Identity Crisis

obtaining ss number
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It’s almost circular, isn’t it?  You need  a birth certificate to prove your age and citizenship, but you need a US passport to prove your identity. However, you need a birth certificate to get the US passport.

Somebody brought up the case of Alecia Faith Pennington in a comment the other day, and that set me wondering. I hadn’t heard an update on Faith’s situation (that’s the name she goes by) in a long time and I was curious to see how her case is progressing.

And that sent me down the rabbit trail.

Here’s some background for those who might not know what I’m talking about.

Faith Pennington is the daughter of Lisa Pennington.  At least, that’s how I think of her primarily.  I was aware of Lisa long before Faith flew the coop, because Lisa is a blogger.  (Warning: the blog is filled with clickbait. Lisa is quite clearly trying to make money off it.)

She had written a piece several years ago slamming gays which I found pretty offensive, so I wrote her a note to explain my dismay to her. She does not allow negative comments of any sort on her blog, so I knew it wouldn’t be approved, but it really wasn’t for public consumption. It was for her. I made it very short and to the point because I knew she would hit delete as soon as she recognized it as negative.

I noticed at some point that her husband, James, is a graduate of Liberty University’s law school, which is pretty much the worst law school in America. But he can’t use the excuse that he doesn’t know that no ID severely restricts what people can and cannot do in this country.

In short, they are right-wing conservative Christian homeschoolers who live out in the boonies and completely isolate their numerous children.

So I knew who they were, sort of, in a kind of detached “oh, yeah, another one of those” way.

And then Faith left home and made a video.

And the video went viral. Way, way beyond Naugler viral. Really viral.

Faith had decided to leave home and go live with her grandmother.  Well, here. You’ve seen Faith’s side of it. Let’s read Lisa’s.  Note: this is a PDF of the post Lisa made on her horrid little blog, playing her victimy whiny violin and begging for sympathy because her grown daughter decided to leave home.  She took the original one down, but the internet is forever.

She calls it “The Hardest Post I Ever Wrote.”  Bless her little heart. One of her children essentially gave her the finger and moved out.  And that’s the hardest thing she’s ever dealt with.

She also manages to insult the hell out of her own mother by calling her “a godless woman who has been giving her [Faith] foolish counsel and encouraging her to deceive us and get out.” Her argument seems to center around Faith refusing to come home.

Why should Faith go home? Really? Why should she?  “Home” means living out in the middle of nowhere, used as a babysitter for all the younger siblings, with no social life and no autonomy and no driver’s license (and no access to a car even if you had a license) and no job and no access to the internet.  “Home” means giving up her adulthood to the control of her parents. But the Penningtons were willing to give her “everything she wanted” (meaning: her rightful identity and the paperwork to prove it, something she should have had as her birthright) provided she would “come home” and be their willing, controlled slave once again.

I say that Faith was lucky to have grandparents who were willing to help her out.

And that’s where I left Faith. She had no ID of any sort, and no way to get any that anyone could see. She was basically invisible.  She was also resolved.  Other news outlets were reporting on the story, including this one that gives more details. 

Her father made his own video (removed now) where he made the whole controversy about how she is basically a bratty teenager who wanted her driver’s license. Just the sort of thing one would expect from these sort of folks. And then it all sort of went silent.

I kind of forgot about her, until she was mentioned in the comments here.

So, imagine my delight to discover this.

I know. It’s half-an-hour in length, but it’s worth listening to it. Faith has come a long, long way.

What astonished me the most, I think, is that a Republican state legislator in Texas came to her aid. That’s just wonderful and welcome and I am thrilled.  And the Texas legislature did, in fact, pass legislation that makes it a crime to deny your adult children their identification.  Texas did this.  Regressive, backward, goofy Texas. The state I would be happy to see leave the union. They did this.  Good for them.

Faith, according to her Facebook page, has her delayed birth certificate, is awaiting her passport to arrive in the mail, and will be able to use those two documents to finally get a Social Security number so she can get a job, go to school, and be a real person.

But notice this. The video that Faith made and put on YouTube was released on February 9, 2015.   That’s nineteen months ago.

It has been more than a year and a half and Faith still doesn’t have all her documents.  Let that sink in.

For more than a year and a half, Faith Pennington, who is an adult US citizen, has been unable to get a job, or go to school, or travel outside the United States. She literally can’t do much of anything. And it’s entirely a situation that her parents caused because they have engaged in something that now has a name.

It’s called identification abuse.

Homeschoolers Anonymous article about Faith

Lots more Homeschoolers Anonymous pieces on identification abuse

Coalition For Responsible Home Education article about identification abuse

The Washington Post article about Faith

PDF report of a survey of homeschool alumni about identification abuse

In Texas, denying these documents to an adult child is a crime. It ought to be a crime everywhere, and that includes Kentucky.  Forcing an adult child to waste two years of her life, put it all on hold, because you happen to be a control-freak asshole ought to be a criminal offense.

Faith was lucky because her video went so viral that she got the attention of people with the power to do something about her situation.

What about those who didn’t make a video?


One cold winter day in 2009, I happened upon a podcast and started listening to it out of sheer boredom. Tim Turner was describing how you could get out of paying your mortgage or having your house repossessed and end up owning it free and clear.

Since we already own our little farm outright and were in no danger of losing it, I don’t know why the whole thing intrigued me, but it did. I supposed it was because the guy was so obviously bananas.

This was back when lots of folks were in serious trouble with home foreclosures and job losses and people were pretty nervous about the economy. And this guy was doing a seminar on how to beat the system.

He threw around a lot of legal-sounding phrases and big words, like his listeners would understand what the hell he was talking about, and sounded astonishingly similar to Joe Naugler, as a matter of fact.  Lots of talking but not much communicating.

In one of his weekly calls, in another example, a follower asked Turner to explain what really happened when an alien spacecraft supposedly crashed in 1947 near Roswell, N.M. His reply was reminiscent of a tabloid headline in a supermarket checkout line: “I’m not going to tell you they [aliens] exist or don’t exist. What I’m going to say is every nation on Earth, or every industrialized nation on Earth at least, has a treaty with them.”

[From an article on Turner at the Southern Poverty Law Center.]

That was my introduction to the weird, wacky world of the sovereign citizen.

SPLC article
click image to link to source

This article is probably the best overall explanation of the movement and their basic beliefs. The most interesting part to me of all this is that the sovereign citizens movement is basically racist and originated mostly in the white supremacy community. And this PDF is a longer, more comprehensive history and explanation of the movement.


You can even buy books by sovereigns telling you all about how to flood the courts with worthless documents and how you too can end up in prison (like Tim Turner did).

The name thing is also bizarre and sort of fascinating. They believe that their name spelled in all capitals is not really their name at all and that they can get out of legal obligations just because they sign their name as Sally Davis, instead of SALLY DAVIS.

I laughed some more when these madmen sent letters to all fifty governors of the various states demanding that they step down from office “or else.” It was all just so funny.

But then along came Jerry Kane and his 16-year-old son, Joe.


Here they are. An overweight pompous asshole of a father, and his innocent-looking, just-on-the-cusp-of-manhood son.  Jerry, in this video, was doing a seminar. You can listen to some of it if you like.  There is a whole series of these videos. The seminar was all day.

Jerry and his son were in Arkansas about a year after the video above was filmed and got pulled over by a couple of policeman on a routine traffic stop. While the policemen were occupied talking with the father, the son, this 16-year-old boy, produced a rifle and fatally shot both of the policemen. Jerry and Joe then fled, only to be surrounded a while later in a parking lot and killed by the police.

It was a terrible tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

It happened because Jerry Kane indoctrinated his son in a bunch of bullshit that included an over-inflated sense of their own importance, a complete disdain for the duly-authorized legal system from the courts on down to the local police, and extreme paranoia.

Jerry Kane, that jackass in the white suit, got both himself and his boy killed.

For me, the incident made the whole sovereign citizen thing not nearly so funny. I hadn’t realized how close they were to violence. Obviously, those cops hadn’t realized it either. After the Kane tragedy, police officers started receiving training in how to recognize sovereigns and how to handle them so that further incidents like that would not occur.

I bring all this up because Joe and Nicole Naugler, while describing themselves as voluntaryists, use language and seem to embrace concepts that originate in the movement. Pinning an ideology on the Nauglers is difficult if not impossible, as they are basically opportunists.

Nicole has said that she is a “voluntaryist.”  Before venturing down the Blessed Little Rabbit Hole, I had no idea what that was.

Think of it this way. The big category is “Christian.”  Under that, we have “Protestants” and “Catholics.”

The various sub-sects of “Protestant” include those on in the mainstream, like Episcopalians or Lutherans, and those on the right, like Southern Baptists, and then the really extreme bunch, like independent fundamentalist snake-handling Baptists.

And that’s very much the way libertarians are.  Like Baptists, there are all sorts of sub-groups. There are the basic mainstream libertarians, who are bonkers but pose no threat to anyone about anything. And there are all the spawns, the off-shoots, many of whom are lumped together as “patriots.”

Sovereign citizens and voluntaryists and anarcho-capitalists all fall into that latter category. Sorting out the differences between them is a bit like trying to figure out what the difference is between Southern Baptists and Free Will Baptists and Primitive Baptists. They fuss and fight over definitions between themselves, but nobody else cares. They are all Baptists.

And like Baptists, these sub-groups have core ideas they share, things like “government is bad,” “laws restrict freedom,” “taxation is theft,” “the police suck dirt,” “courts are all corrupt,” “government is all corrupt,” “to be free, nobody can tell me what to do.” That sort of thing.


I have dozens of screen shots like this, where Nicole shares some post of Larken Rose’s.

I’ve talked a bit about Larken Rose here and in another post about voting. But what I didn’t mention is that Larken Rose is one of those voluntaryist-anarchocapitalist sorts. (If they combine any more words, we’ll have a hyphenated jungle.) And that’s a close, close sibling to a sovereign citizen.

Nicole loves Larken Rose.  She hangs on his every word and shares many of them. She even steals them outright without attribution.

business law

She doesn’t like laws pertaining to her business. She doesn’t like it that the state wants to insure that if I walk in there, the building will be safe and not collapse, the workers will be paid appropriately (unless they are her own children, in which case slave labor is acceptable), there is a recognizable entity for me to sue if I am cheated, and that she is not permitted to skip out on paying her fair share of taxes.


Oh, yeah. I forgot. Taxes are theft in Nauglerville.

law you won't obey

Notice the threat here? You’re a slave. You need to figure out when you are going to rise up and revolt. At what point will you do that?  You need to think about it.

No, I’m not, Larken, and no, I don’t.

laws immoral

Thankfully, Nicole does not hold any elected office. There are good things in the world and having her washing dog butts is one of those good things.

government control

Apart from the fact that the little graphic above is inaccurate (being a socialist does not mean that you think government should control all  your food sources or clothing sources or even housing except for the needy, and the differences between a classic conservative and a classic liberal are way more numerous and varied than universal healthcare), the point Nicole is offering up here is that she doesn’t believe in government of any kind at all. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

dangerous lumped

So, see, even Nicole lumps the various sects of this so-called “Patriot” movement together.  And she knows that there is a violent, dangerous streak in there.  She knows perfectly well who Jerry Kane was, and I bet she could name many of the other sovereign citizens or similar types who have clashed with law enforcement and ended up either in prison or dead.

don't condone violence

Two options.  Just two. Black and white.  Either, or.

What about option C? Authority is given with the consent of the governed (it is – Nicole just won’t vote because her guy generally doesn’t win, so she took her rubber duck and left), so we honor that even if we don’t agree with it.

For her, there is no option C.

And she’s not condoning violence (yet), but she understands it. Yeah, we all heard her screeching at Sheriff Pate to shoot her, and screaming at her boys that the police would shoot them.  I remember that.

don't condone violence 2

And this is what her unschooled kids are being fed. Violent uprising might be the only answer.  The state has no authority.  The police are the enemy, and violence against them is “understandable.” Law about things like sanitation and business licenses are evil and have no validity.  It’s courageous and commendable to scream bloody murder at a sheriff.

daylight savings timeEven the family jokes involve how dumb and useless and stupid and incompetent the government is.

I think that is exactly what Jerry Kane fed his son, Joseph.  And I really believe that when Jerry Kane heard those shots and saw those police officers fall and realized that his son, who I’m sure he loved, had just killed two officers, he was the most shocked person on earth.

When I listen to Jerry Kane on those videos, I am reminded of men like Ted Haggard (the fundamentalist preacher who ranted about the evils of homosexuality while having a gay affair). They say stuff from the pulpit all the time that they really don’t believe or do. Jerry Kane wasn’t going to actually do enough law-breaking to get put in actual jail.  He was just going skate close so he could trot around the country and give seminars in his white suit and get paid for it.

We all do this to some extent.  “I will not do that,” we say vehemently, until we calm down a little and realize why we are going to have to do exactly that, or a somewhat altered version of that. It’s called adulting.

Joseph Kane was not an adult, though. He, like all adolescents, was just starting to learn about how idealism and reality sometimes (often?) clash, and how you have to figure out how some sort of compromise.

And he was listening to his father ‘preach’ from the pulpit of governmental hatred, childish narcissism, and paranoia.  He absorbed the lessons.  He believed them.

The result was catastrophe.

I’ve wondered what was running through Jerry Kane’s mind as he madly drove away from that scene.  He had to know that if the police found them (and he had to know that they would), he and Joseph would very likely be killed in the ensuing situation. He was a dead man driving, and in the vehicle with him was his son, also as good as dead.

Did he frantically try to figure out a way for his son to survive even if he didn’t?  Did he want to give up?  Did they argue about it?

We’ll never know.








I could almost, almost feel for Nicole here. She reads this bullshit stuff and believes all of it and so she’s “upset.”

Here’s the article.

medical kidnap

Notice the source?  Sigh.  Fear-mongering at its worst.  A site that every parent who ever had a run-in with CPS frequents regularly, because they are all (or at least this is way it appears to me) innocent.  And CPS is evil. Always evil.

And they steal babies. You know, babies born to 14-year-old rape victims who are brave and all pro-life and decide to go ahead and have the baby. Because CPS is just evil like that and hates children.  Or wants to sell children.  Or something.

Well, maybe not.

I spent about five minutes (really, about five minutes) looking around for a site that was saying something about this that wasn’t a lunatic site, and found this.


Of course, this is Snopes, and so George Soros, so we can’t believe it either.  Or can we?

Read it and see for yourself.


And my thanks to a sharp-eyed, super-Googler reader who found this. The grandmother decided to Naugler a bit, and started a GoFundMe.  It is now gone, conveniently (and good riddance – GoFundMe is just online begging). They have raised five of their grandchildren, and two of them had babies the same week.  I don’t know if the second grandchild who gave birth was a minor, but it’s for certain the first one was.

If I were CPS, I might be checking into this situation too.

If Nicole would get off these fringy silly conspiracy-theorist pages and quit immersing herself in one side of things, she might not be so upset.

And maybe then she could go back to being upset with the health department. They are real.


Flat Earth

flat earth

This was a little disconcerting, I admit.  What in the world is Nicole trying to convey here, if anything at all?

I didn’t even know that it was possible to actually function in society (well, one can argue that the Nauglers are not achieving that, I know) and simultaneously believe that the earth is flat.

I went to the Facebook page linked here and decided that half those people had to be POEs.

Well, I decided wrong, apparently.


If that meme puzzled you like it did me, you need to go here and listen.

It’s a bit longer than 12 minutes, and there’s a transcript there as well, so you can read it if you like. The transcript has nice linkies you can follow.

All of it made more sense to me (“sense” here is a very relative term, since none of this makes any real sense) after I listened to Brian’s take on it.

Do take note of the heavy anti-Semitic tone of all this. The Nauglers do seem to hang around and be supported by some of the fringiest fringies out there.

Nicole never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like.  Joe is right now carrying on about how they have some sort of federal investigation thing going on where they, the intrepid Nauglers, are going to expose the “corruption” in the Breck County government.

Because nothing is ever their fault, and it’s always somebody else’s fault (it’s even the baby’s fault for finding a bug and causing Nicole to forget to turn the car off, thus draining the battery), conspiracy theories are very handy things.

Anyway, whether or not Nicole Naugler actually believes the earth is flat is almost irrelevant. She believes firmly that vaccinations are bad, and that’s pretty close to the same thing.

And there are 11 children that get no input whatever from any other sources than those they are pointed to by Joe and Nicole Naugler. That’s scary.

What’s On The Pages?

Warning: Some of this stuff is really offensive. There are a couple of photos that are pretty bad. Just so you know.

So, it’s all very well to show that Joe and Nicole and a few of their more ardent supporters (maybe) have gone to the trouble to start a new Facebook page on average every 6 days for the last eight months, but it leaves a question unanswered.

What was on all those pages?  What did they talk about?

Glad you asked.

Some of it, maybe most of it, was/is childish nonsense.


childish 2

That’s brilliant, of course. Joe and Nicole Naugler went public with their entire lives, begging for their “story” to “go viral,” and then when it did, and negative press ensued, they sort of went apeshit.

And somehow because of that, anyone who thinks they are just plain wrong and says so becomes their “new toy,” and they intend to “play.”

Nicole control

And this  makes it clear that Nicole and Joe had total control of all this, and hence, total blame. In spite of her claims that she just doesn’t know who is making all these pages, she, in fact, does and follows them all very closely.  In fact, most of the time, I’ve found out about a new page because she linked from it.

But a good bit of this stuff crossed a line from childish to very intimidating and even threatening.

They go after family members, and find any photo with personal stuff in it that they can.

NOTE: I have pixelized and otherwise obscured faces and other identifying information where feasible.  I did this. The originals, as posted by these various pages, were not obscured in any way.

Family homes

personal 2

Addresses.  Phone numbers.  Arrest records. You name it. Any personal information they can find out about you, they use.  All for making one single negative comment about the Nauglers anywhere at all.

Family home 2

Isn’t that nice?  The admin is only going to leave the photos up a few minutes “to prove a point.”  What point?  The point that “he” will come after you if you say one single negative thing about the Nauglers in public anywhere.  One single negative thing.

Family home 3

Family home 4

Please take note of what this is about.  This is about somebody who had a child that died.  The child died. And that becomes a “new toy.”

Family home 5


And then there was the Dog Who Got Killed Somehow episode.

Nicole, before we go on, please learn the difference between “effect” and “affect.”  Thanks.

Joe and Nicole, as soon as their children were removed from the home shitshack, removed themselves as well and went to stay in a nice motel. They left behind some goats and some chickens and several dogs. Two of the dogs went missing, with one subsequently found dead or nearly dead.

This is what happens when you “free range” dogs, folks. Especially if you aren’t present on the property for days on end to see to their care. They leave. They wander. They probably harass livestock. And if they live in the country, somebody gets fed up and shoots them.

But Nicole chose to blame people who lived more than 1000 miles away of having gone to the trouble to travel to Kentucky and sneak up on the Blessed Little Homestead and wreak havoc on dogs.


Businesses were not immune.  Some folks experienced their employers being telephoned by the Nauglers and/or their supporters.

Remember, one single negative comment could land you in this sort of situation.


And then there were the personal attacks. The insults. The slurs.

personal 3

personal 4

personal 5

Calling women “whores” seems to be a common affectation, as we’ll see later on.

personal 6

Interesting.  This person doesn’t seem to know the difference between “effect” and “affect” either.  Wonder why that is?

personal 7

personal 8

personal 9

personal 10


Again, the redaction to these photos is not present on the originals. This one is just as offensive as you imagine it to be.

personal 11

This is sort of disturbing. Each color is blocking a different name.  And this discussion of violence is met with laughter.  It’s just so funny.

personal 12

personal 13

sharing pages


Ah, the infamous List.  If you’re on the List, you’ve “harassed, bullied, doxxed, or have been a nuisance.”

Only I know several people on made it onto the List, and all they did was post one single negative comment about the Naugler family.  Fifty-five people made the List.

I am not reproducing the List here. I would obscure all the names, so it would simply be a list of obscured names, which isn’t very interesting.

To create this page, I went through a stash of more than 340 screen shots, all related to insults, personal information being shared, photos of families being mocked and reproduced, you name it. Obviously, I could not put all 340+ photos up here without boring you half to death, so I had to just choose some samples.

But is it any wonder that some of these folks began to fight back?  In doing so, some of them began flinging insults around at their anonymous attackers.  And the whole thing devolved into a sandbox fight.

But remember, none of these people, not one of the fifty-five on the List, ever tried to get their “story” to “go viral,” or ever tried to get the news media to notice them.  They were just ordinary people, commenting on Facebook, and dared to say a single negative thing about Joe and/or Nicole Naugler.

And then in the irony of all ironies, there is this.

lawsuit threats

Exactly who is writing this?



I have no idea.



Pages? What Pages?

veiled threat

I know.  It’s the same screen shot from the other page.  But I want to focus on a different couple of sentences.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me.  In fact, I don’t even know who is.

Oh, Nicole. Your nose is gonna grow so long.

First, when Facebook removes your profile because you used a fake name—that’s your fault.

funny story

“I used a fake name. . .”

Well, yeah. And Facebook doesn’t allow that, Nicole. I know you get away with it a lot, but every now and then, they just clamp the hell down on you, don’t they?  Don’t blame that shit on anyone else.

Oh, and Joe is. . . well. . . weird.

You need some peace. Poor baby. I feel so bad for you.

You know how you can get some peace?  There’s an X up in the corner of your browser window.  Click on it.  Peace.

Nicole knows

Let’s see.  Who runs “Blessed Little Homestead”?  Whose back has “Donny” got?  Oh, yes.  Nicole’s.

But she has no idea who any of these people are.  It’s just a mystery. They have created a minimum of 40 pages all to defend her and she doesn’t know who they are.

Ben Teresa SS

So the back story here is sort of irrelevant. The short version is that Teresa Frogue posted a comment to the Blessed Little Homestead blog (Nicole’s blog) and took a screen shot of the comment awaiting moderation.  Nicole did not approve it because Nicole never approves anything but love and kisses.

The important thing to notice here is that after Teresa posted her screen shot of her own comment on her own page, “Ben Franklin” linked to it.

Remember Ben?  He’s one of the fakes on the other page.  He’s one of the fakes that Nicole has no idea about.  She just doesn’t bother even trying, don’t you know.  He loves her passionately, obviously, but she doesn’t even know who he is.

Only, when somebody else made a comment about that whole thing (“Ben” and Teresa and the unposted comment) on yet another page, Nicole knew all about it.

She not only knew all about it, she was outraged enough to send a private message to the somebody else because she was concerned about the “lies.”

PM Nicole

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the whole back story.  I didn’t, and had to get somebody to explain it to me.  It doesn’t matter. The important thing here is that Nicole is freely admitting just how closely she follows all this and just how involved she actually is in all these pages.

She tries to pretend that she’s above it all, and that somehow there are these faceless, nameless supporters who are gathering about her defending her like, well, a cloud of angels, but there aren’t. There is most likely Nicole, Joe, and maybe a couple of the kids. There might be one or two lunatic supporters who join in, but not many.

I’m over it.

That’s nice to hear.

Trolling For Pages

veiled threat

I love this veiled threat. “You trolls.”  Don’t approach her property or family “to do (them) harm.”

One thing Nicole does all the time is use the expression “you trolls.”  It’s a mathematical set to her (look it up, Nicole. I know math is hard, but try.) All “trolls” are in a set.  All “trolls” are guilty of any and all activity and criticism expressed by any “troll.”

Anyone who criticizes her is lumped together and found equally guilty.

Well, turnabout is fair play, Nicole.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me. In fact, I don’t even know who is.

You gotta be kidding.  You don’t even know who is.  You’ve got these folks running around spending their entire lives (hours and hours every day) making pages and doxxing people and harassing them, and stalking folks online—all to defend you and your family—and you don’t know who they are.


Here’s a bit of a list.

Naugler Camptruth and liesLike It Or Notstewbert

PrestonTextrovertKentucky Laws

This might be my personal favorite for creativity.  The Nauglers do not believe there should be any laws, yet they do not hesitate to cite them if they think it will advance their position.


In case you find that hard to read “Darrell” says:

Please do, they will laugh at you.  You don’t know who I am, dipshit! The Government doesn’t give ten shits about people on fb talkin shit about lowlifes. Al should be able to school you there.

I think maybe “Darrell” and “Kentucky Laws” need to get together and have a chat.  It seems that when it comes to the Nauglers engaging in doxxing and libel and online threats, the government doesn’t give ten shits, but when it comes to anyone criticizing them even slightly, they are being threatened and will undoubtedly sue everyone in sight.

My personal position on all this legal posturing is that I do not engage in it.  I’m not going to sue anyone, and nobody is going to sue me.  I’m just going to go right on making information available.  Make of it what you will.

exposedJohnny B Badd

For anyone who might not know, that photo is of Breckinridge County’s Sheriff Pate, who Nicole and Joe despise beyond all reason and do not hesitate to taunt and defame online whenever possible.

Donny Cook

There are several incarnations of this, I believe. There is also much speculation as to whether or not this is a real person.  I don’t care much one way or the other.

Mindy Thundertroll

And this one was created solely to mock a critic.  No other reason.

Beastly Troll

As was this one.

T frog TrollWhoratioCharles SmythPeurile Strawman

Johnny B Badd incarnation 2

This the second incarnation of this page.

Seymour Hiney

And the second incarnation of that one follows.

Seymour Hiney version 2

Mindy Thundertroll 2

The second version of the Mindy page.

Jack SchittDonny Cook page

Donny as a “community” page instead of a personal page.

jack ball

Charles Smyth 2

A second version of Charles Smyth.  Some of these second incarnations occurred because Facebook removed the first one.

Anita Mandalay

Screaming Memey

real truth Teresa

Get Your Facts StraightFFS


Stewie Schizoid

These comments refer to a critic who they thought had lost a child.

Stewie Rescue

Stand By the Nauglers

So, apparently there weren’t six “trolls,” but instead 55.  To quote Nicole:

I don’t ask you believe my every word. But I do ask you use logic when deciding which stories you believe and if and how they are relevant.

Let’s do that.  It’s good advice.  Is it possible that there are fifty-five people who are simultaneously spending hours and hours stalking and harassing and just trying to destroy this beautiful family that has done nothing at all to anyone and who just want to be left alone?  Is that even reasonable?

Or is it more reasonable to think that maybe, just maybe, the Naugler adults have royally pissed off some folks?

And of course, a page called “Stand By The Nauglers” without any form of identification at all insists that everyone quit talking about “him” or “her.” Or “he” or “she” will sue.  Gotta love it.


The screen shot involving the phone numbers was posted in a private group (not public at all) and as is mentioned, was only done because there were threats that the Nauglers were calling people and their places of employment.

Bless Naugler

Nasty Trolls


Others for which I do not have screen shots:

The Real Truth About the Nauglers

Big Mouths, Lousy Opinions and Losers

Questions for Nauglers

Now then, I am pretty confident that I do not have all the various pages that have been created in the last eight months.  However, I have posted screen shots of 37 and know of one for which I have no screen shot.  That makes a total of 38.

In eight months.  I know that math is hard, but let’s try it, why don’t we?

From May 6, 2015 (when the children were taken from Joe and Nicole and they catapulted into national awareness) to January 29, 2016 (today) is 268 days. Dividing 268 days by 38 pages gives us just a tiny fraction over 7.

They have been making a new page on average once a week for 8 months.  Pages with no other purpose than to dox, harass, stalk and libel anyone who criticizes them for any reason.  They have published addresses, stalked family members, threatened people, contacted employers, you name it.  And it doesn’t take much to get on their radar, as I will show.

But I will show that later on.  This post is long enough.



Told you there were more. That makes 40, or an average of one page every 6.7 days.

Another update:  Two more pages added to the list without screen shots, bringing the total to 42, or one every 6.38 days.

And more:

Sam Adams

jack tooka schitt

Running total, 44, one page every 6.09 days.


“Well, it’s nice to know that the Trolls made it this far south,’ Ulath said. ‘I’d hate to have to go looking for them.’
‘Their Gods were guiding them, Ulath,’ Tynian pointed out.
‘You’ve never talked with the Troll-Gods, I see,’ Ulath laughed. ‘Their sense of direction is a little vague – probably because their compass only has two directions on it.’
‘North and not-north. It makes finding places a little difficult.”
—David Eddings, The Hidden City

Troll.  It’s a word that used in fairy tales to describe a disgustingly ugly creature that generally lived under a bridge and was pretty much always bad.

It’s come to mean something akin to that but in a virtual sense on the internet, to describe “a person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet over extremely trivial issues.” The troll generally engages in conversation entirely to provoke.  He doesn’t care if he’s right or wrong, and often doesn’t even believe what he’s saying.  His only purpose is to get everyone riled up.

In some cases, trolls use multiple fake identities and will engage in arguments with their alter-egos just to get an argument started. Then they sit back and watch the show.  It’s a form of entertainment.  They are not seriously engaging in conversation or having any exchange of ideas. They are just fiddling around poking people to get a reaction.

And that is what a troll is.

It is not a pejorative used to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with you.


There are a lot of screen shots like this.  Nicole flips out the word often and regularly.  Here she insists that there are “six of them.”  But that number really changes to accommodate the set of “anyone who disagrees with Nicole and Joe Naugler and doesn’t kiss their joint asses.”

She has extended the borders of the set to include me.  I’m flattered.

call trolls
click image to link

“The real story” that she is referring to is that the evil state came and took her children and that CPS is evil and bad and takes children away to sell them or something.  Don’t be like CPS.

But of course, we trolls ignored the “real story” and focused on, you know, a few bad checks from the 90s (those weren’t just bad checks, BTW, those were arrests for passing bad checks) and you know, an eviction or two (what does it matter that Joe and Nicole have been basically unreliable their entire adult lives).  We need to focus instead on the “real story”—the evil state.

And to lead off, she presented a whole little piece about trolling from some podcast that Joe likes.  Their definition is like Nicole’s.  “Trolling,” for them, is anyone who disagrees with them.  And that’s probably most of the population of the whole planet.  I spent a little while one day listening to some of that podcast and then went and cleaned my ears out with bleach.  It’s a kind of looney Art-Bell-wannabe sort of thing.  Here’s a sample from their Facebook page.

Ground zero
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In order to show what a terrible “troll” I am, Nicole included a screen shot of a comment I made a while ago, and which I addressed at length in a separate post.  Please go read them both if you haven’t already.  Then come back here.

That’s not trolling, folks.  This blog is not trolling.  I am not talking about this stuff because I just want to rile everyone up and provoke a lot of controversy.  I am talking about it because Nicole and Joe regularly and frequently mislead people about who they are and what they are doing and while doing so, seek donations to help finance their “lifestyle.”

In addition, the whole subject of Joe and Nicole Naugler and their views on things is a kind of interesting place from which to have reasonable discussion about issues involving, yes, free speech, and sustainability, and government (not necessarily politics – they aren’t the same thing), and education, and even religion. They, by their own desire, made themselves into a public spectacle. The fact that this has worked out about as well as the Oregon snack-forgetters’ little mission is not my fault.

Remember, reasonable conversation about stuff—even controversial stuff—is not trolling. Disagreeing with somebody’s public statements is not trolling. Presenting facts (who owns the Naugler land?), asking questions (what do they do with the shit?) isn’t trolling. Discussing the pros and cons of so-called unschooling is not trolling.

But since Nicole has brought up the subject of trolling, I’m going to accommodate her and talking about, not me and my supposed “trolling,” but her.  But that’s another page for another day.