Dear God, Will She Never Shut Up

I want to comment here before this even begins. If there was one single reason I could point to as evidence that Nicole Naugler has no business raising any children, ever, it would be this. This video is a clear example of her exploiting her young daughter. For money? For self-aggrandizement? Both? I have no idea, but this whole video is enough to make you cry, not for Nicole and her lunacy, but for that poor little girl who was forced to participate in this.

I also noticed that we had two people in America simultaneously broadcasting bullshit to the nation. The irony didn’t escape me, nor did the similarities.

With that, let’s begin.

Child appears on screen. This is the youngest daughter. Nicole then sits to the child’s right. Child whispers to Nicole.

NICOLE: Yeah, I was trying to see what I could see.

All right. [She then moves over so she is in camera view.]

Say hello.



NICOLE: I’m Nicole, and I guess everyone knows me, and this is my daughter [CHILD’s NAME] and um, I wanted to get on today to, um, I’ve taken my page down, for, I think it’s been a week now that the page has been down, and um, anyways, I just kinda needed to, um, think about what I wanted to do with the direction of the page. And what was going to be worth while for us to keep it going.

I started the page, gosh, how old are you?

CHILD: Ten. No wait, eleven.

NICOLE: Eleven. I think I started our blog about eleven years ago, so the page is probably about seven years, no not even that old.

Anyways, I started the page with the hopes of sharing our blogging journey, and my goal was at one point and still kind of is, is to monetize my blogging. To get paid for my blogging. To get paid for my ideas and my, um, input and my feedback and my thoughts and. . . I never really put much energy into it.

I burst out laughing at this point.

And then, um, most of you, most everyone who follows this page, um, follows us because of probably one of the worst moments of my life.

[Crying Number 1]

I said, don’t cry. I did.

But anyways, you guys came in at like the worst part of everything that happened to me. And um, been kinda hanging around for three years almost now, since that happened, and then things have gotten so much better, and um, I kinda thought that it was unfair for me. . .

Sorry. . .

[Crying Number 2]

I just thought it was kind of unfair for me to, um, abandon just as things kind of started to go up. So, anyways, um, I’ve been kind of working on the blog a little bit, behind the scenes, doing some things that, blogs that need to be finished, because we do have to tell our story and um. . .

Sorry, now my face is all blotchy.

I want beautiful skin like hers.

Um, but, um, to get to where back on track I guess you could say, to get back to where I wanted to be before all of this happened, um, so that way, I guess it has purpose, because, I mean, if not, then everything that we’ve done kind of for nothing if, if, not for nothing, but I mean, as far as our public aspect, our social networking, our, um, aspects that we have.

We do things that are completely unconventional. We do things that, we’re weird aren’t we? [speaking to daughter]

You like being weird?

CHILD: [Shakes head no]

NICOLE: You don’t like being weird? Like us? We’re weird.

[CHILD then gets the script and smiles]

She doesn’t want to be weird like me, she wants to be weird like her.

The unschooling.

Do you like being unschooled?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: What part of unschooling do you like?

CHILD: Not having to sit there for, like, five hours.

NICOLE: You don’t like sitting at a desk, do you?

CHILD: [shakes head no]

This child has no idea what school is like. She’s never attended school. She is regurgitating what she’s been fed by her parents. Children in elementary school do not sit for five or six hours at a desk.

However, she does pretty well at being forced to sit in front of a camera listening to her mother rant for a solid hour without saying anything.

NICOLE: What do you like to learn about?

CHILD: [long pause while CHILD thinks] I like insects.

NICOLE: Bugs, insects. What other kinds of things do you like to learn about?

CHILD: [shrugs]

NICOLE: Do you like history?

CHILD: [shakes head no]

NICOLE: No. If any, anytime in the world, when would you want to learn about? What time in the world?

CHILD: [shrugs]

NICOLE: You don’t know?

CHILD: [shrugs again, shakes head no]

NICOLE: SISTER’s NAME likes medieval stuff. Jacob likes cowboy stuff. What do you like?

CHILD: [long pause, shrugs] I don’t know.

NICOLE: You don’t know.

I won’t put you on the spot.

She won’t put that kid on the spot. She just did put the kid on the spot.

Anyways, um, back to what I was saying, I, when we first went public with, and I say public, when our story first went very public, there was a lot of things said, a lot of, um, still today, there’s still a lot of misrepresentation of who we are, what we do, why we do it, sorry, I’m fidgeting, um, you know, what we have, our goals are. And we get a lot of criticism because we haven’t achieved these certain milestones that other people have put upon us. And, that can wear a person down. It wears me down. But I wanted to continue this blog page because it’s what I do. I enjoy it.

And the hell with what is in the best interests of those kids. Nicole simply likes to share on social media way too much personal stuff and so they can just suck it up.

[smiles at daughter and says something incomprehensible. Daughter smiles and says something equally incomprehensible, both laugh]

Because it’s what we do. It’s, um, what I enjoy doing. I enjoy writing my blogs. I enjoy photography. I enjoy, um, you know, just the things that I post here on the page for everyone to engage in. And I would like to do more of it, um, because I think that we got so overwhelmed and so overcome with all of the, um, negativity of things that were happening to us in our lives, which needed to be addressed, but they became so much part of our lives that, um, all the other fun stuff kind of went to the wayside. I tried here and there to intervene, um, you know, thoughts and do blogs and things like that, but everything, again, as even tonight, um, gets sucked back into, um, what, um, what we should be, um. . .

And I tried to read the comments, here and I’ll have to go through them afterwards.

But what I wanted to keep focused on, and I’m not focused at all in this conversation, because I had my thoughts together and I pushed play and it went. . . cause Mom’s a scatterbrain, isn’t she?

CHILD: [smiles]

NICOLE: She likes to laugh at me, but she’s one of my best friends, so she’s allowed to do that.

And that’s one thing I did want to address. Talking with some people a few weeks ago about name-calling, and um, it’s okay if your best friend calls you a dumbass, but if someone calls you that being mean, it’s different. Isn’t it? Do you think so?

CHILD: [nods]

NICOLE: And so when you call someone names or things like that and when you insult people, to hurt people, like I discussed in my last thing, it’s really, um, not fun, and so it brings people down, and um, CHILD can tell you. It brought me down, didn’t it?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: But we’re gonna get over this, because we’re awesome.

CHILD: [nodding yes]

NICOLE: Cause you’re awesome?

She wants to help me do some blogs, and, um, videos, right?

CHILD: [nothing]

NICOLE: But you’re quiet.

This is her first video so she’s a little shy. Get her by yourself, she’ll talk your ear off. And, um, she wants you to know she’s not wearing lipstick, she drank some juice. But I don’t think she mixed the packets very well. It was one of those little packet things that she likes to drink.

Anyways, um, I think what I’m trying to say here because again my mind got flustered. I want people to know that we really appreciate, um, that they stuck with us through all of this. I mean, reading over the comments on the pages and the photos over the past three years now it’s been, almost, and um, just seeing the kindness that pours from everyone, um it’s really appreciated and it’s really helped us out, and um, you know, I know that, uh, we get a lot of criticism for not being real homesteaders or not being really off-grid, or whatever kind of stuff they’re trying to throw at us to just discredit us, um, the fact is is that we are doing things our way and we’re doing them to show you that you don’t have to fit that certain mold. You don’t have to be that prime example of what a homesteader is. You can do bits and pieces on your own pace, on your own time.

Um, just because we’re not self-sustaining doesn’t mean we’re not working towards that goal. And sure, maybe nobody can ever fully be self-sustaining but to be as self-sustaining as possible is an achievement that’s functional. And, um, trying to fit people in these little box labels isn’t going to, um, isn’t going to work. Because my idea of homesteading and someone else’s idea of homesteading aren’t going to be the same.

There is no such thing as being self-sustainable, unless maybe living in the deep jungle of Papua New Guinea, and even then, you have a tribe. There is no such thing as what she is trying to describe as some sort of goal. There is nothing admirable about it. Nothing.

Trying to be less wasteful of non-renewable resources? That’s a worthy goal. But that’s not what Nicole and Joe are doing. They are burning gasoline to run an inefficient generator for no reason at all. Power lines run right by their property.

And um, so, the same thing with the homeschooling. CHILD’s homeschooling looks completely different than her brother NAME’s homeschooling, even in the same home. Because of their individual personalities, their individual strengths, their individual interests, individual personalities, everything is combined to make their own journey theirs. Even when it’s just in a small group or in a large group, um. I was talking to a friend who went to a, um, local, uh, extension office group in her area and she said that the room was really full of people who were at all stages of homesteading, as we now define it today, which is in some way, shape or form, uh, you know, having some way of sustaining yourself.

Whether you just have a few chickens and a couple of potted plants or whether you have acreages, you know, acres and acres of, uh, products, everybody’s doing their own version how to steps of homesteading.

I am so happy I discovered this. I went in the living room and attempted to do a cartwheel. I am 68 years old, and to avoid going to the hospital, I didn’t complete it. But I tried.

Therefore, I am an aspiring Olympic athlete.


And, um, one of the reasons why I started my blog, um, was because people would ask me questions about how I manage a large family, about how I do this, about how I do that, and instead of typing it over and over in these discussion groups, I’m like here, here’s a blog, I wrote this, you know, here, read this. And that’s kinda how it started and I morphed into the homestead journal when, I guess that was ANOTHER CHILD’s NAME was born, and he’s six now.

And there’s the rub. The problem is that Nicole sets herself up as an expert when she has no idea whatever what she’s talking about. She has never raised any livestock successfully for any period of time. She has never had a garden that wasn’t the most pitiful thing on the planet. They’ve never done anything at all except stand back while some guys delivered a pre-fab garden shed, or two, or three.

And she does not “manage a large family.” From where I’m sitting, the large family appears to be managing itself.

So about six years ago, I morphed into doing the homesteading journal, and that was just kind of logging what we did, and I got out of it, um, it was shortly before the kids were taken, we were so overwhelmed, um, at that point because, a lot of people don’t know the whole story, and I realized that the other day, um, in a conversation in a homestead group, that I went to explain one thing and I was, this is gonna take a while to explain all of it.

But before our story, before most of you met us, um, it was three years ago this month that I had, um, quit the job that I was working at prematurely. I had an argument with the owner over legal employment. I was not employed legally and, um, it became an issue. So when I addressed it, I was told to leave and I knew that was coming, I knew that if I pushed my limits there that I would be told to leave and I did so knowing that I had no other income.

Employment 101: When you are working at a place of business, whether as an employee or a private contractor, and the owner tells you to leave, you have been fired.

And so what we did was we kind of tried to fast track the, the, um, grooming salon that we already had in plan. In December, that prior December, I had began work on building the Blessed Little Grooming Company. And so, preemptively losing my job, I say I quit, she says I got fired, I was a supposed independent contractor which was actually misclassified employee, so either way, it’s all the same. Um, I was looking to leave and she was looking for a reason for me to go.

I repeat: you were fired.

And anyways, so that was in January and I spent a week or so figuring out what I was going to do and I decided well I’m going to do home grooming until I get my business up. And so I ordered the equipment that I needed to do that, and we got hit with a snowstorm, that was really a big snowstorm, wasn’t it, that locked us in for like two weeks, we weren’t able to leave the house. So that set us back again.

Okay, I know I live somewhat south of Breck County, so I asked around. Nobody was snowed in for two solid weeks in 2015. I remember the snowstorm. We milked a dairy cow through it twice a day. We lugged the machine out to the barn and back to the house every twelve hours. We went everywhere we needed to go. The roads were plowed. It was a giant headache, but it was fine, and it didn’t stop anyone for two weeks.

And I finally got out of the snow and out into, back to work, and I did home grooming up until, I guess that was, you guys were taken the first week in May, so that was in April of that year that I was doing home grooming, going to people’s homes, setting up my little mini-salon, breaking it down, going to the next home, setting up the mini-salon and I did that with my clients that I was not able to service at the salon because it wasn’t opened.

Um, so while we were doing that, we were struggling financially. My husband at one point had a job that winter but lost it because he, um, because of the winter weather, you know when you work part-time jobs like that, you miss a couple days, you know, late here, late there, whatever, and um, they don’t hold your jobs.

Employment 102: When you are late for work repeatedly, and you fabricate a bullshit story about how you can’t get to work for two weeks because of snow, you get fired. Joe was fired. “Not holding your job” means they hired somebody else because Joe didn’t show up. He was fired.

But we were looking at alternative income sources, and so that’s when I really first thought well we should, really thought we should find, uh, ways to try to monetize our story. But we were also very nervous about, um, exactly what happened to us, which is our story got turned around on us and um, in the middle of it, we got hit with a catastrophe, and that’s literally what it was. Um, we were not financially prepared for anything. We weren’t financially prepared for a flat tire. We weren’t financially prepared for the two-week snow storm that we had to, uh, suffer through with no income. We weren’t financially prepared for any of that.

The interesting thing about this whole rambling narrative is that not one single time does Nicole acknowledge that well-meaning people, out of kindness and naiveté, gave them more than $45,000 after their kids were taken. That’s how they got where they are today. Not by their own hard work and enterprise. They got there with OPM (other people’s money) and they don’t have to pay it back.

All of the money that we had, and all of the money that friends had invested into us was invested into the grooming company which was not open. So, in April, we were hoping to get the salon open as soon as possible, and um, the building wasn’t quite completely ready, the construction part was finishing up and, um, I was looking to a soft open so I could get a few clients in the doors and get going, and um, I ended up in jail that next, that week, and so that kind of put a real big cramp on things cause it’s kind of hard to groom dogs in the middle of chaos, so we had to delay the opening of the salon for three more weeks, and that really put us back quite a bit.

She’s describing a situation where they were flat broke. They had umpteen bazillion children, another one on the way, and they’re flat broke. They’ve lived on the edge of flat broke forever. It’s due entirely to having more children than they can afford and a grown man who refuses to hold down a job for more than a short period of time.

We were living in a very, um, livable, it was, um, I mean, you may not agree with it, but it was livable. It was the bare minimum livable, but it was livable, and it was clean, it was sanitary, it was warm, it was safe. It was everything it needed to be, um, to meet the bare minimum requirements.

Sure. Nobody buys that anymore, Nicole. Nobody.

But anyways, we got the salon open, and um, full steam ahead on that. And with all of that, we’re trying to find alternatives, because that summer, the boys were supposed to be building up the extension of the homestead income. Because the goal was for Blessed Little Grooming Company to build up to sustain us and that on the side our friends would, um, help us network into getting side jobs built up. And so, that’s what we were doing, is they were going to work on the side jobs, and then once the business got sustained, all of our income was going to go to build the business up, make sure it’s sustained, and once the business was taking care of itself, it would start taking care of us.

“. . .on the side our friends would, um, help us network into getting side jobs built up.”

And the prize for ambiguous meaningless bullshit statements goes to . . .

And, um, of course, the wrench got thrown in, but here we are, we are almost coming up on three years of the business being open of three years of all of this happening and the business is taking care of itself and it’s taking care of the homestead more and more each month, each week, as the business grows, and so we’re extremely grateful for that.

Um, we’re extremely grateful for all of the clients that we have, amazing, amazing people that are, are just I am so grateful for them, I cannot express how much we love our clients, and how much we appreciate them. There’s a lot of groomers in this area and they choose us, and um, we really appreciate that.

So, we’ve got that business and we want to try to look into other ways of bringing in other income, because businesses, you know, grooming, it’s not that grooming isn’t enough, or that we’re not making enough but we want to do more. We want to do more than just sustain. You know, it took us three years to get to a point to where we are sustaining comfortably so where we’re not worried, you know. A few months ago, our cars, both of our vehicles, broke down within a week of each other and um we didn’t have to panic as much, I guess. It was a little finagling to get through and to get into a new vehicle but it wasn’t as hard as it had been in the past. I thought about that the other day. I was thinking you know we’re finally at a point where we’re not, um, paycheck to paycheck, we’re paycheck to other paycheck.

One way to do that is to not have any more children that you cannot afford.

But we’re still, we’ve got that slight buffer, a slight way to pull in resources, and um, juggle things to where we can get past that and get to where we can move forward. And so that’s why I was was thinking you know we have other incomes, the bow sales are a side income, they don’t bring a whole lot, that’s mostly pocket money for you, right, you have lots of pocket money, don’t you?

It brings in pocket money for the kids, and um, gets some things, they work here part-time, um, you work three days a week?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: Yeah, she works here three days a week, and um, she uses that money, right now it’s all gone to savings, they’re saving up for, what are you saving up for?

CHILD: [shrug]

NICOLE: She doesn’t know yet. OTHER CHILD is saving up for a four wheeler, and YET OTHER CHILD wants another horse and. . .

CHILD: YET OTHER CHILD’s getting two more horses.

NICOLE: Two more horses, yeah.

So, she’s saving up a lot of her money, and um.

But anyways, looking into the extra jobs and trying to get the woodworking business going and all of these things, and um, so we’ve got all of this going on and what’s happened is with all the negativity coming back on us, um, I’ve got a lot of criticism of why I would want to do, like, I don’t understand how somebody would criticize or jeopardize somebody else’s form of income. But it happened.

No, I just cannot imagine how anyone would jeopardize somebody else’s form of income. You know, like calling their employer to complain about helicopters flying over at the appropriate altitude on a designated flight path. Or calling a bogus complaint in on your next-door neighbor’s butcher shop, trying to take away a man’s supplemental retirement income.

I cannot imagine it.

And we’re slowly recovering back from some of the stuff that had happened, and I don’t want to get into that because that’s not what this is about, but it kind of made me nervous because I didn’t want to put my clients in a position to be harassed, because that has happened. And um, I wasn’t quite sure with how to deal with them being harassed and me not just wanting to say, okay you know what just forget it, it’s not worth it.

I’m tired of this. I don’t know of anyone who has ever contacted a single client of Nicole’s. I don’t even know anyone who knows any client’s identity. Nicole is the one who brought bad reviews on her business by posting publicly that she was going to kill her dog if somebody didn’t adopt him immediately. Doing so incurred the attention and wrath of the dog rescue community.

But, it is worth it because it’s worth it for her [points to CHILD], I have to, I have to keep going and stand up for her. Right?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: You don’t want me to quit?


NICOLE: Don’t want me to give up. Want me to keep fighting?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: Why is that important?

CHILD: Because it’s our life.

NICOLE: It is our life. It’s, it’s their life. Um, that’s what gets me the most.

Please note: the children were in foster care for eight weeks nearly three years ago. Three years in the life of a child is a very long time. They would have forgotten the whole thing, or at least relegated it to ancient history if their mother and father didn’t keep dredging it all up and stirring it nicely on a daily basis and dragging them in front of cameras to fluctuate between looking bored and uncomfortable.

[Crying Number 3]

is that, you like living on the homestead? Am I making you cry? I’m sorry.

[CHILD is quite clearly NOT crying]

NICOLE: Okay, catch your breath. I said we weren’t going to cry.

Do you like living on the homestead?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: Do you like unschooling?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: Do you like all of your brothers and sisters?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: All of them?

Um, she, um, we talked about it and she may not say much on camera because I know she’s shy and I know a few of the other ones wanted to say and YET ANOTHER CHILD says she’ll help write but she doesn’t want to be on camera, which is fine. I don’t want to, um, force any of them to do that. They all do it at their own. . .

But, um, you know, this is their life and when people sit here and say, oh, this horrible woman, she’s got you know bags under her eyes, and her hair’s all wild and her teeth are rotten, you know, they insult me and try to degrade me and tear down me, that’s, that’s fine but to try to presume that they know who my children are, or how my children live or their mental or physical well-being, it’s wrong.

And I’ve been trying to deal with those individuals I call, you know, someone referred to them today as barnacles, that’s pretty much all they are, they’re just so latched onto us, and such a negative way, you know, they’re just, barnacles.

Yeah, sort of like Eulanda, right? Or “Charles”? Or Elizabeth Olvera? Barnacles.

But, um, I also wanted to address something a little more important that I think was kind of in my head and kind of had me lagging on what to do and how to approach things upcoming. And I don’t have the document in front of me because I was gonna have it for this and I forgot it but it’s easily to Google.

I live in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, for those that don’t know that. Um, many of you, um, I’ve learned, quite a few people in Breckinridge County, Kentucky that follow our videos. And, um, for the last few years, Sheriff Todd Pate, the one who arrested me and took my children, has ran uncontested in the county. I think it was, I think this is his, he’s won three elections, if I’m correct. He’s won three elections and I believe two of the three, maybe all three, were uncontested, which means he’s never had anybody run against him. He’s just by default been the sheriff.

And, um, Breckinridge County is a very, very small county

NOTE: It is fifth in the state by size, and about half way if you’re talking about population.

in the middle of Kentucky, which is also a very small rural state.

NOTE: Kentucky is 26th by population in the nation, and 37th by area.

That’s why we chose Breckinridge County because we wanted to be out of the way, off the wall, nobody notice us, just kind of fly under the radar. And um obviously that’s not what happened, but that’s what we wanted.

We have lived in several different states. We’ve moved about every 8 years. “Fly under the radar” has never been on our list of qualifications for a place to live. Fly under whose radar? CPS’s? The police? Who? What?

And there are now four people running against, um, Todd Pate for the upcoming elections in November. There are four individuals who want to be sheriff because they aren’t happy with the way the current county is currently being run. They all have their own reasons, I’m not going to put words in anyone’s mouth, but the fact that there are four other individuals seeking that position when previously has run [speaks to CHILD, unclear] says quite a bit.

Oh, but Nicole just did put words in those four mouths. They “aren’t happy with the way the current county is currently being run.”

That probably isn’t the case at all. Being sheriff is a pretty good job. Todd has been a very popular sheriff. Nobody ran against him because nobody thought they could beat him. He’s a little more vulnerable this time around and that has nothing to do with the Nauglers and everything to do with Todd himself. Four people think it’s possible to beat him and they’d like to have his paycheck. That’s all this is about.

UPDATE: There are four Republicans running for sheriff.  They are running against each other, because there is a primary.  Only one of them will run against Pate, who is a Democrat.

I also want to note that the judge in our case who signed off on all of this, I have a blog coming up about more information, but she’s also being, um, her position is up for reelection and, um, someone is running against her. Now I don’t know a whole lot about these individuals, yet, I’ve kind of been reading about them and asking them questions, um, as most people who know me, I personally do not vote but I do take a vested interest in what’s going on to educate those around me who are going to be voting.

Hubris: Saying you do not vote but you’re going to “educate” those around you who do vote.

The proper response to such hubris: Go fuck yourself.

Um, I made a statement the other day and I’m gonna make another one, um, to Breckinridge County, not only does my husband vote, and not only am I, it’s not possible to vote, I mean, I won’t say, I probably won’t, but I might be tempted enough, um, not that it would matter much, but anyways, I have two grown who are also of legal voting age come this election. So that’s something that people might want to consider. Four votes ain’t a lot but in a small county, four votes can make the difference between if you win or lose.

Not such a small county after all. Nobody cares what you do or don’t do and nobody cares if Joe votes or Jacob votes or Quinten votes or if none of them vote. Nobody cares.

So, again, um, I’m sorry, I’m writing, talking completely unscripted here, and, um but anyways, the judge in our case did some things that I don’t approve of and again, I will be addressing those in a blog, and I will also be addressing the, um, the guardian ad litem in our case who completely and unethically used her personal opinions to drag out our case unnecessarily, I guess is the way to put it. Our case should have been closed that month, the month that the children were taken, the case should have been closed. The guardian ad litem, Susan Striebel is the guardian ad litem for Breckinridge County, and um, she’s currently still the guardian ad litem for Breckinridge County, and um, there’s a lot of families that she has harmed with her personal bias that comes into the courtroom and that is completely contrary to state law.

Care to present evidence to back up that libelous statement, Nicole?

Um, well, when people talk about, well, if you don’t break the law you have nothing to worry about, when the law has such a window that whoever is sitting there in the room can kind of dictate which way things are gonna go in a hearing, um, you want to make sure that the law is very specific on things. Otherwise, they can be twisted and turned. Um, she used things such as me wearing a long skirt to maybe imply that my children, including my daughters, especially my daughters, were being mistreated because we were somehow fundamentalist, as if being a fundamentalist alone, um, means that you are mistreating your family. But she had presumed and assumed a lot of these things.

Considering that, for example, deaths of children due to starvation occur 100% in home-schooled families, and considering that something like 47% of severe child abuse occurs in home-schooled families, and considering that fundamentalists who dress like Nicole make up a significant percentage of home-schooled families, and considering that Joe and Nicole did, in fact, consider polygamy for at least a brief period and thus could easily be described as Mormon fundamentalists, well, I sort of get her concern.

She subjected my children to unnecessary questioning and testing and um, emotional abuse. Straight up call it, emotional abuse. She emotionally, emotionally, caused emotional stress to my children because of her philosophical religious beliefs. And I’m not going to say that all people that hold these beliefs are like this, but because she is so anti-patriarch, anti-male, anti-family, this woman has no children, which blows my mind that somebody who doesn’t have children can sit there and dictate how somebody else should raise theirs. It’s bad enough we have mommy wars, but to take that into consideration, someone who’s never been around, and that was the other thing, is that she never met my children.

So let’s get this straight. She never met the kids. But she inflicted all sorts of emotional abuse on them by questioning them. But she never met them.

You know, when I had Nathan, the surgeon who performed my c-section was male. He’d never carried a child. He did a great job.

Does anyone else find the expression “anti-patriarch” to be odd in the extreme? Maybe not so much when you consider Mormon fundamentalism.

She sat there in the courtroom and dictated what was in their best interest. That was her purpose. Oh, this is the in the best interest of the children, having never met – you never met that woman, did you? Do you know who I’m talking about?

CHILD: [ shakes head no slowly]

NICOLE: She was, she came at our house once, after the kids were returned, in September. The kids were returned in June, she came to the house in September, I believe it was, um, for a thirty-minute visit. And she was nice enough to the kids and she seemed impressed and talked about how a few things reminded her of her childhood. She seemed nice for those thirty minutes or so that she was at our house, but, um, they use this to attack us. And, um, what’s today, Tuesday, the 30th of January.

Deep breath.

[Crying number 4 attempted and aborted]

It was a year ago today that we last went to court for CPS. Our case is still open and it has not been closed. CPS has wanted to see it closed. Why it’s not being closed, I have no idea. I’ve asked everybody who’s involved in the case if we can close this up, wrap this up, and they all pass the buck to somebody else, somebody else, somebody else. Judge says CPS, CPS says the judge, my attorney says I need to get with this person and that person and nobody knows what’s going on.

It has been a year since we have sat in a courtroom for our case. A year. A whole year. There is no reason for my case to be open.

I will be releasing documents here soon to show the last letter I got which was last March, I believe it was, regarding some completely asinine absurd stipulations that we needed to adhere to, um, which have no bearing on the case at all. They are completely just stuff that’s, like, we have to submit a, um, one of the things we have to submit an educational plan. Well, the HSLDA in Kentucky will tell you that there is no law that requires you to submit a case plan, now, if the judge or anybody else in our case wants us to submit an educational case plan, they need to go to Frankfort and pass a law that says Kentucky homeschool students need to provide an educational plan.

However, even though we are not legally required to do so, we have submitted one, and I don’t know if anybody has looked at it or not, but it’s there.

A couple of things here. First, judges do not write letters. They issue court orders. That “letter” in March was a court order.

Second, Nicole and Joe pleaded dependency. This means that if the court informs them that they need to wear purple shirts every Thursday for the next two years, then that’s what they need to do. It doesn’t have anything to do with what other homeschool families have to do or don’t have to do.

And so the other, the aspect of that that I wanted to address and there’s a few more similar ones, um, but, she wanted, she ordered, based on, I’m probably getting into too much because it’s kind of twisted, she wanted something done that was nearly impossible to get done.

She wanted a Weisskopf examination done, if you’re local here in Kentucky and have a child with disabilities, you know who Weisskopf is. The judge wanted us to get one of our, a few of our children into Weisskopf to see if they needed services. Now you can’t get into Weisskopf unless you have a doctor’s referral saying that your child has services, has a disability in some way, shape or form and it needs to be looked into further and then you get a referral from that doctor to go to there.

So I had no idea what in the hell she was talking about here. It’s this.

What was going on is that the court wanted to have her children examined to make sure there wasn’t some underlying physical reason that they have problems. That’s what Weisskopf does. They examine, diagnose and help treat physical conditions that result in developmental delay or abnormalities.

For example: autism.

Hasn’t Nicole claimed for years that she has a child on the autism spectrum, diagnosed by Nicole and Youtube? Well, that’s what Weisskopf is there to determine.

We hit a railroad block at the doctor. We took one of our children to the doctor. Not just any doctor. We took the children to the county doctor that the CPS uses as a default. That’s who they take all their kids to here in Breckinridge County and we said hey we need a referral. She says I can’t give you a referral, there’s nothing to refer. Okay, we have that.

Okay, so there is no autistic child. Nicole is nuts.

I was talking to another woman the other day. She has a child who she’s been trying, her child has severe disabilities, she’s been trying for eight months now, I guess now it’s probably been ten months, I don’t know if she’s gotten in in the two months (unclear) to get a referral from a doctor to get her child into Weisskopf. She finally got the referral after having to go to a specialist, referral to a specialist, specialist referral to Weisskopf. She says she’s finally got the appointment after four months, I think it was, and it took another four months, and she still hadn’t gotten into Weisskopf.

They have an over-a-year waiting list. So, CPS is wanting to close the case and the family court is no you have to jump through these hoops that are impossible to jump through, or, um, irrelevant, and it comes down to in court one day, uh, and there’s no gag order on me, I’m allowed to talk to whatever I want to about my court case, so, um, that’s all on court record, um, I forgot what I was going to say. [unclear] isn’t really important.

A little anecdote doesn’t count for much. Hell, Nicole records everything. Produce the recordings to prove you tried to fulfill the court order. Betcha they work it out. Or, you can just bitch on Facebook.

Oh, Susan Striebel, the guardian ad litem, said in court one day when it was being argued that these things aren’t on the books, um, these aren’t laws in Kentucky’s laws, there’s no law requiring that, um, the children go to the doctor. There’s no law requiring these things to happen, Seventh Day Adventists, I think, are one religious group, um, and then, um, Jehovah’s Witnesses are another one. They have religious rights to refuse medical services or whatever and there’s no law that requires those things to be done. Now, if the kids are sick and need to go to the doctor, we take them, right? [looks at CHILD]

We’ve done that before?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: Been to the doctor a couple of times with a couple of different kids.

But, um, she said, her rebuttal to that was, well those people aren’t sitting in the courtroom right now.

Dependency. Nicole and Joe pleaded dependency.

So, once that was said, it really sunk into me and um it kind of scared me for awhile and I was afraid to talk about these things, but this was supposed to be a short video and it’s not because of, you know, me, but that’s one thing that really concerns me and I think that’s one thing that really motivates me to speak up today because I’ve never,

[Crying number 4 resurrects itself]

I’ve never had the courage to say that publicly. Because what they did to us in that courtroom, what they did to my children in that courtroom, with their, well, you’re in our room now, you’re in our hands now, what we say goes, making up things as they go, making up rules and laws and regulations, and you know, well, we think you should do this just in case, or just in case, or just in case, but every time you do something, they’re like, okay. So you go in there and you’re like okay we did these things. You go in there and they’re okay, well we need you to do more things.

Actually, there isn’t a single thing in this video that Nicole hasn’t been bitching about for more than two years. Nothing. Even the children being tested is something Joe spoke at length about during that silly podcast he was on.

I took a deal under duress in November of 2015 I believe it was signed. It was initiated in September and signed in November that I said that, I signed a paper saying that I would not sue the sheriff, and said that he had probable cause for whatever it was. I agreed that he had probably cause to, um, do it, whatever he did, I’m not sure of the situation as regarding me, this is regarding me, this isn’t regarding anything, me specifically, and um, and that he had probable cause and I signed this under the condition that, um, our case would be closed. That was the deal that was made in the courtroom, that if we, um, my husband would sign the, the Alford plea, if you, uh, look up Alford plea, I’ll try to post it here in the links, I know I posted it in my other page last week about, um, the misuse of Alford pleas in, in jurisdictions. It’s a, a organization called The Innocence Project who published it, but it’s very interesting to read.

But, it was, um, commented that my husband would take the Alford plea for the menacing charge, uh, and that I would take the, uh, plea for my charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and um, on the condition, which they brought criminal charges into a family court hearing, which usually they do the criminal charges separate, but they used those against us in our family court hearing because they had nothing else. And um, said that they would close the case. That was November of 2015. Here we are, January 30 of 2018 and our case is still open.

Um, CPS pops in for a minute, does their, their, whatever, and leaves. They have been saying ever since May of 2015 to close the case, close the case. They come visit us, okay, close the case. They come visit us again, close the case.

For some reason, whatever, the judge, Shan Embry, and the county attorney, Bradley Butler, and the guardian ad litem, Susan Striebel, are not wanting to close the case but they have nothing withstanding to keep the case open. So, while I know we have critics who think and speculate all of these things, they’re absolutely not true. And, um, I will be, of course, that will be divulging more of that on my blog, um, as I can, I can get time to write them.

But I just kind of wanted people to know where we were at and kind of divulge some information that I’ve kind of been sitting inside of me, because it was wearing me down.

[Crying number 5 is peeking around the corner]

And I had to tell. Sorry, at this point, I’m sure there may be retaliation, who knows, maybe next week we’ll get a court hearing, which I would love to have because I’ve asked for one. I actually said I wanted to go to court before William was born. I didn’t want to take all of this into that pregnancy

[Crying number 5 steps out into the light]

I didn’t want to take all of it after, certainly did not. I’ve been asking since then, can we get a court hearing, can we get a court hearing. Tells my caseworker, when can we go to court. I want to speak to the judge. I can’t get into court. No court hearings. They blow me off, they blow me off, so I guess this is my only way to get said, said.

There’s never been any accusations of abuse in my case. It was initially in the conversation of the initial report to look into all these things. They looked into everything. Nowhere is there any documents are there any indications that my children were abused, they were neglected, there’s no health issues, there is nothing. Nothing, nothing.

It even looked into my stepson’s court cases and found nothing. Nothing. There’s nothing. This is all a witch hunt. They have kept us open just to kind of (unclear) to avoid whatever lawsuits they think are impending. Fighting a lawsuit like that in Kentucky is near impossible, because if you read the bylaws, everyone and their brother has immunity and it’s very hard to, um, to sue a judge or a guardian ad litem or a sheriff or anyone like that, um, it’s very hard to do that. And they told me when I talked to them last year and I said these people, individuals aren’t doing their jobs, well, what do I do. They said, don’t elect them.

Well, I have no control over what other people do, but I can certainly try to influence people that are coming up, when you’re, especially if you’re in Breckinridge County, there’s elections coming up. Be very, very careful who you elect as sheriff. Um, I don’t know anything about the person running against Judge Embry. I don’t know if, if we’re trading bad for worse, I don’t know, but I’m just saying that’s the situation that we’re in is that our only power is to, is to find someone who might not be as bad.

Um, and that’s really not even that much better, which is why I don’t vote, because I mean, like I said, trading bad for worse, the lesser of two evils is still going to be evil. Um, we’re still giving people that authority over us and that was one of the first things they said to us when we walked into court is you know, is do you recognize our authority. I mean, you’re holding my kids hostage and you have a room full of men with guns, yes, we’re gonna recognize your authority right now because we have no other options.

And you know, that’s kind of where I kind of get with some of these um, for everyone from the three-percenters to the anarchists, that we interact with, is that sure you may have these ideas but when your kids are being held hostage and men with guns are staring you down, you have no choice but to say yes sir, and uh, do what you’re told. Because that’s what it ends up with.

Um, so from here on out, I want to focus more on telling that aspect of the story that I’ve kind of been sitting on, because I was reading some stuff today, and I’ll post another link, I guess there’s another, there’s a case coming up here through the HSLDA and CPS that I’ve kind of came across my, uh, came across my pages today, a friend sent me in a text actually and I wanted to kind of go over that and find out what’s going on, but focus more on exposing that and letting my kids tell their side because you were in foster care for eight weeks, weren’t you?

CHILD: [nods yes slightly]

NICOLE: And um, you ready to talk about that? Maybe sometime next week?

CHILD: [very slight nod yes]

If anyone looking at this video does not get the fact that the CHILD does not want to be there, does not want to talk about it, and is uncomfortable with the whole subject, well. . .

NICOLE: Yeah. She said she wants to, not right now though. I think she’s still trying to get over her, uh, she wants to tell her story, she’s just a little shy, at first. But like I said, not all the kids want to tell their stories and I don’t know who’s going to and who’s not but we really need to make it known, um, the level of harassment that has expanded from this case has gotten to the point to where we have to protect our family and this is the only way how. Like I said, I was really nervous about talking about, um, the court case itself because of retaliation, um, um, you know, if anything happens in the next week or so, you’ll know why. We do have the documentation set aside to where if anything happens to my husband and/or I, it’s accessible to, um, outside parties, so that way, if we go down, the information does not go down with us.

And um, we hope that, um, in fact, I’m almost positive that if the people I mentioned in the local government will be watching this at some point, if not, they’ll be told about it I am sure, um, it’ll get to them rather quickly, and I hope that we can resolve this and that you can close our case and give these kids back their lives. Because

[Crying number 6 waiting in the wings]

I don’t want to be this person anymore.

[Crying number 6 full blown]

I don’t want to get on here upset and crying because I’m trying to save my family. I don’t want to do that. What I wanted to do was to get on, talk about all the fun stuff that we do and address that, and that’s what I will be doing, uh, but I had to make this one last attempt to tell Breckinridge County, Judge Embry, you’re the judge in this case. You have all of this power to do whatever you want with the case and you send us a letter with some ridiculous assignments and then ignore us for a year.

This is the 25th “one last attempt” if I am counting correctly.

Um, you know my caseworkers, and I say caseworkers, there have been several of them, I think in all since this whole thing began, I think we’ve had nine? Eight or nine caseworkers at our house, two of which have left the position and you might want to talk with them why they no longer work in that capacity, because you’re burning out your workers with shit like this.

Nicole, I would quit too if I had to deal with you.

Um, I’ve met some really crummy foster, I mean CPS workers, and I’ve met some really nice ones, and um, people who are generally in it, the good ones, the ones you want to keep around, you burn them out with cases like mine. And, I talked to a caseworker the other day, she was a retired caseworker, and um, I’m not gonna say where she’s from, but she’s a retired caseworker and she said that cases like mine were the exact reason why she quit, because she was seeing too much of it and she was seeing too many of the kids who needed it going back to homes and the kids who didn’t, um, being stuck in the system.

So, caseworkers quit because too many kids that need to be in foster care are returned to their families and too many are kept in foster care that shouldn’t be there at all? Have I got that right?

You got your kids back in record time. Just saying. . .

And I know it’s financial. And I, um, message Governor Matt Bevin about this all the time. He ran on a campaign to audit CPS and he, um, he hasn’t done that. So I don’t know why he hasn’t done that. I don’t understand, you know, why he’d run on such a priority thing and then ignore it, but of course we’re talking politicians, so I’m sure he’s got more important things like basketball coaches or whatever.

So, anyways, I wanted to get off of that topic and wrap up with like I said, we’re trying more to, um, the business is growing and we’re going to continue to promote the business and keep that, um, keep that main stream. I am concerned, like I said, about how some of my clients have been treated by the people who are stalking us, which is one reason why, if the judge is watching this, you are well aware of the behavior of the people who are instigated by the mystery of what’s going on in my case and the prep- the ideas that they have in their head that what they’re doing is helping you take care of my family when you and I both know that’s not what’s going on.

So you have the power to end it, not just for our case, but to end the psycho-stalkers that won’t stop harassing my family. That is all because of you. That is all because of what your courts have done to my family. Had you guys been honest and upfront and fair and followed the system the way it should have been, our family would not have been harassed in the manner that it has been harassed. I put all of that on your shoulders.

I do not know Judge Embry. I have seen video of Judge Embry and what I’ve seen, I like. But I do not know her. I have never been in contact with her. Yet this blog is somehow Judge Embry’s fault?

So, moving forward, we’re gonna keep the business going, we’re going to start finding ways to keep our blog going. Um, the older boys and my husband want to work more on the Youtube channel. Um, I know you wanted to do some Youtubes, right?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: And, um, get that, um, up and running and find some other avenues, we do have a few Amazon things that we’ve been kind of working on, and um, maybe getting things there, and uh, some promotional stuff that we’ve got kind of in the works, I’m not gonna say too much about it now, but if you have any type of, um, ideas that you would like to share with us, you can go ahead and message us. Um, I thought about doing a calendar, I was actually going to work on a calendar for 2018 to sell, and um, I just never, I never had the extra motivation to say, yeah, we wanna go forward and do this, I was sitting in that kind of limbo of what to do next and I’ve decided that this is what I want to do next.

I want to continue to build my business, help my family build the homestead and help build the businesses off the homestead as well. I know that we are off-grid and aren’t supposed to have electricity but we do have electricity, we have on-grid electricity like here at the business because we’re not completely off-grid, but the business is on-grid, so we have the benefits of that, yes, um, and we have the electricity at home, we have generator-powered electricity, we have solar-powered electricity and we have things that don’t run on electricity.

So, it’s all whatever it is. I’m, um, I’m not going to sit here and explain anything to anybody, if you don’t understand it yet, there is no helping you anyways.

So, CHILD, do you have anything you want to add?

CHILD: [shakes head no]

NICOLE: I know there was questions on here because people were asking questions and I couldn’t read them because I still have yet to figure out how to, how to watch the video and read the comments, and I know it’s just not my page, so maybe somebody can help me out here, because I was trying to watch the, um, the whole what’s his name up in Louisville today, the news station was doing it live, and I was trying to read the comments and go through the comments while they were doing a live feed and Facebook doesn’t make it very easy to scroll comments from a mobile device. Maybe on the internet, on the computer, it’s easier. But on the mobile device, it’s not. So it’s very hard to read and scroll the comments, um, so anyways, it’s not loading.

CHILD: It’s going to take forever.

NICOLE: It is going to take forever.

So, CHILD helps me at work. You like working here?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: What’s your favorite part?

CHILD: [shrug]

NICOLE: You gotta say.

You don’t know what your favorite part is?

CHILD: [shakes head no]

NICOLE: She likes checking out the clients, and she’s got to really, to know the clients, and they got to know her. She helps with, uh, bathing, um, the dogs, and um, she helps with, uh, bows. You don’t like the bows, though, do you?

CHILD: [shakes head no]

NICOLE: She doesn’t really like making the bows. But she does, sometimes.

And um, paperwork. She’s learning to do some paperwork. You like the math, don’t you?

CHILD:[nods yes]

NICOLE: Yes, she really likes math. That’s one of her strong points. And, um, I’ve got people, my teenagers are back from the movies, so we’re gonna wrap this up because they’re outside waving to us wanting to get off and let them in, cause they went and watched, what movie did they watch?

CHILD: Maze Runner

NICOLE: Maze Runner. So, anyways, maybe I’ll make them do a movie, (garbled) video. So that’s what I wanted to say. I will post a blog. It’ll probably be several part series on, um, our case, with some documentation probably by the end of the week. Uh, I’m not sure how far I’ll get in to the editing and hopefully we can resolve this soon and everything can be put to rest because I am just tired of being harassed. I mean, either it goes to blows or it gets put to bed cause this needs to end. Right? Are you ready for it to be done?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: CPS workers are nice but you don’t want them to come out anymore, do you?

CHILD: [nods no]

NICOLE: Do they make you nervous? A little bit? A lot?

CHILD: [nods yes]

NICOLE: what?

CHILD: A little bit.

NICOLE: Yeah, thankfully we have, have had some very decent caseworkers and the negativity has stayed pretty close at bay.

But we will talk about that next week.


53 thoughts on “Dear God, Will She Never Shut Up”

  1. Is there a video link?

    Not at the moment. BLH is back down,I think. Yes, it was a live video last night on Facebook.


  2. Sally, I don’t know how you transcribed all that crap but I thank you for doing so.

    Um, so from here on out, I want to focus more on telling that aspect of the story that I’ve kind of been sitting on

    I can’t wait to hear all the stuff she’s been sitting on. It may just be time to get to that, Nicole. Seriously. You’ve been sitting on it for long enough. Please, tell us that aspect. Jesus.


  3. After listening last night, I wasn’t sure what the point of the speech was beyond pimping out her young daughter. Maybe a confused political message? Maybe a not so subtle ultimatum to CPS? I thought maybe I hadn’t paid enough attention. But, nope, there was no clear purpose to it other than rehashing the same crap she’s been rehashing for almost 3 years now, with some side shots at local people and subtle grifting. I guess she missed the attention of a Facebook page with a big following. Then a few hours later, poof, she was gone again. I wonder what real life crisis is causing this recent erratic behaviour.


  4. I have an odd ball question. It probably doesnt mean anything, really, but does Breckinridge County have a full time GAL? In our state the family court keeps a list of attorneys or counselors who are certified to work as GALs and the court just picks whoever is next on the list.

    If that is also the case in Breck, can you imagine being the poor sucker who was up next on the list when the shit show came to town.


  5. Smells a little like Nicole Naugler may be trying to get ahead of the story again. Poisoning the well. Muddying the waters.

    If something happens to her, she says, it’s retaliation for her great expose (someone even has access to the N Files should she be indisposed). Nicole simply regurgitated her carefully crafted narrative, with names of government officials not redacted. The latest video was neither original or an expose. Nicole has ranted this stuff before. Yet she’s still here. What’s different this time?

    I suspect something else is going on that Nicole knows about, IMO, and she’s laying out the framework to “prove” it’s not her fault? Maybe she’s going for an insanity defense?

    I assume from the content and concentration of the video on the subjects of the sheriff, the judge, the GAL , the kids and CPS that the something else going on is family court case. Maybe it has to do with the “letter from the judge full of asinine and absurd stipulations, and maybe someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do, and excuses are like assholes…

    Retaliation? Pfft. Perhaps the word she was looking for was consequences. Even accountability. Or she could try personal responsibility.

    Who knows. Although we will all get to hear some version of it when a certain someone gets to blojovieating and deviates from the carefully crafted script.

    Additionally in the latest video Nicole Naugler provided a Quasi-Emmy Award winning performance while performing a paean of why her blogging is so important (it would be unfair to abandon her fans just when she’s finally made it). The parts of the performance where she pulled the string and prompted the girl child were both wooden and excruciatingly sad to observe.


  6. She is the poverty-stricken version of Donald Trump. Just blatantly lies out her ass constantly. She creates chaos and burns every bridge she sees. Like her kids are going to disagree with her, they are afraid.


  7. I fast forwarded the video to watch bits and pieces. Her child did not appear to wasn’t to be there. Nicole stated she asked for a court hearing regarding the cps case, and wanted one before the birth of her last child.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but did she not say in a previous video she was NOT going to show up to anymore hearings?
    Sally, you rock for transcribing this.


  8. I’m so sick of hearing her talk about this. Maybe their case is still open because she’s constantly providing video proof of her instability, or because they still have plenty of minor children at home.

    My family had a case open in front of Judge Embry for 2 years. The school filed beyond control on one of my children (think disruptive class clown). My children were never removed from our custody because we were not at fault. She said, “jump” and we asked, “how high?” The case ended when said child graduated high school. It could’ve gone on longer, but we did as we were told.

    If the state wanted to kidnap the kids for the money, they would not have been returned at all, let alone returning them in such a short time.

    When the doctor asked why they need to go to Weisskopf, all they had to do was show the doctor the court order. They aren’t trying near hard enough to comply.


  9. For starters… as the sole income earner for a family of 9? 10 kids and a man with an obvious appetite,

    “… I had, um, quit the job that I was working at prematurely. I had an argument with the owner over legal employment. I was not employed legally and, um, it became an issue. So when I addressed it, I was told to leave and I knew that was coming, I knew that if I pushed my limits there that I would be told to leave and I did so knowing that I had no other income.”

    WTF? Maybe THAT has something to do with why CPS is keeping an eye on you.

    I have worked some miserable jobs. I worked for a woman who was flat out abusive, she threw things, screamed and kicked the crap out of the copy machine weekly. So ya know what I did? I went to work every day. I squirreled away every penny I could while still supporting my family and I looked for other work. I didn’t quit. I didn’t call in sick, or come in late, or start fights with her… I did my job to the best of my ability while looking for another job and when I found one, I gave 2 weeks notice and moved on.

    THAT IS WHAT PARENTING LOOKS LIKE, NICOLE! You put the needs of the children before your own selfish wants and rants. It doesn’t matter if you were “right” if you can’t support your family.

    As for the rest of it, you are a wacko and it’s a blessing that your case remains open.


  10. What are the chances Nicole had a brief moment of clarity? What if she suddenly realized how incredibly stupid it was to libel the GAL, the judge handling her case, the County Attorney, and the Sheriff?

    What if she had one of those “what the hell did I just do?” moments?

    Maybe THAT’S why she took the page down.

    Alas, she’s made enough enemies that it’s been preserved . . .

    Ya know that brief scene in “The Sandlot”? The kid shines a flashlight on his face and says . . .

    “F O R E V E R”

    That’s what the internet is Nicole. It’s F O R E V E R.

    Now, whether the GAL, the judge . . . anybody else will ever see how they’ve had their names trashed — how they’ve been libeled . . . chances are that word will get to them. Actually, they should be apprised as this might in fact have serious legal repercussions. i wouldn’t know as I have not been to the Naugler University school of law.

    Nicole, you and your intimate father of a husband would be better off just lying about all your other neighbors. They don’t work in the legal system.

    You did yourself no favors with this insanity Ms. Naugler. The only way it could have been worse is if you’d had your significant other spewing his diatribe alongside you.

    Shame on you for dragging that beautiful child into this. Your job as a parent is to handle adult things and let those kids be kids. Look up the definition of parent. Because you’re doing it wrong.


  11. Well it’s good that she’s finally breaking her silence and telling us all the real story which is full of things nobody has ever heard before. This must have all been so cathartic for her. And what a treat for her child to have the chance to star in such a quality production. You can tell it’s the first time the child has seen her mother so upset and confused judging by the girl’s obvious shock and concern for her mother’s wellbeing. … i can’t not be sarcastic for some reason. Send help.


  12. Hubris: Saying you do not vote but you’re going to “educate” those around you who do vote.
    The proper response to such hubris: Go fuck yourself.

    LOL, that response was the cherry on top 😉

    Why did Nicole use Younger Daughter as a prop to her rant? Here’s a theory. Maybe, an attempt to diffuse any parallels drawn between the Nauglers and the Turpin family. There’s some similarities these two large families, and this has been discussed on FB pages and FreeJinger:

    –both sets of parents having birthed far too many children to sustain on their incomes
    –both sought to live in states where homeschooling laws are lax
    –the isolationism of both families’ children from peers
    –the homes both families inhabited that people stated were left filthy and abused
    –and the most glaring similarity……the stories of runaway daughters. The Turpin girl who 8 or 9 years ago tried to run away from their home in Texas is not unlike the story of Naugler Younger Daughter, who also ran away a few years ago but was returned to the “homestead”. Nicole may have propped this daughter next to her to help dispel the notion that the Naugler children are anything remotely like the Turpin 13.

    Unfortunately for Younger Daughter and Nicole, daughter is the antithesis of “a free child” and “feral”, but rather was made to sit there for a whole hour while Nicole ranted. She was awkward, uncomfortable, shy, but “compliant” (Nicole’s most despised word). Most children, having had enough, would at some point get up and do something else. Like play. Poor child, age 11 but looking more like an 8 or 9 year old obediently sitting on at the dog photo bench while mother had diarrhea of the mouth, got histrionic, and asked her questions she didn’t care to answer. Nicole using her child as a puppet, human shield and emotional sell to the public was manipulative and emotionally abusive. You don’t subject children to adult drama, crying and venting to the public. CPS will invariably see this video.

    And Nicole wonders why their case remains open.


  13. I have a MIGRAINE…..WTF was this? She IS nuts..3 bubbles off square…cheese done slid off the cracker…elevator doesn’t go all the way up….not the brightest crayon in the box…..the sharpest tool in the shed!! You get the point? My goodness those poor children…


  14. That poor awkward kid, but her mother’s unquenchable thirst for attention comes first. What on earth was she trying to accomplish? Was she threatening CPS, the judge, and the GAL? Seemed like it. Hard to believe their fabulous educational system and superior parenting skills have resulted in children still needing the protection of the state. She should be more careful about broadcasting the crazy.


  15. Sooo focused on her rights, as opposed to those of her children. She claims that her choice to refrain from taking her children to the Dr. is not illegal, but that’s beside the point. And in any case, legal or not, its unethical. She just wants to win at the expense of her children. Harsh though it may be, her heart is about as black as that dead infant’s fingernails in the photos she posted to exploit his negligent death.


  16. …and I hope that we can resolve this and that you can close our case and give these kids back their lives. Because [Crying number 6 waiting in the wings] …I don’t want to be this person anymore.

    Then dont be that person anymore! Or just disappear. Perhaps then, those children can finally move past the events of three years ago without their crazy mother failing to shut up about it, without her making them relive it over and again – and on special occasions, live on Facebook! She is the one with the power to close the case. She is the roadblock.

    Meanwhile, she’s so centered on the way in which the internet receives her. Why? This preoccupation results in her perpetuating her children’s trauma. But she can never change the way people perceive her because she doesn’t understand how to communicate, or how to encode a message that doesn’t belie facade with obvious instability and parenting deficits. Her bag-lady appearance, her aggressive syntax, her body language, her constant defense and constant contrariness – these things all send a strong message that murders her credibility. So much so, that she doesn’t even have to speak, to communicate just how unbalanced and unfit she is. Just give her a few seconds, and shes already sending out a message that belies the facade shes tried to build. People make first impressions in a matter of seconds and those impressions stick.

    So why does she keep trying to correct things with Facebook live videos? I mean, she is desperate. She just wont accept that people talk shit about her – that her credibility is forever ruined – that she is known as a negligent mother whose direly inpoverished home life is in such a constant state of disarray that she has to bathe her 10 children at a dog salon…? She should just stop. The best thing she can do to help her family’s reputation, is to stop posting.

    This line from a Vince Staples song is very apropos; “Bitch you thirsty, please grab a Sprite.”


  17. They’re barely making it, so their eldest daughter is going to get one or two more horses. Terrific. Just terrific. Let us all hope that whomever is taking care of Beauty and any new arrivals is a stickler for vaccinations, deworming and proper hoof care.


  18. This is nothing new. Just her latest regurgitation. Perhaps all the newbies she’s been reaching out to haven’t heard it but to everyone else it’s yawn worthy.

    Per her usual she has lots of plans. Plans for alternative income streams. Hey Nicole, here is an idea for a really brilliant income stream. Have Joe get a job. Charge him rent, make him pay. He’s not a stay at home parent as he is by his own admission at the shop often. It’s pretty hard to raise kids when he’s 30 miles away.

    So yeah more plans, more evidence, blah blah blah.


    The only thing noteworthy about this video was the rampant child abuse evident in it. Yep, discussing this shit in front of a kid is child abuse. No wonder this particular child ran away in the past. Poor thing has to be mommy’s confidant. That’s not healthy for the emotional well being of any child. Nicole doesn’t give a shit about her kids emotional healtb, the evidence is this little shitshow.


  19. OMG, I really tried to listen to her and wondered how in the fuck she thinks she would ever make any money on public blogging or videoing or whatever her new dream is about. First, she knows nothing and has literally no success rate at any of the things (homesteading, living off grid, living minimally, budgeting, child rearing, home schooling, dog care, animal care…) she so willingly wants to teach. She knows…you know, NicNaug that you are a failure…a total idiot. Second, she has no public personality. She knows nothing about public speaking. Here’s a tip or two: stop all the ums and the anyways; likewise, set your video up with a pleasing-to-people background, groom yourself. While I realize that some of your fan base are as clueless as you and believe, falsely, that homesy equals filthy…for Pete’s sake, clean yourself up and your staged photo shoots should be of clean kids, clean kitchen area, clean etc. Any money to be panhandled or earned from YouTube most often has an educated audience; more specifically, an audience that will check your story out, research your little misinformation. Your little fan base will not donate or pay for your misinformation or lies. Learn your intended or coveted audience. Also, if you are going to lie, remember the first lie about the topic before you tap that lie again and keep that fat turd away from the camera because you change your story from his story and from your own which decreases your validity or authority on the topic. Finally, you are not convincing because the children you choose to exploit on your little videos aren’t willingly complicit. They do it because you tell them to and you tell them what you want them to say and they forget or don’t want to help you out. Finally, pick one topic and stay focused, avoid emotional pleas, and stop with the name calling.

    Oh my, NicNaug you have absolutely no clue how stupid you sound. I could go on and on but shit, you know you have nothing to offer. The reason so many people follow you is the train wreck phenomena . We are entertained by your train wreck but we are human and hope the train wreck doesn’t do damage to your children, but from their time on your forced videos, I don’t think they are escaping unscathed.

    My advice to you is learn by researching and applying that knowledge toward your attempts until you are an experienced homesteader, off grid practicer, a minimalist living individual, an economic success…. In the short time I’ve gazed upon your wreck, I know you will not heed my advice nor anyone else’s because you are your own worst enemy.

    Sally, thanks again for transcribing the dribble and for providing very succinct commentary. Right on!


  20. “I took a deal under duress in November 2015”. I am pretty sure there is language in the Alford Plea or as she describes, deal, that specifically states the person is not signing under duress.

    So many bullies involved in her case. Nicole is just attempting to point a finger at some others today. Same drivel, different day. Different bullies. Someone else’s fault. And responsibility.

    Nicole personifies as a teenager. Approaching owning her actions,behaviors and responsibilities as a rebellious immature teenager does.

    I am truly at a loss of words, the little 11 year old daughter had to sit in front of her new iPhone camera, being put in the spotlight of Nicole’s large pubic social media stage. It appears to be a tactic to further ingrain isolation in the children, because the people you encounter are bad, often trading bad for worse.


  21. “I took a deal under duress in November 2015”. I am pretty sure there is language in the Alford Plea or as she describes, deal, that specifically states the person is not signing under duress.

    Nicole didn’t take an Alford plea. Joe did.


  22. Just a note for Nicole’s benefit:

    I transcribed her video beginning almost the second she finished and I could get a clean copy of it. I did this instead of watching 45 lie to the entire population. I did half of it before going to bed, so that would have been about an hour and a half.

    The next day, I continued my “lonely, pitiful life” and managed to make a canner load (7 quarts) of turkey soup, wash my hair, do four loads of laundry, go to town and have lunch, go to the grocery store, mix up milk replacer and feed bottle calves twice, and converse a bit with a travel agent. In addition, I had several phone conversations with about four other people, some of them fairly lengthy.

    I am way faster at this than Nicole thinks. She’s gauging it by her own typing speed. I’m not court-reporter-fast, but I’m pretty close.


  23. “… I had, um, quit the job that I was working at prematurely. I had an argument with the owner over legal employment. I was not employed legally and, um, it became an issue. So when I addressed it, I was told to leave and I knew that was coming, I knew that if I pushed my limits there that I would be told to leave and I did so knowing that I had no other income.”

    sounds more like “I had an argument with my employer about whether I was still employed by them. I lost.”

    Also, her narrative that CPS wants to close her case but the judge for some reason just won’t, makes no sense. If CPS told the court they think the case should be closed, it would be. The case is still open because CPS can see that these people are crazy and aren’t properly caring for their children, and wants to keep an eye on things in case things get worse.


  24. People who don’t have kids should have no say regarding child abuse. But people who don’t vote should tell everyone else who to vote for.


  25. She likes to laugh at me, but she’s one of my best friends, so she’s allowed to do that.

    No, she’s NOT. One, because you have zero friends, and two, because she’s your daughter! Not your confident, not your peer, not your prop, not your babysitter, not your employee, not your accomplice, not your sounding board, not a character in your script. She’s. Your. Daughter.
    But then you have no idea what I’m talking about, right?

    Big round of applause for all the commentors: you’ve very eloquently covered everything I had to say about this blessed little episode of verborrhea.


  26. Nicole, when will you learn that your blogs generally suck asshole. You write like a elementary child and apparently you have the temper tantrums of one too. Your grammar and structure is just awful. Now let’s talk about your youtubes. Also suck. No one wants to see a dirty kid sleeping on a cot or another kid saying habitat. I wish you were as interesting as you think you are. I can’t wait to see what you scripted your kids to say about their time in foster care. It should be interesting to see how they can “act”. I imagine the acting will be just as good as the first twilight movie.


  27. People who don’t have kids should have no say regarding child abuse. But people who don’t vote should tell everyone else who to vote for.

    Oh, yes. Magenta wins the internet. The best comment yet.


  28. The Alford plea situation, wherein some prosecutors allegedly take advantage of defendants, doesn’t apply to Joe’s case. They had a lawyer, and he advised them. There was no duress, just regret.


  29. They had a lawyer, and he advised them.

    Yes. Joe went into all that in his little podcast sermonette. The lawyer talked with Joe extensively and basically told him that he needed to take the plea. He did NOT tell Joe that they would win if they challenged it – no lawyer ever says that – but basically the man said, “Joe, you’re screwed. This is the best deal you are going to see. Take it.”

    And Joe is a coward at heart, which is why he bullies women and hides from men, so he took it.


  30. I hope it’s a coincidence but the latest increase of manic crazy seemed to happen at a time when folks were looking very closely at Joe’s pedophile facebook friends, and nearly went off the charts when the Turpin family made the news. In this latest video she even mentioned Alex, which she almost never does. For the sake of the kids I hope it really is just Nicole and Joe taking on City Hall and not anything worse.


  31. For a split second, I thought maybe Nick had grown some sense and decided to stay offline.
    Wishful thinking.

    Someday Nick and Jaba are going to realize how much of their children’s lives they’ve wasted on this bullshit. Time they can’t get back. Really precious time…that shaped who their kids become.

    Can you imagine if they spent even a fraction of the time they spend on internet pissing contests…..listening to their kids read, or spending one on one time with each of them?

    Those kids are an afterthought to the drama. And they’re pawns in the drama..props. Poor Miss O….Jesus, what a shitty move, Nicole.

    Nicole, do you understand that seeing your mom cry every ten seconds, and flip out at strangers….. makes children feel constantly terrified and unsafe? Do you get that? Do you care? Your behavior is unpredictable, erratic, and emotionally over the top. Your wars and death threat exchanges with stranger and drama, drama, drama…has a price. Your kids are gonna have PTSD thanks to you. It will fuck up their future relationships and ability to function in their jobs. It will fuck up their ability to parent. And it will give them a lifelong legacy of struggle and hardship. What a fucking bitch you are for not wanting better for them.

    Look at your own behavior through their eyes. They are watching.

    Someday each of those kids is going to wonder….Why did mom love internet drama more than she loved me? It will make them feel worthless and unworthy of love.

    Why did she spend her time pissing into the wind with strangers….instead of spending time with me and getting to know me?

    Yeesh. What a waste and a shame.


  32. That poor child. Eleven years old and can’t verbalize any interests. It’s because she’s not exposed to anything! School is like a buffet where you try things out and then choose to “go back for seconds” or pass. But how else would someone learn what they like? The child can be in scouts or 4H, taking music lessons or participating in sports. Again, a buffet of options. Instead she has nothing. Of course she can’t tell anyone what her interests are. Poor, deprived child.


  33. Nicole closed her page almost immediately after the Turpin case hit the news. I think she was feeling the heat, but Nicole can’t be without her soapbox but for so long.
    Her poor daughter, a foil for her but also an attempt to show her child’s healthy appearance and condition, IMO. Stupid Nicole is unable to understand just how much she really reveals.
    I’m betting too she has been non compliant with family court and more likely has not met deadlines. I know the legal team handling their case has heard seen and felt the wrath and outcries of “unfair and muh rights” many times, but there aren’t many humans including their judge and family court team who could possibly be unaffected by the Turpin case and likely are taking a long hard look at the Naugler’s non compliance, or as Nicole would have you believe, impossible demands.
    Ironic how it’s working out now as the Nauglers chose “little” Breckinridge, Kentucky to live so that they could fly under the radar.


  34. @ BLB, dying with laughter at your comments about crying 4, 5, and 6.

    So, there is an upcoming court date, maybe just a review date, and the case plan isn’t being followed, or a court order isn’t being complied with, or a “letter with ridiculous assignments” has been ignored for almost a year, or something. I know that my recommendation would be to post a public video, blasting CPS, the GAL, and the Judge hearing the case. And I would further recommend that a minor child be included in the video, because Judges, GAL’s, and CPS workers just love stuff like that. Last, but no means least, I would be sure to say that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.


  35. NICOLE AND JOE-I have a request, along with so many others. Let’s see the psych evaluation results. I would say CPS is still involved because you are both batshit crazy. I’m right. Don’t say you didn’t have one done either because you have already said you did. According to you, you passed as not insane but we all know you are, so how did you pass? Because, you didn’t pass, did you? Proof or it didn’t happen. Dance, monkey, dance.


  36. Man, that was a tough one to sit through. My heart bleeds for that little girl. Her eyes hold so many secrets.

    Nicole can carry on, cry, blame, point fingers and play victim all she wants. Any person with even an iota of sense will see right through the bullshit she spews.

    I think that this video is going to backfire on Nic, big-time.


  37. Couldn’t even read all of it .Too long and creepy, and awkward for the poor kid. I got the idea though.I can only imagine the actual video smh. And her money she earns working in the shop is put into saving but she don’t know what she is saving for … weird.


  38. an attempt to show her child’s healthy appearance and condition

    I agree but this was a huge mistake on Nicole’s part. The child looks vacant, hollow, and sad. It breaks my heart. This child would not be permitted to have her own feelings or thoughts if Nicole’s life depended on it. And the bullshit questions about what subjects are of interest to this child just piss me off so badly! It’s such an OBVIOUS failed attempt at appearing “normal” like the Turpin Disney photos and the Las Vegas pictures. It’s BULLSHIT! The only thing permitted for this girl is the fake survival smile that never quite reaches her eyes. I KNOW what that smile feels like. I KNOW what a mother like Nicole feels like. I also see the weariness in this child. As we’ve been told NUMEROUS times by Nicole, this one is the “mommy” of the family, and I’m quite sure that because of her sweet and kind heart (also evident) she works hard to alleviate the suffering of the other family members. God, I hope she is not a pseudo-wife for Joe. This is a huge concern for me.

    For a split second, I thought maybe Nick had grown some sense and decided to stay offline. Wishful thinking

    Same here!! I missed the train-wreck-type intrigue, but I was proud of NN at the same time. Imagine that! It gave me some hope for the children.

    I am truly at a loss of words, the little 11-year-old daughter had to sit in front of her new iPhone camera, being put in the spotlight of Nicole’s large public social media stage

    And it was a looooooonnnggggg video! It’s humiliating to the little girl! I honestly wondered if this little girl did something that made the parents unhappy and this is her punishment. The Turpin children were not allowed to speak unless a smile was first given to the parent. If this did not happen, they were punished. It is not a stretch to believe that “If you don’t do A, B, C you will be interviewed by me in a video for the world to see.” Or perhaps NN acted out in rage against the child and feels she is making things better and assuaging her guilt by “allowing” her to be in this video (see how much I love this child??). It’s twisted thinking, but because Nicole’s entire life and self-worth seem built around videos and recordings, it makes sense that she would think it is an act of love for her to “allow” a child to be videoed (i.e., share the spotlight). It’s gross!!

    Meanwhile, she’s so centered on the way in which the internet receives her. Why? This preoccupation results in her perpetuating her children’s trauma… Just give her a few seconds, and shes already sending out a message that belies the facade shes tried to build…The best thing she can do to help her family’s reputation is to stop posting…

    I so agree with this and the other excellent comments written above. It is a comfort knowing I am not the only one who sees it this way. This kind of child abuse is more insidious than the kind that leaves bruises because it’s much harder to prove and so, so confusing to a child. Someday a future adult Naugler (who is yet a child) may read this blog while trying to break free from the mental and emotional constraints they’ve endured and they will begin to understand what happened, and they will know there were people who really cared and did what they could to keep a spotlight on a heartbreaking situation. Perhaps one day this blog and the many FB pages dedicated to the Naugler family will serve the same purpose as the countless journals written by the Turpin children which are now be scoured by law enforcement.


  39. and we’re doing them to show you that you don’t have to fit that certain mold. You don’t have to be that prime example of what a homesteader is. You can do bits and pieces on your own pace, on your own time.

    This is maddening. It’s never been about people wanting the Nauglers to fit into a certain mold. Nicole WANTS it to be about this because then it’s not about child abuse and neglect. It’s already been well established and documented by Nicole herself that they are anything but homesteaders! Nobody cares! But Nicole keeps beating this dead horse because she knows what we REALLY see and care about are the children being exploited, neglected, controlled, and traumatized. It’s about poverty being glamorized with misleading words like “tiny house,” “cabin,” and “minimalism.” And more than anything, it’s about Nicole and Joe’s inability to tell the truth. That’s what people care about! It’s NOT about trying to put you into a box or make you conform Nicole, it’s that the world, generally speaking, does not like liars, whether they are in the white house or living in a garden shed and calling it a “tiny house.”


  40. Maze Runner. So, anyways, maybe I’ll make them do a movie, (garbled) video. So that’s what I wanted to say. I will post a blog. It’ll probably be several part series on, um, our case, with some documentation probably by the end of the week.

    Ugh! No!!!!! She says, “maybe I’ll make them do a movie…” and then this…

    and letting my kids tell their side because you were in foster care for eight weeks, weren’t you?

    CHILD: [nods yes slightly]

    NICOLE: And um, you ready to talk about that? Maybe sometime next week?

    THIS is what she means when she talks about information she’s been “sitting on.” Nicole’s planning to MAKE HER KIDS tell their “side of the story.” This is terrible!! She has no right to do this to her kids!!!!!!!!!! I bet this child was supposed to do this today (as in forced) but she didn’t comply. This makes me feel nauseous for these children.


  41. So Nicole reminds me of my SIL. She hears only what she wants to hear and the rest is filtered out. I have no doubt that their case worker has said they want the case closed but the judge and GAL won’t close it. She didn’t hear the part where the case worker said because you won’t comply with your court orders. Everything Nicki says others have said is probably true, but the parts she didn’t like are left out.

    I can’t imagine what the lives of the children are like. They are being held prisoners by a mother with serious problems. “Dependency” is a serious issue, still. Nicole doesn’t see what she is doing wrong. This family is on the edge and about to go over and nothing can save them. I just hope everyone comes out alive.


  42. I’m in several of the same FB groups Nicole is in..(no, I am not a stalker, this bitch just gets around and I guess we like some of the same shit) I rarely notice her posting or commenting, but this past month she has been social networking like a mad woman. Rest assured, she is not taking a FB break, she is just on her Nicole Celeste account…


  43. This was so difficult to watch.

    Accountability- Nicole has 0! And her blaming the judge, gal, Sheriff, and whoever else it was for her plea to Dependecy is exactly why she still has an open case. She still does not see what she does wrong.

    Mental torture-the child just nods and agrees to things such as you have never met her right? You know who I’m talking about? Nods no
    She is bored out of her ever loving mind and doesn’t engage because she’s not interested in your lunatic ravings. She’s nodding hoping you will move along and end this torture session quickly. It was the saddest thing sitting there watching that beautiful little girl having to sit there and endure all that.

    And lastly WTF WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? I still have no idea. Don’t vote cause it doesn’t matter or should we vote for anyone but Pate? Revealing all that insider information about court proceedings THAT WE HAVE ALL HEARD BEFORE. Revealing you was fired and joe wasn’t working? Shocking but we already knew that.

    Ugh for the love of your children can’t you just shut up and be a mother to them instead of instigating drama constantly?


  44. To Nicole and her husband nothing is their fault. I have never seen two people so devoted to the idea that everyone else is required to work for their benefit, vote for their benefit, endure their abuses cheerfully, give them money for weed whenever they want it. If the middle-aged Naugler toddlers don’t get what they expect and demand from the rest of society, everyone is out to get them and the Nauglers don’t understand why. They’re so peace loving and just want to be left alone (except when they want something, are mad at you or think they’re not getting enough attention and notoriety).

    The Nauglers are the authors of all the “trauma” that they have experienced. No one else engineered their failure or misery. Joe and Nicole are completely responsible for their problems. Personally I hope the kids get taken and put into foster homes. Even though that is so far from ideal they might then have the possibility of receiving an education, wearing clean clothes, being clean, eating nutritious food that someone made rather than from mystery can combinations, and living in an actual house. They might actually receive real love and care rather than their parents’ psycho narcissism that tells them they exist solely for the benefit of the parents. What the kids have now makes foster care look idyllic and a better bet even with the understanding that some people have bad experiences with that system.


  45. It shows Nicole has no idea on how voting really works.
    She is all excited about so many running against the sheriff. What she is failing to realize is the more canidates there are the more the votes get spread around. Lots of people will tend to vote for a candidate that is already holding the office if the candidate is doing a good job. Others will vote for one of the other 3 or 4 running against the sheriff – mostly family and friends. So each new hopeful will get less votes than if there were only one other challenger candidate. The sheriff will have his loyal followers voting for him and not have to worry about votes being split between others. Thus him getting elected. More canidates is not a good thing. So Nicole do not count your eggs before they hatch. Drop the delusions that 3-4 shitstead votes will help.
    Who is going to listen to her any how when she is babbling about voting especially for the office if sheriff? People are going to shrug off her rants about the sheriff as bitter grapes cause he was doing his job when it came to the Nauglers. Last of which the Nauglers do not have a great local following as they are seen by locals for what they are a embarrassment to the community. So her ranting about voting Sheriff Pate out of office might entice some locals to vote for him.


  46. What she is failing to realize is the more canidates there are the more the votes get spread around.

    Nah. The four are Republicans. They are running against each other, in the primary. Only one will run against Pate, who is a Democrat.


  47. Joe and Nicole conveniently forget that the kids were not allowed to return while Joe still had marijuana in his system. Being a heavy user it took SIXTY DAYS for him to get clean. It’s quite possible that Joe and Nicole could have gotten the kids back WEEKS sooner had it not been for that.


  48. Nicole Naugler is a liar. She has not turned over a new leaf. She is not ignoring her naysayers. She’s just gone underground. I suppose she can’t control herself, but she realizes that she needs to hide her mean, nasty, contentious self from CPS and family court if she hopes to someday get out from their supervision.

    She is busy posting under her Nicole Celeste account in a variety of closed groups with her normal rants about trolls, mean people, this blog and the few remaining critics pages. She appears to be attempting to rile people up and aim them at those who disagree with her or more importantly those who have seen through her facade and the online persona she and Joseph Naugler try to project.


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