“Charles” and Al

Charles op

This sort of irritated me, for several reasons.  “Charles” is talking here about Al.

The thing is, I saw the exchanges between “Charles” and Al and “Charles” is lying about nearly everything “he” is saying.

First off, this is a fake person who is messaging a real person on Facebook.  Get that straight.  “Charles” is the fake.  We do not know if “Charles” is Nicole (probably not) or Joe (almost certainly not) or one of the kids (more than likely not).  “Charles” is almost certainly a woman, though.

But I wanted you all to see how “creepy” these messages were. I am not reproducing all of it here.  There’s too much and it would be boring. I am pulling out enough so there is a bit of continuity and I’ll add commentary where necessary to fill in the gaps.

Al was quite civil with “Charles” when CHARLES contacted Al after almost 5 months of zero communication.


smyth2 smyth3 smyth4 smyth5I dunno. Al didn’t seem too “creepy” to me?

Second, Al often messages people in the middle of the night. That’s the cool thing about messaging and texting as opposed to telephone calls. You don’t have to be awake to get them. And Al, who is gainfully employed, sometimes works in the middle of the night.  After landing and finishing up paperwork and other things, still stoked with the adrenaline of the flight—why wouldn’t he grab his laptop or tablet or whatever he has and relax a little?  Maybe he’s waiting for the medical crews to do their thing and rather than reading Louis L’Amour, he does what everybody else does in today’s society— he checks his phone?

And then Charles fires it back up and Al plays along.  I don’t blame him.



charles 2

Notice who begins with the insults?  Not Al.

charles 3

charles 4

So we make fun of Al’s military service. Al didn’t bring it up.  “Charles” did and taunted Al with it.  That’s right. It’s “Charles” who begins with the insults and the taunting.

charles 5

charles 6

charles 7

charles 8

charles 9

At this point, “Charles” had the option, as we all do on Facebook, to simply end the conversation there.  But no. . .

charles 10

What follows here is an exchange in which “Charles” accuses Al of having an affair with another critic, and then accuses Al’s wife of being involved in “stalking” the Nauglers.  I have met Al’s wife, and I assure you, she couldn’t be less interested in the Naugler family. She and my husband both just roll their eyes and yawn.

charles 11

And I assure you (and I can produce the screen shots to prove it), “Charles” did, in fact, taunt Al about his family. Remember, Al is having a conversation with a fake person here.

charles 12

charles 13

charles 14

And of course, we then get the “think of the children” bullshit.  From a fake person who insults real people.

And Al offers yet again to meet with Joe.

charles 15

And it goes on from there a bit and then stops.  At this point, again, “Charles” could have chosen to simply drop the conversation, because, you know, it’s all creepy and stuff.

But no. . .

charles initiated

(Al had set up a meeting with Joe. Al was there. Joe didn’t show up. Joe kind of explained it here . . . well sorta kinda in a chickenshit way)

So there you have it.  You read it and decide.  Is Al “creepy” and talking all in “secret code” and crazy?  Were Al’s comments “taunting” and “hateful”?

Or is Al remarkably patient while trying to have a more or less reasonable conversation with a fake person who is insulting him right and left?

I know what I think.

It would seem Al finally had enough of “sugarbritches.” Al told me he blocked the sock.

But Al does have me wondering why people should “stay tuned.” He does live there and he does know a lot more than he’s willing to release. Maybe that’s the “code” Smyth refers to?





Stay tuned.


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  1. Wow! I think “IT” the “sock” has been through the spin cycle a few times to many. What an obnoxious twit. This Charles acts like a 12 year old. Now, that’s creepy!


  2. Amazing how Nicole spins things to make it appear as though people are harassing her. This clearly shows a fake profile doing everything in her power to shut Al up. Rock on Al, rock on!


  3. “Charles” is a gnat; annoying but easily forgotten and insignificant.
    This person is vile, rude and filled with an unreasonable sense of self importance. I’d be more than happy to see this sock recycled into a potholder.


  4. I’m Al

    Stay tuned.

    Nicole, thanks for the attention, Warms my heart.

    Are you two really this stupid? Look, you’ve basically lost the property. You kinda really screwed up with your attention seeking internet addiction. So there’s that one little facet.

    I have done one thing, I have called bullshit.

    In my opinion, you’re both assholes.

    But hey, it’s just an opinion.

    Post more.



  5. There plan to play victim in order to keep the funds rolling in is backfiring. I believe they have gone past the point of no return. There’s not enough damage control they can do anymore. With each passing day the fact that they are liars becomes more obvious, IMHO.


  6. I love the “sugar britches” comments, being Southern myself I have used those words many a times. Al is way more patient & polite than I could be with “Charles”.

    I have been verbally attacked by Charles myself…

    Al ty again for your service.


  7. ” goats don’t fly, they free range”… That’s some classic shit. We need a post of Als 1 liners.


  8. A little OT, but in Nicole’s video about [child’s name] and his garden, [child’s name] is carrying a side arm. VERY poor decision to allow him to carry a gun around the junkstead! Until boys come to the age of around 25 their brains are not fully developed and they have poor impulse control. With all the hatred and animosity Joe and Nicole have instilled in their kids toward any authoritarian figure, I can see him taking a shot at anyone fitting that description, or anyone who trespasses for that matter.

    [ADMIN: STOP with the speculation. JUST STOP.]

    As far as [child’s name]’s garden goes, I feel bad for him. He’s put some work into it, but the weeds are already taking over and they’ll suck any water, or moisture away from his plants. It’s going to be some hard work hauling enough buckets of water to the garden. That’s going to get old real fast. I don’t see a very productive garden. At least not enough to feed 12 people. We will see.


  9. Charles is a mix of people, and Nicole pulls the strings. She is part owner of the account.

    Before I moved off FB and to here, I got a good look at who the “they” is that makes up Charles.

    All are very sad and jealous individuals. They are spoon fed the Naugler bullshit and believe it from only (one person) a few visits to the BLH. The rest take NN at her word.

    None of them have good marriages, all have pretty terrible health, and most are unemployed or under employed. Not surprised they’d go after Al who embodies the things they can’t achieve.


  10. Interesting. I would have bet good money that Charles was Nicole\Joe. One thing about the internet is that it lets the crazy folk find each other.


  11. You can see him shooting someone? Holey shit! How about commenting on the horror of the reality in front of you, no need to project what you and your crystal ball see in the future. And its my experience Boys brains never fully develop.


  12. Oh! Indeed, we have not seen Nicole’s rock-bottom! One would think, as her followers seem to believe, after living in a shack and having 10-children removed from her custody, that she has already hit this metaphorical rock-bottom, and that her life can logically only go up from here. Apparently not!

    Which begs the question… When will Nicole stop posting? How many times has she secured her own demise, with the upload of a photo?

    Dear Nicole and/or Charles,
    Please research, “self-sabotage”.
    You are your own worst-enemy. Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. Word!


  13. Bumpkin, No.
    The eldest son in the garden-video that you speak of, is neither Joe, or Nicole. In any case, he has not enough life-experience to match the unhealthy, fervent animosity the Naugler parents hold for authority. He seems soft-spoken, and is probably good-natured, as well as young, naive, and maybe emotionally immature due to his home-life – and most of those are all great signs that he has not gone down that mad-joe road, yet. Hopeful he falls far from the tree. At least, I have faith in him. Your assumptions that he would shoot, are wild.

    I would not count-out a much younger Naugler child to shoot at someone, however.


  14. P. Ovaries, I hope you are right. There’s no telling how much venom Nicole and Joe have fed those older boys and how much has stuck. I’m sure they’ve heard a shit done of anti government rants. Hopefully he does fall far from the tree.


  15. I’ve seen this question posed on fb to “Charles” and I would appreciate clarification as well. Whether “Charles” is one person or multiple people working together to help the nauglers, why doesn’t she/they ACTUALLY DO something to help the nauglers. Help them clean the property, not just the previous messes but their own current messes. Help the only nauglers interested in homesteading, the kids, find the resources they need to succeed with simple things like gardening, for example. Encourage their friends to spend less time online and more time enjoying the awesome life they claim to have.
    Really, the list could go on and but Charles Smyth is not a friend. She’s clearly someone who enjoys the drama as much as the socks and trolls from the other side. The difference is, she actually has the ability to do something to HELP the nauglers. She must not believe they are capable of being helped.


  16. Have seen the boy around. Sad eyes. Beat down, aka reverent. Quiet. Immature for the age. Good boy. Victim. The son is not the father or mother.


  17. He/She won’t.

    The one that did live close has moved, and the rest think the Nags are just fine homesteading. They believe that they are making the best of poverty like they did as children or believe Nikki’s assertions that they’re successfully implementing their ‘plans’.

    They many personalities of Charles truly swallow the “bullies are the reason we aren’t successful!” Hook, line and sinker.

    Personally, I agree that they should help. Charles, open your home(s) to the family. I mean, think of the children! Your lawn will love the extra Naug-pies. You might even get an oh so coveted blessing from Pa Prophet. Go on Charles. One of you can easily accommodate and prove us ‘trolls’ wrong.


  18. Al, you are my favorite person on the internet. I can’t even fathom what it must be like to live in this insanity. Despite what “Charles” says, getting the authorities involved is likely what is best “for the children” since their own parents won’t “think of them” enough to take proper care of them.

    Can anyone explain to me how people talking on the internet prevents them from cleaning, building, gardening, et al? I mean, I’ll be gardening tomorrow so I won’t be online. Therefore, I won’t know what people on the internet are even saying. It would seem that, in more ways than one, getting off the Internet is the solution to the problem.


  19. I wonder if the older N boys check this blog, and if so, perhaps they might find it useful to see KY GED requirements, training classes, info on trade schools, legal emancipation of minors, etc. It’s a crying shame that the oldest boy probably won’t be able to go to a free tech school. And time is getting tight for the second oldest, too.


  20. It would be great if the Nauglers would invest in some straw bales, or if someone local would drop off some straw for mulching the garden to help save on watering (the current wet weather is not likely to last all summer). It would be great if someone would show the young man who’s working on it how to create tepees for green beans (easy to do with all the sticks available), how to weave tomato cages (again, use those sticks and some honeysuckle vines – if the older kids could make that rather clever fence for the older “cabin”, they could certainly create tomato cages), and teach some of the middle-range kids – say, the eight to eleven year olds – to identify and pull up weeds.

    The garden demonstrates hard labor and tenacity on the part of the teen who created it, and those are great qualities. But it is a big task for one teenaged boy who is also tasked with a lot of other “homestead” chores…someone needs to lend a hand for best results.

    The brother next in line is the designated cook. The girls spend much time at the shop, making bows for dogs, washing dogs, grooming dogs, bathing the baby. The little guys are too small to help much.

    But that still leaves two middle-range kids who could help their oldest brother. Three, if younger sister is freed from bow-duty. Just an hour a day would make a big difference, multiplied by three. The days are long now – why not get some weeding done in the early evenings, when everyone is home? Many hands make light work, and the Nauglers are rich in many hands.

    Joe could watch the little guys. Nicole could deal with the baby. The other Naugler kids – six or so of them – could wrangle those weeds, and be real superheroes to their family, capes and masks not required. They just need to distinguish between a weed and a garden plant, and be able to spread straw around the strawberries and other plants., while the older kids could handle the staking and cage-weaving and installing. Nothing hard about it. It would provide them with a very real sense of accomplishment, and eventually, an improved crop of vegetables.

    Nicole and Joe, if you’re reading, please note that this post is sincere and has no snark in it at all. I admire your older son’s determination and achievement. I hope you will support him in his gardening endeavors. The needed materials for staking and caging are already on the property. A few bales of straw will not cost much at all, and could be very helpful. As could his siblings. This would be a great, productive and enjoyable family activity. I hope you’ll consider it.


  21. My mother had a tower of strawberries in our front yard when I was growing up. She liked to mix up the June-bearing variety with the ever-bearing. Toss a fine net over it to keep the birds and squirrels at bay. We were sent out to water, weed and bring them in without eating too many along the way. Very gratifying for all, but particularly the younger set.


  22. @Beth: I’ve posted a lot of this type of information before. At this point I think the best chance the eldest has is Job Corps. I’ve posted that number before too, but just in case you’re reading, kiddo, here it is again: 1-800-733-JOBS, that’s 1-800-733-5627. Job Corps will help you get your GED or possibly your diploma (it varies), give you a clean dry place to sleep, feed you, and send you out into the world with the elements of a trade at your fingertips.

    Maybe you’re worried about what will happen to the little ones when you’re gone. You’re right to worry. It isn’t fair that you have to worry, but you’re right to do so. But the best thing you can do for your siblings right now is to get out of there and make your own place, where you can build up your own money and help them get out in turn. You’re almost 18. It’s time for your next oldest siblings to step up while you step out.

    When you go, kiddo, just go. Don’t tell your parents. They’ll cause a huge ruckus and probably try to stop you by whatever means they see fit, from guilting you on up. Just call the number, explain the adverse conditions, arrange transportation, and go.


  23. I want to become Facebook friends with Al because he is awesome.

    I had the misfortune of getting to know Ma and Pa Nutjob when they were living in E-Town and went to my church. At first I felt sorry for them, it was not uncommon for Pa to ask my sons at chuch functions what we had for dinner and then ask if his family could have anything that we had leftover.
    Then Pa decided that he was some kind of (over weight and very out of shape) mixed martial arts master and began trying to get the kids to fight each other in the church’s gym.
    When other members of the church would say something to them, the Nutjob’s would go into victim mode and begin screaming about how the church was discriminating against them because they had a large family (let’s forget the fact we were part of the LDS church and there are many large families). When Pa made a VERY inappropriate comment about my eleven year old son, I called the bishop and told him as long as the Nutjob’s attended church my family wouldn’t be. I was not the only member to have these issues and before long the Nutjob’s were asked to leave.
    I like most people who have the misfortune of dealing with Ma and Pa just let them say and do as they please because they are psycho and you can’t reason with a sick mind but I love the fact that people like Al are willing to stand up to these two and help show who they really are.

    Al, I want to first thank you for taking your service. I grew up an “Army Brat” and have only the deepest respect for anyone who has served. As far as the Nutjob’s go…keep exposing them…keep bursting their little fantasy world that they live in and hopefully soon enough they will pack up and move like they have always done in the past.


  24. Mr. Al has been very patient with “Charles” considering all the shit that spews from its pea-brain.
    I think “Charles” is attracted to Al, he has a lot going for him, or it could be pure jealousy.

    As usual there is always talk and accusation of the non-supporters harassing, stalking and doxing the supporters. Show us. Prove it. I call bullshit. Liar liar, denim skirt on fire. If there is any doubt in supporters or supporting socks harassing the NS, just take a look at this blog, there is an entry just for them. Proof. I suppose the proof of the supporters being harassed is in the same location as the proof of the composting shit pile….


  25. Naugler-related but has nothing to do with “Charles” and Al:

    Where are the photos of the finished humanure product being used for anything on the property? You’ve had years, you insist it’s safe for gardens that are growing food for human consumption, yet J’s garden has clearly not had any compost added or worked into that thin soil.


  26. Jack LIS,

    There is no proof that supporters have been threaten, doxxed, stalked or harassed. I have been accused of doxxing people (which I have not)but when I ask them to show proof they have nothing to show. All deflection and show. Nobody has done anything to the supporters.


  27. Charles contacting Al and acting as if Al can do anything to control others or reverse any outcome for the Naugler’s to me is a form of harassment.
    Al Wilson has no control over any of that.

    Like Al, there are a few of us who has not cowered behind a sock FB Account and have been straight forward with our opinions and truths. Thing’s that people like Charles can’t stand. We have been harassed, threatened, doxxed, our picture’s have been blistered everywhere.
    But guess what?
    We don’t care !!!

    As much as, people like Charles would like to think none of us are the reason the Naugler’s are in sooooo much trouble. These idiotic people have done this to themselves and have made things so hard on their children because they have made some very poor choices in their lives and for their family.

    Like AL, many of us are just calling out the BullShit, we see things as they are. We are not buying into Joe & Nicole’s brand of BullShit like other’s have.
    We are not the ones lying to ourselves or the public like Joe & Nicole have. “Save Our Family” people bought into that and sent their hard earned money to help those kids. It is Joe & Nicole who took the money and did NOTHING for there kids.
    Why isn’t Charles and all those other Naugler supporters upset over that?

    From the looks of things the children’s parents have DONE so well at this Homesteading off grid nonsense that they will be homeless soon. Know one did that to them but their LAZY Father and INTER-NET Addicted Mother.
    But that’s ok….sooner or later the PUBLIC will take care of those poor kids.

    Why to go Joe & Nicole, you had your seconded chance and you blew it !!!


  28. I like Al, he can call me “sugar britches” anytime..lol…I also made and or “liked” a comment on BLTATM once..ONCE and was branded a “hater”..did it bother me? of course and it forced me to place more privacy settings on my account. Will I hide because of it? NO WAY, because if I did, it would give them the power and validation they crave….off topic just a bit..someone mentioned that Nicoles shop was closed today..in the middle of the week?…my dad was a dog groomer after he retired from the Army. I wasn’t sure if he could make a go of it as they lived in a VERY rural area. He was so busy, he had to turn people away and the only day he took off was Sunday….


  29. I love how Socky accuses Al of going by internet rumors when Al has personally dealt with the Shitgler in person and in court. That’s about as far from going by internet rumors as can be.

    Those children are probably already ruined, but even so, I hope they’re removed soon and at least given a basic education so that when they inevitably become adults spewing their parents’ shit, they might have enough of a foundation to work entry level jobs, and so that maybe a few will see their parents as anti-role models and break away entirely and do something more with their lives. Both scenarios require at least a third-grade education in reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.


  30. Question? When the Naugler kids fill out an application for employment which would ask about schooling, and they write “unschooled”, how are they going to explain what grade level?


  31. Snoop, the Nauglers do it so wrong that I don’t think those kids can consider themselves to be kindergarteners. One of my dear friends, who is like a little sister to me, was unschooled all her life, and her mother and I are good friends too. Her mom set educational goals and fit them into whatever her daughter’s current interests were. No set curriculum, but firm goals to meet each quarter. By tying lessons into what was interesting, daughter retained information better without realizing she was learning. Learning to schedule and stick to things were taught through dance and piano lessons. Daughter graduated at the age of 16, and was accepted to several really good universities, including Stanford, but picked a state university closer to home. A lot of universities and colleges have entry rules specific to homeschoolers. She wrote essays and some other stuff, and had high SAT scores. She graduated magna cum laude, and was entirely financially independent and supporting herself by her 21st birthday. So unschooling can be done right.

    I’m doing with my daughter what was done for my friend. She just finished kindergarten as an unschooler, and had testing, and tested 2nd grade for some subjects, and end of 1st for the rest. You can bet I’m not setting her off on her own and hoping she magically learns to read on her own. Though her school year is over, learning isn’t over. She’s interested in space right now. So I spend much of today teaching her about black holes, gravity, and working in some learning about machs speeds and how light and sound travel at different speeds here on earth outside of our atmosphere. We started touching on the space race leading up to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and the often-forgotten Michael Collins landing on the moon. That’s our style of unschooling. Take what’s interesting and see how we can meet our goals and even twist things to fit in some more. Not many kids who are considered going into first can tell you the difference between monoclinic and triclinic crystals, and identify them, or tell you how different firework patterns and colors are made. But because of our unschooling methods, she can. And if we reach a point where this isn’t working for her anymore, then we’ll work on changing things. We are less invested in being hardasses to prove the world wrong than we are interested in what works best for her at the time. We also use outside classes to teach scheduling and working through wanting to give up or not do something, as well as dedicated regular chores. Those classes also expose her to outside ideas and provide a lot of socialization, and a lot of the families on our street homeschool, and our kids play together.

    What the Nauglers do should be called anti-schooling and deliberate educational and social stifling. It should also be called abuse.


  32. If the get a GED( and that’s a big if) I think they can put the name of the school that it’s attached to.I am no expert, but I have had many employees that had GED’s and that’s what they did.


  33. Thanks for explaining. Even if they decide not to attend college or couldn’t pass a GED they would still be able to get a job as laborer then by just saying “homeschooled”?


  34. Snoop, it would be hard if they have literally nothing more than that to put on an application. I know people who dropped out of high school who are doing quite well now, but it also took being willing to start with the crappy jobs that didn’t require diplomas or GEDs (so, fast food jobs), and building skills and a resume. Going to a public high school is seen as evidence of education (even if you’re skating by with a solid D-average), while homeschooling, even if you’re performing at college level, is looked at askance. But getting a job and a career can be done. Some homeschoolers, even unschoolers, doing amazingly well, and some public-schoolers can barely write their names. Neither path is a guaranteed win or loss, and a lot more colleges and universities acknowledge that. And since not all community colleges require any sort of diploma or GEDs, and have you take tests for placement, there’s a chance to get in college that way. Where those kids have it worst is they don’t have enough education to get into remedial college classes (those students may not be quite at college level, but they’re higher than elementary level), and they haven’t been taught any discipline, which is necessary to knowing how to handle instructions from a boss that you can’t challenge.

    Long story short, there’s a chance at a job with or without college, but how good really depends on the education a kid has including how well they were taught to follow orders instead of fight everything, as well as how well they can present themselves and articulate their answers on an application and to an interviewer.


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