Funny how free speech is a big deal to Nicole as long as we’re talking about her right to free speech.  Free speech does not apply to anyone else, ever.  All speech about her must pass her criteria to be permitted.

Those rules do not apply here.

This blog exists off Facebook for that reason. I knew this going in.  I knew that if criticism of the Nauglers remained on Facebook, it would be subject to Joe and Nicole and their leghumpers petitioning Facebook to take down pages and comments and photos endlessly.

She cannot do that here. She can complain if she wants. She can figure out who runs the hosting service and complain to them. I will tell you what they will tell her: “Suck it up, buttercup. First Amendment.”

batshit crazy

Oh, my word. Nicole is all upset.  Somebody “alerted” her to a comment. No they didn’t. Nicole reads every word written here. She probably checks this blog four times a day.

But no matter, she’s upset.  It’s a “credible threat of violence online.”

Here it is.

farm girl

Note what she says.  She will go with “protection in hand.”  Then she qualifies that.  It will be “legal protection” and it “does not require a permit or purchase of anything to go with it.”

Dunno about you, but that eliminates anything violent. “Protection” doesn’t necessarily mean from violence.  I know Nicole jumps on stuff and pretends it does but it doesn’t.  Farm Girl might well have meant she would bring her lawyer or her boyfriend or some other witness. I know I would.

And then she explains why she would go. She would go to “prove a point that she thinks she knows all the trolls when she does not really know them much at all.”

Not she would go “to beat Nicole into a bloody pulp.”

That would be a “credible threat of violence online.”

This is not.

That’s why I allowed it.

I want to talk about my criteria here because Nicole, since she has no idea who Farm Girl is, has decided this is all my fault. She makes a big deal out of the fact that I allowed this comment and that I will not remove it.

I try very hard to keep things on an even keel here. The rules of Facebook do not apply. The rules of Sally Davis apply.

Those rules are fairly simple because I am a very big advocate of the First Amendment.  You know how people are just rabid about the Second Amendment?  Well, I’m like that about the first one.

First Rule: For the most part, the kids are off-limits. We cannot pretend there are no children, and I’m not going to pretend that Nicole doesn’t pimp them out for donations because she does. But I will not identify any of them, won’t show their faces, and will not use their names. I also do not like to speculate about their futures very much. Edited to add: Minor children are off-limits.

Second Rule: For the most part, the business is off-limits. Again, I cannot pretend there is no business, but I don’t want to discuss it here. I don’t want to have anything here that could be construed as somehow thwarting Nicole’s sincere efforts to earn an honest living. I rather applaud that, frankly. Sometimes the line there is fuzzy, but I try.

Third Rule: I expect those of you commenting to behave like adults. There are a few of the critics that in my opinion are as crazy as Nicole and her followers. If those were the only critics, I would be happy to let all of them (Joe, Nicole, Charles, the other leghumpers and the crazy critics) battle it out without me.

I try to force them to tone it down here. I know they let it all go on Facebook, but I really do monitor what is said here. And everyone here knows that from time to time, I put my foot down.  I would also ask everyone to think about what they write and consider whether their comment will help or hurt the situation.  If you go off all half-cocked with silly nonsense and unsubstantiated assertions, you just give Nicole fodder that she can use to raise the ire of her brain-dead followers so she can get their money. That’s what she’s after, so don’t give her a gift.

I walk a fine line between my own ideas about what is appropriate and what other people think is appropriate.  If I wanted to keep it all perfect and untainted with outside influences and ideas, I would simply disallow all comments, period, and only my opinions would be read here.

But again, I love, love, love the First Amendment, so I tend to err on the side of being lenient in moderation. So Farm Girl’s comment was approved and remains approved. I would not have said it.  I wouldn’t do it (show up unannounced), but I’m not Farm Girl.

And I would add that the person who is walking close to making a violent threat online is Nicole with her last sentence.

*note: in Kentucky it’s legal to conceal carry without a permit on ones own property. This includes ones business.

She is saying that if you come on her property and she doesn’t like your behavior, she might shoot you. You should be aware that she’s capable of doing it and has the means to do so.

That’s why my invitation to her is for lunch at some public place. And such a lunch date would not be announced on Facebook or on this blog. Unlike Nicole, I don’t even own a gun.


27 thoughts on “Criteria”

  1. Just like you always say Sally….NN has to have some “controversy” when it’s a court day. She stirs that pot to get her loyal leg-humpers all worked up over a non issue to distract from all the real laws they are breaking. It’s as if she needs their encouragement in cyber space so she can face her real life where she has no encouragement.


  2. According to her followers, it’s a terroristic threat. Honestly I couldn’t understand how she has the nerve to even bring this up. I don’t always follow her pages or her blog and have only read a small portion of her posts. I’ve seen half a dozen references to her right to bear arms directed at specific individuals. This whole shit storm began with Joe threatening his neighbor with a gun. I wonder if she can Google the work hypocrisy and read enough of it to see herself.


  3. It’s a little scary how she throws her 2nd ammendment right around like that. It worries me big time.


  4. Why does Nicole always seem to jump the gun…pun intended…and assert even the smallest of acts or words are threats to her family?

    Like the commotion she made about trolls stalking her family a couple of months ago. It sounded as though a bunch of gun toting inbreeds were coming to shoot her place up like in the Wild West. Then we find out from you Sally that it was a fun trip on what…golf carts?…to visit her very close next door neighbor. The woman there had a baby. Neighborly people who were already having a social gathering wanted to go see the baby and offer well wishes. Joe of course came to the public road and stopped them. Crazy right??? Why live in a cozy Southern farming community if you don’t like the close friendships and bonds people there tend to share?

    Now this. It’s not the first time she overreacts to simple things either. It happens over and over again whether it’s neighbors, former employers, church folk or a police officer pulling her over for a simple traffic violation or lack of registration.

    I assumed when I read Farm Girls post that she was bringing a recorder to prove that Nicole wouldn’t recognize her. My opinion is, that is childish. It’s not a threat though.

    Calm down Nicole. Breath.


  5. Sally,

    Your rules are the main reason I will comment here as opposed to FB or other venues. I lurked for a long time before venturing to post. I was well aware of the Nauglers’ character and tendencies for some years before their viral expose’ of their lifestyle. The tone has been very civil and restrained on this blog. I was amazed and relieved when I came upon this blog and found that a real and candid assessment of the Nauglers’ duplicitous lives and speech, free from religiously pro-Naugler bloviation and distraction, was to be had here. I wholeheartedly agree with respecting the kids’ privacy. Goodness knows they know nothing of such civility from their parents.


  6. Umm, so is N sitting in court and making blog posts? She can’t put the phone down for an hour or so while their legal issues are hashed out? The word of the day is “priorities.”


  7. While I have never commented on here, I read it & most(if not all) of the comments. I can honestly say, I see it the same way as you, Sally. Old Time Farm Girl didn’t threaten anything, she said she would show up, unannounced. She may have a biting dog that needs groomed. Who really knows? No one but her. Definitely not NN or her leg-humpers! She is deflecting the court issue today, always stirring the pot on the day of or day before.


  8. Uhh, Nicole is a dirty filthy liar. She has personally taken time out of her life to do something personal to me. This is all documented and proven. She is very lucky I opted not to press charges, as was recommended to me by authorities in her jurisdiction. I did not, because at the time I firmly believed that Joe was the problem in that household, and I did not want to cause any more problems for the children. I am using my real name here, and I am not afraid of her crazy. not because I am 2000 miles away, but because when push comes to shove, she is a huge coward, just like that blob of a man-child she is chained to, and will not actually stand on her principles, because she really doesn’t have any to speak of. Oh, she talks a fine tale of being all voluntaryist and anti-authority and equal rights for all, but she really is just a petty, small minded little slave to the very system she despises. A real slave too, not like the ones she claims are slaves, because we can change our circumstances at the drop of a hat, unlike her. She is a rudderless ship who sails where the wind blows with no compass, moral or otherwise. A grifter, a con artist, and a shrew who has almost completely wore out her welcome in her entire community. She has no friends in real life and no one to control, so she spreads her legs and creates her own friends and victims.

    if she wasn’t such an evil little lying con artist, I might feel a twing sympathy for her, as I did in the beginning. But no, I don’t feel for her at all, any more that amusement that she still attempts to keep the little sand castle she sits on above the waves like its a mighty fortress.

    Tides coming.


  9. Farmgirl’s comment is bizarre and it would make me feel really weirded out if it was directed toward me. But it’s true that on closer read, it’s more childish and pointless (I mean, what a silly point to try to prove) than threatening.

    Sally, your criteria make sense to me.


  10. Nicole claims to have done nothing to anybody.

    I have valid proof, as do many others, of that assertation being a lie.

    Poor poor NicDoin’Nuffin’Nog.
    The reason you’re so scared of the locals and ‘the corrupt government’ is because the truth isn’t pretty- and they could eexpose you easily.
    You hide your many skeletons about as well as you hide that big old pile of shit.


  11. While I have never commented on here,

    And I will affirm that IndianaGirl has never commented here before.


  12. Haha, well you can tell it’s court day. Agitated and looking for a fight again, probably pretty uptight about what the judge is going to tell them, (they gotta do). Can’t fight the law, so try to get something goin’ here. She is afraid big time and it shows. This whole, ‘I’ve gotta gun’, teenaged bravado BS all over nothing. But I’d never discount a crazy paranoid with a gun. I can just imagine the stink eye Nicole must give everyone who walks into her biz, nice welcoming atmosphere I’m sure for the uninformed to see everyone packin’.
    Nicole, it would do you a world of good if you took up jogging and yoga daily. You won’t need to fast if you burn off some of your angry energy. Check your blood pressure too.


  13. Reading comprehension must be low on the unschool priority list. Old time farm girls comment is in no way a credible threat of violence toward any one. Itis nothing more than speculation that Nicole really does not know who she claims are “trolls” really are, she would not recognize them if the were behind her in Wal-Mart or Kroger. Nicole on the other hand responds with what I consider a credible threat. Opinions are one thing, threats of violence are another.

    I have met Nicole in person in the past and was not impressed. For those who would like to meet her, in my opinion it’s not worth wasting your time.


  14. Really? What about get obsessive hate for cops? Are you aware that the most recent shooting in Louisiana was by a cop hater? The guy had almost exactly , the same type of cop hate in his fb , that she has.


  15. Personally, after Nicole’s allusion to being armed on her business premesis, I cannot think that it would be very good for generating business. I say this carefully as it is a touchy subject. It does tend to suggest that the dog groomer is armed, willing to use her weapon (menacing, or worse anyone?), and is patently unhinged. I am pro 2nd amendment but Nicole nutjob has no business with a steak knife, much less anything perceptibly more lethal.


  16. The Mrs. has a new video up. A couple points of interest:
    1.) They had their case worker testify on their behalf in court. I thought CPS, according to them, were out of the picture and has been since last November. As my Irish neighbor often says, “Have ye ever heard such shite?”
    2.) Mr. Hitton has supposedly said a port-o-potty isn’t a viable alternative to a septic system. #shocker #sarcasm
    I haven’t caught up on all the new information, but I thought these bits were worth pointing out.


  17. So Nicole comments about what you allow on your blog.
    So interesting that as I type, a person who I seem to recall once referred to themselves as a “professional troll” is showing off the results of what I can only describe as a lovely example of what I would term “stalking”.
    Perhaps the BO should consider pot/kettle/black!
    Troll – Charlie boy! no goats trip trapping over his bridge!
    Stalker – Gnomethingy – bat shit crazy!
    Threats – Tell us again Nicole what the homestead tellytubby was up in court for? menacing wasn’t it?

    I have never seen such sheeple as I have seen over on BLH. Although I think there are now about 30 less since the gnome let loose with her version of “support”.

    I will only post on here as your rules work for me.

    Off now to see if the gnomethingy is still spewing copious amounts of shite to add to the blessed pile!


  18. Well, one port potty for a family that size is not sufficient for the long term. its a stop gap measure at best, especially being serviced only once a week. They really need 3. For that many people to live on a property full time, requiring a septic system is not at all a government overreach, especially since a septic system already exists on the property.
    this would be a sensitive topic in the local paper right now, as I understand a favorite creek is showing elevated levels of human feces, prompting a public health issue and closing down a public place.


  19. Whose responsible for the septic though? They don’t own that land. KY Land company owns that land. So is nicole and Joe responsible to pay and get it checked and hooked up or is KY Land Co? That’s what I’m having a hard time with. I’m not sticking up for them by any means but they don’t own that land so should they really be responsible for it?


  20. Yes, they are responsible for it. They have a land contract. They are not renting.

    Here are the three forms of occupying property.

    First: Rent. In that case, you don’t own the land. You just pay the landlord a monthly fee to use the premises. He pays for all the upkeep (generally). He also has to pay the taxes and insurance on the property (excluding renter’s insurance).

    Second: Buy. You buy the property with a conventional loan. The property costs $50,000. You borrow whatever the bank will loan you (a down payment is generally involved, so the bank won’t give you the whole $50,000. You then pay the person who is selling the land all that money. You now own the land and have the deed in your hands and in your name, but it’s collateral for your bank loan. The bank doesn’t own it. You do. You owe the bank money. If you don’t pay the money, the bank can take the collateral (the land).

    Third: Land contract. In this case, Joe and Nicole signed a contract with the Kentucky Land Company. KLC owns the land. They still own the land. They hold the deed until such time as you pay all the money that you agreed to pay in the contract. If you fail to do that (pay the money), the land company will evict you from the land just like a landlord does, and you lose every dime you paid. During the time that you occupy the land, you are responsible for any improvements. You signed the contract to buy the land “as is” exactly the way you’d buy land with a conventional loan. The difference between a land contract and a conventional purchase is in who holds the deed. It’s not a rental situation. It’s a way for 1) people with terrible credit to buy a home, and 2) companies who sell to them to protect their investment so they don’t get burned badly, as they would often if they didn’t hold those deeds. Generally speaking, if a bank won’t loan you money, nobody else should either. There are reasons why they won’t.

    The Nauglers want to live on that land. Hence, it is their responsibility to make it habitable. They knew the situation when they bought it.

    Having said that, because KLC still holds the deed, the health department cited them in the original complaint about the lack of a septic system. I have no idea what is in the contract the Nauglers signed (I think Nicole claims that only she signed it), but I would presume there is something in there about how the Nauglers are obligated not to trash the place before they pay for it.


  21. She is a rudderless ship who sails where the wind blows with no compass, moral or otherwise. A grifter, a con artist, and a shrew who has almost completely wore out her welcome in her entire community.

    Great description Bethannie!


  22. And this is exactly why I have limited respect for some of the anti-Naugler pages. Their behaviour is often no better than Joe and Nicole’s, is occasionally just vicious and nasty and they do themselves no favours by stooping to the level of the Nauglers and some of their supporters.
    The poor behaviour on these pages just gives Nicole (as the family mouthpiece) something to point at and overreact to in order to gain sympathy, support, or whatever else she needs to fill her soul for that day.
    The Nauglers can deal with backbiting, bitching, moaning sock accounts that are vicious, as it’s what they do, too. It’s the street brawling of the internet. This blog on the other hand, with it’s well written and concise examples of how inept and clueless Joe and Nicole actually are when it comes to living on the land, and the use of their own words to trip them up again and again, must infuriate and irritate them to no end.


  23. This is exactly why I enjoy this blog. Getting to exercise freedom of speech and opinions, without the likely back draft as seen on Facebook. Stalking, doxxing, harassing, contacting friends, family and employers and the various other copious attempts at silencing. BLB is also a favored place, because of the credibility of the posts. And often providing the missing pieces, the whole of the story, that Nicole and Joe conveniently leave off.

    Good information, BLB, on the options to occupying property. Although I don’t especially like land contracts and would not be a preference, I can regard the holding of the deed, given the potential and real risks of some of their clientele. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending, Ky Land Company is accountable to the Naugler’s responsibilities in occupying the land. They possess the deed.

    So in actuality, Joe and Nicole are responsible both to Ky Land Company and the County Environmental Agency in complying to the county regulations.

    Why Nicole and Joe are so obstinate in complying to regulations set forth in Breck County for each and every citizen in the community, only they know. Maybe for the fairly frequent court dates, with Joe’s accompanying lunch dates with Nicole? Gee, that’s special. A guy has gotta get his lunch dates with his gal, any way he can.


  24. Okay. I finally got to read the comment. I figured out the riddle.

    I know. I know.

    What is personal protection, is legal, doesn’t need a permit and gives you entre into a dog grooming salon without it appearing as if you don’t belong there?

    A dog.

    Actually the comment is a rather clever little tease. Not sinister at all if you think it through.

    Now, don’t all Nicole’s leghumpers feel stupider than ususal?


  25. Bingo Lisa!

    In case the so called groomer does not realize it – yes there are some dogs that are considered personal protection. Some take a lot of training and some come by it pretty much natural.

    My female came by it pretty much natural due to the line she came from were bred for border patrol dogs. At 4 months old she was showing her protections skill very well. Being she is very attached to me she takes to protecting me very seriously and does not hesitate to do it. I do not even have to give her a command to do it as she has the sense to know when it is needed.

    Love my girl!

    Now Nome and the rest of the leg humpers how stupid do you all feel for screaming weapon? Oh never mind answering that cause one would actually need a brain to answer it and post have proven many of the leg humpers are very much lacking in that department.

    Personal protection dogs are totally legal and no permit is needed for them. State law does require them to have a dog license which mine has so I guess you can say my personal protection is licensed.

    Dumb asses! ROTFLMAO Instead of calling the FBI or LE call the funny farm to haul your silly asses away.


  26. A Port-a-pottie is not going to help them when it comes down to their gray water. Gray water is full of nasties too which can cause environmental damage and illness. Does Kentucky regulate disposing gray water?


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