Cow Pastures

Cleo Smith first appears on the McIntire scene via the “cow pasture rallies.”  Carl McIntire was a flamboyant showman. He liked to attract the attention of crowds of people, not just in person, but he understood the idea of making the news and thus reaching an even wider audience.

There appear to have been two separate events that spurred him to have these rallies.

The first was in the summer of 1964, and it was held at Cleo’s farm. The cause then was the dreaded Communists.  Like Joseph McCarthy, who McIntire supported, Carl saw Communists everywhere.

The first screen shot here is from a biography of Carl written by two women, a mother and daughter, who were true believers. While mostly factual, as far as I can tell, it’s horribly biased as you can tell.

By Gladys Titzck Rhoads, Nancy Titzck Anderson

And here is the newspaper article advertising the rally, followed by a screen shot of the article on the page, followed by a close-up so you can see the date, followed by the name of the newspaper.

Further down in the article, you can see that Richard Harris chaired the committee that put the rally together.  This means that as early as 1964, before Cathy Harris was even born, Richard Harris, Cleo Smith, and Carl McIntire were already in cahoots.

Run with it, Cathy. Use it.  Look foolish.

So that one was in 1964.

According to this book, cow pasture rallies were also held in the summer of 1967, this time to protest the problems WXUR was having with the FCC. I do not know if there was one held at Cleo’s farm then, although I would bet money that there was.

All this makes this sort of disingenuous.

These photos are not “memories” for Cathy.  She wasn’t born until July, 1964.

So she wasn’t even born when the first one took place. I do not know if those photos came from the first one or the second one, although my guess is the first one.

And according to her story, she was kidnapped by Cleo (from god only knows who, since supposedly her “father” Lou helped Cleo do the deed) when she was three years old.  That would have been in the summer of 1967, which is when the second rally would have occurred.

Please imagine this, if you will.  During the rally pictured above, with all those people on the property, and folks most likely wandering in and out of the house (at least some of them), Cleo has Cathy locked in the basement.  And nobody heard her.  Nobody knew. She’d just been kidnapped and nobody knew.

But the major point here is that at least by 1964, Cleo was active in helping Carl with his ministry.

Next up is the story of Cleo, Carl, Richard and the farm.

NOTE:  The man’s name was “McIntire,” not “McIntyre.” If a man raped me during my entire childhood, I really think I’d remember how to spell his name.




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  1. Maybe they locked her in a chest within the basement. Let’s see if she adds this or a similar detail to her future versions.


  2. For all her Twitter criticisms of you and Lisa, one thing is obvious….She’s rattled, and you two are really getting under her skin. Well done, well done indeed.


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