Context Matters


This image comes from Camille’s little Facebook page called “What in the World.” She started it after she and Cathy Harris parted company at Truth Seeking Graduates (Cathy’s Facebook page).

She presents us with a picture of Steve Pettit and a caption which appears to quote Pettit: “We’re like any other school.”

It’s a single sentence, complete with a period at the end. Pettit said, we’re told, “we’re like any other school.” Period. End of thought.

And Camille then stabs away: “Why go there, then?” she asks.

And her two little stooges echo with insults about Pettit’s supposed lack of intelligence.

But conversation ensues, which is really, really interesting.


It begins with some crap about sarcasm, which is pretty much irrelevant.


But then Camille makes some great statements. I have them highlighted.

She’s honest. She’s just asking honest questions.

Her statements are all proven facts, and she is trying to help by documenting them.

She’s so kind and thoughtful, isn’t she? Brings a tear to the eye, I think.


She’s asked for context. She gives a bullshit answer as to what the context is. Notice that her “context” is what she has determined that it is. What Doug Merrill is asking for, though, is the actual context in which Steve Pettit made the remark “We’re just like any other school.”

Camille sends him off to find it. She does not provide it, and there’s a very good reason she doesn’t provide it.


I do not have a Ph.D. in rhetoric (communication), but I am fairly certain that saying “We’re just like any other school, we have to keep moving forward” is not the same thing as “We’re just like any other school in every single way imaginable, therefore any other school would do fine.”

And I know perfectly well that Camille K. Lewis knows this too.


In the interest of context, here’s the rest of the conversation, at least what was there when the screen shots were made. Obviously, they aren’t even paying attention to any of this, but that doesn’t surprise me.

This is just one incident, one among many. However, it illustrates very nicely what Camille does. She takes a single clause, lifts it out of a larger sentence, puts a period at the end as though that’s all there is, and then blasts away at the speaker for something he clearly did not say at all.

It’s sort of odd to me that Camille has bitched for years that BJU is stuck in the past, that they never, ever change, they never, ever innovate. And then they attempt to do just that—and she isn’t satisfied. Of course, that’s because change isn’t what she wants at all. What she wants is scorched earth.

To get that scorched earth, she will use anyone convenient to her (Cathy Harris comes to mind immediately), any cause that is handy (The KKK? Fine. Sexual abuse? That’s fine too. Doesn’t matter.), and she will manufacture “proven facts” at will to somehow convince people that she is right. [All that stuff about pedophile rings at BJU is straight from Camille.] She doesn’t care who she slanders, or who she lies about, or what the truth actually is. Her revenge is everything to her.

Context matters. It matters a whole lot.


From the blog, this is Doug Merrill speaking:




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