Courtney at Court March 13

Courtney went to court.

It was a crime for her to do that, according to Nicole.

Lisa Luthi was there, of course, with Courtney White. If you’ve been following my story, you know who Courtney White is. When she said her name, because I don’t recognize her face, um, when she said her name (starts crying)

And this:

NICOLE: A drive, like, she lives, I guess, in like northern Indiana or something like that, like far away from here, but she showed up at court today, and um, so that puts a whole ‘nother wrench

JOE: And she stood up there next to

NICOLE: as an assistant attorney. She’s trying to practice law in another state which I don’t know if she has a license to do so or what her role is, but that would be brought into question as well but her intent is clearly, uh, malicious as the other one’s.

Well, not exactly.

Courtney is serving as a legal assistant to Lisa’s attorney. This is completely okay, relatively common, and she doesn’t have to reside in Kentucky to do that.  And Nicole’s idiotic remarks about intent are just stupid.  She is assisting the attorney.  There are good reasons for that which I won’t go into now.

But here’s the thing.

When is Sally going to address the more serious issue… the aggressive threats and stalking? She won’t. Because she’s not a credible source.

The more serious issue. The one that is more serious than Nicole filing frivolous silly requests for restraining orders complete with false information.

Damn it, why don’t I “address” that?


This will be an ongoing series of posts, occurring as often as necessary to show what happens when you serve as a legal assistant to an attorney and Nicole does not like you.  Let’s talk about “aggressive threats and stalking.”

Remember, Courtney’s entire crime here was being at court and saying her name when asked. Other than that, she said not a single word. She didn’t acknowledge Joe and Nicole’s presence. She never approached them and hardly looked at them.

But almost immediately after leaving the courtroom, Nicole (after feverishly ripping off a video to blame everyone on earth for everything on earth) went after Courtney.

courtNicole will say, “Oh, gee, that’s not me. I didn’t do that. I don’t run any of the pages.”

First, we have proof from her own mouth that she does, in fact, run at least one of the pages.

forgettingprofileThis is what happens when you forget which profile you’re logged in as and comment.  It’s an easy mistake to make and Nicole made it.

So that establishes one thing.  When Nicole insists that she has never run any of the pages, she is lying.

When somebody says something shitty, something totally over the top, I either permit the comment and argue about it, or, if it’s really more than I want to see on this blog, I remove it and nobody ever even sees it.  On one occasion, something was posted on one of the critics’ FB pages that I thought was so egregious, I publicly wrote about it.  I was rewarded for basically sticking up for the Nauglers by having a photo taken from my FB page and being mocked by Nicole and her buddies (if there are any buddies).

So saying that I never call out stuff that I see as wrong is just not true.

But what got to me yesterday was this.


The name was truncated in the image on purpose, so everyone would know who was being talked about, and everyone would be able to tell what was copied, but no one could report it because the whole name is not there.

Nicole is going to say that she had nothing to do with that.

But that is sort of odd to me. The only person who had a shit fit in the middle of the courtroom over Courtney being there was Nicole Naugler.  The only person who got all upset talking about the sheer terror of finding out that this person who’d been standing there for a good while without offering a single threatening look or gesture was in fact Courtney – was Nicole Naugler.

I’m supposed to believe that in a very short time of leaving the courtroom and after being so upset that we got a display of tears during the video, some unknown person was so outraged on Nicole’s behalf because Courtney dared show up in court and say her name that s/he dug up that screen shot from almost a month ago and used it to mock her.

I’m sorry, but I am not buying that.

This is a perfect, very ugly example of what Nicole and Joe do when you cross them.  You don’t have to do much to get on their radar.  I know. Courtney knows. We all know.

At the very least, Nicole needs to say something publicly about this. She needs to say that this behavior is not acceptable.

But she won’t. She won’t because she either approved it or did it herself.


elizabethPerezThis comment was made, well, 50 minutes ago under the adoption post on that vile page.

Elizabeth is not exactly a paragon of virtue. She’s an outspoken Nicole leghumper.

Elizabeth, Nicole knows all about that post. She either approved it or did it herself.

You see, somebody had to have collected the original screen shot from Courtney’s page, which dates back a month. That means that somebody had to scroll back a whole month to find it, or else somebody conveniently had that screen shot in their stash, handy.

And if you think that somebody wasn’t Nicole Naugler, you really are being bamboozled here.

You don’t need to speak out about this.  Nicole does.  Ask yourself why she hasn’t/won’t.



29 thoughts on “Courtney at Court March 13”

  1. She did it herself.
    There are multiple admins on all her widdle sock accounts, but she is definitely an admin on each one of them. Because she is a massive control freak, and frankly, she has very few “friends” that are bold enough to stupid up to the evil plate like she does.

    She thinks posting evil shit like this on a stupid troll page that anyone with two brain cells knows she controls gives her plausible deniability.

    But, those of us on the receiving end of her pure, unadulterated evil, know better.

    Courtney, that dreadful waste of space and the fluffy lipped profit will soon get theirs.

    As an aside, this post was private. How did the toothless hag get her claws on it?

    Pps: think this is bad, can you imagine what the day to day reality of being one of her children is? We’ve all seen the posts where she mocks and derides her kids, lovingly of course, but can you imagine what she doesn’t post?


  2. Oh, my. What would she have done had she recognized any other faces in the room full of court observers? I mean, like if there were several – several – observers in the crowd? People who she didn’t recognize their face but would have swooned had she heard their names?

    What would you have done, Nicole, if that were true? 😉


  3. Medusa and the Ewok are experiencing consequences. it is unpleasant to them and they are pretending, yet again, to be victims of the very activities that they have blighted other people with. Why any officer of the court, assistant, or interested citizen should have to bear with being maligned for exercising one’s duties, privileges of citizenship, or complying with directions from the bench (stating one’s name) baffles and disgusts me.

    But one is important–their vitriol is only matched by their stupidity.


  4. As an aside, this post was private. How did the toothless hag get her claws on it?

    At the time the SS was made, the post was public. You can see the little “world” in the SS. It’s possible that Courtney made it private subsequent to that.


  5. Courtney I am so sorry you have had to deal with this vile, despicable woman. I totally agree with Bethannie above. If she shows such disregard for others children, pregnant women, and the like, what kind of hellish nightmare must it be for her kids & daughter in law?
    I cannot imagine the amount of guilt she makes them feel if they do not agree with her every whim, statement, etc. She says they can disagree with her, but I call bullshit on that. She literally could not handle someone else having a differing opinion/view. It would make her spin up like a top. A screeching top that is.
    Those poor kids…


  6. Wow. I’m blown away by the cruelty, but I guess I shouldn’t be.
    It may well be that Nicole is legitimately ill, that she is unable to control her behavior. But the behaviors themselves show her true, deep self. Deeply hurt, deeply broken. Her pain and rage must be so massive that she just has to make it into a million reflections. She has to cause herself and her own children horrific suffering, true, but even that is not enough. She wants the world to be on fire with her pain. She’s a psychological vampire, draining her friends dry and hunting her enemies.


  7. I can produce an email I sent to Sheriff Pate’s office in 2015 documenting the harassment and threats myself and my family received after questioning the Nauglers online. Just checked. Still have a copy in my “sent” folder. Sheriff’s department is certain to have a copy, too.

    “NICOLE: And you can submit them directly to the Hardin County Attorney, if you wish. Um, or the Breckinridge County Attorney”

    This is actually a really good idea. I think I’ll forward that letter to both.


  8. I am forwarding the police report that I filed against Nicole and the Subsequent CPS report that was made based on this police incident to the county attorney’s office and to the attornies for those Nicole is battling. I personally think that anyone who has ever ever had any information on the Nauglers should do that same. Every screen shot, every message, every report.
    That is, after all, what she asked us to do. Right!?


  9. Courtney,
    Most of us know your story. You were open, honest and sincere when you spoke of it awhile back. Those of us who speak out become targets, and like Sally said,” You don’t have to do much to get on their radar. I know. Courtney knows. We all know.” But never the less I’m so sorry that they are picking on you in such a mean and vile way.
    But keep in mind they do this because they fear you. Your one tough lady, smart, strong, independent and have fist full of self confidence. And in my opinion that is why they fear the hell out of you. I don’t know about everyone else but yesterday when I saw that woman go to tears at the mere mention of your name….it just really made my day !!!
    Chin-up and keep fighting the good fight Courtney. 🙂

    *Who knows, maybe next time the courtroom will be filled with TROLLS !!!


  10. Thank goodness that page has been shut down. Hopefully it’s not temporary. Hopefully it’s permanent.


  11. … …It may well be that Nicole is legitimately ill, that she is unable to control her behavior. But the behaviors themselves show her true, deep self. Deeply hurt, deeply broken. Her pain and rage must be so massive that she just has to make it into a million reflections. …She wants the world to be on fire with her pain. …

    Right! …And Joe is just a zealot who perpetuates it. Which begs the question, will she ever get help? And if she does, will it be too late? It wouldn’t surprise me if she winds up in a facility at some point, be it a county jail or hospital/ward.

    What a “contentious” environment for their exploited children, indeed. I cant imagine – living your childhood watching your parents, off in their own world, on their magical devices, upon which they constantly focus. When Nicole posts an occasional kid-photo, “___ asked me to take a picture of them!” – imagine, how many times her kids must ask that, in an attempt to get her attention, versus how many times she actually even looks up from her device to acknowledge them (1:10?)


  12. I mean, if they think they can properly represent themselves in Court “because, I don’t see the need of spending money on an attorney who could say the same things I can”,

    …completely delusional, at the very least. And in court, they look homeless and so utterly unprofessional, it’s painful to watch. What a humiliating public and digital-footprint theyre leaving behind for their poor kids.


  13. When is the next one that the public can attend?

    It’s only a couple hundred miles. Maybe I’ll make the kid who desperately needs night driving hours do it.

    Anyplace good to eat after a court date? I don’t do Hardee’s. Blech.


  14. Ok, I was following this whole saga closely for about a year but somehow I missed Courtney White. How did she get mixed up in this debacle?
    (And apologies to Courtney, I feel for anyone who gets mixed up in this shitshow


  15. She has lost her mind with her lies on her blog, She was supposed to move before now but now its the land companys fault, her kids are scared of the trolls. No Nicole, you made them afraid, with your manic screaming, they will shoot you its what they do.
    I am so sorry what they said Courtney on that vile page, it reeked of the shit they dumped on the ground


  16. Can Lisa get a subpoena for the ISP records of those posts? If a judge could see that the ISPs match, it’s game over for the Nauglers.


  17. Can Lisa get a subpoena for the ISP records of those posts?

    They are IP addresses, not ISP records. And this is one part of all this we are not going to discuss, or at least I am not. Lisa has a perfectly competent attorney and he is handling this situation nicely.


  18. Courtney had the same experience many people have had. She made a comment saying she didn’t think the Nauglers were being completely honest about their situation. And then it was game on.


  19. Talk about BS!!!
    Her new blog states that they were turned down for their loan because the higher up lenders didn’t want to sell to them because of the current situation with the crazy people & they know it won’t stop at their new place & they don’t want to bring another county into this. WTF???? Does she honestly believe that anyone is going to believe that they were turned down because of harassment??? Does she not know that lending companies don’t look at personalities? That numbers & such are what they lend on. I just can’t understand her thinking.

    From her blog
    “Then we got a call the next day. We hit a roadblock. The higher ups in the lending company, the company we have been doing business with for the past 3+ years, had made a decision. Even tho we are in good standing with them, they stated that due to the harassment against us they had decided not to sell to us in another location. They stated that they knew those that have targeted us will follow us where ever we go and they didn’t want to drag it into another community.”


  20. She’s mad now, saying that a higher up in a lending company is causing her not to move…

    Bull crap…Admit it , your used your ” we are moving ” tactic to deter from court stuff . ” we are moving so no need to charge us.

    Letting animals wander, threatening people, threatening businesses will not solve issues.

    For the love of God, do you ever think of your family before you do something?

    I fear you don’t know you are ill Nicole. You are pale white, your teeth, while gross, are a health risk to your current pregnancy.

    Grow up.


  21. @prolapsed ovaries

    Someone mentioned her same attire not being professional. She scoured them by saying she was emotional….it was the same shirt and skirt. Even her hair when with some blush and gloss would have gone a long way, or a nice side braid.


  22. @Rachel – I do believe that Nicole is both deeply hurt and deeply broke. At this point though, I really couldn’t care less and I think a lot of people feel that way. She has had numerous opportunities to both flee and to seek help for herself and the children. She hasn’t. IMO she has proven she does not care for her children. I feel so bad for those kids. Maybe CPS will one day get their shit together and rescue them.
    Her words and actions on this FB should tell any reasonable, thinking person everything they need to know about Nicole and Joe.


  23. @ Theskyisfallingontheshitstead

    That is the most self-fulfilling prophecy crap that Medusa has said. She has been quite consistent with statements of wanting to move but fearing that she will be followed. Actually rejoicing and fear-free block parties would happen if they left. She is doing nothing but manipulating being turned down for a loan because of her and the Ewok’s history of defaulting on everything as a confirmation that she has suffered material loss because of the ‘trolls.’

    Oh well, it will result in more civil suits that are frivolous and won’t last ten seconds’ scrutiny. But hey she doesn’t need a lawyer because she can say everything just as well as a JD. But as soon as the loan company (bank, credit union, what?) presents their reason for denying the loan it will refer to the Naugler credit history being absolutely unworthy of the risk and nothing to do with Medusa’s Facebook wars.

    Oh well, Medusa is never, ever, ever at fault. All of the inhabitants of planet Earth are conspiring against her and her Ewok.


  24. poorkids-Even just a damn bra would help her appearance.
    In my opinion the whole moving story was BS to pull in more donations. She is such a con artist and scary good at it.
    Legally I don’t think a lending company can say no because you have a shitty rep. I’m a landlord, legally my reasoning for saying no is extremely limited, I imagine a lending company isn’t much different? On top of legalities, there is a local facebook group made entirely to rip landlords to pieces and finding every little thing to slap them in the face with. So when anyone denies someone a rental you bet your ass they’re on that group asap asking if it’s discrimination, of course in their “victimized” minds they are always the victim.
    Thankfully I took a small claims court class a few years ago, I regular open cases at the local courthouses (I’m central to 3). I dare any of them to come at me. I’m a very pleasant landlord, I don’t even live in the area of the rentals so I leave them alone until the lease is up.


  25. You will always see Elizabeth Olvera Perez in the comments on Nic’s posts. Staunch supporter. Maybe this will make her begin to question Nicole.

    Elizabeth, leave the dark side! And come into the light. You have now witnessed the true Nicole.


  26. @Peg, totally. Yes, she’s truly a bad person. I guess I was trying to express the even bigger tragedy of ignoring suffering in general. I was sort of musing on the idea that if Nicole’s mental health needs were ever addressed in the past, how much suffering could have been avoided? If Joe had actually been prosecuted at the time for his awful crimes, how much pain would have been avoided? If we treated children as individual humans with inherent rights instead of as the chattel of their parents? Just musing.


  27. I knew ISP didn’t look right, but was too tired to care. My sleep schedule is messed up at the best of times. Time changes make it word. Internet Protocol versus Internet Service Provider. Former tech-worker-fail on my part.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the courtroom during these cases.


  28. Sick freaks. Gee i wonder why everyone hates them and their behavior. This is so crazy and wrong! Im just so sorry Courtney. So very sorry. I cant believe there are people in this world capable of things like this. I think your a wonderful kind person who doesnt deserve any of this crap.


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