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  1. From a very survivor of child dependency, neglect and abuse. Powerful words and a moving description of what it is to be a child in need of intervention and help.

    This is why dependency is one of the aspects of a child abuse and child neglect case. Dependency isn’t a minor thing or just a little something for the courts to pull out of a hat. Dependency is defined as the act of child neglect/abuse without parental intent (as legally defined) , but rather as the result of parental disease, disability, drug addiction, mental illness and/or personality disorder. A finding that the children are indeed neglected or abused and in need of state supervision to insure their basic needs and safety because their parents are incapable of doing what is in the best interests of their children.

    This was a very thought provoking video. Brilliant. Kudos to the video maker for giving us a visual interpretation of how and why child dependency, neglect and abuse is so devastating to children. For taking us from the printed word and showing us a world of color.


  2. Very, very powerful.

    Let’s say a parent showed this to their teen kids. The teens were emotionally shocked, for loss of another word. That this is their normal, for the Naugler kids. Emotionally pained, heartache, gut wrenching, to realize this is their normal.

    Excellent. Excellent. Excellent video.


  3. SHe has actually she wouold shoot them in the head or set the SHED not CABIN on fire? and CPS just ignores this. Again, NN JN AND LARISA are the three most vile fungus on the planet, Fuck the three of you


  4. Yes to N’s screeching most likely freaking out her children as well as bystanders. My father was a shouter, frequently following up with hitting. To this day if I hear someone raise their voice I get nervous, which may be why I can’t stand to listen to N. Excellent video.


  5. I’m sure the Naugler parents think they’re getting away with everything but they are being watched. Their ways are too well known. When she was squalling for help in that video… who did she think would come to help HER?


  6. If anyone wants to see the entire Ted Talk. His name is Luke Fox and what he has to say we should all listen to.


  7. I hate them. Those kids have no one to compare their parent’s behavior to. F*ck Nicole, her kids are her most vulnerable victims.


  8. On the forum for the California 13, everyone is comparing the Dad to Joe. Remember when O Naugler danced for Joe in the FB video. Or how Joe likes to dress E in pink. They’re also bringing up Joe’s strategy of discrediting Ron so none of their followers would ever believe anything coming from Ron if Ron ever saw questionable behavior. O tried to run away. My heart aches for the Naugler kids. From Alex to William. It’s all just heart-breaking. I’m hoping for a change. What will it take for Kentucky to act? Thanks for writing.


  9. Who exactly is Larissa? I know you said she is sometimes CS but who is she in relation to the Naugs?
    Amazing and heartbreaking video.


  10. Dear Al,
    Just read the OMG-pearlclutching-allcaps-MAJORoverreaction of your posts at FreeJinger. Yikes. Some of those basement dwellers reallllllyyyy need to leave the house once in awhile for some, ahem, perspective on life.

    Like we’re supposed to just take their (hyperventilating) word for it that you OMG *threatened* one of those elderly ladies and their husband wanted to get a restraining order? BAhahahahahaha! I mean, COME ON. The hell is wrong with them? They run a little forum in a remote corner of the internet and all and sundry must bow and kiss their ring for the privilege to post there? L.O.L.

    Thank you, Al, for greatly amusing many of us by FINALLY calling out the Eyetalian. And that garbage-mouthed, completely miserable VA mom. (she posts elsewhere – google Kate Gosselin 15 min). She’s just as hateful everywhere else.

    These ‘ladies’ need to get over themselves. But until that happens (which is never as they get fawned over and head patted for simply breathing), I shall read in great amusement at the fools the make of themselves. That Vamom ain’t too smart, is she? Still hasn’t learned the internet is forever? 😉

    Again, thank you to Sally for hosting a place to voice our opinions without all the hyperbole of YOU BROKE THE RULEZ!

    Stay cool, Al. You have many fans.


  11. who is she in relation to the Naugs?

    Nobody. No relation. Just a humper who lives in Nebraska. I suspect that at some point, she made the Charles profile and then shared it with Nicole and Joe and they use it whenever they like.


  12. I admit, this was almost more than I could take. I thought I had it all straight in my head, how I feel about N and J, and those poor kids. However, hearing it out of the mouth of a survivor, opened doors I’m not even comfortable entering.

    This video hit me on a visceral level. Those poor, poor boys….watching that fiasco. It makes my guts churn. J telling the kids they would be kidnapped the next day….it’s incomprehensible to me, that parents would put their own crazy beliefs ahead of preparing their children for what was coming. Make NO MISTAKE, Joe and Nicole, spin it however you want, YOU CREATED THIS SITUATION! YOU DID THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN! NOT THE STATE, NOT THE POLICE, YOU! All for “muh rights”. It all could have been handled so much differently. Why can you not see that??? No one could possibly be as arrogant as the two of you are.

    Indeed your kids are suffering lasting effects of their “kidnapping”. That is 100% on you. You are not the heroes of families torn apart by CPS. You are the guide book to what not to do.

    I’ll never understand how either of you sleep at night…..you make me sick.



  13. J telling the kids they would be kidnapped the next day

    And this stuff isn’t taken out of context. Joe really did talk to those children that way. That was the “intimate” father’s way to prepare his children, that he loves so much, for what was coming, children who didn’t understand what was happening.

    Here is a transcript of that entire recording along with my comments. I still believe that one performance by itself was justification for those children being removed from that home and that man losing all parental rights forever.


  14. Just read the OMG-pearlclutching-allcaps-MAJORoverreaction of your posts at FreeJinger. Yikes. Some of those basement dwellers reallllllyyyy need to leave the house once in awhile for some, ahem, perspective on life.

    Meh, let em simmer. The few I mentioned should start up an all-girl rock band called the sisters of sanctimony. There are plenty of good folks over there that can obviously see through their hypocrisy and self-adulation. I’ll go read whatever their witty retorts were in a week or two. Maybe with a drink in hand to soften the razor-sharp, soul defeating words they throw at me like a quorum of deadly literary archers.

    Shame their arrows are nerf tipped.

    Lighten up Destiny, Coconut, VA and LaPopessa. Don’t take yourselves so seriously. Nobody else does.


  15. There are a few reasons why Joe and Nicole keep their kids from interacting with their age-peers and other adults.

    One, Joe and Nicole grifting, conning and abusing people makes them really disliked.

    Two, other adults will see the neglect and will call CPS and law enforcement. Joe and Nicole would have consequences that they would like less than a nasty white bucket.

    Three, their kids would probably see other kids interacting with their parents and siblings in a healthy and positive manner and living in real homes. The kids might conclude that their parents have been mistreating them, lying to them, neglecting them, and really don’t love them. Joe and Nicole might lose totalitarian control over their children. The children might get a decent meal and get their fill and call the normal Naugler dining experience what it really is (a slop fest). They might tell other adults some stories of what happens at the dumpstead and the children get removed. Joe and Nicole could face whatever consequences. Joe and Nicole lose their offspring.


  16. Watching her (live) video, this woman is on a sled ride to happy land. I see a Ruby Ridge or Waco in the future , that is if the shed doesnt catch fire from one of the blessed little children using gas to light a fire in the woodstove. She complains and moans about her perceived injustices done to her and HH. But you never hear about her screeching about Nathan, or Al or Ron who did more for his country then that piece of shit ever did or will ever do . To see him with a side arm strapped to his side is bad enough , but to know that one day he may just lose it and put a hole in someone and scream the trolls made me do it.


  17. My childhood wasn’t nearly as bad as the Nauglers, but my mom did threaten my dad one night that she would lock the doors and set the house on fire with us in it. She went as far as nailing

    Growing up that way left me broken. I am so worried about those kids and the emotional trauma they are going to have to work through.


  18. This is heartbreaking…
    How can any parent think this is ok? Listening to all the audio put together is just awful.
    The isolation of the kids is what stands out to me the most. No sports, music lessons, robotics, dance class, art lessons…nothing at all to give them views of the world that aren’t contained within their parents. Real kids their own ages talking to them.
    I know there are lots of people who choose to homeschool. We do not, but this example is not about homeschooling, it’s about isolation.
    My youngest was on a baseball team when he was 6. There were a couple of homeschool kids who were on the team. My husband was one of the coaches. They were practicing batting one day and teaching the boys how to run it out even if you think you might get out. This little boy hit the ball & started running towards 1st base. My husband was on first yelling come on “Billy” you can do it, run hard, keep going, beat out the throw.
    Y’all the little boy stopped running, started crying & left the field. My husband went over to him & his mom was taking him to the car. He asked why & she said you can’t yell at my child. He doesn’t want to be yelled at. It was the craziest thing ever.
    Those poor kids were never allowed to play baseball again. She took her other son as well. I’ve seen them around town since then. They are polite as NN says her kids are but one has to wonder what goes on in their home to make them afraid of someone encouraging them.
    Btw, I was there that day because i was snack mom & saw it all.


  19. Nicole has given the world all the proof they need to see past her cracked lens of reality…it’s whether you chose to see it or not.

    It’s all there in her videos, believe me I know.

    She has a system set up so that everything she does is deniable.

    I call her the human LLC, she likes to think she is protected under this umbrella of plausible deniability by using sock accounts to do her “dirty work”….but what I think she fails to understand is the things that she posts as herself, about her home, her children, her husband, are the most incriminating of all.

    Just take this 1 fact …she says they do not take any help from the government, DOES NOT WANT IT!!!
    They are so fiercely independent they don’t want the help regardless of the burden it places on their children.
    It’s Nicole and Joe’s choice to have their children pull their own weight in a large family.

    This is why laws are in place for children, they are not your property, they have rights.

    In response to the latest video
    I will end this after I get an apology
    After Sally-Al-Lisa get an apology
    After all the people that homeschool get an apology
    After all the people that truly homestead get an apology
    After all the people that have dreadlocks get an apology

    Just like you, I’m not expecting one.


  20. I have followed many stories of child abuse. Some locally some not. I’ve looked at their fb profiles etc. Most have been far worse than the nauglers but there is not one family I have followed for this amount of time. Not even close. Most just a few days some I’ve checked for follow ups so maybe a few months. But not one has had this shit show of a production non stop. The constant lies and self made drama are unreal. She is her own worst enemy. Her mouth, her pictures, her integrity, her selfishness, her lies, and her need for drama.


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