Copycat Outrage

I am bad, of course, for writing the Copycat post.  Terrible. An awful person.

Here I was, defending that book-cover illustrator who I don’t even know, and in doing so, I was mean to a kid.

Or something.

But here’s the deal.

Nicole only wants laws to apply to her, not to everyone else. She feels like that about free speech, about guns, about the right to photograph what is in front of you, about the right to ride down a public road, you name it.

And she feels like that about YouTube.


youtube2Thank you for proving my point, Nicole.


10 thoughts on “Copycat Outrage”

  1. She puts her copyright watermark on everything. When the family had their pics taken in front of the local historic cabin (NOT their place) she even added her watermark to the pics that were already watermarked by the photographer. WTF?!?


  2. Every child in school learns about citing sources. I’ve done projects for schools all over AR in grades 3-12 and trust me when I say they learn they have to cite their sources. Granted, they begin the idea of using intellectual property early and how important it is to give credit for using a limited amount of an artist’s (writer, researcher, photographer, etc.) work, it isn’t until the students reach the upper levels that they learn how to frame a borrowed work and cite the source. Sadly, that unschooling thing going on over there at the famous shit shack hasn’t really touched on intellectual ownership or copyright infringement and the consequences of using other’s intellectual work as one’s own. Perhaps dumb ass N should review copyright laws…if the evil government will prosecute a 12 year old for downloading music without paying for it, you can better believe it will charge her kid for copying other’s art and then trying to sell it. Hey N….guess what, the same laws that protect your water marked pictures and awful videos also protects real intellectual material of real artists.


  3. My daughter loves to draw and when she was 8 we decided to see what her true talents were so we enrolled her in some art classes…She is now 15 and is really talented..but, I would say that because I am her mother…anyway, last week I saw a really beautiful sketch of a dark skinned woman on her bedroom floor and I praised her for it..She rolled her eyes and said she had to sketch it free hand at school from a picture the teacher provided…..a few months ago I also saw an amazing sketch of hers and posted it to my facebook..she was livid because #1. I didn’t ask her first..and was an image from a book she had read…true story..if I can find the pic I may send it to you sally…no charge HAHAHAH..oh edit to say, since that time I do encourage her to sign all her “originals”..


  4. She posted “I won that round” on Joseph E Naugler’s page with similar screen shots. It’s a game to her apparently.


  5. She posted “I won that round” on Joseph E Naugler’s page with similar screen shots. It’s a game to her apparently.

    She just looks like an idiot.


  6. She had a complete melt down on her Nicole page today over her stupid camera. Over 200 posts posts on it of her arguing.

    I wish the sneeds & her other neighbors would place cameras all over their property line faced at the naugs.


  7. I didnt know any of this….lol…there is plenty more where that came from. See you in hell you crusty one trick pony that keeps getting out of her poorly made fence.


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