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  1. That log freaked me straight out the other day. She let him put his face in it while he said there was a snake in it. Nicole, you are sitting in a snake pit with all those rocks. Clean that shit up & for fucks sake, protect your child outside when he says there’s a snake in some log.

  2. I’m sure they will clean the property up and leave it a pristine wilderness when they move. I also have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

    Other than that, proof is hard. Especially when it’s a load of bullshit.

  3. It irks me to no end when I hear Nicole say that her children are too afraid… even to go outside. Joe and Nicole are the ones scaring their children. Those kids have no business being involved in adult matters. Joe and Nicole are purposely throwing adult matters into their kid’s faces. Parents are supposed to shield their kids from any harm of the outside world, but instead Joe and Nicole fill their head’s full of how the boogey man is out to get them driving by the shed and shop, how the cops will shoot them, how they might be kidnapped by CPS, or how the evil government robs them of all their money to pay those thieving taxes forcing them to live in a shed with no electricity, or running water and leaving them to poop in shit coated white buckets. They’re always the victims. Just like the pattern of abusers, they isolate thier kids and make them feel fearful and ostracized. It serves to keep the kids under their thumb and control. All the while Joe and Nicole make a concerted effort to portray themselves as innocent, unfortunate victims causing them great distress in need of some financial help to be able to get their family to safety…gas money anyone for 50 friggin trips to the new shit grounds. It’s sickening-they are sickening!

  4. I felt bad for the cinderblock but then I realized it was a more pleasant sight than Nicole herself would be. Nicole puts a great deal of stock in her clarifications. Her clarifications are nothing more than victim/aggressor role reversal fictions that she creates to make her seem law abiding, peace loving, industrious, hygienic, and so put upon. But they are fictions and stupidly contrived and Nicole seems to believe that ‘thus spake Nicole on vlog therefore her words will be thus true to anyone who hears.’

    Trouble for Nicole and her husband is that people do have memories of their experiences with the Nauglers and it turns out that nearly everything that Nicole says is a twisted story of lies. She doesn’t realize that she and her husband have no credibility and every time they lie, the longer it will take for them to have any credibility. Another problem for Nicole and her husband is that courts of law do not take place on Facebook, are not dependent on numbers of Facebook views or likes. Rather, courts of law take place in public court houses with real standards of evidence and they where lying results in very serious consequences.

    BTW Nicole, nice video of the close to child endangerment. My dear, that is why no one believes you except for an ever shrinking handful of devoted fools who stroke your ego but give you very little money.

  5. you watch, I bet there still there come April. No way in hell they get enough money to drag that pile of wood to a new county and I do not believe its paid off like she says.
    This is just another thinly veiled fund raiser, and when asked why they never moved your going to hear that the cost was to much for the funds we had, or the evil govt got in there way.
    I used to feel sorry for the kid who has the gun charge on him, not anymore, you point a gun at me I want your sorry ass in jail. Blme Joe the slob for teaching that kid that everyone is out to shoot you, nd your cray cray mother is just as bad

  6. Interesting fact: hibernacula are historically stable points and in the past have been used to describe boundary lines and property.

    Now, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t tell her kid to please come here NOW rather than discuss from a distance that he found a snake in a log. It’s best for all parties if she were to go check it out to ensure it wasn’t a venomous snake and then leave it alone (regardless). Native snakes aren’t interested in hassling or being hassled by people and they keep the vermin in check.

    All that debris, junk and trash they’ve tossed around is awesome for mice and rats. How they love places to scurry into, easily obtained food and they both eat feces (their own, human, horse, etc.).

    Fun facts about rats! They don’t sweat, vomit or burp. They can also swim for up to 3 days.

  7. Something I noticed on the BLH fb page – There’s a post of dialog between two of the kids. One of them mentions having “tomorrow off.” Off from what, I wonder.

  8. These videos are the highlight of my Naugler world. I applaud and bow to Deb and her comedic abilities! Thank you for showcasing her work Sally!

  9. DAMMIT NICOLE JUST FILE YOUR DAMN LAWSUITS ALREADY!!!!!!! STOP THREATENING AND JUST DO IT.!!!!!!!! I could use the laughs. Might even be funnier than Deb’s voice overs lmao.

  10. You guys have victimized me! I am pretty sure that watching these videos (and listening to the podcast) used up my data for the month. I still have over a week left before my next cycle starts, so I only have super slow available (because i could just pay some money to add more to my plan for the month, but I lack the self control necessary to not watch the videos, so I would end up right back here in another day or so)(ask me how I know).
    WaH! Such suspense! What comedic hijinks are waiting in the enhanced log video? Such suffering for me to wait. It’s all your fault!

    (The radio silence after court yesterday has been deafening).

  11. Interested Bystander says:
    February 15, 2017 at 8:31 am
    “Something I noticed on the BLH fb page – There’s a post of dialog between two of the kids. One of them mentions having “tomorrow off.” Off from what, I wonder.”

    I read that also. Nicole typed the conversation between the kids and I am sure she intentionally put that sentence in the dialog meaning “off from unschooling” since they were moving. Her way of proving the kids do get unschooled.

    She is so damn easy to see through!

  12. (The radio silence after court yesterday has been deafening).

    There was no court yesterday. There was a mistake in the schedule online.

  13. Rumors- Timex Social Club

    Have you used this song for a bump in to the podcast yet? I think of it everytime Nicole starts spouting off about all the “rumors”.

  14. As to to the remark of being ‘off tomorrow’ – all those kids apparently work for a living. They have to buy their own lunches when at work at the salon, pay for their books and horses and cabins for their pregnant wife and whatever – who knows what – else. Nicole has stated that numerous times ‘s/he saved and bought…’

  15. *** Joe and Nicole are the ones scaring their children.*** This can’t be stated often enough. I loved your comment Bumpkin. I sure hope Nicole reads it, and I’m sure she will. She STUDIES this blog. Her rants and even her nonsense, lying, (un)homesteading posts are referencing things that have been mentioned or discussed here. It’s what she does.

  16. MegMac,

    I don’t have a problem with children working and earning money. My children have extra jobs they can do around the house to earn money, they can sometimes help my husband with his business, my parents offer them money to help out occasionally, and of course their are “real” jobs they can and have done when they are of legal age.

    The money they earn can be used for various things. They’ve upgraded computers, bought phones, paid for trips, bought cars, etc. What they don’t have to use their money for is food, clothing, educational items including books, etc. And that is something that irks me about Nicole. She seems to think she is this amazing mom teaching her kids about responsibility. But what I see is a mom who is teaching her kids that their parents will never provide even the basics for them and that they are on their own. Heck, they are on their own educational and they basically all raise each other so of course she won’t buy shit for them. It’s fucking pathetic and it’s not something to be proud of. If I remember correctly one of the kids wanted a bike awhile back and she mentioned they could buy one. I don’t think that went over well with the leghumpers because suddenly they have 20 bikes. And of course the fucking fast food that she and lardass chow down on. The kids only get it if they work for pennies and of course they have to pay for it with their pennies. That sends a great message to the kids. Nicole whines about what her kids have to read on the troll pages well on her own fucking pages the kids get to see what yummy meal mommy is having. Fucking bitch! And yes the whole fast food thing pisses me off. I will occasionally go out without my kids. I’ll go out with friends or with my husband or stop by an pick up a burger while out running errands. But I’ll take my kids out for lunch or dinner. If they are out running errands maybe we’ll stop and pick up a treat. We don’t eat out a ton but we do from time to time. It’s not a reward or something they’ve earned, it’s just something we do. It makes me sad that the Naugler kids don’t get that. They’ve lost out on so many small things because they have selfish, asshole parents.

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