Cathy’s Law


On August 11, 2014, we were greeted with a marvelous announcement.

It seemed that our very own St. Catherine of Victimhood had a bill named after her. Yes. The “Cathy Harris Law” or “Cathy’s Law” depending on where Karen was gushing.

That name, the whole calling-the-bill-after-Cathy thing, originated with the “Senator who sponsored the bill.”

We needed to look. And see.

It turns out it’s even more marvelous than we thought at first. Not only did the sponsoring senator call it “Cathy’s Law” or something similar, Cathy actually spoke to the Pennsylvania State Senate, not once, but twice.

We know when, too, because they are careful to tell us: last fall (2013) and this summer (2014). Isn’t that amazing?


Karen Nelson Lee (dubbed “Wow Wow” by my husband) is so happy about this, she posts it everywhere—like on her own wall.


Imagine that! Cathy testified before the Senate and the bill passed unanimously because they were all so moved by her testimony.

Amazing. This reminds me of something I read someplace about somebody else speaking before a governmental body and it was all just so moving and wonderful. What was it?


We see that Cathy herself comments on Karen’s status. So it has to be true. Cathy would/could say, “Gee, that isn’t really exactly what happened” if she wanted to at this point. But she doesn’t.

She just calls Karen “a stinker.” Isn’t that sweet?

Karen says she’s just “giving credit” where it’s due.

Since Wow Wow didn’t do it, somebody else chimes in with “Wow.” I was glad to see it. Warm fuzzies and all that.


Then suddenly, they are all mad. We haven’t let them have fun for a single second. It’s really not called “Cathy’s Law” at all. How would we know that? Karen told us it was.

Only I don’t know of anyone who said anything at this point. Not a word that I knew anything about. I certainly didn’t, since I actually didn’t even see any of this until after WowWow had gotten all butthurt.


What happened? I don’t have a clue, but it’s for damn sure Dan Keller is going to use the occasion to toss out an insult about my cow. Because the Pennsylvania legislature (notice that now it’s not just the Senate, but the whole entire legislature) believes Cathy’s whole story.


Now we set the stage. Anyone who “mocks the passage of this bill” is a bad person who isn’t a friend to “abuse survivors.” Don’t you dare “mock the passage of this bill.”

But the important phrase is this, referring to the name “Cathy Harris Bill” ( I wish to hell they’d decide what it was called): “which the Senator did say in casual conversation.”

Wow Wow chimes in, disappointingly, with “Yes, yes, yes.” Is she agreeing or having an orgasm? One cannot tell. . .


The back tracking begins.

St. Catherine speaks to us. She begins by yelling loudly about how everyone else should do something.

She never took credit for anything.

And more yelling.

Of course, she never took credit for anything. She lets Wow Wow do it for her and never says a word except “You stinker.”

Please note here. Nobody that I know of had said a single word publicly doubting a word of this. I hadn’t even seen it, didn’t know anything about it until well after this shit was up.

Why is Cathy so angry? Nobody had said anything. Frankly, nobody that I know of has said a word about this until now, almost three weeks later.

And Wow Wow continues… with whatever.


Here’s the statement from St. Catherine. It’s astonishing, frankly.

She says: Senators will do anything to be reelected…even if it is [sic] try to BS a survivor.

The Senator in question was so impressed by St. Catherine’s story, so moved by it, along with all his fellow legislators, that he informally referred to the bill as the “Cathy Harris Law”—and he’s BSing a survivor so he can get re-elected.

I don’t even know what to say in response to this.


So, at this point, I went over to St. Catherine’s and Dr. Lewis’s wonderful FB page, Truth Seeking Graduates…, to see the glorious news there. The announcement was exactly what WowWow had posted on Manhaters (shot at the top of this page).

So where was all the hoopla about St. Catherine? Where was all the stuff about how she personally spoke to the legislature and they were so moved by her story and they so totally believe all of it and yay, St. Catherine of Victimhood to the rescue? Not a word. Not a single word. Nothing.


After two whole hours, Wow Wow can’t stand it and has to ask about the “Cathy Harris Bill.”

No clinking of the champagne glasses, no high-fiving, nothing.

If you go over to TSGoBJ right now and look, you won’t find that post at all. It’s been removed or hidden or something. It is always possible, of course, that they have it hidden, and as soon as they read this, they will promptly put it back up, but as of the date this page went up, I’ve had five other people check over there and nobody can find it. The date was about August 11, 2014. [Update September 7, 2014: They did, in fact, put it right up back and then pretended it had been there all along. Typical, and I predicted it. By September 9, it’s gone again.]


Wow Wow has to remind us that this bill passed unanimously. Everywhere. In the Senate, in the House, all across America, you name it.

This is terribly unusual, because our country is so divided. Cathy went to the legislature and spoke so eloquently and beautifully and her story is so heart-rending and she is so courageous and it’s all so fantastic.

Nobody cares at all about the fake Tozars. Not one bit. I bet they wouldn’t care about the NOVA lie, either would they? Or the lies about Beth andDJ?


Wow Wow now tells me what to do about this. She says that before I express doubt about this story, I should just contact the Senator’s office. Just do it.

She, of course, doesn’t bother to tell me which Senator to contact. She gives no name. Just the one who told Cathy that it passed unanimously because of her.

Cathy chimes in to tell us that she told Jeffrey that she was going to do this last fall. So there, that’s proof. She told Jeffrey, therefore, of course, that was true.

So there you have it.

Here’s the list:

1. Cathy testified/spoke before the Senate/entire Pennsylvania legislature on two occasions, once in the fall of 2013 and again in the summer of 2014.

2. Nobody knew anything about this, and really, pretty much nobody does now, because Karen “Wow Wow” Lee is the only person who seems to have posted anything about it. That’s because Cathy is really, really shy and retiring and modest.

3. The Senator who sponsored the bill said that it was Cathy’s testimony that brought together a very divided legislature to vote unanimously for the bill, and he informally referred to it as the “Cathy Harris Law.”

4. I suck, and I haven’t even done anything yet.

5. Cathy told Jeffrey about this last fall, so there’s proof.


First off, we’ll begin with a little history lesson. Remember this? In case you don’t, this is Colin Powell testifying before the United Nations about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. Yeah, that testimony.

And you know what? The United Nations representatives pretty much believed him.

Just because somebody says something, even in front of a legislative body, doesn’t confer veracity on the testimony, any more than testimony in a court room under oath is necessarily true.


Just because you tell somebody that you’re “planning” to do something doesn’t mean you actually did it. Yes, I asked Jeffrey about this. And yes, he confirmed that St. Cat told him something about how she was going to do this.


But Jeffrey hasn’t been on “Cathy’s side” for a couple of years, at least. So why would Cathy tell him all about this when she seems to have told no one else? Seems odd to me. It would be like me telling Maytag what I plan to do next. Why would I do that?


Just contact the Senator’s office.

This sounds like a really good idea.

So, I did.

And not just me. A whole bunch of people did.

Of course, we had a teensy problem. WowWow never told us which Senator to contact. She just said the one who sponsored the legislation.

And the bill had about thirty sponsors.

The primary sponsor was Senator Greenleaf, and he’s from out Cathy’s way, so he seemed like the most likely place to start.


This is the report from just one person who contacted his office, just like Wow Wow said we should.

And there’s his phone number conveniently listed for those who might want to repeat this exercise, although I bet Greenleaf’s office is getting really, really tired of fielding calls about Cathy Harris.


Oh, dear. We have a problem, it seems. There were no legislative hearings, according to Greenleaf’s aide. And he never heard of Cathy Harris, even informally. Believe me, he’s heard of her now, though.

The history of the bill is exactly as the aide describes and you can read all about it here.


Not only had he never heard of Cathy, her story didn’t sound familiar to him at all. The good Senator obviously never referred to SB75 “informally” as the “Cathy Harris Law” around this guy.

But, to really do this right, it was necessary to contact all thirty of the sponsors, so I did. Personally. All thirty. And nobody ever heard of Cathy Harris. There were no hearings of any sort during the period when she claims to have spoken to the legislature. Senator Greenleaf talks a little bit about the history of the bill in his remarks to the Senate made on December 10, 2013, when the bill passed there.


There was a Commission report which reached the legislature in 2012. The Commission did have all sorts of meetings and there were rallies and stuff, but all that occurred in 2011, no later than 2012.


Thankfully, the legislative sessions are public record. Every word they say is taken down and available for viewing.

That was my next step. That’s exactly what I did. I went through them all. I started with January 1, 2013 and went through the entire year of 2013, including the fall months which is when Wow Wow claims that Cathy testified.

I read through some of them word for word to get a feel for how the sessions go—there is a pattern of course, a procedural order.

And then I did a complete search on the rest, specifically searching for the words “Cathy”, “Harris” (I broke the name apart just in case they’d known her as “Catherine”), “sex”, “trafficking,” “hearing,” and “vote.”

The name Cathy Harris does not appear anywhere.

Naturally, there were several mentions of the words “sex” and “trafficking”, mostly related to the meanderings of SB 75 as it wound its way through the legislative process.


There were hearings listed, though, lots of them, like this one about Common Core.


And this one, about elk. Isn’t the Internet great? You can learn all sorts of things. I had no idea there were elk in Pennyslvania.


There were hearings on particular bills, like this one.

But there were no hearings on SB 75, or anything remotely similar.

This is a hearing on the transportation bill. The transportation bill, during 2013, was a contentious bill. There were lots of speeches made about it in the Senate, lots of wrangling and very polite arguing, endless amending and just not a whole lot of agreement. And there were hearings. Several of them. So it does happen.

But there were no hearings on Senate Bill 75.

Remember how WowWow told us all about how this is a divided country and how St. Cat had created unanimity with her story?

That’s why I searched for the votes. I wanted to see how often the PA Senate votes unanimously.

The answer is: a whole lot. Like the overwhelming majority of the time. My guess would be about 80% of the time, maybe more.

And that’s how SB 75 wound its way through the Senate: unanimously. Routinely. Perfunctorily. The transportation bill? Now, there’s where they needed St. Catherine. Senate Bill 75, not so much.


The bill went through the process, from committee to the Senate floor (three times, the usual process), to the House, back to the Senate for final approval, without a single dissenting vote. Not one.

This great agreement, this kumbayah moment didn’t come after St. Catherine of Victimhood stood up and told her heart-wrenching story. It came from the beginning because legislators did this the right way. They put the job of fact-finding in the hands of experts, who crafted a report and made recommendations, and then the legislators simply took those recommendations and turned them into written law.

Kudos to the state of Pennsylvania for doing this so well. It appears to be a very good bill (I’ve actually read most of it).

So, did St. Catherine speechify, and if so, to whom? Whatever happened, she made absolutely no impression whatever on anyone in the Pennsylvania State Senate offices. No one ever heard of her at all. She didn’t do it before the “entire State Senate” much less the whole legislature, because that would be in the public record and it’s not there. She didn’t do it in a hearing, because there weren’t any.

Even though there are numerous articles from various sources about the passage of this law, none of them mention Cathy Harris, or speeches unifying the legislature or anything remotely similar.

Maybe she has started talking to empty chairs.


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