First video transcribed:

I wanted to another quick little video, um, regarding the stealing water. I’m addressing this one last time.

Um, that day with the menacing incident, there was no one there to steal water. We got their water on occasion. We, my husband stopped by, there was an argument about something else, and whatever.

Um, we weren’t stealing water from anybody else. The only other person I’ve actually seen say we stole water from them was Deborah Rangel. We went to church with her in Elizabethtown. I don’t know exactly why she said we stole water from her. We got water from her once, um, in a pinch, because it’s really kind of far from the house to haul water. We got a couple gallons and that was it. We didn’t steal water. We had permission.

So if Deborah Rangel watches this or if anybody knows Deborah Rangel from Elizabethtown and wants to ask her why she lied about the Nauglers stealing water, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Second video transcribed:

Here I am again, doing a quick little video because I wanted to address the whole water stealing issue. Um, the incident last year with the menacing charge, no one was stealing water. We went there to get water. We got there on occasion, it wasn’t a big deal before. It happened to be a big deal this time and whatever. But anyways, it had nothing to do with stealing water.

We weren’t stealing water from anybody else. The only other time I heard anybody else say we stole water was Deborah Rangel. She was a woman we went to church with in Elizabethtown, and we got water from her one time, and that was it, and we had her permission, and I don’t know why she would lie about that. Deborah, if you’re watching or if anybody knows Deborah Rangel from Elizabethtown and wants to ask her why she lied about the Nauglers stealing water, or why she believes we stole water or whatever it is, um, I would like to address that, because I really don’t appreciate people saying that we are thieves because we didn’t steal anything, and, um, this has got to stop.

The lying, the dragging my name through the mud. I’m clearing it up. I’m done playing games. We’re clearing it up. So, let’s have it. Find out the real story. When did we steal water? How did we steal water? What was the deal, Deborah? I’d like to hear your side of the story.

These are just baffling to me.

Nicole did these little rants, put them up and then a while later they disappeared. Of course, somebody snagged them, which is what happens when you make yourself a public spectacle and then throw a public temper tantrum. So here they are.  My thanks to my source.

But it’s all sort of weird.

In the other video, she mentions several people by name, including me. Including Al Wilson.

In these, she talks about the woman that Joe menaced (and make no mistake about it, he was convicted for menacing that woman, and if you think that’s no big deal, go look up the meaning of that word), and another woman that she says went to her church.

Nicole and Joe haven’t been going to any church now for years. So this is all old stuff.

But I did a bit of asking about, and it turns out that as far as I can tell (and I couldn’t find out about all the people she mentioned because I don’t have a way to do that – regardless of what she says, we are not all connected), most of the people she mentioned in these videos can’t see the page where they were posted.

In fact, I am reposting them here solely because most of those mentioned would have no idea that Nicole is trash-talking us on the internet if I didn’t.

She makes demands. She makes demands to people who can’t see her demands.

We need to show her our houses. We need to “do something.” The woman from church needs to explain why she “lied” (see how pejorative that is?)  [BTW, why don’t you just pick up the phone, Nicole, and call the woman and ask her?] We need to come confront her in person. I think not. I already met Joe and he’s less than delightful.

al messageSo I tried. I put up pictures like she insisted that we do and showed her houses and stuff.

And Al tried. He messaged her the only way he could, via her business FB page. She’s blocked him everywhere else.

But she didn’t like that.

stop it

You don’t know Al?  Really?  Then why did you guys wait at the Custer store for him to pull in and then Joe shot him a bird and you immediately began filming to catch his reaction?  With your children watching. If you “don’t know” Al, how would you know who to do that to?  You clearly know Al.

And you do, in fact, care about Al.  You care so much you did a little video and mentioned him by name.

And you’re pissed off because he responds?

You know what “just stop” means?

What you are saying, Nicole, is “I wanna do and say and write and publish anything I please and I only want people out there in the Great Wide Public to say and write and publish nice things about me. If members of the Public do not do that, I will stomp my feet and make videos about them and call them names like ‘liar’ and ‘drunk’ and ‘abuser.’ ”

Like Al, I am also far more hardheaded than you are.


Actually, this is exactly what happened.  I made a comment (not on any of your pages, not on a page critical of you, but on a neutral page) that wasn’t terribly complimentary of your parenting skills, during the time when your story was national news. Your sorry-ass lousy excuse for a husband came over to my Facebook page and began quite clearly stalking me.  He engaged me in conversation for the sole purpose of threatening and intimidating me.  I had nothing more than a very passing, slight interest in your “story” until he came swaggering around on my page. Then I got more interested, because he convinced me that my original gut-instinct was correct.

So, yes, I did get on the “Naugler radar” by having an opinion.

Your sorry-ass husband is the entire cause of this blog.

Your husband, the one who bullied a woman when she refused to allow him to take her water to the point that she called the police.  Your husband, the one who stole water (more than once) from the family you went to church with and then apparently lied to you about doing it.  Your husband, the one who seems to have told you that he paid $900 for a chainsaw worth about half that. Your husband, the filthy, smelly guy who looked like something out of Deliverance, who stopped me and my companions in a public road yelling at us for doing nothing at all, and then drank a beer with one of the guys. Your husband, who lets you work all day while he does nothing at all and can’t even bring himself to dig a hole in the ground to contain shit, but instead flings it all around your property.

That guy.

Call him out.  He’s the one who made me a part of your story.



73 thoughts on “Blockage”

  1. Nicole is spiraling out of control. She’s lost what little mental acuity she had and is giving 2007 Britney Spears a run for her crazy.
    It’s terrifying. I’m fearful for what she is doing (or omitting to do) for the children who are unfortunate enough to be dragged through her nightmare of a life with her.


  2. Hey, all I did was make a comment too, with some sound advice and some snark (directed at Joe) and not five minutes later, she called my work. Because I’m ruining her life.

    That gets my attention.

    It tells me that she is precisely what many have said about her, and her husband is exactly what he has been accused of being.

    Which has the effect of making me want to see the kids get removed and given a better life, because I’m sure living with those two is a special kind of hell.

    So, fuck off Nicole. Fuck you too, Joe. With a cactus. You asked for everything you get, and then some.


  3. They wanted viral and they got viral.

    Be careful what you wish for!

    They got well paid for going viral and pissed all that hard earned money away that was gifted to them. It totally baffles me why people do not see them for what they really are = grifters.

    Nicole really thinks she is an expert on everything and anything. She refuses to put some salt and pepper on her crow and apologize for anything or to admit she is ever wrong. It is always the fault of some one else or something else when they fail. No one made them have more kids than they can afford to support. Just like no one is responsible for supporting those children they made. Nicole needs to wake up from her dream and realize that she has a deadbeat lazy ass husband. Sure he might be good at making babies but that seems that is all he is good at.

    Nicole eat your crow be the strong woman you claim to be and tell Mr Lazy Ass get out and get a job. Give him a deadline to get it and tell him to keep it. He was part of making those kids he needs to step up and support them. You can babble (yes that is all it is) all you want that he is the homestead husband and he schools the kids. Sorry but anyone that has to ask what is this ; needs to go to school and learn before they teach kids.

    Nicole step up, shut up and put up. Grow some balls woman! Until you do the blame and fault all lay with yourself. If you do not like what others say delete your damn sock spying page (btw you do not need a sock page to view your own set at private FB page) and spend more time with your kids. Stop blaming others for your shit.


  4. Pretty much everyone I meet in real life and off share the same stories about Joe and Nicole. You know why? They’re not stories, they are the truth.

    They can try to revise the narrative all they want. Some people will even believe them for awhile, but neither of them can maintain. Time and again they bring down their own house of cards. Time and again they betray their true nature and intent.

    If everyone were silenced they would still have to run away from their own acts and deeds. It might take a little longer, but that’s what they do. It is inevitable.


  5. My husband got into a fight with her over something else … mummble sweep sweep under the rug, not important… We didn’t steal water. This is about my spin of things.


  6. I always listen for Freudian Slips and was rewarded once again. Video # 1 above. Joe was over at the ‘neighbor’s’ house JUST to menace and threaten her. He didn’t go to steal the water Nicole says everyone is claiming he did. He just stopped by and an argument ensued. Let me repeat that.

    He went to menace and threaten only.

    If he didn’t go to steal water, that has to be it. And as we all know, Nicole said it so it must be true.

    Video # 2 above. THIS time, she says he had gone by *before* to get water. This time he stopped by [to get water?] and they got into an argument ‘about something else but whatever…’ “….we never stole water from anybody else.”

    Do you know how to stop dragging your name through the mud, Nicole? Easy. Shut your pie-hole.

    Jesus, Nicole. Stop. Just stop. Every time you open your mouth now, you sound and look more mentally unstable. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a Troll.


  7. but, but, but..they only TOOK a few gallons..cuz its soooo hard to haul water…Wow..just just never ends..because SHE wont let it….its sick


  8. She builds this public lynch mob mentality, and then wants someone else to follow thru for her? This time, it’s some woman she has named and accused of lying about stealing water. And if anyone knows her, why don’t you go ask her why she lied. Stop with the gossip, Nicole. I agree with blogger, pick up the phone and call this woman, quite trying to rile the public with your gossip.

    The last attempt at riling a lynch mob was about a month ago. Seems there was a photo of three people standing outside the courthouse. She posted it on a buy-sell-trade site, calling out for anyone who may know their identity. Something about these people threatening her family. Crazy ass stuff!! Please people, do not over react to these kind of public false accusations and gossip. She is trying to get local community folks to turn on their own, consider the source.

    And here is another, Nicole. you apparently do not have first hand knowledge or witnessed either of these incidents where you state the other person is lying. Why don’t you ask your husband to come clean. And tell the truth. Maybe he is the one lying, just a thought.

    I see a common thread, often with the drama and riling. Nicole keeps poking the bear(s). I don’t see these people coming to you, to start trouble. It’s you going to them. Nicole, please, these videos aren’t complimentary. Just stop. It looks very foolish.


  9. How far away are the neighbors from whom they took only “a few gallons”? I bet it would have been less expensive to purchase water, in bulk, from the water company than it was to drive around to various neighbors, filling up jugs of water.

    She may want to read this link:

    This may also serve them well:

    I think it would be smarter to start by hiring a geologist in order to figure out the best place to sink a well, but hey! Nicole has no use for anyone with a college degree. Maybe Joe can use a dowser and stumble across a good place that doesn’t require a drill.

    I doubt it. Joe couldn’t be bothered to dig a hole for an outhouse, or uncover the access ports to a septic system already on the property so I suspect he won’t pretend to try.


  10. All I did was ask a question about a year ago and was called a whore, bitch, cunt, and other numerous names . I was stalked, doxed , and threatened. Hell, they even tried blackmail to make me shut up. So, I’m with Bethany on this! Fuck off Nicole and fuck off Fat Boy! Both of your crazy asses can go straight to hell where our belong . Lord knows you deserve to be there for the abuse and neglect those poor children suffer and for your GFM scam too!


  11. If joe gets a job all of the money will go to pay back child support on the oldest son who does not live with them. So of course ol nikki is not about to pay 1 red cent for that kid, she hates him and has always hated him, it has come out of her own mouth. She would rather support fat ass then see the oldest get anything. But then again why should the oldest get anything, her own kids get nothing too.. nothing…unless they buy it themselves with their slave labor rations


  12. If there was no menacing, why do a plea? Hmmmm inquiring minds want to know. Were you there when this menace wasn’t so called happening?


  13. Is the church lady she repeatedly calls a liar in this video the same person who Joe menaced? If so, isn’t there a protection order already in place? If I were her, I’d feel like there’s a loose canon armed and ready to be triggered by Nicole’s current fixation on a resolved issue and fully coherent aggressiveness. Be safe out there, folks!


  14. Maybe she should leave that topic alone. I’d rather let people continue to believe that my husband just took water for his family without permission, than to have them look into it and find out he called a woman a cunt in front of our son and threatened her with a gun on her own property.


  15. I was doxed(so was an underage child), threatened and harassed for having opinions. I have many opinions of the Nauglers, especially one for Nicole Naugler, she is an ATTENTION WHORE. Positive or negative it doesn’t really matter to Nicole. She continues to rehash topics over and over. If she doesn’t care, let it go, but that doesn’t garner attention.

    Mommy or daddy sure did screw her up somehow. Sadly, the cycle will continue with her children. With her constant online presence there is no way in Hell 11 children are getting the proper attention needed from their mother. She likes to portray the image of supermom, but anyone with two brain cells can see the facade. Fake. Phony.

    Nicole and Joe, get off the internet and raise your fucking kids.


  16. Is the church lady she repeatedly calls a liar in this video the same person who Joe menaced?

    No. Two different people.


  17. Bea, Everyone believes both already. The menacing was addressed by the courts many months ago.


  18. The Naugs injected themselves onto others when they started begging via GoFundMe (to be clear here, I’m not against GFM in general, but can’t stand when people use it to get out of taking responsibility for bad situations they caused by their own laziness). The injected themselves onto others when they made their neglect of their feral kids the financial responsibility of a small county without deep resources. They injected themselves onto others when they decided that a tarp over a shit pile was enough so that rain washed their shit and bloody feminine products onto the property of others and could contaminate the area water supply for decades.

    Nicole is delusional if she really believes they were just a private little law-abiding big family who others decided to encroach on when her and Joe’s deliberate actions and inactions are the only reasons anyone knows who they are.


  19. Nooooo, Jack! Don’t blame Nicole’s mom and dad. She’s a grown woman and is responsible for herself and her actions. That includes getting therapy or moving to a desert island if her upbring was deficient. She’s in charge, and her life is not going well.


  20. I have watched the train wreck course this family of neglected children and…defy description horrible parents…for some number of years, now. Joe is a thief, liar, and only semi-successful bully. The only reason the Nauglers have largely evaded prosecution via civil lawsuits in the past is because those they took advantage of, trashed the property of, stole from, etc. let it go. They let it go because the expense (time and money) far exceeded anything they would get from the Nauglers, who normally insist on being penniless. Joe and Nicole count on that every time…it must be such a new experience to have their feet held to the fire. The Nauglers have done everything they said they didn’t do and they have done so for years. The most gratifying thing is that the Naugler parents’ behaviors and characters are blatantly visible to all. It is one reason why I am very, very grateful for this blog because despite the differences in opinion, the overarching conclusion is that the Nauglers appear deranged and behave destructively. I believe Mrs. Rangel any day of the week over Nicole’s protestations.

    Interesting little aside, if you spend any time studying body language and speech patterns of people when they are speaking truthfully versus when they are lying, Nicole’s little vids are fun to watch. Rapid speech (trying to subdue an opponent by overtaking the, uh, conversation–also apparent in the arrest recordings) is very indicative of internal discomfort and fear. Restating something over and over (on two vids no less) is indicative of trying to not only convince the hearer but the speaker as well. Normally, when people are speaking truthfully they will appear relaxed and not be stressed with trying to formulate a scenario that did not take place and trying to convince listeners of the formulated version of events.


  21. Yup. She is well past the age where it’s her responsibility to assess her own damage and take steps to fix it herself.


  22. One of the pages posted a picture of my deceased infant son in the beginning of this circus. They removed it and tried to act like it was because they were above posting about people’s children. In reality it didn’t get a rise out of me just showed them to be the assholes they really are. It’s becoming very evident that Nicole is sinking further into her mental illness and pops is doing nothing but making it worse.
    I don’t think it’s so much as the “troll” pages bothering her as her followers are seeing through the bs, their mental evals for the state are coming due and they’re quickly adding new criminal charges. Self imposed hardship. It’s not about living off the grid, because say what they want that is not what they are doing. They are glorifying homelessness and refusing any help. Say what they will about not receiving any aid, their hands are in constant outreach begging for funds. They could sell 10k bows and that coupled with her floundering grooming business it will never be enough to take care of a family of that size.


  23. @Christina: “Self-imposed hardship” is pretty much the theme of the Naugler parents’ lives. But when you redefine being an ordinary decent human being as whatever slur they’ve chosen to hang on it this week, that’s kind of what happens. Let’s not forget that these people stopped going to local food banks because they were such colossal asses that staffers at multiple locations decided that the chance to feed the Naugler children wasn’t worth the potential trouble emanating from the Naugler adults. Also there was the time they effectively got given a house, and literally pooped all over it.

    It’s like they think the world works like this: I get to unload my bad mood on absolutely everybody and in return absolutely everybody gives me whatever I want and stands aside while I do whatever I want, and the resulting mess is never my responsibility. It’s toddler thinking.


  24. Rather quiet from the naugler camp today. Is maw finally taking responsibility and closing up shop ( figuratively) and moving on? What a quandary.
    I won’t hold my breath.


  25. The Nauglers are cowards. They beg for everything they have. They are constantly looking for conflict because they refuse to work for the children they have and the life they want. Then they ask for donations.
    Pay no attention to the frauds behind the curtain. It’s all a farce.
    They have no disease or disability preventing both parents from working.
    If you’ve been conned into donating for them, please know, it’s been a waste of your money. Congratulations. You’ve been conned.


  26. By the looks of her eyebrows I think she needs to have her thyroid checked out. Maybe it’s the lighting or maybe she o er plucked them, but having the outer sides of eyebrows missing is a common symptom of thyroid disease. I sure hope she just over plucked them!

    I wonder when the last time she had a physical? You know, blood work etc? I hope she sees a doctor at least once in a while.
    Sometimes I think she takes this “how did people survive in the old days before (insert whatever)” nonsense too far.

    Anywho, an undiagnosed thyroid problem can wreck havoc on your body & mental state.


  27. I hope she goes and gets a physical but it is highly unlikely that she will. Dr Naugler with a degree from YouTube University thinks she knows more than any educated medical doctor. I hope she’s not using some crazy remedy like drinking mold .


  28. “By the looks of her eyebrows I think she needs to have her thyroid checked out. Maybe it’s the lighting or maybe she o er plucked them, but having the outer sides of eyebrows missing is a common symptom of thyroid disease. I sure hope she just over plucked them!”
    Nope, she’s just a crazy woman with tweezers…


  29. Um…Potato Hunter 2? I’m the one and only Potato Hunter…the original. Fuck her eye brows…she’s a nut-case.


  30. Yes, Nicole is a grown adult. One can’t blame anyone, parents included, for a lack of responsibility and accountability. What you do with what happens to you, how you react, is your own. So, Jack LivinginaShack, her parents are not to blame in cause, for her actions and reactions. By the way, that is part of growing up and becoming an adult. Taking ownership in your own happiness and having a productive life.

    I think that most every mom and dad, who embraces parenting, hopes their children will grow into adulthood as happy and productive. And we hope we have given them a foundation. I know I do.

    Nicole’s bitterness towards others, because of her own poor choices and self-imposed hardships. Her own lack of responsibility. She behaves like a misguided teen, stuck in rebellion and meanness and blaming everyone else. Holding deep grudges when someone criticizes her poor choices. Especially when her poor choices have direct impact on others.

    Sooner rather than later, though, the buck stops here. And she will hit a stubborn wall. She can’t keep doing what she has always done, expecting the same outcome in getting her way over on people. While many people are tolerant to a degree, at some time there will be someone that says enough is enough. With all the visibility the Naugs have thrust voluntarily on themselves, in being very public mostly for fundme projects, she is going to get outed for her disingenuous behaviors towards others. All the while, the rest of the public gets to watch.

    By the way, BLB, I’ve said it before and I would like to repeat it again. I really enjoy this blog, it’s been a fav since I first discovered it about 6 months ago. It is a nice alternative away from Facebook shenanigans. Interesting topics and discussion. And as far as I’ve noted, a trusted source of factual information.


  31. WoW!…just wow.
    There is green paint/wallpaper…obviously this is not at the “homestead.” I guess she was filming whilst at work. Sounds like good work ethic to be on Facebook ranting. I suppose it must be “nice” to be the boss who allows Facebook time at work. Wonder how much “work” is achieved at work? I guess if you don’t have to pay for rent, utilities, clothing, school supplies, holiday items and/or water….work doesn’t matter. Or you could gather a couple of hardworking Americans…talk about religion, family, back to the basics lifestyle, and how the government has done you an injustice “stealing” your children and with their busy lifestyle and distractions…you can sucker them out of their hardworking money to “help.” That plan seemed to work. Sadly…a year later, they perhaps are trying again to get some assistance from folks…while blaming these people they have taken from. Yes, you took from them because your spouse was found GUILTY!!
    Besides you are lucky you conned that company loan place to get your shop…or y’all would STILL be stealing water. Bet. Y’all don’t steal water now because you probably take from the grooming place…load up and go home.
    There is NO WAY I would have a husband who would not PROVIDE for his family. The Bible speaks of the head of the household…and also the lazy man…Proverbs…the Blessed Prophet should know this.


  32. People keep saying that the Nauglers don’t work for anything.
    Actually, Nicole has a REAL job and commutes half an hour each way. They probably chose Nicole working because it would be a steady income, provide a constant water source, and have tax breaks. I think being away from the homestead 12 hours a day does not make her happy. But she does it to take care of her family.

    It makes sense for one parent to stay home and take care of everything else. I can’t point to anything Joe is getting done. I know there are at least a two year old and five year old that someone has to keep out of the pond all day, hopefully he helps with that.

    Most people (even self employed) get lunch breaks at work and could film a video during that time.

    As a foster parent, I have had the misfortune to meet some parents who couldn’t pull it together enough to get clean water from work to take home to their children.


  33. eyebrows

    This is the type of thing that makes some of the critics look just as loony as Nicole. She looks fine in those videos. A little distraught and upset, but otherwise fine. The lighting was bad, she’s sitting in front of a green wall and nobody looks good in that situation. She was filming those with a phone.

    I’m way more interested in what she said and what she does, not in how she looks.


  34. Actually, Nicole has a REAL job and commutes half an hour each way.

    Yes. She does. And just because she filmed those short vids at the salon does not translate into “she’s not working.” Thank you very much for a reasonable comment in what looks like a sea of wild speculation.


  35. I spent 8 years in a relationship with a man who was Bi-Polar with Narcissistic Tendencies. (His mother also had the same diagnoses and chose to live in denial rather than get help) He was an intelligent person who held two degrees from a prestigious university. But he couldn’t hold/keep a position in any firm because of his choice to not be medicated. The videos I have seen of Joe, where he is “going off” about something…that could be my ex. The same “I am the only person who is smart enough to see the truth” persona. It was scary, scary scary to be with someone who lived in mental state like this. I could give many examples of the mental/emotional abuse he inflicted on me during that time, but I feel you all can use your imaginations! There were many times that he convinced me that I was the one who needed help..the same with how the Nog’s respond to those who disagree with them.

    It took a good year of therapy for me to crawl out under all of that abuse. And to realize I was not responsible for staying with him to continue to beg that he would take his meds and keep up with therapy.
    I was an adult in this situation. I cannot imagine what it is like for the N children to live with two parents who are obviously suffering from untreated mental issues. Or what they will go through when they try to leave the “homestead” someday.


  36. “As a foster parent, I have had the misfortune to meet some parents who couldn’t pull it together enough to get clean water from work to take home to their children.”

    Question here – were they the business owners and they failed to do that? Technically filling up jugs of water to take home is theft if they don’t get permission from their employer (I would ask for written permission). Not to diminish their general ineptitude, but that decision may not have been all bad.


  37. [ ADMIN:Comment removed. God damn it, people. The business is off-limits. If you do not like those rules, feel free to go start your own blog. If you are going to comment here, follow the rules.

    I am going to put all comments back on moderation. I hate to do that, but this has to stop.]


  38. Yesterday a poster commented on a NN page that she should stop reading posts if they upset her so much and JoJo “liked” that post! Of course it was scrubbed this am. A FJ poster remarked perhaps she will now ban JoJo. Hahaha Priceless!
    As far as posts upsetting her and yet she continues to read them, I think Nicole’s reality is becoming enmeshed in the net, as she will not disengage. She reads them because she believes that she must defend her life, per her own words. But with her dredging up old issues and increased manic rants lately, she seems to be unable to completely separate the reality of her existence from the internet, imo. I thought for a while it was all in defense of her revenue stream, and I think that rationale existed for a while but is of less and less importance lately, as it seems she has gone beyond that. Imho
    I hope someone is able, Joe for example, to step in soon.


  39. Casy Jones, I appreciate the kudos, but could you refrain from calling Joe and Nicole the same things they call me? What I do not want to happen here is a sandbox fight. Anyone can sling mud.

    Please. Please. Let’s try to stick to facts.


  40. FWIW
    The post I was referring to above is still up on the NCN FB page in the comments on her post, “Here’s the thing. I did not ever interject myself into your lives. “… (snipped)


  41. Your right Sally sorry I am a adult 🙂 Just wanted to give them two a taste of their own medicine. You know the ole saying IF you can DISH IT OUT you best be able to take what you DISH OUT! 🙂 I will do better if I ever post again cause like I always say them two ARE NOT WORTH IT but them poor kids ARE! 🙂

    Last time BRAVO! 🙂


  42. I agree, BLB, “I’m way more interested in what she said and what she does, not in how she looks.”

    As we have learned also, appearance is not always reality. True story, it is probably how many of us got lured into the Naugler saga. I remember viewing the local news story when the Nauglers pushed the “going viral” button. First impression by appearance, fooled me. But yes, discussing eyebrows in the video is not nearly as interesting as what she says and does. She looks fine.

    Not to sound too soppy, but I would hope if people were to judge me, it would be of my character and integrity. And not as focused on my appearance. Because depending on the day, my appearance may wane, but good gawd not my character. ha!


  43. Sally,

    Let’s take a vacation from the NN saga and TELL us about your fabulous cruise! Did you go to St Peters burg and see The Hermitage? Eat marzipan and black coffee in Denmark? Eat Herring raw? See any good shows like The Blue Man Group on the boat? Tell us do. We need a change of scenery for the holiday and I love to hear about good cruises!

    (whose daughter is a Disney Cruise Fiend and wants me to go with her dad on their Alaska cruise, of course I get sick sailing to Catalina…..)


  44. She’s done with it. Here’s an idea .. Get off Facebook . Go do that crunchy , back to nature thing . Because right now your just a homeless women who’s neglecting 11 children, Nicole 🙂
    ps you have a well on the property maybe instead of relying on neighbors to give your famiy water you should have had your well hooked up with the thousands you got from hundreds of others who took from their own children to help yours kids


  45. Cruise:

    One week in the Caribbean. We went snorkeling (first time I’d ever done that – it was great). Four different ports, all with beaches. I got a sunburn even after trying very hard not to do that. Circled back to Tampa.

    Then two weeks crossing the Atlantic with a day in Bermuda and another in the Azores. I am a huge fan now of transatlantic cruises. It was just excellent not having to be anywhere or do anything for days on end.

    One week in the Norwegian fjords. This was a bit like Alaska (we knew it would be), although the cliffs are steeper. Just stunning.

    And finally, nine days going to various Baltic cities. Two days in St. Petersburg, and yes, we visited the Hermitage. My impression of St. Pete was just an overwhelming sadness. It’s a beautiful city that is pretty much in ruins. These gorgeous old buildings are all falling apart. I’m not sure anyone is doing maintenance anywhere. We were there at night, and there were whole sections of these enormous old apartment buildings totally black. Nobody is living there. We went to Helsinki right afterwards, and the two cities have numerous buildings that date to the same period and even had the same architect. Helsinki, though, has maintained theirs. The contrast was really startling.

    Our favorite stop, I think, was Tallinn, Estonia. I had no idea we’d love it so much. The core of the city is very old and well-preserved and it’s easy to walk from the dock.

    The Norwegian Star is a smaller ship (not one of the big mega cruise ships), which was nice. During the transatlantic portion, there were only about 1200 passengers, so we had almost as many crew members as passengers and everyone just relaxed. The whole laid-back atmosphere was great, and promptly disappeared when we got to Europe and filled up again.

    The shows were marvelous in the beginning. We had zero experience with cruising and were easily impressed. The main shows (with the ship’s crew) remained the same throughout the voyage, so we had the opportunity to see some of them four times, and declined. LOL They were good, but not that good. There was a super good comedian (really good) only his name escapes me.

    And we had a group on board during the transatlantic called “Oh, What a Night.” They did Frankie Valli tribute show, which we thought, “oh, well, this will probably be lame, but what else do we have to do.” We were so wrong. That promo video doesn’t do them justice. They performed their main show during 30 foot seas when the ship was rocking like a cradle, and never missed a beat. We all talked about it for days.

    They did a second show in calmer seas, and the place was packed out. And the lead singer (George Solomon) did a complete solo show (not Valli stuff but a whole range of music) and is tremendous.

    This was also during the TA portion of the trip, and as I said, there were so few people on board. The Oh What a Night guys hung out with the passengers so almost everyone got to meet them, they were very gregarious and it was fun.

    However, they got off the ship in Copenhagen and flew to Vegas, I think. We all wore black.

    Just for the curious: Total cost.

    I am including our airfare, the cruise, gratuities ($1K for the whole trip), alcohol (wine with dinner every night), excursions and tours, three days in Copenhagen post-cruise, hotels and B&Bs in Louisville, Tampa, Copenhagen, Iceland and Washington DC, and rental cars, money paid to the guy who took care of our animals, including dog boarding – every penny we spent. We were gone from April 8 until May 21, 43 days. It all came to just under $10,000. The base price for the cruise (37 days) was $3289 each. That does not include gratuities. Norwegian (and I think all cruise lines now) charges an automatic gratuity so you don’t have to fiddle around tipping people. In our case, that added another $1000 to the trip. In addition, we bought the spa package for the two week transatlantic portion (another $400, and well worth it). That gave us access to a lap pool and hot tubs even when the weather was terrible.

    We had frequent flyer miles for airfare. I had saved up points on credit cards and got our US hotels free, and our rental cars free (from our home to the airport). We used AirB&B for both Copenhagen and Iceland.

    Copenhagen was great.

    Iceland sucked. We had a overnight layover and I thought it would be great. I was wrong. It was not great at all. Reykjavik is located a long way from the airport, so we had a one-hour bus ride to even get there. Our flight was delayed three hours, so that put us about 2 am arriving at the B&B. I was already very sick then and just wanted to go to bed and die. The following day we had difficulty finding anything for breakfast (Europeans just eat weird breakfasts) and spent most of the day trying to figure out how to get back to the airport.

    If we ever did it again, we’d skip the post-cruise nonsense and just come home.

    I got so sick during that last week, and I’m sure that totally colored my impressions of everything. We missed one port – Stockholm- due to weather so bad the port closed, and I was actually delighted because it meant I could just go back to bed. When we finally got home, and I got to my doctor, he said I had either a very bad bronchitis or pneumonia and he didn’t care which it was. He put me on medication (antibiotic, steroid, cough medicine with codeine) and gave me three days to get better or go to the hospital.

    Neither of us gained or lost a single pound during the whole trip, which is amazing. We really worked at it, because you can literally sit and eat all day long if you want. We ate nearly every meal in the main dining room. We ate in none of the specialty restaurants because who in the hell wants to pay for food when you’ve already paid for it once? The main dining room on the Star was simply glorious anyway.

    After I got home, I asked Dave if it was just me, or if he got tired of the food. He said it was me, and that it was because I was sick and nothing tasted good. In hindsight, I think he was right. I was glad, however, to get home to real grits cooked the right way, and a fried egg done right (why can’t they get breakfast right?) However, the prime rib was just. . . prime, and they had a dessert they called a “brownie.” We got suckered in our first day, thinking it was a small brownie. It’s not. It’s a very big brownie (think three of them), warm, topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. We learned very fast to split one. Most of the food was excellent, and people who complain about it are just nuts, IMHO.

    The service throughout the voyage was excellent.

    We had an issue right in the beginning because our travel agent (I refer to her as the Travel Agent From Hell) promised us $350 in onboard credit (that’s a bit over 1/3 of that gratuity bill) and when we got on board, we only got $25 in credit. I had the invoice, so I went to the desk and asked them about it. The girl at the desk scanned my invoice and contacted the home office and they confirmed that the travel agent had only authorized that amount.

    That left me with a problem. I couldn’t call her. I was in the Caribbean. The following Sunday we were in Tampa, but it was Sunday. So the next day, I went to the hotel manager (Mannie) who referred us to Irma, the guest services director and she took us to her office and proceeded to call ship-to-shore and we left messages with everyone, including the travel agency’s VP. It took the better part of a week to get my money, but Irma did it. All totaled, I think she made about 8 ship-to-shore calls for me, and we became good friends in the process.

    I remember we went ashore in Norway, and she was at the gangplank when we left, and she came over and hugged me and checked to see if I had a hood on my jacket because the weather was iffy. 🙂 Like she was my mother.

    And our last week, she upgraded our cabin from our lowly inside “steerage” cabin to a larger one with a big window (ocean view), for free.

    Good trip. One of our best vacations ever.

    My idea now of perfect would be a TA to Europe, and then a land-trip of about two weeks, and then a TA cruise back. (That’s relatively hard to pull off.)


  46. Casy, did you know them IRL? What exactly happened? You can’t just call people the c-word without explaining why.

    I mean, I don’t disagree with your assessment– I’m just nosy.


  47. Sally that sounds wonderful . I thought we might do the 3 day Ensenada cruise to see if I get sea legs. First day in Catalina and then down the coast for one day,in Ensenada, and sail back on Sunday night arriving Monday morning.

    Rach took a 14-day cruise down the pacific coast through (Mexico, Costa Rica, and to Panama and the canal onto Colombia then, to Key West where she got a full toss down by ICE and DEA because the dog stopped at their door. Mind you there were 60-75 college students on this cruise in/out of everyone’s rooms so there was no way she had any drugs. (She drinks, but nothing else). They hassled her and her 3 roommates so badly, that a little Jewish Grandmom from Brooklyn who they adopted, came out and raised hell with NCL’s security for not being there to protect the girls. Other than that she earned college credits and had a wonderful time.

    I so want to go to the Hermitage. I read a wonderful book about the ladies who saved the treasures at the risk of their lives and starvation. I don’t understand why Russia doesn’t save its treasures. Especially all those billionaires could spend a bit on their own turf. I’ve heard Estonia is wonderful. I’ve seen trip reports and Tallin is lovely. I have Prussian roots as well as Russian and Finnish.Might be nice to see where the roots lie. (At least they won’t be under the piles of shit like at the homestead)
    Had to get a relevant post in there.


  48. I’m just nosy!

    I plead the 5th Its my Constitutional RIGHT dammit! When I said they would hunt you down to the end of the earth LoL snort snort LoL HAHAHAHA I know what I am talking about. Winks winks nudge nudge saynomore saynomore! And if she can call people that piss her the fuck off names then so can I. ITS MY RIGHT! Freedom of speech. Unless Sally thinks I am over the top.


  49. Great Blog, Sally. Joe is a lying sack of shit, always has been. IMO he has been lying to Nicole from the get go and she is stupid or desperate enough to take. Despite the bravado she puts out there, her self-esteem is in the toilet.

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Nicole, you, yourself do a fine job of making yourself look like a fool, but, Joe has been making a fool out of you since the day you met.


  50. Oh wow. NN is spiraling down. She was ranting back at someone calling her out on her b.s.!! 55 comments scrubbed down to 9 in less than 5 minutes. She goes off , then quickly deletes the conversation.


  51. My statement of “mommy or daddy sure did screw her up somehow” resonates from her obvious need for attention and validation from strangers. It is possible a parent had something to do with the self esteem/self worth issues, and it’s never been brought forth. I agree when you become an adult, and especially when you bring children into the world, it’s time to step up to the plate and fix yourself as best as can be, but if that person won’t admit that they need fixing, well they continue down the same path, Nicole’s path seems to be unstable. Joe is no help to this it seems. No human is perfect, I just hope her children don’t pine for her attention the way she does for it online. Due to the online presence I can’t fathom how it could not be.
    Life is precious, those children will be grown and she will be old before she knows it. What will it matter what the “trolls” had to say then?


  52. Loved reading about your trip, Sally! All the different places you visited made for a very interesting itinerary! Good advice for anyone considering a cruise. Thanks for taking the time to fill us in. Now for pictures 🙂


  53. Amulbunny,

    I read that book too. Wish I could remember it’s name. I will have to look for it. A lovely and sad book about the women saving the artwork at the Hermitage. Had relatives who died in the siege of Leningrad (St Peterburgh). I always thought it the most beautiful city in the world. It makes me sad to hear that it is in such disrepair. There was nothing that compared with watching the ballet in the park during the White Nights of summer.


  54. “ADMIN:Comment removed. God damn it, people. The business of off-limits. If you do not like those rules, feel free to go start your own blog.”

    THANK YOU. Those people are doing a lot wrong, but at least Nicole has a job. We may not like how she’s conducting her business. It does look like she’s making some mistakes, but she’s competent enough, at least, in grooming, and I don’t think anyone should do anything to possibly damage that. Her own posted tirades will do enough of that. We should all be wanting her to keep her job and work it. Unlike Joe, she’s at least willing to get off her ass and make at least that much of an effort. Maybe if Joe was working and she was at the shitstead those 50+ hours (she’s at the salon 40 hours a week, right? and commutes an hour or so each way?), then maybe she could put that energy toward cleaning the place up.

    Her eyebrows? Okay, thin, but criticizing that is a bit much. Unwashed dreads are a problem, thin eyebrows aren’t. That’s just getting too nitpicky. There’s plenty else to criticize without grabbing at straws.

    Sally, I’m so jealous of your trip. Sounds a blast!


  55. “My idea now of perfect would be a TA to Europe, and then a land-trip of about two weeks, and then a TA cruise back. (That’s relatively hard to pull off.)”

    Well, I have my fingers crossed that you will pull it off. The trip sounded wonderful overall (sorry you got ill) and well-deserved.

    Happy 4th of July to everyone who celebrates it!


  56. Nicole’s blatant disrespect towards the dead and their living relatives is appalling and their disregard for nature disgusts me. I’m not even going into my thoughts on their parenting or animal care because I don’t have the time.

    Out of all the golden fucknuts I’ve encountered and heckled online, they are the first to truly scare me though. Not like a jumpscare, more like a ever-present, slowly growing feeling of dread that something terrible is going to happen.

    Anyone else get that feel or am I just crazy?


  57. Ironborn,

    That dread you’ve been feeling? You’re not alone. Winter is definitely here.


  58. Lisa

    It’s called The Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean. I got it 10 years ago when I was a reader for William Morrow. They’d send a list of books and you could apply to get one. This book made such an impression on me. In the midst of such chaos reverence for the past arose.

    OT: Think the N family will have fireworks tonight?


  59. “We weren’t stealing water from anybody else.”

    Slip of tongue?

    That’s the thing about being a liar … liars always slip up & inadvertently tell the truth.


  60. No fireworks at the Shitstead tonight. They don’t have donated money to blow on them.

    Sad because that 400 bucks could have been put to better use making the place better for the kids.

    Hell I would rather they blow $400 on snacks and toys for the kids than to blow it up in fireworks.


  61. Fireworks? To cwlwbrate their freedom to live in a mud encrusted hut and spew vomit all over the net? Why would they want to celebrate that.

    Being patriotic and loving something more than yourself makes you a dumb sheeple in Nogtown.


  62. It’s like a watching a horror movie with no background music to let you know the tension is building. No background music is needed! If it was just Nicole and Joe carrying on (and living!) like this, I could and would turn and walk away with no fucks given. That children are involved is what creates the horror and dread within. It’s almost more than I can bare, and because people tend to post their “highlights” online, you just know it’s that much worse for those kids behind the scenes. What Nicole so readily reveals about their lives, calling it “good,” while proudly and loudly showing the world the deplorable conditions and degradation in which those children live, is a mind-twist like none I’ve ever witnessed. I cannot fathom the emotional chaos, confusion, and mental duress those children experience daily, which is far worse than the physical torment they endure as well…all while their OWN MOTHER calls it “blessed” and “good.” Horrified does not begin to describe the visceral response of MOST people watching this un-hinged yet technologically savvy woman. It’s impossible to look away!


  63. Happy independance day everyone! I hope that however your celebrating that it turns out wonderful.


  64. Some of these comments are embarrassing.

    They span from problems with Nicole’s hair, teeth, and eyebrows, to wild speculations of a Ruby Ridge scenario playing out at camp Naugler. If you attempt to find reasoning in criticizing her hair because you think it means this or that, you are just reaching too hard to find justification for teasing the woman. Dont look for excuses. Just admit it, you’re ragging on the woman’s appearance. Own it.

    And the other wild speculation, “another Ruby Ridge” – that scenario is almost as “out-there” as Nicole and Joe’s anarcho-capitalist beliefs. They are not going to sacrifice their children. They love them. I am sure they would give their own life for one of their children, if it came down to it. Their beliefs are dangerous to the well-being of their children, sure. They are teaching to them philosophies that might lead them straight to county jail. But in all honesty… Another Ruby Ridge incident, really? Doubtful.

    There is major educational neglect going on. Sanitation problems. Verbal abuse, probably. These children are victims of their parents poor decision-making. Having finally run out of options, they led them to live in a homeless encampment – one with a mortgage payment, at that! Their father is a deadbeat, who on top of being unemployed, admitted to smoking marijuana today. I am an advocate for medical marijuana, but when you are unemployed with 11 children, obese, and a pot-head to boot, you deserve all the criticism in the world. For shame Joe Naugler! For shame! It is not the trolls that bring Nicole down, it is her deadbeat husband! She is losing her mind, help her out Joe! Help provide for your ELEVEN children! Ya Punk bitch.


  65. I am sure they would give their own life for one of their children, if it came down to it.

    While I admit that I came close to not approving the Ruby Ridge comment (because I agree that it’s over-the-top), I can’t buy this one either. They do not provide basic stuff for their children. I would have worked three jobs and starved to make sure that Nathan had good food, shelter, clothing and education. I would posit that the Naugler adults are, in fact, “sacrificing” their children. Not their physical lives, but their futures. And they are doing it for the sake of their idiotic philosophy combined with bull-headed stubbornness.

    I would also say that while Joe is all the things you describe, Nicole is no saint herself. She could extract her children from this situation in a second and chooses not to do so.


  66. A Ruby Ridge scenario is over the top because you say so? No one said they didn’t love their kids . I see a lot of mental illness and much paranoia when it comes to government and law enforcement. Untreated mental illness doesn’t resolve on its own. My past experience with mental illness is that the paranoia and agitation worsens. I do not think it is beyond the realm of possibility for them to pull a gun and start shooting and LE or government officials. Not that Joe ever would, but with the warped mentality both parents have , I can’t help but worry this is not going to end well. Maybe I am wrong and I hope I am, but in my gut, I feel it is a scenario that should not be taken lightly. I also know I am not the only one that feels that way. I always thought this was a place one could post their thoughts and concerns without all the criticism that one gets from the Naugler camp, but apparently it is not.


  67. A Ruby Ridge scenario is over the top because you say so?

    Teresa, I am really trying to tolerate you. That is far more than you did with me when you banned me from your crappy little Facebook page. Remember? [For anyone who doesn’t know about it, Teresa put up a photo of some home-canned stuff Nicole had posted (on one of the critical pages that she ran) and criticized her harshly for it. I came to Nicole’s defense. I typically can about 1000 jars annually, so I know what I am talking about. There wasn’t anything wrong with those canned goods and I said so. Teresa forthwith banned me, and then told me later that she did so because of my “attitude” and that she believed at all of the critics should “stick together” and never disagree publicly. In my personal opinion, Teresa often goes way too far in her comments and voices opinions with zero basis in fact and generally does more harm than good.]

    Within reason, I am allowing you to say what you want here. I took off the comments about the business because I am the owner of this blog and because I do not allow her business to be discussed to any great extent here. Those are my rules. I have reasons for them. I am not subtle about it.

    I allowed your Ruby Ridge comment even though I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. [Note: In hindsight, I decided it was really inappropriate and removed it.]

    If you don’t like the rules here, go back to Facebook and play with your fake accounts and whatever else you do. I do not care. You will not come here and dictate stuff to me though.

    You may be Extremely Sick of the Nauglers, but at this point, I am Extremely Sick of Teresa.


  68. Thank is fine. Your blog , Your rules. My life won’t end because of this or any other blog. I am sorry for all the crap these people put you through and certainly defended and will defend you from the nonsense as no mother should baggered about a child’s death when it was beyond their control. As I said, everyone is entitled to an opinion and I actually do base options on facts as I see them .
    As far banning Sally, been so long ago cannot remember and if she were it might have been because so many people were playing kid games and playing mole.


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