What the fuck am I reading?  Seriously.  What is this?

Birth control changed the world. 

That’s not too broad a statement. It changed the whole world. It changed not only the lives of women, but also the economies of entire countries and created a world where more women are in college right now in America than men. Birth control has led directly to the empowerment and freedom of women. Without it, women would still be chained at home at the mercy of their menstrual cycles and their sexual partners’ desires.

I am very aware that there are forms of birth control that do not involve hormones, but they don’t work as well and are often not nearly as convenient (one reason they don’t work as well).

But hey, let’s look at the article in question.

Nicole, as usual, doesn’t read the shit she posts.  The article is citing one study. One study.

Never, ever, ever, ever form a settled opinion based on one study.  Scientists don’t do it and you shouldn’t either.  Science writers for the media sometimes don’t know much about science, and I’m being kind.

Don’t even form a beginning opinion based on a short article citing another news outlet.  Go to the source.

Here’s where WAVE3 got the stuff they are reporting.

The original summary is at the New England Journal of Medicine.

Here’s the gist of the thing.

Researchers thought they could reduce the risk of breast cancer in women taking oral contraceptives by reducing the dose.  It hasn’t worked out that way.  Science gets it wrong sometimes.  Unlike religion, science recognizes when they get it wrong and goes back to the drawing board.

BUT, and it’s a very big but, the risk of developing breast cancer due to hormonal birth control is extremely small.

Read that again.

The risk is small.  It was small to begin with.  It’s still small.  It hasn’t changed.

Foregoing birth control pills because you are afraid of getting breast cancer (assuming you have no other underlying risks) is like refusing to fly to Florida because you’re scared of planes and driving instead.  Your risk of dying from pregnancy is far, far greater than the risk of breast cancer you might incur from preventing that pregnancy.

Furthermore, birth control pills (hormonal therapy period) offers protection from other things that might kill you, like ovarian cancer, and in later life, heart disease.

As a disclaimer, I was prescribed birth control pills twice in my life.  Once was when I was young, for birth control.  I hated them.  Seriously hated them.  I quit taking them because I hated them.  As it turned out, I had one child and then we discovered that we had secondary infertility and didn’t need any birth control at all (every cloud has a silver lining).

When I was peri-menopausal, I was prescribed them again to smooth out my entry into menopause.  I still hated them.  I told my gynecologist what he could do with those horrible little pills and quit taking them.  He told me pretty bluntly that I was tossing out something that could protect from heart disease and I told him that I would rather die on the spot than take another one of those damned little pills.

In short, I hated them.

But I’m not all women, and I know that they have changed the world that I live in.

A woman who refused prenatal care, who refused to allow her unborn child to have the benefit of any medical care of any sort through the entirety of his very short uterus-confined life has no business offering any opinion whatever on any subject having to do with reproduction.  Period.  Anyone who gives her ridiculous opinion any credence whatever is brain-dead.

She has a lot of nerve saying that birth control pills aren’t “safe.”  She nearly died in childbirth and her baby did die. What’s not safe is Nauglering.


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  1. NICOLE NAUGLER You DO NOT have the right to speak of or post articles about birth control prenatal care or post partum care! I would think that the events of 7/21/2017 would show that to you! STFU!!! If I had made the choices YOU made and the end result was the death of my child. I would have crawled in the hole with him!! For the love of your children….please STFU!!


  2. Birth control pills mess with me. I’ve been pretty open about my mental health issues. I tried so many different pills and doses and my body didn’t do well with them. Okay mostly my brain didn’t do well with them. I tried to get the Depo shot, I bled for three month straight and was a mess. After my last child I was done. I went and had a tubal. I’m a pretty fertile and honestly I didn’t want more kids. The only way to prevent that and keep my sanity was permanent birth control.

    Birth control is amazing. I don’t want a dozen kids. Without birth control that’s how many I would have probably had. I am grateful to live in a time where I can control my body.


  3. I read her stupid post and the thoughts swirled around in my brain. My first thought was, oh! you eschew birth control pills? No shit! But, beyond that, I couldn’t put my disgust into words. Thanks for doing that for me, Sally. You are a smart lady.


  4. I don’t like them personally. I was on oral bc when I got pregnant with my first. I didn’t know and I don’t think most of the Dr’s knew back then antibiotics messed them up. Then 4 years later I tried the depo shot and all my hormones were messed up. Dr said I was going threw an early menopause then came a surprise #2. I decided to have #3 and he was born 18 months later and then decided to just have my tubes tied for bc. I didn’t ever want to take those darn things ever again either.


  5. Without effective birth control few women could get much of an education. Few women were afforded the opportunity to work or own a business. As women were freed from the tyranny of uncontrolled pregnancies they were able to effect social and political change and gain equality. The rise of feminism goes hand in hand with the Pill. That equality benefits Nicole Naugler whether she recognizes it or not.

    In another age, considering that she bore many of her children before wedlock, the chances that anyone would go to a business she ran were slim to nil. That is if she survived all those births. The chances are pretty good that someone would have had her placed in an institution, possibly sterilized her, and put her children up for adoption. Even with wedlock she is married to Joseph Naugler who isn’t willing to support his family and her situation would not have been much better. The concept of a stay at home father (a feminist concept) would have been a subject of ridicule and he most likely would have ended up in an institution or the work house himself. If they tried to hide out in the wilderness they would have all starved or died from the elements, because survival took hard work and know how. That is the historical reality.

    Whether they like it or not they enjoy their ability to be them because of those that came before them.


  6. I think the biggest take away from the study is that hormonal birth control isn’t a great long term solution. If you know you never want to have children, go for a non-hormonal iud or sterilization (for either partner) in lieu of hormonal birth control. Deciding you never want to have kids with a permanent preventative measure is perfectly fine. It’s definitely safer overall than taking hormones from 15-45 (or longer). 30 years daily use of OTC pain medication isn’t a great idea either. So hormonal birth control isn’t exactly a special case.

    I can’t take hormonal anything because my liver can’t take it. No underlying liver issue, I don’t drink or anything; my liver just doesn’t like hormonal birth control. Heck, I’ve had cyclical itching since my first cycle around age 10. For some people hormonal birth control is a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean it is altogether bad. I would be fine with our daughters taking it; I would advise them not to look at it as a long term plan though (i.e. 30 years).


  7. I went on oral birth control at 14. I had horrible periods that involved intense cramping, lethargy, vomiting and dizzy spells. I knew I needed something when I vomited in my math classrooms bin lol.

    I now use Implanon. I don’t want anymore children, and also didn’t want to rely on my dodgy memory to take a pill everyday.

    I will take the miniscule risk of breast cancer, over a pregnancy my body would not cope with, and a child I could not afford.


  8. Something for Nicole to think about. I never used hormonal birth control. Always the Today sponge and/or condoms. Two children who I chose to breastfeed because I wanted to do so and could due to production, technology and supportive employers.

    Diagnosed with Stage IIIa breast cancer at 48. Chemotherapy, unilateral mastectomy, radiation; ovaries & Fallopian tubes removed at 50. But I never took birth control!

    Nicole really should read the damn papers. A very small increase of a very small rate of incidence is still higher than we want to see, but it sure as fuck beats the risk of injury or death for mother and baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

    Sally, have you read the book about how oral contraception came about? It’s called “Birth of the Pill” and was published a few years ago. Fascinating.


  9. I think a more accurate term Nauglecting, but that is splitting very fine semantic hairs. Let us stick with something we know well. Nicole is very bad at math.


  10. Not sure what to say. The minuscule risk of breast cancer was always a risk. I personally couldn’t take them too much risk for me. I have always had a higher risk of blood clots. Thank God I had a mellow transition to menopause. Any hormone therapy is not for me.


  11. In our little backward state, for a while during the 60s and maybe early 70s, women could not make the choice to take the pill, get tubes tied, get an IUD, or any other form of birth control without their husbands’ consent. No shit! And while birth control pills affected some women in ways they didn’t affect others, women who were fortunate enough to get to take them were having smaller families and able to join the workforce, if they wanted to, or go to school. Nicole, even if the birth control pills had no propaganda about ill effects, wouldn’t take birth control pills because she is so proud that she can not only get knocked up but she can drop the kid right where she sleeps, no matter how fucking dirty the mattress. When women have babies that they have no intention of taking care of, pregnancy isn’t about a mother/child bond but about some sick delight that they get being pregnant. Having the bump is evidence that they are fuckable, fertile, and female. They want to put those three things out there for the attention that they bring. When the Duggar woman was having baby after baby and passing those babies off to the older siblings to raise, we all knew that it wasn’t about having a baby but it was about what the baby bump symbolized. Some women wear the pregnancies like badges of honor as if they are doing something so unique to them that everyone should stop and pay homage. Here’s the deal on that one, a fucking guppy can get knocked up and shoot out a shit load of little guppies that she, too, doesn’t particularly give a shit about. And, to be frank, there’s nothing particularly noble about seeing a very young girl knocked up nor is there anything noble about seeing a fucking old ass perimenopausal woman waddling around with a huge bump making her look more like a starved third world country refugee than a miracle about to happen. Harsh, I would say yep, but the truth is that some women abuse their bodies, their living children, and their own potential by having that nine month spotlight and when the spotlight is off, they go back to being ordinary or less than ordinary.


  12. In my own experience, every single prescription for any medication I have ever gotten has come with a list of precautions, warnings, list of possible side effects, etc. So when Nicole says she was always told birth control pills were “safe,” she’s mis-representing things. Maybe some friends told her they were safe; maybe. But if she were speaking with a medical doctor in the course of discussing birth control choices, there is no way that doctor simply said they were “safe.” I remember being advised of the possible side effects when I first considered taking them. I tried them, didn’t care for them, and after that used spermicides and condoms. I also used the rhythm method. I’ve been pregnant exactly once, and that occurred in my mid-thirties.

    Is Nicole trying to claim that it would actually be less risky for her to have sex without being on the pill, because of the very minor chance that she could develop breast cancer? Imagine being so determined to defy common sense, to try to “show” her detractors, that she’d consider risking another pregnancy because she will refuse to take BC. What a fool.


  13. Thank you Sally, well said.

    I saw the horrible “pancake” picture again today and just noticed it was taken in July. It must have been so miserable to be sick and laying outside in the sun in July all day. Mom and Pop were probably in the shade with a fan running off the generator. I can’t begin to imagine why anyone would look to Nicole for advice on anything.


  14. Speaking of birth control, I don’t suppose either the two female puppies were spayed or do we all expect to see puppies being advertised as available in early 2018?

    I vote for beagle/GP crosses being one of the worst ever, if that dog survives delivery. Probably should be caesarean due to the disparity in their sizes and her first litter. I hope for her young owner’s sake she is spayed. I can’t imagine Joe or Nicole getting it done though. Too much money. Burying dogs is like burying your baby. They don’t take up much room.

    Not enamored of the other potential cross. A herding dog crossed with a guard dog doesn’t work out well either.

    Anyone else betting that it’s only a matter of time before Beauty drops a foal? If so, no doubt accidentally bred to some conformational horror. Bonus points if it’s a gaited mixed breed stud with no papers, no show record, no training. Unless whoever is boarding that horse for the young lady has sense enough to prevent that sort of thing. Then again, unless she gets vaccinated in her 5th, 7th and 9th month for EHV (many vets recommend it in her 3rd month too) she may slip a dead foal; plus there is eastern and western equine encephalitis (EEE/WEE), West Nile virus (WNV), EHV, botulism, tetanus, and equine influenza. Mares can also be vaccinated for rotavirus, which is a common cause of foal diarrhea. This vaccine requires a three dose series given one month apart, beginning in the 8th month of gestation. Hopefully she was vaccinated against rabies too. I don’t want her to be pregnant, but it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if she were in foal.

    After all, dangerous pregnancies, free from medical or veterinary care is all part of Nauglecting!


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