A Gift in Celebration

Joe’s Gaslighting part 1

What are we celebrating?


1millionWhen I started my first blog, several years ago, I knew a blogger who celebrated having reached 170,000 page views in a year.  I thought that was just astonishing and tremendous and was terribly impressed.

And when I did Romancing the Victims, people responded by reading it and I remember how delighted I was when I surpassed that other blogger. Not that it was a contest, but in the sense that I felt that I had accomplished something significant.

This blog has been in existence for about 14 months.

Total page views refers to the number of times someone, anyone, has visited the blog. If you visit five times in one day, you count five times.

Unique visits refers to the number of times people have visited counting one visit per 24 hour period.  So, if you visit in the morning, and again that evening, you only count once that day.

First time visits is pretty much self-explanatory.  You are only counted once, ever. This means that more than 56,000 people have come here to read, voluntarily.  You’ve gone to the trouble to seek this blog out, via Google, or follow a link  on Facebook.

Returning visits is just that. Of those unique visits (433, 343), more than 377 thousand decided to come back again. And of course, you have come back over and over again.

I’ve said before that I don’t check the stats very much. I don’t because I do not want to know which posts generate the most visits. I don’t want that to influence what I write. In fact, somebody else had to bring this impending million-view milestone to my attention or it would have slipped right by me.

That said, I am grateful.

Thank you to everyone who is part of this.