Crashing Next Door

In the midst of the conversation over on the Blessed Little Dog Killer’s Facebook page, she said this.


She elaborated a bit about that, in an effort to justify her threat to kill the dog named Ranger if somebody didn’t clean up the mess she created.

sneed shot

The mean neighbor. That ugly mean neighbor who threatens to kill dogs.  And where Nicole lives, dogs get shot all the time.  Every day or two, somebody shoots a dog. It’s not a big deal, folks.

Note:  I live in the country. People all around me have dogs. We have a little piss-ant dog, but our neighbors have big, real dogs. People love dogs.  They get peeved if somebody’s dog comes over to their property and destroys stuff or chases or kills their livestock or their poultry.  But they do not just shoot dogs willy-nilly, “all the time.”  It’s a last-resort thing, and something nobody wants to do ever.

As I showed on the previous post, Al replied to this.


The dog Maggie was over at the neighbor’s house, hanging out in their garage.

This dog, relaxing after dinner.



See the date?  This is a pretty recent photo.  See the dog?  See any way to identify that dog?  I do.

The dog is gay.  She is rainbow-colored. How many gay dogs with rainbow legs and tail do you know that might be over at the neighbor’s house?


This is in the neighbor’s garage. This is not the Blessed Little Killing Ground.  And this is Maggie, hanging out.



She’s calm and happy about being in the neighbor’s garage. You know why?  She’s over there a lot. That’s why.

sneedgarage5She is very accustomed to being in the neighbor’s garage.  So happy with it that she makes herself right at home.


Does she look hurt to you?  Does she look like she’s afraid of anything?  Does she look like somebody has shot her?

You know what she’s doing?

She’s relaxing after dinner.  The dinner she had at the neighbor’s house. Maggie likes the neighbor a lot.




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  1. Maggie is sweet and so are the neighbours! I wish Nickerdoodle would stop doing those awful dye jobs on her pets. It is so tacky. Is that dye safe?


  2. You know what else I see in those photos of Maggie? A tattered tether. Or is it an old shoelace? At any rate, if that was supposed to contain her it was yet another half-assed effort.


  3. Ha ha! BAM! Mean ol’ Sneed, mistreating that poor dog.
    Hell, maybe the kids will catch on and go to mean ol’ Sneed’s to relax and have a snack too.
    The community watches while the blessed little lie crumbles.


  4. I have additional pictures of Maggie over at the neighbor’s house. Maggie is in fact a very sweet dog. And Denise, you are correct, the neighbor is a very nice guy. Very patient and very compassionate. These pictures were taken long after the Nauglers were issued a no contact order. Did the neighbor shoot the dog? No. He fed her.

    Would he shoot an aggressive dog that was causing problems? I don’t know. I know I would.

    I do know that the Naugler’s other dog “Angel” was abandoned when the Nauglers left their property and moved in to the Golden Manor Hotel. Angel was in all probability a decent dog. However, after being abandoned, she started roaming (as should be expected) and unfortunately, was somewhat dog aggressive.

    She began nosing around at ANOTHER neighbor’s place. Became aggressive (as hungry dogs will). She was run off a couple times, but after roughing up the neighbor’s dog and with him fearing for the safety of the kids . . . (He thought she was a pit bull. [Honest mistake]) she was dealt with. If anybody blames the property owner, they are wrong. The responsibility lies solely with the owners that abandoned their animals.

    Of course the Nauglers blamed some poor woman from Arizona. The dreaded “trolls” all conspired and put together a Ninja kidnapping and assassination squad.

    Hey Joe and Nicole, any time you want to look me in the eye and discuss things. I’m willing.


  5. NICKY!

    How about a baby shot on your Blessed Kill the Dog Homestead Page for Damage Control! 🙂


  6. It’s well known in the dog world the best way to avoid bulletts is to lay perfectly still in the shooters garage…


  7. I like cheese and socks says:
    October 14, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    “It’s well known in the dog world the best way to avoid bulletts is to lay perfectly still in the shooters garage…”



  8. That video shows a dog half starved for food and affection. I cant believe that people who care enough for their dogs to have them groomed would abide by what that poor do is going through on the BLH. Blessed my foot.


  9. Well, it’s not just Ranger that doesn’t stay on the Naug property. The free range goats didn’t. Maggie doesn’t.

    As I recall, it wasn’t the neighbor that had the sacrificial pet goat killing, after the nuisance goats court date.

    There was a time, and maybe it still occurs, where one couldn’t drive past the Naug property without dogs chasing the car.

    Maggie appears to enjoy hanging ten in the neighbor’s garage.

    I like cheese and socks…hahahaha!! hilarious!


  10. Poor fur baby deserves better than te Nauglers. The dog seems right at home in that garage and probably wishes she could stay there . How anyone can treat chit and animals like the Nauglers do is beyond me. All I can say is karma will come knocking.


  11. Glad to see Nicole and Joe take care of the animals like they do their offspring. She says she’s a groomer/trainer. Does she need a lesson on prey drive? I have two large dogs, they both have crazy prey drives. I also have chickens. They are in a fence. I clip the hens wings, to keep them from flying out. I have had the hens for 5 years, these dogs for two. I still have all my hens. It’s called being, i will spell it for you
    R E S P O N S I B L E. It’s shitty the dogs get the short end of the stick. I don’t like irresponsible pet owners. Then again, Nicole is never at fault, she’s a victim.


  12. Glad at least Maggie is getting a decent meal every now and then, smart dog, even she knows to get a decent life you have to leave the Shitstead.


  13. This is PRICELESS! But funny isn’t it that a family dog given a choice (i.e. “free-ranged”…eye roll ) spends her time at farmer Snead’s place. Colluding with the enemy no less! Interesting too, that many of the Naugs are home all day, including kids to play with and yet Maggie chooses the Sneads company instead.

    Maggie’s unfettered natural instinct to gravitate to where she feels loved, has adequate shelter and nourishment and a peaceful environment is a pretty strong testimony as to the reality of conditions on the ‘ stead. Hopefully she will re-home herself if Nicole doesn’t now take to chaining her up too. Poor Maggie! At least Ranger is now safe from Nicole and one victim has now been released alive. Yes agreed, the painted coat is atrocious! Just why? Horrid! Maggies probably not too thrilled about any more of that BS to her coat either.

    The Naugler animals are clearly conveying the true conditions on the ‘stead as Nicole is unable to control their natural instincts for preservation while she refuses to properly care for anything or anyone and the poor creatures either die or run away. She calls this “freedom “.


  14. Denise, there are animal-safe dyes on the market, and a lot of animals really don’t mind. To them, they’re getting brushed and washed and brushed some more, and the owners are having fun. As long as the dye’s safe, this is the last issue anyone should worry about when it comes to dogs.

    Not being fixed, fed, tagged, safely contained, fed, vetted, fed, etc., are issues to worry about. Maggie looks like a dog in desperate need. She looks like she’s got some stress, and I’d wager cash-money that she was feeling it from where she just was, and was relieved to get to have a break, and was feeling better after some time with those neighbors. I swear to the gods I wish I could have her sent to me. She and Ranger both need real homes.


  15. This reminds me of the shoemaker with barefoot children.
    Nicole’s a groomer with a dirty neglected dog.

    It must burn her biscuits that her dog is sneaking under enemy lines and cavorting in the garage of the very same neighbor that she alienated. I mean, aren’t dogs supposed to be LOYAL?

    And they are.
    To those who treat them well.

    It’s very clear that if given a choice, she would never go back to the ‘homestead’and would be perfectly content living next door for the rest of her days.

    Dogs are smart.
    Maggie doesn’t want to be a Naugler.
    I don’t blame her one bit.


  16. Maggie looks old, tired and in desperate need of a warm dry place to relax and good food to fill her belly. Thankfully she has the neighbor to offer her those things since her own family DOES NOT.


  17. Chaining is a terrible way to contain a dog. It increases aggression risk, because if the dog’s fight or flight instinct is triggered, well, the poor dog can’t flee. It also means they can’t escape if they are attacked. Aside from that, I’ve seen cases of dogs injured when they became tangled in the chain. 🙁


  18. Kaylee, TY, your points are well taken regarding brushing and dye, to each their own. Coloring is just the kind of stuff Nicole loves to focus on in order to avoid the bigger issues of lack of care or training for her animals and kids. I would expect a groomer would love her own animals enough to show off extraordinary skills and grooming, but then this is Nicole and we all know she doesn’t follow any norms even to her own detriment. #becauseshecan
    It is interesting that first hand accounts also report Naug dogs chase cars, another revealing indictment on their long list of negligence and laziness. But as she is not physically incapable, she is willfully lazy. Conviently preoccupied, her perferred state of perpetual pregnancy and nursing provides “her” the perfect excuse to avoid the responsibilities of caring for all the many living creatures she brings to the killing ground SStead.

    Nicole would like people to believe her simple spartan living is freedom from worldliness. Instead, as the animals are constantly revealing, it is not spartan living, it is below subsistence living. CPS proved this with the removal of the kids. The animals now are removing themselves without any courts, spin or arguments. #becausetheycan


  19. The Naugler dogs not only chase cars, in our experience, they more or less attack the car. There’s a difference between a dog that runs along side a car and one that comes right at the car growling and snarling. (We were simply driving past, along the road, not slowing down or pulling over or anything.)

    That’s the reason one of the dogs was hit and killed.

    The only reason more of them haven’t been is that they live on a dirt road with relatively little traffic and nothing typically at high speed.


  20. My dad only even chained our dog two or three times a year…when she needed a bath. She hated bath time and would run off. The easiest way for bathtime not to need a Yakity Sax sound track was to use a chain to keep her on the patio. Honestly, after a few times, she was “trained” enough that she begrudgingly knew to not run. Attaching the chain to her collar became more just routine, sort of like when her bowl came out, she knew it was dinnertime. My dad felt guilty chaining her even for such a short time, but since our HOA banned fences, it was the best insurance that she wouldn’t spaz and get hit by a car.

    As for dogs and killing animals, I can attest that it is all in the training of the dogs and housing of the chickens. There’s a chicken rescue a few miles from me and lady who runs it has beautiful dogs who guard the chickens. She has very good fencing on he perimeter of her property and aggressive chickens and small chicks are properly cooped. The rest of the chickens have free run of her property. She has never lost a chicken to her dogs. Predators going after the chicken have met their end thanks to her dogs.

    Training + Preparation = happy dogs & chickens


  21. I sometimes wonder if the kids weren’t fettered, restraint by whatever label, if they wouldn’t free range over to a peaceful and comfortable environment.

    You know, like the dog, given a free choice. js.


  22. I’m looking forward to pictures of Ranger when he is freed to his new friends and on his way to his forever home. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough for that poor dog. If she does not hand him over then I fear she already did away with him.


  23. I can’t imagine Nicole will actually do any work to get Ranger a new home. There’s no way she’s going to drive 4 hours to bring him to a rescue.


  24. Al, Thank you for providing the real story and photos. Sally, thank you for posting them. This again shows why people should not trust every story Nicole tells. I remember when the kidnap story first came out. Some people questioned her and slowly the details became known. Due to their neglect of their dogs by allowing them to roam freely and not check on them while they were staying at the hotel, both dogs lost their life. It is really tragic and I feel sorry for the dogs that are living at BLH.
    I am so glad that Maggie (also a talented escape artist) is visiting the neighbors. She seems to enjoy being there. I do hope Ranger gets to the rescue center.


  25. Refugee, I don’t doubt that dying the dog is a cover for neglect. Dying animals can be fun if a dog likes baths. But it’s still not the concern here. What she’s covering not giving that poor dog, like food and shelter, are the concerns. Sad for that dog, getting dyed might be the only time she gets positive attention from Nicole.


  26. I am concerned that Nicole will vent her narcissistic rage over being “outed” by these photos (and this excellent post) on sweet Maggie. It would not surprise me at all if she would “punish” Maggie for going to the neighbor’s house by beating her or feeding her even less. Or perhaps she will demand that Joe or one of the children punish Maggie for her, which would serve the purpose of expressing her anger at Joe (or the children) as well. In Nicole’s twisted way of thinking, punishing Maggie would also punish Sally’s faithful blog readers because there is NO QUESTION that Nicole reads every last word here, and she will have picked up on the amount of LOVE and support being shown to Maggie in this post. Of course, this will be unacceptable to Nicole and she will see Maggie as the cause of her embarrassment. The weakest and most vulnerable always suffer the most. Nicole knows who she is and how she has failed to live up to even her own ideals; and the fact that anyone has pointed this out will produce feelings that are absolutely intolerable. A narcissist’s feelings of shame must have an outlet! I am concerned Maggie’s life may become even more difficult than it already is just so Nicole can avoid feeling her guilt and shame. Kaylee is right! Maggie looks like a dog in desperate need and very stressed already.


  27. Do the Nauglers shave her tail? I own Pyrs. They have full tails. They hair on my dogs tail is about 8 inchs long all the way to his rump.


  28. I guess I will not be seeing any happy pictures of Ranger being rescued. She says she rehomed him but she probably murdered that poor dog long before she even asked for help. The only thing that would convince me that she did not murder the dog is pictures of him alive and well with his new owners or the rescue people.

    I hope the locals spread the word. I doubt anyone would want to go to a groomer who murders her pets.


  29. Nicole now says “Good news: Ranger has been placed”. Where, in the ground?

    Nicole is a woman obsessed with taking photographs of her pimped-out children, food, sunsets, anything BUT the actual homestead and everything she thinks will garner her post likes, $$$ in donations and continuous presence on followers’ FB walls. Nicole documents everything that she thinks will curry favor.

    So WHY no photo of poor Ranger, the insouciant pup who had the misfortune of being born into that “animal loving” “wilderness living” family? Why no iPhone pics of the happy pooch on his way to a new home? BECAUSE HE IS DEAD. Nicole and Joe Naugler are sickening.


  30. Yes Amie, it does look like they shaved Maggie’s tail to look like a blue bom bom. I’m sure Maggie doesn’t mind looking so ridiculous though. It’s really tacky.


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