Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC

Here’s the link to this page.

And here’s the story.

This is a new page for a new business.  It is a legitimate, legally registered LLC in the state of Kentucky.  Lisa Luthi has gone into business with some friends.  They believe that they have found a niche market for unique, often hard-to-find beauty products and cosmetics for both people and pets.

From her statement to me:

We will also be carrying unique one of a kind items to help life be just a little bit more fabulous. We will be donating a portion of our profits to organizations who support the teen LGBTQIAPK community because everyone should feel loved and everyone should feel beautiful.

Bare bones for now, the business is expected to launch in March, 2018.

Now then, before you ask, as I know you will ask.

What about the name?

The name of the business, as I mentioned, is legally registered with the state of Kentucky. What this means is that anyone else trying to do business in Kentucky using that name is doing so illegally.

I happen to know first-hand about this because I spoke with a representative from the Kentucky Department of Revenue. If you operate a business in Kentucky, and sell anything at all, any tangible item, you must collect sales tax. To do that, you have to have a tax number and be registered with the Department of Revenue.  If you sell stuff, whether online or out of your storefront, and you don’t collect and submit sales tax, you are breaking the law.

Furthermore, only one business can have a particular name at a time.  Once a business name is registered, nobody else can use it.  The LLC part isn’t what I’m talking about.  It’s the whole name with or without the LLC.

So go give Lisa’s new business page a look and a like.  The logo was designed by Deb Whitehouse.

UPDATE:  Here’s some more.


92 thoughts on “Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC”

  1. So what you are saying is that the Nauglers are running an unlicensed business, are not registered, and are not collecting and submitting sales tax? Wow. How dumb is that.


  2. Nicole’s LLC expired last fall. They gave her ample warning, sending her multiple notices which were all returned to sender.

    I guess she was too busy blogging about money management to take care of the teensy bit of paperwork required to stay current.


  3. I’m definitely not a Naguler fan, I’m banned from her pages for my comments etc… But honestly, what does this accomplish? It surely doesn’t help those poor kids. 🙁


  4. But honestly, what does this accomplish? It surely doesn’t help those poor kids.

    I’m not sure that “those poor kids” can be helped by anyone except the state of Kentucky.

    As far as your question is concerned, you probably should ask Lisa that.


  5. Congrats on the new business!! Any cease and desist letters sent out yet?

    See what happens, Nicole, when you dick with really smart people? Karma x10!!!!


  6. I went and looked at the information provided by the KY Secretary of State. It was interesting to note that the notices for the 2017 annual report and the administrative dissolution of the previous Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC were returned to KY Secretary of State as “not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward”. I thought Nicole stated they pick up their mail at the post office.
    I will take a look at the newly registered Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC.


  7. So if I am reading this correctly Nicole WAS NOT registered with the Department of Revenue, did not have a tax certificate, nor did she collect or submit sales tax. Sounds like she might have a more serious problem than just losing her business name, if I am reading that correctly.


  8. All I know for certain is that as of early last fall, she was not a registered LLC. And in the state of Kentucky, if you sell anything tangible (like dog bows, for example, or shampoo) you have to collect and submit sales tax. To do that, you have to be registered with the Department of Revenue. To be registered with the Department of Revenue, you have to be an LLC. You cannot be a sole proprietor.


  9. “If you sell stuff, whether online or out of your storefront, and you don’t collect and submit sales tax, you are breaking the law.” Does that include a service? Such as grooming?


  10. “not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward”.

    Does anyone remember the days when the IRS used to send you a tax packet with all the forms you needed (based on your previous year’s return)?

    Getting that packet didn’t mean that you necessarily were required to file, and not getting the packet didn’t mean that you were not required to file. It was up to you to know that if you owed tax or were required to file, you had to do so by April 15.

    Part of running a household is knowing that the homeowner’s insurance is due at a particular time. Not getting a renewal notice doesn’t mean that they will grant you extra time, or not charge you a fine.

    As I said, maybe Nicole needs to spend more time managing her affairs and less time blogging about it and trying to teach other people how to make a total mess of things.


  11. Does that include a service? Such as grooming?

    No, it does not. You can run a service business as a sole proprietor, and as such you don’t need a tax number. However, if you sell so much as a dog leash, or a bow, or a comb, you just crossed the line. The Department of Revenue guy was very clear about this.

    And ordering online and then picking up at the store counts as selling out of the store.


  12. “It surely doesn’t help those poor kids” Oh sure it does, they are her little child slaves who get paid horse shit and the only way they can eat hardees is by washing dogs and paying for it themselves. If they do not make enough money, she will eat a burger in front of them while they do not get a burger, that is unschooling also by the way. I’m glad I could answer that for you, Curious.


  13. do you remember the days when if you did not like someone, you just left them alone. Going after a buisness blog is just outright devious and premeditated to harm someone. why do you waist so much energy doing negative things to someone. ignotance is all i see here.


  14. First let me say….HOLY SHIT BATMAN you just made me laugh so hard! Not so much about the dumb asses lack of knowing how to run a bisiness but about the 4 alarm screaming tantrum that is about to happen!! I’m sitting and waiting for this shit show like a hen on am egg!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Lisa this is wonderful I wish you all much much SUCCESS!


  15. Congratulations on the new business venture!

    Considering the success of the charity drives with Deb’s art earlier, I have high hopes that many will also be helped by this!


  16. You know, I hope karma bites each and everyone of you crazy stalking , nosey, hateful, corrupt peices of turd!!! Y’all have nothing better to do than mess with a families life and livelihood!! Remember….what goes around, comes back around three fold!!!


  17. I was waiting to see what would happen.
    Nicole just doesn’t get who she’s messing with.
    People who follow this story will get it.
    Anyone who thinks this action was out of line, doesn’t see Nicole for the little shit she that she is.


  18. To the person who asked what does this accomplish, I will try and explain. Over the last few weeks, those of us who have commented on NicNaug’s FB page have been under attack. Part of that attack has been through name calling, but she has stooped even lower than calling us cunts and bitches. For instance, she has spent a good deal of her time reporting our FB pages in the hopes of getting us in a time out. And for some, she has been successful. She has also created fake sock accounts in our names with the intent of using the fake accounts as a means to befriend some of the other members of a closed group that we are all members of and that she cannot get past the incredible security measures in place to keep her ass out. But, by far, the worst thing she has done was to make a knock off of Sally’s son’s logo and proudly she puts that as her profile picture. We all know she did this to taunt Sally, and it made my heart leap with joy when the smart business acumen of a couple of our members stepped up and took her fucking brand. How do you like us now, bitch? She gonna have to change her signs and all those little bottle labels and her FB page and advertising shit. Oh yeah, what did all this accomplish? Karma! She is willfully ignorant about most things but by now, surely she gets karma or what the fuck goes around comes around and you fuck with one of us, you fuck with all of us. Plus, the bitch treats her mom like shit and her mom may have been an evil woman but she is denying her grandchildren family. Who does that?


  19. I love this so much. I am a little bit obsessed with subscription boxes, right now. My husband gifted me several for christmas…the gift that keeps giving. They’re the best! I hope that’s what this business will be. I will subscribe to that!


  20. How childish and petty. It is truly a shame that the people behind this are so unhappy in their own lives that they spend the time to think of ways to hurt others.


  21. Color me surprised that she’s sending her followers in with a mob mentality. That’s about the only mentality they have.


  22. Nicole asked her supporters to contact the Breckinridge County Attorney and ask him what, exactly? Why would he care about a business that is located in Hardin County?

    As for the whole, “someone stole mail out of our mailbox and posted about it online” nonsense – well, report that individual to the Postmaster General. I note you don’t name the individual and you didn’t state it was one of the Trolls ™. So I think you’re lying to cover your ass, Nicole. As usual.

    Nicole and her supporters are now going on about “collusion”. Yet it is one person who is the owner and proprietor of the new business. That isn’t “collusion”. Here is the legal definition of collusion:

    An agreement between two or more people to defraud a person of his or her rights or to obtain something that is prohibited by law.

    A secret arrangement wherein two or more people whose legal interests seemingly conflict conspire to commit Fraud upon another person; a pact between two people to deceive a court with the purpose of obtaining something that they would not be able to get through legitimate judicial channels.

    Nicole being too irresponsible to file the necessary paperwork to keep her business in good standing is hardly the act of others committing fraud or deceit. That is Nicole being a bad business owner; this was simply made official by the state of Kentucky in October, 2017 when your LLC was dissolved. In addition, Sally isn’t the owner of the business. So there is no point in blaming Sally for your fuck-up, Nicole. This one is all on you.

    Thanks for playing!

    Does Radcliff, KY require that Nicole have a state business license in addition to any local requirements?


  23. Wouldn’t keeping up with the forms required to operate your business be an #unschooling lesson? Just asking for a friend. . .


  24. Interesting how Kentucky law is. Here in Ohio services are taxed. My husband collects sales tax on his services. Interesting that Kentucky is different.

    As far as this it’s all on Nicole. Perhaps instead of spending so much time on Facebook she should have focused on staying on top of business matters. Oh well.


  25. “I don’t know why. I don’t understand why they would do this to my family. I don’t know why they hate us. I don’t know them. But they have done nothing but throw their vile and hatefulness at us. They want to ruin my life. They want my kids taken. They want us dead.”
    The above is quoted from Blessed Little Homestead.
    She is of course trying to play up her innocence to her followers. Poor little Nicole never does anything wrong. She has no idea why people are so mean. And then she ends it with “They want us dead”. She is trying so hard to make people think their lives are legitimately threatened which is completely false. What would anyone gain from her being dead? Seriously.


  26. God help you, you all are trash and disgusting , I don’t know if you know just how wacked you are but you are completely insane, GROW UP! My God you ignorant fools. Very disturbing that you keep doing this to this family, take the high road get a life and move on. You keep this going by instigating the situation. You are an empty soul! Shame on you.


  27. I saw a legal business opportunity and I took it. What started out as a spark of an idea quickly grew into a very viable business model which both fills a niche in the market and can do some good for those in the world who could use a little support. Everyone deserves to feel loved and everyone deserves to feel beautiful in the skin they are in.

    The name passed our marketing department. They found it to be an excellent name for a variety of reasons. It has the flexibility to be a play on words and ideas.

    Blessed Little chemicals or preservatives in the products which are currently being produced for the very legitimate business we have created. Many products will be both dye and perfume free for those with allergies. I have been making such products for years because we suffer said allergies in our family. I have some very wonderful recipes that I look forward to sharing with others.

    Blessed little love and support toward the LGBTQIAPK community from many of the so-called religious crowd or alt-right crowd or any other bigots out there, including Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler, their sock account Charles and various of their so-called anonymous hate pages where they discriminated and denigrated my openly gay and proud son and the community at large, as a way I suppose to get to me because they are special little predators, imho.

    So I did what I do best. I took the lemons that the predator Nauglers have been throwing at me for years and I am turning them into lemonade. I’m even going to be giving that “lemonade” for free to others that have been bullied, harassed, falsely accused or generally denigrated by the predators of the world.

    So Nicole Naugler can get on her little soapbox and tell all the lies in the world that she wants to. Some of her carefully cultivated naive and dense followers will believe her, most people already know what she and Joseph Naugler are, liars and predators, imho. It has zero effect on me or what I choose to do with my time, energy and money.

    Truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Love makes the world go round. Peace out. -Lisa Luthi


  28. The irony of her publishing educational, how to manage your household affairs blogs, is almost too much to handle.


  29. Think that you are just being evil if you are truly starting your own business why not let it stand on being honest and not try to take some one else down karma does come back


  30. Why are you all so hell bent on ruining her? I don’t understand the motive to make her miserable.

    We’re not “hell bent on ruining” anyone. We’re very, very tired of having employers called endlessly in attempts to have people fired over nothing at all except some hurt feelings on FB. We’re very, very tired of watching a friend spend $5000 in court, in real life, real dollars, to defend herself against a bogus bullshit made up complaint that was thrown out.

    You’d be tired of it too if it was you.

    I am personally tired of being told that I am a serial killer who abused my own child to the point that he supposedly committed suicide.


  31. You are an empty soul!

    I don’t have a soul. Souls are a religious fiction. Cheers.


  32. When you loose a child, lots of things can be forgotten.

    The word is “lose.” I know about it. I lost one.

    The timeline won’t work. Sorry. That’s a very lame excuse.


  33. so unhappy in their own lives

    Oh, good grief. Lisa is my friend. She is not unhappy. I am not unhappy. Deb is not unhappy. We are fine.

    But thanks for the concern.


  34. Nicole needs to spend more time managing her business affairs and less time on the phone and on FB trying to destroy other people’s livelihood and attempting to have people fired for spite.

    If she weren’t so busy harassing every government agency and local business who doesn’t have the ability to block her, she’d have more time to realize that her webpage expired. Or her LLC. Or that she needed to file her business tax return and report her sales tax.

    If she weren’t so busy calling in false well checks and CPS maliciously, perhaps she’d have more time to actually spend on her children. Perhaps CPS would finally be able to close the case their family had open.

    If she weren’t so busy tormenting other women about their deceased children. If she quit posting their pictures and accusing their parents of abuse, maybe she would have actually noticed that her baby was dying in her calcified womb with all her reported lack of movement. Maybe she would have sought medical help and saved her child.

    If she weren’t so busy pretending to be a homesteader, gardener, minimalist in her made up online reality, and attacking and shaming other’s efforts, maybe she could actually become one.

    I could go on: grandparent relationships, her relationship with her mother vs. her relationship with her children when they are adults, her defense of child sexual abuse, her treatment of her husband’s first son. Every time Nicole reaches out and rabidly bites others, it comes back to her. You’d think she’d learn.


  35. Remember….what goes around, comes back around three fold!!!

    Okay, I’ll remember that. Nicole forced Lisa to spend $5000 to defend herself against bogus bullshit claims. Three fold. That would be $15,000.


  36. ignotance is all i see here.

    Sentences should begin with capital letters. The word “I” is also capitalized. And of course, you misspelled “ignorance,” as well as “business” and “waste.” So yeah, ignorance is all I see in your comment as well.


  37. You are dispicable. Don’t you have something better to do with your life?

    Not at the moment, no. I am retired. I get to do whatever I want. Live long enough and maybe you will be able to do that too.


  38. Well when you file a false IPO against a smart lawyer, it might be reasonable to expect real world ramifications. I wondered about the entity registration as a small part of my job involves business entities. I always thought it was hilarious that the anti-statist sought the protection of a business entity but I guess she had to if she wanted to sell stuff (or maybe lease a building where stuff was sold) and it allowed her to imply a liability shield (but no registration… no shield). This was bound to bite her on the butt sooner or later but I think she has bigger problems. I don’t know about Kentucky but where I am form you simply do not fuck with the Franchise Tax Board under any circumstances; they tend to take their perceived share and then ask questions.


  39. Sounds like you did this just to be a dick.

    I didn’t do anything except write a blog. Are you speaking to Lisa? She’s fantastic, all right. She’s my friend. Come back and let’s chat when somebody files a false IPO claim against you and it costs you $5K to get it taken care of, and then they follow up by calling in a fake well check in an open attempt to get the police to murder you.


  40. I predict a go-fund-me (or some other fundraising) campaign to “fight” this. Of course the Ns know they really can’t do anything about it, so all the monies raised will go towards dollar tree crap and other junk. After the money is all spent, they’ll represent themselves, lose, and blame it on the unfairness of the system.

    The larger question is what the heck have they been doing with sales tax? Are they collecting and keeping it? Will the state go after them for back taxes?

    There is a part of me that thinks taking their business name is just low, but then there is a part of me that thinks it is hilarious. The N followers trying to leave negative reviews of the LLC are hypocrites, I imagine they would object to bad reviews of the grooming company by people that have never visited it; they are doing exactly the same thing.


  41. The larger question is what the heck have they been doing with sales tax?

    Remember, there is no sales tax on services. Grooming a dog does not generate a sales tax. The only time the sales tax issue is raised is when something tangible changes hands. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that Nicole hasn’t been collecting any sales tax on anything at all.

    She did, in fact, have a registered LLC up until this fall, and could have been collecting and submitting sales taxes regularly for all we know. Since she believes strongly though that this is “theft,” my guess is that she has not.


  42. I think before all you new people strap your cart to the BLH horse, there are a few things you need to know…
    #1 Give her money (she loves it)
    #2 Never question her tactics, EVEN and ESPECIALLY if she is doing things to people that she is accusing others of doing to her (aka her “family”)
    #3 Lock down your profiles, because if and when you decide to switch teams, she will doxx you and your family, call your work, call your mother, make fun of dead family (her personal favorite)…etc.
    #4 She doesn’t want your prayers or hugs
    #5 She has a page called Nicole C. Naugler check it out

    See that NN logo? That is actually mocking Sallys son …sweet innocent victim that she (Nicole) is.
    So my point is…just send her money that’s all she is looking for, don’t waste your time defending her, you look stupid doing it.


  43. Well, I’m sitting here reading these comments and a couple things come to mind:
    People really need to look into just who they are defending.
    -Who has criminal records, who has multiple POs against them, who is always in court with children now involved in cases, too, who has been involved with CPS for years in multiple states, who has dozens of sock accounts, and who has clean records and use their own names
    -who are the takers, collecting a huge sum of cash with little or nothing to show for it,and who are those who advocate for others including children, the elderly, animals
    -who is honest enough to really look at all the sides and see who the decent people are


  44. Yes, Nicole, send your followers here. That is a great way to lose them. Here, they will get a nice recap of your lies beautifully proven to be lies, your stalking and harassing will be proven within this website. Do yourself a favor and click on the top left where is says “Blessed Little Blog” and you will be routed to the homepage, there you can begin your journey to the truth. Just one warning, it does start from the most recent, I suggest you go years back. Oh there is so much to see! I promise, most of you will leave side eyeing the fuck outta Nicole and Joe.


  45. Love love love this! Touché.
    It’s like fireworks on the forth of July on her page, beyond hilarious. Of course there was the quick plug for getting “behind” the Naugs and “$upporting” them with whatever😂. Waiting for the GFM now.
    Yeah, a bit more of a problem exists when it “slips” your mind about paying taxes. Forgot or evading is the question. She is doing her best to keep ‘em focused on poor persecuted Nicole.
    Remember when NN stayed she wasn’t losing anything by taking other people to court. Hey there Nicole, think again.
    This is just too damn good.


  46. How old are you people? Grow up. If you don’t like Nicole or her family or how she raises her children, that’s understandable. But you ALL are petty ass “adults”. You always talk about her children but they are respectful and look out for each other. What are your kids learning from you all….how to hang up and attack people you have differences with and how to be an absolute asshole? Jesus. All of you need your kids taken away. I wouldn’t want my kids associating with any of you. Teaching such hate and animosity when you should be teaching them love and help for their fellow man. Shameful ass behavior.


  47. I’m not sure bothering to explain anything to nikkers humpers is going to get anything through their thick, dull skulls.
    Low information individuals need a low information response. Or none at all.


  48. How old are you people?

    I’m 68. How old are you?

    Teaching such hate and animosity when you should be teaching them love and help for their fellow man.

    Okay, I’ll bite. Teach your kids about love and help and give Nicole some money. That really is all she wants from you.


  49. Remember, there is no sales tax on services. Grooming a dog does not generate a sales tax. The only time the sales tax issue is raised is when something tangible changes hands. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that Nicole hasn’t been collecting any sales tax on anything at all.

    This actually begs another question; is she tracking tips? Tips are most certainly taxable, and the onus is on the individual to record, report, and pay those taxes. There is an entire branch of the IRS dedicated to precisely that aspect of taxes. Minors aren’t exempt either, so she really should be recording and reporting the individual tips that each of her children earn as well.


  50. Just reading some of the comments on her page. Man is she crying foul and her lappers are licking it up like kittens after milk. I see a gofund me page any day now. Funny how Larissa offers help. Must not of spent all her medical bill money at the casino. Yes Nicky, Karma has returned, in a BIG way bitch


  51. Anonymous says:
    January 9, 2018 at 1:36 pm
    When you loose a child, lots of things can be forgotten.

    That’s not a legal excuse. No one is doing anything to hurt her. If it had been anyone else you all would be screaming as well. Maybe tell Nicole to do her paperwork and stop being online 24/7 and not taking care of things. What was done is perfectly legal…-‘any judge is going to sign with the new owner.


  52. Hey leghimpers, notice Nicole new profile pic on her personal page? It’s a jab at someone deceased child….I don’t see anyone doing crap to the death of her son.


  53. I hope her child accountants have been keeping track of all of the bows that are sold. The tax people don’t play around! Of course, she’ll probably just throw the child accountant under the bus since nothing is ever N’s fault. Carry on, ladies! This is good stuff! I can’t wait until the store is up and running!


  54. I love this. You mess with other people’s personal life, finances and employment, don’t be surprised if someone does the same to you. If the Naugladites were able to do something similar to any of their favorite trolls they would have in a heartbeat.

    Does this new development have anything to do with why it looks like the BLTATM Facebook Group is down? Or is it just me?


  55. I am not religious but I do believe in KARMA. If she would spend a fraction of her time on her family and business instead of grandstanding on fb and harassing others for their opinions this would not even be an issue right now. Nicole you will always lose when you do not play fair in life.


  56. Its so strange to me that Amy Morgan thinks we need our kids taken away…go get the number from Nicole i’m sure she has it on speed dial..but she has failed at it time and time again, just for shits and gigs …call em, tell them I am online, reading a public page and openly disagreeing with someone, and yes sometimes I mock her, but GAH! Have you SEEN some of the shit she puts out there?? Its funny shit worthy of mocking, but hardly worthy of removing my child from my home…i mean GEEZ Amy, its not like i force them to shit in a bucket or sleep in a 1 room shed on the floor while listening to their parents have sex or make them kill and eat a pet or refuse to educate them or make them clean up in a dog grooming tub…or eat bad food and then think its a photo opp when they are all sick and laying on the ground outside while mom takes a picture for her facebook page or not educate them or allow them to go to school, don’t give them medical attention or ANY attention…but meh I must be a bad parent because I am on Facebook doing EXACTLY what YOU are doing …fuck off hypocrite


  57. ” I write about a lot of things here. I write about anything that I want to write about. If that happens to be about Nicole or Joe and their very public lives that they display, begging for commentary, well, so be it. If it isn’t, well, that’s okay too.

    Everything isn’t about her. ”
    I have been observing on and off for years on this situation and i just spent or wasted in truth too much time on your blog and it seems an obsessive amount of things here are about” her ” what you have done recently is the icing on the cake and now proves to me at least that you have a terrible obsession regardless whether you feel vindicated to reason away every detail it is written with a very vicious passive aggressive tone and rings true of vindictive revenge ( which maybe now true of you both) however i care about the children who seem to me to be very healthy and generally happy well adjusted human beings unlike the adults in this situation that are potentially scaring them and their future well being. SOMEONE HAS TO STEP UP FOR THEM and put a stop to all this and be the better person.


  58. Well I raised my children to be upstanding members of the community, who help and give freely of their time to those in need. I also taught them to stand up to bullies and to expose the predators among us for the good of the community.

    My eldest is an attorney, as am I, albeit retired. We both have donated enormous amounts of time and money to bettering the world. My youngest is following in his brother’s footsteps.

    You know what else I taught my children? How to be critical thinkers. How to do their research. How to read people. That there are people in this world who are genuinely good, kind, caring compassionate people. That the majority of people fall somewhere in the middle and will do good if the example they are shown is to do good.

    There are also people that are evil. Often they hide that evil and they hide that evil behind lies and a fake persona they present to the world. To look at those evil people’s deeds and not their words, because actions speak louder than words and they will give themselves up. Not everyone has the discernment or the wherewithal to look beyond the facade and so those of us who can and do owe a duty to the majority of people to expose the darkness to the light of day where the predator loses their power to damage people.

    Think of it in terms of fairy tales. My mother always taught me not to judge a book by its cover or a person by their outward appearance and silky words. There were lessons to be learned in those tales, that’s why they were passed down from generation to generation. Snow White’s stepmother may have been beautiful to look at. She may have fooled the King himself, but she was pure unadulterated evil and dangerous. If you choose to be fooled, so be it. If you choose not to really look beyond the facade, so be it. If you choose to be lead by a ring in your nose like a prize calf, so be it. How dare any of you try to deny someone else the chance to not be the fool you have chosen to be.

    If Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler, why doesn’t he do the paperwork after all he works there and she is busy grooming dogs all day, neglected yet again to properly register their LLC that is their mistake. No one else’s. If I chose to take the name for my own business it is my legal right. If I choose to file a complaint with the Secretary of State and Kentucky Revenue Department as well as other local entities about their use of my legally registered corporate name it is my right. Welcome to the business world.

    What real difference does it make to them? After all aren’t they anarcho-capitalist/ libertarians? Why would they need to have laws or entities to protect them from liability? Shouldn’t their services be impeccable enough to not need the government to shield them and if their services fall short well isn’t that the price you pay in a totally free market economy? Isn’t that, like, so against their actual belief system? Don’t they actually believe in their free flowing market without government regulations? Heck, don’t they advocate for no government at all? Why the lies, and whining and directed attack against my business which is a completely different business than their own and is not competition for dog butt washing?

    Survival of the fittest so to speak. So what is the butthurt about really? Not being the fittest after all? Hypocrites. Pfft.


  59. My kids are adults so if anyone wants to take them away, good luck. They were raised to have standards when it comes to their fellow humans so prepare for some serious side-eye if they catch you taking up for the Naugler way of life.



    By all means, do so. Nicole has a nice little donate button on her blog and will happily accept all your donations.


  61. The only reason the kids know ANYTHING is because Joe and Nicole tell them everything…Nicole has a blog …its her job to protect them…go tell HER…..its my job to protect mine and my friends, and since when is passive aggressive tones or wanting vengeance a bad thing? They teach that shit at church and on Freejinger…go there


  62. For Nicole followers who are posting here I am a former Nicole supporter. Heck , I even donated to her not once, but twice. Over 200. Guess what they did with mot money? Buy fireworks. Yes. They bought fireworks. After seeing that I did some real research. Nicole and Joe are vile. Have you heard how Joe calls women Cunts? Or how he stalks young girls? Or lies about not drinking beer? My personal favorite when I kindly suggested Joe might get a part time job at night and that could bring in 200 a week. She jumped all over me and said it wasn’t worth Joe working for a measly 200 a week. I found it odd that she would take handouts, money that people worked hard for, and then call 200 not worth the work.

    1. Read her other pages. Yes, she and Joe have quite a few pages.

    2. Read this blog.

    3. Listen to all the unedited recording they have posted.

    4. Imagine being one of their children having to watch and listen to their parents making babies.

    I could go on, but I won’t. Just do some research.


  63. LLC isn’t about licensing a business, it’s about asset protection, as so:

    One of the main purposes of an LLC is to provide liability protection for the members and managers. Unlike some other business structures, such as a sole proprietorship, an LLC structure protects the personal assets of the owners from business liability.
    What Is the Purpose of an LLC? | LegalZoom Legal Info

    So, until N gets her business renamed and the LLC set back up with the new name, are her personal assets in danger if her business is sued?


  64. This is flipping hilarious.
    For all you band wagoners, pull your head out of you arse and clean the feces off your eyes.
    The nauglers are manipulators.
    Read their old blog. Why are the inactive in their LDS ward? His many homes did they trash? Oh. Wait, no of it is their fault. I have yet to hear them claim responsibility for anything.
    Why does Joes oldest son have no contact?
    Nicole will turn on anyone in a heart beat, make no mistake about that. She cut off family and friends.
    I know it’s hard, use some critical thinking skills…
    Lisa, I think this is freaking amazing
    Wonder who Nicole will blame when the department of revenue comes knocking on her garden shed.


  65. I’ve been following both ‘sides’ ( for want of a better word) of this debacle since they first went viral. Anyone with half a brain should know not to ride on the coat tails of facebook hysteria and get as many facts and sides to the story as possible.
    That’s what first bought me to this blog.

    After lurking for so long I just had to come out and say:

    1) Lisa, you in no way even need to justify your recent actions- of course given your Profession and ethics I’m sure it’s second nature but I just wanted to put that out there, I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    2) This is my favourite blog. Calling people to account is something this world needs more of.

    3) Deb is my latest favourite artist/ comedienne ( Sally you also literally make me laugh out loud)

    Keep fighting the good fight all of you. I’m sure for every person that has followed and delurked like me there are at many more!
    So excellent to see so many blh followers over here and hopefully having a revelation or 11…


  66. I bet Nicole is taking a majority of the tip money given to her kids, the ones without social security numbers, in the belief that this will benefit her business while circumventing state and federal laws. Huh, I wonder what would happen if ICE swept through. Exactly how would she prove their citizenship? Remember Alicia (sp) Pennington’s plight?

    Here is the thing about businesses that traditionally deal with cash, they are more readily used as fronts for money laundering and so on. That is why so many are audited regularly. Restaurants, diners, cosmetologists, groomers, etc.

    Nice wheels Nicole. Remember that even if purchased from a private party, they are supposed to report the income from that sale. The VIN can be tracked & questions asked.

    Happy New Year!


  67. I agree with the comments that Nicole needs to keep up with her business paperwork to include providing a valid address (and sending the annual report without a reminder).

    I just assumed that Nicole was picking up the mail at the post office. I came to this conclusion from her statements with the nuisance notice “We got a notice dated May 2nd to abate a nuisance. (Due to post office hours we aren’t able to pick up letters quickly).” and “we received a letter explaining we needed to install a septic system and the deadline had extended to June 1st.”

    Not that I need the question answered, but how was she able to obtain the nuisance notice dated May 2nd and the letter extending the deadline, but unable to pick up letters from KY Secretary of State that were mailed prior to April 27, 2017 and August 29, 2017? Why did the KY Secretary of State letters get returned, but not the ones from County Health Department? (Just an observation of statements from Nicole that don’t add up).


  68. Not that I need the question answered,

    I think those were different years. In fact, I suspect that they stopped getting mail at the shitstead precisely to make it harder for Breck County to contact them. Mail can be forwarded for about a year, but after that, the post office says you’re on your own.


  69. Things have reached DEF COM 1 at the shop and shitstead. JN I am sure is looking for a way to get a first strike in, NN has allready done so on her live recording in which she of course never did anything wrong and of course the humpers are licking it up. I love this show. Poor Larisa, even her heavy handed comments are not being welcomed, people are biting back


  70. Mambo #9. Taxes.

    There are corporate taxes and there are personal taxes. Two different things.

    She does realize that corporations have to file their own separate tax returns doesn’t she? No deductions on those for children only for legit business deductions and there is a minimum state corporate tax payment whether your business makes a profit or not.

    You also cannot deduct for children (property, not property) on your personal taxes unless they are “registered” with the federal government with social security numbers and you don’t get money back for little illegals.

    So many lies, so little time.


  71. Theskyisfalling-Every time I purchase something that isn’t needed I calculate how many hours I would have to work for said item. Let’s do that with the $200 donation. I don’t make good money, I could be a stay at home whatever if I wanted to be but you see I get bored and I find much pleasure and self satisfaction in making my own money. I make $14 an hour. 200/14=14.29 rounded up to 15 hours, that’s nearly 2 whole days of work (I going by net and not gross by the way so even more hours would have to be worked for $200). So I would have to work more than 2 days to give away $200 in fireworks. But god forbid Joe work. 2 days is too much for him even. He is a delicate, delicate flower.


  72. So, until N gets her business renamed and the LLC set back up with the new name, are her personal assets in danger if her business is sued?

    Well, if she had any personal assets, yes. Her personal and business assets legally are wholly intermingled at the moment. But, you can’t get blood from a turnip, so she’s probably not in a big hurry to straighten it out.


  73. “Someone has to step up for them”

    For fuck’s sake you have got to be kidding me. You don’t get to use the “think about the children” argument when you are defending people who refuse to provide their children with basic sanitation and who have repeatedly denied their children medical care (which killed their youngest).

    My heart hurts when I think about the children in this situation. Enabling their parents to continue abusing and neglecting them does not help them. Holding them accountable just might.


  74. When you loose a child, lots of things can be forgotten.

    From someone who lost her much wanted youngest son. A dead baby is not a blank check. When my son died, my mortgage was due the next day. Guess what? Mortgage was paid. When my son died, I had to get up the next morning and take care of my other children. Did I want to stay in bed? Did I want to crawl into a hole and die myself? Yeah, I did. However, I did what needed to be done to take care of my living children and my responsibilities.

    NN forfeited her right to pull the dead baby card when she began harassing and abusing other mothers who are grieving their children.


  75. She says she’s not filing taxes. I had a small business for a short time. It was not llc but I had ein registered to pay taxes with the state. Every 3 months I was to submit my tax information whether or not I had collected anything. If it was 0 I had to submit it with 0. If I was late it was 0 but with my late fees included.


  76. It wouldn’t surprise me if she and Joe use the same argument about letting their tags lapse on the older cars they own.

    “We didn’t get any mail from the state reminding us to renew our registration!”

    That won’t fly. If your tags have expired and you’re pulled over, you’re going to get a ticket and you should pay it, pay for your registration and not act like fools. Same deal for insurance. It doesn’t matter if you got the bill or not, the burden is on you to keep it in force.


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