To close out the month, I offer this.

Dear Beth, in case somebody tells you that you are the subject of a whole page  and you come over here to look, I’ll give you some answers.

First, Shitgate.

. . . why would local authorities not be citing you for it?

They did. They are. Court is Tuesday.

Second, Goatgate.

. . . why are they not having it handled legally and appropriately?

It was.  Joe accepted a “deferral order.”

If they have any real concern, they would go through proper channels and not call themselves “trolls” in the first place.

We didn’t called ourselves “trolls.”

That is Nicole’s name for us. We are mocking her when we use the term. Here’s just one example.


Is there a particular reason why your family would not want to move out of the region?

As a commenter put it so well, “everywhere you go, there you are.” They don’t move for several reasons. First, they have nowhere to go.  Nicole’s business is in the area. Second, they can’t make ends meet now. They have no money to move. Third, CPS would follow them wherever they go.

I suspect most of you are laughing at this by now. I admit laughing when I read it.

I carefully chose this particular comment to illustrate something, though. Had Beth been just a wee bit less judgmental, I would have passed her by. But she insists on passing judgment on me, so she’s fair game.

Beth is an example of a person who reads something, thinks very little and certainly not very deeply, and then begins typing.

How many times do you see on social media somebody posting a long tale about how wronged they have been, and how their landlord/mother-in-law/cousin/co-worker did something horrible to them and it’s all so bad and please pity me?  And then what ensues is a whole raft of comments that all take for granted that the tale is absolute fact, and that the evil person who perpetrated this terrible outrage is actually a terrible person.

I see it a lot. Maybe I see it because I’m sort of looking for it. Blogging like this has made me a bit of a skeptic.

My parents were divorced when I was 13. My mother was better than lots of divorced parents and was fairly careful to not criticize my father in front of us kids, but we knew, of course, that there was a big problem. You don’t get divorced over nothing. We knew the basic details. And we all (there were three of us) just accepted our mother’s version, which we absorbed through tiny comments made here and there.

Mom was pure and innocent. Dad was bad.  That concept colored the rest of my childhood, estranging me from my father and making me really angry and resentful of him.

I went into adulthood believing the same thing. Mom was good. Dad was bad.

But when I was in my forties, I began to see the world a bit differently. Not nearly so black-and-white. Raising a child, living in the adult world, well, that sort of thing will do that to you if you’re lucky. And I began to understand my father much better.

I also began to understand that marital strife often (usually) involves two people. There is more than one way to see my parents’ divorce. My mother was not totally innocent. My dad was not totally evil. These were two flawed people (translation: normal) who just couldn’t live together. That’s not their fault. It’s not my fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

But that’s the case with most disputes.

They do it for the joy of causing trouble.

Notice that?  See how Beth pronounces judgment?  She is completely and entirely wrong in nearly every accusation she makes, and then she slams down the gavel and there we have it.  Evil.  Wrong. Bad.

She makes little to no effort to read much of anything.  I know this because she has no idea that the Nauglers have been reported to CPS over and over and over again.  She has no idea that Goatgate went to court and the Nauglers totally lost. She has no idea that Shitgate is an ongoing case in the court system right now.  These are all facts documented right here, complete with copies of the applicable court records. She could have asked her questions on any of the “troll” pages and gotten immediate answers.

But she didn’t.  Like folks on Facebook do all day every day, she just accepts Nicole’s version of events as factual and pronounces judgment.

I did the same thing with my parents’ situation, but I had an excuse. I was a kid and I was trusting my mother. Beth is an adult and she is trusting a perfect stranger on social media.

But what is really interesting is how Nicole reacts to this kind of thing.  Just like the discussion about Shitgate, where multiple people kept expressing outrage and amazement over “outhouses,” Nicole does not correct anything.  It is rare for her to correct a leghumper who is passing judgment on any critic. She only goes into correction mode if it’s in her interests to do so.

Of course, why would she?  Beth might just hit the donate button if she is affronted enough by what she sees as persecution of the innocent Naugler family.






20 thoughts on “Clueless”

  1. If she is one of the new fans that have been directed to my page to count coup, insult me, leave a bad review, or generally shout at me, Blessed Little Tolls and their Minions, is not named for myself nor for my friends. Quite the contrary. The Blessed title should give the meaning away.

    I am neither a troll, nor a minion. Under the current popular definition of a troll or under any old school definitions. Guess who uses that term on a constant and chronic basis? Applying it to anyone who “asks a stupid question”, posts something that offends their blessed feelings, or likes a comment or page that they disagree with. Yup, all it takes is a like and the next thing you know JOJO is sending you friend requests, or messages, or messaging others in your life, just because you ventured into “enemy territory”. You can call that behavior trollish. I think harassing and bullying are more appropriate terms.

    At the earliest age I was taught not to believe everything I read. It’s a given. People are biased, people have agendas, people have different interpretations based on their own baggage and perception. .You research, you dig for information, you use your noggin and critical thinking skills. You look beneath that which someone is saying. You don’t allow people to think for you. The harder they are trying to sell their story the more skeptical I become, and if their story has inconsistencies, repeated lies, omissions, holes and revisions I definitely look deeper. If when caught in a falsehood they say “I never said that, read closer” they’re playing games with you. I apply reason to the situation, I look at acts more than hollow words, I look to the motivation behind what they do. You know when you were a kid and you realized the more they advertised a toy on TV the crappier the toy was? If nothing else, keep that in mind when you read the blessed bullshit. Why are they online so much and in so many forums? Why the harassment and attacks on those who don’t “side” with them? Why is it worth so much effort and purported bad exposure for them? What are they selling? Why should you buy it?


  2. Seems that she went on a purge (reminiscent of kulaks) and removed most of her followers that were familiar with the full story, then went around to low information sites like info wars looking for new followers that can be easily misled. Wanna talk sheeple? (Hate that word but appropriate) you can go onto any one of those sites and claim anything you want, as long as you blame Obama, and those people will believe it.
    So it doesn’t surprise me at all that people believe everything she says, without question. They are not thinkers, they are not good researchers (which means, gasp, reading the viewpoints of others, even if it’s on CNN), and they certainly have no real common sense.


  3. Or perhaps we’re not miserable and hate filled. Perhaps we ourselves grew up in squalor and unsanitary conditions with narcissistic parents and see beyond the “big, happy, loving family” facade they want to project. My mother still tries to do that, 35 years later even as the 6 of us struggle as adults. It’s draining listening to how wonderful and amazing my childhood was when all I remember is being absolutely mortified by our living conditions, burning hot in summer, freezing in winter, nothing ever being consistent or reliable. I felt so bad watching the video of the inspection because it took me right back to my childhood. Yeah, running around in the mud and playing in the woods is fun for kids when it’s something different, not when it’s their everyday reality.


  4. Readers of Blessed Little Homestead want to believe Nicole. It’s easy to do, at first. Her readers are mostly women, and mothers themselves. They relate to her. They see another “Mama-Bear”, desperately striving to protect her cubs, so never mind the details, they are already on-board! Even without having to “like” or reply to any of their adoring FB-comments, even without having to reciprocate in any way, Nicole has them baited, humping her leg.

    It reminds me of, how Donald Trump has tapped all of these angry, uneducated, blue-collar white men, who never vote, suddenly supporting his racist, fear-mongering political campaign, regardless of anything he says or does on record… Likewise, Nicole has tapped this niche of aloof, cps-familial, homeschool, stay-at-home-moms, who “like” her pictures, who throw all this support at her, but dont care about the details- they dont have time for it- all they know is that she is a mom too, and she is just trying to live her life, so “leave their family alone”!


  5. “all they know is that she is a mom too, and she is just trying to live her life, so “leave their family alone”!”

    No worries, as soon as the kids are removed from Joe and Nicoles clutches, they will be left alone. No one cares less about the useless parents and their lies.


  6. This reminds me of all the dozens of CPS scare stories you hear from parents and Medical Kidnap on FB. You never get to hear the other side. They spread so much fear and paranoia that the government is itching to take your kids. In reality, if people would take the time to talk to foster families and maybe go volunteer at a children’s shelter or as a CASA, they would realize that the last thing a case worker wants to do is take children. I realized that after I became good friends with a foster parent. I realized that when I began researching some of these stories. There’s almost always more to the story (and when there’s not, the children are returned in EVERY SINGLE CASE I’ve spent time researching). In one story, the parents forgot to include their lengthy domestic disputes/arrests. Another forgot to include the fact that they were a meth head. But CPS can’t tell you that.

    Same for GFM. I’m part of a local yardsale group and we’ve caught quite a few scammers but what’s truly sad is the amount of people willing to go along with their stories and not question a damn thing. And let’s not even get started on Infowars.


  7. Beth say’s, ” I know they read comments on your blog rather regularly, thus my reason for posting here.”
    She is speaking directly at us folks…whooo this lady is serious !!!
    But just when you think it going to get good she is completely clueless as to any of the facts and has no idea what has been going on. Just another typical run of the mill Naugler Leghumper.

    It is actually kinda sad to see people falling into Nicole’s daily sob stories without checking things out for themselves.


  8. Calyxta wrote, ” Yeah, running around in the mud and playing in the woods is fun for kids when it’s something different, not when it’s their everyday reality.”

    What a statement that is. It speaks volumes.


  9. I’m still waiting for someone to ask her to explain J’s talent for correctly identifying someone based on a side eye.

    “Joe figured it was the daughter of a local troll, Al Wilson, based on how she kept looking out of the corner of her eye at them. But we weren’t sure till Al posted later accusing my husband of stalking his daughter”

    I seriously snort laughed so loud when I read that part, good one Nicole…good one.


  10. Another of the reasons I’ve followed this story for so long, is that having been victimized by a scammer ( for anyone interested Google “planet hospital surrogacy”) I’m still processing not only what happened to me, It’s fascinating to me to watch not only how scammers operate to suck their victims in, but also how they essentially scam themselves as well. They spew bullshit so much that I really think they convince themselves just as thoroughly as they convince their victims.

    While J and N aren’t scammers on quite the scale as the guy that we dealt with is, they have a lot in common with him : the complicated and convoluted stories which purposely obscure facts, the endless ability to fabricate excuses and justifications, the sense of narcissistic entitlement, and the absolute unbridled rage when challenged are all the same.

    In our situation, one of the most difficult aspects for both my husband and for me was admitting to ourselves that we had been conned. We wanted to believe that we’d “done our research” and that we’d made the right decision…. It was incredibly difficult to actually admit to ourselves and to one another what the truth was- we had made a colossal error in judgment, one that had serious implications for our family.

    The cognitive dissonance caused by what had happened to us and how we wanted to see ourselves was incredibly hard to confront. However, doing so was the only way to not only heal from the experience, but also be able to do what was necessary to hold this guy accountable. (After almost five years, he was finally indicted by a federal grand jury in July ).

    Beyond the obvious issue of making snap decisions without bothering to get all the facts, I think the more time and energy a person puts into a belief the more difficult they have in admitting it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with belief in a con, belief in a particular religion, or belief that the earth is giant flat disk, when confronted with facts that contradict the narrative, most people actually double down and become more invested.

    Some of the people who we met through this scam artist did what we did and confronted the fact that they’d made a huge mistake, dealt with the reality of it and went about fixing things as best they could. There are others though, that to this day, even after being confronted with dozens of other victims, media reports, and a freaking FBI investigation still believe the bullshit. My empathetic self says that those people are so emotionally enmeshed and fragile that it’s easier for them to continue their belief rather than confront the facts. The rest of me says that sometimes stupid goes clear to the bone.


  11. I have often thought these stories of scamming people who just want to be parents are horrendous. I am so sorry you had to go through such a heartbreaking experience.


  12. Rhy,

    Absolutely a heartbreaking situation and heartless con. I am so sorry. I hope you find some justice, although that is little solace after such an experience.


  13. Rhy,
    I am so very sorry that you and your family have gone through such a painful and horrible ordeal, I really am.

    Thank you for sharing yet another perspective on human behaviour with us, plenty of food for thought in your post.


  14. Ugh!
    Speaking of scammers, here are a couple that may lighten the mood, in the form of a laugh. Friends of mine in Los Angeles, who happen to be comedy-writers/editors, run a channel called Super Deluxe. Super Deluxe is constantly producing web-videos, showcasing the art of bizarre video-editing. They range from satire to parody, political and social commentary, animation, from subtle humor to the bizarre, as well as some sketches that are filmed/streamed live, for your entertainment, such as this first one,

    Positive Life Choices with Dianne the Scammer;

    Sally, you might like these ones…
    Here, Pastor Jim Bakker scams preppers with instant slop/food – it comes in buckets that he encourages you to poop in;

    More of, Jim Bakker’s Buckets!

    Jim Bakker Had A Dream!

    My point is, please check out Super Deluxe, if you have time and an open mind to a new trend in comedy. They have strange albeit hilarious videos covering the current political campaigns, the weirdos at the RNC, edited/manipulated footage of ridiculous daytime tv personalities, even anti-vaxxers. The humor is different, and new. Similarly, check out for an abyss of uncomfortable laughs.

    ::end plug::


  15. “Joe figured it was the daughter of a local troll, Al Wilson, based on how she kept looking out of the corner of her eye at them.”

    Joe never thinks of the more obvious answer. That van is so scary looking people are wondering if the driver has sinister intentions.


  16. @Tekla,

    That’s undoubtedly the truth. Sketchy looking van, filthy, grossly obese, scraggly leering man in the driver’s seat with an in-person and online reputation of being a lazy liar, manipulator, and abuser of anyone who tells him ‘no’. Come on, Amish people hug him! (And then, undoubtedly, gag.) There are local people who think he’s wonderful (not that anyone could ever feasibly come up with a single soul). He’s so persecuted, he’s dealing with consequences for his decisions that he wanted to make, or got heartburn and then said the ‘spirit’ wanted him to make. Come on, he shouldn’t have to have consequences ’cause it’s Joe. You know Joe who hasn’t worked for or earned much of anything in his life ’cause he’s special. Okay, now I want to gag.


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