It wasn’t “clever.” It was true.  The fact that you don’t know how I did it doesn’t mean I didn’t do it, Nicole.

Here’s a link to the post in question.

Go ahead, click on the link and take a look.  Most likely you will see something similar to what I have above.  That’s what it looks like if I look via my husband’s Facebook page.

But this is what I see when I look at it.

Notice the three dots?  That means there is a comment there, but it is hidden.  Stacey tried to make a comment after I instituted the change.

From what I can figure out, Stacey can see that comment, and anyone who is friends with her can see that comment, but nobody else can. I see the dots.

If I click on the dots,  I see this.

I then have an option to unhide her comment if I wish. I do not wish.

And I know that all page admins have the ability to hide comments.  I get it.

But I didn’t hide that comment.  It was hidden from the second she posted it.  And with very few rare exceptions, every comment made will be hidden like that no matter who the person is.  I do not have to hide comments one at a time.  I have arranged for them all to be hidden (with those few exceptions I mentioned) without me having to do anything at all.

I know that Nicole doesn’t know how I did this, which is why she is saying that I’m lying.  If you want to test it out, be my guest.  Make a comment on the BLB Facebook page.   Do it at 3 a.m. when I’m sound asleep. There are rare exceptions, as I’ve mentioned, when the comment will go through, but they are not common.

In addition, I’ll go back over my reasons because Nicole is incapable of getting stuff the first time around.

This has nothing to do with me collecting IP addresses. I do not give a single shit what your IP address is.  Lots of people nowadays use VPNs anyway.  I do from time to time myself.

I actually end up knowing far less about the people who comment here than I would if they were commenting on a Facebook page. I cannot snoop around on their profiles, like Nicole and Joe do. All I see is the user name they selected, the email address they entered (which might well be bogus, I don’t know or care), and their IP address, which could well be VPN and therefore meaningless.

I simply do not wish to engage in discussions or arguments on that page on Facebook.  The page exists to provide links to new posts here. That’s its sole purpose.

Stacey’s only reason for doing what she did was to try to provoke somebody into saying something she could report to Facebook.  That’s all. She didn’t want information. She didn’t want any answers. She just wanted to provoke.

I’m not going to play Facebook games, Nicole.  You live for it.  I don’t.

I do rather enjoy explaining to you, though, how Facebook works.



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  2. Reading the comment and seeing the escalation in her posts, I am waiting for the climax. [ Admin: I totally sympathize with your feelings about this, but I just can’t allow this. I hope you understand.]


  3. At the risk of repeating myself again… I was banned when I asked if Nora Ann was going to receive a used tiller rather than a cash refund. This was on a now deleted post wherein Nora Ann asked for a refund of her donation after seeing money spent on a hotel and fireworks.

    Nicole badgered and badgered Nora Ann after Nora Ann repeatedly explained she had made two donations. One originally then a second one at a later date because she had worked some overtime and felt Nicole’s family needed the overtime (money) more than her so she donated those funds too. Nicole then stated that she had just spent $250.00 on a used tiller and Nora Ann could come pick the tiller up

    So, in my opinion, I was not banned for a “good reason” as Nicole states.

    Somehow, I also don’t believe the ban list is short simply due to my experience being banned.


  4. I’d prefer commenting on the blog. There are rare occasions where I will give a snarky comment on FB but, I know you won’t dox or try to intimidate me into silence, by sharing any info I had out there before I locked my profile down.

    So, fuck you Nicole.


  5. The Nauglers aren’t the only trainwreck. LOL

    Watching the HolierThanThou FJ pearl clutchers LOSING THEIR COLLECTIVE SHIT now that they’ve been outed and treated with the same venom poor Viv/Eric/Deb/Lisa/Sally etc has received, has been some pretty great entertainment.

    On and on, they waxed poetic about how *they* would never ever go as ‘low’ as Al or Viv. Noooo, those people are ‘awful’ and ‘vile’. LMAO

    High horses. It hurts when you fall off. That’s why WE don’t get on them in the first freaking place. 😉


  6. The funniest thing in Nicole’s post is when she advises people to avoid Sally’s blog. Hahahahaha!!
    It’s funny because Nicole reads here more than anyone else. Oh the irony!


  7. Misty Auffhammer 16×18 is a great size.. do you mind me asking how tall it is? My little ones would love a loft.
    Blessed Little Homestead 2ft-4ft at the pitch.

    So…the center highest part of the “loft” is 28 inches tall…and the roof slopes down to the floor.

    Ok…everyone go grab a yard stick, or a tape measure, etc.

    Measure out 28 inches, and imagine the walls sloping down.

    If you don’t have a yard tick handy…here’s a frame of reference. The top of most hotel room beds is about 28-30 inches off the ground.

    Imagine putting 6 young boys UNDER a hotel room bed…with the walls sloping down from the center of the bed.

    Now imagine those children caged into that narrow space when there is a fire and the ceiling is the first to fill will smoke.

    Now, imagine FatAss trying to climb the suicide ladder, squeeze up there in the dense smoke…and pull 6 tiny kids out before the porch stacked with fuel gets going and incinerates everyone.

    If I wasn’t 100% sure that Nicole and Joe are such total DICKS that they’d throw them away rather than use them, I would love to send the kids about four smoke detectors for the “loft”.

    Fucking idiots.

    And fucking idiots in Child Protective Services. That isn’t safe. All it would take is one simple mistake for a massive tragedy.

    Poor kids.


  8. This is all just ignorance on N part. When all you do is access FB via tablets and phones you are limited on what you can actually do.

    Sally, it seems that the feature you found is only accessible via a computer/laptop. You are not going to find it via the FB app or the Page manager app that N uses on her phone, iPad or kindle or any other mobile device she is using.


  9. If you dream of a place to live where you can be free to play on the internet all day instead of providing a home for your dependent children, Kentucky is surely one of the best places to be. It has a history of being a land of disposable people. When the purpose of a population is to work in the mines or building railroads there isn’t much push to educate or protect. I would start a GoFundMe to help change the situation but throwing money around won’t solve generations worth of social ills.


  10. The most intelligent people I have met are in Kentucky.

    The Nauglers represent NO ONE but themselves.


  11. I would love to send the kids about four smoke detectors for the “loft”.

    KatataFish, If you do that make sure you cut the UPC off the smoke alarm packaging so Nicole just can’t take them to Walmart, return them and take the cash. Joe is always in need of money to buy more bud so that he can keep the spirit talking to him. He probably shouldn’t take his eyes off the road again when the spirit tells him to look left again. He could end up drifting off the road and hitting a tree, or something.

    I wonder… does Joe record these conversations with the spirit too?


  12. Anyone who sends anything at all to this family is a sucker. An extreme sucker. Seriously. A SUCKER.


  13. Personally I think that the Nauglers wouldn’t use them and they’d just sell them on one of the buy and sell pages. They’re almost as active on those pages as they are patroling for trolls.


  14. She can’t figure out how to disable comments on a public Facebook page? Hahahaha. So much for her ability to think outside the box.


  15. Agreed, Sally, which is why I wouldn’t send them a damned thing.

    But those idiots are quite literally playing with fire. And as much as I find the parents loathsome, the idea of a bunch of kids burning up breaks my heart. It sincerely does. Even Naugler kids…who didn’t ask to be born into that fiasco.

    Kentucky CPS…if you are reading this….PLEASE insist that they have working smoke detectors in that death trap. Press the button and make sure they’re working on every home visit. The damned things are $10 each. It’s not a hardship.


  16. @Katatafish – I think you misread the loft dimensions, but that’s because Nicole wrote them with rather odd punctuation.

    Nicole says the loft is “2ft-4ft at the pitch.”

    That’s not 2 feet and four inches.

    I think she means the height ranges from 2 feet at the lowest point up to four feet at the highest point (which is the ridge, not the “pitch” – pitch is the numerical value for the amount of slope a roof has, given as a ratio:

    However, the loft space is not four feet even in the center. Just look at the lattice panels – which are standard-size garden lattice panels cut to fit – on the storage side. The sleeping loft height is the same.

    Two of those squares equals about 1 foot.

    The cabin’s width is 16 feet.

    From there you can work out how all the measurements you need by counting the lattice squares.

    They are 3 feet at the edge of the doorway. The doorway is 2 feet wide. The highest point is 3 feet 3 inches.

    Not 28 inches, but not four feet, either.

    I’m sure Nicole would complain that I’m nitpicking. To that I say, just tell a four-foot-tall child in a three-foot three-inch space how nitpicky I am.


  17. If there is a fire in that shed or even excessive smoke I believe there will be big trouble. Children panic even under the best of circumstances.

    As far as I can tell there is only one relatively small exit with a straight ladder. The window doesn’t look large enough for anyone to fit through. So somehow with fire and smoke and whatnot 6-7 small to middle boys are going to have make their way past the bins I saw up there and find the exit. Few will have head room to walk so will have to stoop and crawl to that exit and climb down that ladder. How quickly do you think that would happen? What happens if a child freezes in panic, is hurt trying to get out or has been overcome with smoke? It doesn’t take much with small lungs. Who is going to get up there and rescue them? Joe? I think not. Nicole or one of the teens? Are they going to feel around in the darkness, smoke and heat so they can grab a foot and drag the child(ren) out? Will they even have time to do that?

    Time is of the essence in an emergency and the very nature of the shed itself cuts that time enormously due to the shed being both small and highly flammable. Add into that the outdoor debris along and under the shed, wood burning stoves, small children doing their own cooking and/or tending the interior fire sources and the clutter shown in each and every photograph of the place and it is a recipe for disaster.

    Here is to hoping that they never have to experience an uncontrolled burn in the shed.


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