Damaged Goods

I really did not want to blog here today.  I didn’t.

But damn.

children know

They know they aren’t being molested, yet they see others making that accusation.

How? How do they “see” that?

They know they aren’t starving, yet they see others making those claims.

Again, how?  How do they “see” that?  Who do they “see” doing that?

They know they are intelligent educated children, yet they see others questions [sic] if they can even function in society.

And exactly how do they “see” that?

These children live “off-grid.”  They have no WiFi at their shed. They have no access to the internet. There are 11 of them, and they share one cheap little Kindle Fire. If they get WiFi, it would be at the salon, I suppose.

How do they “see” anything?  How would they know anything at all is being said about them?

The oldest kid, the one who commented here, and whose remarks were not allowed because he is not of age, said quite clearly that his mother told him what was said on this blog and so he came over here to make a comment.

And when I would not permit him to participate in the discussion here because of his age, Nicole blasted away at me.

my removal

As you can see, I simply don’t want minor children participating here. That’s because somebody should protect them.

J comments

She was pissed off about it. So pissed off that she told him “they” removed his comments.  Because we don’t want the truth, don’t you know. But the children are tired of people talking shit about their life.

And how did that kid know that somebody was “talking shit” about anything?

nicole told him

Because Nicole told him.

This was last December.


This is a kid who has “suffered emotional abuse.”  If we want to help, leave him alone, she says. Yet she goes and tells this “emotionally abused” kid that somebody on a blog made a comment that he won’t like and then hands him her phone so he can reply.  (Or writes the reply as though she is the kid in question.  Who knows which it was?)

My children know the reality. . . And it scares them. It scares the crap out of them.

So why, in the name of all that is reasonable, does she do this?

damaged child

chatting Z


These are thumbnails of YouTube videos that Nicole uploaded to the public internet for more than 1000 perfect strangers to see. I am not going to link to them. I do not condone this. It’s awful.

These are not sweet videos somebody took to share with Grandma. You can do that and keep it private and just send the link and password to those you wish to see it.

These are pimp-out-your-kid videos. And these are not videos of the “teenagers.” These are younger children.

She is exploiting these kids for donations. She does these videos, assuring everyone that her children are just so happy and well-adjusted and well-educated and it’s all so perfect. And then she turns around and decides that they are scared out of their wits because of stuff people say on social media.

No reasonable parent, if they thought their children were so scared of what people were saying on social media about them, would point out that stuff to them, and certainly would not get them to perform for the camera like trained monkeys in an effort to raise money.

Pardon me if I simply don’t feel it, Nicole. Nobody has done anything to frighten your kids but you.



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  1. I can’t help but think that her response was instigated by those of us asking about the runaway child, and the subsequent refusal to allow the sheriff to talk to her alone. It’s clear they are hiding something. Something that would make a child want to escape more than once.


  2. The mental scars she will undoubtedly leave on these children is disgusting. Does she not realize that it’s very common for employers to search applicants before hiring them? These psychos may not care about being able to support themselves but maybe HOPEFULLY when these children are old enough they will want to pull themselves out of the squalor and be productive and successful members of society. The “system” Nicole claims is out to get her will be the same system that sees these kids without any legal documentation of who they are, no formal education, and their entire upbringing is plagued with paranoia and poverty.


  3. I left several comments to her blog posts today and she won’t approve them. The comments say nothing more than exactly what you’ve said here. Her kids would not know any of this except for Joe and Nicole telling them, deliberately scaring them, making them fear everyone who doesn’t live in the shed with them.

    Caring, loving and concerned parents would turn the TV off if something scary or too mature came on. Parents who don’t give a rat’s ass just appreciate the boob-tube babysitter and tell their kids to go back to bed when they have nightmares.

    These two people deliberately scare their own children. Let me repeat that. They deliberately scare their own children. Who does that? Who?


  4. If she does not understand that it is Facebook that causes her problems and the people who keep telling her it’s not are just as dangerous as the parents. I can’t believe the way she discribed one of the littles as whiney and clinging. He is a little he wants love regardless of circumstance. Thank you Sally for always being a voice of reason during all of her nastiness.


  5. the government is coming to steal you from us.. you must remain reverent
    Joe Naugler

    They are going to shoot you, thats what cops do they shoot you if you dont condone
    Nichole Naugler


  6. One day the kids are happy and well adjusted and the next they are scared to come out from under the bed. So which is it?


  7. her older son was plenty motivated to build a garden leaps and bounds above what his parents ever accomplished. The other son built a coop. One her daughters just read many books. There were some awesome rock sculptures posted just a week or so ago. They are constantly cooking and watching the smaller children so that joe and Nicole can play on Facebook and avoid all responsibility. Was she talking about joe lacking all motivation and being emotionally unstable or did she have the audacity to speak of her children that way?
    Furthermore, according to her own definition of unschooling, if a child isn’t motivated or interested in something, let them move on to a subject or topic that does interest them. Sounds like they’re not interested in raising their siblings and building a homestead for their parents anymore. Something tells me the kids are being more vocal to people that will actually listen to them regarding their parents and the “homestead”.
    Their current predicament might be far more local than she realizes. Go, kids. Speak the truth. Loudly.


  8. As far as the Nauglers are concerned the kids exist only for labor (kept going at an utterly minimal subsistence existence while the parents eat out) and for Internet begging ventures.

    The parents make everyone’s lives as miserable as possible for the sake of their extra special ‘rights.’ They do get pretty pissed, though, when people aren’t afraid of them and don’t give them what they want.


  9. How do they read things on that little Kindle Fire? I looked around the Kindle Store. Even titles that are available as free downloads elsewhere online cost money through the Kindle Store, unless you get a Kindle Unlimited subscription. We’re talking about parents who can’t even cut loose enough money for a cheap bike. Where did the money for books on that Kindle Fire come from, and who decides what the kids get to read?


  10. She is getting some really great advice by posters at BLH FB page.
    I wonder how long it will be before she blocks them considering what they are posting as troll content?

    Nicole tries to blame everything on trolls and hateful locals but when in reality it is her and Joe that are doing the damage. I have seen people that knew them before all this CPS stuff post how they treated the kids so this is not new stuff for them. Those poor kids have grown up with this from the time the oldest was born. Look how they treated Alex and then she had the nerve to make fun of him. Where is her outrage and compassion for him? There isn’t any cause she knows they are responsible for the damage to him.

    Some of the followers have not caught on to what Nicole has done in feeding the troll information to her kids. I am sure they will have a different opinion of her once they do like so many before them have found the truth and unfollowed them.

    Copied and pasted from BLH FB page. Names are altered to protect identity of the poster.

    F T posted – Nicole and Joe, I am trying to appeal to your better selves. I am not a long time reader of this page, maybe 6-8 months at the most, and as much as I feel I’m familiar with your lives and history I am sure there are things I am unaware of. That said, I think I have a pretty good idea of the ebbs and flows of your situation. I am a retired child therapist. I think I was a very good one and I base that on seeing my clients as adults, the majority healthy and happy. Not bragging here, just trying to establish some credibility. I made a couple of suggestions that you terminate your internet social accounts for the safety of your children. Let me explain why. Your children, even your oldest, are too young to understand what is going on, developmentally they are incapable of it because of their brain maturity(or, lack of maturity). What children do, by and large, when they can’t understand something something that is causing them a great deal of stress, is blame themselves for it. That is there way of thinking they have some semblance of control in their lives. They decide it must somehow be their fault. There are few thing worse to do to a child than keeping them constantly stressed and blaming themselves. They really suffer, maybe not obviously, but they do. You can sometimes see it in acting out or introversion. Sometimes you can’t see it at all because you are so close to the situation. As children, they often deny any stress as a means of not taking any more on. In their world that makes sense. Please take my word for it, they are hurting. They hurt because you’re not shielding them. Instead what you do when you continue these internet battles is to intensify their hurt. This is not a game and you are not going to win it. No one is. In the meantime you are playing with your children’s mental and emotional (in)stability. That’s not fair, in fact, it’s cruel. The only way this will end if for you to be the bigger people and get off the internet and quit posting about how awful your life is. This scares the daylights out of your children and it’s likely they’ll suffer long term for it. Be the adults, put your children before yourselves. As I said earlier, trolls feed off responses. If you don’t respond they’ll move onto something else. The payoff is that you come together as a family and take care of all that a 13 member family needs to takes care of. Life is hard enough, don’t make it harder. I hope you accept this in the spirit in which it is written.

    D T posted – You are correct but would you also say that it’s still causing them issues when people stop out side the yard taking pictures of them play or living? Because for someone that has ptsd I understand keeping the issue going will cause someone to not be able to grasp it’s time to heal,instead keeping the hurt to continue and I think it’s that way for all involved but I’m not a professional just what I see

    F T posted – Yes, this could cause them stress. You cannot control what other people will do, only what you can do. If the Nauglers don’t react, over time the people will leave, the trolls will disappear and life will go back to what it was before all this started. One of my mentors said to me about clients, “If they tell you other people are the problem, you tell them they are the solution”. That has stuck with me forever. We all have choices, stay in the dirt…or vacuum it.

    B G posted – I agree, I’ve learned enough from my husband being a mental health therapist. I don’t think she has to get off the internet but I do believe the children shouldn’t have a FB where they can see all of this. That they need to be monitored on what they are viewing online. Until they are 18, it’s your job to shield them from this and allowing them to constantly view this does more damage. It’s not right what they are doing but you can’t control what others say online so the best thing to do is to keep their eyes from viewing that evil that s being said online. Just have a plan to be aware of your surroundings, and always have protection for your family
    The more upset you get, your children can sense that and it’s not healthy
    I really hate what all you’ve been through and I pray that it stops but as long as you are posting about it, they will keep posting. They are sick individuals and they really need to get a life


  11. Now suddenly the children see very little of fb. But they know all of these things are being said, they know what’s being said outside of fb. How? How do they know? We know they don’t go to school. They only go places with their parents. Why are the parents subjecting these children to any of this? I can’t imagine the constant stress these kids are under, soley from their parents constant ranting and raving. Through her own video, audio and written accounts the closest they’ve came to even ONE single “normal” day has been a photo op “look at us doing normal things like a normal family”. These kids dont ever get a break from preforming for their supper.


  12. When I read today (on Nicole’s blog) that the children were told their brothers were kidnapped and they would be kidnapped the next day, my chest actually hurt. It pains me to say it, but it seems that the Naugs hate the government more than they love their children. That is, if you define love as also caring for emotional well-being. I wonder if Mrs. still wants to talk about abuse.


  13. Nicole is evil…and a bald faced liar.
    Nicole says the way they were living was the choice of the children, and not her and Joes.
    Nicole writes on her blog “For the first 18 months the children stayed positive. They had their eyes on the bigger picture. And I speak specifically for the older ones, because we asked them numerous times if we wanted to try a different path. They wanted this. Not for us, but for them.”

    “Not for us, but for them”

    Nicole and Joe are grown parents letting their children decide that they want to live in a three sided shack, with no running water, no proper sewage disposal, no proper protection from sever weather, and (yippee) no formal schooling. They get to run wild and have lots of fun in the mud on a piece of property both Nicole say was trashed before they got it.

    Nicole knows all the crap that she and Joe have produced in their lives, is why Joe and Nicole are criticized. No one is criticizing her children.
    Nicole and Joe are the ones that decided the children would not go to public school, not the children.
    Joe and Nicole are responsible for being evicted, kicked out of churches, petty criminal behavior, threatening the neighbors, poor financial management, grifting by using lies and exaggerations, their living conditions and for the CPA showing up on their doorstep.

    Has it occurred to Nicole that she is trying to shift blame onto the children by telling them what she thinks people think of them?

    It’s unfortunate that one of the littles had such a rough time in foster care. But by Nicole sharing that this poor baby was in five different foster homes in eight weeks and was put in diapers she is again trying to shift blame.
    She blames the foster parents who were trying to keep her child safe while she and Joe got the homestead safe for their return.
    It’s not the child’s fault that he found himself in diapers and for some reason moved from foster home to foster home. And it certainly isn’t the foster parents fault.
    The last thing Nicole and Joe want to do is reinforce any reason this child could be fearful.
    Nicole accepts no responsibility.

    Nicole wrote in her blog “. One day Joe and ( child’s name removed by MIM ) were talking, she stated that she doesn’t think we can protect her. She told him “they came and took me last year and there was nothing you could do about it”
    She’s right. And it breaks her dads heart”
    Oh really…
    There was plenty both could have done… Simply taking better care of their children…
    Quit attracting the attention of the authorities with their irresponsible behavior.
    Joe could get himself a job and keep it, he could learn to get along with real people who actually live around them, instead of the fantasy world of anarchy on on the Internet.

    These poor kids could suffer PTSD for the rest of their lives because of the nasty way Nicole and Joe have managed their lives.
    If her children are frightened, it’s because Nicole and Joe have frightened them, not someone on the Internet, not any of the neighbor’s who all seem to like children, and have never once done anything mean to them…
    If Joe and Nicole had acted like civilized grownups, there would never have been any altercations for the children to witness.

    If there was, in fact, something ugly said about one of the children (something I’ve never seen!) and Nicole in her most loving **sarcasm** parental way showed what was written to that child, who is to blame for that child being upset.
    Nicole accepts no responsibility.
    Nicole is not dumb, she knows she is the one scaring her kids… But Nicole has selfish evil reasons to build up these walls between the children and the outside world.
    She can accept no responsibility for what she and Joe have done to their children.

    If her oldest do indeed read every thing on this blog, ( I doubt it) they know that there are total strangers who applaud what the children are trying to do under very trying circumstances.
    The children would know that many people have posted helpful information for them to use to get out into society and lead a fulfilling life, including a real honest to goodness homestead someday should they decide to follow that lifestyle.


  14. I strongly doubt they read books on the Fire. They play games on it. That is, if it isn’t broken by now.


  15. There will come a day when the kids will be able to see all of this info. The U_Tube videos, the video of N’s arrest, the car “accident,” all of the blog postings including N’s, with everything she said and every pic she posted. I wonder how it will mesh with the reality that is currently being presented by N & J?


  16. The traumatized kids need counseling. It was suggested on BLH page & leg humpers went crazy!!!! Saying counseling goes too deep, CPS will use it against them, only the parents can heal them, etc. I have never seen such a group of people foster such crazy ideas. Two of my boys had counseling after my momma passed away. They needed it & their daddy & I recognized that someone else might help them. It didn’t mean we stopped talking to them or listening to them, they just needed some help. It really benefited them & I’m glad we did it. As a parent, whatever it takes to help my kids is what I’ll do. No matter what! They are too selfish to put those kids ahead of their own egos. Again, there are VERY FEW local people supporting them. Just lots of people who think the entire world is out to get the N’s.


  17. I had my oldest son when I was only 17 years old. I gave up my life for him. I’m 38 years old now and for the past 21 years my primary role on this Earth was being a
    Mother to my 3 amazing children. It wasnt a sacrifice in the least as I am so blessed to be their mom. I have followed this story since day one. I have becomes Facebook friends with people who personally know the N’s and people who like me were just appalled at these poor 10 now 11 children living in third world conditions . In the middle of all of this I lost my precious 20 year old son. He was smart and amazing , full of life and with so many friends. He was smart and talented. Just like Sally’s amazing talented beautiful
    Soul of a son who Nicole’s bitch ass called a dead Junkie. He was not. Neither was my son who died of an overdose. That was the way He died but not how he lived. He had a good life with lots of family vacations , sports and clubs , sleepovers with friends , super fun birthday parties and so very many friends!! To the Nauglers he was a dead junkie . To me he was my world. He did not live how he died! He lived a fantastic life and is gone to soon. I take comfort in all the people he left behind who loved him . I take comfort in the good life he led.

    Nicole Its the same for Sally’s precious son Nathan. I kow he lived an amazing life. He left behind a huge legacy and some amazing music. He is a dead junkie only to you. I would never wish ill upon your children. They are all still under 18 but wait until they get out from yours and your fatass worthless lump of lard Joe’s shit covered thumb. Unlike Sally’s son Nathan and my son Jerry Jordan your kids haven’t lived a happy life. They have memories of being taken away by the state while Joe screamed not to open their mouths and you taunted the police to shoot you. Unlike Nathan and Jordan they did not have their own bedrooms or beds even! They did not have parents encouraging them to succeed and be their best . Their lives are filled with hopelessness and hunger and filth and wondering when they will be evicted again or where their next meal will come from! Your piece of shit pedophile husband JoJo molested Alex while you looked on. You and your followers tried to bury him. Guess what! We all believe him just like the court did when they terminated lard asses’ rights! You are guilty of letting that poor child be sexually , physically and emotionally abused! At the very least your 11 have been neglected , and mentally abused . Probably much more! Stop fighting with us ! Get your shit together literally! Get your life together! For one damn time in your life put the 11 kids that you carried for ,what 11 months according to you , because you are super mom! Put them first! I would take every form of government aid and beg on the streets and clean nasty ass port a potties like yours to ensure my kids had full tummies! You and Joe are pieces of shit and except for like 33 leg humpers we all know it!!!! Those kids would have a better chance taking a note from the boxcar children! I look down on you and spit on your choices!!! My “dead junkie” son lived a life your kids could only dream of and trust me you have spoken way too soon! Get back to us when all 11 have made it successfully into adult hood because God knows you have done everything in your power to make that happen!

    P.s. Sally please edit if I over stepped my bounds. I’m so very sorry about your son and the way you have been treated . My loss is still so fresh and watching these two pieces of shit do everything they can to ruin those 11 souls makes me fighting mad!


  18. That is plain hooey that the kids aren’t on FB. The three older ones have personal accounts and the eldest has a “Public Figure” page.
    However any of them reading these pages will see that no one has taken issue with THEM. I support them, nearly everyone criticizing the parents do, with their whole hearts.

    It is unfortunate that the elder ones may see the criticism of their parents, and feel badly, but hopefully when they get older they will discern the difference, and see the forest for the trees.


  19. Does a Narcissist ever heed advice?
    Do they believe their own lie?
    Or do you think she knows what shes doing is wrong but shes so caught up in it she cant turn back?
    Is there hope for her? Because lets face it, without her the children will be scattered to the wind.
    I’m curious about what people THINK about her, because I know how we all FEEL about her.


  20. (name removed) Have you thought about getting the children into counseling to help them overcome their fears?

    Blessed Little Homestead– The solution is to remove the threats. The children will heal

    (name removed) Counseling isn’t the way to go. It’s too deep…and needs to be left with the parents. To rebuild security.

    Someone in their right mind and understanding the situation recommends counseling. And Nicole responds that the kids can heal themselves!
    Yep, Nicole..they are going to #unschool all the abuse you have heaped on them for their entire lives!
    “The solution is to remove the threats” Then Nicole and Joe, you need to let those children be raised by people who are true parents. Because both of you are “the threat”.

    Does anyone else ever truly feel nauseous after reading what comes out of Nicole’s sick, twisted mind? Because I do.


  21. I know that a few people who have commented here are social workers. When working a case does CPS look at things that are posted by parents/children like Facebook pages, blogs etc. I have always wondered this. If this has been discussed before I missed it.


  22. Jahaza, it’s so very clear from your words how much your son was loved and treasured. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Losing a child changes your perspective on so many things- not the least of which is having zero patience for people who are so irresponsible about their children’s health, safety and wellbeing.


  23. I can just imagine the conversation where the kids decided after great consultation to go for the backwoods adventure.

    N & J – “Hey, kids, we are being evicted from the double wide trailer so, it’s your choice. The Walmart parking lot or we can play wilderness games on some land we can move onto. We won’t have a house, or water or electric but it will be just like camping! It will be fun!”

    Kids – “Can we build a fort and play wild frontier games?”

    N & J – “You sure can! There will be lots of things you will need to build. It will be hard work but you’ll get used to it! We were so sure you’d like this adventure that we already made the arrangments! It’s a done deal! Let’s get to work kids. We’re depending on you to make this work! ”

    Now, much later she throws the kids under the bus for not keeping their shit together. Now, it’s the kids fault. They should have worked harder. They should have been inspired even if their parents did not provide for them or protect them. Damn kids, Joe, we never should have listened to them. I thought they knew what they were doing.

    Joe and Nicole are vile. They think they are cool because they still have fb fans but even the most deplorable criminals have fans.


  24. I have a three-year old who is about to turn four. She is a highly empathetic and sensitive little girl who can have potty accidents when she is feeling stress. If we travel she goes into a diaper until she feels in control again. An accident just adds to her stress (and mine, which she picks up on).

    If my precious little girl were to spend an indefinite amount of time separated from her brother and living with strangers (or even with grandma!) she would need to be in a diapers for a while.


  25. That is plain hooey that the kids aren’t on FB.

    They may have accounts. What they do not have is unlimited, unfettered access to the internet. Their parents control that far more closely than almost any other parents I can think of.


  26. I want to be careful to not step over the line here, but in regards to the little one who was moved to different foater homes and diapered at age 4…..why would be possible reasons that a child that age would be moved to so many homes? I can only think that it would be at the request of the foster parents. CPS would purposely look for homes that would offer the child a semi-permanent placement before sending him there, wouldnt they? Were the child’s behaviorial issues greater than what your average foster parent could handle?

    I did see the new post on BLH. Momma Naug must have had a moment of sanity and realized that her screeching about the kids thus weekend further backed up the belief that they are not the happy, well-adjusted tykes she portrays to the world.


  27. Mrs. N needs a scapegoat.
    So, it’s the evil government’s fault, or was it the sheriff’s fault? No. Wait, it sounds like it might now be the children’s faults.
    It’s everyone else’s fault. Never the two, supposedly, capable adults living in a shed. That would only make a fictional hillbilly happy (this statement is not meant to be offensive to gentrified hill folk). “We are innocent!*” They proclaim! “We are thriving! By the by, we have a handy dandy PayPal button for all of you online donating needs. No, seriously, we are only here to serve you.”

    *Please note: innocent is an ambitious term used by the N adults. Even though they have been charged with failure to register a homeschool (possibly truancy charges?), menacing, etc. Clearly they need a better dictionary.


  28. Were the child’s behaviorial issues greater than what your average foster parent could handle?

    Not necessarily at all. There are numerous reasons why children in foster care get moved. There were logistical problems with the sheer number of Naugler children involved. They had to try to keep the siblings as close to each other as possible, and I bet this was no small headache to try to accomplish. It may have nothing at all to do with the child.


  29. Thank you for the response! I did legitimately wonder why he woyld be moved so often when she posted her blog. As a mother I would be upset if my child was moved so many times. Children that age need stability and routine. One would think that CPS would consider that fact before placement with a family!


  30. She IS posting like crazy. She is gone 12 hours a day for work and spends hours a day online. Poor kids.
    Yes, COURT is going to happen. I think they know court will not go in their favor. There will be the court fines, the court demand for a septic system (that she says she “refuses” to put in), then the being forced to move by the good ole boys conspiricy, then the cry for monetary aid to her 250 online supporters.
    They don’t have money to move and they desperately need to move. So they NEED to appear faultless and in need of financial help.


  31. One would think that CPS would consider that fact before placement with a family!

    They do consider it. But they also consider fifty other things we don’t know about.


  32. I asked some techies I know about the Kindle Fire and got mad and sad all over again. Unless the Naugler parents paid for Kindle Unlimited, which I doubt, there’s only one way the kids can get useful public domain books on that tablet. That’s to disclose the email address associated with the tablet to a trusted third party who can download the books themselves and send them over. The good news is that the average person won’t have any way of knowing that this was done, unlike downloads from the Kindle Store, which are tracked in the user’s account.

    There’s a way to download them to a phone and email them from there, apparently, but that involves installing an app, which can be seen, and (I think) the phone will keep a record of what was done.


  33. I understand that, but still, 5 homes in a two month period seems excessive for a 4 year old. I see maybe two or three being needed (an emergency placement home and a more permanent placement) but he was moved 3 additional times. It makes me wonder why. I will never know because of the family court laws, but it is strange.


  34. Rhy and Memere thank you so much. He was a remarkable young man and I’m thankful to have had him for 20 years!

    I know there was money earmarked from go fund me to get the kids laptops but I’m guessing that dos not happen. Are the kids sharing a kindle? When we decided to homeschool the kids this past school year the first thing I did was upgrade to the fastest wifi and make sure the kids could use their phones , laptop and tablet could be used for what they needed for homeschooling. My son had an older model kindle but I just got him a new Fire on prime day because they were on sell for $33. I let him keep the old one for games and this one is for reading and school. It saddens me to thing education wise what those kids are missing without proper resources and technology. It would be hard enough for my 2 to have to share a laptop or tablet to do school but to have like 8 kids sharing would be near immpsossible!


  35. Kids in foster care can be moved multiple times for many reasons
    That, sadly, is the grim reality. There is a lack of foster homes in the state compared to the over 8,000 kids in out of home care. This was an extreme case, with I am sure, children who would be under extreme duress with equally as stressful social and developmentally appropriate needs. Simple things – like eating at a table, with utensils or showering might have caused undue stress. This could have also been a trauma trigger. Trauma is a scary thing and in reality, development gets halted at the point of trauma. Just spending the winter crammed into a van would cause trauma. Without knowing how traumatized or delayed this child was, we cannot know why he moved. Were there violent outbursts? Excessive temper tantrums? Issues post visit with the parents? Trauma triggers after parental contact or upon using a fork?
    As a social worker – this is one of the worst cases of environmental, medical and educational neglect that I have seen when considering the sheer amount of children that needed to be placed.
    Look up a class called “trauma informed care” – this class should explain the challenges that foster parents would have faced with any of these children who suffered compounded trauma. The secondary trauma and trua a fatigue that would have come with taking placement would have bee. Enormous. Not only did they take placement but everywhere you turned, there was media coverage. These kids could not function on school or in a traditional home without a lot of work. A lot of work. I cannot imagine that the Nogs were the easiest parents to work with either .. Between scheduled visits and what could have been said during those visits, furthering the compounded trauma.
    Foster parenting is not easy
    And the end – those parents were human


  36. My first thought after the barrage of BLH blog posts over the weekend. . . . The lady doth protest too much, methinks. . . .


  37. Thar is kind of the point I am trying to get at without making too many assumptiins about the child, Miss Bliss. Since this is your field of expertise I will ask this. Would your consider it it strange that a child would be moved from a home that many times in that short of a time span at the request if the state? Or is it common for foster parent to request a new placement after a weeks time in the absense of some sort of behavioral issue with the child?


  38. I am a long term foster parent, I can try to answer that question. This is an entirely hypothetical scenario, but can, and does happen all the time. A child, or sibling group of children, are apprehended. There is a suitable foster home available to place them in, however the foster family is currently doing a respite agreement for someone else, and can’t take all the children until the following week. Ideally, the sibling group would be kept together, so the social worker wants to aim for that outcome. The child/children are placed in an emergency home short term (Home #1), while they wait out the time. During the few days they are in the emergency home, the planned home is asked to take the child they had been doing respite care for, for a longer period of time. They agree, and that home is no longer open to the hypothetical children in emergency care. Another foster parent is contacted; they have room for 2 of the children, but they also have an infant they are caring for while waiting for an adoption to be finalized, once that happens, they can take the third child. Two of the children are moved immediately to the new home (home #2) while the 3rd sibling is moved to a second short term placement (home #2). Once the first two are established, the foster parents realize they have their hands full with a couple of very needy children, while the 2nd emergency foster home parents realize that the child they are caring for has some complex needs they aren’t qualified to handle. They inform the social worker who decides there is no choice but to move the third child to a home separate from the other 2 siblings, specifically a home where there are no other children and the child will receive the undivided attention of whomever will be caring for him/her. Again, the social worker sets about finding a home to fit the needs of the child but none currently exist or are open. Another temporary home is found, without children, but with parents who work and which would require the child to be enrolled in daycare. The child is moved to that home (home #3) however, before the child can start daycare or settle into that home, a more suitable home comes available, and the child is moved, yet again (home #4). Once there, the child is assessed, a plan of care is put into place and things settle down. Four weeks after the child arrives, the foster parents have to attend a funeral out of state, and the child is put into a respite home for the weekend (home#5). And by the way, I have been very PC with the terms I used ie: complex needs. I can assure you that the Naugler 10 would have been some of the most complex, challenging and behavioural children ever seen in that system. BY NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, I cannot imagine the havoc wreaked on the homes they were placed in, I really can’t.
    In closing, I would like to remind those who comment and judge on others (this means you Nicole, with your vicious mouth spewing words like “dead junkie” and “cunt”) of a little phrase John Bradford coined:
    There but for the grace of God go I.
    And even if I do think you’re the biggest cunt of them all, I still wouldn’t wish your horrible hateful words back on you. Humble yourself and get yourself assessed and treated for whatever mental illness you are afflicted with. Get the hell off Facebook and whatever other means of social media you use to gratify your narcissistic needs. Instead of using it as a platform to elevate yourself, how about you get your shit together and fix the mess you have made. Stop blaming others and being a victim. And even IF you have been unfairly treated, teach your children how to make something good out of it and how to admit defeat with grace and dignity and how to make a wrong right. And for the love of Pete and all things sweet, PLEASE stop pitting your children against the rest of the world, stop using them as pawns, stop playing head games, mind games and putting words into their mouths. Basically, stop being such a cunt. Please, just stop.


  39. I actually laughed when she said her kids weren’t starving. Right. [Admin: that’s a medical diagnosis and you have no idea if it’s true, so I am disallowing it. It’s like flinging out “dead junkie.”] And then I remembered the cast iron skillet with sausage and squash. Someone asked if that fed everyone and your reply was that good food fills people up faster. Good protein fills people up, of which there was very little in that pan. And I am willing to bet Joe ate most of it.
    Please, for the love of God, take their children away and sterilize the parents.


  40. Quote from Blessed Little Homestead”
    “Yes. The state Kidnapped my children. No justification. No charges filed. No findings of abuse or neglect. Unless you count not registering as homeschoolers as neglect. Which CPS stated it was.”
    Like · Reply · July 24 at 3:35pm

    First she says there were no findings of neglect. Then she says that CPS found educational neglect.
    It’s one of those.

    If the Nauglers had let child welfare talk to the kids and let them look around the home, they would have found safety concerns and written up a “Safety Plan” for the family. Child welfare doesn’t have to “kidnap” kids if the safety concerns can be corrected with the kids at home. But the kids were being hidden at a friend’s house. What would a normal person think if the parents hide the kids and won’t let the police or child welfare check on their safety? And the police and child welfare had been involved with this family before. And there was a recent police report about Joe threatening someone with a gun in front of his children.

    Joe and Nicole knew there would be problems found. They sacrificed their kids to foster care instead of protecting them by lowering their pride and working with the government. THAT is what her daughter is afraid of. Mom and Dad will sacrifice you at the alter of Rights and Freedom, even though they love you, it is for the greater good.

    Most child welfare cases don’t involve criminal charges. There is a list of safety problems that the parents have to fix, it’s called the case plan and it is submitted to court and approved by a judge. Sure, the court could charge the parents with failure to have a fence around the pond, failure to register to homeschool, failure to provide adequate housing, lack of supervision, etc. But the goal of child welfare is to reunite parents and children. Child welfare and the court want the parents to fix the problems and NOT go to jail.

    Nicole likes to claim that no problems were found.
    But most people don’t get forced to buy a new place to live before they can have their kids back. Most people aren’t forced to have work days where people come help them clean piles of trash out of their yard before the kids can come home.
    Most people don’t have to prove a legal source of water for their children.
    And… all the other things she hasn’t let slip, but were probably on her case plan,
    like providing alternative sleeping places if the kids don’t want to co-sleep with the entire family.

    So, yes, the state was concerned for the safety of the children and took them until the parents could correct the safety concerns.

    Once they met the safety concerns, the children could be allowed home, with social worker visits to the home and the parents continuing to work the rest of the case plan. It’s called Trial Reunification in my state. The family is usually monitored for six months and released, but it can be longer if needed.

    The state requires yearly registering for homeschool. So they probably received a letter to document that there would be an expectation of compliance with homeschool laws.


  41. Lisa, good job explaining how crazy it can all be sometimes.
    I forgot about daycare. Many foster parents do work and children can have trouble adjusting to daycare. Some daycares won’t take an almost four year old who isn’t potty trained. He/She would need to be in class with kids the same age.
    Some kids even get kicked out of daycare for not being easy to work with. I suppose you can’t blame the daycare for wanting peace and conformity if they have a waiting list of “easy” kids. But I have seen several foster kids moved from homes because the foster parents had to work and couldn’t get/keep daycare for the child.


  42. Thank you all for your responses about CPS. I had no first hand knowledge of the foster care system. It is confusing to me as an adult, I can not imagine what it must feel like to a young child. Your descriptions are all the more reason that the Nauglers should be doing whatever is required of them and not trying to further screw around with the system. I woukd be heartbroken if my kids had to live through something like this. If the Nauglers want to “fight the power” then thwy should get their crap together and do it through the established channels in the state of KY (like the legislature). I suspect, however, that given their current and former living conditions they will have a difficult time finding a legislator willing to take up their cause.


  43. Amie,
    Yes,it is confusing and it’s also a complicated system. It’s a system that is compounded by the fact that no two children are alike, nor are any two foster homes. There’s a million things that are said about foster parents and social workers, (and yes, I agree there are, like any other organization, business or branch of any given government, flaws and corruption) but what most people don’t realize is that there are mandates in place that must be followed when a child comes into care. Those mandates are in fact, what dictates whether the child or children even come into care to begin with.
    Nicole, for as intelligent as she considers herself, is sorely uniformed of some basic facts. Bea in her post above points out some of them, the main one being that not all neglect and/or abuse result in criminal charges. In fact, very few do and usually those are the ones that people know about through media or news.
    First of all, I can only speak from the laws where I reside, and I know it does differ from state to state but the basic principle is still the same. The deciding factor as to whether or not, to use Nicole’s words “charges are laid” is whether or not there is criminal intent behind whatever has resulted in the situation. While I am somewhat new to the Nauglers story and have been trying to update myself as best as possible, I personally don’t feel that there is really anything that has been done to these kids with a true criminal intent behind it. At least not that I have seen so far. Now, as far as moral, ethical, and otherwise, I see plenty. I do think they are being robbed of their basic fundamental human rights, but again, I’m not convinced it’s of a criminal intent. The last time I checked, just being asshole parents wasn’t criminal.
    Charges aside, the sad thing is, whether or not the intent is there, the outcome is still the same. An example of this would be a child (let’s say a 10 month old) coming into care, malnourished and not meeting developmental milestones. We call this “Failure To Thrive”. Let’s also say, the parent is somewhat compromised themselves, perhaps with a intellectual disability and lacking the proper skills to identify that their child has some kind of a medical condition (ie: infant reflux) that has caused them to lose weight. The fact that the child is malnourished has caused delays in their development, so overall the child is not in a healthy situation. Upon investigation (which sometimes happens before an apprehension and sometimes after, often both) , it’s determined there is no criminal intent, therefore there is no recommendations of charges against the parent and no involvement from law enforcement. A plan of care is put into place, this usually involves several meetings, recommendations, evaluations and conferences. The foster parent, biological parent, social worker, resource worker, paediatrician, community care team etc would all be involved in this procedure. Goals would be set – usually the first one is to immediately stabilize the child’s health. Overall the main goal is almost always, return the child to the parents care. To do this, it’s usually necessary to seek assessments and referrals for support for the parent, parenting classes, nutritional classes, perhaps a community kitchen referral, etc etc. Typically a social worker will have made an appearance in front of a judge immediately following an apprehension to obtain a temporary order of custody and guardianship. Social workers must justify to the court why the apprehension happened, so you better believe they need to walk in there with law based evidence as to why an apprehension was necessary.
    The short version is that the law based evidence being that the child or children were in either a situational or pervasive living arrangement that violates the state law. This usually is NOT (as Nicole likes to think it is, subject to a personal opinion), it’s fact based, and finding based. Once the temporary order has been granted, the social worker sets about finishing the investigation, meeting with the parents etc (the plan of care I outlined above). When the plan of care has been finalized, and the goals have been outlined, the social worker then returns to court to have the plan made into an order. Once that is done, the recommendations and plans need to be implemented and everyone involved needs to comply with the plan. Ideally everyone does, the parent receives the support and resources they need, ongoing support is put into place, safety nets are established (perhaps the foster parent volunteers to be a source of support and will take the parent grocery shopping once a week and help choose nutritional foods and/or watch the child every so often while the birth mom joins a community kitchen) – really, it’s as vast and varied as the families involved in the system are.
    At the end of the order, the parent has complied (because they’re not a dick and they want their child back and they have realized they need support, resources and a community to help them raise their child and they aren’t too proud to accept it or admit it), the child returns home and while the parent is never going to be June Cleaver, and while the family is probably always going to be on CPS radar, there are no further violations of state law that require the child to be apprehended.
    The exact same scenario could present, a 10 month old comes into care, malnourished and developmentally delayed. Upon investigation it’s determined that in order to get it to sleep for 20 out of every 24 hours so they don’t have to listen to the baby cry, change diapers or make sure it doesn’t fall down a set of stairs, the parents have been sedating the child with prescription medication not intended for the child. This immediately becomes a criminal investigation, law enforcement is called in and criminal charges are eventually laid.
    The bottom line is this, Nicole is an ignoramous who doesn’t have a single solitary clue about how the CPS system works. She has enough people following her (yup, like 33 sounds about right) who have exercised their constitutional right to live alternative lifestyles, who think she is doing the same thing. The problem is this, all her followers (and almost everyone else who chooses to live a different lifestyle) are intelligent enough to know that they should pretty much fly under the radar and not do things to draw attention to themselves. Oddly, none of her followers have had their children apprehended or are currently the subject of so many investigations, bylaw infractions and who knows what else this effed up couple is dealing with.
    I’m not advocating for people who are neglecting their children and abusing them to go undercover, I simply mean that IF you choose to not follow the norm, and you know in your heart that what you’re doing is what is best for YOUR family, then just do it. Do it quietly, be at peace with your neighbours and your community, and don’t go loudly and proudly LOOKING for controversy every single opportunity you get. If you do, and you aren’t living a completely above reproach life, you’re going to be held accountable. That’s just the way it is in almost every venue of life, whether you like it or not. You cannot preach one thing, and practice another. Hello Josh Duggar, Hello every married conservative politician who has ever sent a naked selfie tweet intended for his girlfriend, Hello Miss Faith Based (my favourite word is cunt), Unschooling (my children spend their spare time in a hot van in a parking lot or laying on the filthy ground puking from food poisoning) Homesteaders (actually we live in a shit shack lean-to shanty but let me tell you how to build one yourself).

    The REAL reason those children were apprehended is because there was justifiable grounds to do so, the reason there wasn’t charges is because the findings were not of criminal intent and the reason they were returned home was because their parents complied with the plan of care. At no point does CPS ever have to sit down face to face with those ignorant assholes and explain themselves, they just don’t. A social worker has a designation, it’s a court based procedure that gives them the right to act FOR THE CHILD AND IN THEIR BEST INTERESTS. Not the parents. That’s what happened here, they acted for the children. They got the parents to do things for the children’s best interests ,things that should have been done long before but weren’t. Clean up the safety hazards, provide a roof and 4 walls etc etc. How the hell else would things that are a basic fundamental right of any and all human beings get done otherwise?

    Nicole, and I know you are reading this, so don’t even try to pretend you don’t read any and every single thing posted here and on every other blog and page about you. You can’t help yourself, your sick and sociopathic narcissistic personality disorder makes you crave attention (negative or positive, you’ll take it all) and the attention gratifies your constant need for either approval or sympathy from others. Do you seriously think CPS wants your children in care and that they are out to get you? Do you honestly think you are so special that a team of social workers sit around plotting and planning how they are going to get your kids away from you? No, they don’t. They know bloody well the nightmare that 10 kids in foster care (from any family, so don’t take it personally), would cause. You got your kids back, because you complied with a court order (at least part of it) and NOT for any other reason. If you want to keep your kids out of foster care and raise them in your alternative lifestyle, just continue to comply, and it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like anyone asked or insisted that you take your kids to church every Saturday morning, feed them Chinese food every 3rd weds of the month and make sure they have ridden every ride at Disneyland by the time each child turns 12. For crying out loud, cleaning up a filthy mess that’s been determined a health hazard, having 4 walls and a roof and even having water and not shitting in buckets IS NOT THAT MUCH TO HAVE ASKED FOR!

    Holy hell this family make me irate in a way that no one else has ever managed to do and believe me, I have met some crazy people in this business. Correction, the parents do.
    With every new posts she makes, stupid just gets stupider. Its incredibly worrisome because the whole sit down and shut the hell up doesn’t apply to them, it’s like they won’t stop the crazy until something so drastic occurs that it stops itself.
    Okay, that’s it from me and sorry for the rambling and the paragraph and topic jumping, I should probably just go #unschool myself and perhaps I would be able to form a proper post.


  44. What happens in your state if the parents refuse to comply with the court approved reunification plan (ie refusing psychological examinations)


  45. Lisa posted, “Oddly, none of her followers have had their children apprehended or are currently the subject of so many investigations, bylaw infractions and who knows what else this effed up couple is dealing with.”

    Lisa, actually quite a few of her followers have had their children removed temporarily or permanently by CPS. According to the followers, the removals were always baseless. They often use the term “kidnapped” when referring to CPS’s taking custody of their children.


  46. Amie,
    It’s incredibly difficult to speculate on any of this without seeing the plan and court orders and knowing their state laws etc. But, I can say with fair certainty that if a psych evaluation was ordered by the court, and isn’t complied with, CPS can return to court and ask to have the order enforced. What that enforcement would look like is again, purely speculation. It could be that the judge gives them x amount of days to comply and if they don’t, they can be held in contempt of court. And of course that’s only if they (the parents) have exhausted every means of argument and delay available and the order still stands. The parents could also ask to have the order, or one of the terms in the order varied, which means giving them more time or successfully arguing that it isn’t necessary. The children are living at home again, so it would very likely be considered a separate issue rather than a child protection issue. It’s highly unlikely a social worker is going to walk in and apprehend the kids again, and then appear in court the next day and say “well, they didn’t go get the psych exams”.
    Then again, CPS could do that, but only if they had evidence that some type of a psychiatric condition was causing again, child protection concerns. But then, if that was the case, the children would already be apprehended and back in care.
    I hope this makes sense?
    Having no real knowledge of what that reunification plan looks like, I honestly don’t know the answer to your question. But, it’s very telling that the children were returned home without those evaluations taking place. That tells us that it wasn’t anything that CPS and/or the court considered mandatory or a deal breaker. If it was, it would have happened before the kids came home. If it was a mandatory pre condition, and the parents wouldn’t comply, the care order would simply have been extended (where I live, by 3 month increments), or the judge could have granted a variance to the existing order if he/she didn’t feel it (the evaluations) were necessary.
    Just know that it’s always different, CPS protection orders are always law based, but they are always different. I have had a sibling group in my home where each child had a different order, and a different plan of care and in fact, different social workers. I know how it appears to the outside, but there is logic behind it and even when it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, you can be assured that any and all decisions that are made are based on the law. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be enforceable.


  47. Andatje,

    I shouldn’t have made such a broad statement, thank you for correcting me. I was referring to some of her hard core supporters with no privacy settings on their Facebook accounts, but I should know better by now than to assume anything.


  48. I understand where you are coming from Lisa. I dont know with 100% certainty that evaluations were ordered, and I do not know if Nicole has ever stated so. There has to be something they have not complied with if the court is still involved despite the wishes of CPS (Not that I buy that line, but that is what she states).

    My personal belief is that if there were a smaller number if children they would not have been returned until conditions were substantially improved. That statement is purely my opinion. I can just imagine the trauma it would cause these children to be apart from each other though, and I cannot think of any situation that one single foster family would be able to care for them all together. The parents should be ashamed of themselves though. This situation is not homesteading in any way shape or form. It is sloveness and filth. Poor does not have to equal neglectful and trashy. (again, purely my opinion)


  49. Lisa

    You rock
    Sorry to have it answered
    It has been a crazy week at work
    But you are on point with everything you said
    I can say that I am sure CPS is not done here
    There are way too many red flags
    But again
    The foster care system is sadly lacking in parents and even more so, parents that could take on such a large and challenging sibling group


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