Nicole Not a crime

Well, there we have it. Right from the horse’s mouth.

It’s not a crime for people not to like her.

We’re just delighted that you are acknowledging that, Nicole.  It’s not a crime not to like you. It’s not stalking, or harassment, or any of those things. It’s not a crime.

It’s also not a crime to say that, right out loud, on Facebook, or on a blog.

So I will.

I don’t like you.



20 thoughts on “Criminal”

  1. LoL Nicole…alll those hundreds odd hours and what do you have to show for the GFM account and all that BS you spewed and continue to…….Im not the one who cried to the media last may, I not the one who suckered people out of tons of money. You have a business, 11 kids, a useless husband…..yet you still find time to surf the web. Puleeze…..pot meet kettle. And what do you have to show for it.


  2. Amazing. Nicole chooses to focus on comments about her hair, voice, and people not “liking” her. Far more posts exist about her unparenting, fraud, criminal behavior, and neglect of her children. Narcissism is strong with this one, and attempts at misdirection.
    Nicole, I don’t like what you are doing to your children. I do like it that the State is now forcing you to comply with the providing the basic necessities for your children so that they don’t die under your care. I will continue to follow in hopes that your kids will escape your insanity. I don’t give a shit what you look like or sound like, that is your problem.


  3. Her voice and her hair????
    Oh, sweetheart, I have far more than that. I could hurl insults at you all day and NOT run out of fresh material, all with out having to resort to your hair and voice. Also, who is this “they” that you speak of? People who have valid concerns?

    Oh, please, gift us with another insight into the world, oh great one.


  4. Mrs. Naugler, I don’t care about your hair. I don’t care about your voice.

    I care that your children are growing up in obvious filth and (unless you are extremely lucky) carrying parasite loads not generally seen outside a tropical slum.

    I care that you are raising nearly a dozen children in conditions that are almost guaranteed to keep them down and out for life.

    I care because you refuse to learn, anything, ever, at all. How many years have you been on that land now, and what do you have to show for it? A few pretty pictures and a lot of dead animals.

    I care because you are hanging around with a child molester who is too stupid not to use one of those children as a counterweight when wielding a chainsaw!

    I care because those kids are on my prayer list. Not you or your deadweight; the two of you have made your beds. Just them.


  5. Is she implying that she “produce’s” something? I don’t see much production, unless you consider dirt cakes and dead goat dinners. And while her hair is nothing less than stellar at best, no one GAF about it; her voice? Yah, don’t care. I am sad for her children and that is the reason why I follow this and take any interest in the Nauglers. I am curious and hopeful that justice will be served with this nutcase. Believe me, I have way more important things I should and could be doing, but I can make a little time to read the any day.


  6. Please woman..all you have is a clown car, and some clay rock. There is no home, it’s a shed, filthy .Sponge bathes, sharing water. Stop making promises you can’t keep.


  7. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s not a turkey.

    Who knows what he’s doing with those kids. And if they’re still co-sleeping, she’s complicit.


  8. I believe that Alex Brow is not a liar. Why would he put himself into the grinder of public opinion, as a young adult with his own life to live, by lying about something like that?


  9. No one gives a shit about you, Nicole. Lardass uses you for..well, you know, your supporters have dwindled down to a precious few…all of them online. Apparently no one cares about you close to home. I wish you and lardass cared for the kids and your’pets’. If you don’t care, then shutthehell up about it. All your blabbing shows you apparently do care. Then do something about it. Wasn’t it nicer back in the day, with a house, a bathroom, a kitchen, place for a classroom? All those ‘plans’.


  10. Yeah, those double negatives, “it’s not a crime for people not to like me.” But I guess it’s appropriate verbiage, because when you take the double negatives out, it should still be a sensible sentence. Oh well, random distraction there.

    And that is what this is about, distracting and deflection. Minimizing. Because who gives two fu*ks about hair and voice. And if you like me or I like you. It also isn’t a crime, to have a disagreeing and critical opinion.

    You invited me, as Joe B. Public, to your Facebook public page(s). Don’t you remember, it was last May. It was in the news media coverage and on one of your websites, that I first saw the invitation to learn more about your story. So yeah, you can post. And I can discuss, have an opinion, and be a critic. It’s not a crime. I like the way that works.

    I don’t care about your hair. I don’t care about your voice. I don’t care if you don’t like me.


  11. I think most people are fed up with our PC world. Lets play nice as to not hurt peoples feelings. To hell with protecting the NogNuts from name calling, how many times have any of us been attacked in numerous ways, name calling, harrasment at place of employment. We are all fed up. I expect to see/hear of a Ruby Ridge or Jamestown type situation. Not what I want to see happen but I feel they have poisoned those children against the world. Especially the older ones, the younger ones may still have a chance. The good in all this is they are being forced to have a “roof” over the kids head, they are all eating better now, not just HH, she doesn’t look drugged out her head
    with sunken eyes and purple bags under them. She as well as the children look so much healthier now. It leads me to believe she was forced to go on foodstamps (EBT, SNAP) whatever you want to call it. And lord help us if I get started on the “goat slaughter “.


  12. Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole

    Over the past couple months I have talked with other Military Mother’s and several enlisted Servicemen and women about this very odd American couple who post Anti-American sentiment all over their Facebook page’s.
    We’ve all seen it, but when they post such hate and talk as they do it reminds me and my friends of the American Traitors, Hanoi Jane and Tokyo Rose. That is why our little group refers to them as Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole.

    Sometimes I wonder if what they are doing is a crime?

    Are Hanoi Joe and Hanoi Nicole’s actions treason, or are they just simply the exercise of a private citizens rights to freedom of speech?
    Let’s look at this more closely…….

    Both are members of the Militia, both advocate Anti-Americanism, both lovingly support such group’s as Cop Block and Larken Rose. Both are Anachronistic and post propaganda, they also post websites to extremists groups.
    All these things they willing post, and their ideology betrays not only the ideas of our country, citizens and government, but also betray our Servicemen and Women who serve, sacrifice and mock Veterans, and dishonor those who have died for our country in the line of duty.

    There are several accounts of Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole’s disgusting and disturbing online behavior plastered all over Social Media for the whole world to see. Americans enemies see them too.
    Giving aid and Comfort to the enemies of America is treason.
    Is their treacherous behavior acts of high treason in this country?

    What does history say about this?
    Historically, Tokyo Rose was convicted of treason for making propaganda broadcasts on behalf of the Japanese during World War ll.
    Now here is what we Military Mom’s are wondering. ( Tokyo Rose had limited radio waves in which to broadcast and Uncle Sam convicted her. Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole have unlimited worldwide broadcasting on Social Media…. Facebook.)
    Yeah, I know….makes you wonder?

    What does the Laws state?
    As a matter of fact, there is NO requirement in Federal Law or in the Constitution that states that the U.S must be engaged in a declared war, or any war at all before charges of Treason can be brought or made against an individual.
    Now that is very interesting, isn’t it?

    Hanoi Jane is one of the most hated woman in America and has been for over forty years.
    Like Hanoi Jane, Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole hails American Soldiers and Veterans not as hero’s but as baby killer’s, hypocrites and liar’s who have all been brainwashed.

    As a Military Mother to three active duty son’s Hanoi Joe & Hanoi Nicole’s behavior is extremely insulting to me and my family and to many other’s as well.
    Hanoi Nicole is complaining in the above screenshot that it’s been 10 month’s now….extra whatever.
    I wonder how she is going to feel 10 year’s from now when we are all still here?

    See, if you can set all day and trash America, her people and our Soldiers, then we can make the time to expose you and expose all the things you really stand for. Just ask Jane Fonda !!!!


  13. I really don’t give a hoot about the Nauglers’ extremist political/antigovernmental views. No one is going to take them seriously except for other like-minded (make that “other like-no-brained”) individuals, who are just as powerless in the great scheme of things.

    What does concern me are those eleven children, and countless animals that are dependent on Joe and Nicole Naugler for their food, shelter, and well-being. The goat-killing is just the most recent, most egregious example of just how far removed from reality and how entrenched in their own paranoid views these two are. They continue to endanger all their dependents, be they animal or child. They cannot seem to distinguish between filth of various kinds and what is clean, decent, and good.

    Compared with these current and continuing dangers, extremist political views, with which I hasten to add I do not concur, are annoying to the points of exasperation and anger, but do not directly endanger the lives and health of the Naugler children and animals. The areas of overlap include vaccinations and professional health care, education and legal documentation – and the lack of those things DO concern me greatly.

    At least four – maybe more – of the older Naugler children are no longer trying to sleep on that horrible all-piled-together board arrangement. The two girls have a loft, the two eldest boys have their “boy-cave”, and perhaps a couple of the middle kids have the other loft (previously occupied by the two older boys), leaving the grimy mattress below for their parents and youngest siblings.

    That still makes parents plus at least “five in the bed – and the little one said…” (“…get us out of here!!”).


  14. Nicole has posted a picture of a chicken/pasta dish on BLH. I have the same cast iron pots and cook in them every day. It takes two pots to feed just our family of six kids and two adults. I feed my family until they are full because it is all healthy food and they are very active. My 18 year old son would eat a salad, a few slices of bread, an apple and about 1/4 of the food in that pot for dinner. He isn’t overweight at all. Just a healthy growing young man. I can’t imagine how the Nauglers, even with WIC and food stamps, can feed all those kids as much as they want to eat. Hopefully, they have found another church or food pantry to help them too.


  15. That Nicole broadcasts that she doesn’t care if people do not like her only betrays how desperate she is to be loved, adored, and even criticized. Anything to be relevant and validated. People who really don’t give a shit don’t waste their energy on acknowledging stuff like this.

    The narcissism is textbook. I feel for the children, how rough it must be dealing with Mama’s self-victimizing all the time. If we see it on Facebook, imagine what they are hearing at home.


  16. For someone having food stamps,that food is nasty. All processed no fresh veggies, fruit, bread, dessert,milk?


  17. @poorkids: Least effort expended for most calories is my guess. Sometimes that’s the tradeoff people have to make…but in this case I think it’s just the Naugler standard. It’s not like they’re working so terribly hard on anything else. At all.

    Except harassing people and whining about unfairness. They always seem to have plenty of energy for that.


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