nicole confession

So now we know for sure.  Right from the writer’s own keypad.

Nicole Naugler is the author of the love letters.

Just as a reminder, here’s a sample.


Nathan suicide

Nicole Naugler is admitting that she wrote these.

She has never written but one comment on this blog under her own name.  Here it is.

nicole only comment

That comment is not by any stretch “far worse” than what Naomi Thompson has been saying most of today.  Not even close to being “far worse.”

In fact, the only things written to me here that could conceivably be construed as “far worse” than Naomi’s insane ranting are the love letters.  There simply is nothing else, under any name, anywhere.

I probably owe Joe Naugler an apology, because I really thought it was him doing it. Or maybe he and Jacob together.  When all the time it was Nicole, the sweet loving mother of eleven, who lives this back-to-nature come-to-Jesus lifestyle in the “wilderness” of Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

Nah, I don’t think I’ll apologize to Joe. But I do thank you, Nicole, for coming clean on this.  I’m sure your supporters will applaud.

By the way, my skin is fine, but I appreciate the concern.


19 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. I knew it was Queen NogNut. She needs some damn meds, pots not working for her. It’s supposed to mellow you out not make you wired for sound or in her case become a keyboard warrior. She’s done this for many years.How nasty to attack a mother on the death of her child. I don’t care how much you dislike or hate a person you never stoop that low. But again we are talking about the unstable nogs here. She also harassed people for “being fat”, news alert Pa ia fat. And nope not fat shaming here cause guess what I’m fat. And also off topic but other births were questioned in the past, blue baby ect, she ignored it much like the newest addition. Thankfully the kids made it through all this. Sadly though unless they strong enough to break the cycle it will only repeat. Does the blessed one look pregnant again to anyone else? Or she , oh getting fat.


  2. Nicole is not as smart as she thinks she is cause she always outs herself one way or another. That is what happens when people tell stories, fibs and lies they have trouble keeping reality and things straight.

    Nicole is a vile, nasty and stupid person. Many of us are sure she is the one behind most of the vile pages that dox and say evil things about non-supporters.

    That woman has 11 kids, a business to run and a husband to order around that she is neglecting while she spends all of her time trolling online to see what is being said about her, to find cops that she can bash and to find memes to support her outlandish off the beaten path causes. If she put as much time into mothering, working at her business and having a real relationship other than sex with her husband she would have the world by the tail and we would have never heard about them cause they would be self supporting.

    What loving mother uses the precious time she has breast feeding to be sending off such vile messages to people. Breast feeding is suppose to be a special time to bond with your baby. Maybe once you hit #11 that is not the case any more and it becomes a chore instead of a loving moment.

    It is hard for me to understand how some one can have enough time in the day to give 11 kids each some really good quality time. Then add working on top of that along with breast feeding a baby. Looks like there are some poor kids getting left out of the loving and nurturing mommy time that kids should have.

    But if we are to believe Nicole’s mother that she is strong willed and pig headed(my words not her mother’s) then she will never change. She will only get worse cause she thinks the world has to run according to what Nicole wants and nothing more and on Nicole’s rules/laws. I am waiting for the day one of those kids get fed up with her shit and say to her “fuck you cunt”. They will only be projecting what they have been taught.


  3. She condones this sort of behavior because that is the kind of person she is…. which is exactly what this blog is about.


  4. Not so sure you should be so quick to let Joe off the hook. It has been my belief all along that Joe is as guilty as Nicole.


  5. “Naomi just pointed out the hard reality.”
    Supporters like Naomi only see the thin superficial surface-layer of BLH, chalk full of cute children and country charm, rather than the heavy, thick layers of child-neglect below said surface. They are not prompted to even think, but rather only click, “like”.

    A great example is FB user “Naomi Thompson”, who goes on a tirade in defense of Nicole Naugler in a comment/reply to a March 21 BLH post (regarding the “bully blogger”). Amid her mishmash of disarray and grammatical errors, she angrily writes (directed at the blog),

    “If you can’t produce your own food and collect water you are the one who is worthless.”

    Wow! The irony!! All-time low, kick in the balls to BLH. Seriously, Naomi Thompson! You know not who you defend!
    -BLH (The Nauglers) DO NOT collect rainwater. Rather, they buy it, on the grid!
    -They DO NOT grow or produce their own food. Instead, they shop at Walmart!!

    Her comment, in full, is on FB. She implied that she posted on BLB, and was posting a copy there as well, in anticipation of it not being approved. Its not that it is that mean. Just, nonsensical and unorganized, full of accusations of stalking and laziness, mistaking concern-and-advocacy-for-child-neglect for misunderstanding the lifestyle, and the subjectivity of the “american dream” – only it is not really articulated as such.

    More unintended mockery and satire, her tidbits of pure-gold, below:

    “Have you seen how these people are not the only ones living off grid and unschooling? In fact we are doing this exact same thing.”
    [The Naugler’s definition of “off-grid” and “unschooling”, is far different than yours, or anyone’s, really.]

    “How hard is it to work a job? It’s pathetically simple”
    [This one is obv. – however unintended- directed at Mr. Naugler.]

    “What gets me the most about your blog is that you are too chicken shit to post who you are. PATHETIC!”
    [She obviously has not even read your blog. I wonder how little of it she even looked at?]

    She doesn’t understand this blog’s attempt at bringing awareness to the deceit, misrepresentation, and fraud of BLH, nor the child-exploitation supporting it all. Nor the child-abuse in the form of neglect. “They” all think this is an attack on the “off-grid” lifestyle! One that isn’t even there! Good grief.


  6. Stay classy, Nicole!

    Oh and Sally, how are those ads on this web site working out for you? The ones that never existed and that I still don’t see.


  7. Sally, how are those ads on this web site working out for you? The ones that never existed and that I still don’t see.

    With the traffic this blog gets, I ought to set up some ads and donate the proceeds to charity.


  8. LOL Gnomie doesn’t live off the grid, she appears to live in an apartment. She may, however, indeed “unschool” sadly.


  9. Imagine these people, Nicole and friends, as your parents with almost no contact with anyone else except your brothers and sisters. Possibly unschooling and free range living may be the best alternative for these kids at present. Being cooped up in a tiny shack or groom shop and forced to listen and experience the hatred and insanity of Nicole and her ilk 24 hours a day is unimaginably damaging to these young minds. Only one evening reading her most ardent supporter’s rambling insane posts made me claustrophobic and wanting to escape. And they LOVE this stuff and perpetuate it daily!
    The kids minds will find ways to escape, even if their bodies don’t yet. I hope that enough reality remains to one day recoup some form of a peaceful and sane life for the survivors of this horror.
    Too bad her daughter didn’t get away on her attempts. She’s trying though. She knows.
    NAUGLER KIDS: Keep trying to escape, a sane, calm and loving world can be found away from the compound. Your mother and her friends are very very sick and you are not responsible for them. Don’t be afraid to ask your case workers or others not associated with your parents for help. Just ask. You are not alone . There are people who will help you and your brothers and sisters.

    Sally you are the BEST! Thank you and hugs, for all that you have done and continue to do and all that you have suffered in order to help these kids.


  10. “With the traffic this blog gets, I ought to set up some ads and donate the proceeds to charity.”

    That’s a great idea. Be certain to ask for and receive their last three 990’s and read them very, very carefully. There are far too many scams that may have a 501c3 designation, but don’t deserve a single copper coin.

    Although if you don’t mind a suggestion, what about Home School Alumni Reaching out? They’re not a 501c3 yet, but they may be worth a look.


  11. It was never about their lifestyle choices. Homeschool your kids? Who hasn’t?

    Live off grid? Don’t we all aspire to that? I know I do. Same goes for self sustaining. Growing organically, fresh eggs, and all the other things we work hard for everyday.

    It was never about the size of their family, but it was about the lack of concern and care for those children. At the very least neglect was apparent to many.

    It was never about ideology or religion. It was about integrity and spirituality. The hypocrisy of touting things just to justify heinous behaviors, not through any personal conviction.

    It is about the poverty of character in the Naugler parents, IMHO. Their possible mental incapacities, IMO, and its effect on their children. Their children who many believe have been isolated, untended, scantily educated and psychologically/emotionally abused for far too long.

    At this point the Naugler parents, while disgusting, are irrelevant to the narrative, IMHO. They are adults and may choose to wallow in their misery, not my place to judge them for doing so. The children, that is another story. They are not adults, they are vulnerable members of our community. If we turn a blind eye to their plight, we are no better than the Nauglers.


  12. Oh, and I admire the Home School Alumni Reaching Out and Homeschooler’s Anonymous people. What a mixed bag of bright, brave and rational people they are. Their cause impressive.


  13. Naomi claimed to be a witch last night…
    So, Today she is distancing herself from her statement by spewing facts about Reiki.
    Too late.
    Wicca is a noble religion, and its tenets go as far back as there is recorded history.
    Wise women and men used nature and all its power and energy to do good and heal long before there were doctors.
    People like Naomi gave Wicca a bad reputation. Any knowledge can be misused.

    If Naomi knows any thing at all about Wicca, she knows the phrase “What goes around comes around”.

    If Nicole had any sense (pregnant pause), she would distance herself from this kind of supporter.


  14. Of course it was never about homeschooling. They aren’t homeschooling their kids. They also aren’t homesteading in the wilderness, free-range parenting, practicing naturopathy, managing a militia, or allowing their children to be autodidacts. For me it is and has always been that they say they’re doing all this high-flown stuff and fly into a rage when people point out the reality: they have a filthy second-rate hobo camp in second-growth forest, they beg and bully and steal in the name of independence, and the kids are left to do most of the hard work of living without a lick of help from their parents.


  15. With the traffic this blog gets, I ought to set up some ads and donate the proceeds to charity.

    When I read about this family I became intrigued. I read, searched and investigated. I was sliding down a rabbit hole; The more I read the more I became curious and terribly sad. I found this blog and it brings me a bit of peace. I worry terribly for these children and somehow I feel this blog offers them the safety they are deprived of by their “parents”. Because of this blog and the readers there are many eyes watching this family which means many eyes on these children and Nicole knows this.

    Back to the ads and donating the funds generated. Yes and Yes, then create a scholarship in your son’s honor and memory!


  16. Well spoken, Lisa. No, for me, it was never about homesteading. Like Sheriff Pate said in one of Nicole’s video recordings, I think homesteading is kind of cool too. It was never about homeschooling. I had even considered and researched homeschooling, at one time. It wasn’t about the extra large number of children. I’m from a medium large family and both my parents are from an extra large number of children family. It wasn’t about religion. I thought it was these things, when I first saw the news coverage.

    But then, it wasn’t long that I started scratching my head. It really wasn’t “trolls” that I was paying attention. It was by Joe and Nicole’s own presentations, with youtube videos of LE encounters. Like the seatbelt safety stop by LE. The video when Sheriff Pate came to check on the situation where their daughter was found walking on the highway and a concerned citizen drove her home. The audio of Sheriff Pate coming to the property and eventually arrested Nicole, during the order to remove the children. The radioblog audio with Joe and the attorney host. The TV News photo slideshow during the “Clean Up Day”. The GoFundMe campaign, that Joe initially started and then an investment friend took over soon after. So to give credit to “trolls” for my forming my own non supporting opinion, would be incorrect. I am me. And my non support and being a critic is mine.

    The BLB has helped in piecing the truths together, by revealing the truths. And revealing the lies. What the reality is, Joe and Nicole have some serious holes in their moral compass ship. And integrity. And character. They are grifters, making false pretense for fundme fundraising. They mislead and are manipulative. Those beautiful children, the vulnerable collateral damage.

    Yes, Yes! Excellent idea to set up some ads and donate the proceeds to a charity!


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