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  1. I love waking up to these little gems!
    It is important to note, however, that Ms. Naugler does not homeschool. She does this thing she calls unschooling, which in her case means she has given up any attempt to educate her children so they may have a better chance. Why?
    One of two reasons: She is past the point of overwhelmed and her husband is a lazy, worthless, good for nothing deadbeat, or she is terrified that an education would give her children an opportunity to make a life better than hers.
    It is all about her, after all.

  2. The barely comprehensible statements are deciphered as, “blah blah blah. bullying. victimized. it’s all about me. blah blah blah.”

    A more productive could of been advocating for unschooling, by demonstrating it’s superiority to public school education. How unschooling is advancing the child’s education experience.

    As I stated in another blog post comment, children have a right to be free from educational neglect.

  3. This is absolutely priceless. Numerous times she has poked fun at others for simple typos , while she cannot complete a simple sentence. She uses their mistakes as a tool to deflect away from the truth. She uses those errors in an attempt to discredit the writer.
    The truth is those children live in pitiful conditions and with parents that are in desperate need of a mental health evaluation .

  4. Every parent has the right to advocate for the best possible education for their child(ren). However, when you state you’re being targeted because of your home schooling but HSLDA won’t come to your defense, then you’re a liar. HSLDA is known for defending the indefensible but they dropped their support of these parents immediately. Do try to keep your story straight, Nicole.

    Nicole is no innocent victim of circumstance. That “honor” belongs to her children.

    In the meantime, if this is Nicole’s best example of her writing ability she simply underscored why people would be concerned. I doubt Joe can produce anything better, despite his associate’s degree. Maybe Nicole wrote his papers for him and that’s why he eventually eked out that degree. Joe’s writing is filled with grammatical and spelling errors and that drives professors and teaching assistants bonkers.

  5. Bethannie, I don’t think your reasons are mutually exclusive. Both reasons are valid plus many more such as her inability to finish tasks, untreated mental illness, defiant attitudes towards any authority, skewed reality, and a lack of resources, and of course about making everything not only about her, but also exclusively dictated by her.
    A common response to criticism is, have you met or talked with the children? Have you seen their books and talked to them about their studies? If you answer “no”, your criticism (or advocacy) is therefore deemed invalid. Nice try at deflection, again.

    KY has tested, not simply talked to these kids, using measureable standards and found the kids below norms.
    I would like to know if anything can be forced upon these hostile parents to improve the abilities of their children? This is a point that Nicole loves to flaunt, ‘and there’s nothing you can do about it’.

  6. Thankfully, the Nauglers’ older daughter is a reader, and it appears the two older boys also enjoy reading. That will go a long way towards improving their grammar and spelling, as well as enriching their (impoverished) lives enormously. From Nicole’s posts from years ago, before things fell apart quite so drastically, it appears that when these three were small and had many vewer younger siblings (perhaps a baby or two), they were taken to the public library regularly. Early photos show shelves of children’s books in the Naugler’s rented house. I have not seen that in the Nauglers’ current living quarters.

    I do not know that the younger children are taken to the library at present, or if that early book collection survived. Apparently the older children sometimes purchase books for themselves at thrift shops. There are some books among the Nauglers’ possessions, and it appears that Nicole is proud of her daughter’s above-grade-level reading abilities and also does not discourage her older sons from reading – they have makeshift but filled bookshelves in their “boy-cave” – so this provide some hope for their futures, as well as virtual escape from their stultifying and exhausting environment on the “homestead”.

    I do hope the older children read to the little ones, and teach the middlers to read. Without that very basic skill, their lives truly will be without hope.

  7. Those kids are some of the smartest I’ve ever seen, and I KNOW they will do many great things, in spite/defiance of their upbringing.
    I cannot wait to watch the awesomeness unfold. It will be spectacular!

  8. Spelling and grammatical errors aside, she really shouldn’t use big words she doesn’t understand.

  9. Bethanie, As bright as those children may be, they will still have to overcome a lot when they get out and about on their own. I wish i could give A. some $$ towards some sort of vet schooling and/ or art studies. She is sooo talented!! Parents say no gov. schooling [but they had it themselves] . What are the parents so damned afraid of to let their kids LEARN??I could give $$ but the kids wont get it.

  10. Fat Joe has an associates degree????? In what!?! From where? That’s news to me. The things you learn in this (awesome) blog!!

  11. Our society has developed basic competency levels in English, Math, History, Biology, social studies, and that these competencies are not just about getting a job when kids graduate high school. It is to round out children and teach them that the world is bigger than their little hamlet. It is to teach them to become thinkers, problem solvers, exactly NOT “rats in a cage” (Nicole’s expression for “us”).

    The ability to use grammar correctly, to spell reasonably well, to form a coherent thought while writing is a basic skill. Neither Joe not Nicole are able to teach their children that.

    Dear Naugler children:
    Education matters. Teachers teach because it’s a calling and they love what they do. They do it weekdays and correct work on weekends. They teach summer school too. It’s their career, just as your mother’s dog grooming is HER career. Would you think just anybody with no training can do a full grooming on a dog as well as your mom can? That’s the analogy. Teachers are specialists.

    If you ever wondered what a real school was like, ask your mother and father to let you see one from the inside. Ask to try it out. If they say “no”, ask them why? What is wrong with school? What are they afraid you will learn? Don’t they think you kids are independent thinkers and can make up your own minds about the ideas being presented? If they say no, don’t be disheartened. Keep asking. Don’t give up, ever. If you want a REAL education, you will get it someday. Love from a “critic” who really cares what happens to you!

  12. @Sara Nurse – Joe’s associate’s degree is in Psychology. I don’t think Nicole posted where he earned the degree. It was while they were in Kentucky, somewhere around 2009 or 2010? His dream was to be a counselor to troubled children.

    Yeah, that leaves me shaking my head too.

    He eventually realized that an associate’s degree in that field is not going to get you very far, nor does it get you $10/hour or more.

  13. Nicole just posted a notice on her BLH face book page stating that someone drove by and took pictures of their place again. She based this on an eight year old running in and saying “Mom, they are out there again”. (Not an exact quote since Nicole used a lower case “m” on “Mom”.)
    Did she ask the child if they actually saw a camera? Did she ask if the person in the car just looked at him. (Which would have been normal for a driver to watch out for kids on the side of the road). Nicole doesn’t say… So apparently she did not ask this important question. And encouraged fear in this child.
    Clearly she has frightened the children to be afraid of anyone who drives down the road and possibly slows down because of children.
    Nicole is on a roll again with her half truths.
    Apparently someone did drive by…
    Or is Nicole’s post for “shits and giggles”

  14. News flash..the kids wave to people when they drive by, it’s the only real socialization they get. Why wasn’t someone marching at their post?

  15. She did the same on Father’s Day. Complained of people driving up the road, as if, she were the only family on it. She has also accused people of driving thousands of miles to kill her dog who was run over in the road while she and Joe were staying in a hotel. The dogs have been reported to check in the road and to be car chasers. Joe harasses the neighbors. She posts that they are all good shots and her children are locked and loaded. She posts photographs of neighbor’s houses, people’s cars, etc… along with accusatory comments. She publicly posts in order to elicit responses from her, often unstable, fan base. She posts not only on her own pages, but any page that will accept her post.

    I would imagine driving up the road they live on is an adventure unto itself, with all kinds of potential pitfalls. If I had to do it, you bet your butt I would be documenting it to protect myself from whatever new fantasy the Mrs can come up with.

    Forget the snacks, send the men with the white jackets.

  16. Law Enforcement is not corrupt. The county has gone easy on Joe and Nicole. Deferred charges, probation. Law Enforcement just isn’t stupid. Nicole lacks credibility, or for that matter a legitimate cause of action. Law Enforcement just refuses to be her personal attack dog, how dare they?

  17. She is accusing someone specifically, and she has dropped enough hints that I am confident she is accusing her neighbor of driving by and harassing her on mothers day.
    Two things: after what the nogs have done and continue to do to the neighbors, I would have a camera out at all times too. Also, pretty sure she’s making this up. At least the one for today.

    Next thing we’ll all hear about is that Al has been driving by her place to conspire against the nogs with the Sneed’s all week.

  18. Didn’t we go through this before on Father’s day last year? I distinctly remember Nicole posting about ‘stalkers’ last year when all it was was people driving past her house to get to a neighbor’s get together. Driving slowly on a country road is a given if there are animals in said road at any given time. Its a beautiful day Nicole, enjoy your children. Go to the lake, get out of the house a bit, get off FB for a day. Happy Mother’s Day.

  19. So now she bathes her kids at work and let’s her kid eat at work and fling food everywhere? Anyone else notice all the chipped paint along the walls? Why does she need to paint the Windows? Trying to hide the fact that they live there??

  20. Oh there we are buying MUD BOOTS at Wal-Mart. So finally admit living in a swap?

  21. Geez Nicole, you want your oldest to get a job…..aim a little higher than Dollar General. Stocking jobs are more than just straightening shelves. The kid learns how to run a forklift or a ‘cherry picker’ and could have a great job at a box store like HD or Lowe’s [or even walmart]. You do realize whats involved in the application/hiring process, right? smdh…good gawd woman, you are dense.

  22. I just read Nicole’s earlier post about the drive by (photo) shooting and think she is lying to draw attention to herself. Like maybe she hasn’t had enough attention of late or things are just a little too quiet to suit her. It’s sad that she has her children in such a state of paranoia that they think everyone driving by is out to get them. I can’t image what a world those children must live in.

    She is the proverbial “boy that cried wolf” and has run the authorities in her area so far into the ground that should anything serious ever actually happen, they’ll likely not pay any attention to her.

    Like many, I can’t help but wonder how she and Joe are allowed to keep their children in such conditions and why authorities haven’t acted and removed them again. What a major miscarriage of justice for the children. There is a whole ‘nother world out there them may never know. It’s called reality.

  23. She is lying. You can tell she is, because she’s typing on a little keyboard.
    Nothing truthful comes out of her mouth or off the tips of her fingers.

  24. Nicole,……………… All I can say after reading about ‘the RED BOX’ incident is that you have truly GREAT people living near you. I went thru a similiar incident. [as in someone started snapping picks of my son to post on Fb and blocked us in at a local eatery.] Didn’t turn out real well for our shitty neighbor and her kids. Harrased us to know end and let her animals tresspass on mine and a neighbors yard. I wasn’t polite or nice after 3 strike warnings. Im also a disabled person who has a sticker but not a placrd and you wouldn’t know it to look at me and its shitty people like you as to why I don’t go out much anymore. shitty people like you who think thats laws and rules apply to every one but you. Chase me around a store and parking lot and see what the hell happens to you, block me in and snap pics of me and especially my kid and I have a tendency to not care about laws. Im not like your neighbors or townsfolks. I learned a long time ago how to use the laws to my advantage for shitty people like you. I did however teach my neighbors that they did NOT have to put up with ‘shitty neighbor’ . We reviewed laws local, state and others and used that to our advantage along with ten tons of underhanded tactics that could NOT be proven or in the case of stray/feral animals on my property, I dealt with them according to law. No, I didn’t kill animals. I truly hope that no matter what, your neighbors use the letter of the law against you and NOONE should be afraid to drive past your shitshed.

  25. Nicole, one of these times, you are gonna come across a person like me or worse who does not take kindly to half the shit you pull or whine about. Your socially uneducated kids wont protect you either from a beat down. I am still fuming about the disabled person and red box. Go to Phili and try that shit. Snapping pics of kids you don’t know can get you killed in certain neighborhoods. How would you like it if unauthorized pics taken of your kids showed up on porn sites? The last person to me who whined about me being handicapped lost their camera and part of their car. Please….piss off the wrong person. I am sick of your kind.

  26. Damn. I had a whole post about being disabled and I think it went poof… GRR… if it happens to show up….please post it. btw…HAPPY MOMS DAY TO ALL OUR BLOG MOMS. [sALLY, NATHAN/YOU GAVE US ALL A GIFT AND THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AWESOME MOM …WE LOVE YOU…YOU ARE STILL A MOM NO MATTER WHAT] SORRY FOR THE CAPS..

  27. Nicole…Not that I would wish it upon you, but do you even have a clue what its like to be young and disabled? Maybe not according to what you have posted. I haven’t left my house in over a year except for 6 times that had to deal with my son. I cant anymore. I can’t enjoy my yard anymore either. Last time I did that involved my neighbor calling 9-11 and me with several days in the hospital. [with a co-pay that we got sued for] I dont go grocery shopping or anything anymore. I can’t afford the complications. We had placards and stickers when we lived in KS, but we don’t use any of it here. People are flat out evil. People like you [based on your postings] are alot of why I cannot get out anymore. To see me , you would not know I was disabled in any way. My husband and son ‘could ‘ legally carry window placards and my hubby had a disabled sticker on the plate, all to cart my skinny happy arse around. Yes, people abuse it and I agree, but who are YOU to judge who is and isn’t disabled and how do YOU know that the person you see isn’t parking/ running into the store to get someone. My mom did that all the time. She had the legal right to park in a handicap space to go get my grandma, like my hubby has the same right for me in ks. [haven’t applied here in OR] I cannot psychically deal with all the bullchit it takes just for me to go grocery shopping anymore. Its not enouhg to see us in a store, nutjobs like you have to throw shit at us ,cuss at us, block us or worse. Ever been accosted in a bathroom [being disabled] ? Yes, I can walk….it doesn’t mean much tho if you knew me and my med issues. Last time a person did what you described, I beat the shit out of them and nearly died from doing it. Id love to be able to go out with my son and hubby and not have to worry about coming across paranoid freaks like you.

  28. Looks like Nicole had the perfect Mother’s Day.
    Shopping at Walmart. A flower picture. A kid on a slide. Then a Redbox movie pickup complete with blocking in a neighbors vehicle when she didn’t approve of their parking space, quickly followed with a complaint posted complete with said neighbors plates visible. When that didn’t seem to fly too well with her flock, she began complaining again of being harassed and stalked by folks driving by the shack supposedly taking pictures… Now that worked! They love that stuff. She was then able to feast and spend her day comfortably with her leghumpers complaining for hours about the injustice of this ‘violation’. Seems of late, “corrupt” local LE isn’t very interested in her complaints either.
    A perfect Mother’s Day on the homestead, a la Nicole Naugler. Wait… do they celebrate this holiday?

  29. Where was the Red Box/illegal handicapped parking incident account posted? I cannot find it on either the blog or Facebook page for the “Homestead”, although the slide photo and an entry about prepping for disasters are on Facebook. Did N. pull it, due to disapproval and resulting fear of turning off her clueless followers?

    Few things anger me more than able-bodied people selfishly parking in handicapped spots – my mother and both grandmothers used wheelchairs in their later years and days, and I have a dearly beloved disabled relative now.

    While Nicole was shopping for “mud boots”, I wonder if she included her ambulatory kids – all ten of them – in her purchase list. Getting a starter kit of basic black boots for everyone would be a great investment which would allow her to then purchase only one additional pair per year, as the outgrown boots could easily be passed down (one new pair for the oldest child whose feet are still growing. Kids with full-grown feet keep their starter boots. The rest would get passed down the line). However, it sounds as if she was shopping only for herself.

    It saddened me to see Nicole’s young son creating order out of the jumbled boot rack – obviously he craves order and would appear to have little of it in his home environment. Well, there are those constantly filled “laundry baskets” and stacks of dented cans, but there’s also the outdoor chaos which pretty much surrounds the current and older cabins – the same chaos which would make rubber boots for everyone highly desirable for safety’s sake.

    I wonder if Nicole’s older two sons would be allowed to have summer jobs (paying jobs, that is) such as yard work, car washing, etc., to bring in a little spending money for themselves and gain valuable experience. Except for having to deal with their parents, I expect a number of kindly local people would be happy to offer the boys this kind of opportunity. But I doubt very much that Joe and Nicole would want to dispense with their older sons’ services, as they rely on them for most of the cooking, gardening, construction of various kinds, childcare, and so on. Too bad – it would be eye-opening for these boys to broaden their horizons a little and have these inappropriate burdens lessened.

    So what happened to the Red Box post??

  30. On the NN blogger site. Scroll down to the black car in front of a Dollar General Store. Don’t know if she scrubbed it yet though.

  31. Must be scrubbing her pages. ALL of Nicole’s Facebook pages are gone for the moment. BLHS, both her personal accounts, and her grooming account.

  32. I bet Nicole is going stark raving crazy not being online and stirring up shit.

    Maybe we should arrange for a intervention for her.

    I do pity the kids being around her while she is going through online withdrawals. That can not be pleasant at all as she is probably a grumpy nasty bitch.

    Maybe Karma caught up with her for her dirty deeds she did yesterday. Mother’s day and a mother with 11 children can not enjoy the beauty of the day as she was too busy posting nasty miserable shit. She is not a mother by any means only a baby making machine.

    I bet she is stalking here as FB seems to be shut down for her. Maybe she will get some balls and make a post. Come on Nicole we dare you show us the balls you claim to have. I do doubt you will cause you are really a chicken shit hiding behind your 11 lovely kids.

  33. she has “scrubbed” her own pages IMO…she did this a few months ago..its just another way to get more of the attention that she craves…same song, different day..and yes, she is reading all of this….

  34. Id like to clear up a misconception running around on the nog ‘web’ this morning. A permanately disabled person does not need a placard in the window to park in the handicap space. A liscence plate sticker suffices. So for those of you ignorant folks who don’t understand ada laws, please look at the plates before you go off on a rant about not having a placard in the window. I don’t like misuse either, but I really hate truly ignorant folks who make my trip to the store hell because they have become ‘experts’ on ada laws. Just saying.

  35. One of these days Nicole, you’re blessed little gravy train will come to an end. [for a variety of reasons]…..who will you have left to run to or scam then. You’re a YOLO type who doesn’t think about tomorrow, I get that….but if you have ZERO safety net, what would you fall back on [PREPPING] if YOU lost your ability to support your large family? You talked about being mentaly prepared [prepping] for whatever. Sorry dear, but unless you have lived through various mother nature catastrophes, you will NEVER understand what it is like no matter what degree you have or what you have read or watched. Its not the same. Likewise, you will NEVER understand what its like to be disabled and having to deal with the fact ‘you can’t’ anymore, read what you want, mentally take a checklist or whatever, not until you have truly been there will you ever understand. Enjoy your limited gravy train now. I cannot see it truly lasting much longer….beeter look for another job or means besides being ‘net bums.

  36. nk, I live in southern CA and I have disabled license plates. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people look at me cross-eyed when I pull into a disabled spot. I have degenerative disc disease so you don’t see my disability. Luckily, I’m not shy and I will tell them it’s none of their business. In the city of LA ,there are lots of people abusing placards and the police are enforcing it. I carry my DMV authorization in my wallet. I live near the beach and I have no problem parking in a metered spot and leaving without paying. It’s one of the few benefits we get with the plate/placard.

    As far as the Nog’s she knows better than all of us. She’s the epitome of omnificence in her own mind.

  37. Something else I would like to mention , Nicole and Joe seem to love ‘prep’ talk , the one thing that they and their posters failed to mention or talk about is what I call ‘paperwork preparedness’. In your bug out bags [or next to, seperate bag]; have id, insurance paperwork, etc. Have a paper list of all the folks [family and official] that you would have to contact. Sometimes you may only have less than an hour to grab you and yours and all that near and dear to you without knowing if you will ever see your home again. Insurance and claims takes MONTHS to process, more so if you have no paperwork to prove who you are or where you lived. Even filling a presciption can be a pain and hassle with no paperwork.. PLEASE, take this moment to make sure the important papers are in one place that you can get to quickly in the event of…

  38. Amulbunny, I hear ya:) I finally learned how to live with the one time stares, glares and comments…its the ones who decided to follow you around the store to ‘make a point’ that got to me.

  39. Check out the “Screaming Meme-y” “community” on Fb. Lots of familiar names among the comments, and posters on the FreeJinger site think you-know-who is running it. But unlike some of the other Naugler sites, it’s still up and running.

    When does the woman have time to breathe? (not to mention work, sleep, parent her kids – oh, wait – etc. She is online constantly…).

  40. BKG…..not everyone who reads this blog has access to FB pages. If its not accessable to google, I cannot view it. BLTATM, I cannot access unless I borrow a friends account to look. I can access dirty bucket, but not trolls and thier minions. as far as your other question…..LOL! Maybe BO can get her fat ass out and weed a garden..oh wait….this is work day….maybe groom a dog herself for once. [sorry…..sarcasm….I didn’t say that…]

  41. Hey dipshits [nicole/joe], ………….you got plans in place in case of a tornado ripping thru your area.?

  42. Oz
    Someone please drop a house on that sged so those kids have a chance. She painted the Windows at work so no one knows they live there.

  43. All right, I hate being ‘that guy’ NICOLE/ JOE The National Weather Service has an app for smart phones that gives real time alerts and updates for your area. Same info they send to meteorologists in your area. NOAA is good but NWS is better for more local infro. laptop puters can go to site and be the mouse and find all your local info with real time radar/satellite neighborhood specific stuff. Someone on FB said you had some nasty stuff headed your way. Your shit shack will NOT protect you from a direct tornado. If all this shit bypasses you, then I hope you at LEAST consider what would happen if you got caught in an EF3 or above…..part of preparing is knowing when and how to evacuate. An AM radio station should also carry NWS/ NOAA alerts. Think you are safe till it happens to you…….NOTHING can prepare you [even with an evac plan] . Not jack schitt you can do when your house literally blows up around you , ears pop like you are on a plane [worse] , feel the pressure drop, feel the force of gravity suck you up [or try to] Forces enough to rip someone from your arms and send them several football feild length away. Shit shacks like yours turn into splinters when they ‘blow up’. Have a freight train at full speed run right next to you. The sheer force of it all. I cannot explain it. Ive lived thru a few, seen friends die that were right next to me. If you are in dixie alley, than pat attention if wicked shit your way comes.

  44. @nk
    I too truly hope the Naugler family has a safe place to be right now. The storms south of Louisville aren’t messing around today. There are several tornado warnings right one, including one in Breckinridge Co. :-/

  45. I also hope the Nauglers and everyone in their area are safe tonight. I live in another part of Kentucky, but warnings have been going off continually this evening – just severe thunderstorms (complete with ping-pong ball sized hail and 60 mph winds) so far, but it’s thundering again right now, so another wave is on its way.

    But I have a sturdy house with a basement, so am not too worried for me and mine.

    Another topic – the “Screaming Meme-y” Facebook page is open and does not require being on Facebook for access. I am not on Facebook, either, but since Nicole’s pages have all been open, have been able to read whatever she and her followers post on them. To access it, all I had to do was to go to Google and type in “screaming meme-y” facebook – just that way, with quotes around “screaming meme-y” and no caps. It came right up, I clicked on it, and was immediately taken to it.

    It appears that the Screaming Meme-y” Facebook account is strongly associated with the Nauglers and these same followers and supporters, from the names of those who regularly comment on its entries. The views expressed there also appear to be identical to those expressed on the other sites originating with the Nauglers – nothing about the family’s adventures and misadventures, but quite a bit of sophomoric, often suggestive, trying-to-hard-to-be-outrageous material. Not my cup of tea, but interesting and perhaps illustrative – to a point.

  46. So I wonder what caused her big meltdown this time! I found something in the comments from back in May on one of the News websites that claim the oldest N GIRL(Which would be A) had been vocal online about being unhappy on the homestead and missed their “real house” ect among other things. Does anyone know if there was/is any truth to that claim?

    2) Is it true NikNut os possibly pregnant again?

    KY do your job, get these kids out of the NogNuts hands before its to late!!

  47. nk, now you’ve got me curious! lol What are you suffering from disability wise? You mention being unable to read; I am almost legally blind and it’s VERYdifficult knowing that the small percentage of sight I have left will be gone soon.

    also, what’s a bug out bag?

  48. Rachelle, we call bug out bags prep bags in case of an earthquake. Usually a big backpack with bottled water, MRE’s or canned food. Portable lights and a radio that are solar powered or wind up. A can opener, bottle opener, a fold up shovel and plastic plates, and cutlery. There should be one for each person in the family, as well as a small 4 person tent and sleeping bags. We also have a water purifier that will do over 100 gallons in its lifetime.

    This is supposed to hold us over until help arrives in the area. We also have a propane stove and a butane burner.

    Of course, ours are sitting in our motorhome 5 miles from home.

  49. She’s back on FB! Blessed Little Homestead is alive again. Now she is claiming someone made a “fake” Blessed Little Homestead and fake Nicole Naugler page.

    This woman -_-

  50. Also someone created an alternate BLH Facebook via Homesteading/Survivalism page, with “NN” commenting. Now that was some funny sh*t.! Thanks to whomever took that on, I truly enjoyed a good laugh! God Bless!

  51. oh good gawd, must be a nice life the the nog nuts live if their biggest worry is spoof/snark pages/comments on the net. Maybe if they stick around nog hill long enough, the old bill collectors will find them.

  52. So it looks like Charles Smythe aka Nicole Naugler has a new team member, Annette Scott aka Nicole Naugler. It’s almost embarrassing how obvious it is. Its going to get tricky maintaining all those aliases, especially when your fired up. Looks like our little villain closed everything down to create a bunch of fake profiles.. My god!… Kudos to you Nicole, that MUST have taken 3 FULL days, and it’s SO ANNOYING making a profile when it isn’t bogus, I can’t imagine making a fake one. Who was watching the kids?

  53. “Kudos to you Nicole, that MUST have taken 3 FULL days, and it’s SO ANNOYING making a profile when it isn’t bogus, I can’t imagine making a fake one. Who was watching the kids?”

    Joe, of course. His job is to mind the kids and supervise activities and improvements to the homestead.

    Has she posted any photos of Joe in his ERT garb? Isn’t that what ERT is all about – helping everyday Americans in a crisis? He has a chainsaw that cost $1000, there was debris all over the place, they have mad survival skills, so he must have been out helping members of the community. You know, to rebuild the good will they have long since squandered.

  54. He should sell that chainsaw at ” the fundraiser to defer moving costs”…i mean COME ON, I never heard of such a thing. It’s a grooming salon not a charity you poser.

  55. The funniest part is that it was never priced at $1000. If Joe paid that much, he got ripped off. If it has received the same level of care as shown in the photos from 2015, it’s probably completely ruined by now. The photos that showed water in everything, including cases for tools. Not a good idea.

    If it still runs it may be worth $300 or so. Possibly.

  56. Nicole’s announcement awhile back that they were considering leaving the trashed homestead did NOT go over will with her flock. And she keeps being told by so many people to just walk away from the online drama. So I think she is working VERY hard to spin her story to show 2 things:

    1. The homestead isn’t safe and they are being forced to move.
    Dang, that will be expensive. I hope someone in cyber land can send some money to help out a Christian, homeschooling, home birthing, off grid, unvaxing, all-American freedom loving family trying to flee to safety.

    2. She can’t just walk away from the online drama.
    Here’s a comment from April Jo Perez on the BLH pages:
    ” Maddie Medder, your theory has been thoroughly disproven. She took down all but her personal page and less than 48 hours later someone has put up a page impersonating Nicole, and page pretending to be Blessed Little Homestead. So how, exactly did that accomplish anything except making the whole situation worse?”

  57. Good one. I’d forgotten about the faux Emergency Response/Militia. Quite a few of his neighbors are nearly twice his age. An unfortunate occurrence in many of our aging farming communities where the young can no longer afford to stay on the farm. Yesterday the salon was scheduled to be closed so he would have had ample opportunity to be out and about helping in clean up or checking on the welfare of elderly or vulnerable neighbors.

    Instead we have had a week of Nicole posting some woman’s license plate in her public page because she was pissed off.

    Nicole naming names and falsely accusing people, including the complaining witnesses in Joe’s criminal cases, on her public pages.

    One of the Naugler “inspired” hate pages posting a photograph of one of the complaining witnesses’ minor grandchild (despite or perhaps because of) a deferral of criminal charges condition ordering Joe to leave the witness and his family alone.

    Another of the Naugler “inspired” hate pages posting video they made using stolen photographs of yet another complaining witness with added sound effects of animals, the witness where Joe was convicted of menancing and a condition of his probation is to leave that witness alone. That page made a variety of videos with stolen photographs and sound effects of just about everyone Nicole just named and falsely accused of harassment and stalking.

    Several of the Naugler “inspired” hate pages did go on a simultaneous rampage against Al/Owl. It seemed to be a direct response to their stalking Al’s page and having a hissy fit about Al’s neighborly ways and willingness to run out and help any neighbor in need. Community spirit seems not only to be hard for Joe and Nicole to comprehend, but also hard for their “inspired” hate pages and fake sock accounts to wrap their miserly brains around.

    Then all of Nicole’s pages went dark for several hours, only for a number (close to half dozen) of new or revived Nicole personal Facebook profiles to surface instead. I’d be more specific, but there she has had so many accounts it is hard to keep track. Nicole is now claiming that numerous fake accounts both personal and business were made yesterday. She has claimed this before and been proven to be less than truthful, to put it mildly. So who knows? Who cares?

    Point being, with all that extra online bullshit going on I doubt they had time to take care of their own junk stead, God forbid try to win back the community by helping someone else.

    -Just one of the Nefarious Please

  58. Wouldn’t it be better to warn your facebook followers that you were going to close your page for awhile? Then they wouldn’t fall victim to fake pages or messages. I don’t understand just leaving your page without some kind of post to explain it first.

    Anyway, maybe it would be best for them to move again and have less stress. Maybe somewhere where the kids can have some activities and friends but no close neighbors to fight with. I hope the best for all of them. Despite anything they have done, there is still a chance to start over somewhere else and try to live in peace and care for their children. Those kids need a change for sure. Good luck to you Nauglers. I truly mean that.

  59. This isn’t the first time she has shut down her BLH page and the reasons were the same then as they are now..She needed a “break” from the “haters”…I don’t honestly think it will matters if they stay or move..NN loves being on Social media..and she enjoys the lavish praise she craves and continues to receive from her followers..and frankly, just because she posts pictures of her beautiful kids, doesn’t mean they are the #1 priority…same story, different day….

  60. Nicole,

    How about you get off Facebook and get your twiggy ass a shovel. You were given 20 days to eradicate the mound of hazardous waste on your property, before you face criminal charges.
    Three years of shit buckets, diapers, and feminine supplies won’t clean themselves up!


  61. Holy cow! You mean they have an order form the EPA to clean things up? It must be bad. Very, very bad.

  62. I wonder that too Auntie Mame, is a official order or speculation and I mean no harm in saying that. Just curious.
    Idk but I feel a huge shit storm or a horrible tragedy to headed for BLH! I pray the kids are safely out of harms way when it happens. Something is brewing and its not good.

  63. That writer from Homeschooler’s Anonymous called it way back in the beginning of this. That article is linked here. Worth a revisit. A true homesteader pointing out why the Nauglers were not proper homesteaders.

    -The Nefarious Please

  64. She now has an instagram! Another way for her to waste time and show the world their “progress.”

  65. Better than cleaning up shit, I guess.

    Hey, where is the ERT? Don’t they say they are there for every emergency? Well, this IS an emergency situation, and they can practice a hazardous cleanup.


  66. Bethannie wrote, “Hey, where is the ERT? Don’t they say they are there for every emergency? Well, this IS an emergency situation, and they can practice a hazardous cleanup.


    Good question. It’s not apparent whether Joe went forth in his ERT shirt to help others in his community, nor that rest of his troop did either. This is their big moment to come to their leader’s rescue. Plus his fair wife and their children.

    I hope they bring their own shovels, nitrile gloves suitable for chemical disposal (I recommend Ansell Sol-Vex, but that’s more of a personal preference) disposable tyvek suits and 50 gallons of water for drinking and bathing immediately afterward. Tyveks are HOT when you’re working hard.

    Maybe the very kind people who came to their televised homestead clean-up last year will do so again this year. Don’t forget your Vicks or something like it.

  67. Viewing the instagram is sad. To see how far they have fallen. Hark! Oh, to be an adolescent in this impoverished family – what an existential nightmare!

    …To have lived in a, comparably, decent house, with a relatively thriving garden, a stove, and to then suffer through its relegation into a permanent state of impoverished camping/squatting [(no pun intended!) The Nauglers call this ‘Homesteading’], whilst the number of familial dependents continue to grow…

    Those old enough to understand the situation, must suffer in silence, afraid to speak their mind, our of fear of not being “reverent” to the man of the house deadbeat dad.

    It’s sick! I fear, due to educational neglect, emotional manipulation, and the indoctrination of the eldest children to their zealotry, that they will have a difficult life adjusting themselves, forever resentful. I continue to hold out hope for the youngest, that they will eventually see their special and unique rights met, and use the tools provided them to end this vicious cycle of poverty their family is burdened with.

  68. Homestead Hoarders gone wild.
    The Nauglers certainly don’t have the money to clean up an environmental and health hazard such as the current one they have created. KY taxpayers will end up footing a huge bill, imho. As to reviving existing water and septic systems, I am doubtful this is an option, disregarding money issues. Wells become contaminated or dry up and old septic systems become full and unusable even if tanks are pumped as the drain fields become full. Also codes today where I live, do not allow the septic systems of old to pass. Often this is the very reason properties are distressed and super “deals”, such as 28ac for what, 60G?

    Homeschool lesson:
    ( 2 yrs *12 people) +(1 yr * 13 people)= how much poop? Add: (2 babies in diapers) *3 yrs= how many diapers? Also add: (2 possibly 3 women using feminine hygiene products *3 years) = least possible number of items? Add (normal amount of household garbage for a family of 13 )* 3 years=?
    Express your answer in rational numbers using ranges of least possible and highest possible figures.

    i have watched this literal shit show for so long now, it’s always interesting to see how these slimy characters will slip out of the noose. I wonder what it will take to finally stop this child endangerment and neglect, hopefully before a catastrophic event occurs. Hope keeps my interest alive. I don’t think it is for a lack of trying on the part of the good people of KY. Just wondering if KY courts will be lenient on these offenders again. This woman has a long history of defacing and using human excrement to damage property.
    The sweet kid pictures are certainly being heavily pushed forward by the BO now. She’s working very hard on increasing her audience. Pleas to the ignorant? Wondering if any “announcement ” will be forthcoming, another normal foil.

  69. ( In a vacuum, this familial pile of poo we are speaking of would easily be 3,500lbs.)


    “According to the book The Truth About Poop, people produce one ounce of poop for each 12 pounds of their body weight. And the National Center for Health Statistics says, the average weight for an adult male in the United States is 189.8 pounds. That means the average man produces 360 pounds of poop a year… almost one whole pound a day.”

    If Joe weighs 250lbs, and m represents mass(lbs), how many pounds of fecal matter does Joe defecate in a time span of three years? Solve for m.

    m=(250 ÷ 12)÷16×(365×3)

  70. I wonder if Nicole has any knowledge of cholera, which is usually spread by drinking water contaminated with fecal matter. I know the Nauglers drink bottled water – thankfully – but when you have small and not-so-small children playing in mud and muddy puddles, you can assume that some of the content of said puddles and mud is going to make its way into those children’s mouths and digestive systems, or may enter through a skinned knee or other typical childhood scrape.

    Cholera kills. Very quickly, very violently. Lexington experienced several cholera epidemics due to contaminated drinking water, back in the early 1800s – see “King Solomon of Kentucky”, a famous short story by local color writer James Lane Allen, for a vivid account of what it’s like to live in a community hit by cholera. Victims were dancing one night; dead the next, after suffering acute vomiting and severe diarrhea which led to rapid dehydration and resulting death. A few survived, some never contracted cholera (Including William “King” Solomon, the alcoholic grave-digger who became the hero of the cholera epidemic, when no one else was left to dig graves for the victims. Of course he never drank – water, that is).

    Makes me also wonder about that “food poisoning due to old pancakes” incident from a couple of years ago which laid low most of the Naugler children.

    Their symptoms were those of cholera.

    Despite the difficulties this may present to the Nauglers, I am very thankful that the authorities are sttepping in to deal with this extremely dangerous threat to not only the Naugler family’s health, but to the health of their neighbors and the well-being of the community.

  71. Maybe Nicole can sell the salon sign to help pay for the clean up cost.
    She had it advertised for $1500. That is a good chunk of change.

    Also it looks like the yard sale has been cancelled. Wonder if it is due to being busy cleaning up the manure pile or lack of donations?

    CPS should be involved in this again. If the property is unsafe in the eyes of the state/county then it should be unsafe to have children living there.

  72. Dear FB Refugee,

    Funny! We both wrote an unschooling editorial comment regarding an inordinate amount of feces – at essentially the same time!

  73. Can I come out of lurkerdom and encourage everyone here to take a step back and go read the book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne.

    What we see happening with the Naugler Family is not at all surprising if you look at it through the lenses of generational poverty — Spending money on dollar store toys, talking tough/bullying, not letting kids have a standard education – – it all goes against our middle class values, but is completely normal for a culture of generational poverty. The crazy disconnect we feel between our values and that of the Naugler Family is really not crazy at all; it is normal and predictable.

    Most of us here know that we would need to do some research on language and culture before trying to spend a week in a foreign country. Can I challenge y’all to do a little research on a culture that exists here in your own country? If you aren’t up for reading the whole book, there are outlines all over the web.

    If anyone from the Naugler Family is reading, may I encourage you to read as well. Like it or not, Middle Class is the dominant “language,” and being able to decipher that language (hidden rules) will be a helpful skill set.

    Slipping Back to Lurker Mode Now

  74. All of the Naugler clan need to be tested for giardia and similar feces-bourne ailments, as do their cats, dogs, and other animals. It appears they are living in a cess pool/pit/heap.

  75. Dear El Macho,
    I am sorry, wrong answer! “M=ewww” is incorrect. (Lol.)

    [ANSWER: m=1,425.78 (lbs)]

    (See word problem and corresponding equation, above.)</span.

  76. P.Ovaries! Too Funny!

    Two corrections to my last post:
    1. It seems the land owners may ultimately be on the hook for remediation of the disaster. Recouping from the Nogs after that, well, good luck there.
    2. There doesn’t seem to have been a well, rather a water cistern on the property, it’s condition remains a mystery. Excuse me. My bad.

  77. Something that has been rattling around in my brain this a.m. So CPS and the sheriffs dept. were on the property this time last year and seen the conditions, removed the kids and we all know the rest. Add a year to what was there [plus numerous complaints] and you mean to tell me it took the health dept. to finally DO what should’ve been done last year? The family court sent the kids back to the same conditions that health dept. said nope too? I hope family court is welll aware now of the health dept. reports and is considering that. IF the state takes the kids again, I hope they do NOT send those kids back until the parents DO what is required and not just pay lip service. Rumor mill has it they are looking to move to yet another property in a different KY local?? What, so they can do the same BS all over again in a different community? C’mon state, keep pressure on these 2 nut jobs and hold them accountable for their actions [or lack of] . Those keep deserve protection and help from the state if the parents can’t ,wont or whatever.

  78. Beautiful day today, I think I’ll go up the holler to the garage and pressure wash the Dozer, Loader and Flatbed Truck.

    Good luck to the Hanoi’s on cleaning up that little patch of wilderness.
    That bad Ol’ebil gov’ment……..

  79. Melissa, Too funny! I hear ya, I went around last night and thanked my toilet and hot water heater for doing their jobs so I don’t have to and just for giggles, I took a long hot shower, just because I CAN. Knowing that I have all THAT materialistic stuff on hand and my basic bills are paid up, I ordered some awesome pizza ….just because I could.

  80. NK. I had the same questions, but perhaps there was or is a section for the officials to inspect and then there are other areas that were used for dumping (in particular paper/personal items). It could be that these other areas were the ones impacting the neighbors property and until it reached critical mass it was unkowned to officials. Nogs slight of hand. Without complaints, perhaps their hands were tied as far as further inspection. I also think the unremitting abuses by the Nogs finally resulted in the neighbors moving forward legally to persue remediation. Just my guesses though.

  81. NK, I hope they have fun literally picking up all those little NogNut’s. 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are headed to the Mill in NC in the morning with this heavy equipment. Seriously, I have to go pressure wash it.

    Later folk’s….have a good one !!!

  83. Nefarious Please/ Sally…………Could you purty please do an ‘epic post’ about the donated funds and ‘where did the money go?’ from E-Town till now? From all I read, the parents treat online/IRL $upport as a second income. Any extra money they get doesn’t seem to go to its ‘promised’ need, but to all the extras. When questioned, the parents attitude seems to be ‘because we can’. It makes me sick because in reality, they made far more last year than we make in 3 or more. Considering they are having to raise funds for either a new move or ‘the clean up’, it would be nice to know….where did the 70k go? [speculation of course considering we only have to go by whats been posted thru the years] Thanks!

  84. FB Refugee………………..I think we are both on the same page. I just don’t want to see the parents fall thru the cracks again. While everyone is fighting, its the kids who have to stay stuck.

  85. Rachael………………….to answer at least one of your questions. Yes, I am going blind. I have a heart condition …a valve that doesn’t work right. COPD 2nd stage, neuropothy in all limbs, endometriosis and last but not least fibromyalgia and a rare form of arthristis. 2010 on, my life effectively ended. Between my husband’s stroke and my health, I cannot have a homestead anymore. To pull weeds I have to have an inhaler and a phone handy, not to mention a face mask. this sucks rocks completely. I am a type a go-getter and this has been way beyond hard to deal with. So I see and have followed the nogs and those 2 piss me off to no end because they just dont get it. …………… I am finally to the point where I can apply for an actual service dog. 10-25k. NOT and I repeat NOT a comfort dog. Pisses me off to see a ‘boca dog’ in the store. I cannot afford it. I wish I could. We are helping kid with his tuition and paying off the trusk and one lone, as far as I am concerned……service dog may be a neccesity IF I WANT TO GO OUT, but not a requirement for our household needs. I would LOVE to be able to walk to the store or wherever with a service dog. it would give me a new lease on life, sorta. I resent what the nogs are doing because in all reality, they choose NOT too whereas, I don’t have a choice. I wish I could get an actual service dog so I can live a somewhat normal life again.

  86. NK
    I have no idea how to get in touch with you but wish I could.
    I can give you some information on service dogs that would amaze you.

    I hope we can get in touch by private message on FB.

  87. Minnesota Mittens, Indeed, the hidden rules among classes presents a thoughtful “ah ha”. (Here’s a quick summary if you are not familiar with R. Payne’s work – Applying Ruby Payne’s Theory of Social Class Rules – JPACTe http://www.jpacte.org › uploads › 2007-1-phelps)

    My biggest takeaway from Framework is that education offers hope for escape from poverty. In a society, it’s a right of the children and a duty and honor for the adults to pass on learning – beliefs, values, information, knowledge, culture and traditions – to our young people.

    Have you read Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen?

    I guess that the “group” of readers/participants of this site are diverse financially, educationally, in lifestyles and core beliefs. ALL of us are “shaking our heads” at the choices that the adult Ns share online and in their community. Perhaps poverty gives some insight, but their strongly anti-behaviors are not, in my experience, particularly associated with “poor” families.

    It’s not my understanding the the adult Ns are part of a cycle of generational poverty, but I really don’t know that. By their disclosures, they live in situational poverty, certainly. Poverty, and the attendant issues of safety, security, nutrition, decision-making etc. affects a child’s brain development. The children growing up now, under the isolated conditions described and documented by their mother (perhaps exaggerated?), will need to fight against the effects of poverty, as well as the belief system of their parents.

  88. The local news article:

    ” — The Breckinridge County Health Department is investigating complaints about a family that boasts about being “off-the-grid.”

    The Health Department says it has received several complaints from neighbors that the Naugler family is disposing human waste above-ground, which is against the law.

    Environmentalist Jeremy Hinton with the Department says the family was sent a letter earlier this month. They have been given 20 days to stop doing that. The deadline is next Sunday.

    If they don’t, the case could go to the County Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.

    He says the family claims they have a self-composting toilet, but they don’t.

    Hinton says the EPA has been contacted and may test the water sources nearby.

    Joseph and Nicole Naugler made headlines last year, when Child Protective Services took their 10 children away. They were living in a 280 square-foot, makeshift shelter without electricity or running water. ”

    ~end of news article

  89. Old time farm girl…..please post. I don’t have fb. If you have good info, it might help others. I am reduced to whatever I can see on Google links, Free Jinger or here. I can borrow a good friend’s account to look at some FB pages, but thats all. I cannot post anywhere but here now and I am sorry, thatnk the nogs and their mutts for why I won’t allow my info to be given out thru admins. post it here or send it to Lisa@BLTATM fb page. Not trying to snark or push you off, seriously.

  90. Blessed little homestead is blowing up!
    What I think may be a local reporter has linked to an article about poopgate and the BO seems to have lost it.
    Posting things with the neighbours info on. They really are skating on thin ice!

    Charles is kicking on the reporters profile too.

    Hope those children are safe tonight. (and the neighbours too!)

  91. Passing out the popcorn –
    Great entertainment going on at BLH facebook page

    That woman has gone plum crazy this time.

    She is posting report with address, SS number and other info that should not be posted. Also showing license plate number in the video.

    Not sure about KY but where I live she is violating the stay away and refrain order big time. Uh Oh.

    Here is some news for you all

  92. el macho….for those of us w/out fb…….please tell……the nogs got arrested and kids taken away……what???

  93. Yeah, Nicole has just posted the call response from the alleged “vehicular assault” from last October. Complete with Joe and the neighbor’s names, DOB, SSN and addresses. Not redacted.
    She just bought herself a lot of legal trouble, methinks.

    Meanwhile, within the paperwork are the following:

    1) Joe is listed as the victim (his car was hit)
    2) No damage is visible on either vehicle
    3) Joe and Nicole Naugler declined to press charges
    4) Neither party (Joe and Nicole? Joe and Neighbor?) wanted an accident report

    Identity theft is so easy to accomplish with the information she posted.

  94. I watched the video until I saw a little child in the back seat of the car. Every adult involved in that incident should be ashamed of how they behaved in front of that little one. I couldn’t watch anymore after I saw him back there. Don’t hate the behavior of the Nauglers sooo much that you harm your own child. Disgusting.

  95. nk, please check out service dog project in MA. Carlene breeds Danes to assist people who have problems with balance and walking. She’s an awesome person and has a staff that turns those cute little puppies into honest to God service dogs.

    As far as Nic posting all that private information, get the umbrellas out, bovine excrement is about to hit the rotating blades of the cooling machine.

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