Bucket or Gun or Both

Back story:

Joe and Nicole had family court this morning. Apparently, during or maybe after that session, they were presented with papers because not only has Ron Sneed filed against them regarding what was Goatgate, but is now Horsegate, there is also an issue with second oldest son, Q, as you’ll see.

After making a sweet little live video last evening showing the lovely happy family, they streamed again from the courthouse in complete meltdown mode.

Here’s the transcript.

NICOLE: All right, let’s try this. Um, I got a . . . last week, I talked to you guys about the, um, the affidavit from my neighbor from the day the horse went on the property. I wanted to show you this here (shows paper which is unreadable). This affidavit, can we get a picture. . . I’ll post the photo in the comments cause it’s hard to read, but I’ll read it to you.

It says that “this incident took place at approximately 7:45 hours on 1/20/17. I noticed Mr. Naugler’s son standing in my pasture with a bucket, with a bucket, WITH A BUCKET, trying to get his horse. I told him to get off my land. And a heated argument. I told him about the standing order from the state of Kentucky. My daughter, Linda Sneed, contacted the sheriff’s department. . . was called. I told Mr. Naugler to let his son get, go get the horse. I did talk with Mr. Naugler, Breck County sheriff’s deputy Anthony, Deputy Tyler, and the state police talked with Mr. Naugler. The photos of the horse and two bags of dung (aside: he took a photo of the bag of dung).”

So that was that.

Linda Sneed, who you guys are familiar with, she is the one who hit me with her car, and the county, uh, attorney didn’t prosecute that. She’s the one who’s made the threats against my family and the county attorney won’t do anything about that. They’ve been in collusion with Lisa Luthi, and Al Wilson, I’ve got a message from Al Wilson just the other day not to fuck with them. Al Wilson, thank you very much. I guess what happens when I fuck with you, how when I defend my family, that’s fucking with you? Yeah.

Anyways, I got a thing today saying that Linda Sneed is saying that [Second Oldest Son, hereafter called Q] pulled a gun on her. Now, first of all, if the, and Bradley Butler’s prosecuting this. He is prosecuting my son Q for pointing a gun at Linda Sneed and Ron Sneed.

We did not, he did not have a gun on his possession. And Ron Sneed even testified to that in his affidavit that Mr. Butler, Bradley Butler, it’s backwards, attorney-at-law, county attorney for the Breckinridge County, he has signed both of those affidavits and has gone forward on criminal charges of both those affidavits, even though they are conflicting affidavits.

Where are my affidavits? I don’t know. They’re sitting probably in his trash can right now, because I have filled out affidavits and he won’t do anything about them. He didn’t do anything about it when Linda hit my vehicle. He didn’t do anything about it then. But he’s sure to go off of this.

So, if you wanna contact Bradley Butler’s office, I will get the number for you and post that in the comments as well, along with my screen shots here of the complaints. Uh. . .

JOE: Just call Breckinridge County. . .

NICOLE: Breckinridge County Attorney’s Office. It’s simply there, or you can Google this clown here, Bradley Butler, attorney at law and, um, and whatnot. But that’s what we’re having to deal with. This is why we needed to move so quickly. We were trying to avoid any more escalation of this attack on my family.

[Begins crying] Today is day 535. We had family court this morning. They’re dragging it out, wanting to all kinds of. . . stupid shit doesn’t even involve in their jurisdiction. [Stops crying] Sorry, I’m going to stand up. My constitutional rights, my state amendment rights, are all being violated by the family court. Nobody, nobody can do anything about it. It’s all closed court. And, um, we don’t even know when we’re going back to court for that because it’s a big secret.

JOE: (enters picture) Yeah, and I wanna add, I really wanna add, I recorded, as Ron Sneed was over on his property, he yelled over and said, uh, you know, let your boys come over, let Q come over, and uh, get it and then he proceeds to say he wants to come over and talk to me. I recorded that whole conversation. Not once, not only not once, did he say anything about Q having a gun or anything of that nature, but that he does not have a problem with us. And that he’s sick of the likes of Al Wilson and these lawyers out of Louisville and Etown calling him up for information. I have recorded the whole conversation. He states profusely that he has no problem with us and that he wants things to go back to when it was before when we just got along, as we did for years. Before all this shit.

Before Al Wilson got involved, before Lisa Luthi got involved, before Sally Davis started writing her stupid little fucking blog. Yeah, I recorded the conversation with Ron. Not once, not once does he indicate a danger, or that my son pulled a gun. Not once. He actually says that we have no problems. None.

NICOLE: (appears back in screen) Um, I don’t know. I’m waiting for Bradley Butler to get back from lunch so I can speak directly with him even though he’s made it very clear that he won’t speak to me because he knows that I do this. I will record and hold people accountable. But like I said, you are welcome to call Breckinridge County Attorney’s Office and find out why he will not prosecute Linda Sneed even though he has affidavits of her crimes, even though he has evidence of her crimes. He’s had screen shots and videos. The dogs. Ron’s dogs were on my property this morning while my husband and I were at court, chasing my chickens. So. . .

JOE: (breaks in) His dogs come up, they get into the horse pen and they chase the horse out of her pen.

NICOLE: They chase my chickens. I’ve lost another hen, and um, what gets done about it? We get end up in court. We get false charges on us.

Anyways, this is the lovely Breckinridge County, Kentucky. I’ll update more. I’ll post a screen shot

JOE: Oh, and I wanna add, I actually sat down with an attorney, a Mr. Maddingly. And you’re more than welcome to call his office. But I recorded the conversation as well, on that one. I sat down with him Friday. He said he’s lived here his whole life, he’s been an attorney for twenty-five years, and uh, he made it clear that we are not this county’s favorite people, and that we are being prejudiced against and being set up. That’s coming from an attorney. He made it clear several, several times. And like I said in my recording where I was showing you the shop neighbor just standing there trying to, an ex-Marine, trying to intimidate my family, I’ve HAD ENOUGH. I’ve had enough.

NICOLE: Anyways, we’re leaving now to go back to the courthouse. It’s lunch time. I’ll update everybody later, and um, I’ll post the numbers in the comments to call.

By the way, from what I understand, the “message” that Al supposedly sent to Nicole was actually sent to Charles Smyth, and it was not a “please pass this along” sort of thing.

And this is the real Joe Naugler here. Not that guy yesterday. This one.  The in-your-face total asshole one.

Remember when he tells you that so-and-so said such-and-such and he has a recording, that these are the people who insist that I drove drunk to their place and took photographs of Nicole and the kids.  A grain of salt or two is probably a good idea.


66 thoughts on “Bucket or Gun or Both”

  1. I don’t believe a single they say.

    I’m not saying he had a gun on him or not, I wouldn’t know I wasn’t there, but did she not say that they are armed at all times.

    I know when I worked at walmart i saw them in there a lot and one of the boys was always carrying a knife. I only let my son carry a knife on our property. Never ever out in public unless it’s a Swiss army knife. And this boy was not carrying a Swiss army knife.


  2. OMG, I could have waited a few minutes and read the transcript instead of listening to that voice! And by how the camera was lurching around, I would have sworn that a child was doing the recording! N wasn’t there during the incident. J claims to have a video but won’t release it. We have seen previous pics of kids with guns so they do have access. I hope it works out for the best for Q. And the horse.


  3. I didn’t put a gun in their child’s hand. They did. I didn’t weaponize the child by naming him the family enforcer or through my personal philosophy and rhetoric. They did. I didn’t teach the child. They home taught him. I didn’t set the example through words and deeds. They did.

    Sixteen year old boys do not allegedly point guns at 7 year old children, women and the elderly. When they do there is something wrong and there are consequences.

    This is the end result of their choices. As far as I am concerned this is all on Mr and Mrs Naugler. The biggest victims of the Naugler parents, imo, are their children.

    Yes, I knew about these incidents AFTER the fact. I told the victims to call the authorities. I also suggested they go for a protective order. That’s all. What a normal citizen would tell someone who has been victimized. Now it is in the hands of the court, where it should be.


  4. Quoted textJOE: (enters picture) Yeah, and I wanna add, I really wanna add, I recorded, as Ron Sneed was over on his property, he yelled over and said, uh, you know, let your boys come over, let Q come over, and uh, get it and then he proceeds to say he wants to come over and talk to me. I recorded that whole conversation. Not once, not only not once, did he say anything about Q having a gun or anything of that nature, but that he does not have a problem with us. And that he’s sick of the likes of Al Wilson and these lawyers out of Louisville and Etown calling him up for information. I have recorded the whole conversation. He states profusely that he has no problem with us and that he wants things to go back to when it was before when we just got along, as we did for years. Before all this shit.

    End quoted text

    Where does Mr Sneed say any of this? You recorded it? Let’s see it. Of course it’s probably in the editing department.

    Good luck moving with outstanding court cases. Good luck with no county knowing what is going on, I’m sure they have been notified of your move.


  5. If the dogs were up there, where is the video? Kindles have video capability….proof or it didn’t happen.


  6. Joe and Nicole never get it, do they? They have lived in Breckinridge county for three years (give or take a few months) not “YEARS!” per Joe and have only had problems when Al Wilson came into the picture? What is their excuse for Hardin county? Barren county? Hart county?

    If there are recordings that exonerate the Blessed ones then swell. But their statements that they have exonerating or damning recordings or affidavits is about as trustworthy as the Nauglers themselves. Show the judge. Otherwise it is just a pile of hearsay at best and whining fabrication at worst. The Naugler tendency to be malicious and then, when they get some consequences (not just legal), they whine that it is so unfair like two-year olds. And I’m sorry, but between the rotten teeth and the Jabba lips–uck.

    I am not going to prejudge anyone here, but since Q now has charges against him I have to say he was one of the noteworthy children of the Blessed from my memory some years ago. I am not going to say he did it or not but, remembering his temperament, it’s no far stretch to imagine. I really hope he didn’t.


  7. Quoted JOE: (enters picture) Yeah, and I wanna add, I really wanna add, I recorded, as Ron Sneed was over on his property, he yelled over and said, uh, you know, let your boys come over, let Q come over, and uh, get it and then he proceeds to say he wants to come over and talk to me. I recorded that whole conversation. Not once, not only not once, did he say anything about Q having a gun or anything of that nature, but that he does not have a problem with us. And that he’s sick of the likes of Al Wilson and these lawyers out of Louisville and Etown calling him up for information. I have recorded the whole conversation. He states profusely that he has no problem with us and that he wants things to go back to when it was before when we just got along, as we did for years. Before all this shit.
    End quote

    Where is this video? Is it in the editing department?


  8. Where is this recording of Mr Sneed? This incident happened a week ago and no proof from Mrs N. I call BS.


  9. I’m sure there are recordings but I highly doubt they indicate what Joe & Nicole say they do. If they did, you know those two assholes would be posting them because that would be the most obnoxious, in your face thing they could do, which is totally their style. Anyways, Deb’s show should be awesome tonight…my gawd this is my white trashy soap opera.


  10. Kentucky is a commonwealth state. If the offended party doesn’t press charges, the state will. Wonder if that will bite the Ns at all.


  11. Their little timeline is way off! The gun incident happened after the horse fiasco!

    Therefore it is a totally separate case, idiots!

    So Jo’s little video doesn’t mean jack shit!!


  12. I hope he does have the video. It should make the prosecutors job really easy. Actually Joe’s admission that he was talking to Mr Sneed does that. There was a no contact order put into place in reference to Mr. Sneed, wasnt there?


  13. This is beyond fucked up. Is it horrible that I believe Q might be better off in juvie? He’d have a bed, he’d have meals, he’d get an education, and maybe just maybe being away from his parents might help him to smarten up. I hope he and all the other kids get the help they need. Maybe this will be the catalyst the state needs to step in for the kids.


  14. This entire incident makes me so angry & sad all at the same time. I have teenage boys & we also have guns. They are locked in a safe, & we have trigger locks. My husband has taught all of them to hunt & shoot, but they have all taken hunter safety courses & have had to pass their Dad’s strict criteria for hunting. My boys respect the seriousness of handling a weapon. If you aren’t planning on shooting someone or something don’t point a gun at them. It’s like the driving thing…just because you have acquired a license, doesn’t mean you are allowed to drive, at least in our house.


  15. This is petty, and I am sorry in advance. Nicole has dental health issues, fine. I know pregnancy can do a number on your teeth, myself included. But Joe’s practically an ad for a dentist’s office.
    Is he so controlling that she isn’t allowed basic necessities, like toothpaste? Or does she just not care? It has to be so painful. 🙁 I Am no doctor, but self-neglect like that can indicate mental health issues. To say the least.


  16. The thing is if Q is being charged with misdemeanor charges he can do a pretrial diversion instead of having his case heard in court, but knowing his parents he’d make him go to court and deal with a judge.

    There is a reason why I know this, but since I know they read here I’m not going into details as it deals with one of my kids.


  17. Notice how bat-shit crazy she gets EVERY time she’s pregnant.

    If I had video exonerating me of false charges, I’d be making it go VIRAL instead of just talked about it.

    The sins of the father…


  18. They are lying as usual. They are the worse parents ever and now one more victim is on it’s way. What a sad day. The two oldest boys are not doing so well from the looks of things.


  19. I’ve known more than a few weirdos in my life, but I’ve only seen a couple men who couldn’t tell the difference between someone arguing with THEM and someone threatening their whole family. Just sayin’.


  20. I cannot believe that they made the juvenile court information public. It doesn’t matter who did what …. you don’t put that out into the open. This is a child’s future at stake here …… deal with it privately and don’t announce to 45,000+ people that your Son is being charged.
    Plus ….. I know exactly what would be happening where I am if people started phoning in to voice their opinion on how unfair the charges were! and why would you do that if you weren’t there when the incidents happened? If Nikki asks you to jump off a cliff would you be doing that without question too?

    They know that law enforcement have looked at their facebook stuff before and they have also made more than one post reminding “trolls” that they will protect their property and that the children are good shots …… remember the coyote comments? No wonder law enforcement are treating this seriously.
    This isn’t funny shit …….. this is serious shit now for the Son. Hopefully, this is also serious shit for the saltwater croc too as he is not a nice person in my opinion.

    Nikki has gone off on one with her live video and again, instead of taking a time out to read things properly and to compose herself, she goes straight into the now very boring “blame Lisa, Al and Sally”. This is then followed by a plethora of “oh how awful for you” posts by people who don’t seem to get that there are always two sides to every story. The fact that not so long back Nikki very strongly denied that the horse had been loose when clearly it had doesn’t seem to have registered at all.

    The whole thing with the neighbours has blown up into something that I don’t think will ever be recoverable …… so I hope for all concerned that the move takes place no matter what.

    I hope that people making any decisions on Wednesdays court dealings watch the little video ….. and understand why a man got annoyed about his partner being called a cunt in front of a young child. Remember that Nikki admitted that this happened regardless of all the other stuff that has been said about the incident.

    P.S. I do believe that the assault with a car (that phrase so amuses me) was not taken forward at the time because you decided not to take it forward. You can’t just go back and say oh sorry – I am majorly pissed at the neighbours now so please do something about it …… months later!


  21. My first thought after watching the recent video rants and yesterday’s video lovefest was imagining Joe and Nicole in a courtroom, testifying (bloviating/screeching) on direct, and then being subject to cross-examination. It would be like taking candy from a baby.

    My second thought (and not for the first time) was WTF, these people are batshit crazy. IMO.


  22. You proclaim to the world that your teen is The Enforcer
    You leave him in charge of all the younger children while you visit the warm salon, eat at Hardies, and harass innocent citizens.
    You spend your days preaching to your children how to fight the world because they are all wrong and you alone are right.
    You brag to your children how you told so and so and so and so they can’t touch you as you have rights!
    And this is what happens…….


  23. When (and if) they move, I wonder how long it will take for the Nogs to become a household name in their new county? To start racking up new charges and blaming new neighbors for *whatever*!


  24. M, I’ve wondered the same thing. If the new county is Meade County, they will be in the same boat. Same judges and same type of folks. It’ll be the same problems, just the names will change.


  25. If I thought they would use the money properly, I would donate to get them moving faster. They probably need about 20k in “gas money” for those little incidentals.


  26. I would donate to get them moving faster.

    I would donate towards one-way tickets out of the country. That’s all.


  27. This doesn’t add up.

    If the Naugs are STILL jumping through hoops for the Breck family courts, going for exams, evaluations, etc. doesn’t that mean that the court is still, in fact, the legal guardian of the kids? Wouldn’t any plans for the children moving have to be with the court’s permission if the court is the guardian?

    I mean, yes, I realize CPS can transfer cases to the next state or county if they want to….but can’t they also say, No? As in…if the kids leave the county, Nicole, you’ll be charged with kidnapping. (Not sure why they would, but given the recent developments with Q. and Joe’s impending charges, maybe there’s gonna be more happening with the kids than we realize?)

    If there was any way to spin this afternoon’s family court proceedings as good, I’m guessing Nicole would be talking about it instead of looking for distractions. She’s almost never rendered silent. Must have been fairly serious?


  28. If any leg humpers read here and are going to give to these two pan handlers, I suggest a gas card, not cash.

    I also noticed that 11+ pregnancies haven’t had quite the same effect on Joe as it has on Nicole. Her remaining teeth are in dreadful shape and this 12th pregnancy is going to deplete her body of nutrients yet again. I hope she likes soft foods because pretty soon, that’s all she’ll be able to eat.


  29. From reading the crap she posted it was two different days. The gun thing was on the 19th & the bucket was the next day. Maybe I’m reading it wrong??


  30. The gun thing was on the 19th & the bucket was the next day. Maybe I’m reading it wrong??

    I think Nicole is right about this, and the gun thing and horse thing were the same day. Linda’s affidavit appears to have the wrong date on it. The grandson incident was on the 19th, in the late afternoon.


  31. I hope she likes soft foods because pretty soon, that’s all she’ll be able to eat.

    What she’s going to develop is osteoporosis, if she doesn’t already have it.


  32. I hope this happens:

    Joe gets put in jail to fulfill the deferred days he was preciously sentenced to. He gets more than another slap on the wrist but real, consecutive time in the county jail. None of this weekend crap.

    In truen, cps steps up and removes the children because Nicole is unable to care for 10 minor children whilst being pregnant.

    Nicole is left on her own to think for once in her life and she just, shuts the hell up.

    Joe gets out of jail, they take away baby 12 as soon as it is born and we never hear about the Nauglers again.

    The kids grow up in loving homes and thrive.

    Jacob and Faith hightail it out of the shitstead and make a decent life for themselves.

    Joe and Nicole rot under a bridge somewhere.

    A girl can dream.


  33. She did post once that in her last pregnancy, she craved ice and then scoffed that someone would probably jump on her and say she needs a medical birth or something. The fact is, craving ice is an indication of anaemia. (which is linked to maternal death in childbirth so it would be good, Nicole, if you are reading, to at least take some supplements).


  34. Still have no appetite after those close ups of Nicole’s rotting mouth and Joe’s rubbery Jabba Ewok lips. Hurl. The truth is that Joe and Nicole have screwed up massively at just about every opportunity. They don’t like laws, rules and respecting other people. They sure as heck want the law to protect them while they’re being malicious and nuisances to others, but that’s because Joe and Nicole are unusually special. Didn’t you hear it? God called them to be like this. Even when they’re liberally dropping the f-bomb and referring to women in a term that I will not repeat. They are so special that whatever actually took place doesn’t matter. All they have to do is do a VLog or Facebook post and say that events transpired differently. Mass gaslighting via Facebook. And that is all that it is, a Facebook rant that has very limited power to do anything other than let them vent their foul twin spleens and, they hope, get the paypal button going with donations. But the truth is they know they’re not special. They know how events actually transpired for the last decade and they know that responsibility for them living on a crappy patch of land in a garden shed, with family court and civil court knowing them well, is all on them. They really want to be extra special and treated as if they are exempt from the rule of law but anyone who has the unremarkable experience of seeing them in person realizes they are just successful in making themselves homeless people. Of course people who do not believe that god exists are not impressed with Joe’s claim to being special. I don’t think that most cogent people who do believe in god are impressed with Joe’s divine claim to being special. All anyone has to do is see Joe and his rotted mouth matted hair hag and they quickly realize that they’ve been had by a dirty homeless fat man.


  35. Well, AL can just share his screen shots to show he sent all of that to Charles Smyth and once and for all make it publicly known that Charles is truly a sock account for the Nauglers like we all know it to be.

    Nice job, Nikki, for exposing your sock. Finally.


  36. I also noticed Joe’s pearly whites and my gut tells me those are fakes. A man that filthy and overweight with perfectly straight white teeth? No signs of fillings? I am not buying that. Maybe a set of fake chompers was in order with their go fund me windfall. Nicoles mouth has gotten really bad the last few months. Hopefully Joe can scrounge up the money to help out his wife, because like it or not, your appearance has a a lot to do with your success and Nicole is the face of their business.


  37. Oh, I guarantee her pregnancy announcement photo was at the Dr office, because she was court order to take her child for the check up.

    That is the only thing that makes sense. Especially, after the rant live video today.

    She was there because of a court order and took the picture to spin.


  38. Sleepless, she said the child was there for a check up. But Nicole has never done check ups before. Then in a comment someone asked about her philosophy regarding medical care. Her response was ” we don’t use doctors unless there something that is out of our spectrum of ability. We treat a lot of things at home”. Bullshit! Severe burns and gashing to the head are certainly out of their “spectrum of ability” yet the kids never saw doctors regarding those. How ill must her child be to now be getting care? Oh that’s right, most likely they are being forced to get well checks for their children because that bitch wouldn’t take her kids to see a doctor on her own. But she will spin like it’s a normal thing, she is so full of shit.

    Fuck you Nicole!


  39. Where do I even begin? I guess with a thank you to Nicole and Joe – no I haven’t lost my mind, but they are apparently very close to doing so. My thank you is for showing your true, crazy, foul-mouthed selves on your courthouse rant today. Your carefully, orchestrated Q & A was a farce and laughable to all who have ever had the unpleasant experience of knowing you or being a target of your doxxing, harassment and bullying. Your 100-mph speech pattern, the breathlessness and your sheer incomprehensible line of thought revealed who the real Nicole and Joe are. Did Joe smack the kids around afterwards for their feral behavior? I love kids and it was heart-breakingly obvious that these kids have had zero socialization. And what the hell kind of dance was O doing? That made my skin crawl and fear for her.
    I guess congratulations are in order too. You are half a step away from being the Kanes. Q and all your children have endured constant anti-everything, so that is doesn’t surprise me at all that your 16-year-old is facing some pretty serious charges. My wish for Q is that he is held in custody and given the opportunity to have a bed to himself, hot meals, an education and a chance to learn a trade. Maybe then a smile will return to his face. You see Nicole and Joe, your neglect has taken its toll on him. I am guessing that your cavalier attitude towards his 3rd degree burns and his role as shitstead cook, has had him building up a lot of resentment. If he is in custody, maybe he will even go to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch and foster positive, caring relationships with law enforcement. My fear is that he will one day have guns blazing and end up dead in a parking lot or on the shitstead with his fucking, moron sperm donor.
    The affidavits from the Sneeds do not contradict each other, Nicole. Mr. Sneed did not see Q allegedly point a gun at his back because as far as I know, the man does not have eyes in the back of his head. Apparently it was his daughter that saw that. And Joe, you are full of shit. There is a no contact order and that means, well, no contact. Mr. Sneed would not have violated that (even though the order is on YOU) and speak to you, much less tell you that everything is okay. You are a liar. Every. Single. Word.
    It is so ironic that you post contact info for the Sneeds (I am talking phone number). If someone had done that to you, you would be having a cow. And honestly, I would prefer you to have a cow than another baby you can neglect.
    This is not a set-up as you claim. Honestly, does it not occur to you, that having to move a dozen times because of problems has everything to do with you and Joe? You are not victims. You both are perpetrators.
    Congratulations are most definitely NOT in order for your pregnancy. You are pimping out your kids arts and crafts to raise “gas money” for a move and somehow you think that having another mouth to feed will be manageable? I hope that with all the shit you two are currently facing that Joe goes to jail where he deserves to be, that all the children are finally and forever taken away from you both, that the new babe is also taken by CPS as soon as he/she draws breath and that, as someone else said, you both rot under a bridge. Judging by your oral health Nicole, that may happen sooner than you think. Maybe I will start a death pool. Go ahead and comment on that sentence, you bitch. I dare you.
    I also hope that CPS is involved with Jacob and Faith’s baby. You quickly deleted a very uncomplimentary post about Jacob from a co-worker at McDonald’s, where your son used to work. I really hope Jacob has found a better job and perhaps this recent shitfest has propelled him into wanting more for his little family. I know he has memories of a more normal life. Maybe CPS can help this young couple learn great parenting skills and help to give them the tools to build a wonderful life for themselves.


  40. Good God. How bad does it have to get before they take a look around and just go, “what the hell are we doing?”
    Now that they heard that from the attorney, they now have fuel for their “the world is against us!” narrative.
    Want things to start getting better for your family?


    And how much “harassment” how many “threats to your family” before you just get the hell off the internet?

    I know I’m talking to a brick wall and they will never accept that all of this is 100% the result of their own actions. I know they will never give up their attention supply (and cash cow) (the internet), but damn it its like watching a dog chase it’s tail.


    Thanks for letting me vent.


  41. I am amazed at the inordinate number of comments on this blog, just today! And God knows how high the view count is!

    It really gives you a good idea – or rather, it puts into perspective, the high number of concerned parties/voyeurs that follow along in horror, versus the low number of “supporters” BLH actually has (by supporters, I mean those who contribute more than just a “Congratulations” – we only see a handful who regularly come to their defense).

    This is a good thing! It means, in the event of another emergency, fundraising will be hard to come by, by way of soliciting supporters – there arent enough sympathetic parties – and those who are, already donated once.


  42. Magenta wrote, “For all we know, CPS is requiring them to move to land that is fit to live on.”

    What is really sad is that the land they’re on looks far worse after they’ve lived there than it did prior. I went wandering through the internet and found a 2008 satellite shot and there was a house there (with a well and septic) that yes, was burned down several years later but the land was in good shape. The pond looked to be in good shape.

    “Wherever you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Bonzai
    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Pogo (Walt Kelly)


  43. Important questions:
    1. If a person has two court dates is that person entitled to two Hardee’s dates?
    2. On family court days, do the kids get Hardee’s too?


  44. I have to say in this particular incident the bucket don’t hold water. I looked closely at the documents on blh fb page. First, the neighbors statement on the 20th of January alleged that the boy came over with a bucket to get the horse and the neighbor told him to get off his property. The police were called. Then the neighbor told the neighbor adult that the kid could come and get the horse. The authorities show up and take the neighbors statement, talk to both parties and took picture of horse hoof prints and horse dung. Again, no mention of the boy allegedly having a gun. That I can only assume is why Nicole is so shook up when she left Courthouse yesterday. They were going for the horse and bucket complaint against Joe which, again, was dated the 20th and were handed a new (yet pre dated) complaint against their minor child. The daughter of the neighbor had gone and signed a complaint that allegedly on the 19th of January (one day prior to the bucket incident in which the police were called) the boy had pointed a gun at her father. Now I continued reading but didn’t need to because of the dates. Why would the police not be called on the 19th when the alleged much more serious, potentially dangerous incident with an alleged gun occurred? And since the police weren’t called on the 19th when this alleged gun thing by the boy took place, why then didn’t the neighbor mention it when the police were called on the 20th for the alleged much lesser offense of getting a horse with a bucket? So what Judge would even entertain an after the fact complaint against a minor which such damaging allegations when they were not mentioned to the police either the day it allegedly happened nor the day after when the police did come and took statement? It don’t hold water. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure living next to them has to be like someone constantly thumping you in the nose to the 100th power. Sure, they bring many many things on themselves merely by their demeanor and inability to get along with people. But this is an alleged incident that I’m going to have to say I believe they are being set up. Then I saw a pic of the “call log” from the call ins to police. This is interesting because (all dated the 20th- that date is important). It says “blogged” Nicole stated that the neighbor pointed a gun at her son. Then a call was received by the daughter of the neighbor who says the boy allegedly pointed a gun at her dad. But the dad doesn’t say this in his statement. Apparently the daughter had left or something. So it sounds like it was possibly learned of what Nicole had blogged and something had to be added in my opinion. But why is that allegation made with the date being the 19th that it allegedly happened? It doesn’t make sense. If I were the Judge there is no way I could even entertain the allegations against the boy. Now with the adults, I don’t know what a Judge should do with ALL of them in this incidence solely. That is all I am speaking to is this particular incident solely. Nothing prior between them. I don’t even know, nor care, what had happened between them prior. But this one incident doesn’t hold water.


  45. But this one incident doesn’t hold water.

    The date on the gun incident affidavit is incorrect. The grandson encounter occurred on the evening of the 19th. The other stuff, all of it, is the next day.

    I will leave it to the county attorney and the judge to figure out. Obviously, the CA thought there was enough there to charge Q.


  46. After saying what I just said, I will have to say this. I can’t imagine what being neighbors with the Nauglers would be like. I know I couldn’t do it. It sounds as though most of their neighbors have been there a long while. Probably prior to KY land company owning, and selling, considerable amounts of land out there. They sell land to people with less than adequate credit. Then when, or if, the people can’t pay, they take the land and/or dwellings back. Then they re-sell the property. If the dwelling (maybe a mobile home) is in decent shape I’m sure they get more out of it. Some places have, as we have seen with the Nauglers land, many delapitated structures left on them. They have been sold, taken back, resold, taken back, etc. I’ve never been anywhere near where the Nauglers live. But I know that the area(s) along hwy 86 have a theme of beautiful home/land here, trashy place next door. Maybe it wasn’t always this way. But if the Nauglers move, and I think they will, if they can, what comes after them may not be near as bad, but could be anything. A person with a meth lab could move in. Who knows. So if it were me, as soon as they moved, I would buy up all the land out there that even came close to my property. I wouldn’t finance through Ky land co- I would go to a bank. Even if it took all the neighbors who plan on staying buying up portions of it. Whether they did anything to it or not. If they wanted to clean it up- clean it up. Farm it. Don’t touch it. Whatever- just prevent such from moving there. Who knows- they may leave and come back. I’m sure those neighbors are people that have and can get along with most anyone. It sounds that way from the other neighbors. I’m sure the strain of this whole thing has just drained you to the point that you can’t take anymore. I would have probably already moved from it myself. Those neighbors have had to have the patience of a Saint to put up with it. So I don’t want anyone to think by my previous post that I am saying otherwise. It’s just this one (or two), whatever it (they) may be alleging things with different dates (not going to get into it again), that throws up red flags to me on this, just this. Unfortunately, the only way to control your neighbors is by living in an area that has restrictions. Those are usually subdivisions and don’t apply to those who farm unless they live in those restricted area and farm on land elsewhere which would be a hassle. So please, if you have any means to do so as, what appears to be a close knit community, but up that land, if they in fact move. Hey, if you don’t have the means- I hear there is a thing called Go Fund Me. Unlike the Nauglers, I would contribute to your cause. Again, no harm meant by my previous post. I’ve never been on the side of the Nauglers. It just doesn’t make sense in black and white.


  47. Blessed Little Blogger says:
    January 31, 2017 at 8:51 am
    But this one incident doesn’t hold water.
    The date on the gun incident affidavit is incorrect. The grandson encounter occurred on the evening of the 19th. The other stuff, all of it, is the next day.

    I will leave it to the county attorney and the judge to figure out. Obviously, the CA thought there was enough there to charge Q.

    I wondered that as well. But it still doesn’t make sense that it would be brought up when the police came out. That the daughter went down after the fact and, whether she gave wrong date or not, made complaint about additional more serious allegations that allegedly happened the same day then that the police did come but no mention of it. If we were to trust the Courts – we wouldn’t all be bewildered at the fact that they got their kids back would we? I wouldn’t care if the date on it was wrong, it was included on statement from 20th when police were called and came. Fishy.


  48. Correction- it wasn’t (not was) but wasn’t included on the complaint filled out on the 20th when police came out. Just the bucket and horse were mentioned. Huge difference.


  49. @Tekla: I have a couple of ideas about what will happen to that land when the Nauglers finally move on. Either it’ll be condemned (or whatever the name is for the county/state looking at a piece of land and going, “Yeah, this is contaminated, nobody live here”) or whoever moves in next will spend their own money cleaning up after the Nauglers and the previous tenants and then sue the land company for adverse possession.


  50. Concerned,
    When you say “blogged” are you referring to where the police report says “blotter”? A blotter is just the condensed police report.

    It looks like the police got a call at 7:32 that Q had pointed a gun at the neighbor’s dad.

    It could be that the dad didn’t mention the gun because he didn’t want to have more trouble with the Nauglers or that he didn’t want to press charges against one of the kids.

    Maybe the poor man is just done with all the drama and wants to ignore the crazies next door as much possible.

    Honestly, that’s how the Nauglers roll. They walk all over people and everyone is so appalled and afraid of them that they just keep away instead of pressing charges and risking more Naugler wrath.


  51. Oh, Nikki, I’m so sorry for you. I would quit your videos while you are ahead. I watched the one thos morning. So many times you slipped up started to say how Q actually had and did, but retracted what you were saying because you knew you couldn’t say that.

    Family Court (and courts) are watching all your videos. After all they are PUBLIC. Public means anyone in the whole wide world can see/watch. They of course are watching they would be dumb not too. The day before family Court and those charges are official you get on FB and call Q the “enforcer” or whatever it was.

    Clearly indicating he’s the family guardian, body guard, etc. Couple that with numerous post about using guns, etc. What the heck is the court suppose to think?

    Seriously, Nikki in many respects you do this to yourself. Also your videos, affidavits, etc most like get ignored because you get caught time and time again lying.

    We don’t have alternative, “fake” accounts, but yet you share screen shots, showing you do. We don’t own or run alternative pages, anti troll pages, but you slip up and post things on those alternative pages that clearly show its you…so they get shut down. I don’t think necessary by FB. I think you pull them down because you know you have been outed.

    Not to mention it’s clear that your audios and videos at times are doctored. That segments are missing. This may or may not be intentional. However, it’s clear that it’s not the complete story.

    Lastly, Nikki, you should know the courts are not going, I repeat, not going to accept a bunch of letters from you from supporters if those letters are NOT notarized. It’s just going to be taken as a bunch of hearsay and given the fact you have been shown repeatedly on FB in lies it might even been seen as made up and false documentation. And even if the letters are notarized they may not accept them, because the person is not there to give a testimony and answer questions directly.


  52. One thing we can rely on about Nicole, is that she’s unreliable.

    Her version of events, what is shown and what is omitted, is often drastically different than that presented by other sources.

    Who the hell knows if there was a bucket, a gun, both on separate days, etc? There’s really no way of knowing because we weren’t there. Of course, Nicole wasn’t there, either. She was called and came home 30 miles from her shop in some of these instances. (several complaints = several instances)

    Things Nicole has said….

    There’s a no contact order between the men. Naugler’s were cautioned to keep lifestock home.

    The horse got out and Q. was elected to go retrieve it. Not sure why this is his responsibility. But the poor kid drew the bad card, apparently. This could have been due to Joe’s no contact order?

    So the kid goes over to get the horse. Neighbor has had enough, and has a gun….Nope, we need to call the sheriff, this has gone on too long. You can’t come on my land to get the horse anymore.

    So really think about Q’s options at that point. He probably did go home. I’m guessing his sister was freaking the hell right out…given that the horse is her world. Hearing that the neighbor has a gun, maybe she’s thinking he’s going to shoot her pet. Maybe she’s threatening to take a gun herself and go get her horse. (Girls and their horses…) This is, after all, a girl who has experience shooting a goat in the head…and she’s probably feeling pretty upset.

    Yeah, it’s conceivable in my mind, particularly given his upbringing…that Q. saw his only recourse as taking the gun to go get his sister’s horse….to protect her from doing something stupid and getting hurt. It’s not like the kids have actual parents. They’re really the only people they have to look out for each other.

    Maybe the boy went over with the gun and the neighbor saw how out of hand the whole thing was getting and pitied the kid being thrown in the middle.

    Or maybe it scared the hell out of the neighbor so much, he decided it was best to tell the Naugs anything they wanted to hear….while telling the police something entirely different.

    Or maybe none of this happened at all.

    These are all just guesses.

    Maybe NONE of the information we have is reliable or factual and we’ll have to wait to learn the real story in court.

    Personally, I’m with Snead’s grandson. Nicole’s talking? Just shake your head and keep walking.

    One thing that is Factual: Nicole making emotional, reactive videos while driving down the road is not a way to prove she’s a responsible parent, it’s illegal, and will look like absolute shit in court. As will her middle finger picture, which I am tempted to have printed on a teeshirt to wear to court.


  53. @Concerned: I’m speculating here, but I think the complaint filled out on the 20th was done by Mr. Sneed only, because after his daughter Linda had called the Sheriff’s office she left to take her son to school (per Linda’s account filed on the 23rd).

    The handwritten report – a separate document from the call log – was filled out on the day of the incident and signed by Mr. Sneed. Linda did not fill out a handwritten report on the 20th because she had already left, according to her report on the 23rd, to take her son to school. This would explain why her statement was taken later.

    Nicole’s argument seems to be that the “trolls” intervened between the 20th and 23rd and convinced the Sneeds to somehow change their story, but I disagree.

    While Nicole’s documents as shown indicate a discrepancy between what Mr. Sneed and his daughter reported, there is no discrepancy between Linda’s statement on the 23rd and what is reported in the call log made on the 20th. In that log – posted by Nicole – the initial call is described as being made on 1/20 by Linda Sneed and the reason for the call is written as because of a gun being “pulled on them” by “the Naugler teenager.”

    So she has not changed her story between the initial call and her report. She maintained that a gun was pulled on her father.

    So why is there no statement from Mr. Sneed about a gun?

    Perhaps there was no gun, and Linda is lying. Perhaps there was no gun, but to Linda it looked like there was. Perhaps Mr. Sneed did not see a gun and Linda did. Perhaps Mr. Sneed saw a gun but didn’t think it was pointed at him. Perhaps he saw a gun and didn’t want to get a kid in trouble. Perhaps Mr. Sneed also had a gun, and decided it was best to keep all the guns out of the report. Perhaps Joe somehow convinced Mr. Sneed to not report a gun.

    And that’s just all the possibilities for that day. Perhaps on a subsequent day an additional report with additional information was filed by Mr. Sneed. Or perhaps not. Who knows? We can’t make ANY conclusions with the information given. We can only bear in mind that what information we do have is what Nicole has shared. And as Sally says, consider that source very carefully.


  54. I just noticed where she says “nobody can do anything about it. It’s all closed court.” Um. That just means court isn’t open to the public. Does she expect supporters to show up and intimidate the judge into submission? Wait. Yes, she probably does. Worrisome.


  55. Finally one of her leg-humpers asked why didn’t JN post the audio with Mr. Sneed? Only took 24 hours for one of them to finally bring that up, lol!!!


  56. I think that there were two incidents on the same day. The first was the horse and the bucket.
    The second was later and Q was upset and decided to show he was The Enforcer and pointed a gun at the neighbor as she drove by.
    Shame on Nicole for outing her son to the world! Shame on her!!
    I have questions about teenagers and breaking the law.
    If a teen say as example, steals something from the local store, he may be given a fine and made to do so many hours of community service.
    What are the laws pertaining to teens and guns? Are they much harsher? Probation? Community service?
    How would this effect the Family Court and their say?
    Pointing a gun at someone even if they are driving by seems super serious.
    If Q was the one home and in charge it would easy for him to lie and say he didnt do it.


  57. I wonder if family court is bringing up the charges against Ma, Pa (and now Q). Nicole may think that is outside of the family court jurisdiction. But child welfare should be very concerned about children who are intentionally isolated from society, taught to hate police, and end up with weapons charges just like their parents.


  58. “You quickly deleted a very uncomplimentary post about Jacob from a co-worker at McDonald’s, where your son used to work.”

    What did it say?


  59. Bea? Forgot the person. Yes, it says blotter- all this blogging stuff is clogging my brain. But right beside blotter it says Nicole said Mr Sneed had gun. This was first thing on the page. Then it goes down to show that the daughter of Mr Sneed called and the time of dispatch. So knowing how she blogs everything, it made me wonder if she had blogged about the man allegedly having a gun.


  60. @SheerLuck
    I understand what you are saying in that the daughter had left, however, in the complaint she made that said the incident happened on the 19th (whether that was a mistake of date or not), she is saying that the boy was allegedly pointing gun at her father and then goes on to speak of the boy allegedly later pointing one at her and so on. My point is only that the neighbor should have told the police that part when they were there. To forget that but not a bucket? And since the daughter had left, her complaint, whenever she actually went down and filed it, but contained the date of it happening on the 19th should have then only been the part that pertained to her, not her father since he was present when police came.


  61. @Bea- thanks for pointing that out to me- I knew it said blotter but had a brain fart. You sound like you must work or have worked with law enforcement in some way. I’m sure that’s a pain in the rear.


  62. This made the fucking news down there.

    Nicole contacted the news media. She thinks that makes her look good or it makes her go viral or something. I loved it that they used old video of the Shitshack. They look dreadful.


  63. Nicole,

    I’m sayin this here, cause I can’t say it on your page. I’ve seen you delete people who were giving you honest advice way too often.

    People are tuning you out, Nicole. Look at how few people are liking your videos anymore. It’s because you go looking for problems and create trouble wherever you go. They may have start out sympathetic, but people just want to smack you upside the head now cause you’re too stupid to live.

    Baby number twelve and you got the balls to beg some more? God helps those who help themselves, Honey, and you and I both know what causes pregnancy.

    I sent you money once, and I wish I never did. Live and learn, I guess, but damn I feel dumb.

    Baby twelve was the last straw for me.

    You say these women at this site are all out to get you, and it’s true some of them seem real pissed off, but a lot of what they’re saying makes a whole lot of sense.

    You know what, Nicole? I don’t care what problems you have, you admitted you attacked a woman’s dead child. That is a horror I hope you never live through.

    You make your own life so damned hard. And that’s fine. But you make your kids suffer, too. You ever consider maybe they don’t want to live nuttier than squirrel shit and seem like freaks to normal folks? Do you ever think of them?

    If you did, you wouldn’t scrape the butter so damned thin it tears the bread while shooting another hungry mouth, wet and weeping out between your tired legs.

    And don’t get me started on that man of yours.


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