Here Comes the Bride


They are already doing better than some.

Yeah, they are doing great. Still both teenagers, and one still a minor, with jobs flipping burgers for minimum wage, and they’ve “bought” a rent-to-own shed to live in without basic plumbing or heat or a kitchen or anything.  Neither one owns a car.  She’s pregnant and they are not married. They’ve known each other for a matter of weeks. She had another boyfriend as recently as late August.

Doing great.

The truth is that they face a seriously steep uphill battle.  I hope they do fine. I doubt they will.

In today’s society, 46 percent of teen marriages will end in divorce before reaching their 10th year.

But this was written by a woman who is married, yes, with an “intact” family.  Wow, she’s great, ain’t she?  She has a husband.

Here they are, the happy couple.

with Joe on phone

And that is the “kitchen” the children built because that lazy good-for-nothing piece of shit standing there in his filthy clothes looking at his phone does almost nothing else except eat, fuck, and sleep.

But Nicole is all proud.

She didn’t even marry him until after she’d had several children.  Six, I think?  Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.  And he, of course, had one by another woman while estranged from Nicole for a while. So doesn’t that mean that Joe has children by two different mothers?  Why is that different from having children by two different fathers?  Why does Nicole even bring that up, except to imply that having children by different fathers means that the neighbor is a whore?  That is, of course, what she is wanting us to understand.

And she works at a gas station.

She works.

Unlike Joe, who does not work, and cannot keep a job even if he had one.  Unlike Nicole who works washing dog butts and “owns her own business,” but only because Pace Ellsworth loaned her the money for reasons only he understands (she could not possibly get a loan for anything at a bank – she and Joe can’t even get the electricity turned on).

Please tell me what is wrong with working at a gas station.

And please explain to me why it is different that the neighbor is living with her parents, while the kid and girlfriend are also living on his parents’ property, albeit in a different shed.

Yet, with this history, Nicole has the gall to criticize the neighbor, to act like somehow her 17-year-old, who knocked up the very first girl he could find once he got some limited freedom from the Blessed Little Shithole, is doing “better than some.”

But here is the real question.

What is all this about marriage?  To get married, you go down to the courthouse (gasp!) and get a license (double gasp!)

You get a license. You get permission from the state.

The state.

Why is that a virtuous thing to do, Nicole?  Why is it a pejorative if the neighbor is not currently married?  Why are you such a hypocrite?





Meet Jeri (black and white female) and Tommy (yellow and white male).  They are our barn cats.  As you can see, they have a tough life.

Tommy and Jeri were dropped off on our porch when they were about six weeks old, not by some human being, but by their feral mother. There were three kittens, but for some reason, she took the third one with her.

We didn’t think we wanted any cats. We have never been cat people.  We had no idea what we were missing.  They refused to leave, and I couldn’t let two little kittens starve. So they basically adopted us, not the other way around.

But you know what?  We have taken care of them. They work for a living, of course. They are wonderful hunters.  Sometimes, unfortunately, in the course of their duties, they kill birds and even small rabbits, but mostly they kill mice.

However, we feed them.  We feed them well. Because Tommy has had a near-fatal episode with urinary crystals, they are on canned cat food. It runs us about $30/month, a bit less in summer (when they find more prey) and a bit more in winter (when they have more trouble hunting).

Furthermore, Tommy’s illness cost almost $450. In addition, he got hurt one night, which led to another visit to the vet costing over $100. (As a result of that incident, a infected bite on his leg from some assailant, they are shut up in the garage at night, but allowed out on their own during the day. They rarely leave our property.)

And way back when they were babies, now eight years ago, we had Jeri spayed and Tommy neutered.  That was another $150 or so.

This is how it is when you have pets.  They are helpless animals who cannot care for themselves (the cats come closer to being able to do that our dog would, of course), and the responsibility is ours.  In return for our investment of both money and time, we get something I didn’t know was possible until we actually did it – companionship. From two cats. I had no idea.

Tommy is the big friendly guy. He loves everyone and greets strangers.  He hangs out wherever we happen to be.  Jeri is our “fraidy cat.” Most people have never even seen her because she hides from strangers.  But she’s very fond of us.

airport Minnie

We have a dog.  We’ve always had a dog, a series of them. All of them have been our responsibility.  Our current dog, Minnie the Magnificent Muddle-headed Maltese, is an idiot.  There she is, in 2005, when she arrived at the airport in Anchorage.

She promptly became very ill with coccidiosis and we spent more than $1000 over about a two-week period keeping her alive. (The vet predicted that she’d be fine once her immune system matured and was absolutely correct.)  We then spent about $100 having her spayed once she was old enough.

She’s a total pain in the ass.  She has no job. She has no function whatever except to drive us crazy. She goes bananas when she meets people.  We thought she would grow out of it, but she’s now eleven years old, so I think that’s not going to happen.

The only positive thing I can say about Minnie is that she is really cheap to feed. (Well, and we love her. There’s that.) She is so small that she eats only about 1/4 cup of food a day, along with a small handful of liver treats (homemade).  It costs way more to feed the cats than it does to feed her.

But she’s our responsibility too. And even though she’s an idiot, and it’s often inconvenient to deal with her, she is our idiot.

And all that leads me here.

original post

As I documented in the article about the baby chicks, animals that come to live with the Nauglers tend to die young.  It happens over and over again.

And it didn’t start with poor Ranger.  Remember this from the above link?

2014 killing

They’ve had chicken-killing dogs all along.  They have almost no “livestock” now because they can’t care for poultry or goats or dogs properly.

But back to Ranger. Where did he come from?

puppy 2015

That’s where he came from. The Nauglers had a male Pyr and a female boxer.  And the Nauglers do not get any vet care for any animal, ever, just like they do not get medical care for children.  That means they do not spay or neuter anyone, and that includes not only dogs but Nicole and/or Joe.

They have dogs that are a dime a dozen. Nobody wants these dogs.  Nobody gives a shit about a big white mutt dog. The only type of dog that is less desirable is a big black mutt dog.

But the Nauglers just plow ahead. They have no money. They resort to living in a garden shed with no utilities because they have no money. Yet they have all these damn dogs, and they let them breed indiscriminately.

Furthermore, I am fairly certain that if you had contacted Nicole in January of 2015 about Ranger, you’d have discovered that obtaining that puppy involved an exchange of money.  Your money into Nicole’s hand.  They were selling these pups.


And Ranger was advertised as having an “excellent guard dog personality.”

[I cannot make this stuff up.]

Well, some sucker got Ranger. Maybe for money, maybe for free by that time.  Dunno, but it doesn’t matter.  Ranger found a home but then was returned.  Why?  We aren’t told. It “didn’t work out.”

So they have had Ranger back on the Blessed Little Killing Ground for about a year now and he’s been systematically destroying every small animal or bird he can find.

But before we go further, let’s look at advice from the Blessed Little Dog Grooming and Professional Dog Trainer.



crate training

Puppies require training.

Who knew that?  And at the Blessed Little Killing Ground, you know who does the training?


Of course.  The children do fucking everything.  That comment, by the way, accompanied a video of the goats running about with the dogs running about and the children sort of watching all this. She thought it was funny.  I thought it was a school for predatory dogs, frankly. “Chase the goats! It’s fun.”

You know what?  The goats should have been fenced all the time.  All the time.  Not at night. All the time. But this predated Goatgate.  Furthermore, you can get goats (or calves or cats) to come when you want them.  It’s easy to teach them to do that.  Just feed them. Use the same bucket all the time. They will come.  You don’t need a dog to chase them.


All the puppies were trained. . .

Only they obviously were not.  And here we learn why the dog, advertised as a fucking guard animal, was returned. He was returned because he killed livestock.

So, Nicole has had this dog for an entire year knowing that he kills livestock. She didn’t have to wait and find out the hard way. She knew. She’s known.

And she’s made one half-hearted attempt (that I know of) to find him a home without livestock.  In the meantime, he’s killed and killed and killed.

And now he’s apparently done it again. She doesn’t admit that, but I think he probably did.

So she’s had it.


The “experienced groomer” is also a dog trainer, it seems.  Only when she gets home. . . well, there’s Facebook.

Nicole Naugler would not know “well-trained” or “well-cared-for” if she was at the Westminster Dog Show.

Look, I understand that livestock-killing dogs get put down. If a dog comes on this property and starts chasing our calves, he’s in grave danger. We’ll try to simply run him off (and we’ve done that a time or two).  We keep two donkeys to deter dogs (and we care for the donkeys, including having their feet trimmed about every six weeks or so). We have good fencing.  But if a dog breaches the fencing and dares to defy the donkeys, he is going meet the business-end of a rifle.

This, of course, is almost certainly what happened to the Naugler dogs when the Naugler adults abandoned the Blessed Little Killing Ground (while the children were in state custody ) to avail themselves of the comfort of running water and a swimming pool and a clean bed with room service.

As it happens, I have met Ranger.  He came out to the road to greet us during my first visit to the Blessed Little Killing Ground. All we did that day was ride by the property. I was in the area and I wanted to see the place I was writing about. No humans were home.  We didn’t stop. Neither did Ranger.  He lunged at our truck, snarling.  I was afraid we’d hit him.  Had we done so, it wouldn’t have been our fault.

got loose

He got free, she says.  You understand that this means that this dog lives chained up.  He has on a leather collar and is chained to a tree (or that’s what it appears to be).

This is the life that the great Groomer Nicole, that person who gives advice about dog training, and even offers classes in pet care, and tells everyone how its done, provides for her own dog.

And when the dog doesn’t meet expectations and the situation doesn’t improve, after an entire year, she suddenly decides she’s had it and is going to put a bullet in his head.

And lest anyone be deceived by her words put to sleep, that’s what they mean.  She does not mean that they will take the dog to a vet and have him injected.  She also does not mean that she will take the dog back down in the woods and shoot him in the head.  And Joe is unlikely to be the chosen executioner.

The only people on that place that ever do anything are the kids.


Forcing a child to shoot a pet dog is a very different thing from taking a steer to the slaughterhouse.  For what it’s worth, we have slaughtered pigs right here on this property.  Me and Dave, all by ourselves.  And when we decided to take them instead to the Mennonites, who have a meat-processing place, Dave went over there and watched them kill because we are responsible for our animals and we want to know what happens to them.  And it is nothing at all, nothing, like a kid shooting a goat in the woods.

When Dave shot our pigs, he would stand there calmly, waiting for the exact right moment, to make sure he killed the pig with one shot instantly.  The slaughterhouse uses a stun gun.  Same thing. Instant.

Our animals have wonderful lives and then one bad moment. They are unaware of death and have no idea it’s coming.  The Naugler animals live with hunger and fear all the time (if you don’t believe that, what do you think the lives of those dozens of chickens and rabbits were like?)

What Nicole is telling us here is this.

They have been typical irresponsible animal owners. They do not take care of anything they have, not their children, not their property and in this case, not their animals.

They allowed two undesirable dogs to breed and produce a litter of undesirable puppies when by her own admission, the shelters are full. Then they advertised and sold this puppy as a “guard dog.” When that bounced back in their faces, they settled on inertia and assumed that like every other problem they’ve ever had, it would take care of itself.

And it hasn’t.

And so, now, she uses emotional blackmail to get her followers to solve her problem for her.

Do something about this dog, do something I’ve had a whole year to do but didn’t bother, or I will get my children to put a bullet in his head.  Oh, and while you’re at it, he’s cost us a fortune and please donate.

That’s what this is about.

This is not her first brush with animal cruelty.

animal cruelty

animal cruelty2

She wasn’t just being all innocent and she didn’t know and the dogs actually were indoor couch potatoes.  This occurred in the dead of winter, with terrible conditions outside, and her dogs were out there with no shelter of any sort for hours and hours.  And somebody quite rightly reported the situation.  It’s never the way she spins it.


And criticism of her irresponsibility is met with this.  See?  It’s all our fault. It’s everyone else’s fault.


She’s “exhausted all resources.”  And she’s kind and loving and not an asshole who created this problem in the first place.

What “resources” has she exhausted?  Well, that’s a bit like the reporter asking Sarah Palin what she reads.  “Everything.  All of them.”


Okay, so we checked. The local shelters just don’t take a dog that kills chickens.  Right?  Nicole knows, because she has exhausted all resources.  And by the way, nobody was talking about solely no-kill shelters. At this point, any shelter is better than the death sentence she has pronounced on the dog.



Meet Cowboy.  Cowboy is a very lucky dog.  He’s lucky because Cowboy is not a Naugler dog.  Cowboy was taken in by the Meade County Animal Shelter.

Here’s Cowboy’s history.  He was adopted, then returned because he kills chickens. 


And what happened to Cowboy?  He was put down, of course, because no shelters will adopt out a livestock-killing dog.  Nicole says so.


See the date?  Original post about Cowboy on June 1.  By June 5, he was adopted.


And without any sense of shame or any self-awareness at all, Nicole posts this on her salon page at the same time that she’s threatening to kill the dog if somebody, somewhere, doesn’t take responsibility for her neglect.


Nicole, you are a sorry piece of shit.  Seriously.  It’s the neighbor’s fault.  It’s always somebody else’s fault.



And her followers come to her aid, absolve her of responsibility and do the work she should have done herself.  She is to blame for this. Nobody else. That dog, like all the Naugler children and livestock, all the living beings who have to live under the control of those godawful people, is a victim.

This is not about Nicole the Blessed Little Dog Killer “trying to do the right thing.”  She has had two fucking years to do the right thing.  That dog is not neutered, has never been to a vet in his life, has had no vaccinations of any sort, has had no training, has been fed the cheapest dog food available, and has been chained to a tree almost continuously with no shelter.

But she’s tried everything.


A Night at the Movies

Nicole and video

Of all the stupid things Nicole has posted, this might be the dumbest.  I refer primarily to the lines highlighted in yellow.

Nicole, of course, has been snooping around looking either at various YouTube accounts or poking around on the Romancing website. Regardless, she doesn’t understand the first thing about what she’s talking about.

Here’s what she is referring to.

In May, 2015, just about the time that the Naugler children were being rescued from the shitshack, Cathy Harris decided to stage a protest at Bob Jones University.

I don’t want to get into gobs of detail here (the Romancing blog is a real Alice-in-Wonderland journey, and one that pretty much only interests people who were brought up in that fairly unique culture), but I am a fan of neither BJU nor Cathy Harris.  However, I do like the truth, and Cathy simply doesn’t tell the truth a good bit of the time.

Anyway, she was staging this protest. She advertised it all over the place. She invited the media. She invited a woman from SNAP (an organization that does something with sexual abuse cases).  It was going to be a big, big deal.

So I dubbed it “The Great Protest of 2015” and decided to live-blog it.

Now, mind you, Bob Jones University is in Greenville, SC, and I am here in Kentucky, so I was not there. I was not riding around in a car taking photos. I was sitting right here, right where I am at this moment, and people were sending me photos as fast as they could snap them.

If you scroll down that page I linked to, you’ll see those photos as they came in.  I posted them as fast as I could, scooping the local media (who were present) by about three hours.  Cathy wanted publicity. She begged for it.  I gave it to her.

But then, somebody sent me a short video they had taken on their phone, and I decided to upload it to YouTube.  Only it was just a six-second thing, and it told me that it really wanted to be a movie.

You have to understand Cathy to understand the movie. Cathy is one of those people who wants everything to be about her. We joke, often, about “Cathy Harris: The Movie.”  So I thought I would make just such a movie.

You can see it here.

Or hell, let’s just embed it.

It was fun to make and there is no “weird and creepy” text added. A few of the protest signs were Photoshopped by some of the folks who read the blog and what they say is not “weird” or “creepy.”  It is funny as hell, but if you have no idea what is going on, well, you won’t understand it.

For example, one Photoshopped sign says “Will work for candles.” I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that.  When Cathy first announced “The Great Protest” it was supposed to be a candlelight vigil.  That’s what was advertised for a long time.

And then suddenly, it was scheduled for noon.

Honestly, we expected her to be able to draw maybe as many as 50 people to this protest.  I was actually shocked to see only six, along with a kid and a cooler. There were almost as many media folks there as protesters.

So, there was no “cyberstalking.” There was a totally advertised public event that Cathy staged.  She begged for publicity. I gave her just that, a pretty good-sized audience, frankly.  I had a whole lot of help doing it. All I did was upload photos as they were sent to me.

But I have decided that maybe Nicole’s problem with all this is that she’s jealous.

Good golly, I do not want Nicole to be jealous of Cathy Harris and her movie.

So, because I am a really nice person in spite of Nicole’s inability to understand that, and in the interests of public service, I have made a movie for the Nauglers.

You’re welcome.


small house

This is the first house Dave and I ever lived in. Prior to it, we rented apartments. This is where we brought Nathan home and where he lived until he was four.  It was (and still is) a whopping 1000 square feet. Three small bedrooms, two bathrooms, typical, and all sort of squashed.

But it was plenty of room for the two of us, and later on, the three of us.

The only reason we moved was that it was rented and we bought a house. The one we bought was similarly sized but had yellow wood siding, was on a better, bigger lot and we liked it better. It had more “character.”

Since then, we’ve lived in lots of houses, in lots of places.

The biggest was 2000 square feet in Alaska. Our only reason for buying something that large was that in Cooper Landing, you pretty much buy what is for sale, and not much is usually for sale.


living room RV

The smallest is an RV that measures about 280 square feet with all the slides in.  With the four slides out, it’s probably around 400 square feet.

kitchen RV

bedroom RV

Living room, kitchen/dining area, bedroom/bath.  Basically three rooms.

Here are the upsides of living tiny like that.

It can be cheaper, sometimes far cheaper. RV’s don’t cost as much as houses, although per square foot, they are pricey. There just aren’t many square feet. In addition, though, there just isn’t any room for anything.

I remember walking into Walmart one day and thinking that there wasn’t a single thing in that whole store that I wanted, or that I could use, or that I could store if I had to.

It makes you far more conscious of space.  You don’t have much, so you have to pay attention.  If you’re not using it, whatever “it” is has to go. If something comes in, something else has to go out. You find out that you don’t need twelve pairs of shoes.  Three or four do nicely.  You don’t need as many clothes as we’re wont to keep in our large closets. Dave’s tool set fit in one small box and was stored in the RV “basement.”

The traveling part can be a big positive. When you don’t like the weather,  you just move. Same thing for the scenery.  And ditto for the neighbors.

The feeling can be one of freedom, at least at first.

But there are also downsides, and some of them are major.

You have to park the thing someplace. One solution is to buy a plot of ground and park it, but then you’ve negated or seriously reduced the traveling thing. If you go into an RV park, you have nice amenities, but you get to pay for them, and you get to pay whatever the RV park wants to charge you.  In south Texas, we were paying almost $100/month for electricity, well above the going rate per KWH in the area. The RV park controlled the rates.

Living in an RV park gets old, at least it did for us.  Because the RV is so small, it’s nice to get outside a lot and “outside” means the rest of the park.  Neighbors are close, sometimes too close. They also tend to be old. (I know we’re old, but these folks were older.)

And if you opt for parking elsewhere, that gets really old, really fast. Who wants to actually live in a Walmart parking lot or a rest area?  Not me.

In addition, moving is a major pain. Everything has to be secured, all the slides brought in, the RV hitched to the truck.  Then all this has to be reversed at the destination.  We could do it in our sleep, but we tired of it.

There is no community when you are a part-time resident, and that might not sound like a big deal, but it’s a major one for me.  No responsibilities might sound delightful, but I really need to have something I have to do, or some place I have to be.  If I don’t, I start to get depressed.

None of these things are pertinent, of course, to a fixed so-called “tiny” house, except the lower costs.

We did not find the close quarters to be a problem, and I really want to emphasize that. We were fine. But there were only two of us, and as you can see from the photos, our RV had definite rooms, three of them. It was totally possible for one of us to watch TV in the living room while the other prepared a meal in the kitchen or took a nap in the bedroom. Privacy was never an issue.

So, what is the deal with the current fad regarding “tiny” houses?

I think it’s a backlash against this.


When we decided to upsize and buy a real house, this is what we did not want.

I have watched houses get bigger and bigger over much of my lifetime, to the point that the little house where Nathan was a baby is considered teeny nowadays, but was pretty much average when I was a child.

As Americans have gained weight, they have also reduced their family size and greatly increased their house size.

And all that house has to be heated and cooled and furnished and cleaned and maintained.

If you Google “tiny house” or even “average sized house 1950” you will find dozens of articles talking about this, and gushing over so-called tiny houses and bashing “materialism.”

Somehow, we can’t seem to find balance. We upsize dramatically, realize that it was a mistake and then downsize dramatically. The pendulum swings and tends to always swing too far.

garden shed

Here’s the article she’s linking.

not safe

Nicole’s garden shed has not been “turned into” a cabin. That’s like saying that if I put a saddle on Frances, she’ll be “turned into” a horse.  She’d simply be a very pissed-off cow with a saddle on her back.

But I am curious about how Nicole thinks that her garden shed is “safer” than most of the rentals they’ve lived in. Safer how?

Obviously, they will not all burn up in an electrical fire.  Nor will the place be flooded from a burst pipe. Nobody will forget to turn off the range and have the gas fill the place.

The wood stove is, of course, a problem. I’ve looked at photos of it and shown it to my husband (who knows about wood stove installation, having done it several times in several different houses) and he says it’s not installed according to any sort of code.

Beyond that, I fail to see how it’s “safer.” In what way were those rentals substandard?

Anyway, the comments are all about how cute garden sheds are and how delightful it would be to live in one.


We have a wood shed.  It’s actually the original garage that was built when the house was built.  It’s a shed.  Walls. Roof.  Shed.

I do not want to live in it.  We store firewood in it. We park the milking wagon in it. It houses chicken feed and other supplies.  My cats play in it and hunt mice, but even they don’t want to live in it.

But anyway, apparently people think living in one is a great idea. So cute.

However, the majority of the stuff you find online about this is not about a family of 13 people living in a garden shed with no utilities of any kind.  They are generally about one person living in a garden shed. Two people at the most, complete with an itsy bathroom and electricity and plumbing.

I know that the Blessed Garden Shed is a step way up from the Blessed Little Shitshack, but when you consider that a tent from Walmart would also be a step up, that’s not saying much.

In fact, the largest family I could find (apart from the Blessed Nauglers) living in a shed was a mother with five kids, and people were rightly appalled. She is a recovering drug addict. Nobody thought that their housing was adequate.

What Nicole is doing is jumping on the “tiny house” bandwagon so she will look all trendy and crunchy, when the reality is homeless, broke, and no place to go.

And not surprisingly, some of those who ran bustling out at the beginning of this rather silly trend and began buying and building and decorating “tiny houses” and writing blogs about how glorious it all is. . . are upsizing.

They aren’t upsizing to McMansions, but to something that offers just a wee bit more space per person.  You know, like a normal house.

I know exactly how they feel. We did it too.



Free Enterprise

gas bill

Ah, the trials and tribulations of owning your own business.  When you work for somebody else, or you work as an independent contractor where somebody else is responsible for the bills, you just don’t know about this stuff.

But when you are the one in charge, and you get to call all the shots, well, you get to also pay all the bills.

And it’s no different for Nicole.

She is upset.

Her gas bill for the salon (we are not talking about her basic business here, please keep that in mind) is a hefty $67, when her usage was zero.  How can this be?  How dare they?  How awful it is!

There are two charges.

The first is a basic service charge of $40.

service charge
click image to link to source

Did Nicole think that the meter was free?  Did she think that the guy comes out and reads the meter (and he has to do that whether she uses any gas or not, because how else would he know?) does it as a volunteer job?  Did she think that the clerk who sends her the bill is on food stamps?

The other fee is for the line tracker.

line tracker

Does Nicole think those gas lines just sit there unused and therefore have no wear on them?  They never need to be upgraded or replaced? I actually have a friend whose job is to walk those gas lines every single day (I’m not sure how often he completes his rounds and begins again) and he uses a detection device to make certain there are no leaks. Every day. It’s a full time job.  He has to be paid.

Somebody tries to explain that she is in business and business accounts do pay more for stuff like this than home accounts, because they tend to use more.

comments 1

But of course, it sucks and businesses should not be allowed to “get away with this.”  You know, for charging customers for providing their services. Nicole wants gas available at her business whenever she wishes to use it. For that convenience, she has to pay.

comments 4

Oh, yeah.  Nicole rents her space. Her landlord wants the gas left on.  That’s part of the lease agreement, I would imagine.

comments 2

Yeah, this is totally brilliant. It’s a conspiracy and we should charge the utilities for the privilege of providing us with electricity and gas.  How about water lines?  Let’s charge them for putting in water lines. Can Nicole’s readers get any dumber?

comments 3

And we have here the Conversation of the Day, in which two Nicoles share their complete and total ignorance.  Nicole Naugler believes she should only have to pay $10 or $15 monthly because she absolutely knows what it costs the gas company to make gas available to her whenever she wants it. She knows all the costs involved.

And Nicole the Other is just amazing.

The gas is just there in the ground and they don’t really “deliver” it.  It just sort of seeps up out of the ground and magically enters the furnace or something. How dare they charge money for it!

I’m not sure it’s possible to even begin to educate these two people.

But the idiocy of all this is probably readily apparent.

I am reminded of the time when our son first moved out of the house and got his own place. He called us one day, just in a stew. His big beef? He’d been to the store to purchase toilet paper.  He had no idea what toilet paper costs. I guess he just thought it was provided by Jesus or something. He was absolutely livid because he had to spend his very hard-earned money (and it was hard to make it) on something that was going to be flushed down the toilet.

I told him to be glad he was male and didn’t have to use it for everything. I tried very hard not to laugh where he could hear me.

But I digress.

The landlord has some spaces he wants to keep rented. They have to be heated.  He has chosen to heat them with natural gas.  If doing that resulted in huge bills that his tenants could not afford, you know what would happen?

All his tenants would find other spaces to rent and they’d leave.

So he picks the most affordable solution possible.

In addition, if the gas company over-charged and gouged its customers to the point that, gasp!, electricity was cheaper, you know what would happen?  They would lose all their customers to electric furnaces and water heaters and dryers and stoves.

To stay in business, the gas company has to compete.

click image to link to source

You know what they call this?

Free market.  Deregulation.


The Simple Life

faith questionOh gee, we can help with that.


Here’s a chapter list.


Chapter One Feeling Smug While Doing Fuckall

Chapter Two“Please, Sir, I Want Some More.”

Chapter ThreeDelegating: All Work Becomes Unschooling Leaving More Time For Facebook

Chapter Four – Managing the Hypocrisy: Asking Online Sources for More Online Sources Regarding How to Keep Your Children From Being Attached to Electronic Devices

Chapter Five– Baby-Making and Pyramid Schemes Are More Alike Than You Thought

Chapter Six – It’s All About The Image You Project

Chapter Seven– How To Hide In the Woods: When CPS Inevitably Comes Knocking

Chapter Eight – Zen and the Art of Baby Making  (Without the Hassle of Raising Them)

Chapter Nine – Boob for the Photo-Op, Sippy Cup All Other Times

Chapter Ten – It’s Not Slave Labor, It’s Family

Chapter Eleven -Mud for Christmas: How to Lower Your Children’s Expectations During the Holidays

Chapter Twelve – Use Pencils, Not Tablets

Chapter Thirteen – Who Needs Sports: Tote Those Buckets to the “Compost Heap”

Chapter Fourteen – Grifting: It’s An Art

Chapter FifteenHow to Raise Tech-Illiterate Kids When You Have an Internet Addiction

Chapter Sixteen – Rainy Days and Wednesdays Always Mean a Bath

Chapter Seventeen – Vaccines Aren’t Needed if You Eat at Hardees

Chapter Eighteen – Free-Range: Make Your Neighbors Love You

Chapter Nineteen – The Gentle Art of Scamming: How to Use People to Get Money and Things

Chapter Twenty – Con That Church

Chapter Twenty-One – You Don’t Have to Drag Them to the Library if They Can’t Read

Appendix Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget to Take Your “Me Time”


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You’re welcome.






Out of Control


Good golly, let’s get out the violins and start playing. Nicole is being all introspective and confessiony.

from BLH 1

Nicole “clashes” with anyone in authority.  I would never have known that. If there were ever a person who has embraced a two-year-old’s sense of autonomy (“I can do it myself”), it’s Nicole Naugler.

But notice how she words this.  She “clashes” with “authoritarians, those who seek to be authority and those who believe we should submit to authority.”

What about “clashing” with just plain old people who for one reason or another are in authority?

Like the police. Or the county health department. Or the courts. They are not “seeking to be authority,” they fucking are authority.

And it makes not one teensy bit of difference that Nicole doesn’t think they should be in authority. This is a collective society, and we as a group have placed them in those positions. Sometimes we as a group decide we made a bit of a mistake and we revise all that, but individuals don’t get to do that on their own.

You learn this in kindergarten, by the way.

Nicole goes on to say she’s an introvert.

Well, yippee.

And she needs to share. Isn’t that nice? Why would an introvert want to share stuff like this with the entire world?  I cannot imagine.  I’m pretty extroverted (except when I’m introverted) and I wouldn’t.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, by her own admission.

from BLH 2

Oh, gee, she’s taken an online personality test.  Meyers-Briggs, no less. The Number One Most Stupid Personality Test in existence in the entire world, in my admittedly not-particularly-influential opinion.

Just read that crap. Really. Read it.  It goes on and on with the most ridiculous bullshit imaginable.

Everything is lovely.  You’re “gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive.”  The thing is that nobody is “brutal, cold, simple, and rigid.” Nobody’s test shows that they are just an asshole, or a cruel jerk. Instead, they are “complex.”

click image to link to source

I am a Pisces. I have not a single shred of belief in horoscopes or planets aligning in such a way that they affect a single thing about me or my life, but this is a description of the supposed personality traits of a Pisces.

It seems that I am “intuitive” too. And “generous, compassionate, extremely faithful and caring.”  I’m never judgmental (go right ahead and laugh – it’s ludicrous), and always forgiving.


But see how similarly these things read?

fits everyone
click image to link to source

You can read about the Forer effect if you wish.

The MBTI (the test we’re talking about here) was developed by two women (a mother and daughter) who were housewives. You read that right. They were housewives. They had no training at all that would indicate they had expertise in any of this.

They aren’t the first people to con their way into print in the field of psychology, of course. Another set are the two women who wrote The Courage to Heal, which is a godawful book about sexual abuse. Those two women teach creative writing, which is clearly a great way to write psychology books.

But when it comes to Myers-Briggs, maybe Nicole should take the test again. About half the time, when taken a second time, people get a different result.

from BLH 3I’m going to come back to the “changed” stuff later on in another post. For now, just notice that she claims that she’s “changed.”

Funny thing, though. She describes how “you feel” when a policeman pulls up behind you.

Only I don’t feel like that. Ever. I have never felt like that.

Of course, I have only ever been stopped by a police officer twice in my entire life. Once, I had a tail-light out and was unaware of it. The officer followed me home so I wouldn’t get hit by a car (it was after dark). He was great.

The other time was in the middle of the night. I had rolled through a blinking yellow light near my home. There was not another car in sight. The cop was bored and wanted somebody to talk to him, so he stopped me. I was polite and we chatted for a bit. He chewed me out slightly. Then he too followed me home (about 2 blocks) for no discernable reason.

I got no ticket in either case.

So, no, everyone does not feel all scared when a policeman pulls up behind them.

But see how Nicole describes this fear and attributes it to “abuse”?  She was abused, poor baby. And this was all about when the police and CPS took her children away.

You know, they took her children after giving her ample warning (when you’ve been reported to CPS more than a dozen times, you’ve had plenty of warning that something is amiss someplace).  There was every evidence that they were in the process of fleeing when Sheriff Pate got there. They were living in a shed that might have been suitable for their goats, but not for their children. We’ve all seen the pictures. It was appalling.

The only thing that would have been surprising would have been if CPS had not done anything.

There was no “abuse of power.”

I, too, have heard the recordings. Nobody abused anyone, unless you want to describe Nicole’s behavior when she began screaming at her children as abusive.

What did happen is that duly appointed/elected authority figures in our society told Joe and Nicole Naugler that they were violating the civil rights of their children and that they could not continue to do that.

And Nicole Naugler had a temper tantrum.

from BLH 4“My life.”  “My choices.” “I need to be in control again.”

Me, me, me, me, me.  I am Thoreau.

Back in May 2015, it was about the Naugler children, not about Nicole and Joe Naugler.

Whether Joe and Nicole understand this or not is not relevant. Those children are not their property.  Those children have rights, and those rights were being violated. In my personal opinion, they still are.

But for Nicole, it’s all about her and everyone has to “embrace [her] journey” or else.

So far, her “journey” has led to a shit-strewn trash heap of a piece of property with no improvements of any kind, a small business (the one positive thing I can find in their lives), too many under-educated, neglected children for their meager income, a boatload of nasty attitude, a growing criminal record mostly on Joe’s account, and a bunch of social media accounts that make me laugh.

I think I’m not going to embrace all that.

click image to link to source

This description reads way more like Nicole than the other one, I think.




Sheriff’s Ranch Accounting


From our Paypal account, we have this.

The odd numbers reflect Paypal removing its fee. I don’t really know why Paypal is holding that one donation back but it will be released this month.



The email address where I sent the donation (at the Ranch) is not something I feel free to share publicly.  If you want confirmation that it’s actually the Ranch, contact me and I’ll give you that information.

And if you’re new here, and mystified by this, here you go.

Good job, guys.


no begging

We have not been begging for money for years.

Read it again.

We have not been begging for money for years.

Nov 2013

November 2013. According to another post, they moved onto the Blessed Little Property and into the first garden shed in October, 2013.  Prior to this, they were living in various houses mostly provided at either very low rent or rent-free by the Mormon church.

But by October 2013, they had worn out their welcome with the local Mormons, and were on their own.

July 2014

July, 2014

child begging

September 2014.  They even have the children doing it. Consider that this child does not think for one second that maybe asking for money online is not a polite or appropriate thing to do.  He thinks it’s fine. He tells his grandmother how to send money via Paypal.


Sept 2014

Sept 2014

September 7, 2014.  Not to be outdone by her own kid, Nicole lists stuff they need.  “Build my house for me,” she says. “Fuck your own house. Send money and build mine.”

sept 2014

September 23, 2014

Oct 2014

October, 2014

nov 2014

November, 2014

december 2014

December, 2014

february 2015

February, 2015

March 2015

March, 2015

May 2015

May, 2015 (children taken by state, GoFundMe started by Joe, and then taken over by Pace Ellsworth)

As you can see, by then, Nicole and Joe were already pretty expert at the art of asking for money online (AKA begging) almost once a month. This particular endeavor was, of course, their most successful, netting them in excess of $45,000, probably way more.

But by October, 2015, six months later, they were broke again.

That’s $7500 per month, blown on who knows what. A lawyer doesn’t cost that much.

oct 2015

And that last paragraph is laughable.  The “trolls” didn’t set up fake fundraisers. The “trolls” just were infuriated by the real ones that scammed money out of well-meaning innocent hard-working people who thought they were doing something good, and instead were enabling two grifters who use their bazillion children as pawns.


It is a way of life for them. She gets a “few bags of donations.”  She writes this like it’s an entitlement. And the kids apparently treat it like it’s Christmas.


But there’s more than one way to beg online.  Nicole uses every way she can find, not just outright asking for money. Or making lists of stuff she wants and posting it.

She hints. Like the doll. Taken alone, this would probably be fine, although I’d never do it in a million years. With all the other begging, it looks really bad.  They go on a local trading site to “ask” for a new doll.  “Does anyone have a doll I can have to replace the one I already have?” says the cute little girl.

And some sucker buys her a brand-new doll.



The seeds were nice set-up. She calls it a “blessed little gift idea.” Just being helpful, you know. And when you click on the link, it takes you directly to a page where you can send seeds right to the Blessed Little Homestead.

joe seeds

Joe thought it was a great idea – get seeds by begging. So he repeated it on his page, just in case somebody missed the opportunity.

Those are just a couple of examples of the hinting that goes on. It’s almost continuous.


And the memes. Nicole loves memes and doesn’t mind using them as hints.


Just as an aside, I have never once said anything negative about Nicole’s business. I don’t allow anyone here to do so.  When we rant about somebody needing a job, it isn’t Nicole we’re talking about.  It’s her dead-beat husband.

The “rough spot” has gone on for years and years.

homeless religionThat could so easily be Nicole or Joe sitting there. They do it from behind a smartphone, but they are doing the same thing. Which church are you working on now, Joe?