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This is from way last January.  Nicole was peeved with Facebook. They seemed to take down her nasty posts, but refused to take down anyone else’s when she complained about it.

It’s not fair, she said.

Today she’s back at it again. Facebook is not fair.


The article she is linking to is here.

Here’s my summary of what it says:

So-called “like” pages, unlike personal pages, do not automatically get placed on the feeds of the people who “like” those pages. That is censorship, and very wrong and bad. To get those posts shared to every single person who has “liked” the page, one has to pay money. That is also very wrong and bad. And to make matters worse, we posted something political and it was removed by Facebook because Facebook hates third parties.

That is not an exact quote, of course, but it’s the gist of what the little rant is about.

The part about Facebook “pages” having to pay to get their posts seen is accurate.  Sort of.

Here’s the deal.  If you click “like” on a page, you will see little of it in your feed unless you interact with the page. You have to go visit that page, or “like” a post, or even better, comment on a post.  If you do that, Facebook says to itself, “Hey, Sally likes that content, so we’ll show her more of it.”

Nicole is very aware of this, and it’s the reason that she posts stuff on BLH intended to encourage comments.


Like this. Nicole does not give a flying fuck what anyone else is doing about the weather.  She doesn’t even typically enter into the ensuing conversation.  She probably doesn’t even read it.  She’s trying to entice people who see this post on their wall to comment, to interact with her page. If they comment, then they will get more of her posts scrolling  by.  These “What about you?” posts are clickbait.

In addition, there’s another way.

skeptical ob

This is a page that I “like.”  (I told you all that Dr. Amy is my hero.)  In order to make sure that I see everything she posts to her page, I simply checked the “See First” option shown above.  The default is “default.”

It’s entirely within my ability to customize my own Facebook page so that I see the stuff I want to see.  There are several pages where I have done that.

There are other pages that I have “liked” but really don’t care if I ever see anything from them again. Everyone has these. They are the pages you “liked” because your cousin has a friend who is a plumber and she asked you to “like” his page, so you did.  Or you got interested in a story or situation and “liked” a page about it, but after three months, you lost interest.

If I got everything posted from every page I have “liked,” along with all the stuff my Facebook friends post, my feed would scroll faster than I could read it.

Facebook knows this, so they have attempted to create the best solution they can so that my Facebook experience is positive and I keep hanging out there.

They also allow people with “like” pages to purchase exposure.  Nicole has availed herself of this opportunity from time to time.


Remember, Facebook is free. How is that possible?  How does Facebook remain free and Mark Zuckerberg become a bazillionaire?

zuckerbergnetworthIf you’re curious about that, here’s a very good graphic that shows the whole process. Basically, Mark Zuckerberg has gotten rich by providing a super-duper advertising environment on steroids. And we all “watch” the ads willingly.  Facebook is not a benevolent public service, like a city park. Facebook is a business.

It’s called “free enterprise.”  Yes, the whole “free market” stuff that Nicole loves, loves, loves.


There’s an example. [Note: the economy had improved dramatically when Nicole wrote this, and the job market had started recovering nicely, but that’s beside the point.]

She’s all about the free market and deregulation.  No rules, by god. Do whatever the hell you like.


She goes even further, though. In her view, she can refuse service to anyone she likes for any reason at all, and they can’t say a single word. [I’d give almost anything to see somebody test out that little hypothesis. She’s wrong, and the courts have made it clear in recent years that she is entirely wrong.]

But no matter.

I say who, I say when, I say how much. It’s my business.

That applies to any business.

Well, Nicole, you colossal idiot, Facebook is a business. They say who, they say when, they say how much, according to you.

But by all means, do get mad at them.  Get irate.  Get so angry and put out by their “discrimination” that you leave.



I bet the grocery stores love Nicole and her hoard of children coming in and taping shit to the dog food bags.



49 thoughts on “Censorship”

  1. I have seen Nikki complain to followers when they mention all they see is drama. The followers tell her thry want to see more of everyday life and not complaining, whining, about “haters” on their feeds, to which Nikki complains how those post simply do not get replies, FB doesn’t show those, followers should scroll and like those — Nikki went as far to actually chastised the followers for not commenting and liking more of the postings they claimed they wanted to see.

    I also know she ran an FB ad recently for BLH page. The ad was to promote a recent blog post.

    I suspect the issue the ad wasn’t as successful as she would have liked, annoyed that the only post get any traction are the ones that spark fire and revolve around this blog and the other “trolls” as she calls them.

    I know it has to be annoying to see your like numbers so high but the numbers there interacting to be so low. So your “real” audience number be real low. I know it has to be annoying to see this blog get double digit comments on nearly every post. I know it has to be annoying to see the other pages on facebook have only a couple hundreds of like and their real audience level be nearly identical. So you know the traffic is higher — after all its been pointed out again and again that when searching on facebook or Google the other pages at times out rank Nikki’s or show up right there with hers.

    As a page owner, myself, I get the fustrations. I personally remind myself I rather have a handful of followers that interact with me vs thousands and no interaction. I regularly clean house. I remove people. NOT banned, you can remove people from liking your page without banning them. If they want to interact and be a follower, like my page, they will find me again. I rather have my numbers be low and have true interaction vs. inflated likes. That’s what happens when you get inflated likes because of drama and as the drama starts to go away no interactions. Or only interactions because drama as posted. That’s why they were there. They joined because of drama and only going to interact when there is drama.

    I’m sure on some level she might like it, but on another I’m sure it’s draining. It’s draining and frustrating that the only post that get traction are ones about bullies, I’m going to put the dog down, trolls, and Sally’s blog. I’m sure she’s looking at the stats and are frustrated. I’m sure running the ad recently didn’t help….

    On the flipside, I also understand the point of the article Nikki linked too. FB algorithms use to be different for like pages. I know because I ran pages before the algorithms changed. I like other small pages saw a huge drop in numbers, likes, comments, when the new algorithms went into play. Smaller business got annoyed because they have little to no advertising budget and now all of the sudden have to drop money into FB adds when that wasn’t necessary. Small businesses were no longer getting the same traction as the larger companies that can easily afford FB ads. That’s where the whole “pay FB to play” or “pay to get seen” vibe came about.


  2. She won’t leave FB because it is free and valuable advertisement for her business. She stated as much to the person who commented that she she remove the reviews from her biz page when all hell broke loose over there. Something to the effect that much of her business comes from her FB presence and likewise her reviews. So in essence, when she is scornful of FB and its policies, she is biting the hand that feeds her and her brood. Typical Nicole. Uses Fb for what it’s worth and moans and groans about it the entire time.

    I do find it interesting that at some time the end of 2012 or early 2013 she wrote in her blog that she was steering clear of FB more and more because there was just too much drama involved there. She preferred to educate others through her blog and would get back to do that more in the future.

    Well, here we are, in the future, and she is still wrestling and trying to shape FB to her own needs.

    How’s that working out for you Nicole?


  3. My point, as you no doubt realize, was not to criticize or defend Facebook’s business model. It was to point out Nicole’s sheer blatant hypocrisy. She loves rules when she gets to make them and use them. She does not like them when she didn’t make them and doesn’t think she benefits from them.


  4. I also know she ran an FB ad recently for BLH page. The ad was to promote a recent blog post.

    And that’s sort of interesting. Why would you pay money to promote a blog where you just gripe about your “trolls,” and post photos of your children and boast that you’re a “homesteader”? What could possibly be the reason for paying money to advertise it to the general public?

    How could that benefit Nicole in any way?



  5. I dont think Amazon is going to be happy about being affiliated with Blessed Little Homestead. did anyone else see she updated her “about” section on her facebook page announcing the are part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. l would want nothing to do with those charlatans.


  6. My page has around 200 likes but averages 2,000 distinct viewers per week, with 4,000 views per week. If people want to read your page, they will. I don’t really pay attention to this, but FB sends me a weekly “how your page is doing” email. Normally I don’t look at them, but I opened a few after reading this post.

    When Nicole goes bat shit crazy those numbers double and triple and more.


  7. I wonder if she’s ever going to understand that people would probably click on her pages a lot more, and even drop money into her hat, if she posted about actually doing things. Not making her kids do things as best they can with minimal money and guidance. Not announcing big plans to do things. Her or her husband actually making something or producing something. Imagine the saga of the Naugler family, plucky down-and-outers fighting their way up from a financial pit while making things to make their own lives better using junk and how-tos they found online. That may be what she thinks they’re doing, but they’re not. If they were, they might have a book deal by now.

    Speaking of junk, I just did a search on reusing food storage buckets. Here are just a few of the ideas I found on one page:

    *Pad the lids, make stools/ottomans that double as storage. (Great for tiny houses!)
    *By doing some cutting with heavy snips, you can make a chair for teeny tiny kids with a padded seat and back.
    *Get an old wooden ladder, knock out some slats, cut half of the lids off some buckets, fill them with dirt, and stick them sideways in the ladder: a container garden.
    *Cut away half the lid, fill with straw, turn on their sides and put into the henhouse for nest boxes.
    *Hang one from a heavy duty bracket and put some holes in the bottom for an upside-down tomato planter.
    *Using some extra junk, you can make a whole set of tiny manual washing machines.

    That was just what I could grab before Pinterest put up the no-no screen. Come on, Mrs. Naugler!

    Oh, and you could also use them for in-the-ground food storage of your crop of potatoes and so forth, if you had gotten a crop of potatoes and so forth, if you had had the biggest person on the place out there getting food from the ground for his family instead of…whatever he does.


  8. In the spirit of #childledlearning and #freerangeparenting I feel compelled to point out that Morning Glory is considered a significant threat inavsive species in Kentucky and growing one quickly and well is not a sign of good farming skills. It’s a sign of reckless ignorance on the part of responsible parties.


  9. My page has around 200 likes

    Your “likes” remain low because people are afraid to like that page. If they do, Nicole will bash them.


  10. Yes, bragging about your huge morning glory plant is sort of like bragging about how you planted some kudzu and now it’s covering your barn. 🙂


  11. BLTATM,

    Sally is correct. I check out your page almost as much as Sally’s Blog. I don’t dare like it because of fear of repercussions.


  12. “My page has around 200 likes
    Your “likes” remain low because people are afraid to like that page. If they do, Nicole will bash them.”

    BLTATM, that is my story.
    I have liked your page, but I do not dare like individual posts, I’m chicken shit that way.
    I don’t have the energy to deal with what you have most undeservedly have been put through.

    I pick my battles, (not that you don’t, who knew how bat shit crazy they were when they first appeared on our radar?), and I choose not to let them near my real life.

    I very much love your articles that you link, we are politically and morally aligned.
    So even though I don’t show it out there, know that you are very appreciated.

    Sally, as always, so are you.


  13. “Your “likes” remain low because people are afraid to like that page. If they do, Nicole will bash them.”

    I imagine so. Because people don’t like the creeper stalking and getting all in their personal business, for simply liking or commenting on a page. I don’t need the page posts to pop up in my newsfeed to keep following. I can auto check the page(s) a couple times a day, yes I am that interested.

    For the very reason I don’t “like” pages, but I view them often. I think Nicole may be quite amazed at the number of people watching this sordid tale, and in various places on the internet.

    Likewise, I haven’t ever liked BLH or any of her various, numerous other pages. I suspect she creeper stalks those folks too.


  14. Yea… If she really wants to do a #unschooling lesson, tell me how the fuck to get rid of them. I bought a pack and accidentally spilled them all in one spot, I didn’t think anything of it until I had my own version of little shop of horrors in the front yard. #howtogrowevasivespeciesandbeproud


  15. I suspect she creeper stalks those folks too.

    There is no question that she visits my FB page frequently. 🙂 I give zero f. . . well, you know.


  16. I will cop to being too frightened to like any of the anti-Naugler pages. I truly believe that the Devil’s Lettuce is the only thing keeping them from being the next Ruby Ridge. This combination of violence/aggression and stupidity can be deadly, and I don’t want to see that.


  17. I can see where Nicole is coming from. One of my ages has over 10k likes, but when Facebook changed things, I went from a few hundred comments a week (a couple posts a week, not always the sort of thing needing a reply down to maybe 20-30. A lot of people still don’t know about the “see first.” “See first” was something else a few months ago. Facebook changes things so often that it’s very difficult to keep up with all the changes. They didn’t advertise their secret message box. It’s not just you inbox and “other.” There’s another one.

    Facebook was built partly thanks to small businesses starting pages, which encouraged other people to sign up so they could get updates. I’ve been on Facebook, on my primary account, since summer 2006, and remember that. A lot of small businesses, myself among them, really worked to promote our pages on Facebook and openly encouraged people to join to get our updates that were faster than updating webpages. When Facebook decided to charge us to make our posts show to our followers, it was a slap in the face and a big “fuck you” to the people who helped make the site what it is, and the salt on the wound is they still haven’t promoted how you can see more posts by clicking “show first,” which was “show in feed” until recently. I still can’t get all of my husband’s page’s posts in my feed.

    There’s really no hypocrisy in Nicole paying for ads sometimes. I don’t like it and am very against Facebook doing this when it has ads out the ass already, was built partly by small businesses, and is now so large that not having a Facebook page for a business can kill your business, yet I sometimes pay for adds because I lose business. The thanks I get from Facebook for my work over the years is to have to pull money out of my household budget to make sure people who like and comment on my page see my posts, even though there are dozens of other ads showing at any time.

    But that part about free market? That’s like her anti-police ranting while making frequent use of the police.


  18. There is no way in hell a feather from a chicken made it that far into the chicken nugget process..the goddamn thing is battered,that’s all ground and mashed up pieces of mostly by-product,she picked that nasty ass feather off the ground and stuck it there cause she thought it was clever.


  19. I do not like any of the “troll” pages. BLH and Nicole’s various pages are blocked, along with all her children and tubby has been blocked for awhile. I don’t need to be contacted by her and she has so many personalities that I worry about liking any of the pages. I just don’t have time to deal with her or her friends.

    Honestly who the hell has time for all of that? Another damn blog? So many sock accounts? I mean seriously I have less children than her and I don’t work outside of the home but I barely have time to read all this soap opera drama more than a couple times a day. I can’t keep up with my own Facebook page, rarely make posts. Life is busy. There is no way she is doing any parenting at all.

    As far as morning glories, growing them is not a sign or good soil or being a good gardener. I am constantly trying to get rid of them. They took over our trampoline this summer. Sure they are pretty but they are pests. I am sure though they would make a great ground cover to cover up some trash.


  20. When Facebook decided to charge us to make our posts show to our followers, it was a slap in the face and a big “fuck you” to the people who helped make the site what it is

    You have the right to quit using their totally free service any time you like. This is tantamount to complaining because Kroger raised the price of milk, when you shop there every single week.


  21. There’s really no hypocrisy in Nicole paying for ads sometimes.

    I didn’t say she was a hypocrite for buying an ad, although spending money to promote her blog is a bit of a mystery. I can see her spending money to promote her business, but not the blog. The hypocrisy is in yelling about the free market and how she can do anything she likes in her business, but then complaining about Zuckerberg’s business.

    Don’t like his business? Don’t patronize it.


  22. the chicken nugget process..

    It’s not a “chicken nugget” like at Mickey D’s. It’s a breaded piece of chicken from Walmart, and that’s real chicken, so it probably is a feather. We butcher chickens and sometimes I find a stray feather when I thaw out pieces. It’s just one we missed. It’s not hurtful in any way.


  23. Morning Glory, is not only invasive but poisonous if ingested. Not only to humans, but also Dogs, cats and horses. I commend the boy for giving some gardening a go. But like everything with the Naugler’s, it all seems like a good idea at the time without much research. Just like free range animals, great in theory but very poor in practice. Despite the hard lessons learned on that score, they still continue to do it. I would have loved to post the information on her post but like everyone else, I don’t want to be a target for her bullies. Can’t disagree with the Blessed Mrs. And any criticism would have been taken as picking on the kiddo.


  24. I cannot see the BLTAM or the other “Flew Over…” one on facebook. It’s as if I’m blocked or something but I’m sure I’m not as I have never posted on them (cause I can’t even see them!)


  25. I just cannot even stand the ridiculousness. “Here we are with our ‘child led learning’ and now look! One kid got a horse! yay! And the other has grown a giant invasive plant that is nearly impossible to get rid of and is deadly to horses!”
    This is exactly the reason that children need actual adults guiding them for heaven’s sake.


  26. The reading comprehension level of the followers exemplified in one exchange:

    follower–Great job Bob!!
    NN–It was Sam
    follower–Oh sorry!! My bad!!! Great job Bob!!


  27. My fave was the guy who asked if they got the kids back yet. 🙂 These people follow her closely.


  28. That’s interesting that she updated the about section. I didn’t notice that. Although, I know from amazon affiliate rules that’s not enough. Having it “buried” in the about section isn’t going to cut it.

    People that use Amazon affiliate program correctly label the links themselves as affiliates in the post itself. Most just right before they share the link type (affiliate link) or (afflink). This is so it’s clear without a doubt that the link that follows is an affilate link.

    Being apart of Amazon affiliate program means that when she links to things on Amazon and people click on that link and buy *anything* on Amazon while there from the visit from that link she will get a small commission.


  29. Dearest Nauglers,

    Attention: This is a great example of an unschooling lesson for Nicole.

    May she “learn through everyday experience” that unregulated capitalism is not fair! And that her holier-than-thou-capitalism will never work in favor of the poor – ever!

    Has her little taste of capitalism has gone sour, so soon? Where’s that anarcho-capitalist enthusiasm?! Free market, no regulations – it is all for grabs and suddenly, now it’s not fair for for those with empty pockets?

    But just push aside this inconvenient information, and pretend that ultra-capitalism is the ultimate plan… Because this is just a taste of Zuck’s new beast; it’s called

    After all, if “unmonitored trade is the natural right of all human beings”, that means that Zuckerberg can do anything he wants with his money, including trampling all over you!

    Idiots these days.


  30. Megan,

    You’re not blocked, plus blocking of a public page only stops one from commenting not from seeing.

    The only restriction on seeing the page is an age restriction. Minors are blocked as I feel the content is often adult in nature.


  31. Her new blog is written in the third person.

    She’s referring to herself by name.

    One of her other multiple personalities must have been the one to actually write it.

    Sybil, is that you?


  32. well i guess we know why her Facebook pages have been so quite… we have ANOTHER one people. My Blessed Little Homestead. All those juicy explanations in a one stop shop.


  33. At first I was scared to like anything involving the Naugler shit show because a few likes got me banned from the page and I was afraid Mr. and Mrs. Psycho might take it farther. Now I just don’t care. My page has always been locked down and they are nothing more than wimpy bullies hiding behind their phone screens. They use this fear of retaliation to silence the many people who worry about those kids and I just can’t allow that to affect me anymore. I admire the many page owners (especially you Sally) for not giving a damn what the unblessed Mr. and Mrs. might try to do.


  34. El Macho,
    …Only it is overwhelmingly obvious that something is “off” at Nicole’s new blog, given the horribly, horribly incomprehensible sentence structures and grammatical errors aplenty. It reeks of disorganization, as well as red-flag contradictions, regarding the content.

    There is far too much “explaining” going on, as if she really does feel (within her conscious) like she needs to desperately explain something, along the lines of “my dog ate my homework – seriously – you have to believe me!” Freudian slips thrive between every one of her lines. It is a pathetic, foolhardy attempt, written in a social-media-fiendish frenzy.

    Essentially, she looks mad. What an afflicted woman. She will argue herself to death.


  35. Maybe this new blog means she is “being interrogated”?! We better send for help because she “dosent owe [us] any explanations”, yet her blog is now FULL OF EXPLANATIONS.


  36. Well Sally, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Charles Caleb Colton). Speaking in reference to the newest among many social media sites of Nicole’s creation, an imitation of Blessed Little Blog. Imitated, but never replicated.

    I imagine the first nickel dime, is her always “wanna talk about me. me. me. me.” I can’t think of really a single blog that I follow, where the creator’s central focal is about themselves. I mean, how does that manifest interesting discussions and comments? The comments discussion would be rather bland, black and white. Either say “that’s great” or “that’s terrible” or “keep doing what you’re doing”. No opportunity for engaging dialogue.

    It never ceases to amaze me how she has all this personal “me” time for an obsessive social media hobby, or whatever one can call it. I’ve heard pet groomers place a dollar sense on items, say for instance a pair of shoes they want to buy, in how many grooms it would cost. Wonder how much this another blog is costing time wise, in grooms? But really time wasted away from kids that grow up so fast, time one can never get back.


  37. OMG she has added to her new blog. There is now a list of “key players” and their involvement harassing her and her family. This shit is priceless. Just when I think it can’t get any more ridiculous it just does!


  38. Sally “has never met Nicole, and only met Joe when she drove past his home. Sally failed to introduce herself.”

    Sally was under no obligation to introduce herself. It was neither required nor expected as she was on her way to visit friends. Her group did not ask for Joe to stop them from driving past the Naugler home (Note: If they drove past the Naugler home, they would not have met Joe).


  39. I wonder what the kids earn per bow? Ten cents? Twenty five? Or are they paid a flat daily rate? They earn a dollar to wash a dog. Their #unschooling lesson is that their time has little value. They are trading an education to work for pennies.


  40. Checked out the new blog. Holy hell!! Something is up with her. It’s nearly incomprehensible dribble. Although the descriptions of her trolls was pretty entertaining.

    She truly is a hoot. I would recommend a basic grammar lesson book before she adds to it again. It’s embarrassingly juvenile. Perhaps one of the kids is writing it. Writing in third person is a lovely touch.


  41. Locals have to be careful of what they say because of retaliation. Evidently one of her friends admins a facebook yard sale page and uses it to their advantage. She takes her admin authority a little too far. I won’t mention names but I know Sally knows who I am talking about. I just don’t have time, patience or ability to deal with them if I “cross” one of them. I just sit back and watch and hope those kids stay safe and healthy.


  42. ElMacho thinks Nicole is very funny. When ElMacho first saw the new blog she got a glass of wine and enjoyed it very much. ElMacho is very much looking forward to the next post. ElMacho has a list to post also that is coming soon.


  43. Back to the morning glory: I do not live in morning glory country; our local pretty herpes-level invasive is orange hawkweed. However, somebody told me that the way to kill morning glory is to feed it lots of nice enriched soil, because it is preadapted to survival in poor soil. Is this true?!


  44. I’ve always thought there were two kinds of people in this world: those who plant morning glories and those who rip them out.


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