide. I am a huge proponent of homeschooling but it takes time and resources, neither of those are in abundance in the Naugler home. Public school would be the best option for those children. I wish Nicole would let go of her stubbornness and put her kids needs first. I won’t hold my breath though.


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