This is a video, on Facebook, so I can’t embed it.  I can only link to it.

It’s about 20 minutes in length, but I think it’s twenty minutes well-spent.

It’s about socialism, what it is, how it works, or doesn’t work, and it offers a very brief overview of all the different types of socialism that exist.  It’s narrated (and probably written) by David Pakman.

I was delighted to see that at one point in the film, at the point where about 5:18 is left to view, the camera is taken quickly down a street in Copenhagen. I recognized it because Dave and I walked there daily for three days.  One of those bus stops was where we caught the bus to go to our bed and breakfast.

That’s indicative of nothing at all, but was sort of neat just because. . .

Anyway, give it a view if you’re even slightly interested in the subject.