29 thoughts on “Damn It, Kathleen”

  1. OMG….hit the nail square on the head! Best laugh I have had in a day or two…lol. Dam it!!!🤣🤣🤣


  2. Couldn’t have done better myself lol

    For the American audience:
    Kathleen Wynn Primier = Governor of a State.
    Hydro = Electric
    Canada Post = USPS

    Inspired by a true story. Any resemblance to any persons or events is purely intentional. Only one troll was harmed in the production of this video. Any complaints regarding the content of this video can be direct to
    Ontario Provincial Police
    66 Peter St S
    (705) 326-3536 or Justin Trudeau Office of the Prime Minister
    80 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A2 (postage free)


  3. So good, just so well done down to the rhythm of speech and nuances of tone. Awesome.

    I am also in Ontario 🙂


  4. I have followed this literal shit show for a long time and I have never once posted or commented on anything, anywhere. This whole never-ending saga has been mostly my guilty pleasure. The train wreck I can’t look away from. But this? THIS IS GOLD!!!!! This was the best damn thing I’ve seen in a very long time! I literally could not stop laughing……whoever did this is a comedic genius! Talk about a SPOT ON impersonation. Bravo my dear, BRAVO!


  5. This needs a warning posted…To avoid accidents, pee before watching. I didn’t think it could get any funnier than the glitter video but I was wrong. More, please.


  6. I’m um, Um um gonna um umm….
    The cadence, the paranoia, the “ums”, the HAIR!!
    OMG, this is perfection! LMAO


  7. This was amazing. “The foliage were gonna eat that later” I lost it!! You had the perfect amount of uh uh, procrastination, and paranoia. Loved it!


  8. PURE COMEDY GOLD. I nominate this performance for an Academy Award. Or several. Note-perfect and so very funny.


  9. Bahahaha! She even got Nick’s frenetic rapid fire (making sense optional) speech pattern.

    Nicely done, ma’am!

    What a hoot!


  10. Whoever did this wins the internet!!! I did almost pee my pants laughing. Thank you. This was fantastic!!


  11. The talent emerging from various trolls is really impressive! This is a fabulous, spot on impression of the BO. I hope she enjoys it!


  12. OMG “….there she is, in her armored car.” I love this SO much. I’ve watched it three times and find something new to laugh out loud about each time!


  13. Holy Bat Shit, you got it. I have to say, we need to award an Oscarlikeumyouknow to the creator, producer, actor involved. I loved it.


  14. This is absolutely brilliant! Hilarious! I switched over to watch it on youtube and sped it up to 1.25 speed which perfectly mimicked the manic, pressured speech of Nicole’s craziness. I don’t know if this was done spontaneously or with a script, but it is comedy gold. There are not a lot of people who can manage that superior level of mimicry while also walking and filming. Wow! Keep ’em coming!


  15. Seriously comedy gold-academy awards here we come !! Well done you Canadian Troll you, although I am sure you are in cahoots with Petro Canada – I heard that generator running in the background.


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