Cathy and the Wizard, Again

I want to refer everyone to a page on the main website that I put up quite a while ago. Remember Beth James? If you don’t, go read about her. And even if you do, go read it all again anyway.

Then go read this one.

Remember all that? Now that you’ve read it all, please show me where I ever claimed a single time that Boz said that Cathy Harris was Beth James.

Here’s Boz’s statement just as I posted it way back in February, 2015, almost 18 months ago.


Boz said that “Beth James” was not an attorney with GRACE.  That’s all he said.  This is, of course, what Cathy, and Camille, and Maytag, and Wow Wow, and Dan and all the members of the Court insisted, that “Beth James” was a GRACE attorney, specifically Charissa.   There is no other possibility given their claims.  They were wrong.

And as I told Dan, I don’t think they were all lying.  I think all but one of them was fooled.

I think they were fooled by Cathy Harris, who made up “Beth James” and faked being an attorney and convinced them all that “Beth James” was getting her all this legal help against me and I was getting visited by the FBI and jail was imminent.

It, of course, was all bullshit.

Well, Cathy has now brought it up again, because she can’t help herself, I guess.

She’s gotten into a bit of a Twitter flutter.  I don’t bother with Twitter, actually. I have a Twitter account which I believe is linked to my FB account so that what I post on FB gets posted to Twitter but I rarely purposely tweet anything.  And I don’t follow either Cathy or Camille on Twitter. I don’t even follow the folks that I have “followed” on Twitter because I almost never go there.

The Friends of Frances did start a Twitter account for the sole purpose of linking to posts on this blog and website.  But I have nothing to do with that.  It’s not my account. It’s theirs.

The FOF did give me a heads up that Cathy was starting to address me over and over and over again on Twitter, most of which I have ignored, because I frankly have no idea what she’s all in a wad about.   She won’t use my actual name, or link here, so I really don’t care.

But then came this shit.

This crap is hard to read if you’re not into Twitter-speak, but what has happened is that somebody has appeared with a Twitter ID of “Edmond Dantes” and “he’s” taunting Cathy.  Poor St. Catherine. She’s being persecuted yet again.

However, there’s a champion who comes riding in to rescue her.

Notice the name Daniel uses for “Edmond”? Joshey.  Who is that?  Frankly, I wasn’t sure, but after a bit I figured it out, especially since Daniel just came right out and accused him.  I won’t use the screen shot here, but the person Daniel is talking about is the assistant pastor at Bethel Baptist Church.

Remember the Fake Rape? Remember that I contacted Bethel to ask about the supposed rapist?  That guy. The one I spoke to there.

Daniel doesn’t know the assistant pastor at Bethel Baptist Church.  So where did he get the idea that “Edmond Dantes” is that man?  I’ll tell you where.

He got that idea from the same person who dreamed up “Beth James.”

Cathy Harris told him that “Edmond Dantes” is that guy, and Daniel has bought it, and is now wielding his Twitter sword and doing battle with a windmill for the honor and white handkerchief of St. Catherine.  Isn’t it romantic and chivalrous?

That would be fine. They can blather on with their little Twitter battle and Cathy’s fake “Edmond” forever for all I care.

But of course, she can’t leave it there.  She’s got to keep stuff all stirred up because otherwise people won’t come to defend her and Cathy just lives for this crap.

So she has “Edmond” say this:

Nobody ever claimed this that I know of. Nobody.  I’ve linked to every place on this website that the subject is mentioned, and nobody said this. Cathy is just making this up.

This is typical Cathy Harris.

She did the same thing with Keturah, way back when. She creates a straw man, and then she proceeds to knock the straw man down, and then she claims victory.

Voila!  Here’s “proof.”  She has this great “document” to knock down that straw man.

Please know that I have never attributed the “Beth James” ID to you.

Exactly what he said publicly. Exactly what I claimed all along.

All I know is that it is certainly not someone working with GRACE.


Boz Tchividjian never once said that Cathy Harris was “Beth James.”

I did.

And I will do it again. I believe that Cathy Harris made a fake identity called “Beth James” and did so to try to intimidate me into taking down this website.  It failed completely, of course, and “Beth James” disappeared.

But even that dingbat Karen picked up her sword and began waving it around.

She can “attest to the fact that Cathy has been sitting on this all this time.”

Oh my.  Sitting on what?  A statement that says the exact same thing his public statement said 18 months ago?  The one I published?

I will never understand why Karen falls for this stuff.  She is probably the most gullible person I’ve ever come in contact with in my life. She believed the whole “Beth James” thing completely.  She believed Cathy’s lie about her great speech  to the Pennsylvania legislature, the one that never happened.  She believed that half of America was going to come protest in front of BJU.  She totally buys into this current lunacy, that somehow somebody claimed that Boz said something that nobody ever claimed, ever, until Cathy made up “Edmond Dantes” and faked it.  You’d think she’d get tired of being made into a fool.  Camille obviously did.  I think Maytag finally did.  Why is Karen hanging on?

I also don’t understand Cathy’s devotion to Boz.

Cathy, Boz quite obviously didn’t believe  you.  Your story isn’t in the GRACE report. Not one single word of it made it in there.  No Jim Berg stuff. No rat trap.  Nothing.   You’re a fake, from start to finish.

Wonder what else I’ve been keeping to myself?

I do not give a flying fuck, St. Cat.  Not a single one.




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