Blind Justice

I know everyone is waiting for something about court.

Be patient.  I am getting to it.

First, I have been dreadfully ill with something akin to the flu. Thankfully, I did have a flu shot, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I am not young anymore and I get a chest cold and it’s bad news. It not only makes me tired, it also makes it very difficult for me to write because I get brain-muddle.  The first thing I plan to do when I finally get well enough is have a pneumonia vaccine, as my doctor recommended.

Second, it’s tax time. I always have to wait until the last minute because my information never gets to me in a timely fashion, and my statements are always, and I mean always, updated/corrected. The last one was the last of March.

Doing our taxes takes me several days and it means I have to drop everything and work on it.

Third, court didn’t conclude until around 5 p.m. today (central time).  I’ve had very little time to gather stuff.

Fourth, it was not “dismissed on a technicality.”  That’s complete bullshit and spin. And positioning kids all around you doesn’t make what you say true. In fact, it illustrates that what we’ve claimed all along is true – the children know about this stuff only because their parents expose them to it.

Fifth, be assured, it’s coming.

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17 thoughts on “Blind Justice”

  1. Take your time and get yourself better. A friend of mine had a bad form of pneumonia. She isn’t old enough yet for the shot, and had to spend a few days in the hospital, and quarantined.

    I’m glad Lisa won, but I will be patient to hear the true story and just take her story with a grain of salt.


  2. Sally, I hope you feel better soon. Yippie for Lisa! Also, so happy to see The Nation is back up. Looking forward to the next podcast.


  3. Fourth, it was not “dismissed on a technicality.” That’s complete bullshit and spin. And positioning kids all around you doesn’t make what you say true. In fact, it illustrates that what we’ve claimed all along is true – the children know about this stuff only because their parents expose them to it.



  4. Watch out for that bug, Sally. There are some serious stinkers out there.

    I had it, too. Dog sick for over a week, and under the weather for five damned weeks, now. I’m glad you’re getting the pneumonia shot. Mine turned into walking pneumonia and I was so stubborn it took me forever to go back to the doc and get the antibiotics that made a world of difference.

    I’m on the mend, but still have a nagging cough.

    Take care of yourself. Prioritize getting enough rest. Eat well, and don’t overdo it! Don’t be stubborn about seeing the doc if it persists.

    Feel better soon! Sending magical wellwishes.


  5. Sally, drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey. I hope you feel better soon!

    I’m sorry Lisa had to leave her beautiful beach to deal with this BS.


  6. Hope you feel better soon Sally. Make sure you get plenty of rest!

    So glad that Lisa got this sorted out in her favour. A technicality my arse!!!
    I hope that Viv and Eric can get their side sorted out too.


  7. Sally hope you feel better soon! Please take care of yourself and try to get plenty of rest! I know it’s not the same thing but I have a chronic illness and if I try to keep going through sickness it ends up taking twice as long to get well and a good while after that to recover from the illness . Please take good care of yourself !!


  8. Wow. Doesn’t meet legal definition isn’t a technicality. It’s just that, no laws, statutes or codes were broken= no case. She needs to retake her YouTube law classes again.


  9. Flu has been really bad this year and I got hit with it badly a few months ago. So yes it is horrible and do take it easy and get well.

    I guess Nicole didn’t get to gloat as she lost. No big surprise there. In her mind when someone’s actions are legal but Nicole doesn’t like it, then it becomes a “technicality” (aka Nicole wasn’t stalked by Lisa — Nicole just couldn’t control the narrative and it made her mad). But she and husband have “rights” that exceed everyone else’s? Glad I don’t live near them. Nicole and her husband seriously need to unplug from the internet. But maybe the internet is her coping mechanism to avoid dealing with her absolute insignificance. I don’t know and I only care enough to laugh at her.


  10. Cold/flu season has been really bad this year. To the point where there were a couple of counties here in Ky that had to close for a day or two.
    My daughter was constantly sick this year. She’d get one cold and a week later she’d get another one. It got to the point where where if she wasn’t running a fever or throwing up, I didn’t take her to the doctor.
    After we moved to KY in 2011, I was constantly getting sinus infections. The zpack and musinex were my best friend at least once a year. Last year was my first year since we moved here that I didn’t have a sinus infection.
    Get better soon.


  11. There are many questions and comments I have but have been afraid to comment. I don’t want my real name used. So I am making up a name to use….I hope this is ok! Feel better lady cannot wait to hear the TRUTH!!


  12. You know the drill Missy. Rest and eat as well as you can. If you have to get an OTC product to deal with the symptoms, don’t buy a cough suppressant. Buy an expectorant to loosen the crud in your lungs up so you can cough it up….yuck.
    I had a bout with pneumonia 3 years ago and spent 8 days in the hospital. Three in intensive care and 5 in a regular room. It came on so fast. Thank goodness my husband was home. I was literally talking about pink elephants. I got up to go to the bathroom and was walking funny. He asked me why I was walking like that and I told him I was a pink elephant. I refused to get in the truck so he could take me in so he called 911. My O2 was 70%. They had a hard time maintaining it at the hospital. They ended up putting a full face mask on me like what fireman use. I remember bits and pieces of that, but I don’t have any recollection of being an elephant, the ambulance ride, or them taking my clothes off and putting me in a gown. I lost 15lbs in a week a week which for me is not a good thing. A lot of that was muscle. It took me months to fully recover, feel like myself and get my strength back so take good care of yourself and pay attention to what your body is telling you.


  13. The comment about putting honey & lemon in your hot tea was a good suggestion. Also: equal parts honey/lemon juice/bourbon is soothing. That stuff is even good on ice cream. Hope you feel better soon.
    So according to NN YouTube school of law: If a case is dismissed on lack of merit, that’s called a “technicality”. Seriously? She has probably now told herself this so many times that she believes it. sad.


  14. The bug going around this year has been especially awful! I’m sick all the time anyway, but this year was worse than most. Glad you’re on the upswing. I’m still recouping. Hopefully it won’t take you as long as it’s taken me.


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