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Governor Bevin held a press conference yesterday, it seems, speaking to and about the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  He spoke for close to an hour, but this appears to be the part that got Nicole all riled up.

Above all else, the one thing I want to make clear, everything that happens in this Cabinet has got to focus on, as it relates to children, has got to focus on what’s best for the child, first. Above all else. The child has to be first. And this is the challenge to those behind me, to those who work here, to those, everyone of our social workers, to our judicial system, to all of them, the challenge is this.

The child has got to trump the parents when it comes to what’s best for that child. Period. There is no amount of family whose interests are more important than that of the child. And that’s a rethink on the way we’ve done a lot of things. This idea that the family, and putting the child back in that family is the most important thing has led to a lot of problems.

We have a lot of children who have been put right back into very abusive and neglectful situations, and we’ve known it, whether we’ll admit it or not, we’ve known it. And we’ve known it because the laws require it. And so people know that they’re putting a child back into a bad situation. Those rules have got to change. And that mindset has to change and that’s one thing we’re working on.

The child needs to come first.

Governor Bevin and I very likely do not agree on much.  I didn’t vote for him, will never vote for him and don’t like him.

However, I agree with him about this.

Nicole, of course, doesn’t.  So she took to video on her Facebook page to hold her own little mini-press-conference.

Here’s what she had to say.

Good morning, I, em, wanted to do a quick video, I swear this one’ll be quick.

Uh, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to head to Frankfort yesterday to speak with some people. Um, things this past week changed that plan, and so I didn’t go yesterday, and now I’m really wishing that I had.

Um, I had originally gone because, as you know, our case is still open, um, it’ll be three years in May that it has been open. Our kids have been home for three years in June, and our case is still open, and um, been fighting with the courts to get it closed. We kept getting blown off, and. . .

Anyways, I want to make something very clear.

Um, CHFS, CPS, has said since May of 2015, close the case, close the case, they did their investigation, close the case, close the case. Do more investigation, still close the case. They’ve maintained that since 2015. It is the judge and the guardian ad litem in our case that is keeping our case open.

Let’s all take note of this. CPS wants to close the case. They’ve wanted to close the case since May of 2015, which must have been the day after the kids were taken. They want to close the case. It’s the judge and the GAL who are keeping it open. Not CPS.

So our case is different than some of the other families who have been dealing with CHFS and so I wanted to kind of address that.

Um, yesterday, Matt Bevin did a, um, press conference with, I always say CPS, with CHFS, and made some comments, I didn’t get to listen to the whole thing, so I’m just going off of what is, off briefly saw and I wanted to comment on a few things, and um, and whatnot.

Nicole is confusing CPS and CHFS. In Kentucky, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services is a big branch of the state government.

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The part that deals with foster care is called the Department of Community Based Services, or DCBS.  But nobody calls it that, because nobody can remember that.  We just call it CPS because that’s what it’s called in lots of other states. Everyone knows what that means.

The important point here is that CPS is just a teensy part of DHFS, one little part.

Um, first off, the reason I didn’t go is because, as I said last week, that, um, our case is being brought back into court after over a year of not being in court, it’s being brought back into court, hopefully next month is what, um, CHFS is hoping to do. They’re trying to get the judge to get it in court.

Again, note this. CPS is trying to get the case back in court, ostensibly so they can close it. They are trying. They have been trying.

Um, we have a new caseworker on our case, our last caseworker didn’t, um, you know, kept trying to get it in court, and for whatever reason it didn’t happen, I don’t know the behind-the-scenes stuff on that, so anyways, moving on, we have a court date in March, and hopefully that resolves my issues, if not, um, we’ll just make the next steps, and then I will be going to Frankfort for sure.

And so, I have encouraged, and Matt Bevin has said, he needs to audit DCFS [sic]. That’s the one thing that I, that’s the whole point of this, he needs to do that. He’s talking about all these cases and things to do and then yesterday he made a comment about, um, not reuniting children with families that open investigations, and that’s the whole point of that. Matt Bevin doesn’t even understand how DCFS, CHFS works.

Matt Bevin is not my favorite person. Honestly, he is a far right-wing Republican and really, we mix like oil and water. But he knows how CHFS works. He also knows the initials for the thing, unlike Nicole.

Bevin and his wife have ten children. Ponder that, Nicole. They have ten children. Four of them are adopted. They tried to adopt through the state of Kentucky’s foster care system but were denied because they already had five kids (one daughter was very tragically killed in an auto accident). Please note that. Matt Bevin is a wealthy man who couldn’t adopt a child through Kentucky’s foster care system because he already had five kids. So they adopted four children from Ethiopia.

Um, you have to reunite people with open investigations because that’s how you reunite the families. The cases aren’t closed until after the children are returned and everything is kind of settled in. So you return the children before that, for him to say you don’t return children to families with open cases, that would mean my children would still be in foster care.

Now, I know that in Kentucky we have a huge opiate epidemic, and I won’t [NOTE: I think she means “will”] talk about that later and the solutions to that later, but because of that, we do have a lot of children in foster care who probably need to be there at least in some shape, way, shape or form. They passed last year a law so that families can take in their cousins, nephews, whatever, and they don’t go into foster care homes with strangers which is good because alienation, separation from parents is traumatic to the children. Even if you’re taking them from abusive homes, it’s still traumatic to the children. When you’re taking children from non-abusive homes, where they are bonded with their families and they’re from good living homes, it’s even more traumatic. Um, I’ve seen that first hand.

So, that is important to first of all, not take children from homes on whims. I spoke with a woman just this past week. Her children were ripped from her home, and now they’re doing an investigation, and you know, they’re not finding stuff, and you know, it happens all the time.

In all the time I’ve been writing about this stuff and with all the comments I’ve read all over the place, not just here on this blog, I have read only a couple of times somebody who says, “Yes, my kids were taken by CPS and it was a good thing. They helped me get back on my feet.” Everyone online who ever has had any dealings with CPS (where their kids were taken) was totally innocent. Always.

You tell me what the odds are that is true.

So when you say, if you’ve got nothing to worry about, you do have something to worry about, because they come in, they take the children, and then they say, oh, well, let’s find out, make sure everything’s fine and bring the children back. That is traumatic to the children. It needs to not be done unless there is actual imminent danger, not the made-up shit that Todd Pate threw out into the air, um, when he took my kids.

The Naugler children were taken, not because Sheriff Pate made up anything (he was simply doing his job), but because they were living in appalling conditions, truly awful, and Nicole and Joe refused to allow CPS to talk to the kids and they gave every sign of preparing to flee the area. Joe and Nicole Naugler’s children were taken because of Joe and Nicole Naugler.

So, with that being said, we really need to audit, um, CHFS. We need to know how many of these children are being taken from homes where the claims are unsubstantiated. In other states, I believe it’s Kansas, it’s like 90%. Ninety percent is way high. Sixty percent is way high. It’s too many. It’s too many.

Here’s the link Nicole provided.

It’s to a Kansas resident’s Facebook page and she posted a screen shot of some stats out of Kansas of “unsubstantiated cases.”

Now then, unless Kansas has 32,910 children in foster care, the stats aren’t talking about children being taken from their homes.

Kansas has fewer children in foster care than Kentucky does. The number is around 7000.

What that silly screen shot is about is reports that are made to Kansas’ version of CPS.  The majority of those reports are “unsubstantiated.” Nobody’s kids were taken (except perhaps the ones that were substantiated).


And now we’ve got these issues of child-trafficking. Did you know that 50 to 60% of child-trafficked, trafficked children are foster children? Because what happens is they get ripped from the parents, lines are cut off, they get moved around, parents don’t know where they are. I never knew where my children were. I saw them once a week. I have no idea where they went on the other five days. No idea. Six days. Um, no idea where my children were at.

Um, that is where the child-trafficking is largely coming from.

Are you aware that nearly every child who spends time as a patient at St. Jude’s Research Hospital has cancer?  The vast majority of them.

It’s outrageous. We need to stop children from walking in that dreadful place. They go in there and they get cancer.

So we have these issues that need to be addressed, outside of that, but he’s focusing on this one miniscule thing. We need to know why children are being taken, and we have so many unsubstantiated cases.

For me, it’s the money.

If you, um, I didn’t write it on my notes, but I know that, um, there’s been bills passed, um, one in 2008 and another one I think was in 2013, um, oh, 1997, I mean, and one in 2013 that give federal funding to the states for foster care and that is how a lot of states balance their budgets. If you look up the funding for each state and you look up their child, um, foster care rates, you will notice that they are going in line with how they balance their budget.

Um, in 2016, the state of Kentucky received 12.3 billion dollars from the federal government for CHFS. Twelve point three billion dollars. For eight thousand children in foster care. That’s a lot of money. Does that money go to CHFS? Not all of it, I’m sure if somebody audited the CHFS, they’d know where that money went, but again, they use it to balance budgets, which means they use it to pay other people, other places.

Remember what CHFS does?  They don’t just do foster care. They also administer Medicaid.  Guess what Kentucky did when Obamacare passed? Then-Governor Beshear expanded Medicaid.  Remember?

And remember what that meant for the state?

It meant that the state got federal money to help expand Medicaid.

Bevin has since thundered all about rescinding that, but then didn’t because there would have been riots in the streets, however, he’s mucked it all up with work requirements.

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I realize that this graphic is for 2014 and Nicole is talking about 2016, but still, $200 million dollars is a whole lot less than $12 billion. I know math is hard.

I have no idea where Nicole got her figure.  Maybe she’ll get all pissed off and post a link.  I’m just doing what she said to do in her video and looking up stuff myself.  Like this below, which is the total amount the Kentucky government spent on everything. Thirty percent (the percentage of the state budget that went for Medicaid) of $30 billion dollars is $9 billion, or most of Nicole’s $12 billion.  Medicaid. Good.  Great use of public money.

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Here we go. Here’s her figure. It’s the total amount of federal money that Kentucky received, period. Well, that’s a common mistake for a narcissist to make, since they all think they are the center of the universe.  But, hey, the state was already audited, Nicole. They already did that.

Um, so I wanted to make this short. So what I wanted to say today, I don’t care where your opinion on my case, my family, the foster care system, any of that, whatever your position is, you need to call Matt Bevin’s office, and um, and I lost, I left my number out there, I’ll go grab that real quick but call his office today, tomorrow, or any day this week, just call, call twice, call three times and ask him to audit CPS. Demand that he does. Where is this money coming from? How many children are being returned? How many children are being, um, integrated back into their homes? How many children are being adopted out because there’s extra incentive if you adopt out, if you adopt children.

Uh, no. I’m not going to call Matt Bevin about anything at all.

Um, you can Google all of this information, I’m not going to provide links ’cause it’s easier if you just go find the information yourself, that way you’ll know I’m not trying to pull one over on anybody. But go to, um, on Youtube, is some great videos on Kentucky CPS corruption, where they’re fast-tracking adoptions to get the federal funding.

By golly yes. Get your information from. . . Youtube.

Now sure, that investigation was uncovered and that all went away in that area but I can assure you from talking with other families besides myself who’ve experienced this, um, because part of the reason why we, our case went the way that it is, because we were so high-profile. Because we kicked and screamed the whole entire way and said you’re, there’s no way in hell you’re getting away with this shit. We brought the limelight on us and it came with some repercussions, but we got our kids back.

Um, our case is still open, but our case is open with our kids home. This is so very important to us that we made compromises for that. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to speak out against it. But, let me go grab that number real quick.



All right, sorry about that. Anyways, Matt Bevin’s office number is 502-564-2611. The bill that I have here [unclear] my notes, I had two pages, CAPTA, you can Google that, and then Title “i” “v” [sic]-E, this is for adoptions. That’s the kind of stuff you want to start looking into because here’s the thing, this doesn’t just affect me, it doesn’t just affect my family or families like me, it doesn’t just affect moms who are strung out on drugs, passed out in parking lots, kids being taken. It affects people who have somebody who calls it in and says hey, this person’s doing this or that.

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I know I’ve mentioned this before, but when we lived in Alaska, I was the treasurer for our little local library.  It was partially state-funded.  We got a grant every year from the state legislature.  And you know what?  I had to account to the state of Alaska for every dime we got and what we did with it. Every penny.  My books had to balance.

We were required to raise matching funds in contributions from the residents of our village. We had to prove that we did just that.

And that was just for a little library, and the grant involved was less than $15,000.  Really.  They check this stuff.

And the Cabinet is obligated to come in and investigate all calls. So they come in and they might find something, who knows, but they all want to open an investigation. They’re not going to just close it. They want to find some way to get you into their pocketbook. And even if you’re innocent, and you have done nothing wrong, they will still look for things to do that because it is how they pay their bills.

Now, remember what I said to note above?  CPS wanted to close the case in May 2015.  CPS has been doggedly clamoring for the case to be closed for three years. Right?

It’s the evil judge and the extremely evil GAL who are trying to keep it open.

I’m always looking for dogs to be groomed. They’re always looking for kids to kidnap. That’s how they pay their bills.

The people keeping the case open are the judge, who is not paid by CHFS, and the GAL, who is also not paid by CHFS.

The caseworkers who are paid via CHFS are demanding that the case be closed and have been doing so for nearly three years.

So I want you to be focused on, if you’re from Kentucky, focus on this. If you’re from, whatever state you’re from, look into you, into your laws, look into your fraud departments, find organizations who were standing up for family rights and children’s rights too because my children’s rights were violated. Everyone keeps saying, oh, the children, the children, that’s how they get this money from you, the children. The children have rights. They have a right to be secure in their home. They have a right to not be taken by the state because the state is looking to try to find ways to get money out of them.

They’re, your children have a right not to be trafficked. Like I said, look up the numbers. Fifty to sixty percent of child, children found in sex-trafficking are from the foster care system. This is so important. So important.

I’m gonna let that, leave that on that note. I will probably, um, try to see if I can post some links in the comments as the day goes through but I’d really appreciate it if you guys found your information. That way, it’s not, you know, me trying to sway anybody any particular way. I want you to find this on your own. And I gotta get to work. Have a good day.

Nicole, keep grooming dogs and get out of the political activism business. You totally suck at it.

Bevin and Naugler

Here’s the video along with a small clip from Bevin’s speech.


31 thoughts on “CHFS”

  1. I am really surprised she didn’t throw a fit when the Tucker Bill passed. CPS can come have a look unannounced.

    CPS has placed children with acceptable family for at least 8 years. We’ve had our great-nieces twice in that time. It’s paying family like non-family foster parents that passed recently.

    To be involved in the system and rally against it so, she’s really stupid about it. I do mean stupid because I’m sure she’s researched it enough not to be ignorant.


  2. REALLY??? A live feed to the Governer….stating her demands! WTF? She IS insane! Where does she get her statistics? Who are these former case workers that agree with her? Who are all these people whose children have been wrongfully taken who are seeking advice from her? Where are all the recordings? Where are the lawsuits? She lives in an alternate universe!


  3. There are so many unsubstantiated phone calls because people like Nicole and Joe Naugler use CPS as their own personal bully club. If you look sideways at them, they call and make a false CPS report. Perhaps she shouldn’t waste their limited resources with false calls and then they won’t need to adopt out her children to make some money [sarcasm].

    CPS doesn’t take kids from the families of your unsubstantiated phone calls Nicole- and not for your lack of trying, both in and out of Kentucky.


  4. Did Nicole Naugler just now pay attention to Governor Bevin’s platform regarding children, foster care and adoption? He was very open about it when he ran and since he has been in office. I don’t agree with a lot of his political views, okay almost none of his political views, but he and his wife are passionate in their dedication to the welfare of children, and on that I agree with many of his proposed and implemented policies.

    There is a growing body of studies that suggest that children thrive best with their lifelong (not necessarily biological) parents. Next comes children who have been removed from neglectful and abusive homes and quickly stabilized in nurturing forever homes (the reason that many are advocating for fast track adoption). After that in descending order, staying with the neglectful/abusive parents, foster care, and institutions.

    Wanting the best outcome for children is a good thing. If sometimes that means that putting the vulnerable child’s rights above the parent’s rights, so be it. I’m a bit torn when it comes to reunification plans. For the most part the parents are adults with adult thought processes making adult choices. Their choices effect their children and their children’s children. While reunification gives the parents a “do-over” the child who has been neglected or abused isn’t getting a “do-over.” The child has already suffered the consequences of their parent’s choices. There is potential therapy to undo some of the damage, but in reality there is no going back. On the other hand there are successful reunifications. Some parents learn from their mistakes and life for the family improves dramatically, but how long do you give a parent to learn and what is happening to the child during the parental learning process? It’s a hard call. Then there are parents who don’t learn, that are defiant and seem proud about it. There are parents who can’t learn or improve the family’s situation. After you’ve been working in the system for a time it becomes easier and easier to distinguish between the two kinds of parents. Yet the system is designed to initially treat all these parents more or less the same. How long do you let a child suffer? How much damage is permanently inflicted on the child? What kind of adult will the child grow up to be? Will they be haunted by and crippled by their past? How does it effect the child’s eventual parenting skills? How many generations will be adversely effected? How do you break the cycle? In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to worry about this. In an ideal world all parents would be loving, supportive, nurturing, able. Children deserve more than the “bare legal minimum.” They are our future and a future of damaged, crippled, broken adults is no future at all.

    When Nicole Celeste Naugler and Joseph E Naugler talk about an audit of CPS I think what they really mean is that they want CPS abolished. I don’t think they actually understand what an audit is. When they rage against CAPTA I think what they really mean is that before federal funding leveled the playing field some states were so poor, or poorly budgeted for CPS, that they had become havens for neglecting/abusive parents to “raise” their children. You know places good for “flying under the radar.”

    I won’t bother going over the “fake facts” in Nicole’s video diatribe. Sally handled that extremely well. I would recommend a little less YouTube and a little more real research, but it would be a waste of my breath. If everything you do, see, or look for is validation and justification for being self-absorbed, self-obsessed and down right selfish you have a tendency to only see what you want to see and to filter life as it pertains to yourself and your needs and desires. In other words, me, me and more me. Other people, including your very own children, are nothing more to you than extensions of yourself (what can you do for me), veritable property, rather than autonomous human beings. I suppose that is why she cannot see the very authoritarian “parenting” that I see in her. The video she did a few weeks ago with her minor daughter beside her really brought that home to me. It was excruciatingly painful to watch that child’s reactions and more importantly the lack of reactions. I find it rather hypocritical of Nicole considering she will accept no authority over herself, be it from her family, (parents, husband, bosses), the State (law enforcement, the law, judges, the government), or even from those critical of her in her, imho, “real world” the fanatasy she has created on the internet and in social media.

    All my opinion, naturally, based upon my observations, readings, and real world experience.


  5. “‘ the children have a right to be secure in their own home ‘” when she said that I looked to see if her head was spinning , and she was throwing up pea soup. She is so unconscious to what comes out of her mouth. And I can imagine a cps worker saying ‘ I would like to close this but you need to do xyz’ but she only hears what she wants to.


  6. And so people know that they’re putting a child back into a bad situation. Those rules have got to change. And that mindset has to change and that’s one thing we’re working on.

    Guess who those people are who know the children are returning to a bad situation? The caseworkers for CPS. Burnout and turnover is staggering in that line of work. Gosh, I wonder why.

    How many caseworkers have been assigned to this family’s case?


  7. Funny. When she called CPS on me, in Montana, I had one suprise visit complete with messy home (illness) and received a letter in the mail the next week that my case was closed as “unfounded”.
    If I was to believe the clap trap from these parents who end up under the thumb of family services that kids are being kidnapped to make money for caseworkers and child trafficking, then why were they in such a rush to close the case?
    Because there’s no market for slender blonde-hair green-eyed girls?


  8. She cherry picks one sentence that vaguely applies to her and thinks,, see see this is our case in a nutshell, everyone call Bevin (who I cannot stand).
    Now were going to see her be a activist and get the mean old sheriff kicked out. If he loses this election it sure wont be because of her, It will be the good people who think it was time for a change.


  9. So are they working on a court date or does she have a court date in March?

    It’s anyone’s guess as she can’t keep it straight.


  10. Oh I see what he said that Pissed ole Nicky off in a nutshell LOL The children should come first over the family or parents. OMG to put them kids first before Nicky would be CRIMINAL! LOL Nicky is such a knowitall BLOWHARD lol now she is going to school everybody on the opioid epidemic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shutthefuckup Nicky you fucking BLOWHARD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I agree with you Sally 100% EVERYBODY that is involved with CPS has NEVER DONE NOTHING WRONG just like the blowhard. NEVER! They are always SO FUCKING PERFECT and don’t give a ratsAss about their kids. One thing Nicky the Blowhard could teach everybody about is how to grow some BEAUTIFUL MATS ON YOU’RE HEAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  11. I’d also be interested in how many of those ‘unfounded’ calls came from mandatory reporters. Y’know the people who are required by law to make the phone call if they have even the tiniest suspicion that something isn’t right. I’m pretty sure it’s stressed as part of the training that it is better to make the call and have it be ‘unfounded’ than it is to not make a call and miss an opportunity to end an abusive situation.


  12. I wonder… if Nicole were to tell us the story of Hansel and Gretel, who would take the children into the Black Forest to fend for themselves? Would it be the mother, the father, both parents or a CPS worker?


  13. “On the other hand there are successful reunifications. Some parents learn from their mistakes and life for the family improves dramatically, but how long do you give a parent to learn and what is happening to the child during the parental learning process” (Lisa)

    I’m willing to bet that most successful reunifications occur when the problems were caused by drug/alcohol use and the parents either get clean or the user leaves the picture. In the naugler’s case I don’t think that drugs are the primary issue (Joe’s pot use aside). There isn’t going to be any change…If living without power and running water, shitting in buckets, losing an infant, jail, etc. etc. doesn’t make somebody examine their choices… it isn’t happening. Unfortunately I think CPS is set up on a reunification model so that’s how they proceed. That said I doubt if the CPS caseworkers are big naugler fans either. But thank goodness for the judge and the GAL.


  14. I’d also be interested in how many of those ‘unfounded’ calls came from mandatory reporters.

    Yes. The woman who called CPS when Joe menaced her was acting as a mandatory reporter. She had no choice about calling CPS. She had called the police about Joe’s behavior and they told her that every citizen of Kentucky is, in fact, considered a mandatory reporter and because there was at least one minor child present, she had to call CPS. So she did. It wasn’t about being spiteful.

    I think it’s interesting that in Kansas, over 90% of reports are unsubstantiated. The call is made, CPS checks it out, everything is found to be okay and that’s that. That’s a very different picture than the one she’s painting of CPS on the prowl looking for kids to “kidnap” for “sex-trafficking.”


  15. Speaking of sex trafficking.

    The vast majority of children who fall into the hands of sex traffickers in the United States are vulnerable children. Children of poverty, parental drug use, parental neglect and abuse, sexual abuse and incest, children of illegal aliens, children thrown out of their homes, or other forms of vulnerable children regardless of whether they have been in the foster care system or not. The common denominator is the child’s vulnerability. Not all abused and neglected children are reported or even end up in the system. That a majority of those children have been in the system is simply indicative of a shitty home life which greatly contributed to their vulnerability.

    You want to help end sexual trafficking? Go after the clients, the pimps, and the procurers and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Prosecute the cases. Increase the jail time. Punish and publicly shame the clients with jail, published photos, names and addresses. Prosecution and punishment for sexual trafficking of children and other people is far less than it is for drug dealing and the criminal element noted this years ago. It is more profitable with less legal liability, and they take advantage of this.

    You want to help end sexual trafficking of children? The buck stops with their parents and guardians. Less available vulnerable children is one of the answers. Far too often the potential victims are the creation of their circumstances which are the result of poor decisions and poor parenting by their parents and guardians. Are there exceptions to this? Yes, but not nearly as many. I used to work with these children. The majority of children I worked with were either runaways who ran from abuse, neglect, sexual molestation, incest. Some were thrown out of their homes because of their sexual orientation, mom’s boyfriend was “flirting” with them or didn’t like them, their stepmother couldn’t wait to get rid of them, etc. Runaways and throwaways. Just trying to survive and find the love they felt that they never had at home.


  16. Money money money…it is all about the money. Bottom line, she is just pissed she does not get loads of free cash for her kids.


  17. Sally I was HOPING you would point out the nonsense about the child sex trafficking. When people hear “child” they think of a pre-pubescent human. The reality is that a large majority of child sex trafficking victims are teenagers who have ran away from home and who get involved in prostitution for various reasons. These kids come from extremely neglectful and abusive backgrounds. The kind of backgrounds where they are cut off from the outside world, deprived of education, deprived of proper shelter, deprived of proper medical care, deprived of proper clothing…. and by the time CPS intervenes the damage to their self worth had already been done.

    I will let you all draw your own inferences about whose kids come from that type of background.


  18. Nicole’s brain must look like a spiraling noodle.
    Everything that comes out of her mouth is twisted.

    CPA caseworkers have undoubtedly told her and Joe that they would like to close the Naugler case.
    But for the sake of the children they have to keep it open. ( something Nicole will not comprehend)

    Working with the Nauglers has to be a nightmare.

    The turnover in caseworkers ( Nicole said “nine”?) is telling.
    Nicole wants to go back to court because she thinks the children’s case will be closed.
    She’s already hinted that they’ve been non compliant on followup on court ordered children’s health issues. Aside from moving from a stick lean-to to a garden shed, not much has changed.
    I don’t see Nicole making enough money from her grooming to support them.

    Has she forgotten the caseworkers who have been out there document what they see, hear and smell?
    A lot can be noticed without Joe or Nicole realisng what’s being taken in.
    Caseworkers have to document all of their observations.

    Has it occurred to Nicole that documentation is why their case is still open?
    Have the caseworkers been inside the shed?
    Do they now make surprise visits? ( that would take more guts than I have…)
    Does she realize how her little video with her daughter planted next to her, and her asking her daughter leading questions about CPS will affect the whole case..

    Nicole thinks she’s smarter than the judge, caseworkers, GAL, Sheriff and the Governor…

    Can you imagine going out there time after time knowing things aren’t good, knowing the Nauglers are on edge, making your reports, but unable to affect any real change.
    I’d be wishing the Naugler case would be closed too.

    I’d want the Naugler case closed or dealt with by the court system before my own name was on front pages as having been the case worker who was going out there, not really helping the kids and something horrible happened.
    The case workers would be publicly hit with blame for “not doing their jobs”.

    The Naugler children, and their potential, are slowly going down the drain.
    I couldn’t sleep at night if I were their caseworker.
    Trying to enlighten the thickskulled Naugler adults of all they need to do would burn me out too.

    Thanks to the Naugler Adults, too many people know about the Nauglers for their case to be swept under the rug.

    Does she seriously think the Judge will be happy with her and Joe?
    Does she think the Governor would be happy with her and Joe?

    Nicole will probably not be happy after the next court date…


  19. When I was a tween/teen, i was in foster care for several years. Not because my parents were abusive or neglectful, but simply because i was unruly and they could not handle me. NN is so convinced that the state is profiting from kids being in the CPS system – she’s delusional. During the time I was in foster care, the state spent a ludicrous amount of money on my healthcare, mental health, education, and basic living expenses. I had costly orthodontic work done, was taken to specialists and tutors, and was given vouchers for clothing every 3 months. And i was a typical kid – many foster kids had severe issues or special needs, and the expenses were far greater. They also went to great lengths to assist families in becoming stable. I was relatively lucky – they told my parents to jump through hoops, and my folks asked exactly how high they should jump.
    She says she never knew where her kids were. My folks always knew where i was. They had my address, they wrote letters regularly and visited multiple times. However, I had a foster sister who was absolutely prohibited from disclosing her location to her mother. They went to great lengths to prevent the mother from knowing where the child was. This was because the mother was unstable and unsafe. In my experience, a foster kids location is kept secret because there is a legitimate fear that the parents may be a danger to the child, or may attempt to take the child.
    Her rant is setting a dangerous precedent. If her case is closed, after this pathetic display of “naming names” and “exposing the corruption”, every shameless, selfish toddler parent will think that they can also bully CPS/ family courts. She herself has posted enough evidence online to justify terminating her parental rights completely, and her latest video rants should justify the courts to keep the case open and investigate further. IMO, anyone that believes the case should be closed (or that the kids shouldn’t have been taken in the first place) is either really thick or they just aren’t paying attention.


  20. I’m sure N’s toadies will be quite happy to harrass Bevin on her behalf. Though if N feels so strongly about the situation she should march herself right into Bevin’s office and demand a meeting. Government in action! It can be an unschooling lesson! She can provide pics of the ‘stead! She should be sure to record the meeting for documentation, too.


  21. We live where human trafficking is a problem. I see all kinds of social media posts about how someone’s baby was almost snatched up at the store. All the stories had me anxious, but if never heard of a successful kidnapping. I did my research and found most kids who are trafficked are runaways. Maybe the posters really believe they were in danger, but I think they may be paranoid racists (they almost always describe their stalkers as Hispanic.)


  22. As a former foster parent, in Australia though, not Kentucky, I can tell you she is talking garbage. We had two little boys, brothers, aged 13 months and 6 years old. Our sons were 7 and 5. We couldn’t have afforded to care for them without financial support from CPS here, even though we both worked, as they needed new clothes as everything they brought was stained, too small or torn, plus the youngest suffered nightmares for a few weeks. The things we did have in abundance though, were rooms in our home, good food for them to eat, and love in spades.
    The mother of these two little guys was in a domestic abuse situation, compounded by alcohol, and she was smart enough to seek help from CPS to get herself back on track for her boys. We merely gave them somewhere soft, loving and safe to land while she found a place to live, cleaned up, and got a job. And she did anything and everything CPS asked.
    The boys started having weekends with her, and eventually went home with her for good – after her home was checked by CPS. We adored those kids, and I always wonder how they are now.

    Nicole and Joe are poor excuses for parents. They make me furious.


  23. If I were a caseworker and had to go out where no one could hear a scream in an emergency to evaluate armed, combative anti-government types, I’m sure I’d smile and nod while there and then, once I had sped back to civilization, make my report including every single creepy thing out there.

    If the kids don’t already know, imagine how they’ll feel knowing that they were in foster care for as long as they were because their father wouldn’t stop doing drugs long enough to pass a test. Their value was less to him than the temporary high he was chasing. If Nicole has forgotten that then I ‘ll bet that CPS remembers.


  24. If the kids don’t already know, imagine how they’ll feel knowing that they were in foster care for as long as they were because their father wouldn’t stop doing drugs long enough to pass a test. Their value was less to him than the temporary high he was chasing. If Nicole has forgotten that then I ‘ll bet that CPS remembers.

    Plus the court system. After all, she’s been screaming that CPS wants the case closed, but the judge is the one not going along with what CPS has advised. Gee, I wonder why a judge would be reluctant to leave the Naugler’s to their own devices?

    But yeah, out-of-state residents hassling the state of Kentucky about its laws and policies. That is certain to make a difference. Particularly if they invoke the name of Profit Joe and Nicole Naugler.


  25. Dear Nicole, stop trying to act like Mr Schwab . You had your kids gone 8 weeks, his were gone for years.
    No one is calling anyone for you.

    What not is not a phrase or word used anymore .
    Drink more water. That’s why you have dry lips and stuff.

    Ps please have your eyes checked as well.


  26. I’m not sure where to ask this so I hope it’s okay to ask here. Are there any FB groups left about the Nauglers? I can’t find BLTM or the nation and I don’t know if there are other groups. Also, what happened to naugler forum on FJ? Thanks.


  27. Are there any FB groups left about the Nauglers?

    There are several. I’m not going to put their names, the few I know, up here because I don’t particularly like them. Lisa and Deb are occupied with a new business. One of the moderators on FJ attracted enough attention from the Nauglers that she was outed (her real identity). This frightened them so much that they took the Naugler section private. You have to be a member to see it. I find their courage hilarious.

    But wait. I’ve got something in the works.


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