Nicole, quit threatening and just do it.  I don’t threaten you. I just write.  And I comment. You are tiresome.

I have produced screen shots of you threatening me  and of you and your minions (since you seem to love that word) calling me mentally ill and I won’t bore everyone with another episode of that.

But you are accusing me, directly, of “having a hand in the harassment” and I want you to present proof of that.

You’ll no doubt say that I “drove for 90 minutes to stalk your family,” when that is absolutely not true and I have made it clear it’s not true.

whiny blogger

But I’m sort of tired of this.

Put your money where your mouth is, Nicole. Meet me for lunch. I’m paying.  You name the date, time and place. Bring Joe if you like, but no kids.

I dare you.  If you won’t “leave your safety zone where your opinion won’t be questioned,” I say you’re a coward.  Stick your neck out.  I have no problem whatever with sticking out mine.

Meet me for lunch.

Do not underestimate me.


Oh, so I’m wrong about Nicole.  Right.  Well, in that case, surely she’ll agree to meet me for lunch.

Nicole, your husband was not cordial until after he had a beer in his belly. Your husband came charging into the road, stopped our vehicle and yelled at us.  He either didn’t record that part, or he deleted it. I have no way of knowing which it was.

My husband doesn’t follow this very closely, but he knew enough to know that Joe Naugler has a criminal record for menacing behavior. He was afraid of Joe, and that’s the truth. Afraid not so much that Joe would beat him up or anything, but that Joe would act in such a way that Dave and Kyle would have had to beat his ass. And Dave did not want to be put in that situation.

There were not only two men in the vehicle, there were also two women and a child. Dave was simply being cautious with a man who has a criminal record for threatening people.

Let’s have lunch. Talk it over.  You name the place.  You set the day and the time.  My only restrictions are that I have to be home in time to milk.  Milking occurs at 7 am and 7 pm.  The drive is about 1 1/2 hours.

Or are you a coward?




22 thoughts on “Defending”

  1. N attacks people in the most personal, hurtful ways with minimal, and often no provocation. Then when those same same people defend themselves, or simply just document her behavior, she screeches that her family is being attacked. She uses her own children like human shields. Shameful. She won’t meet you, Sally.


  2. She won’t, I have 100 on it. She’ll try to twist this as a “see they’re out to get me”. It’ll be a big conspiracy you know the cooks and are trying to have her poisoned. You have trolls lying in wait to ambush her, oh and they’ll destroy her vehicle while she eats. Though there will never be pictures, we’ll be told they have them, but as good little sheep we must wait until they publish their sortied tell all autobiographies. She is a broken record that keeps spinning. I don’t know how people continue to support their stories and beliefs. All the groveling, wish we were brave enough to do what you do posts are as comical as they are disturbing. I mean really, what is so hard about either abandoning, destroying or pawning off your worldly possessions?
    People support this idea she portrays yet they aren’t willing to allow their kids (hopefully) to live in muddy,feces laden junkyards. What’s brave about living hand to mouth and begging from the “rats in the cage”


  3. This isn’t the first time you’ve made this offer. Last time, rather than sit down and put things to rest, it was spun into some sort of “we owe no explanations” evasion.

    I feel that if you have the courage to meet them, look them in the eye, and calmly explain your side . . . You should have someone there that will prevent Joe from his childish intimidation tactics. Not that they would work, but it would prevent any kind of reasonable and mature communication.

    Who am I kidding? ?

    Anyway, provided I don’t have to sacrifice something productive (like work or family or Farm chores), I will happily accompany you.

    Be forewarned, Mr Naugler once agreed to meet me to discuss our concerns. I was there. On time. I looked at the empty booth bench in front of me for an hour and left.


  4. Nicole and Joe will never meet up with you. They are bullies and bullies are always cowards. They think because they can get away with bullying their children they can get away with bullying anyone.

    @ Nicole, you certainly do neglect your kids. In my book preventing them from getting an education that will position them to get a post secondary education or meaningful employment is neglect. You have set your kids up to be trapped in minimum wage jobs and a lifetime of poverty. That is one of crimes and I could spend all day listing others.


  5. So said the Coward to the Facebook Blogger. I’ve said this before every time Nicky talks about THEM really means she is looking in a mirror talking about herself and joe and her TROLLS. Nicky is a true twoface. She would stab you in the back while she looks you in the eyes. Facebook is her safe heaven. If she ran her mouth off in the real world like she Blows hot air up everybody’s ass on Facebook somebody would of Jackedherthefuckup a LONG TIME AGO. IMO What a fucking twoface COWARD. If you ask me sounds like Dusty has them two childlike adults PISSED OFF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BRAVO DUSTY! I sure hope your not full of hot air too and really take care of these two grifters once and for all. Thay got it coming.


  6. My comment should read, that is one of many crimes, I could spend all day listing others.


  7. Do you think these reactions are because she has finally come upon someone who can not only hold her own but also mobilize all those who been harassed to stand up and say “enough”?

    She obviously didn’t get the reaction she was looking for on that post about the politician and seems to be really reaching for further reactions. The world she created is crumbling. I really believe we are going to start to see some real fireworks and the inevitable scrubbing of pages, cries for attention and destabilization of her imaginary army.

    It is about time.


  8. Joe had this to say this morning:

    “I mean the trolls and their minions did collaborate to get the dog and horse people to come after us and our businesses reputation! And all off of slanderous defamatory claims spread maliciously and intentionally all through out the great wide web!!”

    Joe, since you read here…
    I think the “trolls and minions” you refer to only wish they could take credit for “the dog and horse people” coming after you. The power! The collusion! The worldwide conspiracy!

    The Truth of the matter Joe, is that you and your wife manage to piss people off everywhere, and all the time. I’m convinced it’s intentional. It’s your life. It’s what you live for, and wake up every morning looking forward to.

    I assure you, there was no conspiracy, no collaboration. It’s just YOU! You are so multi-talented that you can piss off a variety of people with different interests and different passions in life. And you do it without effort it seems.

    Keep telling yourselves that this is some massive conspiracy, and when you piss off the next group of people, you can lump them in with the “trolls and minions”. Pretty soon the entire world will be made up of the enemy, all colluding against you in some private conference room in Oslo, Norway.

    And by the way, what’s with “OUR business reputation”? It’s not YOUR business, it’s Nicoles! You haven’t contributed jack-shit to that business. You are a leech on society and on your family!


  9. Sally, I bet Nicole is going to twist that around and say that you just threatened physical harm to her.

    I’ve never seen someone twist, contort, embellish and outright lie to make herself out to be a victim. She constantly throws out zingers that she knows will elicit a response. Then she sits on the edge of her chair waiting for a chance of martyrdom. ‘Woe is me…those evil doers are picking on me and all I’m doing is protecting my family.’ She thrives on attention. She pulls these stunts to bring attention to herself all the while her and Joe are exposing their kids to their crazy, woe-is-me/us attitude because ‘we are being persecuted for our faith and righteousness.’ What does she think people will find her virtuous? I don’t think so! It’s too bad Nicole won’t let the leghumpers she’s got left see the truth. She deletes every post that might expose her and threaten to expose the con game they are running.

    Some day the kids are going to catch on. Joe and Nicole can’t keep them in this bubble forever. The kids are going to come to resent them eventually.


  10. Wait! You have a troll? A real, honest-to-goodness troll? Lucky you! Those bastards are strong. Think of all the heavy chores they could do for you. And all they need is a little bridge to live under…..although I am sure they would be happy to live in your hay loft.
    And this comment is for JoJo. Nobody set the horse and dog people on you. You did that yourselves you dumb fuck. Posting about how the dog has one week to live or else and that the horse has no shelter made those dog and horse organizations sit up and pay attention.


  11. Sally you done lost my friend. Nicky is IN IT TO WIN IT! Even if you did get lucky and get the coward to met up with you it would do no good. I think everybody here already understands NOBODY TELLS NICKY WHAT TO DO. If Fatass shows up with her then you will be wasting all your time trying to ignore all the bullshit coming out of his piehole. They would be like tag team wrestlers, you know all that fake shit on TV? As much as You and Owl would LOVE to have a Pow-Wow with them it will never happen. I’m sure she is in the works writing her next blog trying to figure out the perfect lie for the reason why they will NOT meet up with yual. You know cause yual are so crazy and they feel they would be putting their lives in danger. You know the same ole I’m a victim bullshit. I’m going to just sit back and see if they really did piss in somebody’s wheaties cause this should be a GREAT SHOW if they did and I will have front row seats to watch from right here. Keep up the GREAT Work Sally and all the GREAT Comments. BRAVO!


  12. Nicole and Jojo the Hutt certainly flatter themselves. From the way they make it sound you would think that Russia and China had decided to conspire together in a cyber attack especially to taunt a dog groomer in dreadlocks with 11 kids and her…husband whose contribution to the world is unclear. And they live in a shed on land that has been crapped on all over literally, been to court and lost for menacing, been to court and lost for livestock incursions, had their kids taken and made to buy some sort of shelter, have CPS visiting them continuously, been to court and lost for making white buckets and child labor their toilet facilities and had to get a turdis. Oh dear heavens how we envy them! That with all the sarcasm that I, the Russians and Chinese can muster.


  13. She can’t come to meet you Sally. She and Joe are too busy scurrying and hiding like cockroaches when they hear a car go by in fear of the inevitable ramifications of their recent actions.

    So they hide in the van, ducking down when someone drives into the parking lot or run to the woods when someone drives up the road. When the coast is clear they come out and type furiously on keyboards with false bravado and lies. Misdirecting their minions and their puny little minds away from the real to the imaginary. Trying to get ahead of the real story by inventing imaginary conspiracies and collaborations.

    They know that this time they aren’t going to slide as easily as they have before. They know this time they have gone too far. They know the truth is coming out and that they are finally going to have to pay the piper. So they are setting the stage for the greatest show on earth, the biggest excuse they can imagine in their limited vision of the world. “We are innocent, although found culpable by our peers. They were all out to get us. The entire world has colluded to lie about us. Don’t believe what you see right in front of your face. Believe us, we are but innocents persecuted because of our beliefs.”

    Cowards is an understatement. The more they falsely post of the cowardice of others, the surer I am of how very cowardly they are.


  14. Be careful. Nicole is dangerous. As in, dangerously filthy. Wear a hair net. And mosquito repellent. I would not be surprised if the insects that live on that toxic-sludge of a pond have developed a Zika-Naugler virus, or something altogether antibiotic resistant.


  15. I am glad I am not the only person who thought “this is getting old” when I read her first screenshot. It is like someone put that woman on a loop and it continuously euns now…..the trolls…..the blogger….we wont give in…… Blah. Blah. Blah.

    I cant imagine living with this woman and hearing the same tired rants over and over and over again.


  16. I just noticed that Nicole’s multiple personalities are Charles & Tiffany, the same as the dolls in the “Bride of Chucky” movie.
    Sock puppets.
    Same thing.


  17. She is a coward. This fact has been proven time and time and time again. Did I mention that it has been proven. She wouldn’t know what to do if she wasn’t behind a screen, typing her bullshit in safety. She uses her business, her kids and her animals as a shield. She cries victim and people actually believe it.

    With a bazillion kids and lots of stuff being brought to light, like really brought to light, meeting you would be easy compared to what seems to be coming down the ole pike. Lordie lord. I imagine her response to this. She is going to come unhinged. Go Sally!! You got balls of steel!!


  18. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. 🙂

    However, she is in bad need of a proofreader.


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