From Joe’s Chain Reaction:

JOE: . . . you heard in the recording, let them know, I’m preparing them emotionally and mentally for this. Uh, so, I don’t know how long this is gonna take, uh, Kentucky is one of the worst, uh, has some of the worst corruption in family court and CPS. . .

There’s a new page up, for those keeping count.  Here it is.

dirty secrets page
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It’s quite obvious that either Joe or Nicole or both are running it.  It’s all the same stuff they’ve been putting up for ages.  Old stuff. Nothing new.

But there’s this.

dirtysecretspost“one of the most corrupt states in the country.”

Wow. That’s terrible.

Here’s the article that the page is linking to.  It’s on the official government FBI site, so gee, it has to be totally accurate, doesn’t it?

I mean, I’m an evil statist. That means I just buy into everything the evil government tries to sell me. Right?

Well, not exactly.

Here’s the sentence that caught my eye, and Nicole’s eye and Joe’s eye.

A 2014 study by Harvard University’s Center for Ethics identified Kentucky as one of the most corrupt states in the country.

I took that sentence and plunked it into the Google machine just to see what Harvard University actually found.  I mean, “one of the” is a sort of broad statement.  What does that mean, really?

Well, here you go.

First off, it doesn’t mean what you think when that sentence is pulled out and used in the FBI article.  I’m frankly a little surprised at what is essentially a bit of yellow journalism there.

Here’s the first sentence.

Although corruption is not endemic in America as it is in several other countries, it does exist.

Okay, so to start off, we’re not talking about some widespread, horrible thing here.

When you read on down, though, you begin to see that Kentucky is listed, and listed pretty frequently, but so are a whole lot of other states. When you say “corruption,” you then can narrow that down to “who is corrupt” and “in what way are they corrupt.”

Just look at the study yourself and see what I mean.

No corruption in state officials is good, however, it happens, and it happens pretty much everywhere.

And where does it seem to happen most in Kentucky?

U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey agreed stating, “Public corruption is a terribly destructive force throughout Kentucky and has been a particularly pernicious problem in certain areas of the Eastern District of Kentucky.

Oh, it’s worst in eastern Kentucky.  Oh.  You mean, as far as you can get from Breckinridge County and still be in Kentucky.

Nicole and Joe have been trying for a very long time to create a narrative that they are the victims of a corrupt county government that is out to get them for some reason.

It is a violation of federal law for any federal, state, or local government official to receive anything of value in exchange for or because of an official act.

That’s the definition used in the FBI’s article.

Exactly what “thing of value” would some local official be getting in exchange for an “official act” against the Nauglers?  Seriously?  What?

I know there could be a situation  where somebody bribes an official to condemn land because the somebody actually wants the land at fire sale prices.  In fact, the Naugler leghumpers have suggested that as a reason for the poor Nauglers being “harassed.”

But have you seen the Naugler land?  Nobody wants it. The Nauglers got it trashed and since then have dumped human waste all over it and trashed it further.  It looks far worse now than it did before they started (and I’ve seen Google Earth photos to prove that).

What else?

Oh, yeah, the state wants the beautiful, intelligent, perfect little Naugler kids so they can sell them.

No, they don’t.  They have done everything in their power to keep those kids with the people who should be providing for them. They have leaned over backward. They’ve been lax, lax, lax.  Joe and Nicole have both said that people have expressed surprise that they got the kids back so rapidly. If the state actually wanted to sell the kids to make money, they would not have been returned.

In fact, Nicole said outright that they purposely chose to move to Kentucky because of Kentucky’s “lax homeschooling laws.”

When you cannot get along in Kentucky, and keep running afoul of the law,  you’re really in a world of hurt.

Nicole, you’re going to have to try harder.




16 thoughts on “Corruption”

  1. Poor ignorant NicNaug. If she had a brain, she’d take it out and try to breast feed it (just a little jab at her going all ape shit about how no one gets upset over giving kids coke but breast feed a kid and people go nuts).

    For some idiotic reason, J and N think that the government is not trustworthy except when it benefits their cause. Suddenly, the evil government is so right they want everyone to see how right it is. But, had they read the article the government website refers to, they would have realized that the article isn’t about naming what states are corrupt but defining corruption so that they can create an index of sorts and begin some scientific means to categorize corruption. Additionally, the use of surveys as a tool for research is only as good as the questions, the representative sample of the large group, the respondents’ trustworthiness, the tool to analyze the data, etc. While it’s a start, it’s certainly not the end all nor the final word. In addition to the survey, there should be some hard evidence collected from artifacts of the states such as convictions of corruption. Because corruption can take on many different meanings, these two Harvard researchers set out to define corruption. But, you see, NicNaug thinks that corruption is any action by any government official who may act unethically, but not necessarily illegally.

    NicNaug always claims that children taken from parents are taken because the states want to sell those children because they are cute and smart and white. I know many foster parents and none pay for the honor to foster any kid let alone a white kid. I also know a few folks who are foster parents and who have also adopted through the foster program and they didn’t buy those children from the state; in fact, the state still supports those children. Her claims fall flat on their face and do not support corruption in the foster care system because there is no money making its way back to the case workers. I don’t know about KY but here in AR, our case workers are over worked and way under paid. None are driving fancy cars nor are they living the high life.

    NicNaug and BlowJoe (like that?) are both full of shit. Neither have argumentative skills to wind a debate with a flea. But, both are predictable as hell: instead of providing facts and applying logic, they continue to attack those that they seek to prove wrong. But what is more surprising is that in their quest to prove how great they are, they post pictures that do more harm that good. Here’s a quick review, NicNaug: Showing pictures of a three wall shack does not prove your legitimacy as a parent; showing children building a treehouse doesn’t prove your proficiency as a homeschool provider; showing pictures of sick children lying around an outdoor fire while one of the younger children tries to take care of the poor vomiting children does not legitimize responsibility; and attacking the department of human services and the police department with claims of corruption (without proof) is just what we call ad hominem or attacking the man and it’s not logical. Attacking their character doesn’t disprove their case against you. To prove your case, you need facts and you know facts are test scores, home visits that show privacy for the children, running water, toilets that flush, etc. Instead of spending so much time looking for dirt on the state of KY, why not get your act together and parent! Damn they make me ill.


  2. Yeah, you have sink very, very low to get this kind of attention in KY!! What everyone meeds to know is, Nicole and Jo WANT attention, good, bad or indifferent! That is why they have such a long line of internet personas!! They have run the gamut…first Wiccan, then Amish maybe, no? how about polygamist, hmmm Sister Wives? LDS? Finally to Homesteaders!! Nicole and Jo have tried lots of ways to garner sympathy, and have used their kids to steal people’s money!! There’s no true love for their children IMO I don’t think they give a damn if their kids are taken by CPS, only that their tools they use for $$$$ will be gone. How do I say something so bad about these parents? It is clear to see by their actions or rather, inaction, they have failed to do what needs to be done, to ensure their children’s lives with them. They just don’t care enough about their kids to simply, do the RIGHT thing!!


  3. The Ewok and Medusa will never, in their own minds, be guilty of the horrible things they are being held accountable for. In their minds all of the horrible things they have inflicted on others they do this strange role reversal projection switch and say everyone else does, or has done, those things to them. So since they, in their warped little minds, cannot be guilty of the things they are being held accountable for and yet the evidence of their actions is compelling, surely there must be some great official collusion going on that wants them to suffer.

    In actuality, this is one of the few times in the Ewok and Medusa’s lives together where they couldn’t run away from their responsibility and accountability for their actions. Their actions have been predatory, exploitative, manipulative and if you were unfortunate to be one of their offspring, neglectful. To the Ewok and Medusa responsibility and accountability is what they demand that everyone else around them have, especially in connection with the Nauglers. Medusa will preach how everyone else needs to take responsibility and be accountable for how miserable she and the Ewok are. She will preach this through her rotted teeth under snakes of mats and gosh what-all on her head. But the idea that responsibility and accountability pertain as much, or more, to them given their lifelong dedication to bullying and taking advantage of other people and grifting never enters their warped little minds as a genuine realization. Sure, they will pretend to look like they are responsible for the first ten minutes this family of locusts has in a new community, but it only lasts that long. Then, when they encounter the give and take rules of society, they run into this darn responsibility thing again. People expect them to be responsible and stop giving them special treatment. How dare society not treat the Ewok and Medusa like they are special! Well, the Ewok and Medusa are not special at all. In fact the only really special things about them are how disgusting they are and how abominably stupid they are. My toenails have higher IQs than those two.


  4. Corruption in East Ky can usually stem to a few “bad eggs” check out Social Security & Eric C Conn. Check the hundreds of lawyers that have come out of the woodwork nationwide to help Ned Pillersdorf fight. It seems 60 minutes did a story on him some years ago and he proudly named himself “Mr Social Security” he also had a law complex that’s worth a look & a giggle. He’s on house arrest.


  5. I seem to remember that before Christmas Nicole was saying that 2017 would be the year they got their lives back on track. I wonder if that track is leading where she thought it would.


  6. It boggles me how these people don’t know how or when to shut the fuck up. Do they expect Zuckerberg to read their bullshit and swoop in and save them? Who in their right mind continually shits where they eat? And yes, throwing around public and unfounded accusations in an area where you work and are about to go to court in is shitting where you eat. I used to think they had an end game but now I think they’re just brain dead.


  7. They don’t know when to shut up. ‘Viral’ is not always positive. In the naug’s case, it started out negatively, and look where it is now. It’s amazing, how negativity drags them down, and they do it to themselves.


  8. The Nauglers aren’t moving.
    It’s another dog and pony show.
    Cue: sob story reason why they didn’t move. Answer: trolls done stole their mojo. County done them wrong.


  9. Now I’m not very familiar with CPS or fostering, but it seems like taking kids from their parents and paying someone else to take care of them would cost the state a lot of money. Not only that, but there are medical costs, testing, therapy, etc.

    Why do Joe and Nichole always act like this is a money making scheme?


  10. Why do Joe and Nichole always act like this is a money making scheme?

    Because there is a federal program which helps states with adoptions. Adoption can be very expensive, both for the state and for the adopting parents, but children are better off in a stable home than in a temporary foster situation. (note this is a PDF document)

    Nicole and Joe extrapolate from this into “the states make money by stealing kids and adopting them out.”

    The biggest problem they face with this is sheer credibility. They have 10 children who were taken by the state. Several of the older ones would likely have been unadoptable, but the younger ones were certain perfect for it. They are cute and white and appear to be basically healthy, if uneducated. So, given that situation, and given the fact that any reasonable person gets hives at the idea of 13 people living in a garden shed and using buckets for a bathroom, why didn’t the state “steal” their kids? Seems to me that if their theory is true, the state passed up a huge bargain.


  11. They are fucking idiots. Do they think the state is claiming children are disabled and pocketing the money meant for the parents or that the state is just keeping the money even if the children are disabled? Maybe that’s why the state returned their children. They’re not disabled and don’t qualify for this funding. Holy shit, the level of stupidity is fucking amazing!!


  12. Do they think the state is claiming children are disabled and pocketing the money meant for the parents or that the state is just keeping the money even if the children are disabled?

    Neither. The state gets federal help not only for the parents’ and child’s needs, but for the state as well. Adoption involves lots of bureaucratic stuff. Legal work, medical work, paper work. Somebody has to do all that, and that somebody has to be paid.

    Nicole actually said that she believes that the state of Kentucky uses that federal funding to help “run the state government” – like tax money.

    The whole thing is right up there with believing that 9/11 was an inside job. And of course, she believes that too.


  13. Still not one comment or like on this page of theirs. I guess because they haven’t promoted it yet. Probably waiting until their next Breckenridge court date.


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