For some reason, Nicole and Joe have chosen Todd Pate to play the starring role of Chief Villain in their play-of-several-acts, the one where Nicole “needs closure,” but keeps talking about it endlessly.

Todd Pate is not holding their CPS case open.  Todd Pate cannot make a single decision about their children.  Todd Pate was asked his opinion in family court (at least this is what Nicole says) regarding whether or not the Naugler parents were in violation of any laws, and he supposedly said, “No.”

But he’s the villain.  He’s the person with whom I am supposedly in collusion, the mastermind coordinating all the terrible, outrageous stuff being done to Nicole and Joe.

I have never met Todd Pate in my life. I have never been in contact with him in any way, via phone, via text, via the internet. I have never been in contact with him via an intermediary. Nothing.

There was one person who contacted me privately with a horrific story about Joe. I believe the person is very credible and asked the person to contact Todd Pate with the story.  That person did that, and in fact, had already done so before contacting me. That’s my total and entire dealing with Todd Pate, and that certainly couldn’t be seen as direct or even indirect.

But he’s the villain. The evil bad guy.  Even worse than the very disdained Bradley Butler.

On the day those kids were taken, Nicole and Joe were supposedly at somebody’s house for a “slumber party.”  I do not believe that story for a single second.

Here’s my personal take on what happened.  I went into this in more detail here.

Joe and Nicole knew that the woman Joe had menaced had called the police. They knew that it was going to involve trouble.  They’ve dealt with this kind of shit forever, over and over again.

I believe they were running.

I believe that Sheriff Pate knew they were running.

Nicole had come back to the property to pick up stuff she hadn’t gotten in their apparent haste to flee. She brought the two older boys with her as grunt labor to pick up stuff.

Pate was waiting for her.

He was there because there was an emergency order in the works to take those children. He was just waiting for the judge to sign it. And being a decent fellow, he tried very hard to give her a chance to cooperate, let the Cabinet folks talk to the kids, and it would all be less painful.

He knew it was probably not going to work.

He also didn’t want to be shot, so he was carefully evaluating what he was dealing with.  How many kids were there?  Where was Joe?

Domestic situations like this are the most dangerous situations for a police officer that there are.  This is when policemen are shot and killed. He knows this. He’d done some homework, and that included checking the very public posts that Nicole makes on her very public pages.

That’s why he was cautious.

And that is mostly likely why he let her leave the property. He wanted to get her away from her home ground. He knew he was going to take those boys and he didn’t want to be murdered in the attempt or have to hurt Nicole or hurt one of the boys.

The man was doing his job, one for which he gets a lot of grief and not a lot of thanks.

You know, I’ve worked in a high-stress situation.  Nicole never has. Washing dog butts is not high-stress. The worst that can happen is that you might be bitten. Most of it, if my own experience grooming Minnie is any indication at all, is mind-numbingly boring.

Taking care of several patients in a recovery room or an ICU is not boring.  Pretty much never boring.

But I cannot even begin to understand what it must be like to go to work, get a call, have to go out and not know if you’re going to be shot at, or worse, killed. And have this happen day after day after day. It has to be only surpassed in stress levels by being a soldier in a war zone.

Sheriff Pate appears to be a very methodical, determined man with a whole lot of self-control.

He thought the situation out, made a plan, and executed it flawlessly.

Of course, he’d done that before. Years before.

Meet Clayton.

Go on. Watch the video. It’s only a few minutes.

Imagine what it would be like to be locked inside a closet 2 by 2 feet wide, your body wrapped in a wire fence and bound by chains like an animal for hours—even days—at a time. You aren’t given any food. You’re 6 years old, and your parents have done this to you.

Click on that and read the rest.

Now imagine that you are Deputy Sheriff Pate and you hear this awful story from a teenage girl who has run away from home.  Something about this girl’s story rang true with Pate.  He’d probably heard dozens of teenagers spin yarns about everything imaginable. I doubt he was naive.

But he believed this girl.

So he did the right thing. In fact, he did the thing he was required to do by law.  He notified CPS in Indiana. And they did nothing.

Here’s Nicole’s take on what happened next.

She says he was “skirting around the law. . . to save that boy.”

Skirting around the law.

What he did was tell the parents of the teenage girl that they needed to come to Kentucky to get her.  I’m not sure where in the statutes that is illegal.  Nicole is really good at citing all the laws, so maybe she has it handy. I look forward to her enlightening me.

He told them to come to Kentucky to get them across the state line so he could do something. He was hoping that they’d bring the little boy with them, and he was right.  They did.

And then, when Clayton was obviously frightened out of his wits, Todd Pate gently told the child that his father wanted him to tell Pate the truth.

He was lying, of course.

Maybe that’s what Nicole thinks is illegal.

It’s not.  It’s not even slightly illegal for a police officer to lie.

Todd Pate saved that little boy from what would probably have been his death. He got national recognition for doing so. 

Maybe that’s why Nicole hates him so much.

He went on to become the sheriff of Breckinridge County and meet Joe and Nicole Naugler.

He’s had a couple of encounters of note with Nicole. The first was when the youngest daughter ran away.

[You know, it’s really nice that Nicole records everything and it’s all nicely transcribed here.  There is no doubt about what happened or who said what.  It’s all right there.]

But Todd Pate is a human being.  And like all human beings, he’s not perfect.

One day, after the infamous encounter with Nicole and then Joe, Todd Pate hit a brick wall while dealing with his own problems.

Nicole could not wait to share it.  She restrained herself to just a share on the BLH page at first, but couldn’t resist going further.

Here’s the back story. Todd Pate had some marital problems.  He got drunk.  He isn’t the first person who ever had marital problems, and certainly not the first one who ever got drunk as a result.

His wife called the police saying that he’d called her and threatened to kill her, her parents and himself.

At that point, his colleagues tracked him down and found him sitting in a car, drinking and with his gun in the glove compartment.

From that story above, Nicole turns this into a picture of Todd Pate as an alcoholic who “picked” at her family because they don’t have a fancy house, but should have just focused on his own life, because see, he’s flawed.

I rarely drink.  Very rarely. But I have been rip-snorting drunk before.  More than once. Dave drinks beer in the summer, a bit of wine with meals, and he too has gotten positively plastered a few times.  Neither of us are by any stretch of the imagination alcoholics.

If Pate can be called an alcoholic for drinking during an emotionally-charged domestic situation, then Nicole needs to take a hard, long look at Joe.

She goes on to complain that it’s “wrong” to give an imperfect person power and authority over another person.  That’s wrong, she says.

What would she suggest?

Giving power and authority only to perfect people? Where would she suggest finding them?

Giving power and authority to nobody?  In that case, what is she doing running to the courthouse every few minutes to file some IPO application against somebody?  Why does she call the police every time somebody offends her?  Why does she threaten lawsuits every day or two?

Todd Pate was doing his job that day in May 2015.  He was elected to his position and he was carrying out a court order.  Not to do so would have placed him in contempt of court and subject to impeachment.  Ask Kim Davis about it.


But Nicole couldn’t help herself.  She talked about it on her other page.

Al Wilson was a “supporter” of Todd Pate.  What does that even mean?  The only thing it could mean is that somehow Nicole knows who Al voted for in an election.  Or maybe Al said he voted for Todd.  I have no idea.

However, notice Nicole’s  profile picture in that screen shot?


She loved it, you see.

Her reasoning is that if Todd Pate was shown to be flawed in October 2015, then by extension, Todd Pate has always been flawed and every decision he has ever made in his entire life has been wrong, and that includes carrying out a court order in May 2015.

This is a logical fallacy, of course.


Let’s go back to this screen shot now, the one about how Pate “skirt(s) around the law.”

. . . he did it to kidnap my family. . .

He followed a court order, and took her two oldest boys into custody and ultimately arrested Nicole because she pitched a screaming-meemy fit.  There was no “skirting of the law.”

. . . He still sits as sheriff of the county.

Yes, he does. That’s because he was elected to the position.  Elected.  The people of Breckinridge County wanted him to be the sheriff.

He needs to have his badge and gun taken away.

He was elected.  To “take away” his badge and gun would require impeachment.  He cannot be fired.

. . . he needs to go sit in jail.

He did, briefly.

When he was arrested, he did not throw a hissy-fit and yell about his rights.  He was arrested, went to a hearing, pled guilty immediately on the spot, and right after that hearing went straight into rehab.

For several weeks, while he was gone, someone else filled his shoes.

When he came back, he issued a public statement apologizing for his behavior.

He should probably also get a mental health evaluation.

Exactly what do you think happens in rehab?

Todd Pate actually suffered more repercussions from what he did than Joe ever has for any of his crap.  He has never once, that I know of, complained about any of it.  He never blamed anyone but himself.  Oddly enough, the people that he threatened, his wife and his in-laws, seem to be fine.

This, folks, is called “character.”

Yes, it’s unfortunate that Todd Pate’s personal problems played out in such a public manner. Yes, he could have made better decisions that day.

But shit happens.  People make mistakes.  Sometimes nobody or very few people know about our mistakes. Sometimes the whole world knows.  Sometimes nobody cares about our mistakes. Sometimes it’s a very big deal and affects a lot of people.

Character is not about never making a mistake.

Character is how you behave after the fact.  Character is about owning it.  Character is about admitting fault and accepting some help.

I am going to make a bet here that Todd Pate is a Republican. I have no reason to make that assumption except that everyone in Kentucky seems to be Republican.

I never, ever vote Republican. Ever.  Not for anything.  Ever.

If I lived in Breckinridge County, I would make an exception to that rule and vote for Todd Pate, no matter what his political party is.


Todd Pate is a Democrat.

My day is now complete.


29 thoughts on “Character”

  1. According to Nicole the mistakes she’s made are NBD. She just made a phone call! She was upset, anyone would be. I guess forgiving mistakes doesn’t go both ways


  2. I’d vote for Pate. I bet if the county had a “special” election to get rid of the Nauglers, they would be gone in a flash. On a positive note, I’ve hired someone to clean out my shed. It’s the same size as the shed on that homestead. I can only guess the stench of 13 people in a garden shed in the spring. Character can’t even be washed on with a river bath, but I bet they post pictures!


  3. I wish I could shake Mr. Pate’s hand. If I lived in his county I would vote for him and I’m not Republican, either. Here’s the thing. People get into all kinds of trouble. Sometimes through no fault of their own and other times self-inflicted. Some people wallow in their problems, forever blaming other people while they paint themselves as victims. These people’s problems never get resolved. The only way to solve problems is for the person to ask themselves, “how can I solve this?” Regardless if they created their problems or not, the only way out is to own them. And for doing that, Mr. Pate demonstrated to anyone who witnessed his stumble how to pick up and move forward rather than play the perpetual blame game like N & J. Mr. Pate is a good man.


  4. I can’t stand how she makes him out to be the Vilian in all this. The poor guy was just doing his job. That’s it.
    I don’t know Sheriff Pate. I have only spoken with him once and that was last year around this time. Buses were being held and a tornado hit 1.5 miles away from my house. I was on my way to the high school to get my kids. I got stuck on 86 due to a tree blocking the road. When I was finally able to get pass I saw him at the stop sign blocking the other lane. I asked him if he knew where they were taking the buses because of the road being blocked. He got the answer for me. That was my only dealing with him.
    My son also spoke with him about 2 years ago. My son was at the county fair, and him and his friend were sitting out by the road waiting for me. He nicely asked them if everything was ok. My son said yes, just waiting for my mom to pick us up. And that was that.
    He seems like he is a harmless guy. When the news broke about him being arrested my mouth dropped. But you know what, he’s human, just like every one else. Unlike J/N he admitted his guilt, and to me he’s a good man for doing that.


  5. When her attack on Pate began, I did a little research on him and ended up watching an interview about how he rescued the boy. I found him to be not only articulate as well as a caring man. Shame on nicnaug for trying albeit unsuccessfully to humiliate a man whose soft heart saved that little boy. I have been voting democrat my entire adult life but like you I’d make an exception.


  6. Character counts. He screwed up – badly. He pled guilty, served his time, paid his fine, apologized and hopefully it won’t happen again.

    I took a look at the 2015 election statistics (by county) and there are quite a few registered Democrats in Breckinridge County. You wouldn’t be the only person at the meetings.

    Registered Republicans: 45.22% (I rounded)
    Registered Democrats: 48.57%


  7. I started off in college, majoring in law enforcement. Took a year’s worth of classes. I’ve said it before, those audios/videos involving Sheriff Pate, could be training videos. That is correct, domestic disputes are the most volatile and dangerous situations. Very risky, especially when not fully aware of what the officer is confronting. His manner, his calmness, is notable. His concern in managing from the situation elevating, and possibly putting himself in harms way. As well as the other people present during the situation.

    Sheriff Pate is a hero, in my books. Saving Clayton is what propelled him above. I am reminded of “Uncommon Valor was a common virtue”, in reference to a movie. I’ve watched the Oprah Winfrey show clip several times.

    My former mother in law, was a long time employee of Family and Children’s Services. She often brought her work home with her, emotionally and mentally, if you know what I mean. Some of tragedies she witnessed as a social worker. She also feared those highly volatile and risky encounters sometimes, in removing children. Having to get police escort to assist. Going into harms way, having to do what was appropriate for the children.

    I’ve wondered what may have transpired on that May, 2015, day. If it had been someone else besides Sheriff Pate. Someone with less experience in this type of situation. Someone that didn’t have some level of prior knowledge of Nicole Naugler. Or Joe Naugler.


  8. Registered Republicans: 45.22% (I rounded)
    Registered Democrats: 48.57%

    Well, see? I’d never have guessed that.

    Why can’t we get rid of Mitch?


  9. Joe’s own words on why the kids weren’t given back was due to his drug tests not being clean. He was the reason, Joe stated so, and he stated so on a taped interview.

    Nicole explain that.

    Nicole explain Joe and his other woman who he had sex with & enjoyed that sex and that caused the other woman to become pregnant with his FIRST SON.

    Nicole explain why a good man would yell at his kids that they were being kidnapped.

    Nicole explain why you told your two boys to not say anything in that audio you released the other day. Explain what the one meant when he said he wouldn’t talk because of what happened (you cut him off). Explain that. Explain why your free spirited children seem so under control by you & Joe. You’ve posted, documented that proof.

    Nicole try to think clearly, like Sally does, and explain yourself.


  10. I despise liars, but all of us lie to save another sometimes, and that is what Sherriff Pate did.
    Spot on and so well written as usual. Thank you , Sally.


  11. I don’t know much about Sheriff Pate. I watched the interview with him. He seemed like a great guy, passionate about doing his job and protecting people. I listened to the audio several times. I heard a very professional man who handled himself incredibly well. And I read his public apology after his unfortunate incident. He’s very humble and human. Certainly a man of character.

    We all make mistakes, it’s how we carry ourselves afterwards and what we do to correct our mistakes that matters the most. Nicole and Joe could learn a lot from Sheriff Pate.


  12. I despise liars, but all of us lie to save another sometimes

    Well, there is a huge difference between a habitual liar and lying on occasion for the greater good.

    “How do you like my new blouse” might elicit a lie. It doesn’t make the person who lies a “liar.”

    Everyone, and I mean everyone, lies from time to time.


  13. I’m from one of the neighboring counties. Most of the people I know are registered Democrats, but don’t always vote the party ticket.

    I, too, wonder why we still have Mitch. I remember him as mayor, and not being well liked then.

    Pate was just doing his job. He become her fall guy. He definitely isn’t the reason the cabinet still has an open case on them.


  14. It doesn’t seem like a smart move to openly criticize and lie about public figures right before your husband’s jury trial. Wouldn’t shutting up be smarter? I just don’t understand how her brain works.


  15. “For some reason, Nicole and Joe have chosen Todd Pate to play the starring role of Chief Villain in their play-of-several-acts, the one where Nicole “needs closure,” but keeps talking about it endlessly.”

    You seek to destroy what you don’t have but want without effort.

    Nicole wants respect but she neither gives it nor does she earn it. Nicole wants to be regarded as an honest person, despite years of lying. Well, wishing for it isn’t going to make it happen.


  16. Dear Nicole,

    I noticed something interesting today. You enjoy mentioning your thousands of followers. And indeed, Facebook has you listed as having 42,756 people following your page. That’s pretty impressive.

    And of course people’s attention wanes, many don’t pay much attention to Facebook, looking at it only a few times a year…..but you had an impressive 19 THOUSAND views of your last video rant about your CPS story.

    So, with 19,000 people letting that video run for at least a few seconds….damn…you’ve still got half your followers or so… tuning in, at least for a few seconds.

    Now here’s the part I think is amazing.

    Of those 19,000 views….Only 132 chose to like your video. While the picture of your child’s puppy was liked by almost 700 of them.

    The post you have tacked to the top of your page that chronicles your CPS battle….has less than half the likes of the puppy picture.

    What does that tell you, Nicole?

    What does it tell you that 19,000 people can view your bullshit tears and nonsensical leaps of logic….and only 132 of them are moved enough to hit the like button and offer you support? Just over half of one percent of people identify with and approve of your position. (zero point six nine percent if you want to be exact)

    In fact, a good portion of your supporters seem to be other people whose children have been taken away by CPS and others who post hatred directed at the police. You might want to be careful of keeping that particular company while posting a fuck ton of photos of your kids and publicizing where you live, and how often neither parent is home. You shouldn’t make this available to ANY strangers on the internet, really….but of course you never think that kinda shit through, do you? There are middle school students with better online safety sense than you have.

    Nicole, I have to ask…because it seems apparent that you don’t really realize this….but do you know that over 90% of the people watching… view you as an entertaining freak show akin to Honey Boo Boo?

    Not only do you continually humiliate (and endanger) your family with your million personal disclosures…’re not even collecting the paycheck. You’re selling your children’s privacy for nothing. For a few “likes” from people as damaged and lost as you are.

    I have never known of a mother with less regard for her kid’s welfare than you….which probably has a great deal to do with why CPS still has a case open.


  17. My brother struggles to ask for help when he screws up. I keep telling him everyone does! I’ve done some stupid and embarrassing and sometimes shameful things. My husband has, our parents have, everyone! What matters is what you do to correct the situation and you learn from it. Sheriff Pate seems like he has. I’ll have to show my brother this story.


  18. If she’d bitched in the immediate aftermath, EVERYONE would understand. Even with what is known about Nauglers, I’d completely understand her bitching for a few months. When he was arrested, I could understand a “ain’t karma a bitch” post or two. But now, unfortunately like all things with this family, they just don’t know when to stop.

    One of Joe and Nicole’s problems (out of a VERY long list) is they just can’t see things from anyone else’s POV. During my CPS investigation, the caseworker had concerns over things that seemed strange to fuss over. Now, I will admit we still joke about these things privately and I have mentioned them here to illustrate the differences in how CPS in my state and county handle things.

    I have no idea what my family’s caseworker had seen or had been trained to look for. For us, not having locks on the bathrooms was just a result of buying a bunch of identical door handles for cheap. To the caseworker, this might have been seen as something related to sexual abuse. To us, keeping smaller amounts of junk food on hand (only buying a few days worth at a time rather than a whole weeks worth) was a way to encourage healthier food choices, ESPECIALLY for the adults. The caseworker could have seen that as a sign of to strict food control. Since I’ve lived with migraines for over 20 years, I know that common migraine medication is also often used to treat various mental illnesses. The caseworker had no clue if she was dealing with a person telling the truth about her migraines or someone attempting to hide a mental illness.

    After my husband and I took A LOT of deep breaths and calmed down, we were able to see where the caseworker was coming from. We installed locking door handles, kept a few more Doritos on hand, and I (begrudgingly), allowed my medical records to be released. I still think it’s stupid, but I can see why the caseworker may have believed otherwise.

    A small amount of cops and CPS caseworkers are asshats who do lean towards villainy. Most of fallible humans who do their best to do their job dealing with the villains. Pate is most certainly falls in the later category. I WISH he was my sheriff.


  19. When I first read about Sheriff Pate getting arrested and his charges, I couldn’t help but think that everything that went on with the Nauglers and his involvement in the removal of the children had a huge impact on him. After all he and I’m sure many others tried to do to keep those babies safe, only to see them handed right back into the same situation.
    He seen and heard things that we didnt. He knows things we don’t know. Can you imagine how that bears on his mind, 24/7?
    I’m so glad that everything turned out well for him and that he continues to be sheriff and serve and protect his community.

    Sally, I understand if you can’t or won’t post. . . [Admin: I’m sorry, but no.]


  20. Todd Pate owned his shit, rectified it, learned something, and moved on. He didn’t spend two years demanding 45,000 people believe that what he did was the fault of anyone else. He didn’t play on the pocketbooks and sympathy of others. He has the peace and respect from people Nicole so absolutely craves-that which she cannot obtain. That’s why Nicole can’t stay off Pate’s back. Because he has something she does not. Dignity. Character. Respect from so many who know him (or just know of him), even though he is so humanly flawed.

    We all have problems, faults if you will. No one should be judged by those faults but more so how they handle them.

    Nicole should take Pate’s lead. Own her shit and move on. He didn’t skirt the law. He took responsibility for his actions; something Nicole knows nothing about.


  21. The Naugler children weren’t properly wearing seat belts when they got pulled over. We heard the children admit it on the tape Nicole had published. The fact that one of the officers later got into trouble doesn’t change that fact. All it did was help the Nauglers get off for breaking the law.

    The child wandered far from home and was returned. The Nauglers then lied about who they were and that they were camping at the homestead to the sheriff. That they lied didn’t change the facts.

    The county charged Joe with menacing. Children were with him when he did so. A visit to the homestead showed horrible conditions. The judge issued an emergency custody order. The children were removed. That the sheriff later got in trouble doesn’t change the fact that it was a lawful removal for valid reasons.

    All the rest is smoke and mirrors and a Naugler bullshit story.


  22. Yesterday I was in town to pick up a few needed things. Unlike Joe and Nicole, I really don’t like hanging out in town but it is a necessary evil. I ran into a former student who I was quite fond of. We chatted for a while and she told me about how CPS had become involved with her and her children after an honest-to-goodness accident. Her children were slightly injured. CPS placed the kids with her mother and she has supervised visits with them.
    Instead of bitching and moaning and blaming everyone, she has taken responsibility. She is working full-time, taking parenting classes and trying to find safe and suitable housing. She talks to the caseworker regularly and they are working out a plan so she can get her kids back. This is a young woman half Nicole’s age and she has her shit together much better than either Nicole or Joe. We exchanged contact info and I told her I would help where i could.
    I know the CPS worker in this case and she is a good egg. Her desire is to have kids safely with parents and she works with all who want to make that happen.
    Nicole is a fucking idiot.


  23. Character isn’t finite, it’s something that continues to be built throughout ones life. When you hear the statement, “But that’s so out of character for him/her” remember it IS in character because it’s still being built.

    But that also doesn’t mean one must walk around with a scarlet letter on their forehead for the rest of one’s life, indicating they fucked up.

    How you handle what you do after you fuck up is also becoming a part of your character. Let’s look at what Pate did vs what Nicole and Joe did. What Pate did is a positive progression of the character he continues to build. Do I really need to reflect upon the character of the Nauglers?


  24. “The Nauglers then lied about who they were and that they were camping at the homestead to the sheriff.”
    First time I’ve heard of this. Is there a video/transcript? I honestly haven’t gone too far into this shit show, just seeing their foul mouths, disrespect for cops, and their shitty parenting was enough for me.


  25. My dad is a retired police officer out of NYC. He was also trained for riots. He patrolled at the LA riots of 1992. I can not tell you the horrors. He was retired early due to being shot several times and being run over by a truck. I wrote a big long comment but deleted all but up to here. Because I just don’t want the nogs to know about my personal life like that. Something so close to my heart. I just want you to know that being a police mans daughter was hard and still is. He is a wonderful man, so positive, funny, and just a joy to be in the presence of. I’ll leave this poem for you’re reading pleasure.

    “The Final Inspection”

    The policeman stood and faced his God,
    Which must always come to pass.
    He hoped his shoes were shining.
    Just as brightly as his brass.

    “Step forward now, policeman.
    How shall I deal with you?
    Have you always turned the other cheek?
    To My church have you been true?”

    The policeman squared his shoulders and said,
    “No, Lord, I guess I ain’t,
    Because those of us who carry badges
    can’t always be a saint.

    I’ve had to work most Sundays,
    and at times my talk was rough,
    and sometimes I’ve been violent,
    Because the streets are awfully tough.

    But I never took a penny,
    That wasn’t mine to keep….
    Though I worked a lot of overtime
    When the bills got just too steep.

    And I never passed a cry for help,
    Though at times I shook with fear.
    And sometimes, God forgive me,
    I’ve wept unmanly tears.

    I know I don’t deserve a place
    Among the people here.
    They never wanted me around
    Except to calm their fear.

    If you’ve a place for me here,
    Lord, It needn’t be so grand.
    I never expected or had too much,
    But if you don’t…..I’ll understand.

    There was silence all around the throne
    Where the saints had often trod.
    As the policeman waited quietly,
    For the judgment of his God.

    “Step forward now, policeman,
    You’ve borne your burdens well.
    Come walk a beat on Heaven’s streets,
    You’ve done your time in hell.”

    Author Unknown


  26. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Highly respect Todd Pate. And yes, he is human. Who isn’t human and who is free from mistakes? But I knew from the moment I heard of his troubles that he would do the right thing in owning it and make a public announcement to the people of Breckinridge County. And he did just that. As for the N’s- they don’t own up to anything nor take responsibility. They just lay blame everywhere and at every one. Very great blog post. I have kinda lost track with all the new “breaking developments” in the ongoing N saga. With the current dufus we have as “leader” of this country and lacking administration- I’ve been more focused on that. But as always, I just hope the kids are ok, that new baby will come into this world healthy and that’s about all I’m concerned with regarding the N’s.


  27. Thank you, Sally. And I laughed pretty good at that transcript also. “Oh, he’s probably speeding” Seriously why do they say shit like that?! Nicole-You sound like a total idiot when you say shit like that. I also remember “I bet they weren’t wearing seat belts” or something similar. Just stop. Imbecile. Stop.
    And lastly-I don’t know what officer or vehicle or what they are referring too, I assumed another police officer? I would hope they speed when one fears the safety of children. But you know what, if you are so concerned about them speeding by all means let them know next time you call that they need to remain within the speed limit.


  28. He was arrested, went to a hearing, pled guilty immediately on the spot, and right after that hearing went straight into rehab.

    For several weeks, while he was gone, someone else filled his shoes.

    When he came back, he issued a public statement apologizing for his behavior.

    This is a real man right here. He fucked up, owned up to it immediately, accepted responsibility, for professional help, apologized openly, and hasn’t had a repeat.

    Todd Pate is a Democrat.

    That’s the icing on the cake. 😀


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