Compare and Contrast

Two families, with lots of things in common.

Let’s list the characteristics shared by both families.

First, lots of kids.  A whole lot of kids.

Second, color coordinated outfits.  I know they all think this looks wonderful and visually pleasing, but god damn I hate it.

Third, everyone all smiling and  happy.

Fourth, lots of comments from people about how beautiful they all are.

Follow that up with comments about how well-behaved the children are.

Here’s a very typical comment from Nicole’s page.

Fifth, both families homeschool. And both California and Kentucky require almost nothing in the way of oversight when it comes to homeschooling. The parents simply have to notify the state that they are doing so, and that’s the end of it.

There is no way to know how much education took place at the Turpin house, although they seem to have been requiring the kids to memorize large portions of the Bible.  That will prove useful in later life, I’m sure.

The Naugler kids aren’t educated in any meaningful way at all.  Nicole and Joe use the term “unschooling” but what they really mean is that they do nothing.  If the kid wants to know about something, it’s up to the kid to find out on his own.

At any rate, nobody keeps up with this. Nobody knows.  The state cannot know because they do not require anything from the parents other than a note saying “Yeah, we’re gonna homeschool. Dig you later.”

Sixth, neither family seems to have allowed the children to interact with anyone socially outside their family, or if such interaction took place, it was always with a parent present.

Seventh, both families are very much estranged from any of their extended family. No visits, no relatives living anywhere nearby, and grandparents who have never laid eyes on some of their grandchildren.

Eighth, both fathers claim to be doing what they are doing because “God” instructed them thusly.  Both of them, in other words, get their marching orders from the god in their head.

Ninth, both families try to project an image of religiosity, in one case, Protestant evangelicalism, in the other, Mormonism.

Tenth, both families deal constantly with serious financial issues.  Basically, neither one makes enough money to support their family (and “support” is a subjective word). I feel pretty confident that the Nauglers would consider themselves to be rolling in money if they had the income that the Turpins seem to have had, but financial security is very much related to spending just slightly less than you earn, and the tension is the same if the ends don’t meet, regardless of what the cash flow figures are.

Now, we’ve done a comparison.  Let’s contrast them.

How are they different?

First, Nicole and Joe plaster their entire lives all over social media. They don’t restrict it to photographs from a cheesy wedding reenactment in Las Vegas or from a trip or two to Disneyland.  Nicole invites us in for lots of stuff, and that includes videos of the children talking and playing.

This makes them way more transparent than the Turpins were.

It’s easy to see, for example, that for the most part, the Naugler children do not appear to be malnourished. None of them appear underweight.  They’re basically dirty all the time, but that’s not a crime. The younger children do not seem to have good verbal skills, but that’s just my personal observation and I am not speech therapist.

In noting this, I am taking into consideration that any views we get of the Naugler kids and/or the shitstead are all coming through Nicole’s filters. Still, it’s more than the Turpin family ever did.

Second, the Naugler children have already been in state care for several weeks, and thus have been assessed. Their CPS case is still open and hopefully will remain so for years.


Third, the oldest Naugler boy, the only one who is an adult, has an actual job unrelated to his parents (has had a series of them, in fact). We’ll see if this pattern continues, and I certainly hope it does for their sake. At least the two oldest Naugler kids are active on social media in their own voices. That’s a good thing.

So, what, if anything can we take away from the Turpin tragedy that is even slightly useful?  These, of course, are totally my own opinions, and I’m sure you all will add to them in the comment section.

First, there is a reason why some folks, including me, scream and yell that there should be more oversight with homeschooling.

It’s not that homeschooling families, by default, are doing so to hide some nefarious thing in their family.  The vast majority are not.  Child abuse occurs in all sorts of families, including those who send their children to school.

But it’s easier to hide shit if your kids aren’t in school. That is simply a fact. It’s easier to hide it if they don’t go over to Billy’s house to play.  It’s easier to hide it if the child is never, ever allowed to interact with anyone without a parent present.

Lots of homeschooling kids interact with other children and other families regularly.  If really bad stuff was going on at home, it is much more likely that somebody would notice.

The red flags go up in my mind when I see the combination of homeschooling, no interaction outside the family without parents present,  overt religiosity (especially on the part of the father), and no relatives anywhere around.

Second, photographs and videos of smiling, apparently happy children are meaningless.

You can be photographed/videotaped dancing like this and be chained to your bed and starved when you get home.

Third, appearances can be very, very deceiving, and that works both ways. Things can look bad and not be bad. They also can look good and not be good.





The Last Word

Asserting motives and assuming attitudes about people who you never knew and who are dead and cannot speak for themselves is pretty much lower than whaleshit, and that is, of course, what Joe and Nicole have done to our son.

In the interest of fairness, we thought it would be only right to let Nathan himself have the last word.

The postmark is mid-June, 2006. Nathan died a few weeks later.


Transcript and Whine, Part 3

Part 1.

Part 2.

As you may recall, we broke off in mid-sentence because that was all I could take. We’ll take up right where we left off.

coming in, but I just wanted to kind of clarify some of the, um, stuff that’s going on. What’s happening to us, we are documenting it. And if it doesn’t fit in with your, you know, your nar, what you want to see in your newsfeed, then just simply unfollow the page.

But to say that this is a part of what the page is about, this is our life. And these are things that not only us have to deal with, but we’re just the ones that go public with it. Um, you know, I’m sure there’ll be comments here, I get private messages of people who’ve had similar experiences.

So if you shame somebody for talking up about what they’ve experienced, um, that’s, that’s just, again, back to the whole mommy shaming thing, there’s no reason to tear other people down. If someone says they’ve experienced something, then they experienced it.

Okay, I experienced watching Joe drink a beer in the road. Ron Sneed experienced what he describes on that video. Lisa experienced going to the door to greet a police officer who was sent there either by you, Nicole, or one of your accomplices. Al’s daughter experienced Joe trying to intimidate her. These are all our experiences.

But on that turn, don’t make stuff up to try to destroy somebody. It’s not, it’s not fair. It’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to my husband, and it’s certainly not fair to my children. They are aware of what’s going on. People say, oh, well, your kids are sheltered, you need to expose them to the world, and then say oh, your kids are exposed to too much. It’s another one of those conundrums that you just can’t ever do right.

But my children do, are exposed to this, because they are involved. You know, when CPS comes to the house because someone tells them that we don’t have heat, and they come to the house to see smoke coming out of the chimney and the woodstove just cranking away. You know, CPS documents that, and they’re like, you know, I understand this is harassment, we’re doing what we can to try to protect you guys from this harassment, but the case is still open, and we’re trying to keep things, so it’s all being documented. All of this harassment is.

But my kids are affected by it. And, you know, the snide remark about the other day when I spelled [child’s name] wrong, typed [child’s name] wrong on the Facebook page and someone made a comment about , oh, it doesn’t, don’t worry, he probably can’t read. My 14-year-old not only can read, but he actually can read comments of people that post shares from our page because that comes up on our notifications. So that was kind of just a lame thing to do.

But anyways, um, um, that’s kind of what I wanted to update on, if anybody has any questions, if you read something about us that you just think doesn’t jive right or you’re like oh my gosh, I can’t believe she did that, just feel free to ask me. I’m open and up front.

Yeah, just feel free to ask.

These are just a few recent examples of what a joy Nicole is to be around.

I have done things I’m not proud of. I’ve said things to people that I’m probably, you know, shouldn’t have said. Most of the time, they are provoked. Um, um, things I said to the blogger about her son, um, I’m sorry, it was after numerous, numerous, numerous attacks, and I lashed back with the, a very sharp tongue. And um, you know, I’m human. Not perfect. Never said I was. And that’s one of my faults.

This is, of course, not an apology. It wasn’t intended for me. This was intended for Nicole’s humpers, because even they are decent enough to know that what she has said about Nathan is beyond vile. She wants to backpedal so she’s being “humble.”

She is also lying.

I have been over all this before, but I’m going to put it all here because newbies.

My original contact with Joe and Nicole Naugler came when I saw the “viral” story of the children being taken. Please pay attention to this. Prior to May, 2015, there were no “trolls” except in Nicole’s imagination and her revised history. Nobody knew who the Nauglers  were.

I saw the story on one of the news pages and made a comment. All I said was something about agreeing that the state did the right thing. I followed that up with a few (and by few, I mean few, maybe five) comments on the various critical pages.

Joe came over to my personal Facebook page, which is open (anyone can comment, so just because somebody comments on my page, that doesn’t mean they are my Facebook friend or I know them), and began snooping around. First he “followed” me, knowing I would get a notification that he had done so. Then he started “liking” a few random pictures, knowing I’d be notified of that. He wanted me to be aware of him. And then, finally he initiated a conversation with me.

At that point (sometime in September 2015 if I’m not mistaken), I had made just a few comments on some of the various critical pages. Not many. But Joe was going to cut me off at my knees, he thought. The whole conversation is at the link I provided.

All that accomplished was to get my attention and retain my interest. Had Joe never done that, I suspect I would have forgotten they existed in a matter of a few days.

I started this blog that December, two years ago now. I did so anonymously at first, knowing that sooner or later, they would figure out who I was. I didn’t really care one way or another, but I’m glad I did it that way now, as you will see.

Almost immediately, I started getting what I call “love letters,” nasty private messages to the blog. Most of them are there. Remember that these were written when Nicole and Joe and the humpers were not sure who I was. They didn’t know for sure. They were guessing. They guessed wildly and often. I got a slew of these.

And when I went public on February 23, the day I published the “Love Letters” piece, they slowed to a crawl and then stopped.

I want to repeat that.

As soon as Nicole knew who the blogger was, the messages pretty much stopped.

I’m going to put a few of those love letters here. I know they’re all over on the other page, but a few of them are worse than the others.


Nathan suicide


These three, at least these three, were written about my son, mocking his death to me and they didn’t even know for sure I was the author of the blog. They didn’t know.

Imagine sending vile messages like that to a stranger and not being sure you have the right person at all.

That’s Nicole Naugler’s character, right there.

In March, she admitted writing at least some of them.

She absolutely, for certain, wrote this one:

Later on, that became that only one she would admit to, because her IP address gave her away, but they all smell of her.

NIcole dead junkie

nathan admission

There is one other issue here, and I want the newbies to think about it.  This blog was very new then. Nicole is wanting to pretend that there were so many people who loved them and followed them and supported them that those people would go to such lengths for them as to write horrible messages to somebody, accusing that somebody of vile things, without being sure of the identity of the person, all because they loved Nicole so much.

Occam’s Razor tells me this is just horse shit.

Nicole’s biggest defender, the person who jumps in to do battle with anyone who dares say a single word negative about her, is almost certainly Nicole herself.  She has almost no friends (and freely says so). She prefers online communication to real life interaction (and freely says that too). She is her biggest and most virulent advocate.

But you know what?  I get the whole idea that she was mad, and she wrote this awful thing, and yeah, she felt provoked, and lashed out.

And if that’s all it was, well, I’d be likely to buy it.

But that’s not all it is.

Nathan 1

Nathan 2

This, I think, is ground zero for the imaginary story Nicole has concocted about Nathan’s life and death.  It’s dated August, 2016.  She read some of what I’d blogged about and extrapolated from that.  Her opinion (and I don’t begrudge her having an opinion) is that I was a terrible parent because Nathan was being bullied and I didn’t stop it.

We did stop it as soon as we realized what was happening, but no matter.

I give her the right to have an opinion.

But she goes on to elaborate, and she does so as though what she is writing is factual.  She never says, “I think he was bullied, ” or “I think she expected too much out of him.”  She just states it as fact.

She even gets what few facts she uses entirely incorrect. For example, Nathan was thirty when he died, not 25.  I lived 4000 miles away from him, so it would have been pretty difficult for me to “feel important” when he had some success with his music.  Dave and I flew to North Carolina about twice a year for brief visits.  We spoke with Nate on the phone nearly daily, which is interesting since according to Nicole, he simply despised us.

But I could almost give her this one, too, as just lashing out because she was pissed off.


Asked what my name is, she responds by bringing up Nathan.


Ah, and it begins.  This, I think, is ground zero for the suicide thing. Suicide.  Mental abuse to the point of suicide.




This is me not giving a shit.

We noticed.


In this one, she adds to the story.

The pansy ass hubby let his wife mess with that kids head.

So Dave is now a “pansy ass” who couldn’t stop me from abusing Nathan emotionally.  Remember that.

Joe takes up the story here. He states it like it’s fact. Nathan committed suicide, he says.  Nathan did not commit suicide, but that does not stop them.

It morphs, though.

Remember?  Dave is a “pansy ass.”

Only now he’s not.  Now he’s an abusive alcoholic who was the person who abused Nathan so much that he killed himself.  I’m not guilty any more.  Dave is. I’m just feeling badly because I didn’t stand up to Dave, the abusive alcoholic.

You see, this is not about Nicole just feeling frustrated because I provoked her “numerous, numerous, numerous” times.  This is about Nicole sending me horrible messages when she wasn’t even sure who I was, mocking my son’s death when she wasn’t even certain I was the person she should be angry with, and then refusing to back down on it and fabricating a story.

This is about her making stuff up, and then Joe making up more stuff, and repeating the narrative “numerous” times until they can convince their brain-dead followers that it’s true. They have been chirping out this bogus story now for more than a year, non-stop.

The only new additions have been that somehow she has decided that I was a serial killer when I was nursing.

So, this is why her “apology” isn’t any sort of apology.

And this is why I say, “Fuck you, Nicole, and fuck you more, Joe.” This is why this blog remains and will be here as long as Nicole continues to publicly spew her nonsense.

So, um, anyways, just what I wanted to say, I need to wrap this up and I will talk to you guys later.

Thank you.