The telling sentence is this one:

This is what CPS found upon their initial investigation.

What does that mean?

When was “their initial investigation”?

The Nauglers have been living at the Blessed Little Property since the fall of 2013. And they have had three different “dwellings” since moving there.

Here’s the first one.

First shed

It was a garden shed, just like the current garden shed (more or less).

According to Nicole’s account, they returned it in order to save the monthly payment, and because they were headed into winter (fall of 2014), they built the infamous Blessed Little Shitshack, where they lived until Child Protective Services came down on their heads in May, 2015 and took the kids.

But here’s what she says during the period right after they got the first shed.

eleven days

So, according to Nicole’s own account, the “initial investigation” by CPS occurred eleven days after they moved into the original, first garden shed.

With Nicole, you have to read carefully, because she often chooses her words to deceive.

She’s not saying that CPS thought the Blessed Shitshack was a great place to live.  She is saying that CPS, with whom the Nauglers are very, very familiar having had frequent visits from them throughout the years, thought that the original garden shed was okay.

The children were removed in May, 2015, and when they were returned, it was to the second garden shed. And Nicole and Joe had to get that one delivered before the children were returned.

They try to spin this every which way, but it just won’t spin.

They cherry-pick the situation, and say that the Guardian Ad-Litem was the only person who didn’t just faint with delight at the Blessed Little Shitshack and its quaint features and rustic ambiance.  The CPS folks found it beautiful and more than adequate.

But Nicole is the same person who has insisted over and over again that the whole CPS thing is all over. Case closed. They found nothing at all except that the Nauglers failed to notify the state they were “homeschooling.”

under CPS move

You know what?  We moved interstate with a minor child and we never even thought about CPS or anyone else for that matter. We just moved. That’s what people do when they don’t have a current, open case with Child Protective Services. When you cannot move without “the court” putting you “under that areas [sic] CPS,” you have an open case.

CPS visits

. . .we still have CPS visits. . .

Yeah. That’s called “we still have an open CPS case.”

But this is what Nicole wants her leghumpers to believe was found to be “structurally sound” and “clean and well organized.”

I’ve left them large (click to see them), so you can appreciate the “structural soundness” and “cleanliness and organization.”

If Kentucky’s (or any other state’s) Child Protective Services thought that mess was a “structurally sound, clean and organized” place to raise children, we have a very serious problem with Child Protective Services.

These people are not ideal poster children for some sort of silly protest against the perceived injustices of Child Protective Services. They are, instead, the sort of people who absolutely need CPS to watch their every move, hopefully until the last child is of age.



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  1. I feel sickness from looking at the pictures here. Leaving them large allows a different view. She is deeply mentally ill. I have no words for what those poor children must endure in such filth. CPS needs to court order a 72 hour hold on both parents. Those children are in danger.
    I have no way of knowing who reads these, the state of Kentucky is failing the children. If others can speak for the children it is obvious they are desperate.


  2. She fails to realize that we have all seen the pictures of the horrible conditions that they forced their children to live in and around Over the winter months, those kids lived in a three sided lean to. BTW, I don’t know about N but in my home, we put mattress covers and sheets on our mattresses…note the plural of mattress. Plural mattress means that we have multiple beds: one for us, one for our visitors, and in case we have more than one visitor, we have two extra beds and a cot. See how that works. Unlike N whose kids sleep on plywood, my children never slept on anything other than their beds….occasionally, when they had friends over, they chose to sleep in the living room, using sleeping bags. I cannot imagine thinking children deserve less than the parents. Besides, with no privacy, those children have seen way more of their parents activities than any children should witness of their parents’ activities.


  3. I do not understand why J & N and the voluntaryists are not rallying behind that Kentucky couple who were arrested and had their children taken. These are the Naugler’s people! J & N should be protesting at the courthouse! “We live in a shed without running water. We poop in buckets. Our kids are unschooled. Heck, we have 11 kids in our shed! If we can do it, so can these people! If it’s OK for us then it’s OK for them!” How about it J & N? Support your followers; after all, people have stepped up and supported you.


  4. No, the Nauglers are not particularly civilized. They live not near, not proximate to, but within a green and muddy pile of excreta. They are the most self-absorbed, inept, self-entitled, lazy con-artist parents I have ever seen. I generally tend to believe that there is worth to all people but ma and pa naugler have caused me to re-evaluate that idea many times.


  5. Clean and structurally sound.
    Clean and healthy and educated.
    That woman is delusional to put it mildly. And a new project implemented = baited breath


  6. The last photo with Joe and Nicole on their phones has always been the one that shows what is most important to them in my opinion. It’s awful how those kids lived. When 11 kids are living in a shed with no water, a way to clean themselves, no beds, no personal space, a porta-potty they have to walk to at night to go is considered better there is something wrong with CPS.

    I have wondered what the females in the family do when the red devil comes visiting. As a teen girl once I can’t imagine not being able to shower for days, if bathing at all, during my flow. I feel for the girls the most. Poor things.


  7. What happened with the original garden shed? Did they not pay their bill? Not paying bills seems to be the norm for these morons! I got a little tip for you Joe and Nicole, STOP HAVING BABIES FFS! YOU CAN’T AFFORD THEM!


  8. Few things scream “structurally sound” as much as a base built of used pallets.

    I doubt the companies building storm shelters have consulted the Nauglers for architectural engineering advice.

    I could be wrong though.

    “Structurally sound”

    Gotta give her this – she does crack me up.


  9. So, I’ll make this brief. My three older children were removed from home because we were absolutely living in not safe housing. I was renting from my parents, who were in the middle of a divorce, and it wasn’t a good situation. Parents must be responsible for safe living conditions and it was entirely my fault. Needless to say, once I attained a good place to live and was there for three months, my children were returned. After being returned, the case remained open for a month or month and a half. Then it was closed. No ongoing monitoring, no visits by workers. I live in Washington state, and they have strict guidelines for kids. The non schooling would never fly here, nor the crud accommodations.
    Once again, the case was closed after the kids were returned. I am personally of the opinion that the Nauglers are under an in home dependancy. This is where the state remains custody and makes legal decisions for the kids, but they live at home. I think that this is because the Nauglers can’t afford to pay the child support owed to the state per child when they are in foster care. I’m sure it was around $3000 a month. Yes, they charge child support! And they should. I know you realize this Sally, but a lot of people don’t. As an end note I want to add that this experience did not put me against CPS. They are under funded and protect children. Yes, the process sucks, but you suck it up, buttercup. Learn from your mistakes.

    Also, who else here thinks that the Nauglers don’t register their kids and homeschool (haha) them to stay off their (CPS’s) radar? How is that working for you Nicole?


  10. My three older children were removed

    And I think you might be the first person I’ve ever encountered who said, “CPS took my kids and they were right to do so.”

    You win the internet today, for being honest, courageous, and not just today, but for a long time apparently. Thank you.


  11. The way in which Nicole Naugler attempts to rewrite history is severely disgusting. But somehow, not as disgusting as the feces-laden three-walled shanty they crammed their neglected children into, while simultaneously – and surely, audibly – creating more children, inches away from the former 10.

    And Nicole claims to be a victim..? NICOLE is the offender – the perpetrator – her children are the victims! The government’s only role – nay, duty – is protecting the children from their own mother and father.

    As Nicole puts it, “[The children] have a validated fear”. And indeed, they should! …Victimized by their own parents! Then returned to live with said indigent parents… When will the cycle of abuse end?

    I hope the Nauglers – also known as the “Worst Parents of 2015” – have apologized to their children, and I hope that they have asked for their forgiveness. Now, THAT would be a path headed toward “healing”.

    A very excellent post, Sally! Thank-you.


  12. I note the shower curtains used as third “walls,” as if actual weather-resistant outdoor tarps were just too hard to find. And the cast iron (oh my gourd the money that goes into good cast iron) hanging in the rain, because that is where the rack for them was built. What, is that how they were washed? And the mud floor in the kitchen. And the grime all over the clothes baskets, including presumably the bottom of the one that is jammed firmly on top of the clothes in the other. Well…at least somebody thought to dig a drainage ditch in the front yard.

    BTW, did you mean to leave the names and faces of the children visible?


  13. BTW, did you mean to leave the names and faces of the children visible?

    Most of those photos came directly from the news media. I meditated a bit, and decided to leave them alone. The children’s faces are not really terribly defined (they’re pretty much in the distance or turned to the side or something like that) and the names on those filthy horrible clothes baskets are an essential part of the story.

    I did think about it some.


  14. i just am disappointed that after getting 45K (that we know of) the best they could do for those kids is another rent a shed. A quick look on craigs list has at least a couple mobile homes for sale all the time. in fact not long ago i was looking for a newer mobile home and found quite a few at really reasonable prices, i found a 5 bedroom single wide for 8000. of course you had to pay moving costs but even then it wouldnt be much more expensive then the shed they are in now. and it would have had more space, and the girls would have had doors… but no.. they get to live in a shed.. without even mattresses to sleep on… cps if your reading this.. shame on you.


  15. I can’t imagine how cold those poor kids must have been in winter. I watched her recent videos of the eldest kids. Nice looking kids. I’m certain they’re being coached on the videos of what to say to the public. If you want the nice donating folks to back your alternative lifestyle, you might want your unschooled kids to be able to answer the question, “What is unschooled? ” before you turn on the camera. They all just looked confused and afraid to say the wrong thing.


  16. I wonder though if the shit shack is still there?

    I would just really love to see them realize what they are doing is wrong, and give these kids a much better life and more privacy.


  17. There will never be an admittance of fault from J &N. My perspective of clean is much different than that of Nicole’s. Having mud, and who knows what else in an area where your kids eat is not clean. How the Hell do you keep a plywood floor clean with muddy feet trampling all over it? You don’t. The mattress speaks for itself. The unidentifiable botulism in a can tower, nope not clean. It looks like something squatters would have lived in, but there were children living in that 3 sided shack of desperation. If it kept them safe from the elements why did they ever have to sleep in the van? Liar liar, denim skirt on fire.


  18. ” If you want the nice donating folks to back your alternative lifestyle, you might want your unschooled kids to be able to answer the question, “What is unschooled? ” before you turn on the camera. They all just looked confused and afraid to say the wrong thing.”

    In the videos, the older boys just look stoned. Maybe that is why the had a hard time following the script? After all, in Nauglerland, weed is medicine.


  19. Sally thanks for your informative blog. Those pictures really make my heart hurt.
    I’ve been watching this sh*tshow unfold for a while now. I’m from the UK so I realise things are done differently in the US and every state has it own rules but I just don’t understand how those children were ever returned. I cannot fathom why the rights of two damaged/deranged adults overrule children’s rights to basic shelter, food, hygiene and education. Surely the kids come first? Most US folks I see commenting seem to agree yet this is still allowed. The U.K. is not perfect but this very public neglect just wouldn’t have been allowed to carry on. Why is this still happenings?
    It makes me very sad to see so much deliberate misery in what looks like such a beautiful place. The teenagers probably are so indoctrinated and isolated (cult 101) that they will think their parents are normal. However I hope one day they can undo what has been done to them and excel in their own lives. Eleven human beings have been left to rot by the services that should protect them. So much potential stifled.
    However I don’t just hold the parents responsible or the CPS but every person who contributes one dime to them does a disservice to these kids. That money paid for the children to be returned to the living Naugler nightmare. The people who paid for this helped no children, just Nicole and Joe.


  20. A mobile home probably wouldn’t answer because of the lack of utilities and the difficulty of retrofitting something made of mostly of sheet metal and plastic, but surely with $45,000 they could’ve bought two garden sheds? And insulation? And some carpet remnants? And a repair job on the cistern? And some rental time on a small backhoe, to dig a proper pit for a two-hole outhouse? With three solid walls and a door?


  21. I just watched the “unschooling” videos with the teens. I can guess why the children have been allowed by the court to reside with their parents. It’s not the reason Nicole would have you believe. Far from it. The reason falls under “it is what is is”. It is a reason rife with tragedy. It is a reason that you know you can only save so many and so expediency forces you to choose. It is a reason that is so enmeshed with the constraints and limits of the system, from budget, providers available, placements. That some don’t rate as high because there are children more likely to actually die soon and cause a hoopla, ruin careers, maybe even result in criminal charges. It is a reason based on the fact that you become inured to the suffering. Suspect that potential is still there. It is a reason based on write offs. My heart hurts.

    I had a dear friend who was a social worker in an area rife with both drugs. child sexual abuse and incest. She would cry to me that the only ones she worked hardest for were those children who expressed that they wanted out. That was it. That was the departmental criteria and she couldn’t do it anymore. She understood that few children have the capability to tell you they wanted, they needed, out. She was great at her job, and the constraints and limits drove her away.


  22. Nicole’s insistence to this very that their old “cabin” (read: shanty) was sufficient, their children clean, healthy and educated, that the children were “kidnapped”, that she was physically abused by police, that the CPS case was only about failure to register as homeschoolers, and that the case is now closed, etcetera etcetera, perfectly demonstrates her narcissistic personality disorder.

    Narcissists are escapists, colossal liars and masters at revisionist history, even to the point of believing their own fabrications. When called out on their lies, they start by ignoring the truth teller and continuing to retell the lies, whilst ignoring facts presented to them. This is frustrating for critically thinking people. When the truth tellers do not gobble up the bullshit, but continue insisting on the truth, the Narcissist will attempt to smear detractors. This quote sums it up:

    “Narcissists remain levelheaded until you speak logic, reason and truth. That’s when they loudly claim you’re unbalanced.”

    Nope, 99% of the the “trolls” are not unbalanced at all. The trolls are simply going to continue calling bullshit on the lies, until Narc Nicole can no longer easily obtain her narc supply of adulation, followers and money.


  23. I turned my own son in for child endangerment. They moved to another state but I called CPS there too. I provided them with all the info they needed to keep my grandkids safe. My son had to leave the home or his wife would lose custody. He was an addict and she enabled him. She would let him buy drugs if he let her go out on a girls night clubbing. She thought nothing of leaving the kids with a guy who was going to stick a needle in his arm before she got to the end of the driveway. They didn’t speak to me for 2 years. My son went to rehab, got clean and now has earned the right to be a parent. They both had to take parenting classes and the children were given counseling. They did move back here, broke up but Co parent. I have happy healthy grandkids now. That wouldn’t have happened without the help of CPS and a bitch of a relentless grandmother.


  24. I can’t believe that anyone can look at the pics of the shitshack and Nicole standing in front of it and think that “housing” is fit for humans. My chickens live in better housing.
    And I agree with Nice Canadian. The unschooling video was ridiculous. Those kids had no idea what to say and so they were acting silly. I imagine this will be another “project” she will get too. If she spent as much time paying attention to her family as she does on the internet and her “projects”, the family would be much better off.


  25. @JustMe – It takes a big person to admit their mistakes, learn from them and in addition express respect for the very entity that called them to task. I hope that since that bad patch you and your family have enjoyed many happy days and much success in life.


  26. Spin spin
    1 you were living in a make shift shack, no cabin exsisted May 2015 when Cps intervened.

    2 you failed to allow the police to simply see, and speak to your children…RED FLAG. If you did nothing wrong, this would have been easy.

    3 you fought /fight/oppose everything that is law.

    4 your kids were not registered for any type of schooling

    5 you had no running water or access to clean water.

    6 you had no protection from the elements.

    Keep spinning and lying , we heard the audio.


  27. I watched Take I and Take II of their little testimonial of un-schooling. Those kids have no idea what un-schooling is but they do know that it’s a lot of work. They don’t elaborate on what that work is because that would reveal the work is manual labor doing the day-to-day chores that are really a part of parenting. They joked and laughed and tried sarcasm, typical of older kids who don’t know what they are supposed to be saying or don’t believe what they are told to say.
    What kills me is that N doesn’t quite get that what she posted isn’t a testimonial but evidence that she has not homeschooled or un-schooled her children. What it reveals is that her children have no idea what the hell schooling they are getting. And her leghumpers just keep right on telling her how great she is and how smart her kids are… if I had been in charge of that mess; I would have told the kids to pick three examples of how they learn via un-schooling. I might have provided them with examples so they would know what the hell is expected (shows she is no teacher) then I would have either had them do a screen capture video where they use power point or prezi…they could demonstrate critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation skills…..I would make a video of the process that they go through…the kids brainstorming, putting together the powerpoint, rehearsing….that kind of thing…but, alas, she is no teacher and her kids are not students. SIGH!


  28. I’ve seen these pictures of the 3 sided shanty before. While I was previously struck by the desolation, poverty and resigned apathy, being able to click on the thumbnail and open the pictures to full size really hit me hard. Nicole looks so sad, lifeless, hopeless and depressed. The pictures to any person looking at them for the first time do not reflect a clean, happy, organized home. It’s chaos, it’s neglect, it’s filth, it’s parents who constantly go through life not giving a F.

    I’m just kinda speechless, sad and horrified that the kids lived in this. *LIVED* in this.

    You know, the shanty does look sort of cool if I think of it as some kind of fort or club house that kids built for fun over their summer break. When I was a kid my friends and I built similar looking structures with discarded junk. It was fun, it was creative and we all had a good time. But we never lived in those things. We played in and worked on them for a summer and then they just kinda fell apart.

    I guess the current shed is definitely an upgrade. But how long before its falling apart and the parents, instead of fixing it, just let it go to shit and build another junk shack to live in? A garden shed isn’t adequate housing and will certainly quickly deteriorate with so many people living in it full time.


  29. Holy Batshit Crazy,
    I watched/listened to the taking the kids video that is posted. She is a raving maniac. Now here’s the deal. If my children were being taken (that would never have happened because my children were taking care of and provided for etc.), I would have thought of them first and I would have said to the kids, look, this is temporary and you guys will be together and think of this as a little adventure. I will come see you and we will get this fixed. I promise. But instead, she screams bloody murder, ranting and raving, begging them to shoot her, accusing the cop of being a tool….OMG, that cop showed such restraint. I can only imagine the adrenaline overdose her unborn child experienced and the poor children who had to watch her scream and yell and act a fool…..And she thinks this is the behavior of a loving parent.


  30. From recent pictures posted on here, it’s already falling apart. The floor is coming apart and the porch is falling apart. They don’t take care of it.


  31. My opinion too, Leah, “The last photo with Joe and Nicole on their phones has always been the one that shows what is most important to them in my opinion. ”

    The uh huh moment for me too, was seeing these photos for the first time. It was when the tv news media was invited for Clean Up day last year. After CPS did the emergency removal order. It was my shift from a perception to reality view. It was no longer a viral story about Joe and Nicole’s feeling victimized, it was angry those children were having to survive those conditions.

    I appreciate your sharing the photos again, we cannot forget these children and their struggles.

    JustMe, thank you for sharing your story. I applaud your character and integrity, in admitting wrong is wrong. And the courage to right the wrongs, for your children.

    You too, Memere4, thank you for sharing your story of refusing to turn away as to not see and getting your grandchildren out of that environment.

    Meanwhile, it appears Nicole is keeping in form. Lies and deception. Or not giving the complete details, nor correcting commenters when they are mistaken.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive!” ~Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.


  32. Those pictures. Those poor kids. My heart. It’s just straight up poverty. Job Core boys. Job Core will feed you, house you and educate you. 1800-733-JOBS


  33. I can only hope the judge ordered mandatory psych evals after he listened and saw the latest Naugler presentation in court. Hoping CPS is again involved thus the reports are not public. She sure wasn’t crowing about the outcome, so someone wasn’t buying their BS.


  34. I think the kids are really adorable. That video was the first relatable thing Nicole has ever posted, IMO.

    I have older family that lives far away and I make videos for them– my kids are younger. The minute I turn the camera on, the kids go feral, LOL. Then they realize I am getting exasperated and they get the giggles and it’s just like herding cats.

    These are the children that probably got some sort of real education from Nicole early on. No, they can’t explain unschooling, but they do seem like good kids with a decent sense of humor who aren’t afraid of being smart-alecks to their mother. I still think that Nicole is seriously unwell and conditions on that land are deplorable, and I feel awful for those kids. But the kids are funny and seem to get along with each other okay and aren’t afraid of exasperating their mother, which makes me feel just a little bit better about them.


  35. @Furfilled. Understand and agree with your confusion. If I may be so bold, I think that the issue with CPS and the Nauglers dates back to the United States separating themselves (not “itself”, yet) from your country in the days of yore. I know I know, please bear with me.

    At the time of our past disagreement with England, the fear of having a King or a strong federal government was very real and drove major political decisions. This has a serious impact on how we live even today. One of the key features that resulted from this was that individual states were granted a lot of power to do things as they see fit. This still applies and is often most visible in the areas of public health, education, and social services. On top of that, counties within the state have autonomy over CPS and the like. And the ability of these services to function is based on many variables, including population size, tax rates, and legislative priorities. CPS is, in just about every county, severely underfunded and undermanned. If you drop a big problem in a comparatively small county, it’s going to make this problem even more glaring. Now for some math.

    Wiki tells me Breckenridge Co. has a population of 20,000, though I certainly defer to the locals on that. Estimating from the report linked below, approximately 6500 kids are currently in foster care in Kentucky. Let’s say that there are on average 2 kids in each foster home. This means that there are about 3250 foster families in the state. The population of Kentucky is about 4.4 million; thus, about 0.07 percent of the population provides foster care. Applying this to the Breckenridge Co. population, the estimate would be that there are a total of 14 foster families in that county. We can all do the math from there.

    Caveat: I do this sort of stuff for a living but I just did these calcs on the fly while typing in a phone so take with a boulder of salt.


  36. @KentuckyBred…indeed. Imagine if the news crew had shown footage of a couple of voluntaryist debt-fleeing buttheads who were building a log cabin. Running a humanure setup or a plain old outhouse without a permit but otherwise completely competently. Farming fish. Growing beans. Teaching math. If they were cantankerous and financially stupid, but actually got up and did stuff for their kids, nobody would be talking much about them.


  37. Well, older kids are probably going to go to a group/transitional home. I was in one. They’re not all terrible. When I was taken into care I was a senior in high school and wanted to go to college. There was no sense in placing me in a foster home, when the group home was more dorm-like and that’s exactly what I was headed to. In fact, while I know there are really awful group homes, and they’re rarely the best solution, it was perfect for me. They taught me basic life skills like how to apply for financial aid and how to budget my money and basically, how to live with a group of people I didn’t know well, which put me ahead of the game when I moved in to my dorm freshman year.

    Long story short, these kids are bright and they deserve a chance to go to college or trade school and Nicole can demonize group homes all she wants but I’m betting that was a HUGE contributor to the oldest being able to get and keep a job, which will hopefully get him out of there.

    I don’t think for a moment, though, that he gets to keep his money. I also think it’s unfair to speculate that the kids are smoking weed, too, because his employer might well drug test. They didn’t seem high to me. They seemed like silly kids who have to make their own fun and think this video their mom is making is just absolutely stupid.


  38. Thanks for the stats, MyNameGoesHere. The statistics of the children actually being served properly by CPS looks dismal. If the rumors are true that Nicole is going to give birth to yet another child soon, then things are even worse. It makes me so angry to think that Joe and Nicole do not have all these children because they love kids or are following some anti-birth control religious doctrine. They figured out early in their fucked up sick game that there is safety in numbers. That if they build up their human shield of babies to an unmanageable number for most CPS jurisdictions to handle, they can get away with anything short of beating the kids or killing them.


  39. I have that shed. The same exact thing. It came with 2 lofts. There is a built-in work bench on the back wall. It stores holiday decorations on one end & camping gear on the other. It is large for my 2 lawn mowers & shelves to hold canning supplies and household items. I have been cleaning in the shed. I’ve had time to look around and think about a large family living in it. I looked at the space & thought of myself and my cat trying to fit. Honestly, it’s a garden shed. Here it cost me less than $5000 delivered & set about 5 years ago. I had decided to downsize after retirement. I no longer needed 2300 square feet for me & the cat. The big house served it’s purpose when it was full of kids. Now I need less space. I have no idea how she can call the shed a home. It is beyond my imagination without electricity and plumbing. N reads here & she needs to understand it is a shed. It’s not meant to be a home. The Attic will begin to sag with weight. Those children are not safe up there as they gain weight with age.


  40. @my name goes here the sad thing is here in KY depending on what county you live in there on signs on street corners about needing foster parents.

    I live in Breckinridge county and did not realize there is that many people living here. But then again I’m not a native to KY. This is just where we decided to stay after my husband was medically retired from the Army.


  41. Former Caseworker said, “It’s just like herding cats”
    I too thought that when I watched Nicole’s two videos of her oldest kids.
    I have to admit it was entertaining to watch these kids being normal teenagers.
    The kids seemed to be amused by fact that they were being broadcast live by their mother to explain their “unschooling” to the public.
    Epic fail by their mom, big win for the kids, by showing everyone, who watched, that they all have minds of their own and a sense of humor.
    I’m still giggling and happy, for once, for the kids.


  42. Indeed as CJ and Angela point out, the situation is likely more dire than even my estimates showed. I assumed, for example, that all foster homes are currently serving children, which would mean the system is already saturated. I believe this is the case. I also was unable to separate out the figures for what I believe is the most common situation in foster care, which is relatives who have a family member’s kids placed with them. Therefore I would suggest that the number of available homes for placement is even smaller than my estimate suggested.

    In my state the two largest counties have been running ads for foster parents. Sadly I’ve already been to that rodeo and won’t be going back. Not because of the kids, but because of the reunification rate. It’s just not for us.


  43. I think that the primary source of Naugler income is online begging for ‘aren’t you guys sweet’ and ‘how terrible for you’ money via Facebook or Nicole’s blog. I don’t know how well Nicole’s legitimate business is going and I don’t really care. I will never patronize her business as I have no dogs and, indeed, I do wish her well with it. But the whole premise of online begging is that there is no way it can be appealing to people who work for a living, require a reasonable standard of living for themselves, and employ judgment in how many children they want considering their resources. The aberrant $45K last year was a massive ‘how terrible for you’ that reached a wide audience who had no idea what kind of con artists they were financing. Since then more information has been available and the viral audience has gotten to personally experience the Naugler ripoff. In any case, Nicole must appeal to the audience (however diminished and still diminishing) that will give her money. That audience consists of idiots with more sympathy than brains and who are, frankly, dumber than a bag of hammers.


  44. I’m going to guess that the money has dried up. The begging isn’t getting anywhere anymore. I’m thinking no one believes a thing these people say anymore. Hence, the eldest was allowed /had to get a job. He likely gets to keep nothing from it. What a sad situation. I think it’s only a matter of time before those kids are gone from her forever. And well they should be. How they’ll fare, who knows, but this nonsense she’s spewing can’t do her any good. It’s too late.


  45. We are two chubby adults and two kids living in an 1800 square foot townhouse,3 bed, 2.5 bath, and maybe I am spoiled, but it’s a little small. My husband wants a bigger house. I think the answer is paring down all this crap we have.

    We are planning on hosting my inlaws for the holidays- an additional 4 adults and two kids. We can make it work for a week, but I am really trying to talk my husband into renting at least one hotel room. I have no idea how on earth they move in that shed in the winter.


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