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One way to discredit someone is to question their mental health.

Well, I guess Nicole would know.

Here’s a nice conversation she had on her Facebook page, the BLH one with so many followers.  That one. She put it there so she’d get lots of sympathy and feedback.

mentally ill


And as you can see, they dived right in.  Nobody questioned a single word she said. All accusations are taken at face value. She presents no proof, nothing. She won’t even use my name or provide a link to this blog.

This post, by the way, was the one that inspired me to make Nicole her very own movie. I thought it might cheer her up, since she was obviously in a pissy mood.


Oh gee. They’re going to look around and see what I have hidden.  Oh my.


So medication won’t help, says Darcy Dallin. I was obviously unloved as a child and nobody loves me now either.  Poor me.

But notice that Darcy doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. She says that Nicole should “delete every post/comment” I make?  Exactly  how would Nicole go about doing that?  This is a blog, not Facebook.  I don’t comment on any of the Facebook pages (and rarely read any of them), and she doesn’t own this blog.

I mention that to show that these followers are so clueless, and Nicole just goes on letting them be clueless.  She starts with a whole rant about me, but it turns into “they” as this goes on. Who is “they”?

And the first person asks Nicole to post my “personal info” (Nicole doesn’t have most of my personal info, but that’s neither here nor there).  Nicole doesn’t say a word.


And now Amber Rial says, “. . . punching them in the face.”  Punching who?  Me and who?  Nicole ignores that and explain that she cannot get a restraining order.

Really?  🙂  I know she can’t. This is a public blog. I am making public commentary on her public commentary.  It’s called free speech and it’s protected by the Constitution of the USA.

If I even thought of doing something I would be charged with a crime.

I’m very glad Nicole realizes that fact.


And now we’ve moved right on to “they.” A profile “was made,” a page “was made,” and clients “were contacted.”  (I call bullshit on the last thing, and I have no idea about the other two.)

But who did all that?  Made by who? Contacted by who?  Not me, I assure you.  I’m just right here on my little blog doing my little thing.  It’s all I have time for, frankly.

Yet, she’s happy to allow me to be blamed.


Stalking:  I have never “stalked” Nicole Naugler or any Naugler. Riding down their road, never leaving the road, is not “stalking.”

Harassment: Making public commentary on her public commentary is not harassment. It’s public commentary, protected free speech.  She is free to make public commentary back.  Notice how I am not whining or complaining or bitching about what she is saying about me?  I am just presenting it. I counter her errors (and there are many).  But she has an absolute right to speak.

And if anyone has the slightest idea what Eulanda Hibler is talking about, I’d love to know about it.


Sue her! Call the FCC!  (WTF?) And more threats of violence (tar and feathers).

And “sick.”

And then Nicole accommodates them, but it’s odd. She does so by identifying not me, but Nathan.  Why?  Would I identify her by saying, “She’s the mother of XXXXX Naugler?”

Nicole and Joe are limited public figures because they placed themselves in the limelight by producing audio recordings of their encounters with law enforcement, by publicly blogging about all that stuff and by encouraging the media to come to their property and take photos and write articles. They inserted themselves into the news. That’s how it works.

But even if she was not a public figure (for instance, I am not, regardless of her silly assertion), I can still make public commentary on her public commentary. It just means that the bar is a bit higher when it comes to libel claims.

Anyway, did you notice how her followers just jumped in to echo, “Yeah, Nicole, she’s mentally ill”?  Notice that?

Well, here’s some more.


Nathan 2

Now this is libel. The only thing that even slightly protects her is that she never uses my name here. She isn’t really clear about who she is talking about.

And she has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s making all sorts of claims about stuff without a single shred of evidence.  In fact, all the evidence she could possibly have gathered leads in an entirely different direction.  But she presents none. She just makes claims.

Throughout this blog, I have made it a point to try to use screen shots and links to pages and links to articles to prove my points. And I offer my opinions. Of course I do. That’s what this is about.  It’s okay for me to offer my opinions about the evidence that I present.

Sometimes people disagree with my conclusions. And that’s okay too.

But at least there is something to argue about here.  This is just Nicole fabricating a little tragic story to somehow make me look bad.


But it’s okay for her to just make up a story, because I’m abusive. At this point, she identifies me as “the blogger.”  No name. No link. Just “the blogger.”

And Charles, that shining example of morality and purity, says it’s all because I’m an atheist.  Sigh.

Notice though, that this is not starting out the way Nicole intended. The first comment is not exactly flattering. However, so far, nobody has questioned a single word of her story. They just accept it as true.


See? I have no Constitutional right to free speech because she has declared that I mentally abused my son to the point that he committed suicide. (I didn’t and he didn’t.)

But the comments, while critical of her, never once question the “facts” she presented. Not one.


And more of it. Even when asked where she got her information, she’s vague. No links. No information so people can read for themselves.  She is the arbiter of what is true.

While I unquestionably offer my opinion here and often acerbically, I generally present my sources and if I don’t for some reason, and I’m asked, I don’t mind one bit offering that information, so you can read what I read and make up your own mind.

I don’t ask you to believe me just because it’s me. Or just because I said so.


I did not drive two hours to drive by the Naugler place. How many times do I have to say that?  I drove two hours to visit my friends. The Naugler thing was an afterthought.  And I had no camera with me. I wish to hell I had had one. If I had, I would have taken a photo of Joe with his beer and that shit-eating grin on his face.


None of that is true, but I’m repeating myself.

Anyway, I’m “lucky” she just made a FB post and didn’t make a blog? I don’t care if she makes a blog.  Do it.  Live it up.  Enjoy yourself.


And the answer to her question is yes, it’s okay.  As I’ve said, what I write is my opinion, backed up with what evidence I can find.


So we’re back to her original public commentary on her public blog. Who, exactly, is the “whiney [sic] blogger” who “thinks we are all crazy”?

Please show me where, on this blog, I have ever once accused Nicole of being mentally ill.  I’ll wait while you look.

People have made those sorts of comments, yes, but I have not.

For a while, I even debated whether I would allow comments like that (and there have been a few that I thought went way too far and I didn’t allow them), but her behavior hasn’t exactly inspired me to be kind.


(That comment is about me.)


And this is one of the main reasons I am still here.  It’s why I will stay.

I can say “fuck you” too, Nicole.




37 thoughts on “Crazy About You”

  1. Good on you.
    Keep at her.
    Whenever they have a rope to hang themselves they do it spectacularly.

    Now that her family may try to leave, her crazy will only ramp up further.


  2. She doesn’t call you by name because she doesn’t want anyone to research you to find out there is nothing to back up her claims. She doesn’t link people to your blog because she doesn’t want people to come here and read the truth. She doesn’t want anyone to have the other side of the story because she knows more people will turn on her than not. She’s just a sad, angry woman with a pitiful existence, and no way to fill the void other than to boo-hoo to the masses.


  3. The ‘sewn notebook’ comment may be about writing stuff down in a bound notebook (maybe with page numbers) so you can show it wasn’t edited later? That still doesn’t prove it’s legal. You could write anything at all about someone and you wouldn’t show a court that the person actually did what you said they did. Heck, you could go full Gone Girl and (spoiler alert) write with different pens and such to demonstrate the passage of time and it still wouldn’t hold up in court.


  4. Just a quick word because the new South Park is coming on. This season it is all about trolls, which is so very apropos, having encountered my first internet trolls when I commented on the Breckinridge Sheriff’s Facebook page regarding the Nauglers.

    This post is one of your best. Intelligent and rational.

    To misquote South Park regarding the troll Nicole “keep saying her name”. Charles is Skankhunt42 dumbed down.


  5. Keep on blogging. I think Nicole Naugler is losing followers one by one, except for sock accounts and a few very ignorant people who probably have little else in their life besides “plans”. Hope the children eventually can leave their worthless father and delusional mother to fend for themselves.


  6. Oh that ol crazy Nic and the blind sheep that follow her, blah blah blah. It seems they’re the only livestock she can keep alive.


  7. As someone who has lost way too many dear beloved friends and family to overdose and also too many clients (one is too many), the ‘dead junkie’ comment gives me a rolling rage. What a callous, heartless person.
    She’s become a caricature of herself. She’s a laughing stock.


  8. I work in healthcare and sometimes find myself saying after work “It was mental illness talking to mental illness.” That’s how I often reply to my husband because he knows I work with the cognitively impaired. Whenever I read Nicole’s rants and her supporters replies I feel the same way.


  9. Nicole,Nicole….tsk tsk.
    She has her usual leg humpers (Charles and Annette) going after commenters when they call her out for her actions. I’m tired of her blaming you for your sons death. *Newsflash Nicole* do you know anyone who struggles with drug addiction? Friends,family? I HAVE! How dare you continue to make assumptions you know nothing about. You know what happens when you spell assume. Nicole as usual loves being the center of attention. She is good at coming up with these accusations, yet has no proof. For example, her statement of being stalked. Where is her proof? She supposedly records everything ( maybe you should write that down on her to do list so she doesn’t forget). I’m tired of hearing/reading how they are documenting everything. With all the socks, how can she keep track of fact vs fiction… I’m sure her next excuse will be its too hard to do links on a cell phone.


  10. The sewn notebook is part of a long list of sovereign citizen hocus-pocus that’s supposed to make some difference in a court of law. Like the fringed flag theory, it’s bullshit. It’s almost as bullshit as the article 4 free inhabitant theory, that I’m waiting for Nikki to invoke in her next traffic stop.

    That being said, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Nikki isn’t going to challenge the bobble-headed psychophants to do any critical thinking; this is the Alex Jones crowd after all. Research is not a strong suit with these people, and critical thinking might cause their heads to explode.


  11. In another blog post of Nicole’s she does name names (Unsinkable). Her first paragraph states that everything she says or does is criticized. She says that the stalkers contact her business and post fake reviews. The bullies call oversight organizations. The next paragraph states it is only a few people: locals (and she names you, Sally) and two that are out of state. I do hope some of the people who read her FB and blog come here to realize you are only correcting Nicole’s inaccuracies or providing more detailed information (i.e. what it really takes to provide power using solar panels).
    She also mentioned the person who make the initial call to CPS and says she never met her or her children. But I thought Joe had two of his kids with him at the time of the incident so she would have met those two.
    I also wanted to say that I love reading your blog posts; they are very informative. For example, I was not aware of the challenges of raising chickens and you did a great job explaining it.


  12. Well, I can only hope that the kids will eventually grow up and strike out on their own. Even if it’s just for a few years and with a friend or two to split the bills. It’s good for young people to do that so they can appreciate what their parents did while raising them.

    Nothing like being responsible for putting a roof over your head, insuring it, getting places on time in order to not get thrown out of class or fired, making new friends your own age, dating, starting your very first 401K or IRA (yes, even her eldest should be doing that right now. Immediately. Compound interest is a marvelous thing when you’re 17 years old and funding an IRA), paying utility bills, discovering how much or how little it costs to cook for oneself and possibly a few friends.

    If one or more then opt to return to the property, they will have a deeper appreciation for what they’ve done and what can still be done in the future.

    Although I still shake my head over the likely debacle of horse ownership on that piece of property at this time. Unless someone is out there building a pioneer rail fence and that still takes maintenance over time.

    They’re called different things in different places. Here’s a link to a photo of what I’m talking about. The advantage to this type of fence is that you do NOT need to sink fence posts into the ground.

    This link has a photo with another variation on the theme:

    Buck rail fence shown in this link:


  13. Most the time when somebody talks a lot of smack without proof I will say they need a mirror to look in while they talk their smack. Nicky is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of this statement. “A parent that mentally abuses their kids.” Nicky and Joe is the WORST OF OFFENDERS to that statement. Every kid they have had has been mentally abused just by the fact they CAN NOT SUPPORT them like most parents can in the USA. AND……….. They keep having MORE. Gofigure 🙁 I mean really I’m so PISSED OFF at my parents for not letting me pack all their SHIT to the woods as a kid growing up cause ither one of them can not afford a freaking TOILET! I mean really back in the day I wished to GOD ALL THE TIME that my parents would get so Brain Dead that they would let me drop out of school and become a Blooming IDIOT in life. Then when I was all grown up and could NOT make a go in real life I could of OD’ed on Dope cause my parents didn’t teach me SHIT about life! I mean cept how to haul shit. That’s a very important life lesson. Thank goodness for so many kids right Nicky? Now you and your better half can spend all your time on line. I mean the kids do ALL YOUR WORK for you so you can. I would assume they try to keep busy a LOT to keep you two off there ASS. As long as you two have time on line you don’t have to bitch and complain about this blog to them.

    I remember when BLH went down. (I never go there cause its full of bullshit and lies OR if you comment about something and Nicky don’t like it then she deletes it and sicks her dog chuckles who is just one of many others on you. Mr Bean was my Fav. Day one when this happened I couldn’t even post on the sheriff’s FB page without being harassed by them. Anyways the fake page was put up for laughs IMO not that I agreed with it but still nothing more then for a laugh. Of course that was a perfect excuse for Nicky to lie and accuse them of messing with her clients and posting on her grooming page. I will tell you what I think about that…………………..”BULLSHIT” Nicky’s quote “And all my clients who post on my business page was contacted.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That comment right there, LOL Nicky needs to be in a FUN HOUSE FULL OF MIRRORS! I bet she knows all about contacting other shops clients. 🙂 Nicky screens EVERY COMMENT on her grooming page. She is so freaking PERFECT and that page has to prove it SO you get 1 great comment out of 5 cause the other 4 comments tell the TRUTH about her perfect grooming and never gets posted!

    Nicky’s quote “This is me not giving a shit” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BULLSHIT! This page PISSES NICKY OFF SO BAD! She eats sleeps and dreams about the truth on this page and the FACTS to back up all the truths! 🙂 Then she spends HOURS on end to think of some bullshit excuse to explain away the FACTS from this page to all her LEGHUMPERS! Sally YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK FACTS (I mean SMACK) coughcough about Nicky like this! She is a sovereign being coughcough and your right to free speech MEANS NOTHING to her. ONLY SHE CAN DO SHIT LIKE THAT! DON’T YOU KNOW HOW ON LINE AND REAL LIFE WORKS?

    Nicky’s quote “The blogger is so abusive. She has abused Many” nicky Nicky NICKY! You need a full length mirror for that statement. You are the WORST OF THE WORST when it comes to abusing people On Line and in REAL LIFE including your KIDS. She will call that a lie and call me mentally ill. Of course Nicky and I know what I just said is the real TRUTH. 🙂

    Get the BIG MIRROR out for this one Nicky. Nicky’s quote “She unloved as a child and still unloved as a adult” This one kind of gets to me. 🙁 What she just told me is even her kids don’t love her today that is very sad. 🙁 Nicky is a Full Blown LIAR! I live by this statement. “When she says YES SHE MEANS NO! When she says THIS SHE MEANS THAT! Nicky’s quote “She stated this.” No Nicky YOU STARTED THIS! You started this Nicky and I will back Sally up ALL THE WAY cause I KNOW how you are and Well Sally……… she don’t talk the SMACK she backs it up with FACTS!

    Sally! BRAVO! BRAVO!

    PS. I’m going to make sure I thank Mom and Pops today for forcing me to go to school and how to live and good life and be PROUD of my Brothers and Sisters of this GREAT COUNTRY! Thank GOD for the police and court systems that PROTECT me from LOWLIFE POND SCUM! 🙂 THANK GOD I GOT A JOB A HOME AND A FREAKING TOILET! 🙂 Oh yes I brag about school LOL and yes I know my grammer and spelling, my word structure and all the freaking out of place caps don’t make me sound very smart but I think the Point brings everybody to believe I Live a Honest life and happy with what I got! I think yual understand I know what I’m talking about. I mean just cause I went to school don’t mean I applied myself 100% 🙂 Oh yea and after school I Had to WORK MY ASS OFF and will thank my Pops for that too. I can do MANY Things in life to make money cause my parents thought me more then just go to school and hope that was enough.

    Again SALLY BRAVO! 🙂


  14. Sally, Nicole actually wrote a new blog and did provide your name, as well as Lisa L. and a few other locals. She also named some other “trolls” and their locations. She provided the name of some person she claims is the reason CPS was called. Everything that happened to her is someone else’s fault. She needs to take responsibility! She is mentally ? ill. ? lol ?


  15. She names me on the BLH blog, but not on Facebook. She does that because Facebook would smack her down for using my name, but of course, it’s the Wild West on the blog. Why do you think I opted to run a blog and not a Facebook page?

    Facebook sets the rules for Facebook. You either comply or you’re out.

    I set the rules here. She sets the rules on BLH (the blog). The only caveat is the US Constitution and free speech.


  16. Nikki loves to stampede her herd from one dust cloud to the next until someone breaks out into the light, then she tries to run over them or run away. Interestingly her herd has now been culled to a special few. Unable to run over Sally, she continues to attack even through she is so pitifully ill equipped. So she goes after what Sally loves, and predictably, through her actions, her lack of morals and ethics becomes apparent to all who continue to flee from her hate and negativity.
    The traits Nicole so commonly and publicly exhibits, grouped together and analyzed by behavior scientists are given names. Names such as narcissism, (Nicole = narcacism). But it really is irrelevant what anyone might name her group of traits, be it a behavior scientist or an anonymous poster because their long history of misdemeanors, criminal convictions, allegations of sexual child abuse, misleading GoFundme campaigns, continued CPS legal custody of 11 chidren, photographic evidence of filthy living coditions without basic necessities provided for children, and her daily inordinate time spent cussing and arguing with anonymous faceless posters paints a clear picture of who Nicole and Joe Naugler are. Their history and actions cannot be argued away in a game of semantics.


  17. Nicole and her pet swine Joe cannot handle the implications of Sally’s blog. Nicole has blogged for many years and would receive the occasional post saying she and her husband were pathetic in their efforts or, worse, somebody from their Texas or Maine past would post inconvenient reminiscences. Nicole always deleted those comments and kept her online presence unspoilt by reality. Now there’s a blog where people can go to discuss the Naugler activities and experiences and Nicole has no control over it.

    Nicole and her…husband…Joe are accustomed to wearing people down or being able to abruptly leave and begin their scorched-earth actions where they are not so well known. She is accustomed to dealing with people who have very little stamina for or comprehension of individuals whose lifestyles are deception and manipulation. This, in my opinion is the reason for Nicole’s whining. This blog and Sally are a whole new dimension for Nicole to experience. Sally has not been worn down by Naugler and Naugler sock blogging, or any other desperate Naugler antics. Sally is not as forgiving as those Nicole is used to dealing with (devoted church people are the preferred prey of the Nauglers as they will rationalize Joe and Nicole’s behavior for them) and has no problem calling out Nicole and Joe’s utter crap.

    This blog is much more of a public service because it debunks the Nauglers. Nicole and Joe are finally experiencing consequences that they largely cannot escape. If only this blog had been around about ten years ago.


  18. She clearly has issues. She has no thoughts of anyone but herself. Very immature, no priorities or goals, clearly depressed. Yes I’m an expert in that area Nicole, so come take some of my pills . Did you ever pass your mental and forensic background? Cps will always check on you even if case is closed, you are with them forever,that’s why you are forcing 2 kids to build a tool area (aka that place wont hold up in winter).


  19. Other than I run a page, something I have never kept secret, everything Nicole has said about me is a lie. Everything she implies about me is a lie. She frequently lies. She frequently uses her lies to manipulate people. If other people can’t see that, it’s their problem. I don’t worry, most people get to the truth of her character sooner or later. In the big picture Nicole is irrelevant. She will always be the center of her own hurricane, IMO. I continue to have faith that the children will find their way. I will continue to react when she attacks me, because I can.

    Excellent post Sally. You cut to the black heart of the matter with proof and sensibility.


  20. Great blog entry, Sally! N Naugler is a vile and heartless creature. I can only imagine how horrible it is for her children. In time her children will leave but I am not so sure how well they will do without a basic education.


  21. I made her blog too. LMAO. I turned it right back on her and demanded proof of my running pages and making phone calls. What she fails to realize is that people who actually live a real homestead kind of life have little time to spend online. I grab little bits of time during my work breaks and for an hour or so at night. The rest of my day I am a responsible adult – work, chores, caring for critters and now that trapping season is 2 1/2 weeks away, I am busy getting my equipment in order.


  22. Love it!!!! BTW, N likes to make generalizations about various people. Obvious, when anyone comments on her lack of motivation to provide a clean and safe environment for her children, the commenter becomes mentally ill or a stalker. I particularly love her claim that atheists are without a moral gauge because we don’t have a belief in a higher power to threaten us into good behavior. Yet, it’s the christian’s beliefs in corporal punishment that has been linked not only to child abuse but child deaths as well. Least we forget, the crusades, as we all know, were not a bunch of atheists going around torturing and killing christians but the other way around. Submission must be given or using “God’s words” they can justify beating children, beating wives, beating and even owning slaves, beating non christian folks….So the irony is that her belief in a higher power is actually less of a reason to do good than those of us who do good because we are good. I am not threatened by eternal damnation because that myth doesn’t hold water but I am controlled by my own desire to make a positive impact on my family, friends, and community. And, of course, I do obey the laws of the land. It’s good to know that N and J only behave themselves because they fear their god/gods….because those of us who are good are not nearly as likely to sneak around and break laws, our own moral code, or hide from our spouses and do things like gawk at young girls, drink bear behind the bushes….well, you know.


  23. Least we forget, the crusades, as we all know, were not a bunch of atheists going around torturing and killing christians but the other way around.

    Well, to be totally accurate, the crusades were Christians going after Muslims. Atheists had nothing to do with any of it.


  24. shes putting her dog down if someone wont take him in a week. She is a true blue piece of shit. She owns a grooming salon. A fucking DOG GROOMING SALON!! She is going to put her dog down because she is too lazy to set up proper containment for her damn chickens which she should have anyway..??? AAARRRGGGHHH! Cant she board the dog at the salon until it can get adopted? WTF? I am disgusted to think she would put her kids thru another pet death at her hands…i hope she doesn’t plan on shooting him herself, i know that’s not out of the realm of possibility. I hate her guts


  25. I strongly suspect one of the older kids will be given the task of taking that dog out to the woods and shooting him. She doesn’t use a vet.

    At least we know now what happened to the rabbits. I didn’t even know there were ever geese. And of course all the baby chicks, between thirty and fifty of them.

    But there’s nice sweet video of the hen and those babies running loose. I wonder if they are still alive. They won’t be for very long.


  26. Her leghumpers are defending her announcement about putting the dog down. They praise everything she does no matter how disgusting it is. I hope they are all socks. I hope they aren’t real people out there that are that stupid.


  27. If anything has happened, it’s people saying she doesn’t sound mentally ill. She just thrives on drama and is too conceited to think she can’t be wrong.


  28. She would rather have a child shoot the friendly, trusting little dog in the head with a rifle than build a proper pen for the chickens. I just…can’t.


  29. Wonder if the dog got the pig as well……
    She made a statement on Facebook her kids aren’t picky with food. Can’t imagine why.


  30. Interesting read!

    I highlight FBRefugee and Sculder&Mully comments. Very good!

    I think you have proven time and again to be a trustworthy blog. And for developing intriguing posts, most often from the original source, Nicole.

    Nicole may be giving too much credit to her crazy, as mental illnesses. Her list actually is more personality disorders and behaviors. Not to call them weaknesses, with the negativity associated. Better to name them, areas of opportunity.


  31. Nicole chooses to post the strangest things. She posts about a dog that she is going to have to “put to sleep” because of how much it is costing them in livestock. Why post this right after Sally questions her chick survival rate and credibility? Is it to show they have a legitimate reason for the death of all those animals?
    That is not an excuse Nicole. Even if the dog kills bunnies and chickens and kittens, even if he breaks his chains, YOU should have your other livestock safe from predators in the wilderness.
    You probably shouldn’t be breeding dogs either. Maybe stop buying livestock when you know your dog will just escape again and kill them. Responsibility… I understand, it is hard for all of us.


  32. Ranger is the scapegoat. The sacrificial lamb. Save Ranger.

    We only have her word for it that Ranger is the predator killing all the livestock. This time. She has posted and said it was a fox. She has posted and said it was other predators. Before Ranger she blamed losses on a small rescue dog. Ranger is a convenient excuse because he spent a few months away from the deathstead. She can shift the blame to the short lived owners. Like she tried to shift the blame to the neighbor’s for getting a court order to keep the homestead animals on the homestead. What she never does is take responsibility.

    Livestock die on a homestead, because shit happens. That it almost always happens on their homestead or other places they lived is their fault, and their fault alone. It’s not a bad dog, it’s not bad luck, it’s bad homesteading, it’s bad adults.


  33. She asked someone to quote KY law on shooting your own friendly dog in the head because it’s a nuisance. (I paraphrase).
    It says in the law basically that a gun may not be used except in emergency. All efforts for humane euthanasia must be exhausted if at all possible. Of course with her usual diversionary tactics, she is saying things like “where did I say we were going to shoot the god?” . Unless they have access to syringes and anesthetic, what would they be planning if not shooting him? Drowning him in their cesspool of a ‘pond’?

    258.505 Use of gunshot as euthanasia

    Gunshot shall not be used as a routine method of euthanasia in animal shelter settings. This prohibition shall not apply in animal shelter settings if an animal presents a threat to the health or safety of anyone lawfully on the premises of the shelter. The prohibition against gunshot shall also not apply to peace officers or animal control officers outside animal shelter situations if an animal:

    (1) Cannot be seized;

    258.991 Penalty

    Any person violating KRS 258.500(2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (11), or (12) shall be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250), nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than ten (10) nor more than thirty (30) days, or both. No person shall be charged with a violation of KRS 258.500(2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (11), or (12) if the requirements of KRS 258.500(7) are not met.

    (2) Presents a threat to the health or safety of the general public; or

    (3) Has an injury or physical condition which causes the animal to suffer.

    HISTORY: 2004 c 189, § 1, eff. 7-13-04


  34. Here is the number to the Humane Society to report abuse 202 452 1100 or 866 720 2676 M-F 8am till 11pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm. They also recommend you call the local police dept. Given her history, its photo documented for Christ sake. remember the goat she made her kids shoot then eat, I cant imagine they would not address it in some form. We should all screen shot the goat pictures before they disappear. I’m calling as soon as i’m done with this. You all should too.


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