We Are All Crazy

This is the second piece of commentary about Nicole’s angry rant.  You can hear the whole thing, if you can stand it, by going here and following the link.

Nikki is concerned about our mental health.  Not just mine, but all of us. We’re crazy, she says.

Hell, I’ve written, she says, 200 pages about her in the last year. The actual number is 239, but who is quibbling.

There are two things I want to say about this.

First, bloggers blog. That’s what they do.  If they don’t, people quit reading their blog.  The more they blog, the more they are read (to a point).

I follow a blogger named Jerry Coyne. He blogs several times a day. He’s an evolutionary biologist.  He generally has one regular recurring piece about a cat in Poland name Hili (which I simply adore), another one where he publishes readers’ photos, and sometimes political commentary in addition to pieces written about biology and evolution. He often writes critical commentary about other folks’ books, blogs, Tweets, you name it.

He’s not unusual.  Bloggers, as I said, blog.

WordPress is set up in such a way that blogging is way faster than creating a web page.  It’s not as fast and easy as simply making a comment on Facebook, but it’s still reasonably rapid unless the subject matter is complicated and involves lots of images and links and quotes.

So, in the past year, I have blogged on average once every day and a half.  Not three or four or five times a day like Jerry, but pretty regularly.

And that makes me crazy.

But you are all crazy too, apparently.

This blog has had 724,590 page views since its inception.  That’s probably peanuts compared to Jerry Coyne’s blog, but it’s pretty good from where I sit.  Somebody is reading here.

In fact, this blog averages 2000 page views daily.

Page views, as I think I’ve said before, aren’t individual people.  If you come here and visit one page, that’s a page view. If you click on the link above and visit the other page, that is another page view. If you hang around here and read all over the place, doing a marathon session, you could rack up a lot of page views.

But yesterday, there were 2130 unique visits to this blog.  One was Nicole, so we’ll drop that to 2129. I count, so let’s drop it again to 2128.

If you happen to view the blog on your home computer, and then later in the same day, visit on your phone (while you are out and about and not via your home wi-fi), that will count as two visits.  Some of you do that, I think, so let’s reduce the figure again.  Hell, let’s just round it off to 2000.

There are 2000 individuals who thought that what I have to say here is interesting enough that they visited yesterday.  Some days that number drops to 1000. Sometimes it’s even higher than 2000.  I don’t advertise, other than to post a link sometimes on my personal Facebook page.  I think other people also link to it on theirs, but I’m not actively seeking readers.

And we’re all crazy.

Her complaint centers around how I blog about her.  And how can I do that every day and a half for a solid year?  I have to be nuts, don’t I?

Well, she gives me a lot of material. She just will not shut up.  She prattles on even knowing that doing so will generate commentary.

But in addition, I blog quite a bit about stuff that is only tangentially related to her.  She, in effect, is often simply the starting point, the catalyst, for the subject.

I have blogged, quite extensively, about viruses, and vaccines, and baby calves and cheese and GMOs and gardening.  I have blogged about religion and philosophy and government and childbirth (not Naugler-related childbirth).  I have blogged about children and education and reading.  I’ve blogged about donkeys (that was a piece where I was actually defending Nicole in the “escaped horse” episode). I have criticized Free Jinger.

I’ve blogged about Kentucky’s game laws.  I’ve blogged about Minnie the Magnificent Muddle-headed Maltese, and the Kentucky Sheriff’s Ranch. I’ve blogged about chicken egg development, about book banning, about sovereign citizens and Jerry Kane. I’ve blogged about my son, about living in an RV, about Alaska and living in Cooper Landing.

And that’s only going back to August of 2016.

So I think we’ll all just continue being crazy.  What do you think?

Nikki is Mad


This is an angry rant.  You’re welcome to go listen to it.  In fact, I urge you to do so, so you’ll understand where I’m going with the next few posts.

Nicole just rambles in this. It’s not about any one thing, except hatred of me.  It’s about everything she’s ever been pissed off about.

I’ll start here, simply because this is easy and quick.


I was, in fact, going to visit the next-door neighbor, who I had never met in person, but who I “know” from interaction on the internet.  This is a crime?  I knew Al Wilson from interaction on the internet until the day that he and his wife and Dave and I met up for a real-life lunch.

The neighbor had a new baby. I’d never met the neighbor in real life. I decided to go with everyone else who was going.

We were at a gathering at somebody else’s house. A cookout.  It went on for hours.  It was still going strong when we left.  I knew some of the people there in real life and some I “knew” from the internet and some I’d never met before at all.

I wouldn’t have stopped there in front your shithole had I been driving. I would have driven right around Joe the Beer Guzzler standing in the road and gone right on.  But I wasn’t driving.

And I took no photos of anything. I did not have a camera with me.  Dave did not have a camera with him. We left our cell phones behind because they were charging so the GPS would work when we drove home.  It was dark. What would I take photos of?

For the record:  I have been down that road twice.  Once several months before the Blessed Little Excursion.  Nobody was home. That trip was pure curiosity on my part. I just wanted to see the place from the road. I blog about it. Why wouldn’t I want to see it? We did not stop. Ranger and another dog attacked our truck. Nobody took any photos. The other time was the Blessed Little Excursion.

I have mentioned, I think, that I was in Breck County on other occasions because I have friends there, and didn’t even consider going by the Shitstead.  Why should I?  Nothing has changed. It’s a shithole and remains a shithole.

But that’s okay.  Continuing to repeat the lie won’t make it true, Nicole.  It will cause some folks to believe it, but I give zero fucks about that.