BLB- The Forum

I’ve been experimenting.

There is a way to add a forum to a WordPress blog. I tried. I failed, sort of. It sort of worked, but I found it clunky and decided to scrap it before I ever went public with it.

So I went looking for another way.

Here you go.

How does this differ from the blog?

Well, it’s a place for you to communicate primarily with each other, and not necessarily with me.  It’s a place for you to choose the subject matter, and not just react to my choice of subject.

If you want to tell the story of your dog or your aunt Hazel or you want to bring up something that you think we might be interested in but you just don’t see a place to say it, the forum is for you.

Several people have volunteered to be moderators, but I hope they are bored to death with the job. The rules there are the same as the rules here.

You will notice that I am using my real name on the forum. You don’t have to do that.  Nobody will have access to your information except me and the other administrators and nobody will share it with anyone.  Pseudonyms are fine.

I am putting a page with a link to the forum at the top of every blog page  in the menu.  It should appear there along with the Romancing Archive link.

Right now, there is only one post there.

Feel free to change that.



30 4 30 Day 28 Special

Well, we’re going totally in the opposite direction from Stella’s fish today.

Today’s feature is in the Adults Only section of eBay.  You have to jump through a few hoops to get there and frankly, I had trouble making it work.  My internet, however, is screwed up this morning and that may be why.

At any rate,  you have to verify your identity to get in there.  They want to be certain that you’re old enough.

Here’s the link.

If you can’t make it work, tell me in the comments and we’ll try to figure out another way.

BTW, the Ranch is not mentioned on this one. They have no connection to it at all.  Just want to make a disclaimer before Nicole has a hissy fit and calls them. They are not involved in this in any way.  If Nicole wants to complain, she has to either complain to me or Deb.