I got a little present today.

Isn’t it cute?

I think I might frame it and put it in my office.

But there are a few problems.

First, this letter was written on December 8. It wasn’t mailed until December 19. That’s sort of weird, don’t you think?

Second, it’s not a lawyer letter.  It’s sort of a nothing letter. I don’t really know who it’s from.

Third, and most important to me, one of the signatures is clearly a forgery.


This is Joe Naugler’s signature. I know it’s actually his signature because it came right off a publicly available court document.


And here’s Nicole’s signature (the known one above, the one from the little letter below).  That looks pretty similar.  But still, how can I be sure?

Here’s the envelope.


I’m not sure, but it’s possible that the same person who forged Joe’s signature also wrote my address on the front.  Somebody else wrote the return address, somebody with really poor handwriting.

Here is the tracking information.


So it was mailed in Radcliff, KY two days ago, but anyone could have done that.

And here’s one site where the person who made this letter could have gotten the template and then did a nice cut-and-paste. This same letter is all over the internet.  There are dozens of sources all using the same template.  Internet lawyers are fools, you know.

Now then, is this real?  Is this from Nicole and Joe Naugler? Clearly, it isn’t from Joe.  He didn’t sign it.  Wouldn’t a real letter like this be notarized?

Could this be from one of the evil trolls, trying to make Nicole look like an idiot?  After all, an individual cannot simply write a “cease-and-desist order.”  Those come from judges, from the court.  That’s why they are called “orders.”

A cease-and-desist letter from a lawyer is just that—a letter.  It carries no weight at all. If you get one, you are free to toss it in the wood stove, or keep it and frame it, or heed it.

And a cease-and-desist letter from an individual with a forged signature is less than worthless.

And would Nicole and Joe do a copy-and-paste job and still make numerous spelling and grammatical errors?  Why does the person keep saying “I demand this” and “I demand that” when there are supposedly two people involved?  Shouldn’t it read “we demand this and that”?

Why would Nicole demand that I stop making videos of her business and shit when I have never done that, ever? Or photos? And exactly how does one make “audio” of a home? I know Nicole and Joe are experts at recording everything, but I’m not. Can you do it on your phone?  I assume so, but I don’t know how to do that. For the record, I’ll be happy to “refrain from taking any audio or video. . .” since I have never done so.  As for posting stuff that I receive, well, that’s my business, not theirs.

And gee, if they can demand that I not make audio of “their home,” can’t I demand that they not post audio of me on a public road?  How about video posted of the neighbor, or of the sheriff?  Who died and made them special?

And why would Nicole say that I have been inciting violence? What in the hell is that about?  I’m the one who got messages about being punched in the face, not the other way around.


Would they cite Kentucky statutes that quite obviously have no bearing whatever on this blog or me or anything that happens here?

If Nicole’s signature is genuine, why is Joe’s forged?  Did Nicole concoct this bullshit without his knowledge?  Is his hand broken?  Has he developed Parkinson’s and can’t write?

And finally, why would Nicole and Joe be doing this law thing when they don’t even believe in government at all?  Could they be hypocrites?

If Joe and Nicole actually want to send me something, they need to try again and have it notarized this time.  Or they could meet me for lunch. I’ve already offered twice and been ignored.

I have no idea who sent this. I don’t really care.  But I will send that person a message:



174 thoughts on “Cease”

  1. I’m sorry for laughing!
    She’s mentally ill. I hate to wish medication for her, but it’s an excellent place to start.


  2. Quite possibly some of the funniest shit to emerge from this debacle.

    The whole damned thing.

    Typos, misspellings, demands . . . thinly veiled threats and attempts to intimidate you into silence.


    Joe and Nicole, better call Saul. What with all “them thar lawsuitamajiggers yer about to be servin up” and what not.

    Funny shit.

    Is an “allagation” something Islamic? Like Alla-hu-Naugbar?


  3. HahahahahahaHaha I friggin love this…and I love your reply even more. IF NN sent it, then she’s a bigger idiot than I originally thought. IF she didn’t send it, then she’ll have another reason to be flattered. Return address looks like something she’d have one of her kids write, to be honest. The grammatical and punctuation errors, looks like something she’d do, cause let’s face it, she spells like she’s been “unschooled” before. This is just comical. I can’t even stop laughing at this level of ignorance. Way to go, Nicole, you’ve officially exceeded your level of dumbassery.. and if somebody else sent it, well, Nicole, you’re still a dumbass.


  4. They sent an harassment letter to you via certified mail?
    Pure genius.
    That is against the law to harass someone through USPS.


  5. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t stop laughing. #unschooled google goofball lawyers or are they google judges since they issued an Order, forged signature and all.

    They need to cease and desist before I pee my pants laughing. #winning

    Dumbasses, IMO.


  6. I’m not a handwriting expert, however, Joe from his signature on court documents has a very specific and neat style of writing. Whoever signed your letter and wrote the return address has very juvenile handwriting. Nicole’s signature is different on both also, hers however, would be much easier to forge than Joe’s swishy signature. They could have both signed it who knows, and frankly who cares. How could they honestly believe that you would fall for this, that you would take heed of anything written in said letter? You know your rights. For a couple who are all about ‘muh rights’ they sure don’t like anyone else having them or opinions. Ha!
    My other theory is that it was deliberately sent that way so they can claim you sent it to yourself. I would not put it past her….Countdown until a Facebook post begins. The predictability is ridiculous.


  7. OK, that was frickin’ hilarious, forgery or not. Maybe instead of mud for Christmas, she’s giving us the gift of laughter? Thanks Nicole!! You’re the gift that keeps on giving.


  8. Aww. Isn’t that cute. If you look at “Love Letters” you’ll see that Legal Expert sent you a letter (apparently “Bang Bang” got the writer’s attention) about how 2016 was going to be financially rough for SOMEONE (due to legal action) a year ago today. You were told you had 72 hours to comply, or else.

    I bet this blog has really cut into the donation stream. So yes, it was a rough year for SOMEONE.

    “Thy sin’s not accidental, but a trade.”

    In addition, this is a very poorly written letter. The grammar needs serious work.


  9. This letter definitely looks like the latest unschool project at Naugler Academy. I guess this was a long-term assignment, judging by the date it was handed in.
    My answer to the question, “Is this real?” is:
    It’s absolute fiction, and thus it totally fits the rest of their unschool curriculum. : )


  10. I got something like this once. Good kid, good mom, tough time. Kid was staying with us while things smoothed out at home. Got a letter demanding I release said 16 year old to her mother or her father. Called divorced with new family dad and said by all means come by after school and take her home. In the morning drop her back before work to catch the bus but, we both know Mom needs her meds adjusted and until that works out, that’s not a good place. Dad said, sounds like you’ve got it covered and I never heard another word from that jerk.
    People can write all the letters they want but if they’re not really being harassed or their 16 year old has left by choice, the letters are nothing but paper.
    Ps. Mom got her head on straight, kid went home, they all lived happily ever after. The end.


  11. Thank you Sally. I’m giving the middle finger salute as well, in the comfort of my home, cause, ya know, I am a keyboard warrior, a stalker and a harasser.

    Nauglers —- Here is my “cease and desist”. I demand that you stop posting a bunch of half-truths and bald-faced lies, cease your harassment of your female neighbor, her parents as well as terminate the harassment of strangers (via “Charles Smythe”, Jack Ball, and your long list of fake pages). You have outright and via faux identities harassed Sally, Lisa, Al, Bethannie, Courtney, Cheri, Teresa, me and many others.

    START “homesteading” and building that cabin you were going to start two years ago, then last year. Stop tossing your shit, diapers and sundry on the ground and calling it “composting”, allowing your goats to run amok and your horse to gallop on other people’s properties. Quit tethering your dog in the freezing weather with no shelter or dog run, and photographing it so it causes a ruckus among dog lovers. Stop threatening to kill your own dog if you can’t find a home for him. Knock off pimping out your children (usually wearing filthy clothes and looking bug-bitten) for sympathy and donations. CEASE making your army of minor Nauglites into dog-groomer slaves, stop isolating them from peers, and instead provide them with an education and medical and dental care. And then I for one will quit my criticisms.

    Until then, stick it where the sun don’t shine. Merry Muddy Christmas.


  12. This made my whole day. What the hell is she thinking? Why would she do something this stupid? Is this her attempt to prove that she tried everything before filing a lawsuit?
    But really, this is funny, and definitely her.


  13. The signatures are too funny. Joes was most like written by a female. This letter is too damn funny.
    The sent it certified? That’s some funny shit.


  14. Thank you, Sally. I just got home from shopping, which I pretty much despise, but reading this perked me up! Maybe I’ll go shopping again after dinner, this has given me some more energy!
    Nicole/Joe/oldest child daddy to be, don’t you have mud to get ready for the holidays? Lots of mud here today, I could send you some, certified mail. ( you PAID to send that funnyshit letter? You are certifiably stoopid).


  15. what a joke!..I am almost embarrassed for Nicole if she actually did send that AND thinks its will scare or intimidate Sally..and I laughed out loud at Alla-hu-Naugbar..that’s some funny shit…HAHAHAA…lordy lordy..what a mess those two have made of there lives.


  16. Oh my! Seriously… has she lost her mind? Oh… I guess you have to have one to start with. I love your response Sally.


  17. This. Is. Priceless.

    I’m sure the FBI will be impressed when Take-A-Plea and Rules-For-Thee-But-Not-For-Me have their sit down. Funny shit, indeed.


  18. bahahahahaha Oh Scotty, beam me up after I grab a pair of clean panties because I may or may not have leaked pee in the ones I am wearing. My first impression is that not even Naugs are this misguided. But, there has been some shit strewn from their stead (literally & figuratively), so…maybe…just maybe. The misspellings, poor sentence structure and penchant for rogue attempts to cite legalese are Naug worthy but still, idk.
    Since this is an epic crash and burn, they will surely not claim it.
    Until next time,


  19. Holy shit this is the funniest shit I have ever read. I might have all of my friends collectively send her the same letter regarding her bullshit. Most of them have been on the receiving end of her crap for a good long time. Good for the goose and gander and stuff. She is clearly unhinged. Maybe her hefty bag of coleslaw husband should be informed of this.


  20. Laws are bad and government is evil……until the B.O. need them. So many laughs. My legal education consists of marathon sessions of Judge Judy, and even I can tell this letter carries no weight. Wow.


  21. Also, I mean, I’m not a lawyer, but request to cease and desist and a request to issue a retraction and an injunction are three different things, right?

    If a judge orders a publication to cease and desist, the publication has to do just that– stop publishing whatever offending thing they’re publishing about the party that sought the order. Adding the part on about “to show compliance, you will publicly announce that you’re ceasing and desisting” makes it sound like it was written by a Nigerian Prince.

    She is really winding herself up as Christmas gets closer. I’m worried. It’s gonna be a sad, angry day at the homeshed.


  22. Wow.
    She seems like a jack-in-the-box on it’s last few notes before it goes……. *Boooiiinnnggg!*



  23. LMAO she has lots it for sure. I have seen better jail house lawyers than what she is trying to do. Many of them did not even a very good education.

    Nikker Doodle you failed big time on this. You are trying to throw your weight around and demand stuff and you do not have a clue as to what you are doing. Maybe you need to have a unschooling lesson on how to read the laws and understand how to use them to fit your case.

    With her forging Jojo’s signature it shows us who wears the pants in the family, Nikker Doodle does. Geesh Jojo how does it feel to be hen pecked? Jojo you need to get control of your woman before she gets your ass in trouble and you end up in jail. After all you are out on conditions and it will not take much to get your ass put back there.

    Nikkers give up trying to practice law it is so unbecoming to you. Makes you look dumber than ever. How in the hell are you going to get some one in trouble for shit you started? More important how in the hell are you going to prove damages? You can’t cause you are the cause of your damages. You don’t want your dirty ass laundry discussed then stop making it public.

    Last of all do those kids a favor and get them enrolled in school so they can get a decent education. The writing shows you are doing a piss poor job at that too. Why did you not stop to think about having them practice writing it on a piece of paper before writing it on the envelope you were sending out? That is just proving that you are failing your kids.

    I guess she needs something to make her feel important since she has not gotten knock up again. Baby making was her thing but looks like that is a thing of the past so she has to move on to something else and that would be shitstead lawyering.


  24. No idea who wrote it, but I wonder if the fiance might have neater handwriting than her baby daddy. Things that make you go hmmmm.


  25. OMG Hahahahahaha I wish you would have saved telling until after she spouted off on her pages about sending out her own little envelopes, so we’d all know for sure it was her. I think the first signature does resemble hers but like you said, who knows. Your reply…priceless as always, and right on mark.


  26. Bwahahahaha
    Looks like a collaborative effort to me…
    I see the same hand writing with Joes signature and Sally’s address.
    Nicole’s signature looks legit, although she may have been in a snit when writing her last name…
    And then, I’d bet a dollar that a second person, perhaps an unschooled person, took the letter to the post office and was told a certified letter needed a return address…
    Notice the scary ? letter has “Blvd” and the return address on the envelope has “Hwy”.
    Surely Nicole would not send a child on such a devilish errand.


  27. thought I hit the “post” button, so if it comes across twice my apologies…that letter was laughable and embarrassing…what a joke!..are you kidding?…I laughed out loud while I read it ffs….AL…Alla-hu-Naugbar!!!, HAHAHAAAHA,,,


  28. Is it possible the oldest and his lady love came up with this? The writing could be hers and the addressing his. She went to a real school though. I would hope she could compose something a little more put together than this.


  29. LMAO this seems to be an attempt to intimidate you Sally! Too bad, so sad for them that you are a tough cookie. Absolutely ridiculous!


  30. This is hysterical. It’s like they read some of the craziness that went on in the old blog. Instead of men with shiny badges coming to visit they took a quick course at “Homestead School of Law” and concocted a piss poor fake document.


  31. Sally just use the same reaction to this that her and Jojo use to the orders of protection.

    They ignore a real judgement but she expects you to follow a delusional one! LMAO

    She needs to learn how to use spell check on the tablet.


  32. This is hysterical. It’s like they read some of the craziness that went on in the old blog.

    Yeah, this isn’t exactly my first rodeo, is it? LOL



    What a monkey puppet.

    Apparently Nicole really does think she’s L. Ron Hubbard. He was famous for sending cease and desist letters to “suppressive persons” who criticized Scientology. And yes, it was just as loonie when he did it.


  34. That is awesome! The hypocrisy is absolutely mind boggling!!!

    What magenta said:
    I love how you have to cease and desist from ‘etc.’ as well. Pick something, I guess?

    Whoever copied and pasted that letter couldn’t even “fill in the blanks” correctly!!! I’m not talking about spelling or grammatical errors, I’m talking about fluff and details. All fluff and big words but never details or proof. The same terminology over and over again, but NOTHING to back it up. It’s exhausting.


  35. That letter is Nicole, every bit Nicole. Probably Joe, too, but maybe too impaired to sign it himself? No doubt in my mind, Nicoles’s just that stupid. I wish she wasn’t so stupid, she makes it too easy to laugh at her expense. I almost feel bad at how much I laughed at both Nicole’s letter but not for enjoying Sally’s response.

    Old time farm girl wrote, “Why did you not stop to think about having them practice writing it on a piece of paper before writing it on the envelope you were sending out? That is just proving that you are failing your kids.”

    Actually, that return address handwriting might be pretty darn outstanding, if one of the two youngest children wrote it…

    One of the two *youngest* children.


  36. It looks copy/pasted to me.

    It is. It’s all over the internet. There are dozens of sources for it. I included the link to one of them above.


  37. Ha Ha I found a good loop hole!
    “The course of conduct shall be that which would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial mental distress.”

    Problem is Nicole is NOT a reasonable person. Neither is Joe. I am sure that if she wants to pursue this Sally could ask for and probably get a mental evaluation ordered by the judge. She would have to get it done or face contempt of court. Only other option she would have is to drop the case to prevent an evaluation. Us reasonable people can see she has mental defects so imagine the hay day a professional would have with her.

    Another one
    “Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of “course of conduct.”

    In America we have a thing called freedom of speech that is a constitutionally protected activity. Speech does not mean it has to be spoken it can be written.

    “Protective order” means:
    Well we all know how Jojo and Ma treat protective orders. They ignore them or have the kids do their dirty work. Time for those that have a protective order against them to go back to court and get the 3rd party clause added. That means another person can not do their dirty work.

    As for your stalking bullshit charges – BTW it has to be one charge or the other it can not be both.

    Ma NO ONE (see I can use all capitals too) has made any explicit or implicit threats. You have no proof that you were in reasonable fear of:
    a. Sexual contact
    b. Serious physical injury; or
    c. Death
    You do not have an order of protection against Sally, there is no criminal complaint pending, Sally has not been convicted or pled of the same crime in the past 5 years and it would be kind of hard to prove Sally had a deadly weapon on or about her person. You can not see through a computer screen. So you strike out there.

    Stalking in the second degree
    Again NO explicit or implicit threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of:
    1. Sexual contact
    2. Physical injury; or
    3. Death

    Sally has never made sexual contact with you, she has not even threatened to do that – who would want contact with you besides Jojo. Gag gag! She has NOT done anything or posted anything that has mentioned physical injury (sorry hurt feelings do not count as physical injury) and no threats were EVER EVER made against your life. You strike out here.

    You really suck at interpretation of the laws and using them to fit your case. Do not try to do a case yourself cause you will be wasting your time, money and the time of the court. Judges do not look kindly on that crap.

    The only thing you have done so far is given all of us a good laugh. A REALLY good laugh. Well you have shown what a stupid ass you are too!


  38. As I head off to my long deserved holiday vacation, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post. Keep on doing what you do, Sally. Your thoughtful analysis and level-headed presentation of the facts are truly appreciated and enjoyed. Just when you think it can’t get any more weird, it just does!


  39. OMG…LMAO…If it was sent by the Mr & MRS it only proves….they have been STALKING you !!!

    When someone Lawyer’s up to send a legal letter, that Attorney finds the address to ensure they are sending the letter to the RIGHT Sally Davis.

    Whoever sent this to you just PROVED they have been Stalking you under the KRS 508’s in order to have gotten your home personal mailing address.

    Blog’s are under a different set of rules as you pointed out yesterday.

    This is some funny SHIT right here !!!


  40. People who think they have a legal knowledge but have none are hilarious! I have a cousin who tried to sue me and was constantly sending out certified letters. My favorite act of hers is when she sent me a certified email. She paid some company to send me an email where I had to click on a link showing it was read and the date and time. When I told my lawyer and his staff that she sent me a “certified”
    Email they laughed until they cried because of course their is no such creature as a certified email!!

    This makes me sad because if it was sent by the N’s they waisted $5 or $10 ( anyone know how much it costs to send something certified?) and that is money they don’t have to spare . Also because it’s just such a lame attempt!!! They are getting crazier and more desperate every day that goes by and they can not stop your telling of he truth Sally.

    Sally do you have a gut feeling on who sent it? Do you think that it was all done by people in the N family or perhaps a leg humper? Correct me if I am wrong but someone would have had to physically be in Radcliff to mail this in order for it to have that post mark and they have zero local support? I have no legal knowledge but do have a couple of lawyers I use when I need them. Like the situation with my cousin became harrassement and I hired a lawyer so I didn’t have to deal with her crazy ass! It was well worth the money! Lawyers take money though and the N’s have none! They say 2017 is going to be the year of suing everyone but no lawyer is going to handle them pro bono and no lawyer will take a case of them suing for harrasment or slander or libel because those cases are hard to win and make money off of. After they blew most of that GFM money on Lawyer fess and for what? I seriously doubt for the rest of their lives J or N would ever be able to afford a lawyer for anything!


  41. I’m not an expert, but used to dabble in the issue of handwriting as an amateur hobby. Did you know that the pressure and depression of paper fibers also can factor in? It looks to me like the signatures, address, and return address, were by four people.

    I think Nicole’s is hers. The tails are a little different, but both have small swoops. The i’s are dotted further to the right. Wen writing back on the c, both have the same separation. Both o’s are crossed at the bottom like a roller coaster. The l and e are alomst one letter. The first few letters of Naugler have similar characteristics. They’re lost at the end. Hers appears genuine. But even so…

    Joe’s signatures are too different. Two legible signatures so different isn’t common. A lot of people have a neat signature and a scribble, but both of those are neat, and they’re not the same person. His is written like a child’s.

    I’m guessing that Joe was too lazy, or that Nicole did this during her scarce free time at the salon and told the kids to write his name.

    Sally, would you be up for her trying to file against you for real? If so, I’m pretty sure your readers would cover all expenses, and you could have her deposed to within an inch of her life. Nicole is her own worst enemy who won’t quit when she’s not too far behind, and is as ahead as she’ll ever get.


  42. Someone sent a certified forged letter??
    Talk about digging a hole & how easily that is traceable is unbelievable!!!


  43. The letter ends with Sincerely?????
    A legal letter ending with Sincerely?

    I’m laughing my ass off over that!!


    You just made my day!! I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!!!

    Sincerely Shut the Fuck Up!!!


  44. Bwhahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Alla-hu-Naugbar!!! Haaahhhaaaaahaaa! OMG, I am going to have to start wearing depends when I read this blog! Thank you, Sally. It was a long weird day. Your blog , along with a nice glass of wine is just what I needed.

    Thanks for the laughs for christmas, Nog heads. Man, you really are losing it.


  45. Holy uneducated Shed man!!!

    My kids Santa letters are more realistic then the nicnag unnotarized, undatesigned, no witness signature piece of paper to burn.

    My eyes my eyes!!!!


  46. What a gift of tragic comedy to come home to after a long difficult workday! They have outdone themselves in this unintentionally hilarious display of utter lack of sophistication regarding legal system, language arts and life in general.


  47. Oh Sally! I have always used my real name here and so it was with giddy anticipation that I walked up to my mailbox tonight, after chores were done and all the animals were well-fed and snug in their shelters, anticipating my very own cease and desist letter. Sigh. I was disappointed. Only a bill that I already paid online ahead of time. Woe is me.
    This has to be among the best of your posts. Seriously. It has made me chuckle all night. I am quite surprised that you didn’t receive the ole sovereign citizen “regulation” that the letter be more than one page and bound with string or twine or yarn from a cat toy. Anything will do in a pinch.
    I looked at the image of the envelope and my thought is that whoever addressed it was a female. The handwriting is a little immature but quite feminine. Perhaps Faith trying to get in crazy Nicole’s good graces? The author of the return address is definitely male and horribly educated so my guess would be Jacob. I imagine he went to the post office and was told he had to write a return address on the envelope since it was being sent certified mail. He likely called mom who dictated the grooming salon’s address. And no I am not stalking – it’s on her very public FB page.
    Nicole. you are so ridiculous. Cease and desist? LMAO.


  48. You must immediately stop posting publicly then post publicly to stop….special kind of stupid NN is.


  49. Sally, Thanks for serving us all the nice holiday punch, and spiked! Great with the fruitcake and nuts of late. Such a lovely great laugh for the many people following your experiences with the Naugs. Her stupidity and arrogance again on full display, thinking she could pull this off makes me wonder how many times she’s done this in the past.
    Wishing all my fellow revelers great fun and safe travels this holiday season. But my first toast is to you Sally. You served her up beautifully again, many thanks for your wit and wisdom shared with us all and safe travels! And then, TO AL! for his funny shit and creativity, LLLMAO.
    Thank you. Thank you very much.


  50. I’m trying not wake up hubby with my laughing.
    It’s posted on BLH that they sent several letters. It’s still 4 months till April 1…..


  51. I can hardly believe Nicole has confirmed this letter was her doing! She just admitted on FB to sending this letter to several people!! I mean…as hilarious as this scenario is, it just HAD to be a joke someone was playing on Sally and, indirectly, Nicole and Joe. I am stunned to find out it’s not a joke. Stunned!! And, like others who have posted here, I thought, if the letter IS serious and not a joke, perhaps the eldest son and his lady friend did it, due to all the grammar issues, spelling problems, and the bizarreness and variety of handwriting styles. Most likely, I thought someone who REALLY dislikes Nicole and Joe could have done it just to make them look bad. That Nicole willingly attaches her name to this letter and admits, PUBLICLY, to sending it (like everything else she does publicly) tells me she is far worse off mentally than I originally thought. This means the children are really NOT safe in her care. Her lack of self-awareness and insight is unnerving which makes me think the absolute WORST thing the public can do is turn their attention away from this family. Extreme lack of self-awareness and insight are hallmarks of mental illness.


  52. I’m curious how many more got this letter? She has admitted to sending the letter out to numerous trolls.

    Sally she said she knew you wouldn’t take it seriously and that she will see you in court.

    I bet if she takes it court, the judge will laugh at her and kick her out.


  53. Darn, I go to bed early and miss all of the hilarity. This reminds me of that ridiculous “thou shalt not copy anything, quote anything” statement that people were advised to put on their facebook pages. Not sure who recommended it but it appealed to the Nauglers and they splashed it on there believing it had some genuine legal clout. This reminds me of that. Terribly fearsome legalese sent by certified mail with a return address scrawled by a foot! That’s the funny thing-make accusations and demand cessation via certified mail of something that has not been done. Well, Nutty Nickers says she documents everything. For once she has told the truth–she has, by certified mail, documented her own harassment efforts. Wonder if GASS got one as well.

    The University of Naugastan philosophy and epistemology professors have done very poorly. So have the professors of English….


  54. From the blh

    “Only a judge can enforce it but anyone can write one”

    “Yes I realize I made an error or two these were drafts”.

    No judge us going to hear a case of crazy.


  55. Well you don’t have to wonder who sent it. Nikki this morning on BLH page took full responsibility and is PO that you didn’t take it seriously.


  56. Surprisingly she admitted it was from her on BLH. Even a few Naugler lovers are telling her the letter was ridiculous and covered in spelling errors.
    I live in KY. Every morning I get up n think about those poor kids. It’s freezing!! And they have to go outside in a unheated plastic box and pee.
    I feel like she is deflecting with her stupid post to keep people from asking the hard questions. Like how could they possibly be staying warm.
    Like what the hell do 13..15…I can’t keep up… People do inside a freaking shed all day… Can you imagine???I can’t.


  57. The fact that she inflated her cease and desist letter into an order is so precious.

    #scholarlyfailure #jailhouselawyerfailure

    Question for the real lawyers – does the fact that she used her business address on the letter mean that her business can now be subjected to closer scrutiny if this ever goes before a court?


  58. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA God Nicky has a pair of balls hanging huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sally! LOVE the way you stick to your guns and Fly that Bird with PRIDE! BRAVO!


  59. Certified mail costs a few bucks per letter to mail. On her FB she says she sent several “trolls” a copy of this letter.

    I don’t know where she got the money to do this, but moreovoer, it’s heartachingly sad she spent it this way. The money to mail these completely ineffective and inconsequential letters could have at least bought a small toy for each kid. Or been pooled together into a real Christmas dinner.

    Last year, the kids apparently played in mud for Christmas. Will this year be any better?


  60. Nilki is so proud of this that she actually claimed it and linked to it on her page! Bwahahahaha!

    It is horrible but I am rooting for her to sue you. It will be the Christmas gift that keeps giving all year. Cant be that the judge laifhs her out of court because she is wrong…..she is already crowing about the county being corrupt.

    Please Nicole. Stop. Just Stahp.


  61. Oh, Sally!!!
    You, dearest, have received a lovely Christmas present!
    The Yule-Naug has blessed you, and through the wonderful act of posting this letter you have shared a gigantic amount of laughter blessing all of us!!

    I’m sure the Yule-Naug is spinning around in circles, red faced, with smoke coming from her ears!



  62. Why don’t you just leave them alone? There’s no honor in what you are doing. It isn’t christian.. do unto there as you would have them do unto you.. and.. love thy neighbors. Just drop this petty fight.


  63. I keep reading comments on Nicole’s FB posts saying how they (certain of her fans) would LOVE to have the Naugler’s as neighbors. I wonder why none of them have invited her to park the shed in the back yard. Some of them appear to have plenty of room for her to do so, based on their public FB photos. It’s just another annoyance I have with this group–all talk and no follow-through! Where there’s a will there’s a way, and that goes for Nicole and her desire for anonymity. It’s not that hard to disappear if you really feel afraid. It’s one of the reasons I keep a low-profile online. I don’t want the kind of attention Nicole seems to seek out. My children would be mortified if I posted photos and made comments about them like Nicole does to her children. Mortified! And I choose to respect their desire for privacy because I want my own privacy as well. Nicole doesn’t want privacy, she wants attention without scrutiny which is not going to happen in cyber-world.

    More importantly, I have yet to see proof that “the locals” are as viscous and dangerous as she claims they are. Show me the proof, and I’ll believe it. I live several states away, so if you disappear online, Nicole, you are out of sight and out of mind, for me anyway. As quick as you are, Nicole, to photograph anything and everything, it’s amazing that you have yet to share your photographic “evidence” of the vicious and mean locals stalking your business and home.

    I decided to post this comment HERE so I would not get bullied and harassed by you (Nicole) for posting it on FB. See? You are the bully. Not Sally. Posting here also gives me a level of privacy which you do not permit, and I have no desire, time, or energy to set up a sock account just to send you a message. I’ve watched, repeatedly, how you treat people who do not toot your horn and kiss your feet. It’s repulsive. One thing is clear. It’s not PRIVACY that you want; because THAT is easily had. Whenever someone says, “just go off-line” you say, “but the locals…” But the locals WHAT?! Show some evidence for once! Put up or shut up! This is why you are pissing off people like me who do not even have a pony in this show. I merely watch because I enjoy studying human behavior, and I have a modicum of sympathy for your children. I pity them. I pity them not because you are poor, but because your attitude creates a nightmare for them that I cannot begin to imagine. I know how challenging it is to experience you from a distance, let alone up close and personal.


  64. Perhaps you could just leave that family alone. Watching the two of you is like watching school aged children fight on a playground. Grow up already. Let her live her life in peace and I bet she’d return the favor. Why are you getting such joy out of creating so much ruckus? SMH


  65. Well, she is claiming online that the cease and desist letter was sent by her, but who exactly is “she”. The response is on the internet on a jointly managed page and, as we have all been informed time and again, the poster could be anyone. So who knows who is posting what on the BLH, too many family members and ‘moderinators’ for a reasonable man to determine authenticity.

    I would and do continue to be suspect of who the letter writer is and what their true intent is. When you consider the extreme discrepancies in the signatures on the letter contrasted to signatures found on public record, the amount of subterfuge and mimicking, a reasonable man could indeed be wary of origins and authenticity of said letter. I highly suspect that said letter would be found insufficient for it’s purpose, or should I say process, simply on its face, and thus an important element of whatever civil action that the senders(who may or may not be Nauglers, or at least the correct Nauglers) hoped to achieve would be for naught. The equivalent of a legal null and void, nothingness, zip, zero, nada.

    At this juncture I just find the whole question of “to cease or not cease” to be mere nauglering, an annoyance, a slight irritant with no substance, a lurching disregard for constitutional protections and a ridiculous half assed attempt at something or other (it’s hard to identify the identity, motive or intent when dealing with bat shit crazy).


  66. they have been STALKING you

    Actually, no, Melissa. Nicole posted my address, but it’s publicly available. She didn’t have to “stalk” me to find it, any more than I have “stalked” her to find her publicly available information. And none of this comes under the “KRS 508s”. Like Nicole, you haven’t read the statute.


  67. The Queen of Insanity Island sure has her feathers all ruffled this morning!
    She says no lawyers in the area will take her case.
    She is coming after Sally in court.
    Not many leg humpers jumping to her defense. Why is that Oh Queen?
    She has her own soap opera running. Take your pick.
    As The Naugs Turn
    No Gerneral Hospital
    Bold and the Stupid
    Days of Dirty Lives


  68. Sally, would you be up for her trying to file against you for real?

    I take my blogging quite seriously. I also am extremely fond of the First Amendment in the same way that gunhumpers are fond of the Second one.


  69. So, why are you making this family your cause? I don’t get it.

    Short answer: They are frauds. They pretend to be something they are not, and people donate money to them.

    Shorter answer: Read here for a bit and you will see what I mean.


  70. The fact that she inflated her cease and desist letter into an order is so precious.

    I was sort of amazed that the template that she cut and pasted, which is available all over the internet, has those words in it: cease and desist order. It’s almost like some lawyer wrote it and put it on the net as an enormous joke.


  71. She’s got lots of leg humpers over there but nearly half when I saw it were pointing out that spelling counts, they should have had it notorized and the occasional, this is the cost of deliberately “going viral” Maybe they should stop posting. Of course that’s not an option. They should be able to say whatever they want without anyone ever disagreeing.


  72. Perhaps you could just leave that family alone. Watching the two of you is like watching school aged children fight on a playground.

    Why do you watch then? Perhaps you could just not watch. How about that?

    I would challenge you to read a bit here. Ask some questions.

    We’ll start with your first one:

    Why are you getting such joy out of creating so much ruckus?

    You’re making assumptions that aren’t true. You are basically accusing me of “creating so much ruckus.” I didn’t “create” anything. I simply made a few negative comments (very few, like less than five) on public pages way back when all this first started. I was rewarded with Joe who came to my Facebook page, followed me, and then began arguing with me and threatened to sue me for saying those things (stuff like “I think the state was right to take your kids).

    From there, I discovered that I had lots of company. Nicole and Joe have done that to numerous people, and in some cases, telephoned employers to try to have people fired, mocked people for having had a child that died (I’m not the only one she’s done that to), and on and on. The more I read, the less I liked what I saw.

    Let her live her life in peace and I bet she’d return the favor.

    And you would bet wrong. She has a long history of doing this, going back years and years. She and Joe have bullied people endlessly. The only reason we all know about it now is because the internet is here and they purposely succeeded in making their story “viral.” You’re asking me to simply sit down and shut up. I decline.


  73. So somebody on the BLH facebook page, probably Nicole, says: [No local lawyer will take the case because of The troll connection to the sheriffs department and the county attorney’s office.]

    Really?!? So I can assume she talked to a few lawyers about pressing charges against you, and they told her something to the effect of “We all absolutely adore and respect Mrs. Davis and therfore refuse to represent you in this case because no judge, attorney, or law enforcement officer in Breckinridge County would ever judge or act against Mrs. Davis because of her ties to the Breckenridge County Attorney’s office and the Sheriff Department.”

    They record and document EVERYTHING, so I’m ready to hear the recording from the consultations she had with some of the local attorneys! A lawyer will not take a case if there is no case.

    If she does convince an attorney to take her case, I don’t think she is prepared for the multitude of countersuits that will be coming her way. The rather large online following who have been taking screen shots from the many pages and socks claiming NOT to be a Naugler and their slippage of verbiage indicating them to be just that. The posted photos of “critics”, the personal information of “critics”, photos of other people’s houses with false claims that “these” people have been attacking them. The fender bender that bent no fender and the false claim of “vehicular assault”. The insinuations of shooting people. The “actual” threats made by the pages and fake profiles to commit bodily harm to an individual or inciting others to suggest bodily harm to others based on falsified claims. It’s ridiculous. Are the Nauglers ready to surrender their phones and other electronics for forensic evaluations to prove they were not in fact doing the very same thing they are accusing their “critics” of doing. What have they already done to try and mitigate this “problem” on their own?

    THEY chose to go viral. THEY chose to become limited public figures. THEY put themselves in this position. This blog has not “attacked” her business and you refuse to allow derogatory comments toward the business.

    I began looking for a groomer around the same time they went viral. My first thought was “Hey, I can help this family by using their grooming services and tipping a little extra!” Then during my research I discovered their anti-law enforcement and military stance and decided MONTHS before this blog even started that I would NOT be going out of my way to use the services of somebody who despises everything I stand for. I, as I have already stated in a previous comment, am a veteran. I come from a very strong military background. We have lost family and friends to war. We also have family and friends who are or have been law enforcement officers. When our children encounter a law enforcement officer in public, they ALWAYS walk up to them, shake their hand, and say “Thank you for your sevice and stay safe.”

    I hope their business thrives but due to Nicole’s own posts on her own pages I refuse to use her services.

    What this blog has done, is to decrease their amount of donations received. Good luck suing for those “damages”!!! UNLESS…being a grifter, accepting handouts and panhandling money from hardworking individuals is an actual job or business profession!!! HA What a mess.

    My apologies for rambling…but this is just insane!!!


  74. Last night I had a good laugh about this but this morning reading her BLH page I am actually sad and disturbed. She isn’t well. She is losing it. She is getting desperate. She just needs to get offline but I don’t think she can. She has a serious addiction and it is hurting her children. I hope she does take this to court and that the courts will finally be forced to act. Those children deserve a warm home filled with love and attention. None of us are perfect parents, we all have different parenting styles but Nicole has crossed the line. There is no way she can be giving her children the attention they need due to her work schedule and her obsessive online posting/ranting and now “legal” letters. She is sick. She needs help. The children need help. I hope Kentucky will finally wake up and force them to use the resources out there for them.


  75. “Cease and desist from…..etc.” Etcetera is a little vague, for legalese. Don’t you think? Law and Order really isn’t that vague.

    Additionally, most all of the “order” is rather vague. Specifically, proof of personal harm.

    As comparison, Joe’s two cases. Both of these, there was proof of damages and/or personal harm. If not mistaken, the Judge’s order of a cease and desist included prohibiting and probationary, for a specific time.

    Just a tip, Nicole, accuse specific individuals with specific accusations. And have evidence. Like a court case docket would appear, Joe and Nicole Naugler Vs. “Them”??

    Oh, and I dunno, you may want to exclude Joe from the Cease and Desist Order. With his two active probations, both no contact orders. That might be a big no no.


  76. I think Nicole might be very surprised who some of us are who comment on this site, and what we have witnessed, and could testify to in a court of law. (and many of us would be willing to)

    Have you given it any thought, Nicole? Who we are, I mean?

    We might be people you haven’t even thought of for years who remembered you when your case was all over the news.

    Maybe we’re people who live with guilt for not having said enough, or done enough to report the things we personally witnessed.

    We might be old neighbors, old co-workers, women of your ward who served your family and visited your home. We might be other parents your boys did scouts with. We might know you from events and places you’ve forgotten. We might have been there and witnessed what Joe did when he lost his shit in public.

    We might have been casual friends. You might have told us something in confidence that was so shockingly distasteful that we pulled away, and you never realized why.

    We might be members of the community who commented on your case, who were threatened by you. We might have made police reports about your threats, and I’m fairly sure those records can be accessed, even if nothing was done to stop you.

    We might be the wives and fathers of the police officers you degrade and make libelous untrue claims about because you don’t have enough sense to research the shit you post.

    We might be another mom or dad at the horse barn.

    We might be the families of military service men and women you publicly disrespected.

    We might be ex-clients who witnessed something at the salon.

    We might be someone you’d never in a million years suspect.

    There is a reason people are standing up to you, Nicole. You’re a bully who has done some disgusting things. To your own children and to other people. And I’d a hell of a lot rather draw your fire than let you take your issues out on your kids.

    You are a con artist and a thief.

    It’s not illegal to state our opinions of the things you do.

    If you don’t like what’s said on this site…..don’t read it.

    But you like the attention, don’t you?

    Hate to tell you this, Nicole, but most of the folks you send over to here to have a look decide to stay and read a while.

    And at the end of the day, most of them are kicking themselves for sending you money. (that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?)

    And they never will again.


  77. Not all lawyers put bad information all over the internet.


    Think of it as my holiday gift to Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

    Oh and Tweedledee – I caught your video. You’re going to bust a blood vessel if you haven’t done so already. I haven’t noticed anyone accusing you of leaving a dog, or your dog, tied in front of your business. No, people were asking about the dog on the Shitstead that appears to be tethered to a tree and without making a shelter available. Yes, I understand that your dog may not use it, but it’s better to provide one. I suppose drinkable water is too much to hope for after 3 years.

    Good luck with that geothermal system. That’s going to eat into the money you need for your lawyer. Have you gone before a judge yet to get that cease and desist ORDER in place yet?


  78. Now that NN has claimed this tragic document as her own and vows to take it further, I present this as her convo with an attorney:

    Attorney: Ma’m, how was the recipient to know this was indeed from you?

    NN: I put it on my public FB page, didn’t you see it?


  79. Why go round and round? Won’t Nicole and Joe just do the nice thing and live their life in peace if left alone?

    To go by their past actions that, in my personal memory, extends back in time much further since their viral GoFundMe campaign, their behavior would become even more predatory. You see, they are used to preying off of nice, sympathetic church people who, despite misgivings don’t dare to actually think that Joe and Nicole are the hideous people they are. When the nice and sympathetic church people have said, wait a minute! then Joe would become extremely belligerent, started stalking, and the nice and sympathetic church people generally backed off. And the Nauglers merrily went on making a pestilence of themselves.

    So now they aren’t dealing with their preferred nice and compliant prey. Suddenly they are dealing with people who are not intimidated, can handle conflict, and are not going to let the Nauglers wantonly mess others over or portray themselves as wholesome when they, the Nauglers, are nothing less than predatory.


  80. She copied this from the internet? Does the original have all the bad grammar and spelling? I like the legal phrase “some very severe”. Ridiculous.


  81. . It isn’t christian.. do unto there as you would have them do unto you.. and.. love thy neighbors.

    I am not Christian, Robin. Read here for more than six seconds.

    And as to your Golden Rule quote: If I behaved towards people the way the Nauglers do, I hope somebody would give me hell about it.

    I challenge you. Start disagreeing with Nicole publicly. Do it. See what happens.


  82. Does the original have all the bad grammar and spelling?

    No. The original has places where you’re supposed to personalize it with your own details. Those are the places with the bad spelling and grammar.


  83. DeNauglified

    Very well said! Nicky has NO CLUE who she is dealing with and it could come back to bite her in her dumbass!


  84. I can imagine when the Mrs and Mr are deposed, since the letter contains both “signatures.”
    “Mr. Naugler, is this your signature?”
    “Ummm, no …”
    Case dismissed.


  85. None of this is comical. And in fact, ANY one who finds this comical has some serious mental issues. All of this is completely disgusting. Sally, you and all of your followers should be ashamed of yourselves. Grow the fawk up or seek some help for your mental health issues. This just can’t go on. I’m curious to see who is going to be the hero and rose above all of the bullshit and just stop. There are billions and billions of more important shit in this life than any and all that has conspired between all said and unsaid parties involved. The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved. The fact that there is this much involvement is beyond ignorance. Everyone needs to get over themselves, even those who think they are better and their shit don’t stink, because at the end of the day everybody’s shit stinks the same.
    Merry Christmas


  86. I’ve taken the day off today, so I’ve had time to read the various pages including every comment on BLH. It’s amazing that so many folks are so ignorant. Her leghumpers aren’t exactly the brightest bunch. They are encouraging her to get a lawyer involved. Are they also willing to foot the bill? Lawyers aren’t exactly cheap, we’ve only had to hire an attorney once and luckily a friend happens to specialize in that particular field so he cut us a deal. It was an open shut case, it didn’t need much work from him but still his discounted rate was high. Nicole doesn’t have the cash to feed her family, she doesn’t have the cash to pay for an attorney. Do her leghumpers think she has a money tree growing on the shitstead?

    As far as threats about the dog being tethered. She posted this supposed thread from the Cosmic Imagination page. ” BO where has any one said anything about dogs being tied outside of the shop? Like you would say prove it!
    Lady you are delusional!
    We have only seen mention of the dog tied up at the shitstead with no shelter. Did you know that is against the law? Many people have had all of their animals confiscated for that.
    Maybe it is time to get proper shelter for your animals. You make your own problems by hawking crap online and then bitch when called out on it. Good luck with animal rights people. And you thought CPS was bad.?”

    Her reply on her BLH page was “This is the kind of threats I speak of.

    My dogs have shelter and food. ”

    Exactly how is this a threat? She posted a public picture of her dog tethered next to a frozen pond with no shelter in site and people commented on it. If she doesn’t want people to see her tethered dog next to a frozen pond she shouldn’t post pictures of it. No one has gone onto her property to take pictures of the dog, the only information we have is from her. She doesn’t get it and neither do her leghumpers.

    I have yet to see any evidence of the stalking that she says is happening. Once again she documents everything and yet there is no proof. Yes, there is commentary online regarding what she publicly posts but nothing else. Yes, there were fake reviews on her grooming page, but the fake reviews were both positive and negative. There is no proof that this blog or any of the pages encouraged it. The reviews came after she publicly posted a threat to euthanize her dog ranger. Animal rights advocates go pretty extreme when they get wind of people threatening animals, not a wise thing to do when you have a business that involves animals.

    Once again this is all due to her wanting her life to go viral so she could get a gofundme payday. You reap what you sow. Stop posting public posts and no one will have anything to post. This is the advice most reputable lawyers would give. And if she does find a lawyer willing to take her on as a client they will require a hefty retainer fee. That money would be better spent feeding her children and animals, maybe she could invest in a dog house.


  87. None of this is comical.

    I beg to differ. Much of it is hilarious.

    And in fact, ANY one who finds this comical has some serious mental issues.

    You know, I’m sort of tired of this. And I am well aware that people here often accuse Nicole of being mentally ill. Her followers loudly proclaim me mentally ill. Just cut it out.

    I am a retired RN. I spent a good deal of time, more than most people, actually caring for people who were really, honestly, mentally ill. Neither Nicole nor I qualify. I’m going to start censoring those comments. Everyone take note and just stop it.

    I would offer the opinion that sometimes people here go on rants that make them sound a bit loony. And very often people on BLH do much the same thing, like the current woman who is carrying on about former Soviets who are targeting white people or something. But those are neither me nor Nicole.

    There are billions and billions of more important shit in this life than any and all that has conspired between all said and unsaid parties involved.

    No, there isn’t. Here’s what is going on here. This is a First Amendment free speech issue. We have just elected a president who thinks that he can say anything he likes about anyone he likes and that nobody should be allowed to criticize his idiotic opinions in any way. He has the exact same ideology as Nicole does. She believes that she should be able to publicly proclaim any bullshit she wants, including sharing meme after meme and article after article promoting all sorts of false or distorted claims about the military, about government, about CPS. And she does have that right. I would defend her right to do that with my life.

    But I have the same right, and she insists that I do not. She demands that anyone who disagrees with her go away, sit down and shut up.

    The day that we cave to bullies who want to strip of us our right to free speech is that day when we are doomed. This is maybe the most important issue we face as a nation right now.

    their shit don’t stink, because at the end of the day everybody’s shit stinks the same.

    All shit stinks. That’s why it needs to be disposed of properly and not heaped in big piles on the bare ground.


  88. Hahaha

    Quoting the misses
    My goal in 2017 is to put all of this to a close and move on with my life peacefully. I can’t and won’t be terrorized by this mob or the state any more. Live free or die trying right?!
    End quote

    More unachievable goals.


  89. She’s really making an ass of herself today. Of course, she won’t allow any real discussion.

    I’m making popcorn.


  90. “The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved.”

    Not hardly. The most beautiful thing the Naugler family can do is clean up their shit (literally), clean up their trash, quit interfering with people using a public road, educating, vaccinating and feeding their kids. Quit begging for money online.

    Plus taking far better care of their animals. How’s the horse? I hope someone is toting out 5-10 gallons of warm water every am and pm to ensure she’s not getting dehydrated and likely to colic.


  91. Nicole’s behavior is concerning.
    I have seen Free Jinger and other pages that follow and mock the public lives of the Duggars, Kate plus 8, and many other families. People take pictures of those kids when they see them in public, they drive by homes and stalk them, they insult them online, they call child welfare and make lots of nit picking accusations of child neglect or abuse.

    Do you think the Duggar mom gets up every morning, grabs her phone, and starts checking all the online discussions of her family? Does Kate plus eight spend hours a day reading everything said about her on hate pages and blogs? And do these other infamous moms spend time fighting these online trolls everyday?

    Maybe those moms know that online opinions don’t matter to the social workers or police or neighbors and customers who deal with someone in real life. The Nauglers could spend their time building good relationships and blessing themselves and their community with positive words and deeds. Then nothing the “trolls” do could affect them in real life.


  92. @Robin, you are making a horrible statement about Christianity. The Christian thing to do is protect the innocent children.
    Still, I laugh. NN needs an assessment, perhaps a 72 hour hold for evaluation. I stand by my comment, medication is an excellent place to start.


  93. Sally,
    Can you put a “like” button on your posts on this blog? It would be interesting to see how many people like the blog without having to leave a comment.


  94. Still, I laugh. NN needs an assessment, perhaps a 72 hour hold for evaluation. I stand by my comment, medication is an excellent place to start.

    Okay, I’m going to start doing a bit of warning. Please stop this. No more pronouncements about Nicole’s mental state. None of you are professionals and even a pro would not presume to make such comments without an examination.

    Just stop it.


  95. “The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved.”

    I concur, Tekla. And I would say that talking to an imaginary person is the biggest waste of time and cop out in existence.

    “The hands that help are better far than lips that pray.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll


  96. Can you put a “like” button on your posts on this blog? It would be interesting to see how many people like the blog without having to leave a comment.

    Let me look into that.


  97. She’s now in an altercation with the dog owner/shop owner. Quite an interesting day on the internet.


  98. Based on NCN’s FB page, she has now pissed off one of the other shop owners where her business is located. After posting a picture of the woman’s shop and her puppy online, she has the audacity to go to the woman’s shop and to bring Joe and his filthy mouth along. And then has the nerve to act all innocent. Talk about a piece of work.


  99. Not a blessed local. She posted a video of another store owner having her dog tethered up. They went over there and she told them to leave. Joe called her the “c” word and some other names in front of the store owners 10year old daughter. It’s all on her NCN page.


  100. So now she has put her business on the line. You dumb bitch. This is taking back your life?!?! Risking an eviction?!?!


  101. WWJD,

    You wonder, what would Jesus do? I suppose you believe he would turn the other cheek, and just let Nicole terrorize anyone she wants, including her 11 Children, her stepson, her neighbors, and now her business neighbors.
    Nope. I’m pretty sure Jesus would be disgusted with her cramming all those kids in a shed with no running water and an insufficient toilet facility (port a potty). I’m pretty sure Jesus looked out for the children and the oppressed.
    Just saying you need to look into this more, she is no faith based individual.

    What would Jesus do? May I remind you, he was also capable of flipping tables and cracking a whip.


  102. Does the strip mall have just one landlord? Or are the shops owned and rented by multiple landlords? With rental properties it’s often not worth the headaches to retain a troublesome tenant, especially if the bad tenant causes good tenants to leave.


  103. Wow! just wow!
    I am ….almost …. speechless.
    On the bus home I was almost laughing out loud at the letter and the earlier comments on here.
    Sally …… sorry but I had to just check out your nails …… they are spotless!

    But then this evening ….. oh how sad. She brings this shit on herself but surely …. surely the shitwater croc didn’t go to that business with the dog outside and throw the C-bomb in front of a child. If this is true – the croc needs it’s snout muzzling. What a bloody stupid thing to do with everything that is going on.

    So now …. not only have they pissed off their neighbours at the shitstead …. they have now pissed off at least two people in the same place as her business! good move Nikki …. good move.

    To the people who come over and make comment about leaving her alone and the whole do good to others stuff. I can understand that you read BLH and you think that she is all so hard done to …. but please take the time to read some of the posts on here before commenting then running off. If nothing else ….. just read the reason why this blog exists. Then if you still feel like commenting fair enough …… you will not be blocked by Sally.


  104. Sally …… sorry but I had to just check out your nails …… they are spotless!

    LOL Not always. I do clean them a good bit, though. And I wash dishes several times a day.


  105. Why is Jojo even at the shop? So the kids were left home in the shed? And was J at the shop all day? I understood, though I may be mistaken, that only one vehicle is running.


  106. I’m irritated now. Unlike Sally, I am a Christian and WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) is giving Christians and Jesus a bad name. There is a HUGE difference, these days, between so-called Christians and true followers of Jesus Christ. Metaphorically, Jesus has “left the building” (like Elvis) and Satan has joined the church! By the way, the true church, as the Bible describes, is spirit, not a building or even a congregation, but that’s a topic for another time.

    WWJD says, “This just can’t go on. I’m curious to see who is going to be the hero and rose above all of the bullshit and just stop. There are billions and billions of more important shit in this life than any and all that has conspired between all said and unsaid parties involved. The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved…”

    Okay, how about YOU be the hero and show us how it’s done. Since YOU jumped in with both feet while requesting that it stop; I’ll go first and respond to this discrepancy.

    First off, “What would Jesus SAY (WWJS)? Well, ONE thing He says to those who believe in Him is…”If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the TRUTH will set you free (John 8:31-32)” Nikki really needs to hear the truth, and so do those who are being misled and deceived by her. Not only does she need freedom, SO DO HER CHILDREN. I don’t think Jesus would look away when it comes to Nikki (as you are suggesting we do) especially since there are children involved…so many children! Jesus has some strong words for people who hurt children…see Matthew 18:6 “…but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

    Then we have Matthew 10:33-35, “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven. Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.…” He knows we are born into this earthly battle zone that intensifies whenever we take a stand against evil. Every good book and movie contains a battle, internal or external, but again, I digress. Life is hardly about peacefully just getting along. That would work great if everyone had the same high values, but we don’t have to look too far to see that’s not the case.

    WWJD, if you are truly of the Christian faith, then you know the law is preached to the lawless and grace is preached to the broken and hurting. If truth is being upheld and justice is being sought here and elsewhere, then why would you attempt to shut that down? Perhaps you are motivated by mercy. That’s not all wrong, but please consider that do-nothing Christians who look the other way and say, “Hush!” when deception and evil (missing the mark) ensue, they are to blame for so much sorrow in the world today. I bet it’s why Jesus preferred hanging out with known sinners instead of with church people. Non-believers often seem to care more about injustice and suffering than Christians. As people view the suffering in Nauglerville and listen to the SPIN (from Nicole) they react strongly, as they should. It’s a normal response! Is that really so hard to understand?

    WWJD–do you wish you would have taken your own advice and just prayed about this? You said, “The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved…” I assume you are praying for Nicole’s indifference, but people here are simply trying to break through to her in their own way. I do believe it has made a positive difference since the problems are no longer hidden in darkness.

    Sally says this blog is about the first amendment. For me it’s about telling the truth and justice for the oppressed.


  107. They both went to the other shop. Jojo threw around more than the c word in front of the daughter. He is a disgusting vile man and Ma is a vile woman. Ma is trying to turn it around on the other shop owner saying she was harassing her .
    Ma posted the video of that owners dog and both of them went into that shop owners shop not the other way around.
    Ma might want to scream harassment but the other shop owner could get Jojo again on menacing charges.

    I hope that shop owner does consider pressing charges. I am sure she does not realize with out pressing charges and getting a order of protection against both of them they will keep up the nasty stuff. Ma will be smearing her and her shop online all the time with out one. An order of protection with the 3rd party clause is needed for sure. Who knows what Jojo could do next after all he already threatened a woman and told his son to go get the gun.

    I give the shop owner Viv lots of credit she is standing up to them so far and holding her own. But the battle has only just begun. I also agree with the other poster the landlord needs to be made aware of this. Maybe even give him a copy of police report.


  108. WWJD?

    He’d probably see if he couldn’t get a room over in Valhalla for the weekend.

    Hang with Odin and the gang. Sip some mead.

    Between the C&D from Nickelodeon, the supporters’ comments here and on Facebook, and now this latest insanity at the strip mall . . . Joe (allegedly) resorting to the tried and true “C” word….

    Holy shit . . . It’s the Nauglocaust!

    Brought to you without commercial interruption.

    Mature audiences only.


  109. Can I still refer to her as Nutty Nikki, or does that violate the rules? ?

    Yeah, we’ll let that slide. Especially today.


  110. Isn’t J on probation for his previous menacing conviction? And therefore, in violation with this unprovoked attack? And isn’t N under some kind of probation (not the right word) for resisting arrest? Of course, if they lock J up, then he will be warmer and getting a better Christmas dinner than his children.


  111. And she doesn’t think she started the whole thing with the other shop owner? Most husbands would confront a man who called their wife that vile name, mine would. She constantly belittles police on her NCN page & when they don’t do what she wants they are automatically against her & corrupt. How does she have time to do all of this???? I made an appointment for my dogs with the groomer 3 weeks ago for today & when I went to pick up my puppies, the lady told me she has been booked solid this entire week & has been turning people away all day. Sorry, lots of ramblings in this!


  112. Isn’t J on probation for his previous menacing conviction?

    Yes, unless it has already been a whole year.


  113. “Yes, unless it has already been a whole year.”

    A quick google search says he was convicted of menacing on 11/2/15 so yes it’s been a year. I guess he really wants another Hardee’s date so he needs to get busy with some more court dates.

    As far as the rumor about a dog being chained up outside of Nicole’s shop the first place I saw that rumor was on her page. Yes, people were talking about the dog tethered at her property but no one that I have seen has said anything about a dog at her shop. Bizarre.


  114. How ’bout a down vote option.

    Nope. That’s how to start arguments and shit. If you want to vote something down, just don’t like it.


  115. WWJD wrote: “I’m curious to see who is going to be the hero and rose (sic) above all of the bullshit and just stop.”

    You can bet it won’t be Nicole. The only thing that rises above all the bullshit is the stink. The actual bullshit seeps into the groundwater. That’s why they have a porta-potty on their property. They were dumping white buckets of shit on the ground. The Commonwealth of Kentucky said, “You can’t do that anymore, it’s a health hazard! So just stop it!” 😉 But if you were a real follower, you would have known that already.

    Skipping ahead, WWJD then wrote, “The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved.”

    So, tell me, whose prayers get answered, those who pray the state protects the kids or those who pray the kids are returned to a 12 x 40 foot garden shed forced upon the Nauglers by Family Court/CPS, to parents who can’t stay off their fucking phones and FB long enough to actually parent those kids, to parents who have no idea how their kids learned to read because they sure as shit didn’t teach them how, to parents who made 10 kids sleep on a plywood shelf almost exactly the same size of the filthy mattress the two of them enjoyed (and for more than just sleeping with the kids at their feet?) Yeah, it was filthy, but it was better than lying on a plywood shelf with *no* padding whatsoever, jammed up against your 9 siblings in an area of about 5′ x 6′. That, “What Would Jesus Do”, pisses me off. It pisses me off about as much as I’ve been pissed off in a while. What makes *your* fucking ‘prayers’ better than *my* fucking ‘prayers’?

    Did you know those kids don’t get to observe Christmas but last year, Joe and Nicole took them to see the lights and decorations of other people, other kids, who would get gifts from their family and “Santa”? And those same kids were thankful that “God” sent them mud for Christmas?

    And then you ended your message with Merry Christmas.

    Do you know what I’d say to that if I was one of those kids? Simple.

    Fuck you.


  116. I thought he had two years on that charge.

    You are correct. I just went and checked. Two years.


  117. And there it is. 52 comments and someone finally has suggested it. I bet Nic was waiting all day. And she can reply, “Why I hadn’t thought of this…yes we do need help retaining an attorney!”

    Cathy Hurd “Start a go fund me”
    December 22, 2016 6:30 p.m.


  118. Regardless of the menacing charges his more recent charges might also carry more trouble as he took a conditional plea like she did. Conditional means you can not get in trouble again for the set amount of time.

    Not that it means anything as he got away scott free with the goat and shit gate charges while on probation.


  119. Let’s look at Nicole and Joe’s behavior. The act as if they have no idea how to function in society. But they do know. Joe, in particular, can turn on the charm if he wishes. No, Nicole and Joe candidly act as if no one else matters, that good and successful people deserve to be treated shabbily, taken advantage of, and must tolerate Joe and Nicole’s horrid manners, impositions, and utter filth. The filth and imposition is physical, even fecal, but it is also filth of character. They have never exhibited the slightest predilection towards self-reflection or self-assessment that would find them wanting of character, at fault for anything, or responsible for the filth of their living conditions, or their filth of their character. No, to their view without exception, all the world has conspired to keep them in poverty and subjugated. Yet in fact, they themselves have been the sole conspirators in their lives of physical filth and poverty, and filth of character and poverty of character. Their memories readily blot out anything anyone ever did for them so as to keep from realizing that their blessed filth and poverty is all their doing, and theirs alone.

    They are bullies, a special kind of reprobate that defy nearly all efforts to have sympathy for. They have bullied their neighbors where they live. They have now, so it appears, bullied their business neighbors. They have also, it appears yet again, sought to lay the blame for their own bullying practices at someone else’s feet even when the evidence of their very own recordings condemns the filthy Nauglers.

    So, self-righteous Naugler leghumpers, I sincerely hope that you get to enjoy the misery of having the Nauglers as your neighbors, church members, business neighbors, seeking your distress of a dead child for nothing more than polite disagreement, taking advantage of you, or stealing from you. Then you would grateful for a blog like this that helps you remember that you never deserved to be treated like this and that you are not alone.


  120. What Would Jesus Do….

    Apparently you missed it on a previous post, but I have already offered up my sincere prayers for Joe and Nicole.

    I pray daily that they get ass cancer. First, a screaming painful anal fistula, followed by acidic diarrhea, followed by a shocking diagnosis of stage four ass cancer.

    Please Baby Jesus…all I want for Christmas…is for these two jerks to get ass cancer and for some nice folks to be spared.

    Please, thank you, and Amen.


  121. Nicole, as usual, got her ass handed to her over that comical disaster of a letter. She needed a distraction, and those baby videos don’t work as well on the newest flock of clueless leghumpers. So she went after the neighbor in her business complex. Not a very smart move, but when is Nicole ever smart? And for someone who is a stay at home unschoolin dad, he sure is at the shop a lot. Enjoying that grid life while the kids sit in a garden shed.


  122. True, Nicole & Joe had no business going to that woman’s shop today. BUT, would any of this even have happened if the Cosmic page hadn’t gone to the woman’s business page and ignited the flame?

    From the video that Nicole posted, you couldn’t really see the name or location of the shop. It wasn’t until Cosmic drew the lady into the whole mess by notifying her on her FB page that Nicole had filmed her shop and shown her dog outside that things began to escalate. And truthfully, Nicole wasn’t even saying anything disparaging about the shop, the lady, or the dog being outside. She filmed it to prove a point about some perceived insult that never happened (that it was HER dog outside HER shop).

    I’ll reiterate some rumbling I’ve been hearing…
    “Cosmic gives anti-Naugs a bad name”
    And I agree.

    Joe and Nicole were not the only ones to victimize the shopkeeper today.


  123. Big quoted lie

    I posted a three second video of her dog in front of her shop because rumors have been started not only on Facebook but in the community and with my property manager. People were saying that I was leaving clients dogs out tied up out front. I didn’t say anything about the Business or the dog, I didn’t even have a problem with it, I was just showing that it wasn’t my business.

    The trolls told this woman that I was attacking her, and she came to my page and was slightly offended by what I had wrote. Because I know things can get twisted and text we walked over to clarify. As soon as I opened her business door she started yelling at me to get out of her shop, I tried to explain myself but she told us to leave so we left. We were there for just a maybe a minute maybe a minute. My surveillance cameras can show a timestamp of that and that will be given in my report. I will not post that online.

    She called the police and said that we threatened her which we did not. We told the police our side of the story and they left. She continued to post on my Facebook page. And a few hours later her husband approached my husband as he left my salon and walked to his car. The guy was sitting out front of my business not his business. That’s when the conversation you heard on the audio happened.

    End quote



  124. Well, J still on probation for menacing. I certainly hope that V presses charges. Though it seems that her husband wants to see justice done. I don’t think this incident will go away. Maybe his and her menacing charges this time. And I wish I was local so that I could shop at V’s.


  125. She is chomping at the bit for anything to start another GFM.

    I hope she does and she will see that there is no way in hell they will get even 1/10 of what they got before. Maybe 1% and that might be a stretch.

    She is acting like a two peckered billy goat in mating season hopping around trying to find a reason that she thinks will get her piss poor leghumper to scrape up their pennies to donate. Earth to Nicole it is Christmas and most if not all of your leghumpers do celebrate the holiday so what little money they have is going to their families not yours. Sorry Sugar Britches but such is life.

    Want money make Jojo work. Apparently he babysits you at the shop instead of being home to unschool your kids and do work on the shitstead. Don’t deny it otherwise he would not be at your side today to go bully another woman and he minor child with his filthy mouth.


  126. You know, I always wondered why NickNaug referred to Sally as the tabloid blogger and I realize by referring to Sally as a tabloid blogger and other bloggers as stalkers etc., she is elevating herself as relavent and her comings and goings as interesting as those people who are in the public eye for more honorable reasons: entertainers, heroes, artists, etc. I wonder how many times NickNaug has ran to the hair salon, whoops, bad example, ran to the grocery store and had real paparazzi stand in line to take pictures of her. In her mind, I suspect that is how she thinks of herself. Bless her heart. In her attempt to convince her leg bumpers how important she is and how bothered she is, she has plans to move so no one can find her, sue folks, use other means…well, you know.

    So Icky, if you are reading know that you are not relevant in any kind of positive means. You are a bully, you are denying your children the basic rights that most children take for granted, you do not provide safety for your animals, you are a nuisance to your neighbors, and you spout propaganda as truths while shutting down those who want to provide you with facts. What you did that captured my attention was you made the local news because your children were removed from a three sided lean to, and during the arrest, you dared the officer, whose patience was more than tried that day, to just shoot you and warned your small children they would be shot. I found your distasteful life because your desire to go viral landed you in the news feed of a friend of mine who lives in Louisville and he said, man, talk about nut jobs, go watch this, and I did, and because of the children, I searched for some redemption for you or a happy ending for the kids. What I found was the zoo keeper left the door open and you roam around, moving on impulse, saying crap and doing crap and now you have just become an entertainment for me. I do enjoy Sally’s enlightenment on those topics that you have so fucked up. But, this…this crap adds a new dimension to the depths of manipulation that you will go all for the sake of trying to feed you ego and pull the wool over your supporters’ eyes. Words of advice: just because someone on the internet said you can write up these little legal sounding threats doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do or broadcast that you are doing. Certified letters cost could have been money better spent for your children such as maybe warm bedding.


  127. WWJS – Put your Christianity where your mouth is. If you feel so strongly about it get Nicole and Joe Naugler the medical help they need, take in all her kids while they are getting well and then build them a home and pay all the bills until every last kid reaches the age of adulthood. Stop preaching and start doing if you feel so strongly about it. Or you could just send them another $45,000 for them to waste.


  128. Did…did she actually admit to sending this?!

    Hoo boy. Imma borrow something from Tumblr/Twitter for this one:

    A thing

    (clap clap)

    That looks

    (clap clap)

    Kinda like

    (clap clap)

    Another thing

    (clap clap)

    If you squint

    (clap clap)

    Is not therefore

    (clap clap)

    The same

    (clap clap)

    As that thing

    (clap clap)

    Nauglers: Memorize it, chant it, you might learn something.


  129. WWJD wrote, “The most beautiful thing any human can do for another when there is any sort of indifference or negativity is pray for any and all involved.”

    Your idea of beauty does not supersede others and no one ever needs to be “ashamed” from differing from your ideals. Why limit “beauty” to your definition only.
    You pray, Sally will blog, others will do what they do to try to help and possibly some of these kids will have a chance at a decent life outside of the Sstead, and the parents will get the outcome they deserve.


  130. Has anyone been able to decipher the what is being said in the video? Is the police officer the one who says to Joe “to march his fat ass over there and apologize”?

    The boyfriend of the shop owner is former military police from when he was in the marines. Joe picked the wrong woman to use the C word on!
    This just gets deeper and deeper.


  131. She filmed it to prove a point about some perceived insult that never happened (that it was HER dog outside HER shop).

    There was no rumor. Nicole totally made that up out of whole cloth. It wasn’t a “perceived insult.” It was a fabrication.

    Furthermore, the video, in my opinion, implied this: “I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s the lady with the shop over there. She’s the one doing something wrong.”

    Nobody ever said anything was wrong. Nicole just made that up. She asked for this.

    Furthermore, nothing would have come of it had Joe and Nicole not marched over there and gone off on the woman. When somebody is really angry with you, and when they have a reason for being angry (you posted a video of their business implying that they had done something wrong) you don’t call the woman a “cunt.”

    I am not a big fan of some of the anti-Naugler pages and this blog exists almost entirely because I’m not a fan of those pages, but seriously, this was Nicole and Joe’s fault.


  132. Is the police officer the one who says to Joe “to march his fat ass over there and apologize”?

    No. I think that’s the shop owner’s SO.


  133. Hey, the BO said 2017 was going to be the year of change. Of course she can use this platform to begin a new GFM account. She is a master of deflecting. I noticed on some of her pages, she has some new socks. How the hell does she have time for all this? New concept Nikki. Start thinking before you post. Try. You may find the snark dies down a bit.


  134. In that same video Nicole states that she has ADT, Joe informs the police officer that the gentleman normally drives a different vehicle and Joe says he can read lips. I doubt there is much, if any, truth to those claims.


  135. N refers to Sally as the tabloid blogger because she knows that Sally speaks the truth. N is afraid to post the link. If she posted the link to this blog it would be a great eye opener for many (though not all) of her rabid fans.

    Hear that, N? Post the link instead of writing “tabloid blogger.”


  136. Well fuck. I traipsed up to my mail box in the new snow and still no cease and desist letter. Sigh. There are 2 more mail days before Christmas. Dare I hope?
    Maybe Nicole will act on that Eulanda woman’s advice. Go to the police station and pay $20 a warrant on everyone. Another person pointed out you don’t pay the police to arrest someone you don’t like. I dunno, maybe things are different in KY? Al? Sally? LOL


  137. I simply can’t imagine Nicole walking calmly over to her business neighbor, opening the door and trying to have a healthy, adult conversation where differences are worked out and misunderstandings are cleared up. Nope. Nope. Nope. I have seen and heard too many of her screeching videos.
    Even the encounter with the police this time. She tries to make it sound like LE just dropped by, they had a quiet chat and they left. Nice try. You can hear her screeching about wanting the other man arrested.
    And then of course there is Joe. His liberal use of the “C” word is malicious and a part of his abusive nature. It is so sad that she accepts being called that as well. My husband wouldn’t dream of using that word. We both can cuss like sailors but there are limits. It is interesting that big bad Joe didn’t go out and face that ex-Marine. Very telling isn’t it?
    I see more restraining orders in Joe’s future.


  138. @DebbieDowner said “And truthfully, Nicole wasn’t even saying anything disparaging about the shop, the lady, or the dog being outside. She filmed it to prove a point about some perceived insult that never happened (that it was HER dog outside HER shop).”

    The tone, in my opinion that Nicole had in the video was disparaging. Any local would know which shop that was. She shared it on her BLH page with 45,000 followers as to look she has to deal with. None of us had ever heard a rumor about dogs tied up outside her shop. Instead of profusely apologizing and deleting the video, like a decent person, she doubles down and engages where it escalates. What did Nicole hope to achieve with the video? Let everyone know that the unknown rumors weren’t true but look at her neighbor? I don’t understand how people can defend her on this? She should have apologized online and deleted the video. Instead police were called but it’s not their fault. ?


  139. If she posted the link to this blog i

    She actually did post the link to the “Cease” page. That’s a first for her.


  140. Go to the police station and pay $20 a warrant on everyone.

    Eulanda is. . . different.

    I never heard of such a thing.


  141. “Nicole just made that up. She asked for this.”

    Of course she did. When it’s likely you pay to push your pages and the current crop of followers aren’t sending sufficient money, you go stir the shit. It’s the Naugler way!

    I love the new moniker for Joe, “Shitwater croc”. Can we use that on special occasions?

    “I posted a three second video of her dog in front of her shop because rumors have been started not only on Facebook…”

    CJ wrote, “If you feel so strongly about it get Nicole and Joe Naugler the medical help they need…”

    As surely CJ knows you can’t MAKE people get medical help unless they are a danger to themselves or others. Then you can argue for a Baker hold but they will still be able to walk out after 72 hours. Nope. Neither Joe nor Nicole have been declared incompetent so their physical and mental health is entirely their own to mismanage. Ditto for the kids. People HAVE offered good practical advice to the parents and to the youngsters. Joe and Nicole won’t take advice – they just want money. Your money. You are all that is between them and homelessness.

    [Admin: We’re not going to discuss the perceived success of her business or anything else about it, for that matter.]

    Good luck with that, CJ. I hope that the family decides to live in your garage. You’ll love having all the company.

    What rumors on Facebook? I haven’t read any rumors that Nicole tied her dog or client’s dogs in front of Nicole’s shop. If there are rumors on FB I wouldn’t put it past some resident of the Shitstead to have started them. I wonder if it can be tracked back to one of the garden sheds as the point of origin.


  142. Peg…..Joe stayed in the shop and hid behind his wife’s skirts because he knew what would happen if he actually went out and faced that guy while he was lounging on his tailgate.

    As a said on another page, Jojo should be careful who he runs his mouth to, because if he used those words about me in front of my kids, my old man would have spent the night in jail and payed his $200 fine with a smile. That is not conjecture, that is fact. Unlike the Nogs who cloak themselves in whatever principles are convenient at the time, some people have absolute dealbreakers, and calling someone’s wife or girlfriend the C word (in front of her child no less) is one of them for most men.


  143. Why would or should anyone believe Nicole when she says she made the video of the neighboring business to disprove a rumor? Why do people believe even some of her bullshit stories? I don’t.

    I haven’t a clue what Nicole’s motive or intent was in filming the neighbor. If her intent was as she states then she could have just taken the video down when it proved to be more trouble than it was worth. She put up this video to disprove a rumor apparently only she knew of and the video doesn’t even disprove anything. If Nicole wanted to prove she didn’t tie up dogs outside her business then to prove that she needs video, like from her ADT, of the front of her business not someone else’s. The video of the neighbor business proves nothing, it is a dog and pony show, again. I also suspect Nicole’s motive in putting up the video to begin with when you consider all that transpired afterwards.

    The fact that Nicole and Joe are later talking about what vehicle the husband of the neighbor business usually drives is indicative to me that for whatever bizarre Naugler reason these business neighbors, among many of the others, have been on the Naugler radar for awhile.

    Personally, I’d start looking for other reasons for the video and ensuing confrontation. Naugler created and perceived leverage to threaten a lawsuit if the commercial landlord refuses to renew the lease or possibly go after Nicole for non payment of violations of the terms of the lease, would be two areas I would look into as Possibilities. Simply taking Nicole at her word about any aspect of any story she tries to sell is foolishness in my opinion.


  144. From what I remember of small town Kentucky police, they actually ARE more likely to take sides in a situation like this.

    If you’re known by them to be decent and honest, they will treat you with respect.

    If you have a reputation for being a cancer on society they will be hesitant to champion your cause.

    Is it fair? I don’t know. But it’s what I’ve seen firsthand.


  145. From what I remember of small town Kentucky police, they actually ARE more likely to take sides in a situation like this.

    Policemen are human beings. My neighbor is a deputy sheriff. He’s a good, decent guy, and he tries very hard to be fair. That doesn’t mean every decision he makes is perfect.


  146. Debbie Downer wrote, “True, Nicole & Joe had no business going to that woman’s shop today. BUT, would any of this even have happened if the Cosmic page hadn’t gone to the woman’s business page and ignited the flame?”

    So you’re saying it’s always someone other than the Nauglers who started it, who ignited the flame, who fanned the flames, who should have refrained from doing anything to upset the Nauglers? Because, well, we should have known what would happen and just avoided it so as to not upset them or ‘start something’? Before you go drawing any conclusions, I am not Cosmic nor am I associated with that page in any way other than having “liked” the page at some point during the last 18-19 months.

    **Explain how this could have all gone down differently if Nicole had never taken the damn video and posted it on her FB page. Because there lies the responsibility. Right there.**


  147. A brilliant theory Lisa, and I concur. The real reason is never the stated reason.

    >>Personally, I’d start looking for other reasons for the video and ensuing confrontation. Naugler created and perceived leverage to threaten a lawsuit if the commercial landlord refuses to renew the lease or possibly go after Nicole for non payment of violations of the terms of the lease, would be two areas I would look into as Possibilities. Simply taking Nicole at her word about any aspect of any story she tries to sell is foolishness in my opinion.<<


  148. [Admin: We’re not going to discuss the perceived success of her business or anything else about it, for that matter.]

    Sorry, Admin. I don’t remember what I wrote and I didn’t mean to cross that line. Thank you for removing it.


  149. @Josie
    “So you’re saying it’s always someone other than the Nauglers who started it, who ignited the flame, who fanned the flames, who should have refrained from doing anything to upset the Nauglers?”

    Where in god’s name did I say any of the above? I’ve followed this bullshit ever since in hit the news in May of 2015 & this is the very first time I’ve ever thought to myself or intimated that there was more at play. THIS TIME, THIS ONE SINGLE TIME, THIS ONE SINGLE INCIDENT!

    I didn’t realize that this was a “You’re all in, or you’re out” mentality. If we’ve all lost the ability to take all the evidence that we as individuals see and think critically and voice an opinion, then what does that make us?

    I’m allowed to have an opinion, and you’re allowed to call out that opinion, but please don’t put words in my mouth because that makes you no better than Nicole.


  150. I didn’t realize that this was a “You’re all in, or you’re out” mentality.

    It isn’t. You’ve been here long enough to know that I often don’t see things the way many commenters do. Sometimes I even side with Nicole.

    And you are absolutely allowed to have an opinion, as is Josie.


  151. I do not see it as a fan the flames thing at all.
    Instead I see it as giving a innocent person that was being attacked with out their knowledge that it was happening. It was a business that was attacked too.

    Anyone that has been here for any time knows how Ma and Pa work. They start out small and when they don’t get a rise out of that they up the game. I can only imagine what would have been next for this business owner if they were not made aware of it.

    I think you would be grateful if some one saw them starting an attack on your or your business especially knowing them like you do if you have been her since the beginning. It is time that they are held responsible for their actions. They have been floated in the boat long enough and gotten away with way too much to only keep on attacking. Look at what they are still doing to the neighbors who have orders of protections against them. They are still attacking them. IMO it is because the neighbors have not stood up to them with much force. But I am sure with time that will end.

    Last of all the business owner from what I have read is grateful it was brought to her attention.


  152. I just went back and looked at this post. Whatever kid gets assigned to mail out the dumpster payment apparently gets to do return addresses also.


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