Canby or Cannot

I know most of those reading this don’t follow the Romancing stuff (from my other blog/website).  I am in the midst of transferring/archiving everything from there over here, and it’s a little bit of a muddle right now, but something has come up and I want to write about it, so bear with me, or ignore this, or whatever.

This is the basic Cathy Harris narrative, the one she’s been pitching now for years and years.

I’ve since shown rather conclusively that the Tozars never existed at all, and Cathy removed the fake FB, page she made, but the whole kidnapped-at-age-three story has persisted.

You can get the whole synopsis, in Cathy’s words, here.  Part One is at the bottom of the page with Part Two above it.

There are several rather important elements to that narrative.

First, she insists that she was three years old when she was abducted by the evil Cleo, taken to the farm and then sold as a prostitute to various preachers.

Second, there’s this:

I had been horribly abused by Cleo and her lover and farm hand, Lou.

Lou.  Lou was the “farm hand” and Cleo’s “lover,” and Lou sexually abused Cathy for years. In other places, she tells us that Lou (gasp!) drank alcohol, took her to bars and made her stay in the car, and ultimately committed suicide.

But Lou was the farm hand.  One of them. There were two.


Felix was the other one.  Everyone abused Cathy.  Absolutely everyone.




Cathy lived with Cleo and Lou, with Lou dying at some point before Cleo did. When Cathy was about 13, Cleo died and Cathy was taken into foster care and placed with Richard Harris and his family.  He was the pastor of Cleo’s church and had known Cathy for years.

She was there until she turned 18, when Harris legally adopted her.  She then went to SC for the first of two stints at Bob Jones University.

That’s the basic stuff.

But let’s go back to Lou.

From the Damned Kid blog

Ah, Lou’s last name was Canby.  In the census of 1990, in a list of freqency of use, “Canby” comes in at 26741.  So, 26,740 surnames are more commong than “Canby.”  Keep that in mind.  It’s not the rarest surname around, but it’s certainly not “Smith.”


This is from I do not have an account there, but somebody who did got me these screen shots.  For those who are not familiar with how works, you upload your family history data (once you have an account).  You have the option to make the information public or to keep it private.  If it’s public, then other people who are searching out their own genealogy can see it and incorporate your data into theirs.

This is super for research. It also comes with a bit of a caveat, because the data might not be accurate.  However, Ancestry knows this, and has established some methods to let people know how accurate the data is (how many records confirm the spelling of the name, or the date of birth, etc).

This particular screen shot interested me a lot because the account owner is called “fundypedia.”

I have no proof, but I suspect that “fundypedia” is Camille Lewis.  If I’m right, she was also interested in Cathy’s claims about Cleo, enough to look up the records.  It’s also possible that Camille did the looking at Cathy’s request.

Regardless, notice Cleo, in black.  Notice that Cleo Smith (nee “Magsowen”) was married twice?  Once (the first time) to Carlton Smith, from whom she was apparently divorced.  The second time, she was married to Lou Canby.

You know, Lou. The “farm hand,” “lover,” and “alcoholic.”

Cleo appears to have kept her maiden name from her first marriage until her death, at least for business purposes. She not only owned the farm, she also had some rental property in Philadelphia, and this probably explains her continued use of the surname “Smith.”


Here’s what I’m talking about when it comes to accuracy.  Notice that Cleo’s mother appears to have the same birthdate as Cleo?  Obviously that is impossible.  And Cleo’s father seems to have been only ten years old when Cleo was born?  Equally impossible.  My guess here is that Cleo’s birth date is incorrect.

This, by the way, is a different user.

But regardless, all the records my friend could find seemed to agree that Louis Canby was Cleo Smith’s second husband, and that’s all I really care about here.

And by now, if you’ve read this far, you’re wondering why in the hell I am rambling on about all this.

Well, Cathy made a big announcement the other day.  I pay so little attention to her these days that I didn’t know about until somebody messaged me yesterday, but it appears that Cathy “found” her family.

Here’s a link to the video above.

This makes the second time Cathy has “found” her family, and like that first story, this one has more holes than a colander.

If you watch the video above, you’ll get some little assertions.

First, Cathy was “so young” when abducted that she “forgot” her real name was Salina.

But Cathy Harris was known as Salina Smith throughout her entire childhood. That’s the name under which she attended school.

Cathy was hospitalized when she was in grade school with a burn (another story that has morphed over the years), and the newspaper listed her as being released from the hospital. Here’s the piece.


When I questioned the burn story’s accuracy (something I still have doubts about when it comes to her assertions), she had a friend from school who stated that she remembered Cathy coming to school all bandaged up (like this would prove my doubts unfounded – it didn’t), and that friend knew Cathy as “Salina.”

Here is it in Cathy’s own words:

link to source

So this is bullshit. Cathy only adopted the name “Cathy” when she was older.

Second, he says that the “story begins in the late 1970s, when her father passed away and she was taken by a woman he worked for.”

Cathy Harris was born in 1964.  According to her own account, she was abducted by Cleo Smith when she was three, which would have been in 1967, not the late 1970s.  Guess when Lou Canby died? The late 1970s.

Is Cathy claiming that Lou Canby was her biological father?  If so, she’s adding incest to her list of things that she’s suffered.

Cathy says in the news report:  “This can’t be real. This only happens this way in the movies.”

That’s Cathy in a nutshell. She wants desperately to be the person in the movie.

Third, notice how the reporter alludes to her “kidnapping” and “abuse,” as though there is a connection between the Canby reunion thing and the alleged “abduction.”

Remember, according to Cathy’s own story which she has repeated to anyone who would listen for years, she was abducted by Cleo Smith when she was three years old. Three years old.

link to video

If you watch the video above, notice that one of the men mentions that it’s been about 40 years since he’s seen Cathy, and that he was 15 years old the last time he saw her.  She then asks him how old he is now, and he answers “55.”  She then says, “I’m younger than you are.”

She is correct.  She was born in 1964.  She is 53 (and I think due for a birthday soon, so maybe she’s still 52).

That means that if that guy was 15 when he saw her last, she was either 12 or 13.

Not three.

According to the man in the video (who I have no reason to disbelieve), he last saw Cathy in 1977.  That’s the same year that Lou died.

So when, exactly, was Cathy abducted?  When she was three, as she has always claimed, or when she was 12?

We know where she was after she was 12.  Cleo died (in 1980 or thereabouts, and Cathy would have been about 13 or so) and Richard Harris took her into his family as a foster child.  Not informally, mind you.  He got money from the state for having her as a foster child. She has complained bitterly about this. He didn’t adopt her until she turned 18 and he no longer could get foster care money for her.


So, we have this, Cathy’s “official press release” on the subject of the now-found family.

Cathy also has insisted for a very long time that she has multiple open cases with the FBI and the CIA and the White House and Congress and the state and everyone else on earth. Imagine please that this is true. Imagine that she related this story, as she’s given it on the internet, involving a man named Lou Canby.  Martinsburg, West Virginia, where the Canby family lives, is only 200 miles from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where Cathy lived.

Don’t you think that the FBI could have found the extended family of Lou Canby by now?

But more importantly, please note something. This is something I’ve been afraid of for a long, long time. I sensed that she was setting the stage for this.

Cathy is morphing the story.

The original was that Cleo Smith abducted her when she was three and abused her until Cleo died when Cathy was about 13.

This new narrative is that Richard Harris, who took her in and ultimately adopted her, is the evil man who hid her in the basement and lied to her “family.”

Cathy has been very, very careful.  She has used names only when the people involved are dead.  You cannot libel a dead man.  You can accuse a dead person of pretty much anything and nobody can do much about it because there are no damages.  By the time Cathy went public with her convoluted “story,” Cleo and Lou were long dead.  Felix has no last name. She never named Carl McIntire (as a rapist), but described him well enough that anyone could figure it out.  He is also dead, as is Bob Jones Jr who she accused of child molestation. She mentions various seminary students who raped her but never gives enough information to target any particular individual.  The supposed rapist from BJU is alive, but in all likelihood never existed in the first place.  You can’t libel imaginary people.

I know that Richard Harris is elderly.  I don’t know his current condition physically.  I have always feared that on the day he dies, Cathy will suddenly “remember” that Harris raped her repeatedly and sold her to various other preachers.

Notice how she says “Ms. Harris alleges much mental, physical and sexual abuse occurred as a child during this time period”?

This is new.

Cathy has never before said that she was sexually abused while in Richard Harris’s custody.  It was always during the period when she was with Cleo and Lou.

So, what am I to make of all this?


See the trend here?  See how it is turning into an abduction that took place “40 years ago” instead of what Cathy has always claimed – 49-50 years ago? The “scum” is gonna be Richard Harris.

Here’s my personal interpretation (beyond setting up Harris) of all this.

I don’t believe that Lou Canby was Cathy Harris’ biological father, nor do I believe that Cleo was her biological mother.  I think Cathy was probably the illegitimate child of some relative of Cleo’s and was taken in while very, very young, most probably in infancy.  Cathy was raised as their child.

She was called “Salina Smith” because Cleo used the name “Smith” and I suspect that Lou married Cleo after Cathy appeared in the mid sixties. UPDATE: I have Cleo’s estate papers now, and clearly they were never married. The Ancestry stuff is simply incorrect.

My husband is a child of a blended family.  His mother was married twice. Dave is a product of the first marriage, along with three siblings.  He has a sister who is the product of the second marriage.

He never called his step-father “Dad,” but referred to him by his first name instead.  However, the relationship between them was one of father/son.  His half-sister was never one time referred to as his “half-sister.”  She was simply his sister.

When his mother and stepfather visited his stepfather’s family, they all went. Nobody differentiated between his sister Cheryl (the “real” relation) and Dave and his other siblings (the step-children).  They were all just family.

I think it’s probably like this in many families.  Children don’t care about shit like this.

So, if Lou and Cleo went to West Virginia to see Lou’s family, they would have taken Cathy (then Salina) with them.  Nobody would have said much if anything about her biological origins.

And then Lou died, and within a couple of years, Cleo died, and Cathy went into foster care with the Harrises.

It’s the most natural thing on earth for the Harrises not to go to any special trouble to take Cathy to see those folks in West Virginia, especially if they were not biological relatives in the first place. Why would he do that?

They lost touch.  People do this.  It’s not unusual.

And then one of the Canby family members sees Cathy’s photo on that story about the BJU protest online and recognizes the girl in the picture, who is in the fourth grade (I know this because that’s how Cathy titled the photo file), which would make her about 9 years old (not three).  She finds out how to contact Cathy and says, “Remember me?  I knew you when you were nine.”


Who are Cathy Harris’s biological parents?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not certain Cathy does.  I doubt Cathy cares.  She just wants people to think her stories are true and that she is the single most abused person who has ever lived.

One other odd thing is that for years, Cathy and her surrogates have railed at me wanting me to shut up.  I need to leave Cathy alone.  I need to just go away.

So I did.  I have not written a single new word about any of this stuff since the day of the election last November.

And guess what they are complaining about now?



Oh, and one last thing, without going into a lot of detail.


This is from the video of the reunion.

See Cathy’s right arm?  It’s visible in several places. She has on short sleeves and she reaches up to hug everyone, which raises the sleeve even higher.

This is the arm that supposedly had Stage IV bone cancer in it and where she had massive surgery, something called limb-saving surgery for chondrosarcoma.  It leaves very defined scarring.  That arm.  This is also the arm that was supposedly severely burned (third degree) when she was a child.



And this is the woman who was diagnosed with Stage IV incurable bone cancer, stayed on chemo for what seemed like years (nobody is treated with chemo for as long as Cathy claims she was) and received “experimental drugs.”  She was also burned extensively on her chest as a child.

Are the doctors writing her case up as astonishing and scientifically ground-breaking?

Should we all be thanking “God” for the miracle that is Cathy?

I think I’ll just laugh instead.









29 thoughts on “Canby or Cannot”

  1. Thanks for writing more of the story Sally. When you first put up BLB, I enjoyed your writing so much that I read the Romancing blog too. I had wondered what became of Cathy and if there were new developments. What a piece of work that woman is! Her dishonesty rivals Nicole’s. If Cathy ever had children, they would have been lucky not to become victims of Munchausen by proxy the way she likes to beckon attention to herself. Keep up your good work of ferreting out lies and presenting the truth through facts. Your writing style and your variety of topics always make for enjoyable reads. I hope you enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. That’s a fascinating can of worms that I’d never read about before.

    I just wanted to comment because it was heart warming to read about Dave and his step family and how all kids were family, regardless of where they came from. It reminds me so much of my stepmother’s parents and family. Everyone is part of their family no matter how they joined it. I had to laugh when a cousin of my stepmother comment on a picture of my nephew that she saw my stepmother’s brother (recently deceased) in him. There is absolutely no genetic connection between them, but extended family members tend to forget or not realize that, because they’re all grandchildren in the family.

  3. Cathy does realize that all this crap she posts on the internet and the claims she makes to news agencies is forever, right? She is obviously aware that more than a few people follow these stories. She is fairly well educated so she must have, from time to time, encountered people with critical thinking skills. Yet she just can’t stop can she? If she hits a credibility bump she just doubles down or rewrites the narrative to fit between the lies that have been exposed.

    She appears to be mentally unbalanced. It isn’t a free pass. Her stories not only hurt other people and their families that she directly names, but also detracts from and puts suspicion on the stories of people who have actually been victims. Real victims have a hard enough time getting people to even listen to their stories. Most people not only have no idea of the depravities and evil of some people, but their mind actually shies away from such stories as just too horrible to contemplate. The damage that such attention seeking liars, mentally unbalanced or not, cause is unconscionable. What I find even more abhorrent is the people who know all this, or could know all this with a bit of research and critical thinking, who promote and encourage her. Maybe they are all mentally unbalanced? In a weird way I hope they are, because the alternative that they would use this unbalanced woman and purposefully cause hurt to untold victims in order to further their own agenda is something that my mind shies away from.

  4. Real victims have a hard enough time getting people to even listen to their stories.

    The direct result of my experience with Cathy Harris (and some of her friends) is that I am the ultimate skeptic when it comes to these sorts of stories. I tend to doubt first and believe later. As a result, they refer to me as a “rape apologist” as though I think rape is great thing and encourage it.

    But their mantra is that you have to believe “victims” no matter how far-fetched or downright impossible their claims are, and I simply cannot do that. There are always at least two people involved in one of these accusations – the ‘victim’ and the person being accused. No matter what an accused person says or does, they are forever tainted by virtue of the fact that they were accused, because we live in a time when the pendulum has swung away from nobody believing the victims to nobody believing the accused.

    I don’t want to live in either sort of society.

    This is one reason I really don’t like to talk very much about Alex’s accusations against Joe. Whether any of us believe him, or all of us believe him, or none of us believe him, it’s just not okay to accuse somebody of something like that without any proof. (I’m not talking about Alex. He was in a courtroom giving testimony, and had every right to say anything he wanted to. I’m talking about elsewhere.)

  5. This is bullshit. There are Canby families in Bucks County (or were). Joseph Olden Canby was a county commissioner and dairy farmer (Holstein breeder) in the area. If I thought that my kid (a Canby) was abducted in Bucks County you can bet your bottom dollar I would have contacted everyone with a similar last name and asked them to help find her.

  6. I wonder what the Canby family thinks of Cathy’s accusations of abuse against Lou Canby? Do they believe Cathy that Lou was a pedophile who molested her repeatedly?

  7. My name is Cindy and I was roommates with Cathy Harris in Bethesda girls home in Hattiesburg Mississippi. You should look it up google it and what you will read is shocking!!!!! We were not allowed to look at each other. Stand within six inches of each. Or speak for months on end. We were not allowed outside for months. We were not allowed to call anyone only our families and that was only 2 times a year. We were had to memorize bible verses in exchange for food. We sometimes would hide and eat toothpaste we were so hungry. They woke us up every few hours to keep us sleep deprived and confused. They beat us a lot! They would make us kneel on rice for hours with our arms outstretched holding bibles. They would put us in the shower and fluctuate from scalding to freezing. Some girls committed suicide to escape their torment! We lived in constant fear and could not cry out for help. Some of us stopped crying altogether and just excepted our hell! So whatever you believed she has exaggerated about. This is true! Look it up! I was sent there to hide the fact that my preacher daddy had raped me! They took our babies and sold them to the highest bidder! And punished us everyday for being raped! Claiming it was our fault.i lived in this hell for 1 year Cathy lived there for 4. so at least 4 years of her life I know for a fact was lived in hell. Look it up google it this place exist! The FBI raided it and the people opened another home called mountain park! There is a guy called the sandman who is traveling around right now talking to the victims that lived in that hell hole. Children died on these homes, a few were murdered and one ended up on death row in Georgia the first woman to be out to death was raised in this home. So don’t believe me look it up. And the DNA remark how dare you!!!!$ that’s her family. They found her! Please for gods sake let this woman finally be surrounded by love and live in peace. BTW there are also three books written about Bethesda look them up!

  8. I was roommates with Cathy Harris in Bethesda girls home

    This is very interesting, Cindy. Cathy has claimed from time to time to have been at Bethany, at HH, and now Bethesda. I strongly doubt she was at all three girls homes. I actually doubt she was ever at any girls home. Maybe I’ll just check with the Harris family and find out for sure. Furthermore, it’s very odd to me that with all her bitching and moaning and carrying on about her status as St. Catherine of Victimhood, she never once mentioned you or Bethesda.

    You really don’t seem to know much about Cathy’s claims. I gave you the link to the original stuff, which will be right where it is now for the next few months.

    BTW, I went completely silent on that website for months. MONTHS. And you know what Cathy did? You know, that Cathy Harris, who just wants to “live in peace” and just wants me to shut up?

    She bitched and moaned on Twitter because I wasn’t writing about her. She complained and asked where I was and wondered aloud about it. I ignored her and she kept it up. She (or her surrogate, Karen Lee) has been addressing me nonstop on Twitter for seven solid months and I didn’t even know it because I wasn’t even reading it.

    So don’t tell me to leave her “in peace.”

    And no, I don’t believe you, but that’s okay.

    By the way, exactly who is the “we” who are gonna play Barney and lock me up? Cathy impersonated a lawyer at one point and threatened me for several months. Are you aware of that? Or are you Cathy herself? She’s really good at socks.

    Writing a big long paragraph about Bethesda doesn’t prove anything at all. Those sorts of home suck dirt and always have. That’s not the point. You don’t have to convince that they are bad. I agree that they are.

  9. Cathy lived there for 4

    Well, lordy me. That particular lie won’t work.

    She cannot possibly have been at Bethesda while simultaneously attending school in PA. She went to live with the Harris at age 13. She went to Bob Jones the first time when she was 19 (1983). That gives a six year window for her to have spent four years at Bethesda. You know, that was the last time she saw those long-lost relatives. Remember? And we’ve seen testimonials from folks who went to school with her in PA, so how would that have worked? She’s trying to cram too much stuff into too little time.


    Nice try, though.

    Tell Cathy that next time she should only claim to have been there for, oh, six months. That would be harder to prove false.

  10. If I might add…if Cindy was there for one year but states she knows for a fact Cathy was there for four years how does that work? We have a math problem. Cindy all you can claim to know as a “fact, lol” is one year.

    Should we be chastised and convinced by “Cindy” telling us “it’s the facts jack. If you don’t believe me there’s books on it which, by the by, I may very well have used to appropriate my ‘story’ from.” These Cathy peeps/socks are seriously whack.

  11. Man… when I began following this blog, I had no idea how close to home it would someday take me. I’ve lurked for a long while now, studying the Naugler chronicles.
    Sally, I want to be like you. While throughout my life I’ve been amazed at the path of human destruction others thoughtlessly and selfishly created, you are one of the first who uncannily seeks out the truth- and exposes it with facts and clarity that equally amaze me.

  12. After dozens of @psychobitch tweets from Cathy I finally responded to her calling out my name. (Yes, it’s a cool name owned by a select few of us, but I drew the short straw). What I, in my humble opinion believe I learned:

    1. She can dish it out but she can’t take it.
    2. She isn’t as smart as she thinks.
    3. She doesn’t do much research.
    4. That doesn’t stop her from playing the fool.
    5. She appears to be stuck in “attack mode.”
    6. She lashes out blindly based on lack of research.
    7. She has zero compunction about naming the wrong people.
    8. She thinks this gives her magical powers and control.
    9. It doesn’t it just makes her ass show.
    10. That she is obsessed and stalkerish.
    11. That you can apparently get a degree in anything. Think BJ.
    12. Wasted because she probably plays for the other team.
    13. No fun to play hide and seek with. As soon as you find she blocks.
    14. Sucks at name that tune.
    15. “The morning sun when it’s in her face really shows her age.”
    16. Calls herself a #bitch but is an #amateur.
    17. Will never make it to the big leagues of #psychobitch.
    18. Bethesda Home for Girls peeps stay up really late and message back.

  13. 11. That you can apparently get a degree in anything. Think BJ.

    She never graduated. She is an LPN. One year at a community college in PA. She did at least two years at BJU before that, leaving either at the end of the third year or sometime mid year. She came back to BJU several years later and tried again and left again without graduating. She tries to avoid talking about that and periodically attempts to imply that she graduated from BJU’s nursing program, but she is not an RN.

    What I find interesting as hell is that she and Karen and Daniel played for weeks with some Twitter personage called “Edmund Dantes.” No blocking. It went on for a long time.

    I always suspected at the time that Edmund was, in fact, Cathy herself. Like “Beth James,” Cathy creates personas that either support her or attack her and then interacts with them. This little exercise just cements my suspicion. When she didn’t know who you were and couldn’t control you, she blocked you.

  14. “I always suspected at the time that Edmund was, in fact, Cathy herself. Like “Beth James,” Cathy creates personas that either support her or attack her and then interacts with them. This little exercise just cements my suspicion. When she didn’t know who you were and couldn’t control you, she blocked you.”
    Sounds familiar…..
    I have a feeling this will lead me to another interweb hole, besides I’m getting bored with the naugs since they just do the same things over and over with little intellect. It’s like watching a horrible, low budget movie in replay, the “stars” are hand picked from the movie idiocracy, no one learns anything in the end, and the crazies just keep crazying.

  15. There I was, a tiny, skinny girl with matted brown hair and large brown eyes, dressed in rags, staring hungrily at the pizza. After a few minutes the owner asked me if I wanted something. I said yes. Pizza! He handed me a slice on a red plastic tray, and I devoured it. But I was still hungry. So again I stood at the counter, and the scene repeated itself—this time with French fries, then Coke, then more Pizza. I was never so full in my life.

    Circa 1971/1972

    This wouldn’t have flown in the school or the church where dressing in rags, filth and matted hair wouldn’t have been tolerated. I don’t know how they felt about malnourishment but this screams more BS to me.

  16. I haven’t read this whole post. Pretty much just skimmed over it. I was born in 1979 in Pennsylvania. Not too far from Bucks county. When did she claim she was kidnapped?

  17. When did she claim she was kidnapped?

    Her original story, for years, has been when she was three. She was born in 1964.

  18. Tekla,

    ” Richard and Betty Jo had provided a loving home over the years for a total of 107 foster children. – See more at:

    107 foster children but none of them – not one – said anything about the mistreatment Cathy received at the hands of such monsters. Ever.”

    Richard was the SON of Richard the Pastor and was about 10-11 years older than Cathy. I know it gets confusing, believe me. Richard the son, born in ’53 or ’54 and her born in ’64. The reason I’m giving ’53 or ’54 is because he died on May 16 and the obit is dated May 18th so I’m not sure which year it is.

    With that in mind, I’m not sure any of the foster children would have known much?? Would Richard and Betty Jo have had foster children while Cathy was in her teens given that Richard would have been in his 20’s? Anyway, just thinking.

  19. Richard was the SON of Richard the Pastor

    YES. I knew Richard the Elder didn’t have that many foster children. Thank you for that. This stuff has always been a mite confusing and the latest twist makes me want to shoot out both my eyes.

  20. Looking at this photo of her kinda pisses me off. She claimed she had second and third degree burns over 60% of her body, but there is literally no evidence of her claim. My third degree burn on my stomach from a motorcycle when I was 4 still looks pretty horrific almost 35 years later. When you are burned at a young age the scars stretch out and look awful because scar tissue has strange or no skin elasticity. This effects not just the scarred tissue, it also effects surrounding tissue. This is especially true of skin grafts which a 60% burned person definitely would have had.

    Add in the photo that someone thought had a burn scar from before the actual burn, and the fact that if there had been a scar it would be quite visible in this photo; it ticks me off even more.

    There is absolutely no way that woman suffered 60% burns by boiling water and looks like that. Liquid burns wrap around you, so you can’t even make the argument that they could all be on her back. If they had been on her lower extremities exclusively, it wouldn’t be 60% of her body either since most of your skin is on your torso, and she clearly doesn’t have scarring on her head/neck.

    A 60% burn on a small child stretches out a tremendous amount when they reach adulthood. There is absolutely no way that woman suffered 60% burns. Having extensive third degree burns as a kid absolutely sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  21. At one point, I got an app that nurses and docs use to determine the extent of burning and did some playing. 60% on a small child is a lot (it’s a lot on an adult but children’s bodies are proportioned differently and it simply encompasses more of their arms and legs). It’s absolutely impossible for her to have been burned that extensively.

    There is a newspaper notice that she was released from the hospital during that time period, so I suspect she actually was burned. I also suspect it was actually boiling water that she somehow knocked off the stove (she says Cleo demanded that she say she tripped over the cat, and that’s probably what really happened). However, it wasn’t 60%.

  22. Sally,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have a question about the Facebook statement that Karen Lee or Cathy (?) made about DNA testing, and the finding that Canby was her father. She said that she gave a sample in 2015 to NCMEC who then gave the results to NCIC CODIS. From there, “the results confirm that Lou Canby is Cathy Harris’/Salina “Smith’s father.” I do not claim to understand much about genetic testing, yet reading the FAQs on the FBI website, I am confused about how the CODIS database gave her a definitive answer to her family genealogy question. (Look at FAQ #33.) They would not have had the deceased Lou Canby DNA on file to make a match–unless they dug him up and obtained a sample. They would have had to collect DNA from a different Canby family member–which would mean that it is statistically impossible to know for certain that Lou is her father; only that they are related. Also, this means that she would have had to make contact with the Canby family in (or before) 2015 to obtain samples. Do you really believe that she is the much molested Lou Canby daughter, and cousin/niece, etc. to the extended Canby bunch?

    Also, I believe that you are correct: read her language and her supporters’ language concerning Richard Harris. He is daily being painted as the villain of the Cathy drama, and she will soon amend her story to make him the one who kidnapped, molested, and withheld food from her. Her story is changing again and again…

  23. Do you really believe that she is the much molested Lou Canby daughter, and cousin/niece, etc. to the extended Canby bunch?

    Nope. Sure don’t.

    And you bring up an excellent point. Exactly who was the DNA compared with? Even a direct father/daughter match would only show something like a 90% probability of paternity (and that’s with a father/daughter that there is no doubt about). Reduce that to uncle/niece and you’re talking a big dive in percentages.

    One of Cathy’s usual ploys is to get dimwits to make all her claims for her. Then she says, “I never said XYZ.” She does it a lot and she uses Karen as her mouthpiece quite frequently. One would think Karen would get tired of being made to look foolish, but. . .

    Cathy needs to read the case of Riggins v Shannon and take heed. Richard Harris is not dead.

  24. So, I’ve been poking around looking at photos of people who have had this operation done (limb sparing surgery) and a couple of things are evident:

    1) I’ve seen photos of Cathy’s left and right arms, to about the midway point of her upper arm (humerus) – no extensive scarring

    2) Photos of other patients who have had the surgery done on their arms shows people who are no longer symmetrical – very often one shoulder has “fallen”, the arms no longer mostly match


    Article (note photograph of one young patient 3 years out from the surgery):

  25. I do not know anything about this Cathy Harris woman, but I do know that the Bethesda Homes for Girls was real. It was shut down sometime late in the 1980’s


    Also the New Bethany home existed. The home was recently mentioned in relationship with a corpse identified as a young woman who was placed at one such religious place in Texas and transferred to this place.


    People did not walk from these places unhurt and the human mind tries to protect us from remembering evil stuff so she might not be able to remember anything even if she wanted.

  26. I do not know anything about this Cathy Harris woman,

    Nobody ever implied those places aren’t/weren’t real, nor have I said that they were lovely places that treated the girls well.

    Cathy wasn’t at either of them. She was never there. She is a phony “victim” who is trying to capitalize on the pain of others.

    Furthermore, the human mind does NOT try to protect us from “remembering evil stuff.” Ask the survivors of the Holocaust about that. That whole “recovered memory” crap is total crap.

    This is not about Cathy not being able to remember. It’s about a timeline, with evidence, that doesn’t work. She wasn’t there.


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