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  1. I hope to see the whole thing soon!

    I use Final Cut Pro at work and it has way more torque and horsepower than we’ll ever need. It only took me 3 years to get my boss to give up videotapes and move to digital recordings. I still have many cassettes that we do analyze (frame by frame) and they take up a lot of room. The picture quality is better with digital, but now I find myself collecting 6 TB backup drives to store all the new stuff! If I could loan Final Cut Pro to the producers of the Sneed interview, I would. Sorry ladies, I can’t do it – those licensing agreements are fierce.


  2. I think N has a crush on Al. He’s employed, responsible, respected by the community and practices personal hygiene. He’s also a funny guy! Who wouldn’t have a crush? And compared to HH? Hoo, boy! I can understand why N thinks and talks about him all the time. And HH is just so jealous …


  3. I don’t think I’ve been following the entire saga closely enough to understand the connection between Al Wilson and the Ns. I’ve seen him participate in threads/blogs, I know he’s in the Sneed video, and I’ve heard him mentioned by the Ns. Is there a good place to start to figure out the connections between them?


  4. Is there a good place to start to figure out the connections between them?

    There aren’t any connections except what exists in Joe and Nicole’s wee brains.

    Here’s an account of events from early on.

    Al lives about two miles from the Shitstead as the crow flies (I think). At some point quite a while ago, he and a friend had gone together on a beef that they raised and slaughtered. Al has the facilities at his farm to process lambs, but beef is different. It needs to age and it needs to be kept very cold while that is happening, and we’re talking about a week or so. The only way to do that without special equipment is to wait until there is a stretch of weather that is suitable.

    Ron Sneed does some meat processing at his place, and has a walk-in cooler for meat. Al contacted him to find out if he and his friend could cool their beef in Ron’s refrigerated room, and the answer was yes. That led to a friendship between the two men. Since then, they have traded stuff, bought and sold stuff to each other, helped each other out from time to time and all the other things that reasonable people do when they are neighbors. Both men are ex-military, both have an interest in meat processing, and both enjoy having a beer on the porch on a nice afternoon.

    Joe and Nicole turned that into “collusion.”

    Here’s something else about Al.

    And some more.


  5. The reason Nichole can’t stop thinking about Al, is his sexy, crazy artist hair. It’s a distraction.

    Other things about Al that Nick would never fess up to envying:

    1. He works hard for his family. He provides well first, while still indulging his creativity and dreams.
    2. He supported his wife and daughter at the women’s march, because unlike Joe, he believes women are human beings and not possessions that make babies and work to support you.
    3. He is proud of his kid’s education and his role in helping nurture that success and independence.
    4. He has the priorities and follow-through of a responsible grown man.
    5. Again….the hair. We all want to touch your hair, Al.


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