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Cute little paw print in a circle, used as Nicole’s profile image, on her brandy new Facebook page that she created because Facebook put her in time out for 3 days and apparently she couldn’t stand it.

There’s a wee problem, though.

When Nicole was called out because she stole the image from somebody else, she responded with the post above.  She makes sure to explain that the folks who actually own that image have “adorable products.”

I’m sure they will be delighted to learn that.


Are you selling their stuff, Nicole?  Are you registered with Nashville Wraps?

Frankly, I would suggest that you never, ever, ever again fuss about anyone using your photos with their precious little “watermark.”

Here’s a hint:  Don’t just wander around the internet stealing pictures and images for your own use. I know people do this.  But don’t.  There are sites where you can get free images.  I do it all the time. Free images that I can use for anything at all without infringing on anyone else’s rights.

Nicole is big on rights.  She’s really big on taking “personal responsibility.”

What about the rights of Nashville Wraps?

I guess the rules don’t matter when it comes to somebody else.


click image to link

“Charles,” who is almost certainly one of the Nauglers, doesn’t know what the hell “he” is talking about.  Nicole stole that image.  She is using it without the owner’s permission.  (Unless she actually contacted them and got permission, which I doubt.  If she had, she would have produced it.)

You do not have to “register” an image to make it yours.

Here’s a really good diagram (infographic) that is helpful in making a decision about whether or not an image can be used.  Nicole, read the damn thing.




21 thoughts on “Copy Cat”

  1. She can’t stand it!
    This woman needs help. She gets all pissy that everyone was jumping on her new page, but no one would have realized it if it wasn’t for her “liking” her “hate” pages.
    So, this is all on her. This is the proof that she will stop at nothing to make sure that she appears to be the victim at all times.
    Why, is anyone’s guess.


  2. Having watched this after school special for the last 8 months or so, the drama and hypocrisy and Jerry Springer punking insanity . . . the cries of “bullying” the foot stomping and sandlot antics . . .

    I’m way past “guessing”.

    I’ve got this. I have (in my mind) attained the level of Juris Doctor in many fields just by analyzing screenshots and reading the opposing pages. Memes are excellent references and like minded people in fringe groups support my contentions. I am relatively certain that I could pass the bar and specialize in constitutional law, with a side discipline in internet “libel”.

    So copyright stuff is a piece of cake. I said cake.

    Not pancake.


  3. omg…epic!!

    “Frankly, I would suggest that you never, ever, ever again fuss about anyone using your photos with their precious little “watermark.”

    Your writing material just comes, like a river. You can’t make this stuff up! Who wants to bet she had no idea about that Facebook profile pic she “borrowed”?


  4. A quick click onto their website and this caption, “All exclusive designs are copyright ® by Nashville Wraps, LLC. The registered trademarks and word marks “Nashville Wraps ®” and
    “Green Way – Packaging with Purpose ®” are wholly owned by Nashville Wraps, LLC.
    All rights reserved. Use of our word marks in search marketing is strictly prohibited. ”

    Copy Cats be aware!


  5. It’s her weed, her crack, her meth, her addiction.

    She craves the attention so she must get her fix. And apparently, the only way she can get that is by saying #bringitbitch on non-supporter pages, Liking the non-supporter pages so she can follow them on her own page, which ever one it was, at the time.

    My little dog is smarter than she is.


  6. This new page is a last ditch effort to gain sympathy because the “haters ” are harassing her! She has “leave my family ” and ” I’m trying to run my business “. Was her business on TRTATN Jr ? I don’t think so. She was there for one reason only. To lurk and keep trying to stir things up and got busted! Here’s a piece of advice for you Nic Nog, seek mental help now before it’s too late! Your constant need for attention and pity, along with your Paranoia and anger can be dangerous.


  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the (mis)understanding that Nicole already had a page for her grooming business (blessed little grooming co) and a page for her grooming (groomer Nicole) along with her personal account (blessed homestead) and a blog. That is fine. good for her, but if she states that her new account was intended for personal use away from harassment, why oh why did she go and like all the hate pages? Is that not counter productive? Why was your page in FB jail? Why didn’t you spend that time relaxing and enjoying some time with those adorable children of yours? Are you so starved for attention that you HAD to make up a new profile and rejoin the hate pages? I’m sure you could have been just an entertained with any of your other fake profiles for 3 days, and could have happily spent them on your hate pages that you own bashing whoever you felt like for the day. Have you ever thought that maybe if you just stopped, got off your phone and put as much energy into your family how wildly successful you would be….. its a thought
    Oh and next time you go logo hunting, you might want to read the little line on the bottom of every page…. again.. just a thought


  8. “So, this is all on her. This is the proof that she will stop at nothing to make sure that she appears to be the victim at all times.
    Why, is anyone’s guess.”

    Borderline personality disorder is mine.


  9. Nikki does not like eating crow. She has been force-feeding it on others for years. You don’t get a 3-day facebook suspension without prior suspensions.

    Thank you for letting Nashville wraps know that she is misusing their logo. No one would want their brand affiliated with the Naugler name. Naugler = liars, crazy, grifters, criminals, abusers, neglect of children, irresponsible lowlifes.


  10. Valerie has been nothing but devoted and loyal to Nicole and the family. You would think Nicole would trust Valerie and value her advice. Sadly, Nicole now appears to treat Valerie a lot like she treats Joann. It’s one thing for Nicole to ignore our advice but for her to reject these women who clearly love Nicole and want what’s best for her, well, it’s just heartbreaking. Like Concerned Citizen says, Nicole needs to get help. Even if treatment can offer no guarantees, it’s worth trying.


  11. I’m starting to think maybe it’s Valerie or Crystal or Lori or maybe Pace who is reporting Nicole’s account. Their version of an intervention.


  12. At least she provided a link to the company’s website.

    She may not have thought of copyright. There are Barney pages, did they think there might be a copyright? Sometimes when we’re making a profile picture we don’t think of those things. It’s just a paw print. Maybe she should have the artistic daughter draw a cute paw, take a photo of it and upload that instead. It would probably be cuter anyway.

    This post isn’t to excuse only trying to look at it objectively.


  13. There are Barney pages, did they think there might be a copyright?

    Yep. I did think about that. I always think about that. And I checked. I always check.

    The reason I came down on Nicole about that is because of her pretentious “watermark” crap that she puts on all her photos like they are some big deal and if anyone puts one up, she screams bloody murder about her “copyright.”

    What’s good for the goose and all that. . .


  14. Oh Nicole did not make a mistake using that picture with out permission. Nicole is well versed in copyrights and parental rights.

    Hell she even reported HER OWN MOTHER for posting a picture the grandmother took of her grandchildren. Nicole whined to FB and had them take down the picture JoAnn posted of the grandkids. That is pretty low when you do that to your mother and them public shame her for it.

    Nicole posted a link to the page where she got the logo from thinking that every one would buy it as she is giving the business that owns the logo a pitch. Time for Nicole to realize she is not playing with a bunch of unschooled hicks when she wants to buck up against the non-supporters. We all are smarter than Nicole and many have REAL schooling with high degrees like Law, masters in various areas and last of all the non-supporters research stuff before we post it. We do not post goat shit and try to get people to believe it is the new cure for cancer.


  15. Alack alack! The quantity of fictional pages and profiles Nicole and co. has been creating, juggling, deleting and recreating these past eight months.

    This is a woman who is sole breadwinner in a nonessential business less than a year old. 2/3 businesses fail the first year, especially ones that depend on discretionary income. She has with an infant + 10, with a homestead crying out for adult management and sweat equity. She has a larger cabin to build, a garden to prepare for, rainwater collection system to install, or well to dig, hot water on demand to put in. Pet parenting classes to lead. But….. no. New profile on Facebook with a swiped logo, jumping over to other pages to rant, orating on her BLH blog.

    Very good post, Blessed Little Blog. And you do your homework, it’s accurate. I worked in advertising many years. The cardinal rule when “lifting” an image, piece of film, music or writing is to clear any copyright issues. Copyright exists to protect the creator and it’s a serious matter. Looks like she winged it here.


  16. Oh dear, how dumb does Nicole think we all are? If the only admin of the pages are locked out of a Facebook page because the are on a ban you can’t just access a page and add a new admin.


  17. She only provided the link to the website AFTER she was called out on stealing the paw print. Now it appears that someone has reported her kids for being underage and having a Facebook account. It must be mind boggling for her to keep up with all of her fake accounts, her kids’ accounts, her business accounts, and Jobless Joe’s account. She’s so wonderful at multitasking! A veritable Martha damn Stewart. What, with all of her tidying, gardening, and educating skills…


  18. Today Facebook removed one of Nicole Naugler’s goon pages, “Not Another Page About the Nauglers FFS”. Nicole cannot be enjoying this additional muzzling. I don’t blame her in a way. Facebook is her escape. Other people turn to tobacco, pot, coke, pills, meth, alcohol when they have a hard time coping.

    Please take this “timeout” as an opportunity, Nicole, to reassess, and seek calm, and stillness. There is great grace in accomplishing things quietly.

    I encourage you to see a therapist and/or take a yoga class as a healthier outlet than social media, where either you will find enablers fueling unhealthy thinking and behavior, or convenient scapegoat “haters” that you feel are persecuting you. Counseling is available low or no-pay through many charitable organizations,through universities, and through Medi-Cal. These programs benefit people enormously.


  19. @Clinical Psychology said: “Please take this “timeout” as an opportunity, Nicole, to reassess, and seek calm, and stillness. There is great grace in accomplishing things quietly.”

    Her latest post on her blog seemed much calmer than normal. It was almost like reading a different person write the post.


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