Criminal Records

It began with this.

But nobody talked about the article, or the issue involved at all.

Instead, Stacey hijacked the entire thing because she wanted to talk about her DUI.

It appears that a few years ago, Stacey was charged with a DUI, which she seems not to have contested.  She wasn’t drunk, of course, because absolutely nobody who is actually drunk ever gets charged with a DUI, but only people with a “little buzz.”

And it’s totally not a felony, and furthermore, it’s a “funny story,” says Nicole.

Just hilarious.

But then Nicole goes off because, you know, DUI.  She just has a thing about it.  I have no idea why.

Oh, yeah, police officers and DUIs. That’s Nicole’s thing.

Stacey has to explain that she wasn’t drunk when she got charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you know, with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit. She wasn’t drunk.

She’s not making excuses either.

Well, actually she is, but who cares?  After all, it’s a funny story.

Not to be deterred, because she’s on a roll here. . .

Ah, and there we have it. Sheriff Pate. That’s what this is all about, of course.  Sheriff Pate.

We know, Nicole.  We get it.

She finds seven stories, all recent, of police officers who were charged with drinking and driving, and then she just tosses in a two-year-old story about Sheriff Pate.

There are close to one million police officers in the United States. When one of them is charged with a DUI, or some other crime, it makes the local news. Most of those local news outlets have an internet presence, so when you search specifically for “police dui” or something similar, you’ll find them.  Seven of them.  Out of about a million.

Maybe there are more in a given year. I bet there are.  About a million folks are charged with DUI in any given year.

It just stands to reason that some of them will be lawyers, and maybe a judge or two, or a congressman, or a doctor, or even police officers.

That doesn’t mean it’s a trivial offense.  It’s not.  It’s serious and should have way more impact than Stacey’s cavalier “I wasn’t drunk” bullshit.  People die because other people drink and drive.

But of course, then Joe weighs in because he simply cannot stand it.

Nobody boasts about anything, Joe. You drank a beer.  You just can’t stand it, can you?  You have to keep bringing it up.  Nobody was drunk, Joe, not even you.

There is a huge difference between what Stacey did (drive with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit) and somebody having a beer and driving, with a blood-alcohol level below the legal limit.  Driving drunk does not mean “driving after having consumed any amount of alcoholic beverage whatsoever.”  Driving drunk means driving with a blood-alcohol level over 0.08%. Notice that it isn’t zero?

The average 180 lb man can drink a beer and have a BAC (blood-alcohol level) of only 0.02%.  He’s not drunk.  He’s not even starting to be drunk.  He doesn’t have a “buzz.”

Give it a rest, Joe.

But let’s get to the point here.

Police officers get noticed when they break the law.  They get written up in the local newspaper and people like Nicole can find those articles and point fingers.

But when Joe and Nicole Naugler break the law, well, it’s not really news.  Nobody cares much, except trolls, and we pretty much just laugh.  With just a few exceptions, the local news doesn’t even notice.

They have a pretty significant history of breaking the law, though.

I’d say that assault is pretty serious.

Notice what they call that?  “Theft by check.”  Theft.  Joe is a thief.

But then, so is Nicole.

And Nicole and Joe dismiss this stuff as being petty and meaningless, but I tell you what. I’d never accept a check from either of them. Ever. They write bad checks, and that’s a form of theft.

I get that almost anyone can write a bad check by mistake, but hardly anyone in that situation ends up in court over it.  Most people take care it, if it was an accident due to a math error or something similar, are highly embarrassed, and take steps to not do that any more.  People who end up cited for it and in court are just plain thieves.

They don’t keep insurance up-to-date on their vehicle. This means that if they’re involved in an accident that is their fault, they are not going to be able to meet their responsibility to pay for the damage they caused.  They don’t keep their drivers licenses up-to-date.  They don’t keep their vehicles maintained (in states where inspections are required).  They don’t do the stuff that responsible drivers do to make sure they are safe while driving.

I think this stuff is serious, when you see it repeated over and over again.

It’s a pattern of irresponsible behavior with no regard for anyone else in society except themselves, as is clearly shown by the whole menacing, Goatgate, and Shitgate stuff.

Joe and Nicole go to court so much they talk about it like it’s some sort of fun date. They do lunch afterwards at some cheap-ass fast food place. October is shaping up to be no exception to the rule. The Nauglers will be in court some more.

But by all means, let’s see more police officers who drove drunk, Nicole. I know that makes you feel all superior and warm and fuzzy.





25 thoughts on “Criminal Records”

  1. Nicole superior???? To what, pray tell?? Maybe a caveman, but if the caveman had any morals other than “You can’t make me”, I’d take the caveman in an instant.

    She lives, literally, in shit. She has 11 children for whom she can’t and won’t provide the basic essentials of life…..that is, food, clothing, shelter, and an education. (back to “you can’t make me) The 11 children also live in shit.

    She keeps making more children with her fat and lazy husband, who does nothing to help and provide for those children. Well, technically, he also displays a creepy interest in adolesent girls, and has been accused of raping his oldest child, but neither of those things provide for the children.

    I guess he can’t take the time away from fighting imaginary internet enemies who “want to hurt my family”, again while immersed in shit? Nicole’s good days are those spent washing dog butts.

    She has about 6 teeth left, and those 6 appear to hanging by a thread. Her two eldest sons appear to be modeling inappropriate behaviors that they learned somewhere. Given that they are kept completely isolated socially with no peer interaction, one might surmise where they might have learned that behavior.

    She lives in a garden shed and shits in a bucket. A bucket!

    No, Nicole, trust me. I am not losing any sleep worrying that you are morally (or in any way) superior. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it too is made of shit.


  2. Haha she can’t even claim to be a superior breeder, her main claim to fame.

    But that idiot Stacey. I don’t even drink. I wasn’t even drunk. Well I had a few drinks.
    Xmas shopping and a little buzz.

    Fucking moron, my new favorite insult, thanks Rex!


  3. Is that what you say Stacy, when they haul your drunk ass out of a header where you killed a few other people , you were just a little buzzed, you know xmas shopping and stuff. It doesnt piss you off Stacy that your Besties looked up your DUI, WTF is wrong with you.


  4. Oddly enough, despite Joe and Nicole’s jammering, false allegations, and pathetic attempts to defame . . .

    I haven’t managed to get a DUI/DWI. Crazy huh? According to them and their “sources”, I’m a raging drunk. You’d think that by now I’d have at least the same kind of bragging rights as Stacey.

    I need to up my drunk game a little.

    Then again, maybe the Nauglers are just pathological liars that cherry pick their own reality. They point fingers and dismiss the three fingers pointing at them.

    Stacey’s “completely unjust conviction” vs all the allegations they make against others.

    Selective reality.

    Funny shit.

    Stay tuned. The interview IS going to be posted. When?

    No worries. It’s coming.


  5. My favorite is the people that ponder, over and over, how people have time to post about the N’s. Umm, I guess the very same way that they have time to ponder it? I treat the N’s like a soap opera; I pop in now and then to see what’s going on. I miss soap operas! But since I also work and attend college I don’t have hours of time to write multiple posts about them like, ahem, Stacy. And I was also amused that she claimed to not even drink, then just a little, then buzzed. Wow! I would think she was working towards being a sister wife but I’m sure that J wants someone who is young enough to pop out a few babies. He has to (attempt to) prove his manhood in some way.


  6. Things do have a way of working out at times, Nicole and Joe have been on absolute rampage of lying and falsely accusing people of all sorts of heinous things. Bullshit lies they just make up out of whole cloth. Their personal favorite it would seem is to label everyone, the sheriff and even Nicole’s father as alcoholics. They have completely demonized the drinking of any alcohol, unless it’s Jabba Joe and the beer. Now that it is one of their own who has a drunk driving incident it all becomes a “joke.” It’s not like they give two flying figs about Stacey, their humper, they don’t imho, she’s only good for what she can do for them. Being dumbasses, however, and unable to divert from their blessed little narrative, they think Stacey’s drunk driving is nothing at all while bashing any and all LE they could google in a minute or two then throw in the sheriff because, you know, vendetta, they can’t let anything go, and it is an integral part of their bullshit story where there is documented proof (and repentance) and so they use the sheriffs incident to try to validate their lies about everyone else.

    Their bullshit is old, their excuses tired, their carefully crafted narrative unraveling by the day.

    I think if they have to they will throw Stacey under the bus. For right now they need her as the number of Humpers dwindles. They rely on Humpers to help them launch their bullshit, reinforce their lies and cheer them on in their nastiness. They can’t really use the sock Charles anymore as even their Humpers appear to be repulsed by her.


  7. Unsurprisingly, Joe isn’t going to let it rest:

    Lol! sallys done enough to admit they were drinking and driving, as they even tried to say I drank beer with them, beer they say they had on them, all whilst they also admit children were in the vehicles….

    They can use all the word salad and write defamatory blogs and posts about my goats getting lose or whatever but nothing compares to the deplorableness and irresponsibility of driving on public roads buzzed drunk whatever, putting the community in danger and the lives of those poor children…

    I mean talk about neglect and abuse of children!!

    And criminally stalking and harassing to boot…

    And the fact that they won’t even take responsibility for their actions really shows the pattern of corruption they’ve consistently enable

    “…my goats getting lose (sic) or whatever…” That’s a big “whatever” there, Joe. Funny how you don’t want to expound on all that “whatever” includes? You know – assault, menacing, theft, dependency, and dumping raw human waste on your property? And as much as you like to throw around the word “defamatory,” you fail to acknowledge that when those statements are posted along with court documents proving that you were indeed convicted of ALL those things, those statements are not “defamatory.” They are factual.

    And we all know you drank the fucking beer.


  8. I just want Nicole to post the photos that I took with the camera that I didn’t have.

    Here’s a promise.

    The next time I’m in Breck County, I’m gonna walk right down that road, right past their property, and I am gonna stop every two steps and take a picture of whatever I want. Might be on their side of the road. Might not be. Whatever I want.

    And then I am gonna post ALL those photos on my blog along with a selfie or two to prove I did it.

    Tell me, Joe and Nicole, exactly what are you gonna do about it? I might even bring a glass of wine with me and drink as I walk and photograph.


  9. Stay tuned. The interview IS going to be posted. When?

    No worries. It’s coming.

    I can vouch for that. I’ve seen some of it. 🙂


  10. I don’t have any DUIs either, but if I had to deal with the Nauglers on a professional level I’d likely drink a LOT more than I do now.


  11. The strangest thing to me is that the Ns seem to think that having some sort of criminal history is normal. My husband is almost 45 and he has zero criminal history at this point. The vast majority of people I know have no criminal histories whatsoever. Who are the Ns hanging out with that make them feel like having a criminal history is completely normal?


  12. You can’t tell me that Joe has never driven after smoking a fatty with his children in the vehicle.

    Under the influence isn’t just alcohol and he made it public knowledge that he loves marijuana.

    There he goes again, pointing fingers with dirty hands…


  13. The next time I’m in Breck County, I’m gonna walk right down that road, right past their property, and I am gonna stop every two steps and take a picture of whatever I want. Might be on their side of the road. Might not be. Whatever I want.

    And then I am gonna post ALL those photos on my blog along with a selfie or two to prove I did it.


    It will be…wait for it…The Troll Stroll! You should dress up and sing too. I vote for “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles.


  14. “There’s an old woman walking down our private road, with a glass of wine in her hand, taking pictures of our property – from the road! She’s DRUNK! She’s walking and she’s DRUNK! How do I know she’s drunk? Well, she has a glass of something in her hand and it’s red. It must be wine. Sure, it could be cranberry juice but she’s laughing and taking photos so she has to be drunk. Hello? HELLO? Aren’t you going to DO something about it? She’s MENACING ME.”

    Just a little stroll down a country lane. Don’t forget to pet the dogs. I bet their dogs are hungry – bring along some kibble. I saw the photos of the Sneed’s dogs – they don’t need snacks.


  15. For Pa Poo; Naugler’s new Naugtionary V1:

    Editor’s Disclaimer: I know how to spell any of the words included below in their proper context, possessive form or not, etc. (There vs their, accept vs except, liable vs libel, etc). All misspelled or incorrectly used words are used in parody……Really! ?

    1.) Deplorableness: A new nord (Naugler word) used to describe the state of being deplorable. Used as an adjective.

    Very deplorable. The most deplorable of all deplorability EVAH in the entire deplorable world.

    Example: Jeremy (that idiot) Hinton showed his deploreableness when he used the statist laws incorrectly to force my family to acquire a porta potty when we already were making humanure correctly by flinging the poo on our established compost area, wherever the kids made it. He actively colluded with the stalkers and trolls to threaten the safety of our family, which demonstrates his deploreableness.

    2.) Lose: unconstrained; free range; not constrained by makeshift or Nauglered “fences”. An adjective.

    Example: Our horse only got lose one time. We have learned that when she gets lose, she will return to the Shitstead if the Enforcer shakes a bucket of grain or a weapon near the fence that does not let her get lose. It is liable and defamation of caricature when the evil statist trolls say that she got lose several times and just shows there deploreableness.

    3.) Irresponsibility: (Editor’s note: It was difficult to type this with a straight face.) Failure to except the consequences of ones actions, failure to follow through on stated course of action, lack of responsibility. May also be used to describe anyone taking an action of which Pa Poo has not expressly approved. A noun.

    Example: It is statist irresponsibility to except emergency medical services and have those services paid through Medicaid, as it means that someone else is paying your bill. A voluntary society where you can voluntarily refuse Medicaid and just voluntarily not pay the bill if you think it is to much or (editor’s addition) just don’t want to pay because your GoFundMe was unsuccessful is preferable.

    Example 2: Driving down a public road without our permission shows irresponsibility and deploreableness. It shows more deploreableness to offer Pa Poo a beer and have him except it, as this would make Ma Poo very angry. Telling anyone about this would be slander and liable.


  16. The Sneed dogs don’t need snacks because they are very good at making you want to give them snacks. They smile at you. Big genuine sweet smiles that say “I love you anyway if you should give me a snack it will be nice, but I still love you.” They are loving, mellow, happy and calm dogs. I can’t imagine what kind of cold hearted bastard shot one of them on their own property. Luckily she survived.


  17. A tiny evil fun shit stirring part of my brain just thought it would be wonderful to organize a marathon for charity and have the course go down a certain road. It would need to be a big one though, so there would be safety in numbers. Televised would be even better. Can we get the Macy’s parade to leave New York this Thanksgiving, just this once? LOL


  18. @TSOWOATNK: This made me giggle: “Who are the Nauglers hanging out with that they think having a criminal record is normal?”

    LOL; they are hanging out with each other, of course!

    I think getting arrested in the is a rite of passage in the family of Poo; it is like high school graduation for the rest of us. (since we know they don’t do that “graduation” thing, for heaven’s sake!)


  19. Tangentially related not – Nicole is bitching, again, that Lisa, Sally and Al were all unaware of the Sneed’s and that it’s sinister. Presumably the only friends Nicole has are the ones to whom she’s related.

    Nicole, when your parents told you to go “make friends”, they weren’t telling you to BREED THEM.


  20. ” I had s (sic) a few drinks Xmas shopping and had a little buzz.” What? Does she keep a bottle in her purse, hang out in a bar to have “a few drinks,” or bar hop along the way. Her and Nicole think that’s just so funny.

    What’s so funny about it? Her DUI wasn’t as bad as another persons who happens to be a cop? Are they fucking serious?

    Nicole, explain why it’s so funny. Committing a crime that puts the public at risk of serious bodily injury and death?


  21. @Tekla,

    ROLFLMAO; that was great! Unfortunately, that this is the only way Nickie knows how to “make friends.”

    And sure enough, the friends she “makes” can only deal with her skanky, nasty self for about a year before that “friendship” is over, and her new “friend” is done with her, and then COLLUDES with her formerly most recent BFF…..that is, breast friend, fleetingly. ?

    Such a blessing that Joe remains such an “intimate” Father……gagging as I type…..


  22. I am SUPER against impaired driving. How can someone make light of it? It boggles my mind that this nimwit thinks it’s funny that she got a DUI. It’s not funny. You could have easily killed someone. Drunk driving (buzzed driving IS drunk driving) is not a fucking joke. I can not believe what those assholes think is funny. They laugh about infertility, dead babies (prior to their own), drunk driving, and child neglect. It’s all a fucking joke to them.


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