Bucket Brigade

outhouse 1
from Blessed Little Homestead, click image to link

Outhouses. The Nauglers are experts. They’ve built three of them, at least by my count, maybe more.

Only they aren’t what you think.


This is what you’re thinking. Toilet positioned over a deep hole.  Fill the hole.  Move the little building and the toilet to a new hole and fill in the old hole.

That’s not what the Nauglers are doing.

Look at the photograph of their “outhouse” carefully. There is no hole.  Digging a hole deep enough for an outhouse is hard work. The Nauglers do not do hard work of any kind.  If children cannot do this stuff, it isn’t going to be done.

Instead Nicole tells us the photo at the top is a “composting toilet.”

Only it isn’t.

composting toilet
from Amazon.com, click image to link

This is a composting toilet.  They are typically installed in remote places that simply aren’t conducive to having a septic system. We had a friend who had one in a cabin that was too close to a river to have a septic tank.

Composting toilets actually compost the waste right there in the bottom part of the toilet. They do require 12 volt power, generally supplied by a battery.  They are also pretty pricey. This particular one is almost $1000.

They  require regular and careful maintenance or they get pretty stinky pretty fast.

But this isn’t what the Nauglers have.

Instead, the Nauglers are pretending that they are doing what Joe Jenkins wrote about in his really good book The Humanure Handbook. If you look about with Google, you can get a PDF of the book for free. If you are even considering anything like the Naugler setup, you need to get this book and heed it.

The problem with the Naugler’s setup is that they appear to only being doing part of it.  The easy part.  They are shitting in a bucket.

poop in a bucket

Yes, Lori, they do.

But they had great plans.

continue no plumbing

I’ll have more to say about Jacqueline’s comment in a minute, but notice that she thinks that Nicole is talking about an actual composting toilet. She is not.

Here’s the second incarnation of the “outhouse.”

2nd outhouse

And Nicole had this to say about it.

comment on 2nd outhouse

Oh, this one was gonna be nice.  A bathhouse as well as an outhouse, complete with an on demand hot water heater.  Wow. Notice this was last October.  Just a few months ago.

You know, like this:

hot water heater
from Amazon.com, click image to link

They’re really nice, actually. We own two of them. They work great and give you lovely instant hot water in the barn, for example.  But not in the dead of winter. You cannot let one of these freeze.

But of course, we never saw completion of the magnificent structure that was pictured in its beginning stages above.  I wonder if it had something to do with the fact that floor was never, ever going to be level.

Anyway, scrap the whole shower-with-instant-hot-water thing, and move on to Outhouse Incarnation #3.

Joe outhouse

Does everything she photographs have to be so. . . filthy dirty?

This great mighty structure is the current one. She mentions with the photo that they actually purchased new plywood for this.  I’m not sure where they intend to use it since I see none pictured (maybe the roof?) Those walls are particle board, and will last, oh, maybe a few months. The floor, of course, consists of the ever-present pallets.

And there is no hole.

There will be a bucket.

And this raises a question. A really big question.  One I’ve been asking now for months and waiting to see if anyone else would ever think of it, or if Nicole would think maybe there is an issue here that needs to be addressed.

What happens to the contents of the bucket when it’s full?

She’s really big on showing us photos of the great outhouses during their construction phase. She blithely tosses out expressions like “composting toilet” as though that’s what they are actually doing.  But there doesn’t seem to be any actual composting being done anywhere.

What are they doing with all the shit?

humanure compost bin

This, course, is not a Naugler creation.  This is a real humanure compost bin setup. The way it works is this:  The straw in the middle, under the roof, is used to cover the bucket of waste after it is deposited in the bin.  Most people who do this also have a bucket of lime nearby to sprinkle over the top as well.  You work on one bin at a time.  When the first bin is full, you move to the second bin.

In addition, most people who do this also have some sort of setup to clean the bucket, to rinse it out (and put the rinse water on the compost bin, not just willy nilly on the ground) and then put it out in the sun to disinfect for a while. And maybe have two or three buckets to cycle through.

The compost heats up as compost will do if it’s well made, and that destroys any pathogens in the human waste.  When the compost is complete (it looks like dark dirt), you can use it around non-edible plants.

The humanure system is actually a pretty good one when implemented carefully and maintained with meticulous cleanliness, especially in regions with little rainfall because it does save water. (That’s not Kentucky.)

I’ve seen nothing to indicate that the Nauglers are doing anything even resembling this anywhere.

They are just relieving themselves in a white bucket.

And then they. . . what?  Empty it where? Do they dig a hole?  Do they toss it in the pond?  What?

Imagine what is happening to their property. There are 12 human beings on that property depositing their human waste. . . where?  Would you want to even put a foot on the place, ever?  What in the world do the people who actually hold deed to that land (it’s not the Nauglers) think about this?

Figuring out how to deal with human waste was one of the biggest advancements people have ever made. Epidemics were rampant until we learned that the stuff has to be handled correctly.

bad pancakes

I have never believed for a single second that this happened because of bad pancakes.  It might have been the pancakes that carried the pathogen, yes.  But I suspect the pathogen came from the non-existent sanitation that these people live with.

The most common cause of this sort of gastrointestinal disorder is popularly called the “noro virus.” It is spread by fecal contamination and it is highly contagious.

Since Nicole and Joe don’t seek medical attention typically, we have no idea what sort of bug those children had, but her description is sure consistent with noro virus.

Of course, it’s all the fault of the children, though.

Here is how it’s done properly.


108 thoughts on “Bucket Brigade”

  1. I have often wondered the same thing.
    Thank you for pointing out humanure is only for non edible plants.


  2. Is it possible that the white buckets are taken to the shop, by the children, of course, and dumped into the ‘real’ toilet at the shop. Again, by the children? That’s been my theory for a bit. If it freezes, even easier to get rid of, but, when it thaws, oh my goodness sakes.


  3. Indeed, why is everything always encrusted in filth? Oh, I know, they have no running water to clean with! Well, I guess they could take their shit encrusted items to be laundered and cleaned at the Blessed Little grooming shop. Can you imagine all the diapers and the reusable family asswipe clothes they have every day? She claims she uses cloth diapers and reusable wipes. I can only imagine how terrible the shed, the entire property smells like. I suspect the shop has a faint “Eau de poo poo” smell too. They are in deep shit in every way possible.


  4. The one thing that puzzles me the most is the so-called ‘supporters’. How many of them read what Nicole writes and question if it actually happened? Are they afraid to state disagreement or to question the statements she makes? Aren’t they doing that family a dis-service by never voicing disagreement or by taking her at her word?

    Oh, sure, like me, they will be banned if they are very vocal in disagreement but she can never say I was nasty or vulgar on either her personal page or on the BLH page. She didn’t like that some of her supporters might be agreeing with me. So, BAM! Out came the ban hammer. But I digress.

    Do the supporters think they are helping those children by expressing admiration and emotional and financial support? So many have said that they might not agree with the lifestyle but they were free to live that way. Yes. This is correct. The adults (who do not behave as responsible adults) DO have the right to live that way. But they SHOULD NOT have the right to impose it upon their children. The very fact that they ARE children, they are dependents/minors, and therefore not capable of making informed decisions.

    This is not about a toilet or a lifestyle. It is about 11 minor children who are forced – yes, I said ‘forced’ – to live in a garden shed with little more than what the livestock have. Well, I must retract that statement. Some of them do have internet service and cellphones. That counts for something, right?

    I simply do not understand that undeserved devotion. Respect is earned, not freely given. The adults do nothing to earn my respect and they’ve done nothing to deserve anyone else’s.


  5. I watch “Alaska the last Frontier” (Kilcher family) and they have addressed the outhouse on several occasions. They also say that one outhouse hole lasts a good long time. Outhouses such as the ones on the Kilcher homestead can be very clean.

    I have also questioned who and how are they disposing of the composting toilet. Your commentary on her pictures is the first time that I saw that it is not a composting toilet. This does explain all the white buckets in the shed. She did mention (don’t remember which medium) that sometimes the kids just go in the woods. As for showering, I have assumed for a long time they do it at the shop. When I saw the picture of the pallet floor for the bath house, I figured we would never see it completed.

    I also wonder what the land owners think of all this mess on their land.


  6. Is it possible that the white buckets are taken to the shop, by the children, of course, and dumped into the ‘real’ toilet at the shop.

    And that’s a possibility, one I hadn’t considered. Thanks for bringing that up. If that’s the case, then like everything else, they aren’t really living “off grid.” They are just on a long-ass tether.


  7. She did mention (don’t remember which medium) that sometimes the kids just go in the woods.

    Which brings up the subject of urine. Urine is sterile (unless you happen to have a bladder infection, and so there really isn’t a problem with little boys urinating in the woods, provided that the woods in question are your own woods and not mine. Boys (and men) have done that for eons and it hurts nothing.

    It’s the fecal matter that is problematic.


  8. There once was a girl from Nantucket.

    Who demurily sat on a bucket.

    She needed no hole

    Her name? T’was Nicole.

    Work ethic her husband said . . .



  9. I feel especially sorry for the girls. It is hard enough to keep tidy and clean whilst menstruating under normal circumstances. How does that poor eldest girl have any privacy for bathing and tending to her needs?

    I am sure the boys would rather have options that peeing in the woods but it must be hell for the girls.


  10. Thanks for quoting me here :). I haven’t gotten involved in any of the fighting going on between y’all and the Nauglers but let me correct something here… Some people use the term “compost toilet” when they are referring to a sawdust toilet. And there is difference to be sure, but not really that huge of a difference if you’re using it correctly. I don’t know where the Nauglers empty their sawdust toilets, like you, I’ve never seen their composting operation. Let me also say that Joseph Jenkins does actually advocate that you can, in fact spread humanure compost on a vegetable garden… He does it himself. There are rules to follow but it is ok to do it if you follow the rules. With that said… White buckets are a must have on any farm for many, many reasons. Just because you see a white bucket doesn’t mean it’s full of shit 🙂 Ok, carry on then.


  11. Dear Blessed, I’ve had all of the same questions and concerns about the “white buckets” and the contaminated pancakes. I appreciate that you put the information together. This homestead has no home.

    And the “stead” part has no sewer/system/place to dispose of feces/urine (don’t forget the diapers of person #13), no outbuildings for vehicles/tools/animals, no garden, no hunting/gathering, no clean water, no water source for family use or gardening/livestock, no pasture land, no electricity, insufficient solar panels, wood heat using an old stove, no medical/veterinary expertise, no evidence of homemaking skills (sewing, cooking, canning, building, fixing), aging transportation, little community interaction/no evidence of extended family support, old on-display weapons, no furniture (do have a piano, but no evidence of a table or chairs)…and whatever I’ve forgotten that is integral to a homesteading life. These folks are barely subsisting. They are not thriving.

    They are not caring for the land. They are not preppers with resources to deal with emergencies or time for real off grid. They are not integral to a political revolution where nobody pays taxes. The anarchists won’t claim them, or volunteer to help them (we would have seen that by now) if things get really bad. They don’t have offgrid needed skills or services to offer. They don’t live in any kind of joint or communal situation where their voluntaryist beliefs might be shared. I don’t think there’s any way that the family can enjoy living as hard they do. Occassional moments in a quiet countryside would be overshadowded by the realities of a marginal lifestyle.

    I don’t know how the Nauglers enjoy the town/city part of their life. Do they meet friends, go to the library, take walks, check out interesting sights in Louisville, belong to 4H, get together with homeschooling families, participate in sports/sporting events, go on vacation, go to relatives homes, or do activities with their political buddies? I think they are not active in church. What do the children do all day? They don’t do school.

    Dr. Phil would say to all of the above “How’s that working out for you?”

    The Nauglers love their children, but are not building a life for their family. Their future is limited because the adults refuse…well, they refuse almost everything. The danger with that is, to get back to the post topic – “shit happens”.


  12. Please, ROTFL. Reading that first line, I wasn’t sure what to expect!!! You do not disappoint, too funny. Thanks!


  13. Thanks for quoting me here :).

    You’re welcome. It wasn’t a slam at you. It was an acknowledgement that you were correct. The Nauglers do shit in buckets.

    Some people use the term “compost toilet” when they are referring to a sawdust toilet.

    And “some people” would be completely incorrect. Besides which, the term Nicole uses repeatedly is “compostING toilet.” Just look it up. It’s quite clear if you just look carefully at Nicole’s followers’ comments that some of them actually believe she is talking about a real composting toilet, something they do not possess.

    I don’t know where the Nauglers empty their sawdust toilets, like you, I’ve never seen their composting operation.

    Thank you for that verification that I’m not overlooking anything. I don’t think there is any “composting operation.”

    Let me also say that Joseph Jenkins does actually advocate that you can, in fact spread humanure compost on a vegetable garden… He does it himself.

    Well, I have a copy of The Humanure Handbook and while I haven’t read it in forever, I don’t remember him saying that. In fact, I have a distinct memory of him saying that it should be used on non-edible plants.

    If he’s changed his mind, and it’s entirely possible that he has, that’s fine. I have no problem with Jenkins. He knows his shit (!) and carefully monitors the temperature of his compost bins.

    There are rules to follow but it is ok to do it if you follow the rules.

    You cannot possibly be under the impression that Nicole and Joe follow rules of any sort.

    White buckets are a must have on any farm for many, many reasons.

    I have an actual farm. A real homestead. The kind with real gardens that produce real food and real farm animals that produce eggs and milk and pork and beef and well, you get the idea. We have five million white (and green and black and every other color) plastic buckets. However, they are never, ever used for human waste. And the ones that are used for animal waste are marked with a big black marker so that they are never used for anything else. They are stored in the barn away from any other buckets used, say, for feed.

    Furthermore, we do not strew them all over our farm. They are clean except when being used and neatly stacked in our storage area. Those used for human food storage are new and reside in our basement.


  14. I am curious about the land. Nicole always makes it sound as though the land is theirs to do with as they please. What person in his/her right mind would allow this family to live on what was once probably a fairly nice piece of property? Who actually owns the land? I’m also curious as to what happened to get her banned from Facebook for a bit. Apparently it stemmed from her blog page. Anyone know the story? I’m full of questions with a hint of vomit aftertaste in my mouth looking at those pictures.

    P.S. When I see a new post on here, it’s like Christmas! ;). Thanks for a very informative and well thought-out blog!


  15. I really hope that we all can remain civil. Hi Lori!!! You don’t know me on here, but we’ve had really good talks on The Blessed Little Homestead page. You, Crystal, Michelle and Dawn all seem to really want to help Nicole. I hope you succeed… She needs your advice.



  16. Bill wrote “Their future is limited because the adults refuse…well, they refuse almost everything.”

    Except handouts/donations….


  17. Josie, I have NO idea why people support a lifestyle of filth and no schooling for other people’s children while openly stating it’s not for them. How is it ok for any kids in America in 2016? Not once have I read that others share the living conditions of this family (I wonder tho about that one lady and her stories about poop and roadkill and high meat). A few of the supporters are socks, a few are challenged, some like to argue, but many seem to be regular folks, maybe with large families, trying to make connections. Moms with many children know how hard it is and I think they must skip over the outrageous parts of the Naugler story. It’s interesting that pics of the kids, pics of the goats and pics of scenery as well as an occasional parenting meme get the most likes, while attempts at discussion or controversial topics get fewer likes.

    I wonder what’s going on at the new secret homesteading page? There are many outstanding homesteading resources and stories online by people who are really doing it, so how will this one be worth reading? I also wonder about why only 154 out of 45395 likes/people are signed up after 3 weeks? (.0034%) To me, it would make more sense to build up the blog they already have by taking care of their children and their goats (they can see the data that people are interested in those topics) – and then put some ads on that blog to generate income. 154 people reading posts won’t do it.

    Their internet presence is both deliberately provocative/crudely offensive (NN page and all the alters) and fawning/vague (BLH). Because of continuing scrutiny, the Nauglers have not been able to start new public money scams. Unfortunately, they went outside the effective kids/goats formula with posting on blh and today are openly upset with facebook, not themselves. They blame faceless “facebook”, a service they’ve used freely for years for not being able to use the service for 3 days. In a voluntaryist society, those who run a business like FB, can choose whether to include or exclude posts or people. Oh wait, they DO choose. Voluntarily. A perfect response for people who believe that all interactions should be voluntary.


  18. I don’t think Nicole will do whatever she wants no matter what advice she gets. None of my business if she is pooping in the woods or on the hood of her car. I HAVE buckets strewn everywhere lol, in the barn, on the porch, in the shop, on the powerhouse porch etc. we have hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere! But the majority have a home in a lift above the woodshed. My husband has read the humanure handbook many times, Joseph Jenkins is his hero 🙂 we also have a SAWDUST toilet. I have been known to call it a compost toilet from time to time but really it’s just a bucket in a box with a comfy toilet seat. We’ve been using it for many, many years. Joseph Jenkens has a sawdust toilet as well! Have fun everyone!


  19. Oh and for the record, the blessed little homesteaders group is mostly some of us homesteaders talking about homesteading. Nicole barely posts there. There are actually only about 10 people who do post.


  20. I HAVE buckets strewn everywhere lol, in the barn, on the porch, in the shop, on the powerhouse porch etc. we have hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere!

    That’s lovely. And you shit in buckets. And you have buckets everywhere.

    Remind me not to go to your place, ever, under any circumstances.

    Do you have trash tossed around everywhere, too, like the Nauglers? Do you live in a garden shed?

    Joseph Jenkens has a sawdust toilet as well!

    He does? Who would have thought that?


  21. I agree with you, Blessed Little Blogger, it very likely was a Norovirus pathogen. Transmitted via fecal-oral route. Poor sanitation, not washing hands after changing diapers or going to the bathroom are likely culprits most of the time. Norovirus is the reason restaurants have signs posted in the restrooms, employees must wash hands. Most of the time when someone suspects they have a bout of “food poisoning” from eating at a restaurant, it is Norovirus. It spreads quickly thru large groups of people in close quarters. The pathogen lives on surfaces and objects for quite some time.

    Yeah, the outhouse. Where is the hole, none from the photos have the hole? Or even a seat. Is it a white bucket inside an outshed? I’ve wondered too, about the proper disposal of fecal matter. Besides the obvious stink, polluting the habitat, poor sanitation as a health risk, if using white buckets instead of a properly dug hole or a bona fide composting toilet. Besides, even the construction always seems to be with improper construction materials.

    Thanks for the educating on humanure, composting toilets, portable on demand water heaters.

    I’ve never seen the likes, the parents desiring(so they say) to homestead and off grid, and so clueless or something.

    Josie said, “Respect is earned, not freely given. The adults do nothing to earn my respect and they’ve done nothing to deserve anyone else’s.” Well spoken, Josie.

    Nice post! Oh, and the man with the little bucket shower, made me giggle.


  22. I wish I could find the post of the kids going in the woods. When I read it, I remember thinking they were doing all their business in the woods, not just peeing.

    As someone else posted, I feel bad for the girls menstruating, how horrible in such primitive conditions. (I know back in the day…blah blah but it’s 2016!)


  23. Sorry to have bothered you. I just wanted to correct you on a couple things, I didn’t mean to make you so angry.


  24. Sorry to have bothered you. I just wanted to correct you on a couple things, I didn’t mean to make you so angry.

    You haven’t bothered anyone. You’re welcome to comment here anytime. Discussion is fine. Nobody has to agree with every word I type.

    And I’m not angry at all.


  25. Lori, You and your husband HAVE a barn , a powerhouse, a porch, a woodshed, a shop, and most likely a home that you have worked hard for, and cherish. Perhaps you raise a family there, and entertain friends and relatives. The Nauglers have none of this. You say she will do what she wants. Why would she not want a nice life, on her land, and a safe and nurturing home for her children?

    Thank you for participating here. -Bill


  26. @ Lori, why do you seem to have the impression Blessed Little Blogger is angry with you? Grown-ups can agree to disagree can’t they?


  27. I would like to address my opinion when someone says, “it’s none of my business what someone else does”. Or they add the qualifier, “it’s their lifestyle and their children”. Well, we are our bother’s keeper, not to intentionally turn a blind eye. I am speaking about the children and their welfare. I really have no interest for the parents. If the viral story had been about these two adults and their lifestyle choices and as long as not harming someone else for it, I couldn’t care less. But I must say, thank goodness we do live in a society, where people do care…we are our brother’s keeper. I’ll make it my business, and not turn an eye, for the welfare and care of those children. When someone’s choices are harming another, yeah. I’ll always stand up for that.

    To borrow from Martin Luther King, Jr., “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”

    Enough said…


  28. Lori,

    Hundreds and hundreds of buckets?

    Hundreds and hundreds?


    I have a farm. I have places where I keep a bucket or two. Neatly hung up or turned upside down and placed over a post next to the silo (keeps the water out). I also have a stache of buckets stacked neatly away and out of sight. We use the buckets daily. We use buckets for all kinds of stuff. We put them back where we found them so we can use them the next day. We try to keep things clean, tidy, and we manage the farm.

    Hundreds and hundreds of buckets?

    I don’t hold it against you for using a sawdust system. That’s your call. I’d rather drag my junk through broken glass and then sit in a bucket of Tabasco sauce than crap in one every day, but that’s me.

    I cannot fathom or understand why people have stuff scattered all over the place like that.

    “Here a bucket there a bucket, everywhere a bucket F%^k it, old Howerter had a farm, ee eye ee eye oh”?

    Then again, a bucket on the porch, full of sawdust and . . . you know . . . that would keep those pesky Mormon missionaries away.


    Sorry Lori, but “hundreds and hundreds”? Maybe that was a bit of hyperbole? Surely you take more pride in your farm than that?


  29. Nothing to do with poop, but I want to address the opening statement from today’s 1/20 Blessed Little Homestead blog because there may be new readers to this site, coming from the Naugler blog.

    “For 8 months my friends and I have screenshot and reported hundreds of these posts and pages. FB has only removed a handful. On the flip side FB removes any pages or posts that counter.”

    Wrong. I know this statement is wrong. I have watched for 8 months, and FB is not persecuting the Nauglers by removing only their posts. I believe her that she reported hundreds of posts and pages, but, even if FBstaff got tired of reviewing her submissions, there is no conspiracy.

    I know her statement is wrong because I personally reported several posts by the Naugler alters that were/are nasty name calling, threatening and/or doxing. FB disagreed with me, and did not remove. One hinted that harm might come to a family from Naughler supporters. Nope, not removed.

    It IS true that multiple vicious pages supporting the Nauglers were taken down by FB. They had to be bad if they were worse than what I reported. And, they were. Despite what Nicole writes, removed pages were not always countering something they didn’t like, but often attacking. Either way, posts were shockingly foul and designed to elicit hurt and fear (In my opinion as a far away observer). There was always another page waiting to pop to prominence as one was shut down. FB alters Ben Frankin and Charles Smyth are two of the current personalities who don’t like that others have a very different opinion than theirs. They share their thoughts freely.


  30. To my utter surprise when I grew beyond my self absorbed teenage years I looked around me on this big beautiful planet and realized “it is my circus and these are my monkeys”. In the smaller scheme of things, this is my community, I am not some out-of-stater, I live here. I intend to die here.

    I am not sorry that I am made so that I cannot help but notice the suffering of my fellow man. While I have a “live and let live” attitude when it comes to fully informed consenting adults, that attitude changes to one of basic community standards when it comes to vulnerable adults and children.

    I live by my words and deeds. I respect other people’s rights and I expect them to respect mine. Truth is not a slippery concept. Somethings are either true or false, somethings are up for opinionated debate. Revealing the truth is not a bad thing, nor do I think it is a punishable offense. If you choose to lie and I see it, chances are I will counter your lie with truth. If you state your opinion I might disagree with you. I may even repeat your words to others to see how they interpret them. This is not, and never has been, persecution, “harassing, defaming nor disparaging”. It is sometimes criticism. It is sometimes debate. It sometimes pointing out that you are a “big fat liar”. It is sometimes pointing out that you are a hypocrite. I may even form opinions based upon my observations. I may use satire and hold your sayings up to ridicule.

    To Mrs Naugler,
    I have never, to my knowledge, plastered your mug shot on my page Blessed Little Trolls and Their Minions. (I have, however, published a copy of your profile when you chose to put the sheriff’s mugshot up as your profile picture). My page has not commented about you for 8 months straight. It hasn’t been up that long. I have never “physically staked (sic) you”, by which I assume you mean stalked. Either way what you published is a lie. I have never “contacted my clients”. I have never “threatened to physically harm us”. I am not “determined to take matters into their own hands.” Your published lies are ridiculous.

    I have, however, had my photograph plastered on the walls of many of your “followers”. I have had photographs of my home also so plastered, as well as, photographs of where my child goes to school. My name with disparaging comments on your many pages and now your blog. So many heinous postings it took an entire page on Facebook to document them. Why, that is one of the main reasons I created my page of satire. That you publicly choose to continue to provide fuel for my page is, of course, your choice. I would hazard to guess that if you got your facts straight the viral sordid tale you have spun would disappear.


  31. Yes, Truthisawhisper. And this is exactly why we need laws to protect children.
    The Naugler’s didn’t complain about their brothers keeping them (the local churches) until they were told Joe had to get a job, and apparently the cash handouts stopped. It is sad to see anyone so resistant to work that they would rather live in dire poverty, dragging 11 kids down with them, than provide BASIC material needs for their precious and innocent children. This is where the BS about materialism begins with the “blessed ones”.

    There was a very interesting discussion on HA a while back about the continual damage caused to the land and the pond by continual effluent run off from both unpenned animals and human waste. It would seem to me unsanitary conditions would be a topic a family court would be very interested in and probably why NN has posted these pix of their crude basic toileting.
    Great reading here. Thanks for the opportunity to vent, discuss and learn without being threatened.


  32. As a city dweller used to creature comforts such as hot water on demand, air conditioning, dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, dimmer lights, a gardener and such, I learn from each blog here! It’s possible to live comfortably (and not so comfortably) in a rural environment without certain “necessities”. BUT, with correct planning and execution.

    Creating a clean WC (water closet) doesn’t seem to be brain surgery, but requires more than motivated but unknowledgeable children leading the charge. It does seem that having running water, or at least a rain collection system and water tank, would make a huge difference in overall sanitation. But the poo still needs to go SOMEWHERE that doesn’t expose kids and animals to human waste. The kids are already exposed to animal waste as is!

    My experiences w/non-flushing toilets are these: summer camp with a large communal “latrine” which was essentially a 6 person outhouse with chemicals down in the poo pit. I have no idea how they disposed of that stuff. I also spent vacations in an off-grid cabin with a compact composting toilet. Over 3 days, with six people, that thing got full and required emptying at a waste collection point. It was not at all bad using it—but this was in summer and the toilet was located inside the bathroom of the cabin, which BTW had running water heated by propane, so hands, bodies and surfaces could be cleaned.

    It saddens me to think 10, soon to be 11 children are subjected to relieving themselves in buckets with no sink, water and soap adjacent. In 2016 this is entirely unnecessary and the kind of “lifestyle” that early pioneers would have DITCHED if there had been another option. Wait, there was for many. A well and a hand pump.

    The 10 Naugler kids have no choice but to poop in a bucket and in really harsh, inclement weather, they either brave it trudging outdoors, or must endure the smell of poop indoors. These poor kids have been brainwashed by their intractable parents to think this way of living is far preferable to living “normally”. Because that equates to being subjugated by THE STATE.

    It must be strange for them going to the salon, because toilets and running hot water exist there. Why is this a standard Nicole has for her clients’ DOGS but not her own children?


  33. Regarding that pond: When the Nauglers moved in, it was a stocked fishpond. Now it’s a runoff pond.
    They had free food and (after boiling) water right there and they crapped all over it!

    Just about everything the Nauglers say they do, no matter what the words actually mean, translates as “don’t gotta.” We’re true patriots–don’t gotta pay taxes or obey traffic laws! We’re unschoolers–don’t gotta sit down and actually teach the kids! We’re free-range parents–don’t gotta look after ’em either! We’re free-range stock owners–or the livestock, for that matter!

    And the consequences of their “don’t gotta” attitude are always the fault of some big bad meanie somewhere, or else just something that happened. It was like they got goats and chickens, and let them wander around near their water supply, with absolutely no idea that animals poop and anything the rain falls on must eventually trickle downhill. And they let the kids run around everywhere without the slightest clue that 10 kids romping around the bank of a pond will turn that bank into an elephant ford. Stuff does things! How surprising!

    But they don’t gotta worry about it. Because blessed, I guess.


  34. Where is the sawdust? A sawdust toilet for that number of people would need a supply of fresh, clean, dry sawdust. Math is hard, science is hard, life is hard. Thank you for pointing out another aspect of life on the “Homestead” that just does not add up.


  35. I really hope that they fill the buckets, put lids on them and they are transported to the salon to be dumped down the toilet and then thoroughly cleaned.

    Although that doesn’t address how they handle minimizing animal waste from getting into the pond and their dwelling. I certainly hope they’ve at least fenced the animals out of the yard around the shed(s).

    I rather doubt (*cough cough*) that either adult put forth the effort to really read how to set up a proper humanure system and then would ensure it be properly built and maintained. They don’t even have a shed for storing hay and feed for their GOATS, so I would be very surprised if they bothered to stock up on straw for composting human waste.

    It’s hard to believe that anyone, or any business, would sell land and not have a clause regarding not doing anything to lessen the value of the property until it’s paid off. It doesn’t appear that the Naugler adults are doing anything to INCREASE the value of the land. Cleaning up the remnants of tenants before them, for example.

    I certainly hope that the family has since decided to insulate the roof of their dwelling, ugly weather is on its way.


  36. I certainly hope that the family has since decided to insulate the roof of their dwelling, ugly weather is on its way.

    I give them a pass on that. That garden shed is a big garden shed, but it’s a very small space for 13 people. Each person is a little furnace. Add to that a wood stove, and ventilation might be more important than insulation in the roof.

    I suspect that when they are all in the shed, and the wood stove is burning wood, they are quite warm, maybe uncomfortably warm.


  37. Lori, “None of my business if she is pooping in the woods or on the hood of her car.”

    Would you say this if your property was adjoining theirs? And remember their animals are all “free ranged” also, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats. And we are not talking about the just the “poop” of one person, and the area they are “pooping” in is not a 100 acre farm.
    Multiply that times 13, and repeat daily for months now. And remember how hot it gets in KY in the summer. Do you think the smell would affect you if your farm is downwind. And what if your farm got the run off from their property, say where you were growing food for your family, would it still not matter where they “pooped”.
    Then there is the septic pond and all that it will breed and carry water wise and mosquito /pest wise to neighboring farms. The pond from the pictures is lowland so everything would likely funnel into that, say if Nicole and 13 others continuously pooped on their car hoods or in the woods. I certainly do not want this to turn into another FB, but I think you may be missing the complete picture here possibly living at a distance. But being a farmer yourself, it seems you too would understand the serious damage to others free range pooping will cause. I had a neighbor try free ranging for a bit once, it didn’t last long and wasn’t pretty when their animals got into others planted fields and helped themselves, repeatedly and after warnings.
    Lori I get that you many feel some need to support this lifestyle but do not think it is fair to attempt to change the reality of what the Naugler’s are doing to what you are doing. If however you really wouldn’t care where their septic runoff /smell/critters/children went and you did live completely surrounding them, ok that’s your opinion and I respect that. In my area their are very strict laws about septic and farm runoff and they are closely monitored. EPA and all that. JMHO


  38. I believe that each day Nicole gets in her car and breathes a sigh of relief as she drives off to work.
    At the salon she can flip a switch to turn on the lights. She can set the thermostat to keep the place nice and toasty during these cold, winter days. She can heat a meal in the microwave or make a pot of coffee. She can surf the web and post to Facebook in the comfort of a warm environment.

    When nature calls, she has a clean (I would hope, since customers also may use this) restroom to use. A sink that provides hot and cold water so she may wash her hands. I would also assume the salon has a shower. (Because I would want my dog groomer to not smell of body odor.) And that new baby? She can give give him a warm, soothing bath. Not something she can do at the homestead in 20 degree weather.

    Did Nicole wake up one day and say to herself, “Gee, I want to move my family to a crappy piece of land, live in a shack, shit in a bucket, and eat mystery food out of dented cans.” Nope. We all know their way of living is direct result of Nicole and Joe being unwilling to do the hard work that would benefit those children. They would rather scream about “The Man” and big government, and teach their kids that all cops are cold-blooded killers not protectors of society. They would rather make their kids find a tree to squat under than provide a clean bathroom. The fact that they continue to procreate just sickens me.


  39. I have white buckets everywhere lol. They make the darn handles plastic now and they just snap. I stack them nicely in hopes that I will make new handles one day and between the wind and kids they are all over. This lifestyle is hard very hard I don’t know how many times I have just broke down crying during a moment of weakness wondering what in the heck I was thinking when I started this adventure. There honestly isn’t a wrong way or right way of doing any of it just your way of doing things however you possibly can while learning lessons and new skills. Bad things happen really nasty bad things sometimes and it will either make you give up or you will double down and work it out. Waste disposal stinks! No way around it there is no fun there. Shoot I have to empty the septic tank into a bucket, carry it without sloshing or spilling to the septic tank here the old neighbors trailer was and pour it down. It’s nasty and horrible and when the valve broke last summer causing an almost full tank to spill all over everywhere under the trailer I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen. But I learned how to fix it, cleaned everything up bought lime and dirt and covered everything up and I did it all by my self. It was gagg a maggot bad but when it was all done the feeling I had. (After a very long couple of showers) was amazing. We all have our problems in life and we can choose to fix them or keep them. It really feels like there is a huge “game” going on with this family and it’s old and terrible this is a family trying to fix their problems they are working on building their new lives, while so many are trying to knock them down. They don’t have everything down yet and they don’t claim to. Honestly why keep trying to knock them down? People being rude on the internet won’t help the children in any way. If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem if you really are upset about something then do something about it even if it’s just stopping so there is less distraction and stress so they can get back to concentrating on their homestead without all the negitive thoughts.


  40. Honestly why keep trying to knock them down?

    I am responsible for this website. I am not responsible for the comments. So I can only speak for my articles and the few comments I make personally.

    I am not “trying to knock them down.”

    These are not people who are trying to make it, trying to figure out how to do stuff, who understand that they don’t know what the fuck they are doing and ask for help.

    These are grifters, scam artists, beggars.

    I have watched this debacle unfold for months now. I have watched the bickering on Facebook, the rival pages trying to outdo each other with insults. I have watched Nicole and Joe (and probably their older children) use fake profiles and go around insulting anyone who disagrees with them even slightly. You do not have say much to get Joe stalking your Facebook page and trying to argue with you and threatening legal action. I have proof of that.

    Joe and Nicole wanted their story to “go viral.” That is the exact expression used. They wanted the notoriety. I am helping them achieve their dream.

    And please don’t start with “the children” with me. As far as I am concerned, this has nothing whatever to do with the children. They are being cheated and short-changed and will have some serious hills to climb as they move into adulthood without proper identification papers, or any education of any sort (other than in the art of grifting), but I am not the savior of children.

    I just don’t like people pretending to be actual “homesteaders” when they are just homeless beggars. I do all the things they claim to do. And I know how hard it is and I know what it’s like to try and fail. I also know how to have a bit of humility and ask somebody who actually knows something for some help. Odd how nice people are when you don’t act like an asshole.

    Joe and Nicole Naugler can get this blog removed in about ten seconds. All they have to do is take down their Facebook pages (except for their personal ones.) Set the personal pages to private (friends only). Remove the Blessed Little Homestead page and the blog too. She can keep her business page. In other words, go private with their life.

    I will then have nothing to write about.

    Of course, they will then have no donors.

    the feeling I had. (After a very long couple of showers) was amazing.

    You have the capability of taking a shower. You had an accident and figured out how to fix it. They’ve been doing this for two years and haven’t figured out anything at all except how to hint that people send them money.

    They don’t have everything down yet

    They don’t have anything down yet. Not one single thing.

    Thank you, though, for participating in the discussion. Your opinion is welcome and I appreciate your civil tone.


  41. With everyone confused or upset about how much damage the 6 or so goats and chickens and dogs will do to the Eco system what do you think happens in the “wild” we have a regular visiting herd of elk about 40, deer (no clue how many at least 15) then there are 4 mountain lions and way to many cyotes. Plus the quail, ducks, and other birds. They all pee and poo on the ground, in the creek which goes down into town into the river and water treatment plant. We have several ponds near by and they all survive the trampling and it’s serious trampling in the spring when it’s muddy. I don’t understand what the difference is except the nauglers have a little more land than what’s in our little valley


  42. With everyone confused or upset about how much damage the 6 or so goats and chickens and dogs will do to the Eco system

    I’m not even slightly concerned about that and have never said a word to that effect. Nor am I confused.

    The issue isn’t that a few goats and chickens and dogs can’t live on 28 acres of ground and not destroy it. Of course they can. (And the fact is that those animals are not confined to 28 acres. They are freely going over to the neighbor’s property.) The issue is that they are congregated near the living quarters, and seem to hang around near where the people are (or were when the original shitshack was in place) and that it is a fact that the pond’s condition has deteriorated rather significantly over the course of the Nauglers’ occupation of the land. When you destroy the vegetation around a pond, the resultant mud runs off into the pond.

    Why this deterioration is occurring is anyone’s guess. The fact remains that it is occurring.

    I also asked a serious question about the shit buckets. Where are they emptying them? Are they assigning this task to one of the children? (Or has a child “volunteered” for shit duty?) Are the buckets being rinsed in the pond? They have no other source of water on that property.

    The issue of human waste is the big issue, not the issue of animal waste.

    We have cattle here as well as some other livestock. They produce a prodigious amount of manure. They spend much of their time rotating around about 8 acres of pasture. We have to manage that to insure that they don’t destroy our pasture grasses. Any manure they produce in the barn area is put in a compost bin.

    But I don’t set up a “summer kitchen” out in the pasture and put the table where the cows can come by and drop patties everywhere. Nor, if I had children, would they be playing all the time in the cow pasture.


  43. Crystal wrote “…this is a family trying to fix their problems they are working on building their new lives, while so many are trying to knock them down.”

    As BLB stated, the problem is that they are *not* fixing their problems. In two years, any Homesteading for Dummies book would call them epic fails. I am curious, though, where you see them fixing their problems since it surely must be that you see stuff that’s not available to the public. Maybe that’s a solution; show the public that they really *are* fixing the problems. That they really *are* learning from their mistakes and the second or third or fourth or maybe, even, their fifth attempt is a success. The only thing they’ve succeeded in doing is getting cold hard cash from the public and past churches.

    Where do you think they would be today if no one had ever given them a dime? Not one single red cent in donation? Living under a bridge in Louisville, is my guess, but it is, after all, just a guess. Where do you see them, Crystal, without a steady stream of donations from people who actually work for their money? Seriously, I’m interested in your opinion on that. I hope you will share it.


  44. Crystal, I think you have answered your question.
    “They all pee and poo on the ground, in the creek which goes down into town into the river and water treatment plant.” So humans are not subjected to effects of raw waste, rather they are consuming water that has been treated via a water treatment plant after having been filtered through the ground and streams.
    Again, the Naugler children, and neighbors are being subjected to the effects of raw human waste. Not water run down a mountain through rivers and lakes and into a treatment plant. Take another look at the kids sick around the campfire , outside lying in the dirt, with their animals wandering amongst them as they are seen bent over vomiting. (goats will eat anything I am told.)
    Take a look at the before and after pictures of the pond. The damage is not from migrating wild animals. I don’t believe their are migrating herds of elk in KY. But it is no wonder they are unable to grow a garden. They need to test the soil, test the water. Then remediate starting with human waste. I’ve read NN’s postings complaining of mud everywhere, I’ve seen the pictures of mud everywhere. There is a remedy. Stop polluting your own air, soil and water, and your neighbors with human waste. Then you may have a chance at growing a garden and some grass to stop the mud problem . And wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity to teach math, chemistry, biology, & sciences galore!


  45. To be honest I don’t know where they would be without help and I am so glad they got it. More so I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t get help. That’s the biggest part of all this for me besides for all the kids (I have 3 and not that there is anything wrong with a large family it’s just not for me) that could very well be me. I was hurt bad very bad in 08 and I was lucky my work still payed 50% of my wages while I was in the hospital and recovering for 6 months. However I still couldn’t pay the bills or even feed us so I got food stamps from the state. Then the power was shut off because I was so far behind. Thank God we lived in the mountains and along side the river. It was actually turned out wonderful and showed me just what I was capable of. However when I went back to work it was still to physical for me and I lost my job. Then I was evicted with the kids on thanksgiving we spent that winter in a homeless shelter until I saved up enough to start over again. There were a lot of people that helped us that year. The domestic violence center gave us a christmas, the sorpotomus group gave me kitchen cookware and everything I would need in the kitchen as well as beds and a couch for us all. Our church helped move us in and cleaned up the new house and property. I have been given so much help and shown so much kindness. Now our time without power using the river to keep food cold and for washing and cleaning. Making due with what I had and spending so much time outside with my kids was actually what started my off grid thinking and it started because I couldn’t pay my bills. I can also understand being “stuck” and not getting things done that you planned to do nothing works out as planned for me no matter how much I plan. I do believe they are working on their homestead things already are so much better than this time last year and I can’t wait to see some of their plans this next year produce for them.


  46. I suspect that the Nauglers will be living under a bridge or in a homeless shelter in the not so distant future. They are not homesteaders by any stretch. They are essentially rural homeless due to the fact that Joe refuses to work and they refuse to stop procreating.


  47. You also have to take into consideration when the photos were taken. Did it just rain ect both the ponds and the river turn to a milky mud mess up here afterward. The run off from the small amount of animal waste won’t hurt that pond. Now it is possible it was over fished and caused an unbalance. As for human waste in the pond I don’t believe that. I don’t know if maybe things are completely different down there but we had 250 rabbits, 23 cows, and 50 goats and there was never a poop problem. No smells I only cleaned under the rabbit cages and the barn everything else was left and the goats went everywhere on our property except the alfalfa field.


  48. “I do believe they are working on their homestead things already are so much better than this time last year and I can’t wait to see some of their plans this next year produce for them.” says Crystal.

    How are things better aside from them living in a garden shed rather than a homemade shack?

    Crystal, I feel for you. Of no fault of your own, you are unable to work as you once did to provide for you family. Is the father of your children able to work? I hope he is and I truly hope he is the type of man to put his children’s needs above all else. Sadly, Joe is not that type of man. The Nauglers were given rent money, a home, furnishing and yes, even a job for Joe which he declined. Joe refusing to work but insisting on continuing to procreate. Joe is the reason why the Nuagler’s became homeless and ended up in that backwoods makeshift shack. Men who refuse to work and care for their children are what ails America. So many folks did everything to support this family but Joe keeps insisting he don’t gotta do this or that.The children suffer. Now Joe is passing on that attitude to his eldest children and encouraging them to engage in unhealthy online activities that serve no real purpose but just fill in time.


  49. Josie, I too wonder what the Nauglers’ predicament would have been had there been no Go Fund Me, and no loan for Nicole’s business?
    Their unpreparedness for any sort of mishap— say Maw became injured or very ill and could not work— is thematic of the entire way they approach life. Just wing everything. When asked about your methods, call it “learning”. Pooping in buckets for two years running is not learning, it’s sloth.
    The $$ spent on fireworks and lottery tickets and the Golden Manor Motel could have gone to buy a real composting toilet.
    Or two. Ya know, have Paw get a part-time job and that puppy would be paid off in less than a year.


  50. Crystal, You are a strong and resourceful woman, and I appreciate your thoughts and experiences as you’re overcoming tremendous medical and financial issues. It sounds like you have your focus on your kids as you are picking up the pieces of your life.

    The Nauglers were given $50000, and they do not have Christmas, nor a kitchen, nor beds for the children, nor a couch, all things that you are grateful for people helping with.

    All of us here understand that things constantly go wrong, and that life is often a series of mishaps. Are you a local friend who is “in the know”, because, honestly, from far away, things look much the same to me. They do have the shed now but are there other changes?

    Lack of even the most basic in toileting sanitation and water for their children does not make sense. Why would parents, especially when the father is involved in emergency response, not make these at the top of their priority list, and do it until their family is safe? You did.


  51. However I still couldn’t pay the bills or even feed us so I got food stamps from the state.

    Which puts you light years ahead of and above the Nauglers. They call people like you “rats in a cage.” They point at you with derision. You got food stamps from the state. YES. Exactly why I happily pay my state income tax, to help people like you.


  52. Crystal, thank you for sharing your own ESH. Your life is not a mirror of theirs, thank God. You are an example to hold up before the Nauglers and you should be proud of that. Like others said, I don’t resent my tax dollars going to give a hand-up but I do resent them going for a hand-out. I don’t mind helping, from my own pocket, someone help themselves but I refuse to finance someone’s living off the sweat of my brow.

    I do have one more question for you, if you would care to answer it.

    Does it bother you that Nicole called you a “whore of the state”?


  53. How the Nauglers could fix this mess, starting right now:

    1. Get all the paperwork together that is needed to establish legal identity for the children, in preparation for applying for aid. If this fills their heads with terrifying thoughts of black helicopters or whatever, they could think of it as “bleeding the Beast” the way the FLDS people do.

    2. Put the kids in public school, where they will be warmer, better fed, and cleaner. Yes, their education may very well be suboptimal. But the Nauglers can’t educate their children at all.

    3. Apply for WIC, food stamps, Section 8 housing, subsidized state health insurance if Kentucky offers this program, and anything else that might help, including Head Start and subsidized day care. The baby should go into day care as soon as he is too old to enjoy riding in a sling all day. Again, the little ones will be warmer, better fed, and cleaner–and the Nauglers have to work.

    4. Mr. Naugler has got to get a job, with a reliable paycheck, to establish predictable income. While they are waiting for Section 8 housing, their income should go toward increasing the comfort and safety of the children. But any new equipment, such as a commercially made composting toilet, can’t just be purchased, photographed, and then left to get grosser and grosser. There has to be follow-up.

    5. Permanent or slow-release birth control. I am not saying that the Nauglers shouldn’t have children. I’m saying that they do have children and the more they have the less care each child can receive, because there are only 4 adult hands and 24 hours. Permanent or slow-release birth control would probably be the best fit for their chaotic lives and would help to keep them from sliding further into the pit–since expecting a married couple not to have sex at all (as some poor-botherers d0) is just stupid. I’m pretty sure that if the Nauglers announced a fundraiser to pay for permanent birth control, it would be over in a day.


  54. Crystal, Your free and sincere expressions of gratitude followed by your story of hard hard work makes all the difference. Also, I didn’t read any part of your story that mentioned a continual online type of GFM, PAYPAL, or other forms of online begging. You mention having three children, saying more is not for you. I too am not against big families, as long as you are working, not begging, to provide the BASIC necessities. I wish you all the best and thank you for your honesty.


  55. All the Nauglers have to do is get off facebook and use that time to work to earn more money, fix the homestead up, spend quality time educating their kids or get involved in the community. Maybe then they would become good neighbors instead of adversaries. Maybe if they really spent time trying instead of Facebooking, blogging and bitching, all would be well. Things really could go well because, yeah know, they really would be trying. For real!

    They literally do not have “a pot to piss in” because of their online addiction. Even her Mother has implored Nicole to disengage and get offline.

    They should close their Blessed Little blog down. They are not earning any money on it anyway.

    Shut down the Blessed Little Homestead page because that is also not generating any income or donations.
    Make your personal pages private.

    Don’t encourage or allow your younger kids to start engaging on social media.

    It would be interesting to see how much progress would occur if they took the previous steps I mentioned and got down to work. Just imagine if they used all that time to enhance the quality of their lives and that of their kids.

    Joe, Nicole, stop being facebook trash. Then everything will improve. It’s that simple.


  56. Jenny Islander, I can’t like your comment enough! If they do nothing else, permanent birth control would go a long way to improving the odds of even more poverty and deprivation for the existing children.

    I would donate to that.


  57. First comment, I’ve been staying as far away from this as possible.

    I just wanted to say, it’d great to see Crystal here. I know I get a bad rap and I’m pegged as a bully, but her, Lori, Mr. Absher and another lady who’s name escapes me at the present are the only people caught in this tornado of craziness that have been actually kind on both sides of the line in the sand.

    I appreciate you all calling it and staying civil, and not getting involved in both side craziness. Crystal is one of the nicest and most honest people I’ve met in this debacle.

    Also, BLBlogger, this blog is amazing. I am hooked. Long time listener, first time caller if you will. Thanks for creating this place for those of us fleeing (literally!) FB. This blog reads well and you keeping the kids and her business out of it is to be commended.


  58. I mean improving the odds of even LESS poverty…but it will not happen. Joe says “our sole purpose in life is to procreate.”


  59. Localyokel, OMG Joe said that? His sole purpose is to procreate? No way! Eww. In what context? Was he joking? And, only one woman would take him up on that goal? He needs more women to birth his army, and he’d better be careful, all those little militia clones might not like him! Lol!


  60. Crystal, you try to convince us that they are working and improving things as they learn, however looking at their blogs and pictures states the opposite. If you look at the first rent a shed, it was clean and organized and spacious. However it lacked insulation for winter and I only hope the wood stove was enough to keep them warm. They lost the first shed, so they built a shack, a terribly built, I don’t even know how it survived the first wind storm, shack and then they tried to survive winter in it. I do believe there is mention someplace that they had to seek refuge in their van to escape the bitter cold. Honestly I do not know how they did not all die of carbon-monoxide poisoning. Now we see a new rent a shed, however the attempts at organization, cleanliness, are fading fast. I see their obsession with FB and all the drama taking precedence over EVERYTHING else, including their children’s health or happiness. Its easy to do and I myself am guilty of plopping my butt down in front of my computer and not doing anything else for an entire day, but I have that option, my children are grown and my responsibilities are few. I also find it disheartening that with all that GFM money the best they could do was get another shed? A single wide mobile home in Kentucky can be purchased for under 10,000. Things would still be tight spaced but the girls would have a room and a door that closes, imagine that, but no they get a new shed, and instead of a couch they get a piano (to add class to it I assume). They do not want for things to get better, they do not try to make things better, they do not care. They are happy being complacent and lazy and allowing their property to die, while they sit with their faces glued to their phones.


  61. I don’t believe nicole ment to call anyone that but even if she did then that’s just something else we don’t agree on. I know who and what I am.


  62. Crystal, you’re not defending a fellow homesteader. Although the stream of people who want to go live in the Alaskan Bush and build their own homes has slowed to a trickle these days, we still get some. There are two general types: the n00bs and the wannabes. n00bs eventually become locals. Wannabes eventually become problems. The Nauglers are wannabes.


  63. @ Bill, yes Joe did say “our sole purpose in life is to procreate”. It is stuck in my brain like a bad memory! He slipped that comment in during a podcast with that wacko TN lawyer. I think it was near the end of his interview with her. I thought the link was here but I can’t find it.

    Blessed little Blog, do you have the link for that podcast?


  64. @ Bill, BLB was kind enough to post the link above. I listened to it again, well skipped through it but could not find Joe saying procreation is our sole purpose of life..but I swear he said it somewhere. Maybe it was during his testimonial of how he persuaded Nicole to sell off everything and venture out into the wilderness! I can’t take listening to it again but be my guest.

    Thank you for finding the link Blessed Little Blog.



  65. Yes, just want to add that I have developed a warm spot for Crystal, Lori and Val/Valerie (I’m not sure which she prefers) over these past 8 months because they have often tried to bridge gaps and defuse things. To the best of my knowledge, they have not been the people escalating conflict. I have never seen Crystal conduct herself in anything but an admirable way.

    Crystal, I imagine among the reasons having a large family aren’t for you is that you recognize that loving and caring for many children takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work. You would never think of having children whose basic needs you couldn’t meet. You’ve had your brush with bad luck and adversity but with your hard work and some helping hands and our social safety net, you were still able to provide for your kids. Likely, you realize that that would have been more difficult if you’d had more kids and one baby after another.

    Nicole and Joe seem to be completely ambivalent about providing love and care for their children on a reliable and consistent basis. They don’t seem to be in the least bit interested in making any sacrifices or putting forth any effort to provide their kids a safe and secure life with basic comforts and good hygiene.

    If they had had a holding tank spill like you did, they would have left it. They would not have dug deep like you did and persevered through that gross ordeal.

    She is not well. I’m not a health care professional but it seems fairly clear there is some sort of pathology at work. The internet addiction is one manifestation and it is so self-destructive.

    I think we all, more or less, want the same thing. We want Nicole and Joe to be well enough to properly care for their awesome kids and to be functional enough to be a net positive for their community. Nothing else really matters. They can live off-grid, they can homeschool, and they can have a large family but they need to do it in at least a minimally healthy, responsible and stable way.

    It just looks to me like as long as she has people “encouraging” her and “supporting” her while ignoring the fact that she logs countless hours daily online, that’s when encouraging and supporting crosses the line into enabling. Enabling her addiction does not serve her well. It undermines her ability to get better and do better.

    To me, Nicole and Joe really revealed their true intentions and abilities in those first weeks after the kids were removed. All that money came in, Nicole was not yet working except for maybe scheduling a few appointments at client’s homes, Joe was not working and people were volunteering to come to the property to help out with work projects. The weather was good and there was still time to put in a basic garden and they had no children present to care for.

    With all that money and all that time they accomplished basically nothing. They fled the “homestead”, abandoning all the animals that depended on them, and settled down in the comfort of a local motel where they proceeded to spend hours online even though many, many people wisely advised them to shut down their online presence.

    You and Lori and many other supporters have repeatedly tried to get Nicole to step away from the internet drama and time-sucking antics but she has ignored you because in her current state of mind, there is nothing more important to her than escaping online and getting some sort of high from the attention and the conflict and the twisted feelings of significance and importance. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep trying to convince her. “Take your life private” is the mantra I would repeat over and over to her if I were you.

    She is the one in control. If she is truly fearful and threatened and harmed, she can end any and all negative attention and criticism by going private. The fact that she chooses not to should really tell you all you need to know.


  66. Thank you Blessed and localyokel!

    Crystal, I hope you’re OK. There’s a lot to think about, and a lot that doesn’t make sense in this story. – Bill


  67. Crystal, you may not have been directly called a whore of the state by Nicole, but that IS a phrase she has used (over and over) regarding people who have utilized state resources when they really needed a helping hand.

    She and Joe most assuredly have taken every dime and every item offered by churches and individuals and have actively solicited more of the same. GFM, for example.

    Let us not forget that Pace also tried to raise money for the family after the birth of the youngest child. It wasn’t doing very well to begin with and when it was uncovered and discussed publicly on FB, it was pulled. After all, a pair of people who had already received $45 – 50K in donated money shouldn’t need an additional $1000 or so as a way to pre-pay on the mortgage or the rental for the shop.

    The family hasn’t improved their skills at anything. The kids are in charge of doing the work and there is no guidance from either adult. Nor do they solicit an outside expert to teach them. Maybe it’s for the best as someone who has the knowledge and skills who is willing to teach them would become very frustrated. These are not adults who are good at following through. It’s hard work and you have to do it every day.

    Like gardening. They’ve had gardens in more than one location but the gardens all have one thing in common. They failed. When every garden you’ve ever had fails, in different locations, there is only one thing they have in common. A lousy gardener.

    I’m still amazed that they haven’t figured out that they need to fence their goats in some manner, if only to prevent them from free-ranging on other people’s property. I would recommend it so they don’t have goats tramping around their immediate yard. To minimize the possibility of tracking goat shit into the dwelling. Not to mention that poor tortured pond.

    As long as they do have a piano, I hope they’ve found someone who knows how to TEACH piano to the children. In addition, I hope they have figured out that you have to practice it to improve at it. That means learning how to play something in the manner indicated by the composer – at least until you learn the basics. Remember that a wooden instrument needs MOISTURE so I hope that you’re not torturing it further by not humidifying the air in some manner. It also needs to be tuned or you’re going to set up the kids for frustration because things don’t sound right. I recommend getting someone who knows how to tune a piano to do it at least once. Then you can get an electronic tuner and give it a go yourself. Pianos still need some TLC. Strings go, pads need to be replaced, etc. They don’t fix themselves.

    Personally, I would have gotten a fold-out sofa and a hammer dulcimer. At least for the time being. The hammer dulcimer is portable and more easily tuned. I would actually prefer a mandolin but hammer dulcimers are a lot of fun.


  68. I wanted to point a few things.

    Animals also do better on clean water, uncontaminated with eggs of parasites that are found in feces. It’s not just people who can get sick drinking what is basically raw sewage. So the Naugler’s are also responsible for providing water to their dogs, cats, goats and rabbits. Chickens too if any remain.

    In addition, they are using bits of cloth for wiping themselves after using the white bucket. These are to be washed in order to be re-used. Where are they performing this activity?

    If it’s at the shop, that’s fine. There won’t be cross-contamination between her family and another family. If they’re taking these items to the laundromat, then I hope they have the wherewithal and sense of community to use HOT water, an additional rinse cycle and bleach. Why? Because underwear always contain a bit of feces, so there’s always a chance of cross-contamination. Imagine if you will, using the washing machine AFTER the Naugler’s have used it for their soiled wiping cloths.



  69. Tekla, thanks for ruining my lunch! LOL :p

    I pray that the Nauglers do not use the local laundromat! I can’t believe how peaceful things are when BLH and Nicole are under the facebook ban hammer! She is going nuts over how awful facebook is to her on her blog. She is easier to ignore when she is contained to her little blog.

    Prior to meeting the Nauglers so to speak, I never knew there was facebook jail, doxxing, anything about CPS, about parental rights being revoked, probation, mugshots, the KY court system, anarchists, voluntaryists, ripping off the LDS welfare system, not documenting children born in the USA, how grifters operate, well the list could go on and on and on. To them, all this criminal activity, online harassment of others, being investigated by cps, drama with the police is normal everyday life for them. I hate to break it to you Nicole & Joe, this kind of drama is not normal. People who are constantly engaged in this kind of activity are what folks call “shit disturbers” where I come from. Just sayin…


  70. As for wipes that was the best “crazy” thing I’ve tried. I get flannel sheets from goodwill and surge them into diaper wipe size. Then fold into eachother while dry and place in an old container then pour a 50/50 mix of aloa Vera and witch hazel till saturated. Then we have a small waste basket with a lid and I add 1/2 cup kids and pets to 3/4 gallon of water and used cloths go in there till wash time. ( by the way that’s the best enzyme cleaner I’ve found).


  71. Wait. You add your kids and pets to the bucket of wipes? LOL I’m quite sure that’s not what you meant. Or is that a brand name of something?

    FWIW, that’s fine if you want to do that, but I am not going to do that ever. Proper toilet paper is cheap. I am not desperate. And I already have enough laundry without adding more.

    Or are you saying that you’re making baby wipes? They’re also very cheap.

    Why do people spend so much time and energy on something that saves them so little money? I understand the laundry detergent thing. I priced that out and found that it does, in fact, save money (if you like the resultant soap, which I do).

    But handling shit is something else again.


  72. It doesn’t save any money lol, unless you use the perperation h wipes daily. When you add the cost of the extra cleaners and soap it costs more than tp. For me it’s less about cost and more about control of what’s in the product. I’m allergic to almost everything so making almost everything myself has become a necessity for me.


  73. I’m allergic to almost everything so making almost everything myself has become a necessity for me.

    And that’s a valid reason.

    For you.

    But the rest of us are not statist suckups because we buy toilet paper, which is what Nicole implies.


  74. That’s worth a repeat CJ. I am the same, and probably have learned more than I care to know, about some of those topics.

    “Prior to meeting the Nauglers so to speak, I never knew there was facebook jail, doxxing, anything about CPS, about parental rights being revoked, probation, mugshots, the KY court system, anarchists, voluntaryists, ripping off the LDS welfare system, not documenting children born in the USA, how grifters operate, well the list could go on and on and on. To them, all this criminal activity, online harassment of others, being investigated by cps, drama with the police is normal everyday life for them. I hate to break it to you Nicole & Joe, this kind of drama is not normal. People who are constantly engaged in this kind of activity are what folks call “shit disturbers” where I come from. Just sayin…”


  75. @CJ – I’m sorry! Then again, just in case you hadn’t thought about it before, if you have a bout of diarrhea make certain to wash your undergarments separately from the other items and from the rest of the family. Just do one very overpriced load to help minimize the risk of giving it to others or re-infecting yourself.

    I will point out that hanging clothes out on the line is very effective for putting an end to a lot of ugly pathogens. Think of sunshine as nature’s bleach.

    I’d still use the bleach in the appropriate wash cycle if someone is suffering from a bout of diarrhea though. It’s worth having it on hand. Vinegar is good for many things but sometimes you really need sodium hypochlorite!



  76. Dear Tekla, CJ here. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you also had any handy hints for Nicole about her verbal diarrhea? Sorry for the snark but her little dig at the statists not keeping her roads plowed well enough really has me annoyed. How dare those sorry grifters gloat about not paying taxes and then complain about the services that the taxpayers pay for!


  77. Checking in again. I got to thinking about the cloth butt wipes. And the white buckets, or “composting toilets”. Man, that’s a lot of extra duty work. Even if using toilet tissue. I am assuming they have to separate out into separate buckets. So there would be two buckets. One for the reusable cloth butt wipes, or tissue if that is the case. And one for the potty waste. Because unless flushing down a toilet somewhere else, of course the tissue would not be disposed or composted together. If the cloth reusable, wow that would be a sorry pile of accumulating shitty laundry. And diapers too? I thought she said she uses disposable diapers. But there was a gift recently sent of cloth diapers. There never has been any posts or pics of a human waste composting system at the homestead, never even saw bales of straw or a bin. If they are hauling the waste off to somewhere else to dispose of, now that would be regular and a hefty undertaking. Like probably daily. When the area water pipes broke here, about a month ago, we went 21 hours without water. A household of 4, and no flushing toilets, it didn’t take long before they were full and stinky. I can’t imagine a household of their size, and the amount of human waste. I can’t even envision one composting toilet even functional. And if composting bins, there would probably be at least a couple they would be working on at a time. See, this is another thing where what they say just doesn’t make sense. Their human waste disposal system. And the reusable wipes. That would a huge amount of cloth wipes to cycle thru using and laundering. Even if they divided out a certain amount that each person could use daily. Just too nonsensical to believe it. I believe I would want a marker to pen my name on my butt wipes. That’s even worse than the thought of using someone else’s toothbrush, even if they did rinse it off. And what about not separating the butt wipes from the other laundry? When they went to the laundromat, recalling she puts all the laundry in one big loader washer. And could do all the laundry for about $7.00. Perhaps that has changed, since probably doing laundry at the grooming salon.


  78. Markers don’t work very well the bleach eats it fast. Dying them doesn’t last long either maybe buying new from the store already separate colors would work longer. Embroidery works but takes too long plus it’s all washed together so all the germs get mixed anyway. I gave up on keeping them seperated and just made sure they are all clean.


  79. Question: How do medications affect the collection system?

    If someone is being treated for cancer and undergoing chemotherapy (for example), those are incredibly powerful chemicals and I don’t imagine that they should be added to the humanure bucket for eventual use anywhere. Ditto for antibiotics. Admittedly fewer antibiotics are being prescribed (thank goodness because they’ve been over-prescribed for far too long) but some of the ones remaining strike me as being counterproductive. Avelox/moxifloxacin hydrochloride is notable.

    Is that something discussed in the books?


  80. Is that something discussed in the books?

    I don’t recall. It’s been quite a few years since I read it.


  81. Well, it’s mentioned on page 37 but it’s not followed through in the bible of humanure. Which is a shame because even if you live a pure crunchy life, dining upon organic dandelions and morning dew, you can still get very ill. Shit happens.

    *rim shot*

    Sometimes, genetics are not your friend. Sometimes, it’s environmental. Other times, it’s wandering damage/idiopathic and there’s no reason to blame anyone for it.

    Not surprisingly, it’s contraindicated if someone is being treated for cancer (chemotherapy). I would also ban someone from the communal bucket if they were being treated with antibiotics.


    However, the good news is that some cancer patients have remarkably good kidney function AND they drink plenty of water. 3-5 l/day is recommended and a friend of mine who is being treated for cancer told me that she had to go pee immediately after getting 60 cc of ac (doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide) and it was obvious that the drugs had already swirled through her system. She said the color ( and therefore the drugs) were gone from her urine entirely in less than 24 hours.


  82. That is a huge problem in cities that recycle sewage water. The “cleaning” process still allows some drugs to get into the water.


  83. As one who at one time used the welfare system when I lost everything, I don’t take Nicole’s statements personal. Her views are such that she would feel that way by being on any assistance from the government. I also have to say there are times when hubby and I do feel like rats in a cage. We would love to simplify our life but it takes time.

    I also don’t take it personal when I’m called a cheerleader, leg-humper, or minion. No one here knows me personally so I view it as someone else’s opinion. If they knew me in life they would probably have a much different view. I tend to be quite independent. I’ve always cared about people and if I knew any one of you were in a serious situation, I would do what I could to encourage, be supportive, and a positive influence for you also.

    As far as the buckets, we use a sawdust toilet for camping, you can use leaves in them too. Since none of us have been to the homestead in person, most statements are hearsay and conjecture. So until proven differently, I’ll go with what the homestead posts. Also, when kids are out running and playing, they probably do go behind a tree. This is just an observation not fact. I did as a kid. If they do they just need to cover it with leaves, dirt or weeds. It will compost itself over time. IMO?


  84. That is a huge problem in cities that recycle sewage water. The “cleaning” process still allows some drugs to get into the water.

    Well, not exactly.

    First, it’s not “huge” problem. You make it sound like people are dropping like flies or something. It’s a slight problem. And the cleaning process is a cleaning process. The scare quotes are not necessary. They actually do recycle the water (the entire planet recycles water all the time).

    One other thing: they have instruments that are capable of detecting substances in very small amounts now, more than they used to have. So, is there more of this or are we just better at detecting it? Dunno.

    It’s not going to keep me up at night.

    Unlike the Nauglers, I have a fresh water supply that I’m perfectly happy with.


  85. As one who at one time used the welfare system when I lost everything, I don’t take Nicole’s statements personal.

    Well, if she’d said some of the things about you that she’s said about some folks, you’d probably feel very differently. There is no way not to take it personally when somebody says, “You couldn’t even keep your child alive.” Come back to me when she’s said something like that and tell me how happy you are to be all supportive.


  86. So until proven differently, I’ll go with what the homestead posts.

    I “go with what the homestead posts” until and unless it’s obviously bullshit. And the “composting toilet” system is bullshit.


  87. I don’t really think the underlying issue is whether or not they use a sawdust bucket or compost toilet. If they used a sawdust bucket toilet responsibly, there would be very few people who would consider that problematic. I think the issue is that, based on their track record of endeavors and projects, the likelihood of them responsibly managing a composting toilet system is almost nil, even though a system like that isn’t necessarily that complicated or difficult to use responsibly.

    One indication of their lack of commitment to the success of this is the huge time gap between the acquisition of the shed and the return of the children and the construction of a toilet enclosure. I don’t know the exact timeline but it seems like it was about half a year after the return of the children before they built an enclosed space with a floor to be used for the toilet. And then it was just a crudely built structure made of inexpensive materials, so what possible reason could there have been for the delay?

    Another concern about the use of a sawdust bucket toilet is the sheer volume of people in the family. Because it is such a large family, that kind of toilet, although potentially a simple system, would be fairly difficult to manage. It would have to be emptied often and they would have to maintain a large supply of sawdust or leaves or whatever they were using. To believe that Nicole and Joe have made sure there is a well-functioning system being consistently maintained, you’d have to be wearing some seriously rose-colored glasses.

    Here’s a family using a composting toilet system with buckets. They’re also off-grid homesteaders and the only running water they have is cold water to their kitchen sink (although check out the post about the bucket shower the husband rigged up). They homebirth and I suspect they’re on track to have a large family. They’ve only been married a few years and they’ve already had two kids very close in age. I first read about them on a popular online forum that snarks on some religious/conservative families.

    This young couple was discussed but never became the object of criticism or derision like Nicole and Joe because this couple clearly works their tucheses off to make a comfortable life for each other and their kids. (If anyone feels like playing “spot the white buckets”, I saw five. It looks like there are three for the toilet system and two in the kitchen by the wood stove that look like they might be used for wood.) It’s hard to tell what their political ideology is because there is no facebook or facebook memes evident and their instagram accounts are pretty much limited to their photos of their family and homestead projects. No doubt they have political views, but they don’t feel compelled to devote hours and hours of their time to sharing them with strangers.

    http://www.home-at-winshaw.com/house-tour/ (This is a link to the most recent home tour.)

    http://www.home-at-winshaw.com/ (This is the home page of their blog. They both contribute posts.)

    Most people do have tolerance for people who choose to live in an unconventional or off-beat manner. People’s tolerance breaks down when parents don’t provide for their children in the most basic of ways and it becomes clear that some of the children’s fundamental needs are being neglected.

    Add to that a very public attitude of smug superiority and blatant hypocrisy perpetuated while relying on the kindness of others for your survival, and you have created a recipe for people to speak up and call you out. Nicole knows what the criticism is all about. She knows it’s not fundamentally about toilets or being off-grid or homesteading.


  88. Valerie said, “So until proven differently, I’ll go with what the homestead posts.”

    So when someone is obviously bullshit, I might be apt to respond one or two ways. If I think it is an oversight or confused, and not a big deal in the matter, I can play along to appease them. Or try to correct for clarification. But then if someone thinks they are pulling the wool over and misleading, I might tend to call bullshit. Give a little stink eye along with “un huh”.

    It doesn’t need to be proven differently, when it’s nonsensical. That’s proof enough. The real preponderance then becomes. why aren’t they being truthful?

    But this was a thought, with the toilet buckets. What about using cat litter? The clumping kind. Then can just scoop out the poop and bag it up in the trash. And it keeps urine odors down. The multi cat litter might work real well, it’s like super absorbing and deodorizing. And with the frequent shopping at the local Walmart, might be more convenient and accessible than sawdust. If you don’t have appropriate composting operations…..


  89. Valerie, what do you encourage or support the Nauglers to do or be? They live in abject poverty now, and that hasn’t changed over the years, no matter how encouraged or supported they’ve been. Their living conditions and land are not improving, they continue to sabotage their children’s futures, and they openly disparage the community, state and nation they choose to live in.

    If you have encouraged them to be better caretakers of their home and land, better parents and educators, and better citizens (people with differing political views can be valued and contributing members of a community), it’s not working.

    “Most statements are hearsay and conjecture”. I don’t think so. A better way to rephrase that is – Most of the comments on this blog are opinions, facts, questions and concerns based on the words and actions of the Nauglers, and the experiences, education and critical thinking of the posters. There’s a wealth of knowledge and resources available.

    I’m sorry that you sometimes feel like a rat in a cage. It wouldn’t take any time at all for you and your husband to go off grid to get away from it all…if you were willing to live like the Nauglers.


  90. If they’re using sawdust, then where in the world is it? There should be a big pile of it somewhere and it should be protected from the elements.

    I wouldn’t use clumping cat litter because it’s bentonite (a type of clay). I would use corn cob bedding (available at TSC) as it does compost nicely.

    If they’re composting it, there should be a composting area and no doubt, it would have been featured on the BLH site. If they’re willing to share photos of gardens that are abject failures (again), then why not share photos of their humanure composting system with which to educate their audience?

    It could be that they haul the buckets to the shop to dump, wash and return to the homestead. Or maybe they just dump them anywhere. Or under the power lines. Or in a socialist storm drain. I imagine there are a lot of possibilities during a 45 minute commute to work if they don’t want to pay for the waste water to be processed for re-use.

    There is a great deal more that is tested for in water and the many of the tests are far more sensitive than they were in the 1980’s or 1990’s. Yes, pharmaceuticals in the waste stream are a concern but they were there before now too. As an example: Remember the days of processing your own film? Where do you think the chemicals went when people were done? They weren’t collected into a dedicated chemical waste bucket and then taken to a specific site for proper disposal. Hell, most people don’t separate their used BATTERIES from the general waste or recycling stream and they’re supposed to do that. It’s far easier to put your batteries into a bucket and eventually take them to the recycling center than it is to haul buckets of human waste but it’s still overlooked by many.

    My only concern about the Goodwin household is that I don’t see any smoke alarms. they may exist, but I didn’t notice them. They strike me as having enough good sense to make certain they’re in place. Okay, I do have a second concern – I hope they’ve swapped out the old metal barrel for a new one. They don’t last forever. I see they have little electricity and plan on having running water within their home. I hope that has happened too because it just makes life so much easier and more pleasant to have running water.

    http://www.home-at-winshaw.com/2015/12/ Look at the gates they built on their front porch to minimize children from escaping. You’ll have to scroll down about halfway.


  91. Tekla,
    I hope they have smoke detectors too. I wonder if we went to their blog and kindly and respectfully asked them about it if a bunch of their “supporters” would jump down our throats and scream “It’s none of your f***king business. Leave them alone you ‘haters’ “. I’m guessing that’s not how it would go down.


  92. I know Nicole reads this blog; Joe may as well. So, here’s a challenge for you. Document your humanare system. Let’s see the photos of what you use between they layers (sawdust, leaves, pine needles, corn cob bedding, shredded newspaper, some other medium entirely) and where the composting takes place.

    You take many photographs, particularly when you’re in need of some currency sent through the internet or post, so why not show us something with which you’re successful at the homestead right now? You’ve referred to it enough. Let’s see it!

    @Sad Spiral – I agree with you. I may drop them a line and ask about it. It just doesn’t make sense to me that they wouldn’t have smoke detectors. I also see that they hop in the car looking for land to purchase for their own place. Apparently they live on his parents’ land. Given how hard they both work, I bet they’ll find the perfect site before much longer. Hey, it may even be in Kentucky; they did mention enjoying their drive there.


  93. @Blessed Little Blogger”

    “Nicole can get this blog removed in about ten seconds. All they have to do is take down their Facebook pages (except for their personal ones.) Set the personal pages to private (friends only). Remove the Blessed Little Homestead page and the blog too. She can keep her business page. In other words, go private with their life”

    I don’t know if it’s what you were going for but this comes of as sounding like an ultimatum. You give detailed instructions on what Nicole is to do with her blog and FB pages, who should be able to view her content and which pages she can keep as is. It sounds as if you are trying to silence her and it is offensive. If you were only trying to make the point that you wouldn’t be writing this blog if she didn’t put all of the details out there for you to see, I think that point was somewhat lost among what seems to be a list of demands.

    Nicole Has every right to promote half ass homesteading on a pallet to her heart’s content. She shouldn’t expect not to be called out on it but no one should make efforts silence her.


  94. It must be a really, really big new project. She’s building anticipation! (sitting on hands, I’m so excited)

    Not much going on at the Bles-sed Homestead, she said. The big project must be about somewhere else.


  95. The fact that they consider the outhouse projects worthy of posting speaks volumes to their warped view and lack of knowledge. At this point I will simply wait for the health department and EPA to shut them down. I do feel for their neighbors who are now having to have water tested by no fault of their own. Keep up the good work Nauglers with your lies and scams, they’re about to bite you in the ass. Those beautiful children deserve so much better. Looks like number 12 may be on the way…or it could just be the food stamps (which would make them whores of the state as she has said in the past) provided them better and more food. My vote goes for number 12. Great blog!


  96. They make such a huge deal about water conservation and taking care of the earth with all that human waste being dumped right there on their property, but then someone on FB asked about cloth diapers and she said, I tried them but to wash them and all that is too hard in our circumstances so we use disposable diapers….it takes hundreds of years for disposable diapers to even begin to fall apart in landfill…anyway, she only uses conservation when the act of conversation is easier for her…like shitting in a bucket and dumping it on her property. I commented on her FB and explained to one of her defenders that composting human waste requires more than dumping it on the ground and yes if it isn’t contained it gets in the ground water and leaks onto the other folks land…that free range animals and wild rodents etc., and insects track all over that human crap and then cross contaminate their living space and their lovely outdoor mud baths that she so earthly reports as her children’s favorite activities…playing in the shit…err mud. Of course, she called me hostile and deleted my post and me. No problem for me. LOL. I believe she and Joe are sociopaths and sadly for their children, the two came together and as a result, the children have no logical person in their family to exemplify cleanliness and hard work; it’s sad that those children are being taught that the government and police departments are corrupt and murderers, and that the children should fear them; it’s also sad that they teach the children that it’s okay to lie and cheat and to manipulate others. I tried to watch her youtube videos but, frankly, it grossed me out. She is lucky that she hasn’t gotten some major infection from having her babies in that nasty environment; she is also lucky that those children haven’t died from the neglect. I cannot believe that the lazy piece of shit stitched one of the kids up….what did he use? I need to stop because now I am ranting. Those poor children.


  97. The picture of the children sick, laying on the ground, dirty blankets and trash spewed everywhere thru out the land is what gets my blood boiling every time. When you are sick you want and need comfort. A bed to sink into. A blanket to cover your head. A cool drink of water and a comforting hand. The picture is abuse. CPS, you would think, has all the evidence handed to them by The Nogs on her page! If you want to live “off the grid” in filth, do it without those kids. But to allow it to continue is harming the kids who will grow up angry, uneducated, and turn out just like their parents. Sad stuff. I don’t understand the state and why they allow this?


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