“Read this,” she demands.

Well, no. I don’t think I will.

You know why I won’t?  Let me explain.

First, I don’t have time for bullshit. I’ve been vacuum-packing pork and lamb all day long and I am tired.

Second, this is bullshit.  You know how I know it’s bullshit?  There are two big clues.

First, the website name.  “”

“Choice” when it comes to vaccines is code for “we don’t wanna and ain’t gonna.” So this is an anti-vaxxer web site.  It’s the only sort of place Nicole goes for information on this subject.  It’s like Trumpers who get all their information straight from or infowars.

Second, the author is Suzanne Fucking Humphries.  That just made me laugh.

Suzanne Humphries is a former nephrologist (kidney doctor) who fell off a cliff, lost her mind and became a “homeopath.”

Do not get me started on homeopathy.

Suzanne Humphries is a quack.  She’s the Alex Jones of the anti-vax world.

So, no.  I ain’t gonna bother with the link.


But here’s the lovely, brilliant discussion on Nicole’s page about the idiotic article.

Somebody brings up autoimmune diseases and Nicole informs us that she thinks that vaccines cause them.  She has no basis for that idea. She just “suspects” it.

Remember celiac disease that I wrote about last night?  The one my mother has?  It’s genetic?

Vaccinations cause it, right?


Chemotherapy is dangerous. And only used when the benefits outweigh the risks.

This is the stupidest statement I believe I have ever read.  Exactly when would one undergo chemotherapy when the potential benefits did not outweigh the risks?  You know what the risks are from fucking cancer?

Death.  That’s the risk.

But then she compares that with vaccines, because she believes that vaccines are just as dangerous as chemotherapy.  She has no reason at all to believe this. It’s not true.  It’s not even sort of true.  It’s not partially true. It’s simply not true at all.

And she bounces from there to polio.

Polio was actually on the decline before the introduction of the vaccination. More on that later.

More later, she says. Always later. Who the hell cares?  Don’t bother, Nicole.

This claim, made about several of the diseases for which we have vaccines, is false to the core, but is used frequently by the anti-vax crowd. The idea is that vaccinations were never necessary at all.  Polio (and measles and whatever else you can imagine) were all “on the decline” before the vaccinations were discovered, and it’s just a conspiracy by Big Pharma to get you to pay money for the vaccines, or to get  your insurance company to pay money (stupid, dumb insurance companies), or to get the state to pay money (stupid, dumb statists).

Here’s the deal.  Polio is caused by a virus (you know, sort of like the flu).  Viral diseases have a tendency to wax and wane naturally. One year, the flu is really bad. The next, not so much.  One year, it’s really bad in south Florida.  The next, it pops up in terrible numbers in Boise. This is simply the way viral infections behave.

Polio remained more or less endemic for centuries. Look up that word. It means that it was there, hanging around, doing a bit of damage here and a bit of damage there, but not scaring young mothers out of their wits.

And then it sort of took off and became an epidemic (look that up to0).

The epidemic reached its zenith in the United States when I was a little girl.  I remember it well.  My mother was frightened. We weren’t allowed to go to the local swimming pool.  We pretty much had to stay close to home.

And that didn’t help, really, because the kid down the street, named Doug, caught it.

My mother’s best friend had a baby boy about the same age as my sister. My mother sat with her friend in the hospital as her friend’s little boy died.

So, was my mother reasonable to be frightened out of her wits?

You bet she was.

But what happened was that medical science began to learn how to treat polio before they learned how to prevent it.  Some brilliant person invented the iron lung and saved a bazillion lives by doing so.  Then somebody else invented the ventilator and bypassed the cumbersome iron lung and did a trach and put the patient on the ventilator, which worked much better.

The point is that the death rate did, in fact, start to fall.

They call this the mortality rate, how many people died from a particular disease.

Suzanne Fucking Humphries and her ilk love to deal with mortality rates. They carry on about them.

They ignore a different stat called the morbidity rate, which is how many cases there were, or how many people got sick. Doug didn’t die.  But he also didn’t walk again. There are plenty of people living right now today who have residual damage from a bout of polio, but they didn’t die like my mother’s friend’s little boy died.  Polio killed people, yes, but it also crippled people.

Here’s the morbidity rate for polio.


See the jagged line prior to the introduction of the vaccines?  See how it went up and down and up and down but always hung around?  See how, in 1955, when my mother was having a freaking shit-fit, when I was six years old and nobody could go swimming that summer, see how it started to climb again?  And then see how it dived down?

In 1961 the oral vaccine was introduced.  I remember that too.  I got my first sugar cube at a local elementary school on a Sunday afternoon.

Then it just all went away.  By the time I went into nursing school in 1966, it was pretty much gone, and everyone had had a sugar cube. In my entire nursing career, I never had a single active polio patient. I had recovered polio victims who were having procedures to try to fix their battered, shattered legs, but no active cases.

Anti-vaxxers use the phrase “vaccines didn’t save us.”

But they are wrong.  Vaccines did, in fact, save a lot of people from some really bad shit.

If you’d like to see more graphs like the one above, here’s the link.

The polio morbidity rate was not “on the decline” prior to the invention of the vaccine.

What is on the decline is Nicole’s ability to reason.  They call this “dementia.”





Probably the most egregious anti-science bullshit involves the idea that man’s role climate change is a “hoax.” This doesn’t seem terribly sexy to talk about because it has no real immediate personal threat to anyone, but the long-term consequences are real and pretty horrible.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t rate anti-vaxxers up there with climate-change-deniers, but they are still way up on the Stupid Morons Who Don’t Have Any Brains Scale.

And of course, many of the first group are also in the second group.  It seems that once you begin to accept as true things that are quite clearly not true at all, there is almost no limit to the amount of horse manure you will swallow quite happily.

I have no idea where Nicole obtained her figures because she doesn’t tell us. [Personally, I tend to just jettison figures when somebody online tosses them out without reference to anything, but that’s just me, I suppose. I like for my facts to be actually true.]


So, the CDC readily tells us that the vaccine’s effectiveness fades over time. This is true, by the way, of most vaccines.  Think of it like this: the antibodies produced by the vaccines get “old.” They more or less reach their expiration date. That’s why they break the vaccine into several parts and give it over and over again.

click image to link to source

Now, I want Nicole to tell the 277 mothers who lost their babies to whooping cough that “fever, crankiness, headache, fatigue, and soreness” are about the same as having whooping cough. Their babies died.


But I want to focus on the last sentence.

You probably should just boost your immune system instead of compromising it with chemical cocktails.

Let’s take the first part. . . well. . . first.

I am so sick and tired of people who go around telling other people to do this or do that or eat this or take this to “boost your immune system.”

What in the hell does that even mean?

Nicole Naugler is a dog groomer. She washes dog butts for a living. She has a high school education. She gets her information, when she bothers to link to it, from anti-vaxxer sites. What would she know about immune systems?

In the first place, you can’t really “boost” your immune system.

Consider AIDS.  That stands for “acquired immune deficiency syndrome.”  AIDS is caused by a virus that actually does attack the human immune system. This is the reason that AIDS patients are so susceptible to everything.  But note the first word?  “Acquired.”

It didn’t just happen spontaneously.  This immune deficiency thing was “acquired” by getting the virus.

In 1918, during WWI, there was a world-wide outbreak of a very deadly form of influenza.  It killed more people than the war did, somewhere between 20 and 40 million people.

Why was it so deadly?  Flu is bad, and kills a whole lot of people every year, but that version was especially severe. The reason, in part, was the horrible conditions that so many soldiers were living in (crowded, unsanitary).  But another reason was that nobody had any immunity to it.

Remember the stuff I wrote about the various types of flu? If you don’t, go read it now.

The problem seems to be that in the 1918 version, nobody had ever been exposed to any of the proteins on the surface of that particular flu virus, so nearly everyone exposed caught it and nobody had any immunity or even any partial immunity.

The immune system is not “strong” or “weak,” although those are words you hear about it all the time. The immune system either functions or it doesn’t.  If you are susceptible to a disease, like the 1918 flu, it means that you simply don’t have any antibodies on board and your immune system, even if it is functioning beautifully, cannot attack a virus it doesn’t recognize as dangerous.

What the AIDS virus does is destroy the immune system’s ability to do that, to recognize invasive organisms and wipe them out.

What you eat doesn’t have a single thing to do with this.  “Chemicals” don’t have anything to do with this.

Furthermore, there is no reason to “boost” the immune system, even if it were possible, which it isn’t. You don’t want it “boosted.”  You simply want it to work properly: to recognize disease-causing organisms that shouldn’t be there, and say, “Aha, you SOB!” and destroy them and then retire for a nap.

Do you know what an autoimmune disease is?

There are about a dozen main ones.  They are believed to be caused by the same general problem: an immune system that goes rogue, acts like it’s on steroids and starts destroying cells willy-nilly.  Celiac disease, which my mother has, is one. It is basically a genetic disorder. That means that I am at risk for developing it (although having made it to 67 without it, I assume that my risk of getting it now is pretty tiny – my doctor doesn’t consider it an issue).  What I eat or don’t eat has no effect whatever on that risk.  “Chemicals” don’t cause it.  Genes do.

But the important thing here is that autoimmune diseases are what happens when an immune system is “boosted.”  We don’t want that, folks.  We want the system to function normally, but not to go bonkers.

But Nicole tells us that instead of getting a proper vaccine, which provides the immune system with the fucking information it needs to know which organisms it encounters are disease-causing and need to be eradicated, we should just worry about not “compromising” our immune systems with “chemical cocktails.”

This woman tells us that in all seriousness. This woman whose idea of a great treat is a trip to Hardee’s and having chocolate cake made at the bakery and bought as a mark-down for breakfast.  [Disclaimer: I just finished a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was delicious. It didn’t do a single thing, pro or con, to my immune system, though.]


Here’s the bottom line:  When you read that you should do this or that, or eat this, or don’t eat this, or take this pill or that concoction, because it will “boost your immune system,” run.  Quit reading.  You’re reading advice from a lunatic.

Instead, if you really want to know more about this, read this.

The article echoes much of what you’ll find in more scientific articles but with less scientific jargon. The author has an post-graduate education in science, so is qualified to write about it. And that illustrates the two major things I look for when I’m trying to figure out what is true and what is bullshit.  Here’s another one, from Harvard.

Does the piece I’m reading repeat stuff I can find at other reputable sites?  “Reputable site” does not mean “”  Or when I Google, am I finding the same position repeated over and over at bullshit sites?  (Big red flag)

And who is writing?  Who is this person? What is his/her educational background? What does he know, if anything?


My thanks to a reader who sent me this link.

Here’s the original posting written by the stupid woman.

I warn you, the article will make you angry. I was so angry reading it that I was nearly shaking. It happened long enough ago that reporting the woman to CPS is not feasible – and I’m sure a lot of people did.

People who do this to their children should have their children removed by the state.  Period. And they should never, ever get them back.

This was not about those kids. This was all about Heather being Mother of the Year.  She’s not Mother of the Year, she’s a motherfucking idiot.

Read it, Nicole. I dare you. Read all about how easy it is to take care of whooping cough at home without medical aid.  Read about how it’s just like having a few side effects from a vaccine.  Read about what a stupid idiotic dumbass you are.






Boy, what a repository of bullshit this is.  There’s too much here for one post, but that’s okay. We’ll take it in bits and pieces.

I am a farmer and it is sugested [sic]. . .

When you read “it is suggested” you should get out your red flags and start waving them around.  It is suggested by whom?  Leah is a “farmer” of what?

It is “suggested” that GMOs cause allergies by people who don’t like GMOs.

I got sucked into the whole “oh, my God, the sky is falling; GMOs will kill us all” thing a number of years ago. I didn’t really find out anything. I just believed the stuff I read and decided it wasn’t “natural,” and therefore it had to be bad.

I had gardened off and on for decades and knew the value of organic matter in soil, and had always tried to use as many “organic” methods as possible mostly because I’m cheap, but also because I thought that was better for Planet Earth.

And then we moved to Kentucky, eight and a half years ago, and I embarked on a journey that would change my mind entirely.


The first thing I noticed were all the soybean and corn fields. There are two of them right up the road from our house.  They alternate growing each crop annually. And they are Roundup Ready.  Drive down the road in the other direction from my house and you’ll see more corn and soy, also Roundup Ready.

It seemed that all my neighbors were crazy people.

I decided to ask them about it.

The thing you don’t do when you move into an area from someplace else is run around telling all the locals how it is supposed to be done. Instead, you put on your humble cap and sincerely ask. That’s what I did.  I didn’t understand it and I asked, “Why do you grow Roundup Ready seed?”

And they told me.

They said that they do it because it’s better for their bottom line, for their farms, and for their soil.  Yes, the seed costs more, but the benefits far outweigh the added cost of the seed.  They use much less diesel fuel, spend way less time in the field cultivating, and their fields experience much less erosion.

In other words, the evil Monsanto is not bankrupting people. They are, in fact, saving farmers money.


But what about saving seed? They can’t save the seed. Isn’t that horrible?

Well, no, it’s not.  Saving seed isn’t as easy or convenient as many people think.  You don’t just run out to the field and grab a few earns of corn that happen to be at the exact stage that is optimal for storing as seed and there you are.  Well, actually, you could do that but it’s not a good idea.

That’s because to do it right, you would need to take an ear from a plant here and a plant there, all over the field, shell all of them, mix them together, and that would be your “saved seed” for next year.  That would give you maximum genetic diversity.  Take one ear and save it and plant it and it’s sort of like incest (I’m greatly simplifying this, I know, but I don’t want this post to be a book), with less genetic diversity than is desirable.

The seed has be at the exact right stage to make sure it germinates the following year. It has to be stored under the right conditions. You can’t just shuck the ears into a white bucket and stick it in the basement.

In addition, much of the seed used for modern agriculture is hybrid. You can’t save hybrid seeds and have them produce reliably.

In short, saving seed, even from something easy like corn and soy, is kind of labor-intensive.

The way it’s done commercially is that entire fields are grown specifically for seed. They are harvested at the right moment, cleaned the proper way, stored perfectly and then sold to the farmers.  And the vast majority of farmers know this and quit trying to save seed eons ago, long before there was ever GMO anything.  It’s cheaper to let the seedsman do it in bulk.

And that leads me to cheese.  Sort of. I know it doesn’t seem like a reasonable place to go, but just go with me here.


Like this cheese, in the photo I shared the other day.  My cheese.


I start with a pot full of milk. This is my largest stock pot, which I use almost exclusively for cheese. It holds five gallons of milk.

I bring it slowly to a warm temperature, about 90 to 100 degrees F.


At that point I add the rennet. That’s the white powder in the little bag.  See those measuring spoons? They aren’t the standard type. They measure 1/8 tsp, 1/16 tsp and 1/32 tsp.  My five gallons of milk requires 1/16 tsp of rennet.

That’s not very much. See the measuring cup?  It has warm water in it, and in the bottom is the 1/16 tsp of rennet. I stir that until it dissolves and then stir that water/rennet solution into the milk.  I have to really stir it for quite a while (two or three minutes by the clock) to make sure it’s distributed well.

Then I cover the pot and leave it undisturbed for about 45 minutes.

When I come back, this is what I find.


It might look the same, but it’s not. The paddle is literally cutting the milk.  It coagulates into a mass, sort of like jello.

I cut it into squares with a long bread knife. As I do, a clear liquid starts to seep from the cut squares. The clear liquid is whey.


The squares are called curds.

This is how all cheese is made. The only difference between one type of cheese (cheddar) and another (Parmesan) is in how long the curds and whey are kept at a particular temperature and how rapidly they are heated.

At this point, for my cheese, I start slowly heating the curds, and as I do, the curds become smaller and firmer and there is more and more whey.

When the curds get “done,” that is, they become a little squeaky and almost chewy, I drain the whey (the pig loves it) and salt the curds and they go into a mold and a cheese press.


Here’s mine. The weight on the end is an eight-pound weight, but that translates, because of leverage, to about 60 pounds. The red weight is only three pounds, and it is the one I use first, gradually increasing the pressure for about two hours.  Once it gets to the max, it stays there overnight. Whey is expressed further from the pressure.

The result is a wheel of cheese that weighs about five pounds.  One gallon of milk makes one pound of cheese.

The resultant wheel goes down to the basement to cure. The longer it cures, the sharper it gets.

But what I want to talk about here is rennet.

Remember the calves and their little pens that we built so they won’t die?

Calves are born with only one part of their stomach active. That part, the abomasum, secretes rennet.  When a calf drinks milk, it goes straight to the abomasum, bypassing all the other parts of the ruminant stomach.  Immediately rennet is secreted, curds form, and the resultant curds sit in the abomasum for a longer period of time than just plain milk would, and that’s how a calf digests milk.

If the calf overfeeds, the abomasum gets too full, and plain milk, not whey, gets pushed along into the intestinal tract, and plain milk is like a gourmet feast for bacteria.  The calf gets diarrhea, the bacteria get all out of balance and the calf can become very, very ill in a very short time. This is called “milk scours,” and I hate it.  Calves beg for seconds on their bottles. They act like they are dying of starvation. They are not, and giving them extra is cruel. It can kill them.

When a calf is about a month old, sometimes a bit sooner, sometimes a little later, he will start to nibble grain and hay. As he does so, the other parts of his stomach that digest those things begin to “wake up” and become functional. And the amount of rennet secreted begins to subside.  We bottle-feed our little guys until they are eating hay and grain well, and show no signs of scouring at all. This is generally at least eight weeks and sometimes as long as twelve.  Plenty of farmers wean them much sooner, but we are softies.

But back in the bad old days, there was only way to get rennet to make cheese.


You had to take a young calf that had never eaten anything but milk and kill it and then harvest the abomasum and dry it and powder it.

Imagine Kraft cheese.  Think about all those calves.

As the demand for cheese increased in the USA, back when I was a child, people became a bit squeamish about killing all those calves for rennet.   The result was an uneven supply of rennet and resultant higher prices for cheese.

So food scientists began looking for another way.  They looked at vegetable sources for rennet. They found some. Vegetable rennet is available today, and you can find cheese in some health-stores made with vegetable rennet.  I will tell you right now it sucks.  It simply doesn’t do as good a job as the substance that evolved in cattle to make curds.

The scientists knew it sucked too, so they looked a bit more.

And in the late eighties, they figured out a way.

Wanna guess?  Got any idea?

They genetically modified bacteria with genes from calves to produce rennet.  They tested the hell out of it.  And in 1990, this genetically modified rennet was approved and has been used to make cheese in the United States ever since.  The vast majority of cheese made here is made with GMO rennet and has been for nearly 27 years.


You know, cheese.  Like this.

Funny how you never hear anything about this.  Nobody gripes or protests or marches against cheese. Nobody says, “Oh, gee, I have all these allergies, and I’m sure it’s because there are GMOs in cheese.”

But all those calves got to live.

Now, if I have piqued your interest in this subject because I am saying things you never heard before, you might find this interesting. This video gave me a whole lot to think about.

Dave and I had a lot of conversations about it. We did a great deal of reading. And then we went to the store and bought some Roundup.  Sure makes fences easier to maintain.




Real Food


I hate vitamin supplements.

Well, I don’t hate them, but the evidence indicates that they are not necessary for most people in first world countries under most circumstances.

We used them in a hospital setting, but that was with people who were already ill.

There are diseases that can cause vitamin deficiencies. My mother is a good example. She is a celiac.  Not the fake “I’m gluten-sensitive” currently popular type, but the real deal. She was celiac long before being gluten-intolerant was cool.  In addition, she contracted non-tropical sprue (an intestinal disorder) just after World War II when she was en route to the United States on a bride ship from Australia.

The doctors had no idea what was wrong with her. They didn’t know about either condition. One specialist told her she probably had leukemia.

At any rate, as a result, she became very deficient in Vitamin B-12 and had to take shots. I remember her doing this when I was a child.  She gave them to herself which always fascinated me.

When I went to nursing school, I bullied her until she went to see an internist I knew and he diagnosed her as celiac just from a  brief conversation (later confirmed with actual tests).  Her gut began to heal and she no longer needs the vitamin shots.

So that’s an example of a necessary use of vitamin supplementation.  Pregnancy is another. (Folic acid tablets are simply too easy and cheap to risk spina bifida by not doing it.) But most people don’t need them. As one of my doctor friends used to say, all people are doing is creating very expensive urine. That is because the usual first-world diet has all the vitamins and minerals any human being needs.

So here I agree with Nicole.

I will pause for a moment while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Eat real food.

But then she just drives right off the cliff.

“Real food.”

There are two big problems with her statement.

First Problem:  Nicole is the biggest hypocrite on the planet.


Chocolate cake for breakfast.  It’s obvious that 13 people didn’t have chocolate cake for breakfast unless she bought six of these, so one assumes that Nicole bought it and hoarded it for herself, but still, she had cake for breakfast and dares anyone to criticize her.

For the record, as you’ll see, I’m not critical of her choice. I’m critical of her bullshit hypocrisy.


See? They’re at Hardee’s, having “real food.”


They go there a lot, as you can see.


She’s gonna go get her a nice gyro.  “Real food” from the takeout place.


Here’s some “real food.”  How much do you bet she bought this someplace?  We have ice cream here too.  Sometimes we buy it, but often we make it from our cow’s cream.


And she starts them young with that “real food.”  Super nachos from Hardee’s.


Just so you know, Alex Jones is a blithering idiot and ninety percent of the stuff from his site is total bullshit.  “Chemicals” in soft drinks are fine. They are not “habit forming” or “addictive.”  The problem with too many soft drinks is too much sugar.


If that is the case, why in the world do you post shit like this, Nicole?


It’s quite true that nicotine and caffeine and alcohol are all mind-altering drugs.  (I’m not sure why the Mars bar is there, except for the idea that somehow sugar is bad, which it is not – unless they are representing chocolate, and Nytol and Ritalin aren’t pretending to be anything at all other than drugs, one by prescription and the other over the counter).

I don’t consume caffeine in very large quantities because I have a problem with rebound headaches if I do.  It’s present in chocolate, but in small quantities. And alcohol, while it is a drug, is nice in small amounts and I partake from time to time, but have rarely been drunk.

However, there is no evidence, zilch, nada, that would suggest that if you use alcohol or caffeine or nicotine, you are somehow going to progress to other drugs.  None of those substances could remotely be considered a “starter kit.”  This is nonsense.

And that leads me to the second point.

Second Problem:  What in the hell is “real food”?

Nicole loves to talk about this. She likes it because it’s all healthy and homesteady and it makes her sound like Earth Mother.  Everyone nods sagely and agrees.  “Just eat real food.”

When people say this, I tend to exit the conversation because what is going to follow is complete bullshit.

What most people mean when they say “eat real food” is “don’t eat processed foods.”

But that leads directly to another question.  What are “processed foods”?

If you look up the definition of the term, you’ll find stuff all over the map.


So from this definition, which is not really very accurate (more in a moment about that), we get two main things: packaged in something, and contains the dreaded chemicals.

Exactly how are you supposed to get your food home from the store if it’s not packaged in something?  Even if you buy fresh produce, they put it in a bag.

Chemicals.  Sigh.  Everyone has spasms about chemicals. Salt is a chemical, folks.  Sugar is a chemical compound.  You are a bunch of chemicals.

Some artificially produced chemicals are very dangerous indeed.  For example:  ethylene glycol. That’s the stuff in anti-freeze. Don’t let your pets near it.  Some artificially produced chemicals are preferable to their “natural” counterparts:  melatonin, for example (“natural” melatonin can be toxic, artificial melatonin is much safer, if you’re going to take that shit, which I do not.)

Chemical is not a dirty word.

click image for link to source

So here’s a better definition of the term.  “Processing” is whatever you do to food before you eat it.


Here’s some peaches being processed, put in cans so people can store them on the shelf for a considerable length of time.


And here’s some serious food processing:  cheese. The factory takes milk and adds some chemicals (rennet, which by the way is almost entirely GMO in America and has been for decades, and salt), heats it slowly and then presses the hell out of the curd that results.

These are processed foods.


So are these.

The difference is that the last picture was taken by me in my kitchen of my canned peaches and my cheese.

There is virtually no difference nutritionally in my processed food and the photos of the factories above.  None.

If you take a tomato and slice it, you have processed it.  Here I am, processing some meat.


But, you say, that’s not what people mean when they talk about “processed food.”

I know.

They mean this.


I blew that photo up and tried to identify some of the foods that are in it, and was surprised to see Jif. It made me laugh.

Peanut butter is the food that held me together when I was a kid. I love the stuff.  I still eat it often.  And I have eaten every kind of peanut butter there is, creamy, crunchy, “natural,” “processed,” homemade from peanuts that we grew ourselves.  All of it.  I love it no matter what, but I greatly prefer the processed stuff because it spreads better.

They also have Kraft Singles in there. You know, cheese.

Oh, and Wonder Bread, as though that is really bad.


Here’s a loaf of my bread. To make it, I begin by grinding whole wheat berries into flour. That’s called “processing,” by the way.  When I mix up the loaf, I put chemicals in it.  I add salt, gluten flour, and something called “dough conditioner.”


That’s what is in it.  I use very little (that 3 tsp serving size is for a whole loaf of bread).  It makes all the difference in how the bread slices and stores and everything. I’ve been using it for years, and so do the Wonder Bread people, and so does every other bakery in America.

The truth is that there is very, very little difference between my bread and Wonder Bread when it comes to nutrition.  I prefer mine for two reasons: it’s cheaper and it tastes better.  But if I’m in the middle of house-remodeling like I am right now, and my kitchen is torn all to hell, I have no qualms at all about buying a loaf or two of bread from the store. We grumble a little but it’s fine.

The truth is that America’s food is some of the best in the world.  The quality is high.

We shop largely at Aldi. It’s cheap and so are we, so it’s a good fit for us. One major reason that Aldi is cheap is that there are few choices.  If you go in there and want a bottle of ketchup, you will find one size, one brand. Take it or leave it.

Do you want eggs? Aldi has eggs.  One size, one kind. That’s it.

The other day, I had to shop at Kroger for the first time in about three years (other than running in there for an occasional item that Aldi doesn’t carry).  I found that experience to be a little unsettling.

I needed those two things, among others:  ketchup and eggs.  There were so many choices I had difficulty.  I just wanted plain-Jane ordinary ketchup, but I was faced with 15 different kinds and brands. I wanted a dozen eggs, but there were ten different brands and kinds. I nearly had a meltdown right there in the store.  And that was a small Kroger. They’ve put in a very large one in a neighboring town and I’ll be damned if I will ever put my foot in it.

My point though is that we have a lot of food available and there is nothing wrong with any of it.

Take that photo of the Naugler baby and the nachos.

There is nothing wrong with nachos, even from Hardee’s.  Corn chips, and cheese, and probably salsa and maybe some sour cream.

Our problem is that we have so much food that we eat too much of it, and I am guilty of that.

But, you say, we need to eat more food as it comes from nature.  Why? What is the difference between my canned peaches (or the commercial canned peaches) and a peach?  The answer is pretty much nothing.

Where we screw up is that instead of those canned peaches, which are identical nutritionally to a fresh peach, we eat peach ice cream or peach cobbler.

And that leads me to sugar.

It gets a bad rap. People carry on like it’s tantamount to eating arsenic.  It’s not. Sugar is good stuff.

And there is virtually no difference at all between ordinary white sugar and honey or molasses or any other sweetener (artificial ones excepted). All of them are sweeteners, and all of them provide basically “empty” calories. And none of us need to eat mountains of any of them.  Honey is not “better” for you than sugar.

But I think most parents already know this basic stuff.

But what about this?


Nicole posts these types of photos and I see people go off on her for it.

This particular “chili” is fine as far as I can tell.  I’m not sure we’d eat it because I don’t think Dave would like it.  It’s not how I make chili.  But that’s okay.  There is nothing at all wrong with any ingredient in it.

But it’s not what is conventionally called “real food.”  It’s mostly processed foods from cans all dumped together in a pot.


And there is this.  Nicole admits this is bad, and I agree with her.  It’s not that it’s bad food – it’s not – but holy shit, how do you screw up something that horribly?  It looks like she dumped some raw rice and water along with a package or two of frozen mixed veggies in a crock pot and thought magic would happen.


First, would somebody please steal that bowl from these folks and destroy it?  It looks like the inside of one of the plastic buckets they use for. . . well, you know. . .

Second, what in the hell is that?

Beans and rice or beans and noodles are good foods. You don’t need meat with every meal, even if you’re a growing child. Beans are a great food and Americans should eat more of them.

But damn, what is that?

Seriously, if Nicole can’t come up with better stuff than this, she needs to quit lecturing us about “real food.”


Here’s an example of what is so disingenuous about her.  She says that she has “eliminated. . . most processed food.”

No, she hasn’t. Not even close.  Not even slightly.  In fact, she eats as much processed food as anyone. Do  you think nobody else has ever eaten cherry tomatoes before?  Or raw broccoli in a salad?


Note the photo of the “real food” for dinner.  Hamburgers on white bread (store bought), sliced tomato, fried potatoes.

There is nothing at all different about that than this.


Please understand that I am not saying that Nicole’s food choices are bad.  I have never said that. I know people do say that, but I’m not one of them. There’s nothing at all wrong with having a hamburger with some fried potatoes and sliced tomatoes.

I don’t find fault with her menu postings (she did some on one of her blogs and people had conniptions because of their supposed inferior nutritional content.) I sometimes make menus like that and just because I write down “Tuesday: spaghetti” that doesn’t mean that spaghetti is the only thing that will be offered.  There will probably be a salad and bread and maybe some fruit for dessert.

What I am criticizing is her attempt to appear all “natural” and homesteady while the reality is that she eats just like the rest of us, only she appears to be able to consume Joe’s can-dumping “chili” and I know I couldn’t do it. I am criticizing her little memes saying that we don’t need vitamins because we should just eat “real food,” when she doesn’t eat any different from anyone else.  I am criticizing her claims that they have “eliminated processed foods” when they absolutely have not done that at all.

She’s fake.  You know, fake, like store-brand cola instead of the Real Thing.





Sex Ed, Unschooling-Style

dating convo

This comes from a couple of months ago.  I find the timing interesting. Nicole, it seems, is suddenly interested in what you do with teenagers who have hormones unleashed and are dating.  How do you handle it?

What follows are about a dozen comments, many of them talking about house rules that involve no shacking up and no opposite-sex visitors in the bedroom behind closed doors.

So Nicole asks:


And Charles, our favorite sockpuppet, who is quite obviously female by the way, prefers no shagging by minors.

I found this sort of mystifying since the Nauglers have no bedroom doors anywhere at all.  What could she be thinking of?  The old shitshack where the older boys supposedly live now?

And after that are more than 20 additional comments, most of them saying about the same thing.

Basically this: teenagers get horny and screw around.  You know, like Joe.


What do they do on that property all day?  I thought they were #unschooling?  Is there no sex-ed class?



Really Bad Candy Cane

original post

I have no idea how I stumbled onto this story. I do not follow home-birthing pages. I never heard of this blogger before.

But this fascinating.

Here’s the original post. Lisa had a baby at home. This isn’t her first rodeo and she knows all about stuff, except she was remarking about the umbilical cord and the candy cane coloring.  Baby seems fine, she says.

Dr. Amy Tuteur, who I have discovered blogs as The Skeptical OB (love the name) and who the back-to-nature, Jesus-totes-wants-me-to-have-my-baby-in-a-swimming-pool crowd seem to hate, which sort of recommends her in my opinion, wrote the above post on her Facebook page.

Now, I ask you this.  Is what she said mean and hateful and horrible?

I think not.

A few hours later, there was this.

first followup

At this point, Dr. Tuteur is getting peeved, and it’s quite understandable. It would have been very simple at that point, since the mother went to the hospital anyway, to get the baby checked. But the mother thinks she’s a damn doctor so she doesn’t bother.

But still, notice that Dr. Tuteur has obscured the woman’s last name.  I wouldn’t have chosen to do that at this point. This young woman was endangering her child’s life and at this point, she knew it was possible that her baby could be in danger.  With the first post, you could tell she didn’t know and asked.

cautionary post

By the next day, Dr. Tuteur tells her readers to dial it back. And she’s right. Lisa knew what the danger was and that’s enough.  Plenty could and should be said publicly, but bombarding her with PMs and stuff doesn’t help.

father message

And another 24 hours later, the father chimes in. The kid was seen by a doc and everything is fine.  That’s great, says Dr. Tuteur.  Crisis averted, or really, it appears was nonexistent. Right?

And Dr. Tuteur has done everything possible to caution her readers to lay off this couple. They took the kid to a doctor. All is well.




The large type is a screen shot that the mother posted in some birthing group.

Here’s the rest.

infection 2

Oh, so now she admits there was, in fact, a problem.

In other words, Dr. Tuteur was right. She was right. That’s because she is a retired OB doc. She knew what she was looking at.

But, does Lisa Dumbass HomeBirthing Expert Extraordinaire say, “You know, I was peeved with Dr. Tuteur and I don’t especially like her, but she was right.”  Does she do that?

Of course not.

Instead, she is going to teach everyone.  She’s the fucking teacher, sharing the information like she fucking invented it.

Instead, she is “grateful” for the “support” she got from other brain-dead ignoramuses who thought that everything was lovely and Dr. Tuteur is a moron.  She’s not “grateful” to the one person with some actual knowledge and experience who said, “You know what? This is a dangerous situation. I can’t diagnose via Facebook but you need to see a doc.”

Instead, she calls Dr. Tuteur a “malicious shock jock blogger.”   I suppose that is something like a “tabloid blogger.”  She also says that she, poor thing, has been having postpartum depression because Dr. Tuteur said mean things.  Really.

Read it for yourself.

No, seriously, go over there and read it.

Dr. Tuteur is my new hero.



In Flew Inza

flu vaccine post

Nicole is sharing again without bothering to figure out whether or not there is any veracity whatever to the bullshit she’s sharing.

She wants all vaccines to be bad, so they are bad. She has zero understanding of how they work or what the flu vaccine is or what it does (if she did, she wouldn’t have shared that incredibly stupid post), but that doesn’t stop her.

Here’s the rest.


flu vaccine

Nine points. Let’s go through them one by one.

One.  Mercury.  OMG. Mercury. We’re all gonna die.


Some inactivated flu vaccines contain a very small amount of a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal. Studies have not shown thimerosal in vaccines to be harmful, but flu vaccines that do not contain thimerosal are available.

From the CDC website. This, btw, is the exact same information sheet that is handed to you when you go get a flu shot. They do not try to sneak this shit past you.  It’s right there in black-and-white.  Read it. Ask questions. Have a shit-fit if it suits you. But don’t pretend it’s a nefarious plot.

It doesn’t matter what the multi-vial contains. You are only one person, dipshit. You are only going to take one dose with 1 mcg of mercury (“bound” mercury, btw, not free-floating about looking for a place to do harm). That is a teensy, itsy, bitsy amount.

For comparison, how much mercury is in a can of tuna fish? Just plain regular old ordinary tuna fish, not the high-mercury albacore stuff?

About 20 mcg.

Live it up. Skip the tuna sandwich and get your flu shot.

Two. Egg allergies.

The vaccine is grown on eggs. So people who are allergic to eggs can’t take it. So what?

Three. Nursing mothers, pregnant women, etc.

I am none of those. Not an issue for me. If I were, you know what I’d do? I’d talk with my doctor about it.

But here’s what the CDC says about it.

Since a pregnant woman (like an old fart) can die from the flu relatively easily, it’s dumb to not do something about it.

Four. Not evaluated to see if it causes cancer (WTF?) or makes you sterile (highly recommended for Nicole Naugler, BTW).  I’m not sure any vaccine of any sort anywhere ever has any “cancer-causing” propensity. I don’t even see how that could even be, frankly.

Five. Reponse low in old farts.  Yeah, we know that already. More about that later.

Six. Reactions. Well, for pity’s sake, don’t let your damn kids run all over the woods all day long. Serious reactions have occurred to insect stings and caused anaphylactic shock resulting in death, you know.

Seven.  No data about what happens if you get fifteen different vaccines in one day. So don’t do that shit. Just get the one. It’s really pretty easy to count to one.

Eight.  Guillain-Barre syndrome. Yawn. Yeah. The risk is 1 in a million. At that rate, if every human being in the United States were vaccinated, there would be approximately 320 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome that wouldn’t otherwise occur (maybe).

So let’s don’t vaccinate anyone.

The CDC is not sure exactly how many people die from the flu every year in the US, but the number is in the thousands, not to mention the thousands of people who are hospitalized but survive, or who spend a week at home unproductive and miserable. As the link will show you, doing an estimate is hard. It involves a whole lot more than just counting.

At any rate, the number is a whole lot higher than 320 (and not all those 320 people with Guillain-Barre will die).

I’ll take my chances, thanks.

Nine. 50% protection. She writes this as though that is bad. It’s actually pretty good, if you understand anything at all about how the flu vaccine works.

Here’s the deal.

You know how scientists call swine flu “H1N1”? The “H” and the “N” stand for substances that are found on the surface of the flu cell. Human beings, as of right now, are only affected by three different “H” viruses. H1, H2, H3.  That’s all. Avian flu, which is H5, hasn’t been able to make the cross-over permanently.

Here’s a reasonably good article about it that doesn’t get so technical it makes your eyes cross.

And here’s another one with more detail.

Viruses mutate very, very easily. And when they do, the cell that used to be H1N1 becomes H2N1, and bam, you have a new flu virus. That’s why immunity to the flu is a crap shoot.

The pharmaceutical guys work like motherfuckers all year long trying to figure out which strain of the virus is causing all the havoc this year, and then taking huge guesses (using computer modeling) to try to predict what they are going to mutate into for next year. And since it takes several months to grow the vaccine, they have to start this process for the fall of 2017 like yesterday, or at least by Christmas.

It’s a bit like trying to be the weather forecaster, but being held responsible for figuring how where hurricanes are going to hit next summer, and then being criticized horribly if you get it wrong.

So they hedge their bets. They generally include a cocktail of stuff in a vaccine.  Like this.


See that bit with the H’s and N’s?  The H1N1 is what was floating around last year. They assume it’s still around, so it’s in the vaccine. And the other one is one that they are betting shows up. The last is a B virus and you can read more about that if you like at the link above.

But the point is that instead of just guessing the hurricane will hit Miami, they also get Charleston prepared just in case.

They can’t create a vaccine for every single possibility. The shot would be really big and I ain’t gonna do that.

But this explains why, first, sometimes the flu shot doesn’t “work,” and second, sometimes it sort of “works.”  First, if they totally miss, and the virus goes and mutates into H2N3, we’re all screwed and the CDC eats some crow.  However, if you got a flu shot last year, and if last year’s shot contained some vaccine against H2, you’re in luck.  You have a sort of partial immunity. You might actually catch the flu, but it might be way less bad because your antibodies, while not totally sure about these H2N3 virus cells, say to each other, “Wait. I remember that guy. He was hanging around here last year and we gave him the boot. I swear he looked just like that. Big nose and all.” And others say, “Nah. I don’t remember him at all. You’re nuts. I’m leaving that alone.”  So some virus cells get smashed and others are undisturbed, leaving you with a half-shitty case of the flu instead of a totally shitty case.

And it’s more complicated than that, of course. There aren’t just those two markers. There a few bazillion more, but I’m not paid the big bucks to know about all that.  I just know enough about it to want to get my flu shot.

So I did. Today, as a matter of fact.

sign flu

Dave and I followed the signs to the pharmacy, and there we were given an information sheet, identical to this page. You know all that shit that Nicole’s “source” got from demanding the insert?  Right on that sheet.

Furthermore, we had to fill out a questionnaire.  Here’s mine.

kroger consent

I know it’s hard to read. The blacked-out stuff is my personal information and my signature. The questions are interesting. Look them over in light of the points listed above that are supposed to fill you with fear.

1. Do you have a fever or illness today?
2. Do you have any allergies to medications, foods (e.g. eggs), latex, or a vaccine component (e.g. gelatin, neomycin, polymixin, yeast, thimerosal, etc.)? If yes, list what you’re allergic to___________________
3. Have you ever had a serious reaction after receiving a vaccine? (lip swelling, arm swelling, trouble breathing, seizure, etc.?)
4. Have you ever had a dose of the SAME vaccine for which you are requesting today? [NOTE: I put yes even though this year’s vaccine is different from last year’s vaccine. I wasn’t exactly sure what the question meant. I suspect it was there to be sure somebody didn’t come in and get a second vaccination THIS year.]
5. Have you ever experienced seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome, or any other neurological disorder?
6. Have you received any vaccines in the last 28 days?
7. Have you had a mastectomy?
8. For women: are you currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or are you planning to become pregnant in the next month?
9. Do you have cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, HIV/AIDS, organ transplantation, or any other immune system problem?
10. In the past three months, have you taken medications that weaken your immune system, such as anti-cancer drugs, high-dose steroids, chemotherapy, injectable therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease or psoriasis (e.g. Humira, Enbrel) or radiation treatments?
11. During the past year, have you received a transfusion of blood or blood products, or been given immune (gamma) globulin or an antiviral drug?
12. Do you have a long-term health problem with heart disease, lung disease (e.g. COPD, asthma), kidney disease, metabolic disease (e.g. diabetes), anemia or other blood disorder?
13. For children or teens: Is the patient receiving long-term aspirin therapy or have a history of wheezing (2-4 yr olds)?

Now. Do you see how the information sheet and the questionnaire covered every single thing that courageous girl above found out by demanding to read the insert? If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, believe me they notice. And you aren’t getting a flu shot unless your doctor personally says it’s okay. Mostly, if you have these sorts of things, your doctor will pretty much make sure you get your flu shot at his office if you need one, and not at all if you can’t take it.

But Dave and I just plowed ahead, answered “no” to everything that mattered and got our shots. And because we are old farts, and our immune systems are about shot, and hence we are more vulnerable to the flu than your average young whipper-snapper, we got the super-duper double-dose Big Shot. In fact, we go early every year to make sure we can get the Big Shot. One year, we forgot and waited too late and they were out and we had to get the Weeny Shot. Bad. We learned our lesson and we make sure we remember now.

me getting shot

Thank you, Kroger.

Thank you, Medicare.

UPDATE: By bedtime last night, Dave was running a fever. Nothing huge. 100-101 degrees F.  Just enough to make him feel shitty.  He was also peeved. This hasn’t happened to him before (and has never happened to me).

Why is he running a fever? (He still has it this morning.)

A fever is one of the most common side-effects of the flu shot.

When your body is invaded by a foreign enemy, one of the immune system’s defenses is to raise your body temperature to make the environment as uncomfortable for the virus or bacteria as possible.

Here’s a fascinating video that illustrates this. I know it’s about honeybees and hornets, but just get the idea here.  In the first section, the poor honeybees (the immune system of the hive) have no idea what the hornets are and are destroyed. That’s you with a very bad case of the flu that lands you in the hospital on life support.

In the second part, the bees know exactly what is going on, and they burn out the hornet. That’s Dave’s fever.

It’s a normal response to an invading organism.  Dave’s body does not know that the vaccine he got yesterday contains attenuated viruses. (“Attenuated” means they aren’t dead, just sort of paralyzed.) So the antibodies react exactly like they are supposed to and raise the body temperature.

Dave’s question was a reasonable one. “Why did I get a fever and you didn’t?”

The answer is “I’m not sure.” Maybe his immune system is more robust than mine.  He’s 77 so I’m delighted to see his immune system kicking in like that.  But then again, and more likely, maybe he has some immunity already to something in the vaccine (one of the H’s or N’s) and so his immune system hit the ground running.

At any rate, the fever will last probably today and maybe even tomorrow, and then he’ll be fine. Except for a mild headache (which is caused by the fever), he has no other symptoms of anything and probably won’t have any. He does not have “the flu.”

Oh, and my arm is a little sore. Not much. Nothing like a tetanus shot. But a little sore.

The OK Corral

They were standing on a corner in Tombstone, Arizona.  It was such a fine sight to see.

Or, as it’s known in Breckinridge County, the Breckinridge County Courthouse.

This was the scene of the Great Shitgate Standoff on August 16, 2016.


On one side, standing for the evil “nuisance” State, was Wyatt Earp the Judge, with his accomplice, Doc Holliday Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton of the Breckinridge County Health Department.

On the other side, standing up for “his right to compost his shit,” was Ike Clanton Joe “I’ll dump my shit anyplace I like” Naugler.

They had come to this defining moment after years of sparring.

court records 1


Note: some of these charges say “dismissed” because Joe quickly complied with the law, or because charges were rolled together into one.

court records 2

And that’s just in Kentucky, spanning six years.  Who knows how much is in Texas or Maine or elsewhere.

But clearly Joe “I will absolutely fling my shit” Naugler is no stranger to the evil devices of the State, his nemesis.  In other words, this is not his first rodeo.

The current confrontation has been documented here numerous times over the past few months.

The Bucket Brigade


This is probably what you came here to find out

Throughout, Joe “nobody can tell me where to poop” Naugler has been adamant about his right to relieve himself as he pleases. Nothing illustrates this better than the little conversation he had and recorded with Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton from the Breckinridge County Health Department.

And it looks even better in print.  So I transcribed it for you.

You’re welcome.

Joe: I’m just curious as to, beyond the complaints that are being made, what factual evidence have you acquired to instigate (incomprehensible) the claims that are in that paper.

Hinton: Like I said, other than the complaint, I have not been on your property.

Joe: Yeah, well, I know that

Hinton: on y’all’s Facebook post, there were pictures of the composting toilet, or what you call a composting toilet.

Joe: Yeah

Hinton: The way you’re composting is not approved – is not an approved system in the state of Kentucky.

Joe: Well, we have looked at EPA, and we have looked at regulations, and we’ve had several other agencies investigate us, and everything is on the up and up. We, we composted through a bucket; we have several composting areas that we keep very, uh, lined with, uh, even EPA standards. We downloaded the PDF based off of EPA standards and we are following those to the letter.

Now, I’m cur – I know that you’ve gone on Ron’s property – we saw you – uh, did you take any test results from anything off of his property to confirm that our compost toilet is contaminating his property?

Hinton: No. The reason I was on his property was not for the toilet. That’s not the reason I was on his property. The reason I was on his property was for debris and trash and stuff that supposedly came from your property, and I was just there to look at that.

Joe: And you saw debris and trash?

Hinton: Well, there was some type – I don’t know if it was wet toilet paper that was (unclear) – there was something in that field of his. I don’t know if that came from his property or your property or what. I was there to look at that.

Joe: Yeah, yeah, so you’re saying one item that could have been a toilet paper, could have been. . .

Hinton: The letter you received is because of the way that human waste is being piled, or composted, or whatnot.

Joe: Yeah

Hinton: (unclear) has some type of EPA guidelines, or something, that you’ve talked to them. If you’ve got all that documented, then I need copies of all that.

Joe: Well, we don’t need – we’re not gonna – we don’t need to prove a negative. I mean, if you’re coming at us and you’re trying to, to, show cause of something that we have done wrong, you need to prove that. You’re gonna need to prove all of that. And that’s what I’m saying. I’m requesting any documentation, any certified documentation, of how, because it’s very clear that, in the thing, we have a right to compost our waste. And the guidelines that are set forth, we are following it as best we can to the letter. And when I say ‘as best we can’, that – I’m not saying – we’re following it the way it’s supposed to be done. There is no contamination run-off, there is no sickness, there is no anything being caused, or to show cause from our compost.

This is direct harassment that we are documenting coming from some of the locals, who we have heavily documented, are gonna do this. Um, and, you’re just, as far as you and your agency, we’re gonna need proof of any of this.

Hinton: Okay. Like I said, basically you can look through all the-

Joe: I have. We have.

Hinton: (unclear) 902KAR (unclear) 085

Joe: We looked through all those yesterday, and we still fall in line with that. And like I said, you’ve sent us a piece of paper with your authority on it and your reputation without, again, like I’ve said, I’ve recorded this conversation here and admittedly, you’ve never been on our property, and the only thing you spotted on Ron’s property, after not doing any tests, because we read all these citations, we read ’em all, was that you saw what could have been toilet paper, or some kind of debris but it was only one piece or item.

Hinton: Okay. Like I said, we’ll just, we’ll let this go, and at the end of your notice, if you haven’t corrected the dumping of the solid, dumping of the human waste on the ground, then. . .

Joe: The human waste can be composted on the ground.

Hinton: Okay, we’ll let somebody else determine who’s right and who’s wrong.

Joe: Who, who’s going to determine that?

Hinton: Have a good day.

As you can see, Joe “I can so dump shit if I want” Naugler just did not give an inch.  And Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton just refused to listen to Joe “It can so be composted” Naugler’s cogent arguments, and retreated swiftly to the safety of letting “somebody else” determine who is right and who is wrong.

But who is going to determine that?

Why, the evil statist Judge, that’s who.


So Joe “We did not contaminate” Naugler got a summons, way back in June. It has taken all this time, due to all sorts of legal wrangling and an illness, to get to the OK Corral.  But here we are were, on August 16.

Nicole “I will so breastfeed my baby right in court while he wears sunglasses” Naugler has assured us that they are in it for the long haul (did you like that little pun? Took me a while to come up with that one).


It’s a plot.  It’s the evil statist Judge who is plotting with Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton to make an “example” of this poor family, the Clantons Nauglers and make them “conform.”


Actually, the evil statist Judge didn’t do anything at all about any testing of any soil.  You know why?  Because Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton never accused them once of “contaminating” anything.  What he said above, right to Joe “nobody is sick” Naugler, was that dumping shit on the ground in Kentucky is illegal.  Period.

lack of a permit

And I hate to inform Nicole “we don’t need no damn permit” Naugler, the permit wasn’t the issue. You can’t get a permit to commit robbery either. There is no permit available to do what they have been doing.

stand ground

But they are gonna stand their ground. See? Right there. That’s what it says.

not backing down

Nicole “I know my rights” Naugler is not backing down.

Can you feel the tension in the air?  On a hot August morning, the air was electric in Breckinridge County.  Who would win in this battle of wills rights lunacy?

Would it be the evil statist Judge with his trusty sidekick, Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton?

Or would the intrepid Joe “we have read that and follow it to the letter” Naugler prevail in his stand against tyranny?

update promise

We were promised an update.  We were so promised an update.

And I waited for the update.

And waited.

And waited.

And nothing happened.

Well, except a stupid picture of a little kid eating at Hardee’s during the Joe “I love our after-court dates” and Nicole “I always take the baby so sympathy” outing.

So what the hell. I’ll update.

deferral 1

Page 1.  It’s a criminal offense, but because the evil statist Judge was feeling all nice and sweet, he allowed Joe “I absolutely can dump my shit” Naugler to sign a deferral agreement.

What does that mean?

It means that Joe “I cave in whenever I walk into a courtroom” Naugler has to be a good boy and follow all the rules that the evil statist Judge lays down in the document.  He has to do this for a whole year.  If he fucks up and makes a huge mistake and shits in a bucket and dumps it on the ground, the evil statist judge can have his sorry ass hauled right back into court and there will be hell to pay at that point.

deferral 2

And other than “be a good boy,” there were two requirements.

First, Joe “I know my rights” Naugler waived his constitutional right to a trial.  I found this extremely funny.

Second, he cannot “hold” shit.  I cannot imagine why he would want to “hold” shit, but nonetheless, he cannot do it.

He also cannot “stockpile” shit.  That means, in evil statist courtroom language, he cannot compost it.  He can’t make a big pile of it and let it rot.

And he can’t even “dispose” of shit without getting the approval of Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton.

That means one of two things:

They have to hope Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton will allow them to continue renting the porta-potty for the next year or they have to get an approved, actual, real septic tank complete with permit and inspection and all that stuff.


Just like the rest of us have to do.

And just like in Tombstone, Arizona, all those years ago, the Earps won.

Looks like the Nauglers have a couple of thousand extra bows to make.


It appears that about an hour after this post went up, Nicole “I never read the ‘tabloid’ blog” Naugler did a kind of rewrite/update/mishmash on her blog.  Unlike her, I do not mind one bit if you click the linky and go over and read what she has to say.  It’s just an amazing coincidence that she decided to update right at that time.

Basically, though, she’s trying to assert that all that happened at the Great Shitgate Showdown was that Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton gave her a form for a permit and she just has to fill it in and submit it and they’ll be back to shitting in buckets and dumping it on the ground.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

Oddly, she claims that “their attorney” (like they have an attorney on permanent retainer) gave them a copy of the supposed form for the permit “weeks ago.”  Why, then, didn’t she just fill it in, if it’s so easy peasy, and submit it and then stick her tongue out at the whole world and trot off to shit legally in a bucket?

Oh, and she refers to the court deferment as a “souvenir.”  That’s sort of like calling Mr. Hinton an “idiot” and the court a “nuisance.”

There was never a need for this to go to criminal court. . .

Well, she’s right about that. All they had to do was comply with the law in the first place, and do something about it all within the very generous length of time they were given, and they’d never have gone to court.

Nicole “freedom fighter” and Joe “OMG, let me sign before I have to go to jail” Naugler are their own worst enemies.


no idea

That’s odd. She has “no idea” how what the porta-potty company does is different from what they do, just dumping shit on the fucking ground.

No idea.

Well, I don’t even want to do this. I’m not even slightly interested in the laws about this in Kentucky.

But do you know how long it took me to find out “how it’s different”?

Two minutes.

I Googled the words “composting regulations Kentucky.” This was really hard. I had to think a lot.  You know, for maybe 30 seconds of that two minutes.

And I found this, right off the bat.

KY composting law


You know those numbers and letters in blue?  Those are links. You can click on them. The first one is for “solid waste.”  Like shit. “Special waste” is waste with high levels of heavy metals and stuff like that. We’re not interested in that.

Click on the first one and you’ll go here.

It’s tiny print and not very pretty, but the gist is this. You can’t just put this stuff right on fields, you know, right on the ground, Naugler-style.

It has to be treated in a very particular way and tested for very particular things. The site has to be inspected and approved, and then it has to be inspected again periodically.  There is a whole lot of fine print.

Nicole is absolutely lying through her teeth when she says to her clueless follower that she has “no idea” what the difference is.

She knows because she has looked all this stuff up.


She is talking here about getting a permit for an actual outhouse, one with a hole in the ground. They are legal, but they have to be inspected to make sure they are positioned so that they don’t encroach on anyone’s well and to make sure the hole is deep enough and all that stuff.

But “right now” they are just too busy to obey the law. Nicole needs a rest from the drama. Fuck the judge. Fuck the health department. Can’t they see that she is tired?  Don’t they understand that it’s hard work convincing people to donate $250?

But you do realize that if she knows how to get a permit for an actual, real outhouse with a hole in the ground, she also knows exactly what the regulations are for composting solid waste?

And it is not a fucking outhouse.

It is NOT an Outhouse

I want to illustrate something Nicole does regularly.  When she wants to deflect from the reality of whatever situation she is in, she is vague, doesn’t explain stuff, and when her supporters/leghumpers/followers make comments that clearly show that they don’t understand but are outraged because harassment, she never corrects them.

outhouse 1

It’s not an outhouse. There is no hole in the ground. They shit in buckets and dump the shit on the ground. That’s the problem.


It’s not an outhouse.


Because it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


As I said, that’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


It’s not an outhouse and no one called. It’s an ongoing case. There was an inspection today which was court-ordered.


Yelling won’t help, Dianne.


It’s not an outhouse.


It’s shit dumped on the ground.


No, it’s not. It’s shit dumped on the ground.


It’s not an outhouse.


Cindy, see above.


If “she” did, she lied. It’s not an outhouse and it’s an ongoing case. The inspection today was court-ordered.


Outhouses are not illegal, but this is not an outhouse.


It’s not an outhouse.


Close, but it’s not an outhouse. It’s also not “compost.” It’s a pile of shit.


It’s not an outhouse. They shit in a bucket close to the house. They don’t have a horse. If they did, it would die of starvation.


You can’t fall in. It’s not an outhouse and there is no hole.


That’s lovely, but this is not West Virginia and it’s not an outhouse.


The government totally “belongs in this stuff” and it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but it’s not an outhouse.


No comment for Amber.

Out of 153 comments (at last count), there are those 25 that clearly show that those people haven’t got a clue what this is about. They think the poor innocent Nauglers are being persecuted for having an outhouse, with a hole in the ground.

Only they aren’t, it’s not, and there isn’t.

Those people aren’t to blame, although Amber is pretty dumb.  Nicole is to blame. She just allows this. One out of every six comments comes from somebody who simply doesn’t understand and she makes not a single attempt to enlighten them. She doesn’t link to anything. She doesn’t “educate.”  She just allows them to be outraged and counts the numbers of supporters and waits for the clicks on the Paypal button.

It’s dishonest. It’s fraud. And she’s a scammer.

She makes one teensy effort to explain, sort of.


Why would he need to take samples?  Nicole says it’s shit. He takes her word for it. It’s clearly shit being dumped on the ground. I’m not sure what else there is to say.

compost heap

And this, by the way, is just about all we were allowed to see of the Blessed Shit Pile.  The inspectors, of course, got closer and had a better view.


The court ordered it.  They didn’t “allow” it. The judge ordered it.


Several comments like that. Nicole lets them stand.

She’s a fraud.