Dear Dad

Note: These are in no particular order chronologically. They come from various places, but all consist of Cathy Harris’s own writing.  And they are not from one piece of writing. They are bits and pieces.  I’ve highlighted the sections that are pertinent.

It appears that Cathy Harris has somehow figured out that Gold Lewis Canby (“Lou”) was her biological father.  It’s not like this man was a mythical secretive character in her life.  She has written about him extensively, for years.

All of us who have followed her unfolding, ever-changing story know about Lou.

For those of you who don’t, here he is.  In Cathy’s own words.

The son appears to have died during the Korean War, not Vietnam.  Lou’s first name was Gold.

In July of 1974, Cathy Harris was ten years old. She had attended a private Christian school from the beginning of her education.  I’m not a fan of private Christian schools, but they do one thing pretty well. They teach kids to read and write.

NOTE:  I’ve inserted this just as a point of interest.  Felix, Lou, no matter.  All the farm hands, all the men everywhere. They all molested her.  Back to the original narrative.

And this needs a little explanation. This is a post Cathy made in a secret private group on Facebook.  Secret private groups are not secret nor are they private for the most part. There is always somebody who leaks stuff.

Chuckles Travels was a blog that Cathy ran for several years, anonymously.  She pretended that there were multiple people involved in it, but it was really just Cathy.

What follows is a message that Cathy claims Richard Harris sent to this anonymous blog.

The problem is that she’s done this before.

If you look at the link, and scroll down to the second letter, you’ll see a sample of the real, actual Richard Harris’s writing. Compare that with what follows here.

I do not believe that Richard Harris wrote this.  I believe Cathy wrote it. But it doesn’t really matter either way for now.

Either Richard Harris or Cathy Harris is claiming that Lou and Cleo were both arrested and Cathy was sent to live in a foster home.  Not just any foster home, but one in the system, connected with “children’s services,” the state.

Cathy, at the time she posted this, could have said, “Well, that really didn’t happen” but she didn’t.  She just leaves it the way it is without comment.

“We sent her to Bethesda.  She was not at Bethesda long.”


Because the state said “no” and forced Harris to bring her back to Pennsylvania.  So, if she actually ever went to Bethesda, she certainly was not there for four years like the commenter on this blog claimed.

Ask yourself if an educated man who spent his entire life in the ministry of a large church would write something like that about his own family and send it to an anonymous blog.

And this is not Cathy writing, but a sort of mysterious person who calls himself Mark Moore.  Mark is an enigma.  He only shows up when it’s convenient for him to do so.

At any rate, he has some definite opinions about Cleo and Lou, as you can see. This is just a sample of the sort of thing that Cathy’s supporters have said about Lou over the years.

So now you’ve met Lou, through Cathy’s eyes.

That’s Lou Canby, the alcoholic who molested little girls repeatedly, was arrested for doing so, who stayed drunk most of the time, who not only raped Cathy but also battered her, who locked her in the basement, was complicit with her “kidnapping” when she was three years old and who got lung cancer, and was practically bed-ridden, but managed to drag himself and his oxygen tank to the kitchen one day so he could blow his brains out.

He’s Cathy Harris’ biological father.  She lived with him until he died when she was 12 years old.

And she would never have known this if her relatives, that she had no knowledge of, that she’d lost track of, that she couldn’t find, hadn’t found her.

This was written at least three years ago.

NOTE:  There’s an “explanation” for this. Here it is from earlier today (July 2, 2017)

So, none of the stuff Cathy describes above, in graphic detail, ever happened?  The baths?  The rapes?  The locked in the basement stuff? The arrests? The physical assault?  What about the diary?  Was Cathy “confused” when she wrote the diary at age ten about how Lou assaulted her?  What about the kidnapping at age 3?  You cannot be kidnapped if you’re actually living with your biological father, unless the father didn’t have legal custody and stole the child from her biological mother.  Who was Cathy’s mother?  It couldn’t have been Cleo. She was too old.  It couldn’t have been Lou Canby’s first wife. Her name was Bessie Bartles.  She was born in 1912 and would have been 52 years old when Cathy was born.

So who was her mother?






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  1. It is easy enough to pull all these records including the ones “provided” in excerpts by Cathy herself. Probate records are not sealed. Most of these records will not be sealed. Only family court records are sealed and not even all of those. As you have piqued my interest I am already on it. Lucky I have people in Pa. There is nothing more enjoyable than unraveling a mystery and calling out bullshit. Stay tuned.


  2. Amazing how the diary is suddenly no longer accurate & Lou isn’t as much of a monster as he was portrayed for YEARS now that she found his family. When the narrative changes that much there are self-serving reasons behind it. Count the spoons & sit on your wallets.


  3. now that she found his family.

    But of course, she didn’t “find his family.” They’ve been there all the time and she’s had all their names and addresses. That’s what she said to Jeffrey Hoffman several years ago.

    The excuse she uses is ridiculous. She was 12 years old when Lou died, but wants everyone to believe that at 12 years old, she forgot that Lou was her father and that he had relatives and that he didn’t rape her at all but instead Richard Harris is the evil one.

    She’s pulled some stupid lies out of her pocket over the years but this is without doubt the dumbest. I feel sorry for the the gullible Canby family.


  4. I really don’t understand her motivation. As a survivor of extensive abuse as a kid I do sympathize with anyone that has been abused. Yet, her story doesn’t make sense even from a clouded child-victim standpoint. The way her “diary” is written is extremely contrived. It appears that she is attempting to write like she believes a child of that age would write rather than how a child that age actually would write. Grammatical and spelling errors would be present of course, but it wouldn’t be to that extent unless the child was pretty handicapped in a rather uncommon way. I can’t say it is impossible that a child would write like that, but I can say with some measure of confidence that it is unlikely. That shows a degree of reading/language comprehension and communication delay that couldn’t be overcome quickly or easily without EXTENSIVE speech/language therapy. Further, given the tumultuous life she has claimed to have lived; how in the heck could she even FIND her old diaries to reference? Mine have long ago been rotting in a landfill because I didn’t have the ability or desire to cart around a record of that part of my life everywhere.

    I would actually wonder if this person Cathy is suffering from some type of Malignant Narcissim. Her driving need for attention; to the degree that she will defend her current false narrative even if that means proving *herself* false is amazing. She doesn’t just seem to need attention, she needs to be the sole arbitrator of truth and morality in any and every given situation. If someone has suffered; she has suffered more. I just don’t understand that type of mentality at all. Because in all honesty, knowing that the things I suffered pale in comparison to the sufferings of others, or as bad as what others have suffered actually helps me a great deal. Knowing that I’m not alone, and that others have made it thru makes me feel like it isn’t as crushing on my bad days.

    I would guess she was abused as a child. The question to my mind is whether that abuse was being too permissive rather than too cruel. She reads as a person that can’t comprehend that she wouldn’t get her way and have the final say.


  5. I really don’t understand her motivation.

    I don’t even try anymore. I just point out the facts, using her own words and whatever other stuff I can find and let other people figure out whether or not they want to give her money when she next starts begging that she has to move, or that she can’t make her car payment, or that she can’t pay non-existent medical bills.


  6. What a strange woman she is. I’m just in the beginning of exploring this rabbit hole so if you could tell me where exactly to start, I’d very much appreciate it, Sally. (I’m not sure if you’ve added them here in chronological order, but if you have, my bad. I’m a bit simple these days. ?)


  7. I’m not sure if you’ve added them here in chronological order

    I have never put it all in chronological order. It has been a mish-mash from the beginning. If you look over to the tags on this page (under the title), you’ll find the category called “Victim.” Click on that. It generates a whole pile of articles. Start with the last one and work forward. Even then, it’s a little bit of a mess.

    I wrote all this stuff during a period when stuff was happening pretty much daily, and I was struggling to keep up with it all.

    I really intended in the very beginning to chronicle her “story” as she told it from the beginning and ended up only getting one page done.

    The basics are these:

    According to Cathy, she was kidnapped at age 3 by Cleo Smith, with Lou Canby as an accomplice, and subjected to horrific sexual abuse and pimped out regularly to preachers until she was 12 years old, when Lou died and then a couple of years later Cleo died and then she went to live with Richard Harris (pastor) and his family and was adopted by him when she was either 17 or 18. They forced her to live in the basement because she is worthless. Or something like that.

    She went to Bob Jones University for at least two years and part of a third, did not graduate, went back to PA, married James Fallon (short lived marriage), got her LPN license, went back to South Carolina and attended BJU for another year or so, still not graduating.

    While in Greenville, she was evicted from multiple apartments (and she can whine about that but I have copies of the court stuff and eviction notices) but never seems to have had any trouble paying tuition to that expensive private college. She moved in with a woman named Sherry DeHaven (last name was different then – Sherry later married) who was a single mother at the time.

    In 2006, Cathy moved back to PA, and at some point Sherry’s high-school senior (or so) daughter lived with Cathy. That arrangement was also short-lived, but lots of people thought that Lila (Sherry’s daughter) was actually Cathy’s daughter and have been pretty astonished when I informed them that Cathy never had any children.

    At some point several years ago, she began blogging about all this crap involving her childhood and also took over as admin of a Facebook page called “Truth Seeking Graduates of Bob Jones.” When BJU came under fire over sexual abuse allegations on campus, Cathy was in the vanguard of those ranting and raving at the college. She brought Camille Lewis, a very disgruntled former BJU professor, on to TSG as co-admin and they spent a few years leading the charge.

    I came along during that period.

    Sherry DeHaven taught me how to make screen shots, which shows you just how new to all this I was at the time.

    Cathy’s influence has declined markedly since those days. I think most people who once believed her now know she is not exactly aware of how to tell the truth. Like Nicole, she still has leghumpers and likely always will, and she gets new ones from time to time, but honestly, anyone who can read this stuff and believe her is foolish indeed.


  8. I forgot to mention that during her second stint in Greenville, after leaving BJU without graduating, she supposedly came down with chondrosarcoma in her right arm (now she says it’s her left, but it was her right before), which is a rare bone cancer, and I think in her pelvis, and it was Stage IV and she was terminal and she got experimental treatment and begged for money to pay for all this. This included what is called “bone-sparing” surgery on her right arm (which she now says was her left, but who can keep up with this shit). She had this surgery in PA even though she lived in SC, and when she came back to SC after surgery, she never changed her bandage (or at least, Sherry never saw her do so, and never saw old bandages in the trash) nor did she have any followup appointments with any doctors nor did she have any physical therapy, which is sort of amazing. She had chemo pretty much continuously and went around with her head shaved and wearing a scarf for a couple of years, and then it all seems to have just gone away. I was horribly criticized for being mean to a dying woman who didn’t die. There is no more mention of the supposed cancer. I’m sure she will say that Jesus healed her. Praise God.


  9. Some of her “memories” remind me of the book & movie Sybil. Especially the cellar part with the single light bulb.

    I know a crazy lady like this. She goes on and on how every man is after her. She even tells the Sybil cellar story about being placed in the cellar for days. When you call her out on her BS she gets mad.

    I wonder if they all have the same therapist or type of therapy. This person I know started this strange memory recovery re brith therapy in the late 70’s. She is now 68 years old. Whatever the diagnosis of the day she has it. For the last two years she’s trans and bianary trans. She gets upset if you use gender specific words. I can’t wait for the next new psych thing comes into style. I want to see who it will evolve into. it would be fun if I could introduce it to the other one.


  10. Holy shit! She sounds unhinged. Even more so than certain others you write about, if that’s at all possible. Okay. Thanks! I will browse around.


  11. Her adoptive father is still alive, which leads me to think he has family and close friends living to refute Cathy. Has anyone come forward?


  12. Has anyone come forward?

    I do not know the Harris family. I have been accused of being in cahoots with them, with being paid by them, but I really do not know them. I do know people who know them, though, and they seem to universally want nothing at all to do with Cathy.

    I don’t know how much they actually know about all this. A couple of years ago, I put together a file of stuff showing how Cathy was setting up Richard as a villain, and gave it to somebody who could contact the family. I gave that person carte blanche to do with it all as they pleased. My concern has been that I don’t know what Richard’s health is like. I don’t want to open old wounds, or start some war, or upset the man. I thought it was far better to let his family do that if they wanted to.

    And that’s all I know.


  13. Can someone inform Cathy and her merry band of “fucking lunatics” that the federal crime of kidnapping requires interstate or foreign commerce? She needs to adjust her story accordingly. 3, 2, 1 rewrite. Lol.


  14. She had chemo pretty much continuously and went around with her head shaved and wearing a scarf for a couple of years, and then it all seems to have just gone away. (systemic treatment)

    Let’s just look at the side effects from at least two of the drugs that Cathy is likely to have been administered at the time, shall we?

    doxorubicin – missed menstrual periods;
    darkening of your skin or nails; <—– darkening is due to the death of the nail bed tissue and it smells bad for at least a few days. Also it takes YEARS for toenails to grow out and months for fingernails to lose the dark coloration.
    temporary hair loss; <——- everybody and everywhere, chafing is common
    feeling weak or tired; <——— everybody
    mild nausea, diarrhea; or
    eye redness, puffy eyelids.

    nausea and vomiting (may be severe), <—- commonly referred to as "cis-SPLAT-in" by patients and medical personnel (between themselves or in agreement with a patient)
    temporary hair loss, <—– did she remember to SHAVE HER EYEBROWS?
    loss in ability to taste food, <—— very much so
    dry mouth, <—– very much so
    dark urine, <—– sometimes due to not drinking enough water and drinking a lot of water is very important when undergoing chemotherapy – it's incredibly dehydrating and you want to flush that shit out of your body as fast as possible. If you have a loved one who is undergoing treatment, please pass along that they NEED to drink 4-6 liters of water per day. Skip the caffeine.
    decreased sweating,
    dry skin, and
    other signs of dehydration.

    Some of these are side effects that are difficult to fake. Chemotherapy wears you down and no, you wouldn't undergo it "continuously" because no oncologist would do that. Your body would need breaks or you would die as a consequence of the treatment itself.


  15. You seem very threatened by Cathy. I wonder why?

    Threatened? What do you mean? Why do you think that?


  16. And she would never have known this if her relatives, that she had no knowledge of, that she’d lost track of, that she couldn’t find, hadn’t found her.

    Which is also utter nonsense as Cathy contacted the relative of one of Lou’s brothers, in response to his seeking information on Oscar’s activities when he was serving in the military. I think it was Oscar.


  17. An oldie but a goodie!

    Remember how Cathy insisted that the Canby family found her through the protest at BJU?

    I don’t think so.

    Rick Cramer‎ to 79th Infantry Division WWII
    May 30, 2015 ·
    Hi. Im looking for any history of my great uncle Oscar T. Canby, 89
    JAN. 31, 1917-JULY 31, 2006
    MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Oscar T. Canby, 89, of Martinsburg, and formerly of Springfield, Mass., died Monday, July 31, 2006, at Heartland of Martinsburg.
    Born Jan. 31, 1917, in Berkeley County, W.Va., he was the son of the late Hunter D. and Rachel Butts Canby.
    He was preceded in death by his wife, Alma Jackson Canby.
    He retired from St. Johnsbury Trucking Co. in West Springfield, Mass.
    He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army. He was awarded four Bronze Battle Stars.
    He played softball and baseball.
    He was a member of Irish Hill No. 5 Firehall and Blue Sox baseball teams.
    He is survived by his son and caregiver, George Canby of Spring Mills, W.Va.; one sister, Helen Butler of Martinsburg; and two brothers, Doug Canby and Charles C. Canby, both of Martinsburg.
    He was preceded in death by three sisters, Lula Cramer, Mary Willingham and Lillian Weir; and one brother, Gold L. Canby.
    Services will be Thursday at 1 p.m. at Brown Funeral Home in Martinsburg. Burial with graveside military services will be in Tuscarora Cemetery.
    The family will receive friends today from 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. at the funeral home.
    Memorial donations may be made to Martinsburg High School, Baseball Team, 701 S. Queen St., Martinsburg, WV 25401
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    Cathy Harris
    Cathy Harris Hi. I am the little girl whom Gold Canby & Cleo Smith called “Salina Smith.” We lived on the farm in Bucks County.

    Please send me a private message.
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    Mr. Rick Cramer posted that in 2015. Cathy replied 5/5/2017, so it appears that she went looking for them. Nor does she purport to be a relative. She may be related of course, but I doubt it.

    Initially I thought Cathy replied in 2016, I corrected that to reflect 2017 here.


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